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Way down in Mexico you went out to find a doctor and you never came back.
I would have gone after you but I didn't feel like letting my head get blown off. - Bob Dylan

It's such a blinding embarassment of weirdness out there, it's hard to know where to look these days. But we need to keep looking at Mexico. Its loose threads may help us tie up things elsewhere.

Of course there's the staggered rebellion of the disenfrachised, belittled or ignored by the same media that lionized and tub-thumped Ukraine's "Orange Revolution." But there are also some curious developments, seemingly out of the blue, in the case of the Ciudad Juárez ritual killings of hundreds of women that may lead us into the black.

Last Thursday in Mexico City, coincident with the delivery of John Karr into the embrace of Homeland Security, came the crowing announcement from the US Embassy that a Mexican citizen was being held in the United States on suspicion of the rape and killing of at least 10 of the women. By another coincidence, Edgar Alvarez Cruz was arrested in Denver, Colorado.

There have since been two more arrests on American soil, one in West Virginia and the other in Sierra Blanca, Texas. The three are being held in El Paso, and are expected to be handed into the care of Mexican authorities some time this week, at least several of whom would appear to be less than grateful:

Some Mexican authorities said privately that they were caught off guard by what they called U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza's "premature announcement" Thursday of the first arrest. Mr. Garza called the arrest of Mr. Álvarez a "major break" in the investigation. But a Mexican law-enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the announcement could "jeopardize the ongoing investigation."

Have we heard something like that recently? Though to be truthful, there doesn't appear to have been much of an investigation ongoing: just three weeks ago a headline in The Independent read "Human rights groups attack decision to close Juarez murders investigation."

These aren't the first arrests in the case, though the consensus of victims' families is that none of the men previously arrested had anything to do with the murders. Two died in custody, one had his conviction overturned, and two of their attorneys were shot to death.

"This case is the most symbolic of everything that has gone wrong in Juarez," Laurie Freeman, a Mexico specialist with the Washington Office on Latin America, told the Denver Post. "It's the one that makes me believe that there is some sort of official complicity in some of the killings."

When I saw that quote several days ago, I thought it might be a good idea to copy the body of the article and not just make note of the link. It was a good idea: the article has since been updated, and the only change I can see is that Freeman's reference to official complicity has been deleted.

Diana Washington Valdez, an investigative reporter for the El Paso Times and author of Harvest of Women, isn't so shy:

The best information we have is that these men are committing crimes simply for the sport of it.... We know of people who've told stories about escaping from certain parties, orgies, which some of these people were present -- they were recognizable people from Juarez society, from Mexican society.

The authorities know who the killers are, and nothing's being done about it. We have two issues here: people who are getting away with murder, and... authorities who have become accomplices, and so this has become crimes of the state.

But those are the Mexican elites and Mexican parties of Mexican high society, protected by Mexican authority. Such things, of course, are inconceivable across the Rio Grande.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One, this reminds me of one of your previous blogs Jeff,Same as it ever was.Check out my comment then,it still makes me wonder if all this Mexico-Texas shit,and the Bush connection isn't one in the same.

8/21/2006 06:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't Bush also accused out of the blue of rape and assault by a convincing-sounding, distressed young woman who later died?

8/21/2006 07:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back on the Texas ranch the sunsets.

Margie Schoedinger was her name,
but shes dead with no one to blame...

To be sure, Schoedinger's accusations - which include being drugged and sexually assaulted numerous times by Bush and other men purporting to be FBI agents - are bizarre and hard for most people to believe. But her story fits in with those told by a growing number of people who say they were used as guinea pigs or whatever by members of the CIA or another U.S. agency who wanted to test out the latest mind-controlling drug or just have a strange form of release. And her death - let's just say government agents have made murders look like suicides before.

In her court petition, Schoedinger said police in Sugar Land, another Houston suburb where she said some assailants linked to Bush attempted to unsuccessfully abduct her from her car shortly before the 2000 election, refused to take a report or do anything about that incident. She filed a lawsuit against the Sugar Land department and said that in preparing its defense, Sugar Land police found out that she dated Bush as a minor. I didn't get a chance to ask Schoedinger about that tie and didn't meet her in person, but her driver's license listed her as being 5-foot-8 and weighing 125 pounds, for what that's worth.

The Fort Bend Star story quoted a Sugar Land police captain saying his department had no record of any complaints by Schoedinger. All he had to do was what I did - go to the Fort Bend County Internet site and do a simple search on Schoedinger's name in the area of civil court records. I found the lawsuit Schoedinger filed in December 2000 against Sugar Land police, and it even had numerous responses by the department's attorneys in that case.

Just wait. This story gets stranger.

When I started asking Schoedinger about certain details of the case, such as alleged surveillance at her home and if she was still legally representing herself, she politely ended our conversation. "I need to see what has been written," Schoedinger said. "I feel like it's best for me to end our conversation."

Obviously, she had learned to be careful about what she said and to whom she said it. I could understand her being leery about talking about her situation with a stranger over the phone.

But I remember being puzzled by Schoedinger's attitude after hanging up the phone. I wondered that if she had made up such a wild story, why she didn't come up with something a little less outlandish, in which people couldn't necessarily dismiss her as a kook. I wondered why she didn't seek publicity to at least provide some form of protection. I've long learned that being as public as possible is one of your best defenses against rogue intelligence agents. But she didn't even seem to want any media to cover her story. I told several writers I knew, some of whom tried to contact Schoedinger. None succeeded, as far as I know.

I remember thinking, "I hope she doesn't wind up on the wrong side of a gun." And sure enough, in late September, Schoedinger did.

Also don't forget about Hunter Thompson ( who was gonna write something very bad before he was suicided... my hypothesis ok)and the many nameless victims who no longer walk this earth.
But Bush is a christian born again,and with so many like my mother who cannot see past that.

8/21/2006 07:58:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Latest Bush Family Media diversion unravels. John Ramsey Pimped Out His Own Daughter to FBI Div. #5.
BY: Tom Hennegan

Print This Article | EMail This Article

Date Published: 2006-08-20

John Ramsay father of slain daughter JonBenet Ramsey had hired a Pat Kroder as a media consultant. What makes this interesting is that this is the same Pat Kroder that was used by Bush Clinton Iran Contra Crime Syndicate, Ex-Con Oliver North. North of course now works for the alleged Fox News aka Hoax News.

Kroder has also been linked to noted NBC Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate media consultants the Wm. Morris Agency.

So folks lets connect the dots that is what we are here to do. John Ramsey ran a company called Access Graphics with offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, Holland and Denver. Colorado. Access Graphics did business with the Wm Morris Agency and had service contracts directly with what is commonly known as Iran Contra. Access Graphics major bank accounts were parked at the noted Iran Contra money laundry Silverado Savings and Loan and administered by none other than Neil Bush.

Important: Notes taken from John Ramsey’s offices in Denver Colorado in December 1996 include the phone numbers of Oliver North, Edwin Meese and former U.S. President William Clinton.

Sources close to the Denver Police are now finally reporting that this evidence was taken in December 1996 and then classified under a National Security Decree. Now it should be noted that Wm. Morris Agency has close ties to NBC News. Wm. Morris Agency is also responsible for the media honchos like Tom Brokow and Brian Williams which Wm. Morris Agency helped place at NBC News.

Note: Naturally it was NBC which broke the current JonBenet Ramsey story. It can now be reported that Wm. Morris Agency which also represents up and coming child models, had been soliciting a contract from the Ramsey’s for the services of JonBenet.

It should also be noted that in early 1996 the Denver Police had been investigating a Denver Child Porno Protection ring linked to none other than the Wm Morris Agency and FBI Div. #5. Of course it gets worse. Ramsey was also on a list of witnesses never subpoenaed by former Iran Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. It can now be reported that Ramsey had unknowingly pimped his daughter out as a prostitute in the Wm Morris Agency FBI Div #5 Child Porno Ring.

Summation: JonBenet Ramsey had expressed discomfort to her mother Patsy Ramsey, two months before her death. Therefore JonBenet even at the age of six years old may have been ready to blow the whistle to expose the FBI Div#5 prostitution ring. It is now clear that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered by a three man FBI Div.#5-Wm. Morris Agency Intelligence team that had already introduced themselves at one time to the her parents and had familiarity with the house.

The stooge or patsy that has been chosen by the American Media, John Karr who had a homosexual lover inside FBI Div.#5 fled Colorado after hearing elements of the plot to kill JonBenet. Karr is now the fall guy.

Note: Karr looks weird and mentally ill and probably has been chipped (mind control) or under hypnosis by his FBI Div. #5 handlers. Reference Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged killer of Robert Kennedy.

P.S. John Ramsey must stay silent given his position as a Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate asset.

PPS – The JonBenet Ramsey diversion was orchestrated as the Bush Blair Terrorgate Ruse collapsed for lack of evidence. It can now be reported that Bush leaked the U.K. Terrorgate story as to prevent a coup to remove Dunblaine Pedophile Tony Blair and replace him with either Gordon Brown or John Prescott. As Bush faces more difficulties with his NSA Wiretap crimes a question should occur. Will they find the real killer of O.J.’s wife. To find out just call the Wm. Morris Agency.

8/21/2006 09:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karr was not in Colorado the night of Jon Benets's murder. He has an air tight he seems hell bent on eschewing, and the one the media is hell bent on ignoring.

He certainly appears to be a patsy, and mind controlled, but he is not the perp.....I think we all know who the perps were.

I bet they get the DNA to match. Really not surprising. The Boulder Police have been in on it since the beginning, so corrupted samples is quite easy.....alibi be damned.

Enter Jack Ruby? It wouldn't surprise me. This shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder. It's Rocky Horror gone Prime Time and legitimate.

8/21/2006 10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Karr, like Hunter S. Thompson, seems to have a Fish & Loaves' Bank Account, what with all the exotic travel, and what not. I watched Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas this past weekend, and I'm convinced Thompson was on the CIA dime.

8/21/2006 10:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read a news report that
stated "John Ramsey is so upset by
the re-surfaceing of all the lurid
details of JonBenet's death caused
by the arrest of John Karr that he's thinking of leaveing the United States". I'll bet he is!!

8/21/2006 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm....I bet Ken Lay was thinking about leaving the U.S. before his untimely death, as well.

Someone's going to die......can't you just feel it?

8/21/2006 10:26:00 AM  
Blogger sunny said...

Someone's going to die......can't you just feel it?

Absolutely, shrub. The shit is flying fast and furious, it's a thrill a minute

I get the feeling Ramsey is not happey about this arrest. Out of his control, there is no telling what might happen. Karr just might want to tell the "real story," and they will either have to bribe him, kill him or discredit his statements.

Discrediting began early. Bribery in the form of pate and champagne, and other various unknown treats?

shrub, why don't you post at the forum?

8/21/2006 11:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas ....

This movie is better:

Thirty-four flying Elvises and love that's all shook up beats retard journalist and psycho lawyers all day long. Johnny was born to play the pirate, not a character out of Hunter Thompson's whacked out brian.

Long live Tortuga, and rumcakes and heavenly rainbows!

p.s. Help spread the message of shame & guilt to all the dirty sinners in the world who use rainbows for illegal gain by buying good t-shirts:

8/21/2006 11:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But those are the Mexican elites and Mexican parties of Mexican high society, protected by Mexican authority. Such things, of course, are inconceivable across the Rio Grande."

Hardly! Obviously sarcasm above I'm sure.

Bohemian Grove anyone?

Related to that, what about the 1909 pictures of "thrill kill murders" at the Bohemian Grove of black men by the all white rich and powerful of the USA?

And related to 1984, the winner of a 1 million dollar suit against 'rising Black American star in the Republican Party' (until his arrest for massive money fraud in his bank) was for the related pedophilia issues and Larry King's snuff filming days at Bohemian Grove. The settlement was awarded in 1999.

My Bohemian Grove Timeline

(particularly note dates 1909, 1984, and 1999, for relation to the comment above, and Jeff's post in general)

Bohemian Grove Timeline

* 1872: Bohemian Club founded: "five newspapermen, a Shakespearean actor, a vintner and a local merchant" from San Francisco.

* 1878: The Bohemian Grove Camp originated, in a first "Jink"

* ca. 1879: First meeting at Bohemian Grove

* 1882: Regular camps begin being held in what is now known as Bohemian Grove. Land is rented from the Sonoma Lumber Company. In 1882, on a national speaking tour throughout the United States, Oscar Wilde is invited to drink, dine, and talk at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco--with the aim of making a fool of him. However, he drinks them under the table and polishes them off with his rapier wit. Instead, he is hailed a hero: Wilde likely visits the Bohemian Grove as well. In this same first year of what was to become an annual event, the European aristocrat Graf Joseph Oswald Von Thun und Hohenstein--from Bohemia in Germany--is invited to attend as well. Back in Europe, months later, he ships the Bohemian Club a large carved statue of the patron saint of Bohemia, Saint John of Nepomuck--as a reminder to the Grovers of the importance of secrecy as to their activities. (St. John achieved canonhood by successfully 'keeping secrets unto death.') The 1882 statue of St. John is holding his tongue, and holding an owl. This statue has been transferred carefully from San Francisco's Bohemian Club to the Bohemian Grove for the two week event, annually, ever since.

* 1891: Bohemian Club "Grovers" began camping on another area of the present Bohemian Grove, located 3 miles east of Monte Rio, California and 1 mile from the end of the Northwest Pacific Railroad Company.

* 3 September 1892: Within ten years from nothing, at the Bohemian Club summer encampment, a large 70 foot statue of Daibutsu Buddha, modeled after the Daibutsu of Kamakura and constructed of lath and plaster in an area later to be known as the Bohemian Grove. This statue gradually deteriorates over time, and by the late 1920s there is very little of it left. President of the Bohemian Club at this time was James D. Phelan (1891-1892), who was once Mayor of San Francisco, and later a United States Senator. In addition to The Phelan Building, he built The Victory Theater and the Sainte Claire Club in San Francisco. Perhaps he was associated with building the Daibatsu at Bohemian Grove.

* 1893: The Cremation of Care annual ritual was devised by a New York lawyer who was a past President of the Bohemian Club, Joseph D. Redding (1885-1886). Redding's ritual has been revamped over time visually, though the archaic text of the speeches in the Cremation of Care have only received minor edits.

* 1899: The Bohemian Club purchased its first tract of Bohemian Grove from the Sonoma Lumber Company. Vanderlynn Stow is President then (1899-1901).

* 1901: Bohemian Club officially acquires more of the Monte Rio, California area Bohemian Grove land that the campers "squatted" within since a decade before. Vanderlynn Stow is still President then, though Frank P. Deering comes into the office in that year.

* 1904: Author Jack London is at Bohemian Grove, conspicuously consuming redwood trees

* 1905: Picture of a "Seance" at the Grove: Grove member laying on his back, surrounded by candles and being ministrated over by a black robed figure with crude posters of devils tacked to the redwood trees around him.

* 1908: Picture of a Party at Bohemian Grove, fancy dress and female dress, and what look like "lover pairs" among the men.

* 1909: Picture of a Black Man being Hanged for sheer fun, by the all white Bohemian Grove. Henry A. Melvin (1909-1911) is President of the Grove then.

* 1914: Author Jack London holds art show at Bohemian Grove, invites guests--though the invitation card, still in existence, explicitly states that guests are not allowed there after dark on any day of the invitation.

* ca. 1925: Stone Owl pictures start being documented. [Owl is paper mache like, it is hollow and full of various racks of lighting equipment controls and ritual costumes, noted in a later leaked video from 2005.]

* 1929: In the Bohemian Grove Annals, a claim that in this year there was a "dedication of the new owl shrine".

* 1934: Novel meeting house/building for the Bohemian Club is dedicated in San Francisco.

* 1966: Last known purchase of redwood tracts for Bohemian Grove: now totaling a 2,712 acre holding. Charles F. Bulotti Jr (1965-1967) is President then.

* 1970s: Many members entertain themselves by crossing the Russian River and visiting prostitutes who work in Monte Rio or Guerneville. Though this practice has subsided since the 1970s when a new sheriff threatened to clean up the towns and arrest all the prostitutes, it has not died out completely. According to G. William Domhoff, the subject is still a popular one for conversation, "outranked... only by remarks about drinking enormous quantities of alcohol and urinating on redwoods."

* 1982: NPR got a recording of Henry Kissinger's speech at the Grove -- but refused to allow anyone to air it. Also in 1982, a TIME reporter went undercover as a waiter in Bohemian Grove; like Mathison's People article, his story was killed.

* 26 July 1984: Kidnapped child-sex abuse victim, Nebraskan Paul Bonacci, a young teen, writes in his diary of being kidnapped by "the rising Black American star in the Republican Party, Larry King" who takes him in a private plane to California to participate in a snuff film made at Bohemian Grove. Bonacci was forced to have sex with a young boy who was then both sexually abused and raped repeatedly by older men, and then murdered on film. Bonacci wrote in his diary that it took place in California, in "an area that had big trees." At a public meeting in Santa Rosa, California, investigator/author ex-Senator John DeCamp later told a group that he had edited out Bonacci's 1984 references to an enormous, moss-covered owl and men in hooded red robes because he did not know then about the Owl at the Grove and thought it "too far fetched for people to believe." [Later, he is shocked to find that true as well.]

* November 1989: Philip Weiss writes a Spy Magazine article after infiltrating the Grove.

* July 1991: Dirk Mathison, the San Francisco bureau chief for People magazine infiltrated the exclusive Bohemian Grove retreat three times, aided by activists from the Bohemian Grove Action Network. His story was killed. In 1991 Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of Germany, addressed the attendees of Bohemian Grove at a lakeside talk.

* 1992: Paul Bonacci was shown a black and white photo of the moss-covered owl at the Grove and quickly identified it as the site of the July 1984 snuff film described in DeCamp's book.

* 11 June 1993: The Washington Times reports: "Presidential counsellor David Gergen resigned yesterday from the all-male Bohemian Club, three days after saying he would not run around naked at its annual Bohemian Grove encampment and insisting he would not quit. White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers announced the resignation along with Mr. Gergen's departure from 17 other interest groups, charities and public boards ranging from the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations."

* July 1997: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Speaks at the Grove.

* 1999: Paul Bonacci wins a $1 million lawsuit against Larry King, the former head of the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska, whom he claimed forced him into the pedophile ring. The federal judge ruled Bonacci was truthful in his testimony, which included his claim that he was one of several young male prostitutes known to have toured the White House in the 1980s.

* 15 July 2000: Alex Jones poses as a Bohemian club member and clandestinely videotapes Grove rituals. He is in the Grove for five hours. Since his video went on sale, Jones said he received threatening emails from Bohemian Club members in New York City. He added that a fellow videographer of the Grove in 2000, a retired military veteran and computer programmer, has been a missing person for the past four months. He told his wife and children that he was headed back to Bohemian Grove to do additional interviews, and that was the last anyone has admitted seeing him.

* January 2002: Inspired by Alex Jones's radio show, Richard McCaslin arms himself and makes his way into the Grove, but he is detained by Sonoma County police. In the pretrial, Jones offers to let McCaslin use his hidden camera footage as evidence.

* 25 July 2003: San Francisco media reports on the Grove: "From what we've heard, the Republican hierarchy--especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson--would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway."

* 11 March 2004: Alex Jones was sent a copy of the Annals of the Bohemian Club (Vol. VII), 1987-1996. It is the Bohemian Club Quasquicentennial, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding. He placed images from the publication on his website.

* May 2005: Alex Jones sent very detailed color pictures of the Owl shrine and other Bohemian Grove areas. He placed these leaked images on his website.

Google Video has Alex Jones Bohemian Grove videos.

8/21/2006 11:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody's going to die? Ah yes, just recalled this string of long forgotten murders of homeless men in the late summer and fall of 1999. Each of which included head choppage, seven men in all. Whereabouts? Denver, Colorado. Perhaps someone more intuitive than I can weave this into the bigger picture.

Also, and I believe this is from the same year not too far from the LoDo beheadings was this little incident involving another of our Mexican friends. Ismael Mena, a Mexican ex-cop and now an employee of a Coca-Cola bottler was "mistakenly" killed in a DPD "no knock" raid. Created quite a flap if I do recall.

8/21/2006 12:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shrub, why don't you post at the forum?

A couple of reasons that I can identify, at least.

1.) An underlying Fear of Committment. The Forum requires a greater degree of intimacy, and I'm not certain I want to elevate my engagement to that level.

2.) Signing up requires one to submit their e-mail to EZ Board, and I would rather not do that. I think I would trust Jeff with it.....but not EZ Board...after what we have witnessed as of late.

3.) I have belonged to two forums in the past, and my experience with both of them has ended up with me being banned. I have a problem with authority....which is why I like RI. Because I mistrust authority, I continually question it.....and RI does, as wells. So, I want to contribute my thoughts and feelings, but I want to be able to do so without getting into a bitchfest with some individuals who only frequent forums to tangle. You are obviously not one of those "some" that I mention. I will be diplomatic, and not mention who those some are on the forum, but suffice it to say, the comments section here impedes forum bullies, so for now, I will continue to hang out in this wonderful bar, so to speak.

By the way, I like your stuff and I like the way your mind works. I find myself agreeing with your points, and the direction of your thoughts, quite often.

8/21/2006 12:04:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"Obviously sarcasm above I'm sure."

That's why I titled it NoBorderland.

We're generally more disposed to accept that this stuff happens elsewhere, but not at home. But borders have always been convenient fictions for privileged criminals.

8/21/2006 12:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you're in Canada, Jeff, you should know that there's a similar "Grove" for rituals somewhere outside of Montreal. I think this information came from Arizona Wilder.

Arizona Wilder (born Jennifer Greene) is an American woman who claims to have been born into the Illuminati, and raised in that group by Josef Mengele, whom she claims conducted extensive, horrific psychological experiments on her. She claims to have been taken to bizarre Satanic rituals across the country, where she allegedly witnessed such people as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Gerald Ford, and George H.W. Bush conducting cannibalistic rituals in which many of them were seen to "shape-shift" into demons. Many of her claims about this race of demonic beings parallel the scenarios given in the Revelation of St. John. She claims these "demons" regularly consume human blood because it contains a powerful drug-like agent which to them has the same effect as heroin. [This is the same information corroborated from Phil Schneider, which he called "adrenalchrome" (sic) addiction, in the comments to a previous post of Jeff's called Area 9/11. Addicted to creating situtations that ramp up anticipatory fear to produce more "heroin" in the blood of victims, so to speak.] She also claims to have been used as a surrogate mother for the offspring of said demons.

She appeared as the central figure in a British documentary film called "Revelations of a Mother Goddess" (referring to the title she claims the Illuminati gave her), taped in 1998, in which she gave a two-and-a-half hour interview for David Icke. [It is currently available for free at Google Video.]

Although most of the claims she presents in the film are extremely outlandish and many of her predictions have not since come to pass, some of her predictions proved to be accurate, such as her prediction that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles would eventually marry. She claims to have come to this conclusion after seeing the two at a bizarre demonic ritual involving the British Royal Family in the late 1970s, and to have witnessed the following other people at such rituals:

* George H.W. Bush
* Jeb Bush and George W. Bush (then state governor of Texas)
* Hillary Rodham Clinton
* Queen Elizabeth II
* Newt Gingrich
* Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan
* Zecharia Sitchin

Wilder claimed to have been mentored by Josef Mengele, whom she and others knew as "Dr. Green". She claimed that Mengele resided primarily within a military complex at China Lake in the Mojave Desert of California, after he had been secretly given amnesty under "Operation Paperclip", and that he died in 1988.

The effects of the memory experiments [really, the psychological "Stockholm Syndrome" I think is what is meant here] conducted on her supposedly began to wear off after Mengele's death, due to the mental attachment to him that resulted from the experiments. She originally had long blond hair, allegedly as a symbol of the Aryan Race, which she cut off and dyed dark red to confuse those who might follow her, and to distance herself from the Illuminati.

In her interview with David Icke, Wilder displayed several pieces of jewelry which she claimed were from her childhood ordeals. These included a diamond ring bearing a hexagram within the diamond itself, and an Egyptian-styled copper necklace.

8/21/2006 01:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush and Bath all over again ... although they dont want to avoid detection, just stay ahead of the curve on "do your will". They actually want to have known by those that can wink on cold gray mornings, the secret smirk of those that they have sent to pass, by hand and by deed, the twisted torture which has turned into their lives and smiles ... and by extention into our lives also. Dont babysit for Bush unless you want to be plowed down by your own car when your standing in front of it.

8/21/2006 01:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting story that never mentions Jon Benet once.

Just after noon on Friday, July 21, Adamo Bove -- head of security at Telecom Italia, the country's largest telecommunications firm -- told his wife he had some errands to run as he left their Naples apartment. Hours later, police found his car parked atop a freeway overpass. Bove's body lay on the pavement some 100 feet below.

Bove was a master at detecting hidden phone networks. Recently, at the direction of Milan prosecutors, he'd used mobile phone records to trace how a "Special Removal Unit" composed of CIA and SISMI (the Italian CIA) agents abducted Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric, and flew him to Cairo where he was tortured. The Omar kidnapping and the alleged involvement of 26 CIA agents, whom prosecutors seek to arrest and extradite, electrified Italian media. U.S. media noted the story, then dropped it.

The first Italian press reports after Bove's death said the 42-year-old had committed suicide. Bove, according to unnamed sources, was depressed about his imminent indictment by Milan prosecutors. But prosecutors immediately, and uncharacteristically, set the record straight: Bove was not a target; in fact, he was prosecutors' chief source. Bove, prosecutors said, was helping them investigate his own bosses, who were orchestrating an illegal wiretapping bureau and the destruction of incriminating digital evidence. One Telecom executive had already been forced out when he was caught conducting these illicit operations, as well as selling intercepted information to a business intelligence firm.

About 16 months earlier, in March of 2005, Costas Tsalikidis, a 38-year-old software engineer for Vodaphone in Greece had just discovered a highly sophisticated bug embedded in the company's mobile network. The spyware eavesdropped on the prime minister's and other top officials' cell phone calls; it even monitored the car phone of Greece's secret service chief. Others bugged included civil rights activists, the head of Greece's "Stop the War" coalition, journalists and Arab businessmen based in Athens. All the wiretapping began about two months before the Olympics were hosted by Greece in August 2004, according to a subsequent investigation by the Greek authorities.

Tsalikidis, according to friends and family, was excited about his work and was looking forward to marrying his longtime girlfriend. But on March 9, 2005, his elderly mother found him hanging from a white rope tied to pipes outside of his apartment bathroom. His limp feet dangled a mere three inches above the floor. His death was ruled a suicide; he, like Adamo Bove, left no suicide note.

The next day, Vodaphone's top executive in Greece reported to the prime minister that unknown outsiders had illicitly eavesdropped on top government officials. Before making his report, however, the CEO had the spyware destroyed, even though this destroyed the evidence as well.

Investigations into the alleged suicides of both Adamo Bove and Costas Tsalikidis raise questions about more than the suspicious circumstances of their deaths. They point to politicized, illegal intelligence structures that rely upon cooperative business executives. European prosecutors and journalists probing these spying networks have revealed that:

* The Vodaphone eavesdropping was transmitted in real time via four antennae located near the U.S. embassy in Athens, according to an 11-month Greek government investigation. Some of these transmissions were sent to a phone in Laurel, Md., near America's National Security Agency.

* According to Ta Nea, a Greek newspaper, Vodaphone's CEO privately told the Greek government that the bugging culprits were "U.S. agents." Because Greece's prime minister feared domestic protests and a diplomatic war with the United States, he ordered the Vodafone CEO to withhold this conclusion from his own authorities investigating the case.

* In both the Italian and Greek cases, the spyware was much more deeply embedded and clever than anything either phone company had seen before. Its creation required highly experienced engineers and expensive laboratories where the software could be subjected to the stresses of a national telephone system. Greek investigators concluded that the Vodaphone spyware was created outside of Greece.

* Once placed, the spyware could have vast reach since most host companies are merging their Internet, mobile telephone and fixed-line operations onto a single platform.

* Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, BND, recently snooped on investigative journalists. According to parliamentary investigations, the spying may have been carried out using the United States's secretive Bad Aibling base in the Bavarian Alps, which houses the American global eavesdropping program dubbed Echelon.

The reference to the Bad Aibling base is interesting since that supposedly closed in 2004. Is it closed or isn't it?
Or is this just more shoddy journalism & non-existent fact checking.

8/21/2006 01:18:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Hunter S. Thompson may have been on the CIA payroll, but with assets as diverse as Osama and Timothy Leary, it's hard to imagine who was controlling whom, especially when Hunter spent the last few years of his hyper-paranoid existence writing things like this about the supporters of BushCo:

"Who are these Swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? ..... They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and viscious in the American character.... I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck Them."

Thompson does seem to have been involved with, or at least been in the know about a great many pieces of the governmental narco/sexual thuggery puzzle, but those ubiquitous PTB more than likely considered him either a small, irritating fly in the ointment, or possibly even a somewhat more useful idiot, even if he was pissing down the throats of other useful idiots, like our own Chimp-in-Charge.

The Wm Morris Agency connection warrants further investigation, as do the strange goings on in Tom Delay's old fiefdom, Sugarland Texas. At Down With Tyranny, there's this account from April 7 of the antics of the stormtrooper wing of the Party:

Of course, Rick "Governor Goodhair" Perry could call a special election at any time to see to it that the people of the 22nd Congressional District do not go unrepresented until next January. But, since Perry is one of Delay's and Dubya's favorite cabana boys that is very unlikely.

Meanwhile, the Delay mob continues "business as usual."

On Wednesday, Democrat Lampson called a press conference on the steps of the Sugarland, Texas Courthouse in order to ask Governor Perry to see to it that the citizens of the 22nd District got a timely chance to elect a Congressman more interested in their hopes and dreams than in furthering the right wing agenda of the Bush Crime Family.

Lampson began his press conference with a small crowd of 40 supporters in attendance. As he answered questions from the local press a crowd of GOP supporters, summoned by Delay's campaign manager via e-mail, swooped in and began to disrupt the meeting.

In a scene right out of the Florida recount these GOP thugs showed their "conservative compassion' by drowning out Mr. Lampson's statement and by roughing up a 70 year old woman. (Video clip here.)

The Sugarland police stood by and did nothing.

Of course they did nothing--letting the brownshirts have their way with anyone brave (or foolish) enough to come out in public opposition to them is part of the same strategy of staging fake terror incidents and assigning blame to patsies in child murder & perversion cases in the most obvious, ham-fisted method possible. They know that no one other than the rabid fascists in their camp "believes" or trusts them anymore, so now the strategy is to be blatant about their misdirection and obfuscation. Loosely translated, they're saying, "Fuck you. Whad'ya gonna do about it?"

And what is the answer to their provocative question, their open dare?

8/21/2006 01:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunday: Iraq? Civil War?
John McCain says,Nah!

Monday: Iraq? Civil War?
Kenneth Pollack says, Yeah!

Tom Tomorrow's website says it so much better:

U.S. foreign policy experts do 180; now suspect sky may well be blue

What’s going on in Iraq? Let’s check in with Daniel Byman and Kenneth Pollack:

"The debate is over: By any definition, Iraq is in a state of civil war…"

Welcome to the new “new Middle East” — a region where civil wars could follow one after another, like so many Cold War dominoes.

And unlike communism, these dominoes may actually fall.

In other news, we’re just weeks away from the 4th anniversary of the publication of Pollack’s book The Threatening Storm. I wonder how it’s holding up? Let’s read page 268:

" Imagine how different the Middle East and the world would be if a new Iraqi state were stable, prosperous, and a force for progress in the region, not a source of violence and instability. Imagine if we could rebuild Iraq as a model of what a modern Arab state could be, showing the frustrated and disenfranchised of the Arab world what they should be trying to fashion. Imagine if there were a concrete symbol demonstrating that America seeks to help the Arab world rather than repress. Invading Iraq might not just be our least bad alternative, it potentially could be our best course of action."

Yes…just imagine!

By the way, this was Pollack’s explanation of why Saddam was so dangerous:

"[Saddam’s] own determination to interpret geopolitical calculations to suit what he wants to believe anyway lead him to construct bizarre scenarios that he convinces himself are highly likely."


It must be slammin' to be a reporter or a media pundit or a geopolitical can fuck up all you want, yet your job will still be waiting with open arms.

It appears to be quite similar to jobs in US Intelligence...

8/21/2006 02:17:00 PM  
Blogger sunny said...

By the way, I like your stuff and I like the way your mind works. I find myself agreeing with your points, and the direction of your thoughts, quite often.

Thank you kindly, sir.;>)

8/21/2006 02:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dead men tell no (more) tales.

Hunter and snuff films
The Gannon/Gosch connection was first made public early in the morning on Feb. 20. Later that same day, Hunter S. Thompson was found dead in his home, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Few people would ever have thought to connect Thompson and Gosch, but those familiar with the tales of child abuse and pedophilia documented in "The Franklin Cover-Up," a book first released in 1994 by former Neb. State Sen. John DeCamp, understand the association.

In his book, DeCamp relates many interviews and discussions with Paul Bonacci, the young man who claims to have been involved with the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. Bonacci told horrific tales of being forced into sex with adults and other children. In one case he recalls being flown into Nevada with another young boy whom he did not know. They took on another passenger there and headed to a secluded location where Bonacci says he was forced to have sex with the younger boy. The young boy, Bonacci claims in this book, was also forced to have sex with adult males, who then killed the boy with a gunshot to the head. Bonacci says he was then forced to have sex with the corpse.

The passenger they took on in Nevada filmed the entire thing, and Bonacci recalled that his name was Hunter Thompson.

"I think it's kind of strange that Hunter Thompson would commit suicide at this time," says Gunderson. "Several kids told us that he directed snuff films. I think it's a strong possibility that he was murdered and I strongly suspect that it's all connected."

And the speculation on the Internet has been that Thompson was either killed to prevent his coming forward, or that he killed himself because he feared his role as a director of child snuff films would be proven true.

DeCamp also expressed some surprise at the timing of Thompson's death and says he still believes Bonacci's claim is true. Stephenson, the blogger from Seattle who has investigated the Gosch case, is also suspicious.

"I wonder, did he know? In light of Paul's (Bonnaci) testimony regarding the snuff film, I submit he knew quite a bit," he says. "The timing of his death was interesting."

The snuff film that Thompson allegedly made with Paul Bonacci is believed, based on Bonacci's description of the surroundings, to have been filmed at Bohemian Grove, a summer camp of sorts for the rich and powerful. Bohemian Grove is a secluded area outside Sacramento, Calif., where world leaders and dignitaries meet annually for a retreat that involves neo-pagan activities, including mock human sacrifices made before a large Owl statue referred to as "Moloch." While conducting this ritual, which they call "The Cremation of Care," participants are dressed in druid robes and chant and sing before Moloch.

Information on these gatherings has been well known for some time, though video footage has only recently been leaked out of the site. The site is very secure and access is available only to a handful of people worldwide. As a child, Bonacci could never have had access to the site, but he described it accurately, including the large owl statue.

Noreen Gosch says that on one recent evening her Web site,, had more than 50 hits that came from within a 10-mile radius of Bohemian Grove.

The CIA pedophile
In her book, "Why Johnny Can't Come Home," Noreen Gosch writes about a man who contacted her just six months after Johnny's disappearance claiming he worked with a government agency that was investigating pedophile organizations.

George Paul Bishop (often known just as Paul Bishop) claimed he was a "CIA asset" and arrived in Des Moines in July of 1984 to offer his assistance to the Goschs. Before he left, he provided, through his investigation, a detailed map of the kidnapping scene. Bishop, according to Noreen's book, often called the Gosch home from the Washington D.C. office of Sen. Charles Grassley, with whom Noreen had worked on Johnny's case.

"Many times Paul Bishop would call me from Sen. Grassley's office and, when finished speaking with me, he would hand the phone to one of Grassley's aides who I was familiar with," Noreen recalled in her book, published in 2000. "That convinced me Paul was an accepted visitor on the Hill in Washington."

Based on this, Noreen believed that Bishop was responsible for securing her invitation to testify before Sen. Arlan Specter's Hearing on Organized Crime and its Relationship to Kidnapping at the U.S. Capitol. Bishop, in fact, picked Noreen up from her D.C. hotel and accompanied her to the hearings.

Bishop became close to Noreen, even referring to her as "Mom," but suddenly, in 1985, he disappeared from the scene. The phone number he'd left was no longer valid and no one knew how to contact him. No one had seen or heard from him in almost 20 years, until he was suddenly arrested on Feb. 4 of this year in Virginia, after police allegedly found an explicit video of a 16-year-old boy in his home.

Detectives searched Bishop's home and found the tape after receiving a complaint that he was allowing teenage boys to drink and use drugs on the premises.

Noreen wonders now if Bishop was on the wrong side of Johnny's case all along. Was he involved in the kidnapping and merely running a smokescreen at the time to prevent discovery? Was his recent arrest an effort to keep him quiet about the larger story? A threat?

Or was he honest from the beginning and his recent arrest merely an effort to discredit him before he reappeared and started making noise and threatening to expose the powerful people involved?

Either way, Bishop seemed to know a lot about Johnny's disappearance in 1982, and his sudden eappearance on the scene coinciding with the outing of Jeff Gannon, the death of Thompson and the arrest of another man
involved with the case (below) is too much of a coincidence for some to accept.

"It's very common to set someone up and arrest him to discredit him," says Rothstein.

The photographer
Rusty Nelson claimed that he once turned down an offer of $50,000 from Hunter S. Thompson to help in the production of a snuff film. The offer was allegedly made because Nelson worked closely with Larry King, the central figure in the "Franklin Cover-Up" accused of running a pedophile and child slavery ring. Nelson would often accompany King to elaborate parties where he worked as a photographer, taking photos of high-profile individuals in compromising positions with young boys and girls.

Nelson testified in court that he participated as a photographer, but claims that, though he took compromising photos, he never took any hardcore
pornographic pictures; that he absolutely refused any involvement with child pornography. But he claims that King employed a Nelson look-alike for this purpose in order to compromise both the powerful people in the photos and Nelson himself. Nelson has admitted taking tens of thousands of photos, many of which have been confiscated and either destroyed or permanently sealed to protect those depicted. But many, according to some reports, remain hidden.

Despite his denials, Nelson has served time for his photography work, having been arrested in Oregon years ago with a van full of photos, at least one of which was said to involve a minor engaged in less-than-legal activity. He's been living in Nebraska for some time, providing what information he can to private investigators and trying to put his life back together. Most recently he was working with a friend to open a studio that specializes in wedding

But two days after Thompson's death, Nelson was rounded up by police and arrested, reportedly for failing to register as a sex offender in a county of
which he was no longer a resident.

John DeCamp bailed Nelson out of jail and says he thinks the arrest was intended as a warning to him and others that they best keep their mouths shut. Others agree.

"The timing is interesting," says Stephenson. "Especially given Thompson's death and Paul Bishop's recent arrest. I would place a suicide watch on both

8/21/2006 02:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dead men tell no (MORE) tales.

Hunter and snuff films

The Gannon/Gosch connection was first made public early in the morning on Feb. 20. Later that same day, Hunter S. Thompson was found dead in his home, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Few people would ever have thought to connect Thompson and Gosch, but those familiar with the tales of child abuse and pedophilia documented in "The Franklin Cover-Up," a book first released in 1994 by former Neb. State Sen. John DeCamp, understand the association.

In his book, DeCamp relates many interviews and discussions with Paul Bonacci, the young man who claims to have been involved with the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. Bonacci told horrific tales of being forced into sex with adults and other children. In one case he recalls being flown into Nevada with another young boy whom he did not know. They took on another passenger there and headed to a secluded location where Bonacci says he was forced to have sex with the younger boy. The young boy, Bonacci claims in this book, was also forced to have sex with adult males, who then killed the boy with a gunshot to the head. Bonacci says he was then forced to have sex with the corpse.

The passenger they took on in Nevada filmed the entire thing, and Bonacci recalled that his name was Hunter Thompson.

"I think it's kind of strange that Hunter Thompson would commit suicide at this time," says Gunderson. "Several kids told us that he directed snuff films. I think it's a strong possibility that he was murdered and I strongly suspect that it's all connected."

And the speculation on the Internet has been that Thompson was either killed to prevent his coming forward, or that he killed himself because he feared his role as a director of child snuff films would be proven true.

DeCamp also expressed some surprise at the timing of Thompson's death and says he still believes Bonacci's claim is true. Stephenson, the blogger from Seattle who has investigated the Gosch case, is also suspicious.

"I wonder, did he know? In light of Paul's (Bonnaci) testimony regarding the snuff film, I submit he knew quite a bit," he says. "The timing of his death was interesting."

The snuff film that Thompson allegedly made with Paul Bonacci is believed, based on Bonacci's description of the surroundings, to have been filmed at Bohemian Grove, a summer camp of sorts for the rich and powerful. Bohemian Grove is a secluded area outside Sacramento, Calif., where world leaders and dignitaries meet annually for a retreat that involves neo-pagan activities, including mock human sacrifices made before a large Owl statue referred to as "Moloch." While conducting this ritual, which they call "The Cremation of Care," participants are dressed in druid robes and chant and sing before Moloch.

If you recall, the stories of 15-year-old callboys wandering through the White House in the middle of the night was linked to the "Franklin Cover-Up" case exposed by Nebraska State Sen. John DeCamp. In that case, a Republican operative named Larry King was involved with procuring boys and girls from Boys Town in Nebraska and elsewhere and entrapping them in a child sex-slave and espionage ring. King, with an annual salary of under 20K, was throwing sex parties for the powerful in a $5,000-a-month condo in Washingotn, DC; apparently taping the proceedings for blackmail purposes.

One of the victims of this ring was one Paul Bonacci, who testified in court proceedings that he helped kidnap Johnny Gosch into this ring in 1982. It was apparently at 2:29 AM, Sunday, Feb. 20 that the question was first asked -- is "Jeff Gannon" really Johnny Gosch?

By the end of the day, Hunter S. Thompson was reported dead.

This is where it gets really interesting. Bonacci also testified that he was forced in July 1984 to participate in a homosexual/pedophilic/necrophilic orgy at (what has since been identified as) the Bohemian Grove; all of which was filmed. And according to Bonacci, the man in charge of the filming was someone picked up in Las Vegas on the plane headed to the Grove, a man who Bonacci was told was one "Hunter Thompson."... [*]

Johnny Gosch and Gannon/Guckert share a birthmark. Gosch's mother refuses to confirm or deny. Thompson was investigating pedophilia in DC at the time of his death.

8/21/2006 03:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of a local incident: the murder of a man who'd dropped into a rural bar and seemed out of place with all the belly shirts and obligatory drooping pants and savouis' of Loud Assed Music. He was somewhat unhappy but hopeful ... his life was on slow simmer and he wanted to reconnect and have fun so as to work through the disillusionment that had overwhelmed him in recent months. Plus he was near home. Little did he know, but none the less doubt at that point, life hadnt stopped during his lifelong marriage and dedication which had included the seemingly statutory disappointments in addition to some truly defined realizations and acknowledgements of the actual existence of affection and regard for each individual of his family, who were busy with the details of their personal lives and didnt detect his disenchantment and never dreamed that when he drove off that evening he'd meet the source of his torture and murder. But yes he did, in the form of a young vibrant girl who ...apparently "just wanted to know his name". Innocent enough, except ...she'd been send by her boyfriend who eyed the small but busy barroom like an owl from a corner he used to view everyone and everything on every day and night ... weekends and weekdays. She was instructed by him to go over and find out who he was and "put some sugar on top". She returned to her "boyfriend" after kissing him on the forehead. A few moments later with the assurance that he was indeed what they were and had been looking for, an easy mark, they headed on over to his solitary table and requested that the bar personnel allow them to scoot two small tables and a few more chairs in position to join this man, which didnt seem at the time unusual to the management. It was the beginning of a nightmare only in our darkest fears would we admit to, and the beginning of a ritual carried out in suburban and rural america as though it was understood to happen for any clear reason. They laughed ... they drank ... he was glad he'd taken the time to show himself that, indeed societal humanity still existed as he remembered it. They shared ideas ... flirting ... world views ... and spiritual philosophies. Updating the lamented attitudes of the past's forlorn unwillingness to reconcile hatred, bigotry and most of all "reason" they all agreed, indeed a new age had dawned, an age of understanding and fearlessness that would allow each their inherent right to express their true feelings regarding faith, political philosophy, sexuality, and purpose. Tender revelations were requested and revealed. He was asked if he remembered the first time he made love in a car, after many elusions to it by the amorous but admittedly relationship opened couple, to which he readily responded, eager to add his enthusiasm as well as to relive the spark of virve he felt from his reminiscence of those "in the day" times. Chuckle chuckle drink drink ... The couple thought it would be "so much fun" if they went for a drive in the country on such a beautiful warm night and as an assurance made provisions to "take out" beer from the rural roadhouse incase they didnt make it back before last call. The barmaid, and former long term patron of many years, gave them the bill and they balked! It was much more than could be expected to cost, even from the party store not a few miles down the road. Their host became their benefactor, happily agreeing to pay the "couple extra bucks", in fact he paid the take out in total and they did ... they left ... beer and other assets in tow. By morning he was dead. The "boyfriend" was driving his car around. He was in the trunk. They'd got him out intermittently, according to an eyewitness, throughout the hours shortly after leaving the bar to beat him up for laughs, and with each new idea, (do you have any cash on hand at home? ... ATM account?) came a new beating and admonishment that he was an old faggy pervert (why would I have sex with you? The girlfriend was quoted as sneering). Later the couple would tell in their defense that the man was a pedophile (the girl was underage to even be in the bar) and homosexual predator that had not only come onto this young man's true love and "girlfriend" but in an unacceptable and unexpected traumatization of the innocent couple minding their own business had "come onto the boyfriend"! Because they'd been approached by a queer and molester the people got off with probation. (this man had no prior record, reports or suspicion that he had anything to do with "abnormal sexual deviation". Maybe his trust alarm battery became discharged under the polaric mantel of synthetic priorities. Who knows? Does someone deserve to die to feed the need of carnal forces that await for a reason and excuse? (now wasn't that pleasant?)

8/21/2006 03:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sugar Land, don't forget, was also the home of Enron -- and where former Enron Vice Chairman Clifford Baxter was found shot in his car in January 2002.

Jack Trotter's "Americans for Fair Taxation" (dedicated to replacing the progressive income tax with a 30% national sales tax), which was funded by Enron, also had or has its offices in Sugar Land. Trotter was the man who introduced James Bath to Houston business circles in the 70's (after Bath and W ducked out of the Air National Guard together) and a close associate of major Bush donor Walt Mischer. And Mischer, in turn, ties in with the S&L scandal, CIA money-laundering, and the mysterious death of his former son-in-law Robert Corson.

Much of this garbage may just be general Houston garbage -- somewhat localized in Sugar Land because of the Enron connection -- but Sugar Land still gives the impression of being very close to the heart of a great deal of Texas corruption.

8/21/2006 04:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff - your pink Veronica cross picture reminded me of this story I saw:

That Ratzinger is drawing attention to Veronica's veil suggests strongly that it is a HOT PINK FAKE and FRAUD (nothing associated with the true cross of calvary could ever be hot pink or endorsed by a Prada wearing Rat).

And while we're on the subject of the Catholic church (the visible institution mind you not the true faith) it should be pointed out that the totally corrupted magisterium is rife with mind control on an mass (pun intended) and individual basis. I'm pretty convinced that the "seers" at the bullshit bogus BVM apparition site of medjugorje
( are mind controlled. Det. Jim Rothstein, who workes w/ Noreen Gosch on the Johnny Gosch case, investigates Medjugorije as well and has direct evidence that the bank which financed the medjugorje chapel (which was funded even before the 'mysterious' apparitions began) is owned in part by Henry Kissinger. How about that? Visions of the Virgin Mary on demand courtesy of an old german (and jewish) homosexual pedophile [per Kay Griggs].

There's nothing random behind a name. Heinz and his "bad kissing" proves it:

BTW Jeff thanks for solving the barbiecarrots mystery. The case is closed precisly because Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon actually DO NOT share a birthmark. However there is a child who does have a birthmark identical to the "brown south america" that was said to be over the heart of Johnny Gosch. Unfortunatly, the connection to the case has been terminated.

8/21/2006 04:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i like this, its very smart. we all want to believe 'that won't happen here!' but..

if it happened in mexico, in europe...then on 911. its coming closer.

8/21/2006 04:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The case is closed precisly because Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon actually DO NOT share a birthmark. "

Wow. Thanks for so effortlessly (seriously effortlessly) clearing all that up. (I don't believe such unattributed statements.)

And while we're on the subject of Henry Kissinger, remember that Kay Griggs said that he was a sadistic bisexual who raped young Vietnam military guys he wanted in Southeast Asia, then threatening them with death if they talked.

According to MKLUTRA victim Brice Taylor, Kissinger was right in on the MKULTRA "round robin" experiment as a handler of some young female teens as well.

Later, or during probabaly, Kissinger is dating the head of the CIA's 'woman rights movement infiltration front', the implant in Ms. Magazine, CIA asset and "old boy network" member Gloria Steinem.

Instead of following the money or along side it, just "follow the sex,"--that line of research is even more (no pun intended) incestuous than criminal finances.


Feminist Gloria Steinem of the CIA: "Ms. Immanuel Goldstein" attracting/guiding dissent

...writer and consulting editor for Ms, which she cofounded in 1972--and CIA background. She became a media darling due to her CIA connections. MS Magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA. Steinem has tried to suppress this information, unearthed in the 1970's by a radical feminist group called "Red Stockings", which she was actually observing /witnessing. In 1979, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post and Ford Foundation President Franklin Thomas prevented Random House from publishing it in "Feminist Revolution." Nevertheless the story appeared in the "Village Voice" on May 21, 1979.

CIA's Cord Meyers ---> CIA Clay Felker (Esquire Magazine, others) ---> Gloria Steinem (Ms. Magazine) ---> Ms.'s first publisher, Elizabeth Forsling Harris, CIA-connected PR executive/planner of John Kennedy's Dallas motorcade route on which he was assassinated. Forsling Harris went on to be "public relations" personnel during Jack Ruby's trial in 1963-4.

'In 1958, Steinem was recruited by CIA's Cord Meyers to direct an "informal group of activists" called the "Independent Research Service." This was part of CIA Meyer's "Congress for Cultural Freedom" front, which created magazines like "Encounter" and "Partisan Review" to promote a left-liberal chic to oppose Marxism. Steinem, attended Communist-sponsored youth festivals in Europe, published a newspaper, reported on other participants, and helped to provoke riots.

One of Steinem's CIA colleagues was Clay Felker. In the early 1960's, he became an editor at the CIA's Esquire Magazine and published articles by CIA 'asset' Steinem which established her as a leading voice for women's lib.

In 1968, as a CIA publisher of New York Magazine, he hired his CIA asset as a contributing editor, and then editor of Ms. Magazine in 1971.

Warner Communications put up almost all the money although it only took 25% of the stock. Ms. Magazine's first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy's Dallas motorcade route.'


THE TECHNIQUE USED: It is a well known technique of CIA, to get information for spying on dissidents, is to frame themselves as interviewers offering the dissident "media time" in which extensive questioning sessions are welcome instead of opposed. Sometimes the information "never airs, sorry" though the information is gathered anyway, painlessly and without awareness of where it is going actually: the CIA. Steinem seems to be a good example of the public media institutions themselves being founded as fronts for such COINTELPRO operations.

All the sex filming stuff is additionally very CIA blackmail oriented, and could be equally seen as one piece here, particluarly with all the secret cameras around Bohemian Grove.


The Independent Research Service, founded to a considerable extent by Gloria Steinem and co-directed by her for quite some time, was involved with basically breaking up socialist youth conferences and disrupting them abroad, as well as reporting on the affiliations of some of the people involved. That is obviously the kind of activity CIA does engage in. And one of the most interesting things is the role of CIA's Clay Felker in boosting Steinem's career and helping to get Ms. started, because Felker was an associate of Steinem's in the Independent Research Service. Katherine Graham here played a key role in launching Ms., and then a sort of symbiotic relationship between Ms. [magazine] and Steinem and Newsweek followed from that.

Steinem dated this person in the Nixon Admin.: "Department of Justice, J. Stanley Pottinger and Michael Shaheen (sp?) were working overtime to blunt the charge that the Federal Bureau of Investigation might have murdered Dr. King and certainly had not investigated the crime. Pottinger was not only involved in blunting the investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King, but he also was involved in a milieu that helped not only block the investigation into the assassination of Orlando Letelier, but to deflect it into the direction of the Chilean left. [tne area of the world that her other beau Kissinger was so concerned that "democracy" would destroy.]

Then Steinem 'dated' Henry Kissinger.

The previous head of Ms. Magazine, was the person who arranged the motorcade route for John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, for his assassination. Steinem took her place later at Ms.

This person attended the important planning sessions for the coming visit of the President. The Bloom Agency handled the public relations for the visit, then also handled public relations for the Jack Ruby trial. This was a first for any court, to have a public relations firm employed in a court case.

Now again, perhaps the Steinem association with this person, Elizabeth Forsling Harris, in and of itself wouldn't be too damning. But in light of all the other information -- the Independent Research Service connections, in light of her association with Nixon Administration's J. Stanley Pottinger and some of the things Pottinger's been involved in -- it's one more very interesting detail concerning Steinem and her involvement in a very deep intelligence milieu.

STEINEM part of the intelligence "OLD BOY NETWORK": "What we're going to be looking at here (and again, this is, in a sense, placing the whole Ms. magazine situation in a much larger framework) is basically that the Washington Post is part of a, well, I guess you'd have to say (ironically enough here) an "old boy network" which is one of the major axes of the CIA's involvement with the news media."

Barney Frank at Harvard had been with the Independent Research Service delegation to Helsinki, an operation which, by Frank's own admission, he clearly understood was CIA-backed. Frank jokes about the role of fellow delegate Gloria Steinem, whom he describes as running around at nightclubs set up by the CIA in Helsinki, helping to win over Africans from the Communists.

8/21/2006 05:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe all of the Hurricanes this year

8/21/2006 07:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While searching the seeming oddity, I came accross this article from September 7, 2001.

Here's a snip:

September 7, 2001 — So far the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season has seen no hurricanes. What's up with that, you may have asked? Answer: It's only the bottom of the fifth inning, and the Atlantic is known for its comebacks. Or, it's only the opening minutes of the third quarter.

Interesting parallel. Of course, we all know what happened 4 days after this article was released. The energy was diverted into something far more sinister. The Texas Executioner cum President had his formal coronation. A public sacrifive to Magog was made in Plain Sight, and a Geopolitical, Apocalyptic Hurricane was unleashed. Global Warming will take on a whole new meaning before it's all said and done.

Is the energy being diverted for something far more sinister this year, as well? I guess we'll find out.....cuz if there is, they ain't jack sit we can do about it.

8/21/2006 08:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There've been no hurricanes for the same reason it's been cool here in the Northeast all summer, while most of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is either baking to death or being flooded out.

That is, a persistent lobe of the polar front is poking south, bringing cool air along the Eastern seaboard, increasing wind shear over the Atlantic, and steering what tropical storms do form out to sea and away from land.

It's a pretty messed-up weather pattern. The polar front is shaped like a starfish, pushing well to the south in some places and unusually far to the north in others, with stormfronts along the boundaries. But it's not one that requires any extraordinary explanations.

8/22/2006 12:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's kind of freaky how a lot of threads of conspiracy stuff I was aware of in the 1980s, then pretty much ignored in the 1990s because I realised they were too outlandish to be true, seem to be coming together and forming a pattern. Like Bohemian Grove - I remember hearing about that in the 80s, dark whispers in paranoid overtones, sounding way out there. Senators worshipping Molech, huh? Flakey paranoia, of course. Then we get the Alex Jones leaks, and right, of course, there *is* an owl, there *is* a very private old boys club, they *do* do weird rituals to it... but it's all just a little tradition, ho ho. No guests allowed, though.

And then the Satanism stuff. Grew up hearing a lot of that, mostly from the Christian Right underground. Then it hit the media in the early 90s and then whoom, the 'Satanic Panic' backlash hit and now everybody knows the whole thing was made up by scary medieval Christians and there are no monsters, no real ones.

But there are.

(Brr, H R Giger. What the heck was *he* into? Don't. Want. To. Know.)

I don't understand how come the media can be full of dark references to child porn rings, and the bookshelves full of grim serial killer novels (the bloody things have pretty much replaced spy fiction as the cheap morality fables of our time - anyone remember when murder meant Agatha Christie?) -- and yet nobody can seem to put two and two together and ask whether if a product exists, whether a market and producers might not also exist. It seems to be completely a jump the media can't - or won't - make. And not just the media. Academia and the other voices of 'authority' in our society. Like talking about perpetual motion. It can't exist, ergo, if you even speculate about it, you must be crazy.

... Anyway. The more I learn about Texas, the scarier a kind of place it seems to me. The dark heart of the American Dream, indeed.

(What kind of conspiracy is it where the names of Hunter S Thompson and George W Bush end up crossing paths so plausibly? Not your standard Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, certainly. HST almost got canonised on Daily Kos when he died. And yet - until I started following the Iraq fallout, I wouldn't have realised that James Dobson and Reverend Moon were best mates. And yet they are. And Gloria Steinem and the CIA?)

In the spirit of long rambling poetry posting (hope it's okay - move it to forum if you want), I thought I'd post the full lyrics to one of my favourite songs from the early 90s that seems more and more prophetic to me now. I came across it when I was recovering from an abusive Christian sect. I sensed the rot went much, much deeper, but I think I still didn't quite grasp how deep.

There will be a reckoning.

Vision of the Valley
Don Francisco, 1991

the vison came unbidden
at an unexpected pass
where the winds of change blew colder
whipping snow that cut like glass
but like an old man in regret
for foolish sins and wasted youth
the scene that lay before me
had no beauty save its truth

for the wind came down the mountain
never slowing never still
and the sheep were scattered shepherdless
alone across the hills
they were prey to ever beast that roamed
and entrapped by every curse
and they stumbled in their sickness
in their weakness and their thirst

below them in the valley
the polluted waters flowed
where the shepherds that were hirelings
and argued what was owed
the ambitious and abusive bragged
and they boasted on their might
and the profits from the slaughter
of the ones who could not fight

and the wind just kept on howling
as i cried oh lord how long
will your people be the victims
of the ruthless proud and strong?
and at once there came an answer
in the quiet of my soul
the time has come for judgement
and to make the wounded whole

for my heart is still a shepherd's heart
i know each one by name
the ragged and the beautiful
the healthy and the lame
and i myself will lead them out
and i'll feed them on the best
in pastures by still waters
in a place of peace and rest

oh but woe unto the shepherds
who abuse my sheep and kill
with harshness and severity
you've bent them to your will
and today i am against you
as i take them from your hand
when the fire of judgement comes
the stubble will not stand

and darkness filled the valley
and i saw it take up form
screaming winds and fire and lightning
more than any earthly storm
where it passed were no survivors
for the land was cleansed and bare
butt the streams flowed clear and purified
and the grass grew green and fair

i saw a man come walking
and his heart glowed like a flame
all the sheep began to run to him
he called each one by name
he spoke to them in gentle words
and soothed their fearful minds
and he healed the brokenhearted
and the crippled sick and blind

and many others like him
all with hearts that glowed the same
that before i hadn't noticed
from the farms and fields they came
they weren't famous wise or noble
but they spoke a common word
a word the flock could recognise
and follow when they heard

he led them in green pastures
by still waters in the light
standing guard against the wolves
and other creatures of the night
going out into the mountains
in the darkness and the cold
bringing back the lost and wounded
to the safety of the fold

and the news went out around the world
in every street and town
that something wonderful was here
that heaven had come down
and billions gave their hearts in trust
that long had been betrayed
and the bride at last was ready
and the trumpet call was made

8/22/2006 06:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel very much the same. I had always been intrigued by stories of conspiracy, but never took them too seriously. I always considered them to be in the same kin as the ghost stories that are told around the campfire. A frightening fantasy that you could scare yourself with, then have a laugh about it later. I'm not laughing about it so much any more (well, nervous laughter maybe).

I have to say, though, that I disagree with the message of that song you posted, it's comforting sentiment not withstanding. The way I see things, the sheep don't need a good shepherd, they need to realize they are, in fact, not sheep at all.

8/22/2006 09:35:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

I watched (sort of) Spike Lee's rendition of "Katrina" last night. He missed stuff. No surprise there. We don't need no hurricanes to strike fear into the heart of middle amerika. We got reruns of Katrina's first anniversary to keep the hearth warm.

8/22/2006 09:41:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

It's kinda sad we got all these dot collectors here when we are already in the epilogue. In fact, if all you have to go on is up the blog here and now, that would get you to the "punch" line. I would do it for you but that would be to easy. Maybe just this redundant clue; You are fighting for your very existence one cell (DNA?) at a time.

8/22/2006 09:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it's not that I don't think we can find wisdom in the words and works of others, but to me, these are more like signposts at crossroads. Warnings and suggestions from others who have traveled the same path. It's up to the individual to decide which direction is the best to take, or if they should even stay on the path at all. The shepherd is within us. It's tempting to look for some great wise one to give ourselves over too, but it's also incredibly dangerous. They almost never turn out to be as wise as they've made themselves out to be.

And I'll finish up with a song excerpt of my own:

Poets, priests and poiticians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no one's jamming their transmission
'Cos when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you

De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
Their innocence will pull me through
De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
They're meaningless and all that's true.

-The Police

Of course, this was written by someone considering himself a poet, so....

8/22/2006 10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Make that 'politicians' not 'poiticions'.

8/22/2006 10:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyway. The more I learn about Texas, the scarier a kind of place it seems to me. The dark heart of the American Dream, indeed.


TEXAS, MORMON UTAH, AND ISRAEL are some of the occult 'touch down' points of this "NoBorderland" network...

The Masonic Origins of the Lone Star State of Texas, Utah, Israel...

Arranged temporally, these separate geographical state autonomy attempts are interesting. They reward closer personal study of their interconnections than really discussed here...

Texas --1830s
Mormon Utah -- by 1840s
Israel --- by 1940s

In putting this together, I would make a differention between Masonry and those other groups that have infiltrated Masonry over the years [Illuminists, Palladians, etc.], however, to utilize it for their purposes.

Texas: Governor Bush and the Texas Masonic Posse evil eye

Utah: Mormon Five Dollar Gold Piece, 1850, Masonic eye

Israel: several stories tall eye-pyramid, in core of Rothschild's Supreme Court


With the celebration of the new millennium, we have many things to look back on and be proud of. Masonry and the formation of the Republic of Texas are so interwoven that they cannot be separated. The men who led the Revolution and formed the government were, by and large, active Masons whose Masonic philosophy was the inspiration behind their deeds. Many gave their lives that we might live unoppressed.

From the first shot of the Revolution, fired in 1832 by a Mason, William J. Russell,, until the present, Masons have been involved in the history of Texas.

In Austin's colony of three hundred, there were thirty-nine known Masons.

One of these, James A. E. Phelps, was among the five masons who met near the town of Brazoria and drafted a petition to the Grand Lodge of Louisiana that resulted in the founding of Holland Lodge, the first Masonic Lodge in Texas. [By the way, the Holland Lodge #2 is in New York City--full of high Masonic Roosevelts like FDR as well as back in the early 1800s people like Astor, the U.S.'s first millionaire (in destroying the whole North American continent's seal fur trade and dabbling in the drug trade on the side when he destroyed all the seals. Astor was once the Worshipful Master of the Holland Lodge, I believe.]

[Back in Texas,] In Green DeWitt's colony of approximately one hundred and twenty Anglo-American families were twenty-one known Masons. [DeWitt's are another New York City Illuminized family, intimiately involved with Aaron Burr. Aaron Burr of course attempted to seize the Texas area illegally for himself a generation before others do so after him. He was protected from treason charges by head of the Supreme Court, Marshall, at the time, against President Jefferson's desires for prosecution. Burr lived a charmed and connected life...]

Among the settlers along the Red River and in east Texas were seventy-two Masons. Thirteen Masons settled in the Robertson Colony. Others came into the territory as the population expanded.

From the Battle of Velasco to the defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto, April 21, 1836, Masons led the fighting men. Many sacrificed their lives and are immortalized by the magnificent Memorial Temple of the Grand Lodge of Texas in Waco.

Cities, towns and counties bear their names. Schools, buildings and awards are named for them. It would be difficult, indeed, to forget their names of Austin, Houston, Fannin, Bowie, Sterne, Hall, Travis, Crockett, Kerr, McFarland, Rusk, and DeZavala. Many lodges, from Austin to Zavala, bear their names.

From the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to the event of the lowering of the Texas flag and the raising of the stars and stripes, Masons took most of the major parts. Each of the presidents and vice-presidents of the Republic were Masons as was the first governor. Many governors since have been members of the Craft.

Fifteen Masons were in the first House of Representatives and seven were in the Senate. There were eleven in the Executive Branch.

The Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas was formed on December 20, 1837, in the Senate Chambers of the Capitol of the Republic in Houston. Representatives of the three lodges then chartered in Texas met, and Sam Houston presided. Anson Jones was elected as the first Grand Master. The first meeting of the Grand Lodge took place on April 16, 1838. From that meeting until Anson Jones, as the last president of the Republic, lowered the Texas flag on February 19, 1846, twenty-two lodges were chartered. Fifteen of those [Texas Republic] lodges survive today.

Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas, died on December 27, 1836, and did not live to see the formation of the Grand Lodge.

At a celebration of the Festival of St. John the Baptist in 1844 at Portland, Maine, R:.W:. Brother Teulon, a member of the Grand Lodge of Texas, in reply to a toast complimentary to the Masons of that Republic, observed "Texas is emphatically a Masonic country: all of our presidents and vice-presidents, and four-fifths of our state officers, were are are Masons; our national emblem, the 'Lone Star,' was chosen from among the emblems selected by Freemasonry, to illustrate the moral virtues -- it is a five-pointed star, and alludes to the five points of fellowship." (Actually that's the exoteric meaning for the plebes: it's really a sign of the morning/evening star, Venus, and an archaeoastronomical pattern it draws in the sky over a multiyear pattern (40 years): a perfect five pointed star. Ye porch brethern can believe what you want.)

Yes, we can be proud of our Masonic heritage and our involvement in the history of Texas. Proud of the men who died at Velasco, Goliad, The Grass Fight, Coleto and San Jacinto. Proud of Masons who led the men those thirteen days at the Alamo and bought time for brother Sam Houston to strengthen the Texas Army for the defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto. Proud of the many Masons who composed the majority of the membership of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch. Proud of the twenty-eight original members of the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas. Long may we remember their names and their deeds and their actions. They established our state and our fraternity under trying conditions and would be proud to see the way it has grown in the one hundred and sixty-five years.

Now it is up to us to see that the tradition is carried on. We must educate our children in the values that were cherished enough by our founders that they risked and sacrificed their lives that we might live in this free country. We must seek out those ways in which we can help our fellow man. We must educate our members in the ways of the Craft so that our children's children will be as proud of us as we are of our founders. Brethren, love your lodge and help it to grow. Love your fraternity and practice its tenents that "the world at large" may be "convinced of its good effects."

Colonel House, Texas, and the KKK allied Texas Rangers

In 1902 Cecil Rhodes died. Milner took over the Rhodes 'nameless' organization of Rhodes group for global Anglo-centric empire--and the same year the more exoteric "the Pilgrims Society" was founded with Milner groups. Limited to 1,000 personally sponsored members, the Pilgrims Society is the creme de la creme of the world's Anglo-American internationalist world government clique, highly interlinked with the Knights of Malta as well as international financiers (their treasurer for decades was Mortimer Schiff. They meet once yearly at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, for an 'insider' talk/address to them and a luncheon.)

Milner became chief Rhodes estate Trustee. Rhodes was financially close to the Rothschilds, who were the holders of the Rhodes fortune in South African gold and diamonds, for him.

Rhodes' dream was to create a secret society to unite the world under an Anglo-American aegis--which had racial supremacist connotations and with everyone else the untouchables.

This is hardly surprising because Rhodes was instrumental in formulating the state and corporate policies of apartheid that soon became a wider cultural pheonomena--though they came from the state and corproation changes of policy first--in many cases taken AGAINST the British Empire's desires for more equalty among its subjects by the way. Rhodes/Milner begin to change that in South Africa toward state policies creating a culture and caste of Anglo-American racial supremacy. (A worthwhile read is the biography on Rhodes by Anthony Thomas.)

While governor general and high commissioner in South Africa with Rhodes, Milner recruited a group of young men from Oxford and Toynbee hall to help organize his administration. In South Africa under Milner's direction this group was known as Milner's "Kindergarten." Sir George Parkin became the Organizing Secretary of the Rhodes' Trust and Milner's second in command. During the next seven years the "Round Table" was busy establishing a network in the chief British Dependencies and in the United States. the Round Table groups were the exoteric aspect for Rhodes' more esoteric Anglo-American secret society dream of conquering the world.

The United States Round Table members included George Louis Beer, Walter Lippmann, Frank Aydelotte, Whitney Shepardson, Thomas W. Lamont, Jerome D. Green, Frederick Dixon, and others. These are the same people who started the Pilgrims Society.


Back to the Texan House family.

When the election results of 1876 came in Rutherford B. Hayes (Republican) believed he had lost the election to Samuel Tilden (Democrat). It was discovered that a few Southern States had submitted two different sets of electoral votes.

A dispute arose over the result.

A electoral commission was appointed by Congress. Eight Republicans and seven Democrats served on the commission. All the disputed votes were awarded to Hayes [who was from Yale's DKE fraternity, like the Bushes]. Hayes became president by one electoral vote.

Hayes did keep a promise he made to the Southerners -- he withdrew troops from all areas still occupied in the South, ending the era of reconstruction.

In 1880 Thomas House died. Edward [Mandell] House dropped out of Skull and Bones founded Cornell University in New York and returned to Texas.

Edward inherited his father's greatest wealth the cotton plantations. The Civil war had made it impossible for Edward to inherit his father's slaves. Edward managed the plantations for ten years. In 1890 he sold the plantations and invested the money in bank notes.

The interest provided Edward Mandell House with financial independence for the rest of his life.

Besides the plantations, Edward inherited his daddy's friends. They were older than Edward. After the civil war they were the men that formed the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klaners were the old-timers who dispensed vigilante justice. Some of that justice was warranted--some of the justice was simply murder.

After the KKK was disbanded officially, by 1880 a new legitimate group was in charge of dispensing justice in Texas--the Texas Rangers.

They wore stars, carried arms, were paid salaries, and killed in the line of duty. They were hard men, and tough men. They were aggressive, virile and domineering men. Intimidation was one way they used to keep the peace. Many of them had big brawny bodies -- all of them had big egos -- all of them had six-shooters buckled around their waists. Many of the Texas Rangers were members of the Klan.

***Edward was the new master.*** It was Edward's job to gain their loyalty.

And the KKK was intimiately a part of the Scottish Rite and the designs of global Grand Master of the 33rd degree Albert Pike, living contemporaneous with Edward Mandell House.

Edward gained their loyalty by stroking their egos. Edward would use his money and influence to try and make them famous. Edward described his new friends as "that intrepid band that made Texas what she is to-day. I make obeisance to them! Nothing daunted them. They tore a principality from a sovereign state and moulded a trackless wilderness into a great commonwealth. These men were the heroes of my childhood; and now when I am growing old and have seen many men and many lands, I go back to them and salute them, for I find they are my heros still."21

One of the oldest and perhaps best of these "friends" was a Texas Ranger named Captain Bill McDonald. According to House, "In my early boyhood I knew many of the Bill McDonalds type, although he was perhaps the flower of them all. I knew personally many of the famous desperadoes, men who had killed so many that they had almost ceased to count their victims.

There were two types of so-called "killers" - one that murdered simply for the pure love it, and others that killed because it was in their way of duty. Bill McDonald belonged to this latter class. So also did Blue-eyed Captain McKinney of the Rangers, whom I knew in my ranching days in southwest Texas.

McKinney was finally ambushed and killed, as almost every sheriff of La Salle County was killed during that particular period. Whenever I went to our ranch, I was never certain that I would return home alive. Feuds were always going on, and in some of these our ranch was more or less involved."22

Many of the Sheriffs of La Salle county were little more than hired thugs -- licensed to kill. They were loyal to the men running the county. If those men's interest were threatened the Sheriffs administered discipline. The Governor of Texas from 1890 to 1894 was Governor Hogg. Edward Mandell House was instrumental in getting Hogg elected. During his administration rail-road workers struck. Governor Hogg used Texas Ranger Bill McDonald to break up the strike. According to House, "Governor Hogg...broke up strikes during his administration. Captain Bill McDonald, of the Ranger Service, was the instrument he used. Hogg sent word to the leaders that if they continued to uncouple cars, or to do anything that might interfere with the movement of trains, he would shoot holes through them big enough to see through. When Bill conveyed this to the ringleaders and presented himself as the instrument through which it was to be done, lawlessness ceased." Edward inherited the Texas Ku Klux Klan.23

The success of the Hogg campaign insured the political position of House in Texas. Edward Mandell House helped to make four men governor of Texas (James S. Hogg (1892), Charles A. Culberson (1894), Joseph D. Sayers (1898), and S. W.T. Lanham (1902)). After the election House acted as unofficial advisor to each governor.

House would say in regard to the Hogg election, "So in politics I began at the top rather than at the bottom and I have been doing since that day pretty much what I am doing now; that is, advising and helping wherever I might." Hogg, caught onto House.

Hogg gave House the title "Colonel" by promoting House to his staff. Appointment to the official Staff of the Governor was a Texas political custom of dubious honor. Along with the staff position came a uniform they could wear to official gatherings or "bestow upon an ancient and grateful darkey." [Texas had "civilian military" uniforms?! Sheesh.] Governor Hogg appointed House to his staff without telling him. Upon receiving the staff officer's uniform House did give it to a servant. The title Colonel stuck. Despite his protest, he became "Colonel House" or even "The Colonel.".24

House wanted to control more than Texas, House wanted to control the country. House would do so by becoming a king maker instead of a king. House learned by controlling two or three men in the Senate; two or three men in the House; and the President -- he could control the country. Edward saw his father, Thomas, become rich and avoid risk by hiring men to run the blockades [of the Civil War] while observing safely from shore. House would do the same in the political arena. He would find a candidate that he could influence. He would be instrumental in helping that candidate achieve office. He would influence the candidate from behind the scenes. The people would perceive one man was representing them, when in reality, an entirely different man was in control. House could influence that man to betray his constituents with no risk to himself. House had learned a great secret -- how to control a country. House didn't need to influence millions of people, he need only influence a handful of men. The less the people knew about him or what he was doing, the better off he was. House would profit from remaining in the shadows. House would help establish a [para-]secret society in America that would operate in the same fashion -- the Council on Foreign Relations.

In 1912, Woodrow Wilson [an incredible racist who let the KKK march for the first time in Washington D.C.; and second generation tutored by a Bonesman] (president of Princeton 1902-1910, governor of New Jersey 1911-13--he was sponsored and created both in the Princeton position as well as the New Jersey position to "prime him" in the public eye for the Presidency run. He subsequently ran as a Democrat in a three man presidential race. Howard Taft [Skull and Bones founding family, who said he would reject the Federal Reserve idea] was the incumbent Republican. Former President Theodore Roosevelt [the first President to bring in the Bonesmen into the executive Cabinet, and a J.P. Morgan financial partner lived in the White House with Roosevelt during 'his' Presidency] ran on the Progressive party ticket. This split the presidential right wing side of the ticket, assuring an easier plurality win for House/Wilson--who was going to press the Fed Reserve idea.

Wilson's main financial genius and support came from a group of directors of the House of Rockefeller's National City Bank including: Cleveland H. Dodge, J. Ogden Armour, James Stillman, and William Rockefeller. Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff [raised with the Rothschilds] of the House of Khun-Loeb & Co. provided additional financial support. The [Rothschilds connected] House of Morgan guided the Progressive campaign of Teddy Roosevelt. Morgan partner George Perkins provided Roosevelt with money, speeches, and men from Wall Street to help his campaign. The House of Morgan also gave money to the Wilson campaign. The republican vote was [intentionally] divided and Wilson was able to beat them both [on a plurality low win], won by a land slide, and became 28th President of the United States. After the election Wilson's financial backers provided him with their own agents to act as unofficial advisors. [and Wilson signs the Federal Reserve legislation in 1913; other interesting things: federal income taxes from 1913 "announced" (never ratified) and the Senate is "announced" (never ratified) as party based and nationalized instead of based on particular state legislatures; there's quite a bit about the 16th and 17th amenments that show they were fraudulently "announced as passed" by Sec. of State Philander Knox without actually having the 3/4 state legislature approval of each of these!] Among these advisors was a young lawyer named Felix Frankfurter [Sabbatean Domleh family]. Frankfurter worked for the New York "establishment" law firm Hornblower, Byrne, Miller and Potter. Another adviser was Edward Mandell House. Without House [reputedly a Committee of 300 person as well], Wilson may never have become president. Wilson was nominated as Democratic candidate because of support from William Jennings Bryan. ***Colonel House obtained Bryan's support for Wilson.*** House became Wilson's closest unofficial advisor. [Later William Jennings Bryan, inserted into Wilson's administration, did another "announcement of a Constitutional change" that he had been wanting since the 1890s, the removal of state legislatures as the origin of the federal Senate. Now both parties were the dominating institutions of the House of Rep. and the Senate. Bryan didn't have the 3/4 authorization either for his announced constitutional change. They just pretended they did. [cite:]

The Round Table Group had four pet projects, a graduated income tax, a central bank, creation of a Central Intelligence Agency, and the League of Nations.25


link to

other interesting links:

UTAH: even if you read the "regular history books", concerning Mormon leadership personnel, you are going to come face to face with the origins of Mormonism as a Judaic-Christo-Masonic graduated ceremonial society of different levels, that, supposedly, from the quotes attributed to the leader cadres of the 1830s, were set out to "first, take Missouri, and then the U.S., and then the world."


Title: PICTURES: Utah, Mormon Masonic Merovingians,Broken Posse Commutatus; Religious Manchurian Candidates
Author: reader and quoter
Date: 2005.08.25 07:28
Description: So just what IS IT about Utah? Below, some quotes I thought all should be aware of about Utah history and politics and the 'national security' infrastructure and experiments there, and the bloodline and occult issues of the founders and higher-ups. These quotes should be read with: Utah rave shut down by "police officers" with assault rifles and dogs 13:16 Aug-22 (58 comments)


Title: UPDATE: ISRAELI whole capital is occult Masonic shrine;1960s plan for World Supreme Court
Author: repost
Date: 2004.09.20 12:02
Description: Here is what these groups planned to do with this building based on their 1960s statements, this building with a huge Masonic pyramid in the 'holy of holies' as a substitute for God in a Jewish temple arrangement, where 33 levels from darkeness to light take you to where only retired judges have a non-public worship area near the pyramid base level....

Title: PICTURES: ISRAELI whole capital is occult Masonic shrine, like Wash DC, & why this is so
Author: Jerry Golden
Date: 2004.09.10 03:48


8/22/2006 10:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see things, the sheep don't need a good shepherd, they need to realize they are, in fact, not sheep at all.

I disagree. Most people are Sheep.......and the Elite are Sheepaholics.

The Elite will always be Sheepaholics, recovering, or otherwise. Collectively, The Masses need to become cognizant of their Sheepism and come up with an action plan that prevents them from enabling the Sheepaholics with their Sheepism.

Woolite won't cut the mustard, or the wool in front of their eyes.

So, I agree that they don't have to be Sheep, but I disagree with your contention that they are not Sheep. They are Sheep, but they don't have to be.

8/22/2006 10:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I knew Wind Shear was the obvious, rational answer. I was trying to provide some alternative stream of consciousness as to the why.

In my neck of the woods (The Deep South), the weather has been bizarre and disturbing. Most days this summer have been brutally hot (well above average) and motionless......a disturbing, lifeless, dead motionless. The pollution is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

It's weird.

8/22/2006 10:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, a more appropriate metaphor to describe the current situation than sheep/shepherd would probably be ant/hive.

Of course, metaphors can be dangerous when we take them literaly. It's important to remember that the menu is not the meal.

8/22/2006 10:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The El Paso Times is part of MediaNews Group, a shill soapbox for Rep. Sylvester Reyes and others to voice complete support for "undocumented immigrants" (illegal aliens).

Diana Washington Valdez, an investigative reporter for the El Paso Times, has covered the murders for three years. In her book Harvest of Women, Valdez contends the killings are part of a circuit of parties hosted by prominent Juarez citizens.

I wonder if Ms. Valdez had to write her own book to make these statements:
As mentioned above, once again we have Bush, sadistic Texas-Mexican murders, suspect media, and more of the swirling morass seeping through...

According to an Aug. 8 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, MediaNews Group Inc. has a $597.3 million line of credit from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other members of a lending consortium to finance its purchase of several San Francisco Bay Area newspapers... other consortium members include banks and insurance companies. MediaNews, which publishes the Detroit News, Denver Post (just down the road from the Ramsey neighborhood), and other dailies, recently bought four papers from the McClatchy Co. for $1 billion. The deal was part of McClatchy's larger takeover of the now-defunct Knight-Ridder chain, buying 32 papers and selling off 11 of them.
-Seattle Weekly

MNG is owned by Dean Singleton-
In July 2006, he was elected chairman of the board of directors of the Associated Press, scheduled to take office in May 2007. He buys and consolidates newspapers, and pretty much makes them all print the same lines. He has many connected friends, including the Grahams of the CIA mouthpiece Washington Post.

And yep, he has a laconic Texas drawl and a lisp to boot.
Singleton: "I love my friend" G.W. Bush — "but I don't have to support him all the time."

"Singleton is a mass murderer of newspapers."
- A.J. Liebling

8/22/2006 02:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So they get some plyers to take the rap for ALL the killings.
Excuse me but their were several MO's and dump sites.
There are still another groups or individuals at large.
Will the killings stop now?

Update on thread

Juárez slaying suspects identified
Diana Washington Valdez / El Paso Times

Mexican and U.S. officials confirmed Monday that at least three men, two of them in the United States, are persons of interest in connection with the murders of women in Juárez.

Officials identified the men as Jose Granados de la Paz, Alejandro "Cala" Delgado Valles and Edgar Alvarez Cruz.

ICE spokeswoman Leticia Zamarripa said Monday that Alvarez Cruz, the man U.S. embassy officials identified last week as a suspect, is undergoing immigration removal proceedings in El Paso because he was in the United States illegally.

"He is in the immigration detention center in El Paso, where he is being processed for removal," she said.

The Mexican consul's office is ensuring that the Mexican citizens mentioned as suspects are afforded their procedural rights under U.S. law and international agreements, Socorro Cordova, consul spokeswoman, said.

Cordova said Granados de la Paz, a person of interest in West Virginia, also being processed for removal to Mexico, is receiving assistance from a Mexican consulate in Pennsylvania.

Officials said Delgado Valles was in the state of Chihuahua, but would not reveal more information about the three men.

On Monday, Chihuahua state Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez disclosed new details about the eight bodies discovered in a cotton field in 2001 across the street from the Maquiladora Association.

She said three young women formerly identified by Chihuahua state officials as "cotton field" victims were ruled out as being among the eight bodies based on the work of the forensic team from Argentina led by Dr. Mercedes Doretti.

Guadalupe Luna de la Rosa, Veronica Martinez Hernandez and Barbara Martinez Ramos are no longer listed as dead and instead are considering missing, Gonzalez said.

Doretti's team, which received praise from the U.S. ambassador, identified two new victims whose remains were found in the cotton field in 2001: Merlin Rodriguez Saenz, who was reported missing in August 2000, and Maria Galicia Meraz.

Last week, U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said in a news release that the detention of the three men, who may have been gang members, presented "a major

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break" in the investigations into hundreds of murders of women across the border since 1993.

FBI officials previously said gangs were among the suspects in the murders, along with drug dealers, a group of powerful men and copycat killers.

Vicky Caraveo, spokeswoman for Madres en Busca de Justicia (Mothers in Search of Justice) and former director of the state of Chihuahua Women's Institute, said the U.S. ambassador to Mexico met last week with families of victims of the 2002-2003 Cristo Negro and 2001 cotton field cases.

"Tony Garza briefed the mothers about the development before he issued his press statement," Caraveo said. "He did not say they committed the crimes, and he asked them not to give up hope. They can no longer say that these cases were about family violence."

Oscar Maynez Grijalva, a former Chihuahua forensics chief who resigned after his staff was asked to plant evidence against two men he said were innocent, worked on the 2001 cotton field case.

"I examined the bodies and said then that Lupita Luna de la Rosa was not among the victims, but they announced the victims' names before the DNA test results could be done," Maynez Grijalva said. "We need to see how this development evolves.

"We had suspected that an organized group was behind the murders. The fact that the U.S. ambassador released this new information is an indication that there may be something to it. We have relatives of (Alvarez Cruz) saying that they have the wrong man," Maynez Grijalva said.

Mexican federal officials recently had returned the eight cotton field and six Cristo Negro case files to Chihuahua state authorities without action.

Diana Washington Valdez may be reached at; 546-6140.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luposapien said...
Actually, a more appropriate metaphor to describe the current situation than sheep/shepherd would probably be ant/hive.

Brilliant metaphor! Ant or bee/hive. If only more sheep would come to understand the meaning of this, maybe things could get rolling for a late attempt at democratic self-correction, if still possible.

SLAVES, "zealously" devoted until dropping dead to the service of the "Royal Queen" class.

And the clock is ticking down....

8/22/2006 04:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well folks, all of the terrible things documented on this here blog give us all more reason to relax and be comfortable because it's just more proof that very soon Jesus is gonna float down on a cloud and take us all away!

Instead of engaging in research, we should be commiting our minds to prayer and spending quality time with our families watching Fox news. Television can be used as a tool to keep informed, which is critical here in the last days, but only when cleansed of pornography and biased misinformation. This is why all eight of our televisions are constantly tuned to Fox news 24/7, fair and balanced.

I've found it in my heart to forgive the Bush family for all of the harsh decisions they've made as our leaders. The Kennedys may have been genetically superior, but it seems the Bush's have that "spark". We should all pray to g+d that he continue to bless them, and their sons, as our omega family.

8/22/2006 04:48:00 PM  
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Thinking of Texas and conservative politics reminds me of T. Cullen Davis -- once one of the richest men in Texas, John Birch Society member, funder along with the Hunt brothers for the start-up of the Council on National Policy, and center of a particularly notorious murder case.

In 1976, a gunmen invaded a mansion owned by Davis where his estranged wife was living at the time of their divorce hearings. The gunman found Davis's 12-year-old stepdaughter there alone, led or forced her down to the basement, and shot her to death. The girl's mother arrived a little later with her boyfriend, and the gunman shot them both, wounding her and killing him. A young couple returning from a date encountered the gunman next, and when the woman whispered to her boyfriend that it was Cullen in disguise, he shot the man and then fled.

Davis was charged with the crime but was acquitted by the jury, despite the testimony of all three survivors that they had recognized him as the gunman. There are well-founded suspicions that Davis's money played a large role in the outcome of the trial.

Among other things, the prosecution had a witness who was prepared to testify that Davis had paid him thousands to murder his first wife (ane mother of his two sons) when she was demanding a hefty divorce settlement, but they considered the witness too nervous to be convincing on the stand.

Davis was also later indicted in a murder-for-hire scheme involving his divorce case judge, but was acquitted there as well.

In 1980 -- which is to say, around the time of the founding of the CNP -- Davis got religion, and he and his third wife took up with the Assemblies of God. By 1986, he was broke and filing for bankruptcy. He still denies having had anything to to with any of the crimes of which he was acquitted.

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Wow, with the most recent revelation in the Karr Case, Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire takes on a whole new meaning.

Maybe dear ol ma was a Cash fan? You think?

My mother never did anything that crazy. She beat me with a belt once.....brought bloody welts up....but she never tried to burn me alive...I'm glad she wasn't a Johnny Cash fan...or else I wouldn't be here today. Ican't wear a belt to this day. If I do, welts appear on my body in stigmata fashion where my mother whipped me.

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...sorry I'm such a wheez-hole, everyone. I simply can't help it.
(GOD I need to get my pimpely-ass laid.)

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And more from David McGowan below

Texas Governor George W. Bush's Only Pardon: Henry Lee Lucas, the World's Largest Serial Killer

Florida Governor Jeb Bush Rare Pardon: Otis Toole, Partner of Henry Lee Lucas, World's Largest Serial Killer

Once you really, really, understand that the Bushes provided clemency for a serial killer team--once you really contact that and feel it, though George W. Bush executed everybody else down to sobbing grandmothers with heartless Nazi efficiency of 1 every two weeks while Texas Governor--you will understand how the Bush family has become the Cicesceau's of American politics. They're out of control freaks.

Bush's pardon of a serial killer who killed likely 10 times more than any other on record was a "non story" in the U.S.A., and that is disgusting in itself. That his brother governor pardoned another serial killer from death right next door on the Gulf of Mexico is culpability.

Who remembers Bush on TV interviews in 2000 mocking his victims saying with a smirk "don't kill me, Mr. Bush", and then kind of laughing?

You got a serial killer family as a President, twice over.

Bush & MKULTRA Satanic killer Henry Lee Lucas who Bush pardoned while Governor, BOTH in same cult in '80s

Bush covers up likely MKULTRA issues. Plus, Bush himself has been associated with mass murder Satan cult rings at Brownsville, Texas. And this connects him to the very person he "pardoned" while governor of Texas--Henry Lee Lucas, for ritualized killings and cannibalism.

They both were associated with Brownsville, TX, cults.

Bush was investigated by a Texas Sheriff as the prime suspect in a ritual slaying and skinning of 17 people, during which three day period Bush was unable to explain where he was. His father, Vice President (President of Vice, more like) pressured

And let's remember that Neil Bush stole a billion dollars of federal funds through Silverado Bank in Colorado, and he got away and walked from that as well during his daddy's VP tenure.

Calling them the "Bush crime family" barely covers how this latter day Dracula family that is literally joyously destroying the U.S.

Bush's Wild Years: in the 1980s, Bush and serial killer Henry Lee Lucas in TX Satan cult, George W. Bush investigated for six months for mass murder of 17 people who were skinned in the cult--until VP Poppy Bush told then to drop the case.

"Bush, telling reporters and critics to 'stick to the issues that matter', Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned. 'I will not stoop to discussing that,' said Bush....

Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville. Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member.

Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered.

After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been.

***The local prosecutor continued to pursue Bush, sole Cult survivor, on mass murder charges for six months thereafter, heavily pressured by Daddy Bush to stop the investigation.***

Bush nationalizes principles learned in Brownsville, Texas, Satan cult in '80s

pictures here:

"....neither he nor his family are devil worshippers.

Wrong. Bush covers up likely MKULTRA issues. Plus, Bush himself has been associated with mass murder Satan cult rings at Brownsville, Texas. And this connects him to the very person he "pardoned" while governor of Texas--Henry Lee Lucas, for ritualized killings and cannibalism.


POINT ONE: Bush, telling reporters and critics to 'stick to the issues that matter', Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned. 'I will not stoop to discussing that,' said Bush during a campaign stop at a Bay Area software-packaging plant. 'We've got people across this country without health care, a broken educational system, taxes that are way too high, and all you want to talk about is something THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED 16 years ago? I'm sorry, but I find that offensive.' " (Emphasis added). Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville. Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member. Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered. After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been.

***The local prosecutor continued to pursue Bush, sole Cult survivor, on mass murder charges for six months thereafter, heavily pressured by Daddy Bush to stop the investigation.***

For asking these questions the reporters were threatened with reprisals later by Bush and thereafter have feared for their life.

POINT TWO: Bush chummy with Henry Lee Lucas, mass murderer/cannabal, who recently (according to ABC news) "died in prison" though he was getting some very odd special high security treatment and perks, described below. As Texas Governor, the only person Bush pardons from the death sentence was the mass murderer who very likely killed more than any other serial killer in U.S. history.

Henry liked to take little kids along and force them to watch and participate in the very ritualized killings and cannibalism, likely a programming device.

"One of those convicted of the satantic cult mass murders in the Brownsville/Matamoros region and elsewhere was a fellow named Henry Lee Lucas. When George W. Bush was Governor of Texas, he mysteriously granted clemency to this mass-murderer....Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville. Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member. Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered. After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been."

POINT THREE: CIA Drugs, MKULTRA sex, & Satanic rock and roll: why Jeb Bush has a Latina wife is that Jeb the South American/Venezeuelan connection to the Daddy Bush drug network through Texas Commercial Bank subsidiary: "Daddy Bush and son George W. Bush had financial and satantic cult links with the drug trafficking from Colombia through the Brownsville/Matamoros area. Brownsville is in the U.S. right smack on the Mexican border above Matamoros, Mexico. At one time Daddy Bush owned Texas Commerce Bank implicated in the drug traffic through their branch in Venezuela. That unit, starting about 1979, was run by Jeb Bush living in Venezuela with his latino wife. They laundered the drug proceeds from Colombia and from there, through Mexico to the U.S. The Bush Crime Family has for many years been business partners with the co-founder of the Medelin, Colombia drug cartel, Carlos Lehder. [See, the website series, "The Chandra Levy Affair"; or read how the CIA and Barry Seal created the Medellin cartel for consolidating the people they had to deal with in South America as they consolidated global drug sales within the CIA/NSA/DEA corrupt networks.]

The satanic cult mass-murders revolved around in the Brownsville/ Matamoros area. Among those involved were El Padrino Cult; and located outside Matamoros, Rancho Santa Elena, having human sacrifice chambers; and the satanic ritual sacrifices and mind control conducted by Aldolfo De Jesus Costanzo with others.

The Bush Crime Family with their dope trafficking, Colombia through Matamoros, Mexico/ Brownsville, Texas, were interlocked with these situations.

The ranch was reportedly involved in snuffing out dozens and dozens of primarily latinos useful as "mules" in the drug trade and controlled through sexual satanic rituals and mind-control."

And to all you Republicans. And if Bush is this bad you can think how bad Clinton must be (being sarcastic here, since you have been trained to hate him more), though Clinton is only a guy who is surrogate to and parties with Bushes and part of drug trade networks. ;-)

Sucker Republicans!

Bushes are drug lords, occult elite, state centralizers, police state creators, Nazi supporting financial family in WWII, radicals, satanists, ritual cult killers--instead of conservatives or christians. It's all a game--and you Christian Republicans and Zionist Republicans are their pawns they are going to wipe off the board unless you wake up.

Henry - Portrait of an MK-ULTRA Assassin?

David McGowan

June 2000

"Henry is an unusual prisoner. He's been given a high security cell and a few special amenities ..."

Jim Boutwell, Sheriff of Williamson County, Texas

On June 30th of 1998, Henry Lee Lucas, arguably the most prolific and certainly one of the most sadistic serial killers in the annals of crime was scheduled for execution by the state of Texas.

Given the advocacy of the death penalty by Governor George W. Bush, things clearly weren't looking good for Henry at that time.

Bush had not granted clemency to any condemned man in his tenure as governor. In fact, no governor of any state in the entire history of the country has carried out more judicial executions than has Governor George. At last count, the state of Texas had dispatched 130 inmates on Bush's watch.

So Texas was definitely not the place to be for a man in Henry's position. And considering the nature of Henry's crimes, it seemed a certainty that nothing would stand in the way of Henry's scheduled execution. There weren't likely to be any high-profile supporters, a la Karla Faye Tucker (though even personal appeals to Bush from the likes of Pat Robertson failed to dissuade the governor from proceeding on schedule with Miss Tucker's execution).

Not likely because Henry's crimes were of a particularly brutal nature, involving rape, torture, mutilation, dismemberment, necrophilia, cannibalism, and pedophilia, with the number of victims running as high as 300-600 by some accounts - including Henry's own, at times - though this figure is likely inflated.

By all accounts though, Lucas, frequently working with partner Ottis Toole - a self described arsonist and cannibal - savagely murdered literally scores of victims of all ages, races, and genders. All indications were then that this was pretty much of a no-brainer for America's premier hanging governor. But then a most remarkable thing happened. On June 18, just twelve days before Henry's scheduled demise, Governor Bush asked the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, whose members are appointed by Bush himself, to review Henry's case. Strangely enough, eight days later the Board uncharacteristically recommended that Henry's execution not take place.

The very next day, just three days short of Henry's scheduled exit from this world, Lucas became the first - and to date only - recipient of Governor Bush's compassionate conservatism. The official rationale for this act of mercy was, apparently, that the evidence on which Lucas was sentenced did not support his conviction. There was a possibility that Henry was in fact innocent of the crime for which he was convicted.

Never mind that many of the 130 death row inmates who did not get special gubernatorial attention prior to their executions had credible claims of innocence that were met with by nothing but scorn and mockery.

Suddenly Little George had developed a keen interest in not executing innocent convicts.

Never mind as well that some of those who have been executed despite claims of innocence were - other than the crime for which they were being executed - law-abiding citizens.

Whereas Henry was by all accounts a serial rapist, kidnapper, torturer and murderer. And never mind that once Henry was spared, Bush promptly lost this passing interest and began once again rubber stamping every execution order that crossed his desk, including that of a great-grandmother in her sixties who was convicted of killing her chronically abusive husband (Betty Lou Beets, in February 2000).

And never mind that Bush has made no effort in the two years since Henry's commutation to seek a new trial for Henry on one of the murders for which there is conclusive evidence of Lucas' guilt.

Neither has he made any effort to extradite Henry to any of the other states in which Henry is wanted for various murders. It seems to me that the last time I checked, there was no statute of limitations for the crime of murder. Why is Law-and-Order George not seeking a new death sentence for Lucas? And why is it that Henry was granted full clemency, rather than a temporary stay during which his case could have been reviewed? This is exactly what Bush has just done in the case of convicted murderer Ricky Nolen McGinn.

Tellingly, the proliferation of press reports on the McGinn case, apparently meant to soften Bush's image somewhat, have made virtually no reference to the governor's earlier actions on behalf of Lucas. Reporting on the McGinn case has avoided the mention of Lucas in one of two ways: by noting that this is the first capital case for which Bush has issued a stay(which is true but deliberately deceptive), or by claiming outright that this is the first death penalty case in which Bush has intervened (which is an outright and absolutely shameless lie).

And what if Lucas was in fact falsely convicted and his innocence was so blatantly obvious that the governor had no choice but to commute Henry's sentence? What then does this say about the Texas criminal justice system and the ease with which it sends innocent men to their deaths? Are we to believe that Henry's case was an isolated one and that none of the other men put to death during Bush's reign had equally credible claims of innocence?

Clearly, there was something more at work then in the Lucas case than simply a question of guilt.

There had to be another reason why Bush would take such extraordinary steps to spare the life of a man who had led a life of such brutality.

And this was certainly not the first time that the criminal justice system had shown such extraordinary leniency towards Lucas.

The first big break for Henry came around 1970, when he was released early from a sentence he was then serving following his first murder conviction. Sentenced to 20-40 years, Henry was released after serving just ten. This occurred just after Henry appeared before the parole board and explained to them that he wasn't ready to return to society and would surely kill again if released. As Henry tells it, the questioning went something like this: "Now Mr. Lucas, I must ask you, if we grant you parole, will you kill again?" Henry: "Yes, sir! If you release me now, I will kill again."

Nevertheless, the board decided that ten years was an adequate amount of time to serve for the crime of killing one's mother and then violating the corpse. Fair enough. Within a year, of course, Henry found himself back in prison, this time for attempting to abduct a young girl. Despite his prior record - which began long before killing his mother - Lucas served just four years and was again released early, this time in August of 1975. Shortly thereafter, Henry and his new friend Ottis would commit an untold number of lurid murders spanning the next eight years. Henry would finally be arrested in October of 1982 on suspicion of two murders, only to be promptly released. He was not arrested again until June of 1983, and has been imprisoned ever since.

After his final arrest, Henry was taken on tour, so to speak, by various law enforcement officials around the country, during which time he confessed to some 600 murders in 26 states.

There were various charges made at the time that Henry was being used by his escorts to clear troublesome unsolved murders in places he had never even been.

This quite likely was the case.

Henry seemed to have a very chummy relationship with his captors, particularly the Texas Rangers, and provided a valuable service for them by taking the rap for an amazing array of murders.

This alone, however, does not explain the personal attention given to Henry's case by Governor Bush.

For that, we need to look at some of the more infrequently noted details of Henry's life history, many of them provided by Lucas himself. Henry, as it turns out, has some interesting stories to tell. In 1985, just a couple years into his incarceration, he attempted to tell his story in a book, written for him by a sympathetic author. The book, titled The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, tells of Henry's indoctrination into a nationwide Satanic cult. Lucas claimed that he was trained by the cult in a mobile paramilitary camp in the Florida Everglades in the fine art of killing, up close and personal. Other training involved abduction and arson techniques.

He further claimed that leaders of the camp were so impressed with Henry's handling of a knife that he was allowed to serve as an instructor. Following his training, Henry claimed to have served the cult in various ways, including as a contract killer and as an abductor of children, who were then taken just over the border to a ranch in Mexico near Juarez.

Henry has said that this cult operated out of Texas and from a ranch in northern Mexico, trafficking in children and drugs, among other nefarious pursuits. In essence, Henry claimed that what appeared to be the random work of a serial killer was in fact a planned series of crimes often committed for specific purposes.

Some of the murders were political hits, according to Henry, including the occasional assassination of foreign dignitaries. This was not true for all of Henry's crimes. Some he did just because that's what he liked to do. And it was the one thing that he was really good at.

The beauty of this arrangement was that it allowed Henry to conceal the true motive for many of his crimes. Those performed as contract hits looked like all of Henry's murders - senseless and random acts of violence. In Henry's version of events, it was Toole who was responsible for Henry's recruitment and training by the cult and many of the pair's exploits thereafter. Interestingly, in all the standard biographies of the pair, Toole is said to have been Henry's severely retarded junior partner.

It is quite clear from reading an interview granted by Toole to a journalist (of sorts) that he was not by any means retarded. Uneducated, no doubt, but definitely not severely retarded. Toole was in fact able to express himself quite clearly, though perversely, and displayed a substantial level of knowledge about the practices of Satanism. In fact, Toole - prior to his death in 1996- was able to give detailed accounts of he and Henry's activities that largely corroborated Henry's stories about the cult. But beyond the stories told by these two credibility-challenged witness/participants, is there any reason to believe Henry's bizarre tale of being a contract killer?

And what of Henry's other stories, including the one about being a close friend of Jim Jones of the People's Temple? Henry has claimed on numerous occasions that it was he who personally delivered the cyanide to Jones that was used in the infamous Jonestown massacre.

What are we to make of such stories? Could Henry have been telling the truth about being a contract killer? And if so, did the contracts he was receiving have some kind of government connection? Though Henry never broaches the subject in his book, the training camp as he describes it clearly had military connections.

And Henry has explicitly stated that the cult included among its members various prominent persons, including high level politicians. Could this be the reason for the actions taken by Governor Bush in June of 1998?

"They think I'm stupid, but before this is all over everyone will know who's really stupid. And we'll see who the real criminals are."

Henry Lee Lucas

"A U.S. Navy psychologist, who claims that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, used behavior modification techniques on them, and then relocated them in American embassies throughout the world ... The Navy psychologist was Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. The information was divulged at an Oslo NATO conference of 120 psychologists from the eleven nation alliance ... The Navy provided all the funding necessary, according To Narut.

"Dr. Narut, in a question and answer session with reporters from many nations, revealed how the Navy was secretly programming large numbers of assassins. He said that the men he had worked with for the Navy were being prepared for commando-type operations, as well as covert operations in U.S. embassies worldwide. He described the men who went through his program as 'hit men and assassins' who could kill on command.

"Careful screening of the subjects was accomplished by Navy psychologists through the military records ... and many were convicted murderers serving military prison sentences."

(Harry V. Martin and David Caul "Mind Control," Napa Valley Sentinel, August-November 1991.)

Anyone familiar with the intelligence community's long-standing obsession with the concept of mind control will immediately recognize what Dr. Narut was describing as an MK-ULTRA project. The existence of this particular manifestation of the project was first reported by British journalist Peter Watson of the Sunday Times, who attended the conference and interviewed Dr. Narut. Narut told him that they looked for candidates who had shown a proclivity for violence.

This was at a time when numerous pseudo investigations of the intelligence community were underway, including the Rockefeller, Pike, and Church Committees.

Narut told Watson that he was revealing this highly classified information only because he assumed it was about to surface anyway.

Of course, Narut was mistaken about the interest of the various committees in divulging anything even remotely resembling the truth. Narut promptly disappeared from public view, reappearing only briefly to lamely attempt to retract his prior statements. But it was a little too late.

Watson went on to expand upon this initial research to produce a book, War on the Mind, one of the better books from the late 1970's on the subject of mind control research by the intelligence community.

Walter Bowart referenced Watson's work as well, in his nearly impossible to find Operation Mind Control.

So this cat, once let out of the bag, proved rather difficult to stuff back inside. The intelligence community, it seemed, was recruiting from prisons to make use of the natural talents of convicted killers to produce the fabled 'Manchurian Candidates' - mind controlled assassins [as well as providing them a route to get out of prison so they could keep killing for the criminal government].

This operation involved killers drawn from military prisons, though there is no reason not to suspect that parallel programs were being conducted in civilian prisons as well. Prisons have, after all, provided fertile ground for any number of MK-ULTRA sub projects for decades. As the Napa Valley Sentinel article noted: "Mind control experiments ... permeate mental institutions and prisons."

This was particularly true in the 1960's and 1970's. The NATO conference at which Dr. Narut dropped his bombshell was held in July of 1975. Strangely enough, the very next month Henry would be released to begin his eight year reign of terror.

Clearly of relevance here is the fact that Lucas, during his prior ten year prison stay, spent four and a half of those years in a mental ward. During this time, he received intensive drug and electroshock treatments. He would later describe this period of incarceration as a "nightmare that would not end." Also during this time, he complained chronically about hearing voices in his head, taunting him day and night (ostensibly the reason for his confinement in the mental ward, though it could well have been the result of his confinement and treatment). Henry would later spend additional time in an institution in 1980, in the midst of his killing spree [for a "tune up" obviously].

Was Henry recruited and programmed while in prison to be used latter by the so-called Hand of Death cult? The possibility clearly is there. He certainly had shown a voracious appetite for violence, enough so to make him a very attractive candidate. Indeed, Henry is just the kind of man to be considered a valuable asset by the intelligence community.

For anyone who doubts that the CIA (or any other of the numerous interwoven intelligence agencies) would recruit such a man, it is important to remember that we are talking about the same agencies that recruited some of the most bloodthirsty butchers of the Third Reich - men such as Klaus Barbie, Joseph Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Otto Skorzeny, and Reinhard Gehlen.

[Someone who knew Klaus Barbie in South America, mentioned in the book Barry and the Boys, asked him if he regretted anything about WWII. Barbie reputedly related "only that I didn't get to finish killing them all."]

Henry's depravity pales in the shadows of men such as these. Henry probably couldn't even hold his own against some of the organized crime figures - such as Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante who were likewise recruited by the CIA [who directly, by name, date, place, and other connections are noted to back-end into George H. W. Bush's and Oliver North's state sponsored drug running/assassination agencies, as noted in Barry and the Boys]. Or against the numerous thugs that the spooks have propped up as dictators around the world, men such as Somoza, Pinochet, Duvalier and Pahlavi, to name just a few.

In the company of men such as these, Henry would be just one of the boys.

No less valuable an asset than, say, Dan Mitrione, the CIA torture aficionado who was a boyhood friend of Jim Jones. This man, known for having homeless persons kidnapped for the purpose of giving torture demonstrations to South American security forces in his soundproof underground chamber of horrors, was hailed as a hero and martyr when he himself was tortured and killed. Hell, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis flew into his home town and performed a benefit show to raise money for the widow of this great American. So in the world of spooks, Henry would be in good company. As would his partner, Ottis Toole, who wouldn't even have the distinction of being the only cannibal recruited by the CIA.

As Douglas Valentine writes in The Phoenix Program (Morrow, 1990)- concerning the CIA's assassination, torture and terror program waged against the people of Vietnam - the Phoenix teams consisted of SEALs working with "CTs," described by one participant as "a combination of ARVN deserters, VC turncoats, and bad motherfucker criminals the South Vietnamese couldn't deal with in prison, so they turned them over to us." The spooks were only too happy to employ the services of these men, who "taught [their] SEAL comrades the secrets of the psy war campaign." So depraved were these agency recruits that some of them "would actually devour their enemies' vital organs." All in a day's work for America's premier intelligence agency.

Also included in the CIA rogue's gallery of distinguished alumni, according to a number of researchers, is Lucas' self-described "close friend," the notorious Jim Jones. What then are we to make of Henry's professed connection to the tragic People's Temple?

It has been documented by numerous investigators that the Jonestown massacre was not by any means a case of mass suicide, as was reported by the U.S. press. It was in fact a case of mass murder. The Guyanese coroner, Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, concluded that only three of the 913 victims at Jonestown died by means of suicide on that fateful day. All of the rest were executed, some by lethal injection, some by strangulation, and some simply shot through the head.

It is apparent then that if Lucas was in fact at Jonestown at the time of the mass murder, he was quite likely doing considerably more than just serving as a delivery boy.

A man of Henry's talents would bean invaluable asset in a clean-up operation of this type. And what was being cleaned up was, of course, yet another MK-ULTRA project, complete with vast stockpiles of drugs, sensory deprivation equipment, and a band of zombie-like assassins who gunned down Congressman Leo Ryan's entourage just prior to the massacre (thus necessitating the clean-up operation.)

Strange that Henry would claim a connection to a man whose operation was notable primarily for being a breeding ground for mind control and mass murder. Of course Henry, being uneducated and illiterate, would not likely have had access to this information.

Even if Henry was literate, he would not have known the story that Maury Terry was to later tell in his book, The Ultimate Evil. Told therein is a tale that chillingly parallels that of Henry and Ottis. What Terry revealed was that the murders attributed to the Son of Sam, the Manson Family, and numerous other interconnected killings (including possibly the Zodiac murders) were not what they appeared to be.

While these killings appeared to be the random work of serial/mass murderers, they actually were contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of Satanic cults (this book has, by the way, recently been reprinted by Barnes & Noble - go figure - and is highly recommended to anyone who questions the plausibility of Henry's story.) In other words, these were professional hits orchestrated and disguised to look like the work of yet another 'lone nut' serial killer. Which is, of course, exactly what Henry claimed his crimes to be, several years before investigative journalist Terry published his convincingly documented work.

Lucas' story then, as bizarre as it may appear to be, is certainly not without precedent. Other events that have transpired since Henry first began telling his tales of The Hand of Death lend further credence to various aspects of his story.

For example, there is the issue of the cult-run ranch just south of the border. While this may have sounded rather far-fetched back in the early 1980's, it certainly doesn't today.

In 1990, just such a ranch was excavated in Matamoros, Mexico, yielding the remains of over a dozen ritual sacrifice victims. While Ottis Toole - still alive at the time - noted that this was not the specific ranch with which he and Henry were associated, he also mentioned that there were numerous such operations in the area.

So closely did the Matamoros case parallel the stories told years before by Lucas that some law enforcement personnel in Texas chose to take a closer look at Henry's professed cult connections.

In fact, Jim Boutwell, sheriff of Williamson County, Texas later told a reporter that investigators had verified that Lucas was indeed involved in cult activities. And a decade later, yet another excavation was begun, this time at a ranch near Juarez, Mexico, which is precisely where Henry claimed it to be. This story made a brief appearance in the American press in December of 1999, until U.S. officials moved in to take over the investigation, after which coverage promptly ceased.

Of course, it could just have been lucky guesses by Henry about the cult-run ranches and the networks of Satanic cults running murder-for-hire operations. And it could just be a coincidence that Toole, who was convicted in the state of Florida, shared with Henry the fate of having his death sentence commuted. Florida is, of course, a state that is also overly zealous in its application of the death penalty. Not zealous enough to execute the likes of Ottis Toole, however.

In any event, it's interesting that both of these men had their death sentences set aside in states run by a member of the Bush family.

Its interesting also to take note of the case of the man known as the Railroad Killer, Rafael Resendez-Ramirez. On July 13, 1999, Ramirez was reported to have walked across a bridge from (where else?) Juarez, Mexico into El Paso, Texas and turned himself in. At the time he was wanted for a string of alleged serial killings. Mirroring the circumstances surrounding Henry's final arrest, Ramirez had been taken into custody several weeks prior by the U.S. Border Patrol, only to be promptly released despite his presence on FBI most-wanted lists and the issuing of alerts to the immigration service, and with a nationwide manhunt under way.

Between this detainment and his surrender, four more victims would be felled by Ramirez (who was, strangely enough, born in Matamoros and raised outside of the home by non-family members, according to his mother). Apparently he still had a little work left to complete. Having done so, Ramirez then made the incomprehensible decision to surrender to Texas authorities. Crossing the border into Texas, Ramirez left a country with no death penalty and entered the execution capital of the western world. The Los Angeles Times, in reporting on his surrender, noted that he was "adamant he wanted to surrender to a Texas Ranger," and that "he had not requested an attorney and was cooperating with detectives."

In the same article, it is noted that authorities say Ramirez is "strikingly intelligent." Strikingly intelligent? Not based on his actions taken on July 13th of last year. But then again, perhaps Ramirez knows something about the Texas criminal justice system that the rest of us do not.

Ottis Toole: I've been meaning to ask you ... that time when I cooked some of these people? Why'd I do that?

Henry Lee Lucas: I think it was just the hands doing it. I know a lot of things we done, in human sight, are impossible to believe.

Ottis Toole: When we took 'em out and cut 'em up ... rememberone time I said I wanted me some ribs? Did that make me a cannibal?

Henry Lee Lucas: You wasn't a cannibal. It's the force of the devil, something forced on us that we can't change. There's no reason denying what we become. We know what we are.

George W. Bush: Brownsville Satanic Cult Member?

George W. Bush: Brownsville Satanic Cult Member? The following is an item from Sunnyvale Ca. from the 2000 election.

"SUNNYVALE, CA - Telling reporters and critics to 'stick to the issues that matter', Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned.

'I will not stoop to discussing that,' said Bush during a campaign stop at a Bay Area software-packaging plant. 'We've got people across this country without health care, a broken educational system, taxes that are way too high, and all you want to talk about is something THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED 16 years ago? I'm sorry, but I find that offensive.' " (Emphasis added).

Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville.

Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member.

Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered.

After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been.

The local prosecutor continued to pursue Bush, sole Cult survivor, on mass murder charges for six months thereafter, heavily pressured by Daddy Bush to stop the investigation.

For asking these questions the reporters were threatened with reprisals later by Bush and thereafter have feared for their life.

Currently, as to 2004, Bush and Kerry have long been members of a Satanic Cult, Skull & Bones (Yale).


Following the attempted assassination of President Ronald W. Reagan, shortly after his inauguration, 1981, George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President, on a day to day basis, until the end of Reagan's second term, 1988, actually ran the White House.

In 1988, Daddy Bush was himself elected President, actually Bush's third term.

In so doing, the elder Bush was violating the U.S. Constitution, 22nd Amendment, restricting the President to two terms.

During that time, and even before, Daddy Bush and son George W. Bush had financial and satantic cult links with the drug trafficking from Colombia through the Brownsville/Matamoros area.

Brownsville is in the U.S. right smack on the Mexican border above Matamoros, Mexico.

At one time Daddy Bush owned Texas Commerce Bank implicated in the drug traffic through their branch in Venezuela. That unit, starting about 1979, was run by Jeb Bush living in Venezuela with his latino wife. They laundered the drug proceeds from Colombia and from there, through Mexico to the U.S.

The Bush Crime Family has for many years been business partners with the co-founder of the Medelin, Colombia drug cartel, Carlos Lehder. [See, the website series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".]

This was convenient to Daddy Bush having been with the CIA since 1959, through their adjunct, principally owned by the Bushies, Zapata Petroleum, later called Zapata Offshore, still later their interests joined with Pennzoil which by an induced bankruptcy took over Texaco. [See, "Oil & Honor---The Texaco-Pennzoil Wars" by Thomas Petzinger, Jr., 1987, G.P. Putnam's Sons.]

The satanic cult mass-murders revolved around in the Brownsville/ Matamoros area.

Among those involved were El Padrino Cult; and located outside Matamoros, Rancho Santa Elena, having human sacrifice chambers; and the satanic ritual sacrifices and mind control conducted by Aldolfo De Jesus Costanzo with others.

The Bush Crime Family with their dope trafficking, Colombia through Matamoros, Mexico/ Brownsville, Texas, were interlocked with these situations.

The ranch was reportedly involved in snuffing out dozens and dozens of primarily latinos useful as "mules" in the drug trade and controlled through sexual satanic rituals and mind-control.

In the 1980s, Daddy Bush, actually running the White House, and former head of the American secret political police, was in perfect position to be part of the drug trafficking. The elder Bush was the head of the South Florida Anti-Drug Project, supposedly clamping down on drug trafficking from Colombia to Mexico.

During the 1980s, U.S. drug enforcement was near totally compromised and corrupted. A huge, heavy opus, mentioned in a moment, tells how the top people in the elite units of U.S. drug enforcement actually worked the other side.

From time to time, they went to parties at palacial estates in Mexico and elsewhere owned and operated by the major druglords.

The drug police rubbed elbows there with movie stars and bigshots from Hollywood, users as well as traffickers with dope. [In recent years. George W. Bush, William Rockefeller Clinton, and Mexico President Vicente Fox have visited and stayed at the estates of Mexico's major druglords.]

For naive, poorly informed persons to risk their neck reporting druglords to the drug police is both tragic and laughable. [See that very thick book about the top drug enforcers, being for sale and totally corrupt, "The Underground Empire---Where Crime and Government Embrace", by James Mills, Doubleday, N.Y., 1986.]

One of those convicted of the satantic cult mass murders in the Brownsville/Matamoros region and elsewhere was a fellow named Henry Lee Lucas.

When George W. Bush was Governor of Texas, he mysteriously granted clemency to this mass-murderer.

Yet, there was no basis in law or fact for the Governor to so favor Lucas, other than the Bush Crime Family was in business with him in respect to the drug trafficking and satanic cult operations of the Brownsville/ Matamoros region.

With terrible-to-look-at pictures, the horrors of the one or more satanic cults so operating in the Brownsville/Matamoros region are detailed in a little-known, hard to locate book, "Hell Ranch" by Clifford Linedecker.

By 1999, some reporters had attempted to question George W. Bush as to some of the foregoing, while Bush was planning to run for President in the U.S. 2000 Election.

As the head of an investigative group and Founder/Chairman, since 1963 of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Skolnick began relating, on various radio talk shows, the problems the reporters were having in confronting George W. Bush with his apparent complicity in the satanic cult mass murders in the Brownsville, Texas area.

Quite some time thereafter, several websites did acts in some ways relating to all this. They palmed off as apparent jokes and parodies, purported stories about the Brownsville/ Matamoros horrors.

Whether their purpose was reputed damage control for the Bush Crime Family or to simply somehow make jokes about the satanic mass murders, remains for such website handlers and operators to explain.

These websites apparently gave the impression to poorly-informed, naive people that the whole series of events in the Brownsville/ Matamoros region were purely imaginary, and never occurred and there was no complicity of the Bushies including George W. Bush.

Obviously to detail all the persons and entities involved with the satanic cultists, human sacrifice locations, and drug-traffickers and mind-control dictators, in the Matamoros/ Brownsville region would and could fill a series of encyclopedias on the dope business, satanic cults, corrupted dope enforcers, and related topics.

[A book that does go into many related details is "The Strength of the Wolf---The Secret History of America's War on Drugs" by Douglas Valentine, Verso Books, 2004, New York. The American CIA needs the druglords to be able to penetrate otherwise hard to spy on nations, is a theme of the book.]

[Loads of details of the Bush Crime Family are in the extensive website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic", with two linked sites.]

IS GEORGE W. BUSH's current opponent for President, JOHN F. KERRY different than Bush?

Both are satanic cultists, members of Skull & Bastards Society.

Knowledgeable sources contend that concealed, in part, by Kerry's divorce from his first wife and his silence about his episodes in England, are some horrors equal to the foregoing.

With the help of entertainers, Kerry in London, England, reportedly engaged in sexual perversions with 13 year old girls and even with those much younger; with Kerry somehow complicit in porno snuff rituals. That is, where after the weirdo event, the victim, whether three years old or thirteen, becomes a human sacrifice, and is killed on camera. This type of thing originally was a specialty from Argentina. Will the newsfakers ever ask Kerry to explain?

[Kerry has been photographed with Anton Le Vey...]

More coming. Stay tuned.
[No longer. Skolnick, the late Great Skolnick, passed away recently well past 80.]


Published on --

Skolnick and Bloom co-host a popular, powerful internet radio program CAN BE HEARD ON-LINE LIVE and ARCHIVED. Check schedule.

Recently published book "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police.

Can be ordered U.S./Canada 1-800-861-7899.

Can also supposedly be ordered through HOWEVER they from time to time blockade their own marketing and sales of this controversial book by DEMANDING twice the listed price.

8/22/2006 10:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the weather down south isn't the only thing that's "bizarre and disturbing."
It's really worth a cruise over to the Montgomery Advertiser. The picture of the hive that almost fills the inside of an abandoned car is really effing amazing in a kind of Lovecraftian/Alien/I Think We're Fucked sort of way.

To the bafflement of insect experts, gigantic yellow jacket nests have started turning up in old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities across the southern two-thirds of Alabama.
Specialists say it could be the result of a mild winter and drought conditions, or multiple queens forcing worker yellow jackets to enlarge their quarters so the queens will be in separate areas. But experts haven't determined exactly what's behind the surprisingly large nests.
Auburn University entomologists, who say they've never seen the nests so large, have been fielding calls about the huge nests from property owners from Dothan up to Sylacauga and over into west-central Alabama's Black Belt.
At one site in Barbour County, the nest was as large as a Volkswagen Beetle, said Andy McLean, an Orkin pesticide service manager in Dothan who helped remove it from an abandoned barn about a month ago.
"It was one of the largest ones we've seen," McLean said.
Attached to two walls and under the slab, the nest had to be removed in sections, McLean said.
Entomologist Dr. Charles Ray at the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in Auburn said he's aware of about 16 of what he described as "super-sized" nests in south Alabama.

8/22/2006 10:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all phenomena is illusion

8/22/2006 10:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy does it when spreading around the Matamoros stories...
Although most of the stuff posted above by Anon. 10:23 is true, there are some "loss leaders" sprinkled in, like the "Bush Skinner" press comments (a hoax to dis' Skolnick) and the Kerry/LaVey pic (a hoax to dis' everyone.)

Otherwise, hey- happy trails...

8/23/2006 12:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an issue that I haven't seen discussed. In blogs/forums like these, Bill Clinton and John Kerry are described as either satanic cultists or accomplices colluding with the Bush people. And that Clinton or Kerry in the White House isn't really much different from W in the White House.

What then is the purpose of the attacks on them out of proportion to whatever offense there may have been? In Clinton's case, there have been several - Whitewater, Lewinsky, etc. In Kerry's case, the one that comes to mind is the Swift Boat "truth" seekers.

What's the point of these attacks? And - how does someone like Kenneth Starr fit into the cast of characters?

And what about Kerry's military service and his involvement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War? Was that part of his "satanic" training? Or is it before he became that way? (After all, he was in Skull & Bones before he went to Vietnam.)

8/23/2006 01:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shrubageddon said...
...sorry I'm such a wheez-hole, everyone. I simply can't help it.
(GOD I need to get my pimpely-ass laid.)

Not sure if any of you picked up on this, but I didn't pen this comment. Some rotten-to-the-core loser signed in under my name and penned it. That's pretty freakin low, if you ask me, but, as this blog is well aware, this is one weird-ass world....and the person who did this is yet another fine example of that point.

8/23/2006 08:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Easy does it when spreading around the Matamoros stories...Although most of the stuff posted above by Anon. 10:23 is true, there are some "loss leaders" sprinkled in, like the "Bush Skinner" press comments (a hoax to dis' Skolnick) and the Kerry/LaVey pic (a hoax to dis' everyone.)

No proof of that statement as always, that's the fascinating bit. Just a despin/debunk? Show your great "disproof" will you?

The whole Urban Legends website reeks of a CIA funded disinfo "information, please!" operation.

As I looked it up, there, all the "debunking" there that I was able to find about it was mutually inconsistent. The Urban Legends site can't even get straight what year they are attempting to debunk, and make up a year themselves, even though the year in the corner of the image is under the fold of the paper! Other websites say "completely debunked 1982" others say "completely debunked 1983". When the paper scan itself has the actual year hidden by a fold at the corner, they are just madly spinning as well, of course.

I'm willing to bet it is a doctored photo, though I don't really think that is a major issue when the whole two headed left-right Frankenstein monster of the U.S. runs off these MKULTRA, CIA connected groups, and massive amounts of drug money laundered cash for its "campaigns". Both the Democrats and the Republicans are both drug runner parties.

And let's remember that Kerry's father was CIA, and that Kerry covered up the drug running of the Bush/Clintons in his "Kerry Commission" about it. Skull and Bones "investigating" other Skull and Bones is nothing.

It's getting a bit overly close for elite comfort I think, particularly when both Kerry and Bush are Skull and Bones, and when Kerry rolled over to let Bush be president and refused to challenge vote fraud as well.

Please don't "debunk" Skolnick without information while you're at it.

He and his group, while he was alive, contributed hugely with his group "Committee to Clean Up the Courts" and to U.S. journalism--Skolnick's network of whistleblowers put a huge chunk of the corrupt Illinois Court system in jail due to their exposures:

"Kenneth Manaster, a law professor,...tells all the ins and outs of one of the biggest judicial bribery scandals in U.S. history. The scandal catapulted John Paul Stevens, special counsel to an investigating commission, to fame as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. The commission heard bribery accusations tendered by legal researcher Sherman Skolnick, which made him likewise well known. Skolnick uncovered documents in the basement of a county building showing that two judges on the Illinois Supreme Court were bribed by a banker, Theodore Isaacs, former chief tax collector of Illinois, to wipe out criminal charges against Isaacs. In August 1969 Time Magazine featured a story about Skolnick and the Illinois scandal that later finally put the former director of the Illinois Department of Revenue in jail along with his accomplice, a sitting federal appeals court judge."

His whole multipart series there called "Overthrow of the American Republic" is a worthy if depressing read.

Skolnick additionally was passed information that the Bush family paid off Kerry in billions of gold in Europe bank accounts, so Kerry would be more conducive to roll over in 2004 for the Bushes.

So I'll trust Skolnick on this point that it's true. Particularly given all the other triangulating information about the Bushes, drugs, CIA, satanic networks interlocking seamlessly with MKULTRA CIA ritual cults.

Unable to walk and using a wheelchair, Skolnick on several occassions was violently "dissappeared" into the prison system of the U.S. because of how corrupt the U.S. is, without arrest charge, for his exposures.

I am skeptical Skolnick got "caught pedding lies" as you assume. Who always gets caught are the high level criminal sadists running the United States. I think he was on the pipeline of truth about the United States, and that is why he was so hated and even feared that they kept throwing him in jail without charges to dissapear him "South America style"....

It was only his equally high level contacts--and because of his reputation of never revealing his journnalist sources on various high crimes reported to him by others afraid to talk about it--got him back out.

So who do you trust--Skolnick, or Bush?

More on Skolnick's street cred:


Since 1958 he has been a court reformer. Since 1963 he has been the foundr/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political murders. Since 1971, his comments have been on a recorded phone message he calls HOTLINE NEWS, on 24 hours per day and it is a regular phone call, not an expensive one: [773] 731-1100. Since 1991 he has been a regular participant and producer, and since 1995 he has been producer/moderator of "BROADSIDES", a one hour weekly taped public access Cable TV Show on IN CHICAGO each Monday evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable. The program reaches some 400,000 viewers each Monday night and outpulls three local commercial TV Programs. His comments have appeared on various websites that can be located on Internet through a good search engine. There are about 70,000 references to him and his work on Internet, some, of course, replications.

In 1973, Mr. Skolnick wrote a book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage", a heavily documented book dealing, among other things, with the sabotaged plane crash December, 1972, in Chicago, one month after Nixon was re-elected President. Twelve Watergate figures died when the United Air Lines plane pancaked just short of Midway airport. Dead in the crash zone were Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar and others linked to the Watergate Affair. She had in her possession over 2 million dollars in valuables obtained by blackmailing Nixon on his role in the 1963 political assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Skolnick's group "liberated" the entire unpublicized file of the National Transportation Safety Board, some 1300 pages of documented reports and pictures showing sabotage. Skolnick brought a suit against the NTSB contending sabotage cover-up. The NTSB re-opened their public hearings on the crash but continued to contend it was caused by "pilot error". Skolnick who was the star-witness at the re-opened hearings demanded that the NTSB panel disqualify themselves since most were financially tied to the airlines industry and that Rockefellers, owners of all three News Networks, and major owner of United Air Lines, wanted the matter censored. The NTSB panel refused to disqualify themselves and entered a whitewash report,condemning Skolnick and his associates. Thereafter, Rockefellers' lawyers harassed the publisher so that Skolnick's book was stopped in the printing cycle and no copies are now available.

More highlights of the work of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Their work in 1969, touched off the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history,the collapse of Illinois' highest court, the Illinois Supreme Court. . As the head of his group, Skolnick directly accused the high court judges of bribery involving a banker who owned a bank right across the street from the high court's Chicago offices. Facing jail and on appeal to their court, the banker, the former Illinois Director of the Department of Revenue, Theodore J.Isaacs, won his criminal appeal by bribing most of the high court judges with stock in his nearby bank. Outraged by Skolnick's direct confrontation with them, the high court judges demanded that Skolnick disclose to the high court judges how he and his associates went about investigating the high court. When Skolnick refused to disclose, the high court judges had Skolnick, a paraplegic invalid in a wheelchair, hauled off to prison for "contempt of court". The imprisoning of Skolnick touched off a public commotion and the chief justice and an associate justice of the high court resigned, and a third accused high court judge suddenly died in the ruckus and Skolnick was vindicated. Caught up in a further mess involving the same bank was the former Illinois Governor by 1969 he was a federal appeals Judge in Chicago. Skolnick accused that judge, Otto Kerner,jr., of bribery as well. Kerner held press conferences and on all the local media called Skolnick a "liar". Despite his denials, Federal Appeals Judge Kerner was prosecuted and sent to prison, the highest level sitting federal judge sent to prison in U.S. history. Also imprisoned was Kerner's crony, former chief state tax collector Isaacs. Kerner died an ex-convict.

The work of Skolnick and his group touched off a series of bribery scandals by which from 1983 to 1993, 20 local judges and forty lawyers were sent to jail for bribery. Including: the Chief Judge of the Traffic court who said Skolnick with his accusations of bribery was "imagining" things. That Chief Judge was sent to prison for bribery and died an ex-convict.

In 1991, one sizeable conservative paper was the only one that dared run the story how Skolnick and his associates were the only journalists to attend a federal appeals court hearing in Chicago in a case involving suppressed bank records of the Chicago branch of Italy's largest bank,Banca Nazionale Delavoro, owned in part by the Vatican. The suppressed records, ordered so by state and federal regulators involved the secret private joint business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. After the hearing, in the back of the Federal Appeals Court, Skolnick interviewed two hearing participants who admitted to Skolnick that the suppressed bank records involved Saddam Hussein's private business partner, George Herbert Walker Bush, the then U.S. President.

Sources had earlier informed Skolnick of that, and Skolnick, to be careful, asked the same question about that THREE times and each time, the answer was the same: Bush was the private business partner of Saddam Hussein in billions of dollars of oil-kickbacks paid to Saddam Hussein by the weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf. Skolnick is one of the only ones to have the more or less complete record on appeals in the case including the Affidavit of the CIA General Counsel, that revealing these matters would violate national security. The hearing participants said that revealing all this would cause a run on the banks worldwide and for that reason had to be suppressed.

In 1991, likewise published in that newspaper, "Spotlight", was Skolnick's exclusive story about the mysterious Bank of Credit and Commerce International: How the Bank of England for 30 days only had as a public record that BCCI bribed 25 per cent of both Houses of Congress, 108 Congressmen and 28 U.S. Senators. Although Spotlight did not publish Skolnick's list of bribed lawmakers, other authors claiming they got such details by other means, published some of the names thereafter in Media Bypass Magazine. It was basically the list of names, supplied to Spotlight but omitted from the published article.

Since 1995, Skolnick has put on Internet, exclusive details of the small group of highly--patriotic admirals and generals have repeatedly but unsuccessfully sought, as authorized under the Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton on their documented charges of treason. If he arrested them for mutiny,they were prepared, if they survived, to defend themselves at Courts Martial with their documents proving he sold top nuclear secrets to sworn enemies of the United States, including Red China. Clinton has met from time to time in the White House with Wang Jun, the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Such matters have not been discussed in the mass media as they would embarrass and finger suupposed "Independent" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Wang Jun is Starr's PRIVATE law client. Also, Starr is the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government. Meaning that Clinton's Justice Department can whenever they wish prosecute and jail Starr as an UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist. [Thus, Starr's "non investigation" that was steered into blowjobs instead of drug money laundering, because they appointed him because he was already compromised...] Wang Jun is also the head of the Red Chinese Government operation, Poly Technologies, that makes and markets AK-47 submachine guns and has reportedly attempted to sell them to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist gangs. Were the Red Chinese hoping to instigate shoot-em-ups with local police all over the U.S. The following is a short-list of the U.S. flag officers assassinated becaused they opposed Clinton and under the Military Code sought to arrest Clinton, their Commander-in-Chief.

[ASIDE: This Chinese spynetwork is "not a leftist thing"--it goes into the Republican Party corruption as well, though Senator Feeney, a close Bush family associate. See on oath testimony about Florida vote fraud interlacing with Feeney, and Feney interlacing simultaneously with the Chinese spy ring here:
[video is a ten minute on oath courtroom proceeding in Ohio in 2004]

Computer programmer Clinton Curtis testified at the December 13th, 2004 Congressional hearing in Columbus, Ohio naming Republican Congressman Tom Feeney as the person who hired him to prepare vote-rigging software.

The programmer claims that he designed and built a "vote rigging" software program at the behest of then Florida Congressman, now U.S. Congressman, Republican Tom Feeney of Florida's 24th Congressional District.

Clint Curtis, 46, claims that he built the software for Feeney in 2000 while working at a sofware design and engineering company in Oviedo, Florida (Feeney's home district).

Curtis, in his affidavit, says that as technical advisor and programmer at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) he was present at company meetings where Feeney was present "on at least a dozen occasions".

Feeney, who had run in 1994 as Jeb Bush's running-mate in his initial unsuccessful bid for Florida Governor, was serving as both corporate counsel and registered lobbyist for YEI during the period that Curtis worked at the company.[and when the company was full of Chinese military spies working with Feeney.]

Feeney was also concurrently serving as a Florida state congressman while performing those services for YEI.

[Vote frauding] Feeney would eventually become Speaker of the Florida House before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. [Same as vote frauding Katherine Harris, dumped into the federal Congress as well.]

Feeney is now a member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

At an October 2000 meeting with Feeney, according to the affidavit and BRAD BLOG interviews with Curtis over the past three days, Feeney inquired whether the company could build a "vote fraud software prototype".

At least three YEI employees are said to have been present at that meeting; Curtis, company owner, Mrs. Li Woan Yang, and her executive secretary, Mike Cohen. Two other YEI employees may have come in and out at different points of the meeting according to Curtis.

Curtis says that Feeney "was very specific in the design and specifications required for this program."

"He detailed, in his own words, that; (a) the program needed to be touch-screen capable (b) the user should be able to trigger the program without any additional equipment (c) the programming to accomplish this needed to stay hidden even if the source code was inspected."

Though there was no problem with the first two requirements, Curtis explained to the Congressman that it would be "virtually impossible to hide such code written to change the voting results if anyone is able to review the uncompiled source code"

Nonetheless, he was asked at the meeting by Mrs. Yang to build the prototype anyway.

Curtis, "a life-long Republican" at the time, claims that it was his initial belief that Feeney's interest was in trying to stop Democrats from using "such a program to steal an election". Curtis had assumed that Feeney, "wanted to be able to detect and prevent that if it occurred."

Upon delivery of the software design and documentation on CD to Mrs. Yang, Curtis again explained to her that it would be impossible to hide routines created to manipulate the vote if anybody would be able to inspect the precompiled source code.

Mrs. Yang then told him, "You don't understand, in order to get the contract we have to hide the manipulation in the source code. This program is needed to control the vote in South Florida."

Mrs. Yang then took the CD containing the software from Curtis, reportedly for later delivery to Feeney.

In other meetings with Feeny prior to the 2000 elections, it became clear to Curtis that Feeney had plans to suppress the vote in strong Democratic precincts. In the affidavit, Curtis claims that in those meetings Feeney had "bragged that he had already implemented 'exclusion lists' to reduce the 'black vote'."Feeney also mentioned that "proper placement of police patrols could further reduce the black vote by as much as 25%."

Curtis says that he submitted his resignation to YEI effective December 2000, but stayed on until they had found someone to replace him in February of 2001. He eventually became employed by the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) after leaving YEI.

Back to Skolnick's side of the Chinese spy story:

April 17, 1995, a planeload of top U.S. Military brass, assassinated when their plane blew up by sabotage near Alexander City, Alabama,including Clark Feister, an assistant Secretary of the Air Force, close friend of the then Secretary of Defense Perry; Major General Glenn Profitt II, director of plans and operations for the Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Also the one who had been head of a super-secret military agency that was called Army Security Agency. They had on onboard, to confront Clinton and the Pentagon with lies, a live POW, supposedly not supposed to exist, from Southeast Asia. They were prepared to show how top U.S. officials, also cronies of Clinton, were in the dope traffic from S.E. Asia, "the Golden Triangle", including George Herbert Walker Bush, retired Pentagon official General Colin Powell, and former Pentagon official Richard Armitage. Also assassinated to prevent a military coup: The highest naval officer in uniform, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy Boorda, assassinated in his office with several caliber weapons and disguised in the press as a "suicide". Also: General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, site of the Early Warning System of missile attacks; murdered by way of a sabotaged air crash. Giving aid and assistance to these flag officers planning to arrest Clinton,was the former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, assassinated near his vacation home and falsely written off as an alleged "boating accident". Colby had been general counsel of the CIA's bank proprietary, Nugan Hand Bank and their successor and alter ego, Household International and Household Bank. Household has their world headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois. Parked with Household was 58.4 million dollars of federal funds to make good the long-pending claims of Chicago-area caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti, that a series of banks, including Household, perpetrated a massive swindle on him. 50 million dollars of that was secretly transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas to try to cover up the embezzlement of 47 million dollars from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to being federal criminally prosecuted and sent to prison for misappropriation. S & L owner Jim McDougal was murdered in jail the night before his testimony about all this. His ex-wife Susan has been repeatedly harassed to shut her up on what she knows about all this. Cong. Dan Burton [R., Ind.} started to put the details of the mysterious 50 million dollars and Clinton into the Congressional Record, 5/29/96, pages H5627-28. Was it blackmail, threats, or what that stopped Burton from putting in ALL the details.

I hope that answers another's Ken Starr question as well. It's all the same story boys and girls. If you want to know one layer, just start researching another. You'll get there.

If you find an "independent layer" of corruption, let me know. I doubt it exists since drug running, vote fraud, Chinese spy networks, MKULTRA, pedophilia, corporate white collar crime, money laudering, bribed judges, organized crime, satanic cults are the elite of the U.S., and several other major tentacles around the world.

Here's more on another layer of systemic crime built into this whole drug running two-party corporate mafia pedophile elite run United States. "NoBorderland," indeed as "no borders or limits to their crimes."

Systemic election fraud in networks of Bonesmen/CIA:

Why Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud? KERRY USED ES&S/DIEBOLD E-VOTE RIG TO OUST DEAN!

KERRY USED ES&S VOTE MACHINES TO RIG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO OUST DEAN, SEALING THE SKULL AND BONES'ERS IN EACH "PARTY." KERRY IS JUST AS GUILTY AS BUSH OF VOTE FRAUD. THAT IS WHY KERRY IS QUIET. Dean would have been the Democratic Party Ticket, legally,--until e-vote fraud came to the "rescue" for the aristocratic elites of the U.S. Moreover, did you know that VP George H. W. Bush won a wierd "unexpected upset" (due to e-vote machines?) in 1988 against Republican front runner Bob Dole. This happened in New Hampshire as well.

Everyone knows that Kerry's father was high up in the CIA, just like Bush's father, right?

Everyone knows that Kerry covered up for Bush in the Iran/Contra Commission (and covered up for the Bush family in the BCCI investigation), right? The Iran/Contras commission was the "Kerry Commission." BCCI was (partially) investigated by Kerry as well.

Small world, eh? Kerry will avoid this like the plague, because he is part of the Bush family networks, and a beneficiary of vote fraud himself to get to the Democratic Ticket in 2004!


when Skolnick says Bush was investigated for flaying people, and the investigation was stopped on orders of his father the VP then, you can believe it. What else makes sense, given everything above except that?

8/23/2006 01:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So who do you trust--Skolnick, or Bush?"

This is an obviously false dichotomy.

Skolnick seems to me to mix truth, partial truth, misinformation, valid claims, so-so claims, wild claims, and disinformation. It's a hodge-podge that takes way too much work to sort through.

The idea that all (or almost all or all significant) evil comes from a single monolithic single-minded elite is less likely than the Kennedy assasination single-bullet theory.

People are too quick to accuse anyone disagreeing with them as being part of some evil conspiracy. When some reasonable people thought out loud that the US should provide more nuclear protection (basic civil defense type stuff like Switzerland has, not high-buck techie SDI stuff), some leftie anti-nuke people accused them of being with the CIA, etc.

When I asked someone I knew about what he though about Bush's plans going all to hell, he said he thought it was a liberal conspiracy to discredit him.

I'm not denying that there are conspiracies, but keep an eye toward verifiable fact, and use your BS detectors liberally.

There is so much revealed in the open, too, if you know how to "read" the news.

Read/watch/hear multiple sources, and piece the puzzle together yourselves, rather than reply on one "infallible" source. Different sources will have their own biases, and pander to other people's biases.

8/23/2006 01:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the Onion satire about Skolnick and Bush the Skinner.
There is also a counter-hoax to this out there as well. Google it and the Lavey pic exposure if you really care (I think it's really not healthy for juniors here to demand and receive spoon-feeding of all these items, don't you?)

Wells has covered this topic quite a bit- please check his archives. I don't know if he still thinks Skolnick is a "schlock artist... serving product to the niche of paranoid entertainment by fabricating elaborate Black Iron Prisons in the air... poison to the legitimate inquiry of forbidden subjects..."

I personally liked Sherm and his work, despite his constant lack of stated sources for his "facts".

"Irregardless", good hunting.

8/23/2006 03:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's really not healthy for juniors here to demand and receive spoon-feeding of all these items, don't you?

Spoon-feeding? More like shoveling shit....buckets full of it. Several posters here continue to data dump reams of shit they have copied and pasted from elsewhere in spamming fashion.

Personally, I attempt to glide over it to the next post, but unfortunately, the data dump spam post is so lengthy, it's difficult to tell where it ends, and the next genuine post begins.

8/23/2006 03:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shrub posts lots of nonsensical stuff all the time.

See there is a difference.

Yes poster, M45 the seven sisters.Plus orion and sirius all have stories.
Some ancient and some modern.
I have read that there are both good and bad pleiadians.Caveat emptor.

I doubt very very much that with billions of stars in our universe.
That we as some infer in their smugness ARE ALONE.

8/23/2006 09:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Shrub posts lots of nonsensical stuff all the time.

See there is a difference.

Well, if you want to be solipsistic, I can see the merit. Everything here, or everywhere, can be considered nonsensical, so you're right. I'm not sure if my nonsense is original, because the majority of shit isn''s merely regurgitated....but, with enough pinache, that regurgitation can be made interesting, as opposed to reams and reams of copied and pasted data.

I agree with you that it is arrogant to think that we are alone in this vast Universe. An interesting question for the religious is, if we are not, and I believe we are not, then has the Christian God intervened in the affairs of its other creations? Did it send its only begotten son to those far-off worlds? It kind of throws the whole story off its pedestal, doesn't it?

Let me ask you. Are you the individual who signed in under my alias? If so, that's rather cowardly, wouldn't you say? I mean, insulting people anonymously is cowardly enough, but pretending you are the person you are insulting to insult them goes beyond the pale of cowardly. Bu, of course, you already know that, and proceed anyway (the person that does it, and did it), so now we're talking pathological, which we already know anyway.

8/24/2006 09:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it is arrogant to think that we are alone in this vast Universe. An interesting question for the religious is, if we are not, and I believe we are not, then has the Christian God intervened in the affairs of its other creations? Did it send its only begotten son to those far-off worlds? It kind of throws the whole story off its pedestal, doesn't it?

Jesus, the Milky Way tour....

8/29/2006 03:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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