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Born in Time (Part Two)

Time marches on, time stands still
Time on my hands, time to kill
Blood on my hands, and my hands in the till
Down at the 7-11 - Warren Zevon

Time Out of Mind

I've always been dismayed by the thought of reincarnation, so its unlikelihood has always been a comfort. Which is why it saddens me to consider that oblivion may have been as much wishful thinking as paradise.

But if the occult is on the table in these times then we need to talk about this, too, since reincarnation is the "great fundamental doctrine" of the Mystery Schools, as Dion Fortune writes in Sane Occultism. And more to the point, the emerging holographic model in which our minds are seen to both extend beyond our material bodies and to have emerged from a common consciousness provides the theoretical construct in which reincarnation becomes scientifically credible, if not inevitable.

Before we go much further, let's recall again the congruities of boundary experience, which are all manifested in part by higher frequencies of electro-magnetic vibration. Remote viewing may be regarded as a subset of astral projection, or out-of-body experience, while an OBE could be called a Near-Death Experience before its time. And the phenomenology of NDEs is remarkably similar to that of UFO encounters, as detailed in Dr Kenneth Ring's The Omega Project. And cords of each lead us to Fortune's fundamental doctrine.

Psychoactive research, too. In Rick Strassman's DMT: The Spirit Molecule he recalls the chill along his spine when he noted for the first time that it took 49 days from conception to the first signs of the human pineal gland, the same span recorded in the Tibetan Book of the Dead from death to reincarnation. (Forty-nine days is also the time of gender differentiation.) Strassman contends that endogenous DMT, produced in the pineal near death, may act as a "scout" for the non-corporeal realm.

Strassman writes:

As we die, if near-death experiences are any indication, there is a profound shift in consciousness away from identification with the body. Pineal DMT makes available those particular non-embodied contents of consciousness. All the factors previously described combine for one final burst of DMT production: catecholamine release; decreased breakdown and increased production of DMT; reduced anti-DMT; and decomposing pineal tissue. Therefore, it may be that the pineal is the most active organ in the body at the time of death....

The consequence of this flood of DMT upon our dying brain-based mind is a pulling back of the veils normally hiding what Tibetan Buddhists call the bardo, or intermediary states between this life and the next. DMT opens our senses to these betwixt states with their myriad visions, thoughts, sounds and feelings. As the body becomes totally inert, consciousness has completely left the body and now exists as a field among many fields of manifest things.

Bruce Moen - who received his training in altered-state projection at the Monroe Institute - describes in his book Voyages into the Unknown OBEs spent as a "first responder" guiding the shocked dead of Oklahoma City towards the souls' "reception centre." He notes he saw a Monroe associate, named Rebecca, doing the same, "her arms spread out in love...providing a portal," and that they acknowledged each other with smiles. Later, in this world, by telephone, they compared notes. ("Oh Bruce, the babies" were her first words.)

Reincarnation was the core tenent of Robert Monroe's philosophy, which he said he learned over decades of astral travel. Remember his "I/There"? Monroe taught that the self we know is merely the fragment of the "Total Self" which is currently living a physical life. The total self is a cluster of many beings who each live many lifetimes. (Since Monroe's death in 1995 Skip Atwater, former Operations and Training Officer of the US military's remote viewing program, has served as the institute's Director of Research.)

Where Life and Death are Memorized

Dr Joel Whitton is a Toronto psychologist who, in 1972, participated in the "Philip" experiment which allegedly created a fictional ghost by the power of a group's applied will (not unlike making a tulpa). In the decades since he has researched reincarnation, and his 13-year work with 30 individuals published in the book Life Between Life.

Of Whitton's subjects, Michael Talbot writes in The Holographic Universe that many "gave uncannily accurate historical details about the times in which they had lived":

Some even spoke languages unknown to them. While reliving an apparent past life as a Viking, one man, a 37-year old behavioral scientist, shouted words that linquistic authorities later identified as Old Norse. After being regressed to an ancient Persian lifetime, the same man began to write in a spidery, Arabic-style script that an expert in Near Eastern languages identified as an authentic representation of Sassanid Pahlavi, a long-extinct Mesopotamian tongue that flourished between A.D. 226 and 651.

Perhaps we should ask now, if we are confident that the subjects are not inventing a past life, can we assume that they are always recalling one? There are endless signals in the superhologram. Could it be that, when tuning in the higher vibrations, their brains-as-receivers instead pick up the cross-talk of disembodied consciousness? Rather than a transmigration of souls, this would mean a certain entanglement. Possibly. Entanglement could account for certain manifestations of mental and spiritual illness, including "possession." But the distinction may be chiefly rhetorical if we all partake of the same consciousness, and it fails to account for the alleged physical footprint of past lives upon the present.

Dr Ian Stevenson, head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, published an article in 1993 entitled "Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons." He found that 35% of children who claim to recall past lives bear a birthmark or defect they attribute to a wound suffered in an earlier incarnation.

Stevenson writes:

The cases of 210 such children have been investigated. The birthmarks were usually areas of hairless, puckered skin; some were areas of little or no pigmentation (hypopigmented macules); others were areas of increased pigmentation (hyperpigmented nevi). The birth defects were nearly always of rare types. In cases in which a deceased person was identified the details of whose life unmistakably matched the child's statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks and/or birth defects on the child and the wounds on the deceased person. In 43 of 49 cases in which a medical document (usually a postmortem report) was obtained, it confirmed the correspondence between wounds: and birthmarks (or birth defects). There is little evidence that parents and other informants imposed a false identity on the child in order to explain the child's birthmark or birth defect. Some paranormal process seems required to account for at least some of the details of these cases, including the birthmarks and birth defects.

Talbot notes that Stevenson has escorted many children to the locales of their past lives, and observed them effortlessly navigate what should have been strange neighbourhoods as they "correctly identified their former house, belongings, and past-life relatives and friends."

Interestingly, and contrary to the presumptions of religion, Stevenson and most NDE researchers find no evidence of "retributive karma" or judgement of "sin" or uncharitable conduct.

Talbot writes that Stevenson has found that:

...although a person's material conditions can vary greatly from one life to the next, their moral conduct, interests, aptitudes, and attitudes remain the same. Individuals who were criminals in their previous existence tend to be drawn to criminal behavior again; people who were generous and kind continue to be generous and kind, and so on. From this Stevenson concludes that it is not the outward trappings of life that matter, but the inner ones, the joys, sorrows, and "inner growths" of the personality, that appear to be most important.

But wait: "inner growth" would appear to include criminality - be all the bastard you can be - as there is neither judgement nor reward beyond that which we make for ourselves. And accordingly, ancient, evil souls would be inclined to re-manifest once again as dark actors and vectors of calamity, though perhaps more skilled for having incorporated the lessons of many lifetimes.

By this perspective, reincarnation sheds its religious ardor and becomes all about experiment. But whose?

Cold Irons Bound

Late one evening in October, 1973, at 2,500 feet and good visibility, the crew of an Army Reserve helicopter flying from Columbus to Cleveland saw a red light to the west, heading south. Initially, it was taken to be a F-100 out of Mansfield, though Richard Dolan writes in UFOs and the National Security State that the airbase later confirmed there were no aircraft in the area. Abruptly, the light changed direction and headed directly towards them. Captain Lawrence J Coyne, with 19-years flying experience, tried to radio an airport but found his communication equipment had failed. He then sent his craft into a dive to 1,700 feet as the light drew close, stopping dead directly in front revealing a cigar-shaped, metallic body with a small dome ontop. One crewman thought he saw windows. The red light was shining on the front of the object, a white light on the side and a green on the bottom. The object then positioned itself above the helicopter and remained stationary for 10 seconds, flooding the cockpit with green light before continuing west. As it departed the helicopter radio returned to working order. Oddly, the altimeter showed them to now be at 3,500 and climbing, yet the stick for descent still pointed down and Coyne had not attempted to ascend.

Witnesses on the ground included a family of five driving below on a rural road, who saw both object and helicopter and the green light. Another witness, Jeanne Elias, was in bed watching TV and put a pillow over her head at the sound of the diving helicopter. The noise woke up her 14-year old son and the green light bathed his bedroom.

Resolute debunker Philip Klass said the crew must have misidentified a meteor, and that the witnesses on ground had to be lying.

The crew received peculiar attention in the aftermath. Captain Coyne received a call from the Department of the Army, Surgeon General's Office, inquiring whether he had since had any "unusual dreams." He reported a particularly lucid dream of an out-of-body [OBE] experience.

Richard L Thompson, in his concordance of UFO accounts and ancient Vedic texts entitled Alien Identities, quotes Sgt John Healey, one of the helicopter crewmen:

As time would go by, the Pentagon would call us up and ask us, Well, has this incident happened to you since the occurrence? And in two of the instances that I recall, what they questioned me, was, number one, have I ever dreamed of body separation, and I have - I dreamed that I was dead in bed and that my spirit or whatever was floating, looking down at me lying dead in bed... and the other thing was if I had ever dreamed of anything in spherical shape. Which definitely had not occured to me.

The Pentagon frequently called Captain Coyne with similar questions, and would inquir after all the crew members. "One wonders," writes Thompson, "who in the Pentagon might be interested in the UFO/OBE connection."

Perhaps this is a good place to reintroduce the egg imagery common to UFOs and the soul, and occult workings meant to open portals and birth a new aeon. Whitley Strieber writes in Transformation that his visitors told him, "We recycle souls."

Death Is Not the End

The idea of Alex Proyas' Dark City came in in a recurring chidhood nightmare, of darkclad, vampiric "strangers" playing God to a somnambulant people. One day you may be a subway driver; the next, an investment broker, and you were to never remember you'd been anything else. The subjects were treated with indifference, and though sometimes they would be given a good life it was incidental to the benefit of the hidden strangers, who fed upon their emotions. A good film, that would make a crummy blueprint for eternity.

Because here's the rub: If Charles Fort is correct, and we're "property," the lease may not expire with our mortal body. If reincarnation is a fact, then its purpose is not likely a benefit to us, insofar as "us" has any sensible meaning. If non-human intelligence is fabricating spiritual phenomena in this world, what is to prevent it from doing the same in the next? If criminal souls do return to this existence and, by their nature and by the system that rewards it, so often rise to cruel power, then who would benefit more than hungry spirits that feed upon the traumas they inflict? And might some occult traditions exist in order to pass on the knowledge of the perseverance of the soul in order to maintain earthly power from grave to grave?

Time, they say, will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff -- this link's for you:

9/29/2006 04:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. I love this stuff. I've been reading you for a long time, but I don't remember reading anything so specific to the soul and death. That's quite a coincidence, because I just wrote a proof for consciousness being eternal on my own website.

9/29/2006 04:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff...spooky as always.

Some of the questions you raise I first noticed in reading about A toronto sun writer who delved (and then took his own life) in strands of this:

The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts
by Joe Fisher

Part of the same stuff I think. See if you can turn it up. I haven't got to it, though I've meant to for years.


9/29/2006 04:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if "they" try to recycle my soul, I'll do everything in my power to make them regret it. I never had any respect for (or belief in) religions and Gods, and if there's an afterlife, they can't fool me with performing a sweet Jesus in Heaven show.

9/29/2006 05:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...a world where men and women live like animals..."

Alternate Dimension Network News:

9/29/2006 05:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If Charles Fort is correct, and we're "property," the lease may not expire with our mortal body."

Especially if a corporation owns the property rights. Because then they can use you, forever.

"You can never use it for anything without my permission...these are the facts of law...the facts of reality..."

Watch for yourself:

9/29/2006 05:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it so easy for us to believe in the conspiracies and that there is an evil world outside of ours. Yet, we do not believe that evil can conspire against us in such a way as to convince us that there is no God?

9/29/2006 05:29:00 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

I always find it interesting in this blog that there is so little concerning the yogic sciences of the "East" which offer a vast lore both theoretical and practical on matters such as reincarnation and spiritual or "weird" phenomena. Unlike most of Western spirituality the these Sufi/Yogic traditions are empirically based. Other areas of the world have researched and worked with these matters for thousands of years and have already been up and down many of the blind alleys that Western occultism still tends to linger in. That is not to say that Western occultism is so flawed that it doesn't offer deep insights into life and death--but that is too big a subject to discuss in this comment.

9/29/2006 05:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When one recognizes the intrinsic connection between all beings, the thought that, "There is only me here (not an egoic me) and I'm all alone" can be rather daunting.
Perhaps the one became the many so it could have an experience, thus creating this wild holographic roller coaster through what seems like eternity... but actually nothing at all is happening. What can you possibly be afraid of when there is only the Self?
We are the weavers
We are the woven Ones
We are the dreamers
and we are the Dream

9/29/2006 06:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lead to the straight path without a revealed book; I direct aright my beloved and chosen ones by unseen means. All my teachings are easily applicable to all times and all conditions. I punish in another world all who do contrary to my will.

Now the sons of Adam do not know the state of things that is to come. For this reason, they fall into many errors. The beasts of the earth, the birds of heaven and the fish of the sea are all under the control of my hands. All treasures and hidden things are known to me; and as I desire, I take them from one and bestow them upon another.

I reveal my wonders to those who seek them, and in due time my miracles to those who receive them from me. But those who are without are my adversaries, hence they oppose me. Nor do they know that such a course is against their own interests, for might, wealth and riches are in my hands, and I bestow them upon every worthy descendant of Adam. Thus the government of the worlds, the transition of generations, and the changes of their directors are determined by me from the beginning.

None shall live in this world longer than the time set by me; and if I so desire, I send a person a second or third time into this world or into some other by the transmigration of souls.

Pleased to meet you.Hope you guess my name.

9/29/2006 06:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picked up from this page -

'Some extracts from an e-mail exchange which took place between Rick Strassman and myself (Caroline Taylor) at the end of January 2002:

CT: Put more specifically; do you feel that endogenous DMT could have a role to play in some future scenario, involving mass major trauma of some kind? This would be followed, potentially, of course, by a sudden evolution of consciousness to a happier state, for some/all of our species? In other words, a biologically-based eschaton? Such a scenario could be the result of some major environmental collapse of course - or some harder to imagine one, involving the final timewave "concresence" in 2012? In either case, do you agree with my feeling that endogenous DMT could, figuratively speaking, be waiting in the wings right now for its star performance, as a vehicle of mass transcendence, or purveyor of large amounts of human (and animal?) consciousness to some other dimension? (I hesitate to say "higher", for it could also be called "deeper", or "fuller.") In any case, the pineal gland (body) could be both the "port" of this vehicle, and possibly a vital "future" organ.

RS: I have been nursing a theory along these lines for some time. Briefly, that the N-methylating enzyme responsible for DMT production turns on in everyone across the planet at the same time, thus ushering in the escahton, messianic age, non-corporeal consciousness, or what have you. This could take place any number of ways; one way is a common cold virus gets a bit of DNA implanted into it that is inserted into all of us, which is programmed to turn on at some specific time, unleashing the N-methylating enzyme effects. This time would be an astrologically determined event, such as solar flare, particular constellation alignment, etc. Of course, along the lines of your interest in John Mack's work, that stimulus for enzyme activation could come from "them."

CT: Final question! Professor John Mack is for me an important pioneer in terms of "paradigm shifts". I wonder to what extent your views and his overlap, particularly re your understanding of the nature and origin of the "aliens"? (alias "beings" "elves" etc..)

RS: John knows of and is very interested in our work.

CT: Incidentally, I was struck in your book by the resonance between Cassandra's description of the process of letting go in her third trip, followed by a major resolution or assimilation of her difficulties in her fourth, and the description by one of Prof. Mack's "abductees", under regressive hypnosis, of four steps (literally, and fearfully!) through a wall! The third step amounted to high anxiety; the fourth, liberation. As in some of the DMT experiences you describe, there seems to be a metaphorical, dream-like quality present. The "fourth step" could refer to the process of transition to a fourth dimension... I feel all this part of one and the same mystery.

RS: Yes, and if DMT were involved, it gives credence to the objective reality of such phenomenon.'

9/29/2006 06:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I come from the school of thought that we are all part of infinite consciousness.

I know people , whom I trust implicitly who "understand" such things.

One of them suggests that this life is truly a learning process, and another who says that it is WE who choose where we go upon death.

The choice is either reincarnation or elevation to a higher level of conciousness.

The criteria for such choice is Have we learned the lessons of physical existence, and do we indeed wish to move on ?

Who is the only person in the world who can make that decision ?

Its the only person in the world who
cant lie to.

There is, I suspect a mirror for souls in the afterlife.

I could go a lot further, and conjecturise on how the secret societies understand and indeed manipulate this law of one to their own ends.

9/29/2006 06:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is just creepy! I just made some comments at a forum about that old movie "Ground Hog Day".

And how Bill Murray has to live that day over and over, until he get's it right.

Here's the gist of it:
Now who or what is Sophia?

Sophia is each soul's feminine side. Just like the yin/yang symbol we are all dual in nature. We have a feminine and a masculine side.

As does all of life.

And now what happens to Bill Murray in that movie Groundhog Day?

He has to relive that day over and over and over.

Until he gets it right.

Until he discovers his feminine side, the side of compassion, mercy, kindness and pure true love for all of God's creatures.

Now eons ago, for some reason our feminine nature or souls were hidden from us.

But all of life is a struggle to rejoin and find that feminine side and bring them together and create a real heaven on earth.

And yes annemarie, I recently discovered that Apocalyse means unveiling. We open our eyes to the light.

And things are really getting stranger by the day here on Planet Earth. Almost seems like we shifted into a higher frequency.

9/29/2006 07:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the problem I've always had with reincarnation:

Where do the new souls come from? We're pushing 10 billion souls on the planet now. Are some souls manufactured, while others are recycled? And how is THAT decided?

No, thank you. I'll take oblivion, anyday.

9/29/2006 07:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A portion of Dick's notes from Valis, posted previously:

"We should be able to hear this information, or rather narrative, as a neutral voice inside us. But something has gone wrong. All creation is a language and nothing but a language, which for some inexplicable reason we can't read outside and can't hear inside. So I say, we have become idiots. Something has happened to our intelligence. My reasoning is this: arrangement of parts of the Brain is language. We are parts of the Brain; therefore we are language. Why, then, do we not know this? We do not even know what we are, let alone what the outer reality is of which we are parts. The origin of the word 'idiot' is the word 'private.' Each of us has become private, and no longer shares the common thought of the Brain, except at a subliminal level. Thus our real life and purpose are conducted below our threshold of consciousness."

Interesting, in light of Jeff's conjecture about metaconscious 'crosstalk.'

PKD also famously wrote that

"To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies."

Tempted to draw parallel between the Holocaust and the Palestinian experience here, how the victims have now become the oppressors, but that would not (grips head like Kirk in some lurid alien chamber) ... mustn't ... think ... that ... way ... (falls to ground screaming)

Whew! Almost sucked into the vortex there...

Dick goes on to note, "Zoroaster knew this, because the Wise Mind informed him. He was the first savior. Four have lived in all. A fifth is about to be born, who will differ from the others: he will rule and he will judge us....The physician has come to us a number of times under a number of names. But we are not yet healed. The Empire identified him and ejected him. This time he will kill the Empire by phagocytosis."

By phagocytosis! Whatever did PKD mean by that? The savior will consume the Empire? How?

More: " It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiental information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction -- a failure - of memory retrieval."

"Our world is still secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton, and his knowledge is the information of the Macro-Mind itself."

Did Phil truly believe this? He ends with this:

"From Ikhnaton this knowledge passed to Moses, and from Moses to Elijah, the Immortal Man, who became Christ. But underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man; and we are that man."

Is Dick Cheney part of "we?" Maybe some warped Zamyatinesque version, but not, currently, mine.

9/29/2006 07:19:00 PM  
Blogger Tsoldrin said...

knaverupe said...

Here's the problem I've always had with reincarnation:

Where do the new souls come from? We're pushing 10 billion souls on the planet now. Are some souls manufactured, while others are recycled? And how is THAT decided?

No, thank you. I'll take oblivion, anyday.

I'll second that motion, as it is nearly exactly what I was going to say.

9/29/2006 07:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Where do the new souls come from? We're pushing 10 billion souls on the planet now. Are some souls manufactured, while others are recycled? And how is THAT decided?"

That would be an interesting statistic when compared against the number of post 49 day terminated pregnancies and miscarriages throughout history.

just a dumb thought.

9/29/2006 08:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, thank you. I'll take oblivion, anyday.

That choice may not be up to you.

9/29/2006 08:17:00 PM  
Blogger tridentblue said...

Some bits on reincarnation widely occuring in different traditions:

people rise up from being animals, giving the creation of new souls. People don't usually go down.

Escape from the wheel of Karma takes a long fucking time...You can be a criminal for 100 lives and pay for 100 lives. Its a slow process. Yoga etc. Sells itself as speeding up this process.

9/29/2006 08:18:00 PM  
Blogger lemme howdt said...

Jeeps - seems to me that i am on the same wavelength with 1/64 of the people that i deal with - to the point where they can correctly finish my sentences and have the conceptual basis of knowing what i am talking about. Recently stumbling into sacred geometry has led me to an invigorating search for truth based wisdom. My alter ego, however,must live in the 'real' world.

Yet careful observation has led me to believe that there are interspecies communication wavelengths that allow bonding beyond the normal - an example would be when pets wait at the door. There is another there out there, but letting go to reach it while here means disregarding the things that you must pay attention to when dealing with others in this life. Ghandi had satyagraha, the ability to let things slide while not letting anything slide - i wonder if we all just stopped for a few days, what the response would be. A 72 hour siesta with no economic activity or physical exertion.

Dream on, dream for the laughter, dream for the tears ...

9/29/2006 08:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the deserts of the western United states, a fascinating archeological investigation (as well as some very remarkable linquistic findings features an equinox timelapse animation of a "serpent and egg."

9/29/2006 08:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Reincarnation" in the way you describe it has nothing whatsoever to do with yogic or vedantic wisdom traditions, or any form of hinduism or buddhism. It is nothing other than the cynically confabulated 19th century bullshit of HP Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Olcott, which even Blavatsky later personally admitted she had made up in order to make her books more exciting and to increase her income.

The transmigration or metempsychosis of buddhism and hinduism is utterly different than that which you describe. Your version is a cynically intended psychological manipulation of the masses at best, a demonic prescription for possession at worst. Congratulations, Jeff, you have descended further into the darkness than ever before. You are swimming in the shit swamp of the damned without a snorkel, mask or earplugs, no less any oxygen. But maybe that's how you like it.

To any reader interested in a fairly decent scholarly discussion of the specifics of almost every phenomenon Herr Jeff has swirled together in the fetid cauldron of this one post, I highly recommend you read Charles Upton's book The System of AntiChrist.

Upton is not a Christian, but rather a Sufi, and he dissects these phenomena from the higher ground of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Lakota spirituality, as well as Sufism, Christianity, Judaism. It is a tour de force.

While no one can be expected to have gotten everything right in over 500 pages, nor can one expect to find oneself in total agreement on all the fine points, Upton has gotten most of the broad strokes correct, in my personal opinion.

Anyone, and I mean anyone who can read English passably well, would find his or her time vastly better spent delving into a bit of Upton's work, than wallowing in the nonsense and filth of this blog, which is beyond any reasonable doubt a highly seductive trap, thoroughly imbued with and pruriently pimping all that is evil for your eventual consumption and poisoning thereby.

RI is like a verbal version of Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights," a skillfully rendered and strangely compelling icon to those who are attracted by such garbage. But it is garbage nonetheless.

9/29/2006 08:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

twb: "pruriently pimping"? Are you Stan Lee by any chance?

9/29/2006 09:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Where do the new souls come from?

The whole point of reincarnation would be spiritual evolution. There is an obvious progression where the souls would come from: mineral, plant, animal, human, all the way to more spiritually advanced beings.

9/29/2006 09:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Look at this link for a unique perspective on the afterlife.

9/29/2006 10:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've posted here before that I believe one goal of MKULTRA was to access prior lives for Theta work. If a person has a Theta part that is three years old, for example, the skills at remembering a past life as a yogi would be accessed for the remainder of the person's life. Usually the children "forget" the past life when they reach the age of five. With the Theta parts in place, they have access to the child who does remember for the lifetime of that person.

Sounds stupid but I was drawn to Kung Fu theatre as a child and watched that show through college. It always made me feel comforted and at home. I didn't fit in to this world but seemed to fit into the world portrayed in that show.

When I was an adult and met a monk from India, I remembered him. I had not met him in this life but had known him before.

All of this stuff is nothing new to Thetas.

9/29/2006 10:32:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

...."than wallowing in the nonsense and filth of this blog, which is beyond any reasonable doubt a highly seductive trap, "

We are drawn to what we need to learn, and understand. I do not see Upton's conjectures or your opinions of such any less credible than what is here. We are all searching. Seductive trap? Upton's wasn't?

"He claims to have "transcended dogma" but does not "deny it."

If you've found it, pray tell us .

9/29/2006 10:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(wrong thread, silly me...)
I've been reading this Blog and it's commentaries for a short bit of time now (A lurker, if you will...) and I suppose I'll say that it's nice to know there are other people in the world who share the same views as m'self. (There was always the "belief", but being a humble human among many, there is always that nagging doubt that 'there aren't enough...')
Many have taken their beliefs and passion to creative outlets.
"Carbon" - VnV Nation
A million points of light
Ascending to the sky
Monuments in darkness
Standing watch
Until the sun will rise
Screaming to an emptiness
Of how we once defined ourselves
With our hands over our eyes
Claiming all of creation

What inspires in us this madness
That out existence should be defined
By a light that can't be seen by anyone
What inspires in us this madness
That out existence should be defined
By a light that we can't see
By a light that can't be seen

A million points of light
Ascending to the sky
Monuments in darkness
Standing watch
Until the sun will rise
I can't see this all as progress
How did we come this far?
When we see ourselves as deities
Claiming Nature for ourselves
By our actions we betray
The instincts in our race
By our blindness and stupidity
We kill everything
We kill... everything
Can someone see our self destruction?
Are we reminding ourselves
That our existence is
So delicate
That without this light we are no more
That without this light we've made we are no more

A million points of light
Ascending to the sky
Monuments in darkness
Standing watch
Until the sun will rise
We torch this earth until it bleeds
Rain ashes from the sky
Just to make a light that no one can see
We cut this earth until it bleeds
Rain ashes from the sky
Just to make a light that no one can see
Just to make a light
Just to make a light
We kill everything
By our blindness and stupidity
We kill... everything

in 1000 years what will be our legacy
a million lights that no one can see
a million points of light

This is a terribly moving song. If any of you download (*ehem* 'pirate') mp3's, I suggest this one. Fits the structure of my thinking, anyway, and it's nice to hear someone else vocalize it, since I shatter glass when I sing.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice manifesto, Jeff, of your musings and research on this.

Just two comments I thought were particularly clear to me:

Jeff writes:

"Perhaps we should ask now, if we are confident that the subjects are not inventing a past life, can we assume that they are always recalling one? There are endless signals in the superhologram. Could it be that, when tuning in the higher vibrations, their brains-as-receivers instead pick up the cross-talk of disembodied consciousness? Rather than a transmigration of souls, this would mean a certain [innate and "never alone"?] entanglement [always in everyone, with some more DNA receptive to it than others--on that see below for me fleshing that out.]."

Is that what you mean?


And might occult traditions exist to pass on the knowledge of the perseverance of the soul in order to maintain earthly power from grave to grave?

See the Richard Grove discussion linked below. Jeff uncannily fits with what he is talking about.

another commenter writes:

I always find it interesting in this blog that there is so little concerning the yogic sciences of the "East" which offer a vast lore both theoretical and practical on matters such as reincarnation and spiritual or "weird" phenomena. Unlike most of Western spirituality the these Sufi/Yogic traditions are empirically based.

First, these may hardly be as "separate" as you might think, particularly since the Sufic groups are very bloodline oriented in their knowledge transmissions. As for the "near" east, this may be more western than you think: much seem to be a continuation of the gnostic/pagan contexts rejected by Chalcedonian Christianity, so those groups went east a bit and merged into Sufic groups...

Much of the esoteric Sufic seems just another line of the "Mediterranean/Egyptian/Euro-pagan" heritage itself in my opinion, shifted eastward by religious repression and politics, to bubble up through veils of Islam. And of course Islam is intimately linked with Judaism and Christaianity frameworks instead of separate either.

On the occult lineages potentially passing down such knowledges from fatther to "acceptable/receptive" son, yes. There seems to be one particular link in the "west" that is still there for this.

This is the Phoenecian areas of the later Jewish peoples, a huge mish mash of Baal and other cults that gain power by sacrifice of children with much astral planing issues.

If you read the blockbuster Book of Hiram, one bloodline candidate for this occult transmission you may see like me in the high Jewish priests, the hereditary bloodlines of the Sanhedrin (or ma'madot), which seemed in practice to be pretty "un-monogamous" to their supposed Jewishness, which was instead the religiou of the Jewish masses instead of the very different hereditary Jewish priestly elites!

They seem to have had less to do with worshipping Jehova and more to do with worshipping starlight, astrological conjuctions, birth-astronomy rituals (being born on the proper day or even conceived in a particular temple that allowed a certain stellar light/conjunction to fall upon the sex act.

This was connected with hereditary child impregnation (loosely religiously required child rape by these bloodlines) under these conditions.

Do they continue as European Rex Deus groups in some sense, using another name?

Richard Grove alludes to some of this. If you want more than his little talk I recommend the Book of Hiram here: Book Of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus, Secret Key To Life Of Jesus by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (2005).

another quote and another issue, loosely around information about the DNA/DMT 'lock'

The Hardwired Biological Pathway of Astral Planing in Humans

For those just tuning in (no pun intended), "DMT" is short for # Dimethyltryptamine, an endogenous and hallucinogenic tryptamine.

It may however have nothing to do with "hallucinations" and much more do do with "tuning the DNA transceiver". Stress on lucidogenic, instead of hallucinogenic. Consciousness itself may be just a form of hallucination, of various degrees of depth.

someone's quote got me assembling some information on this:

RS: Yes, and if DMT were involved, it gives credence to the objective reality of such phenomenon.

On DMT, anyone know if there have been research done on its interlinks with DNA processes, on all the other piggybacked biophoton-telekenetic- "receiver" qualities of the DNA molecule as a doorway accessing the wider "Total Body" or simply other places in the same physical space far distant?

First more on DMT, before getting into the DNA/DMT lock that seems to enhance such more (hal)lucinogenic effects.

What if instead of a hallucinogen, DMT is a "lucinogen" in other words, accessing more of reality instead of taking one away from it? "Lucinogen" is a neologism I think that is required for this following discussion:

Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT, Dimitri, and N,N-dimethyltryptamine, not to be confused with 5-MeO-DMT, is a psychedelic tryptamine, similar in structure to the neurotransmitter serotonin.

In general tryptamine is a huge junction of psychedelic/mind effects. Tryptamine (3-(2-aminoethyl)indole) is a monoamine compound that is widespread in nature. Biosynthesis generally proceeds from the amino acid tryptophan, with tryptamine in turn acting as a precursor for other compounds including [1] indole, [2] beta-carboline (required to get the DMT activated) and [3] ergoline alkaloids and [4] auxins. All these come out of the same tryptophan to trypamine pathway. Many other tweaks of this same pathway yeild mind numbing effects or mind excitation effects.

For instance off trypamine in different directions you get all these different mental effects. Note that there is only one metabolic pathway that yields the psychodelic/expanded awareness effect. The others are different "this worldly effects."

* Pyridine group: piperine, coniine, trigonelline, arecaidine, guvacine, pilocarpine, cytisine, nicotine, sparteine, pelletierine. Nothing transcendent.

* Pyrrolidine group: hygrine, cuscohygrine, nicotine [the same]

* Tropane group: atropine, cocaine, ecgonine, scopolamine [Stimulating, though hardly transcendent.]

* Quinoline group: quinine, quinidine, dihydroquinine, dihydroquinidine, strychnine, brucine, veratrine, cevadine [poisons or medicines]

* Isoquinoline group: The opium alkaloids (morphine, codeine, thebaine, papaverine, narcotine, sanguinarine, narceine, hydrastine, berberine) [numbing narcotics effects instead of transcendent effects, though fascinatingly the same tryptophan to trypamine precursors only tweaked ever so slightly from this next one:

Now we are getting into the spiritual entheogens territory or metabolic tweaking:

* Phenethylamine group: mescaline, ephedrine [Particluarly mescaline: mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine) is a hallucinogenic (or lucinogenic) alkaloid of the phenethylamine class. It occurs naturally in the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii), the San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi), in the Peruvian Torch cactus (Echinopsis peruviana), and it is also found in a number of other members of the Cactaceae. It can be extracted from these sources. Mescaline was first isolated and identified in 1897 by the German Arthur Heffter and first synthesized in 1919 by Ernst Späth. Users typically experience visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness, often experienced as pleasurable and illuminating but occasionally as accompanied by feelings of anxiety or revulsion. It is not physically addictive.

One or more of the following lucination effects may or may not accompany any individual experience with mescaline.

* Open eye visuals
* Closed-eye visuals
* New thought processes
* Dream-like scenarios
* Euphoria
* Mystical experience
* Pupil dilation
* Sensations of warm and cold
* Temporary splitting/destruction of ego
* Dizziness
* Vomiting
* Tachycardia
* Diarrhea
* Headaches
* Anxiety
* Feeling of dying or annihilation
* Fear of not being able to return to normal consciousness
* Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)
* Irrationality of the thought-process

Getting even further into the same "different transceiver" effects of some of these tryamines that disturb the typical grounded personality we have the whole indole group, a real hotbed of such biological/neurological/"spiritual access" effects to the 'otherhere':

* Indole group:
o Tryptamines: DMT, NMT, psilocybin, serotonin
o Ergolines: the ergot alkaloids (ergine, ergotamine, lysergic acid, etc.)
o Beta-carbolines: harmine, yohimbine, reserpine, emetine

Summarizing these effects would distract from the perusing of the common DNA activation off drug pathways that I believe can be shown and argued to turn on the 97% of the DNA we typically leave 'off' in regular consciousness. However, you can see the small tweaks entirely loose the consciousness expanding pathway effects, like in Yohimbine:

Yohimbine, also known under the outdated names quebrachin, aphrodin, corynine, yohimvetol, and hydroergotocin, is the principal alkaloid of the bark of the West-African tree Pausinystalia yohimbe Pierre (formerly Corynanthe yohimbe), family Rubiaceae (Madder family). There are 31 other yohimbane alkaloids found in Yohimbe. Yohimbine is a selective competitive alpha2-adrenergic receptor antagonist and is used for treating erectile dysfunction. It is claimed to be an aphrodisiac. It is also used as a weight loss supplement as it increases noradrenaline (norepinephrine) levels. Higher doses of oral Yohimbine create numerous side effects such as rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and overstimulation. Yohimbine is also used clinically to produce anxiety--though nothing about it creating consciousness expansion.

Reserpine is a variant that entirely "gums up" the whole pathway: it's is an indole alkaloid[2] known to irreversibly bind to storage vesicles of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Reserpine thus leads to depletion of open monoamine neurotransmitters in the synapses.

Then back into mere excitation tryptamines:

* Purine group:
o Xanthines: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline

* Terpenoid group:
o Aconite alkaloids: aconitine [Back into poisions--note how close are poisions, deaths, and the "artificial pineal near death experiences effects" of some of the large tryptamine family. Hardly chemically accidental. Aconitine is a highly poisonous alkaloid derived from the aconite plant. It is a neurotoxin that opens TTX-sensitive Na+ channels in the heart and other tissues, and is used for creating models of cardiac arrhythmia, or obviously, for killing people. Do these people get an enhanced pineal rush as well? Who can say...

o Steroids: solanine, samandarin [Their most important role in most living systems is as hormones. Steroid hormones produce their physiological effects by binding to steroid hormone receptor proteins. The binding of steroid hormones to their receptors causes changes in gene transcription and cell function. Once more the DNA activation effect circling around the tryptamines, similar to auxin mentioned above.]

* Betaines (quaternary ammonium compounds): muscarine, choline, neurine

Thus, there is a just a tiny pathway (or two, counting mescaline) off tryptamine that lead to these consciousness expanding effects.

Thus, off a tiny branch of the larger tryptophan to tryptamine pathway, you get the whole network of effects of mind/body biological interfaces--with both consciousness (regular serotonin, self-generated DMT and betas), psychodelia (variants off the same DMT/betas) and gene stimulation being one in the same number of effects. For instance:

First, what is interesting here, in the psychodelic sense, is that auxins directly stimulate or inhibit the expression of specific genes, in plants at least, though in steroids for humans--same tryptamine basis. Do other tryptamine pathways have even wider effects of stimulating the 97% of the "dark DNA" we rarely use, into stimulating it to become fixed into an "on/transceiver" position?

Keep that in mind as you read on--that this path creates something that turns on DNA/genes and consciousness effects at the same biological level.

Second, another psychoactive tryptamine byproduct is ergoline. Ergoline is a chemical compound whose structural skeleton is contained in a diverse range of alkaloids and a few psychedelic drugs (ololiuhqui, LSD). Ergoline alkaloids were first isolated from ergot, a fungus that infects grain and causes the disease ergotism. Ergot also has a long history of medicinal use, which led to attempts to characterize its activity chemically. This began in 1907 with the isolation by G. Barger and F. H. Carrin of ergotoxine, so-named since it appeared to exhibit more of the toxicity of ergot than its therapeutic qualities. With the isolation of ergotamine in 1918 by A. Stoll came the first therapeutic use of isolated ergoline alkaloids. With the determination of the basic chemical structure of the ergot alkaloids in the early 1930s, an era of intensive exploration of synthetic derivatives began.

In addition to the naturally occurring ergonovine (used as an oxytocic) and ergotamine (an analgesic used to control migraine), synthetic derivatives of continuing importance today are the oxytocic methergine, the anti-migraine drugs dihydroergotamine and methysergide, the anti-senility nootropic (smart drug) Hydergine™ (a mixture of dihydroergotoxine mesylates, INN: ergoline mesylates), and bromocriptine, used for numerous purposes including treatment of Parkinson's disease. Newer synthetic ergolines used for Parkinson's disease include pergolide and lisuride.

Perhaps the most famous ergoline derivative of all is the psychedelic drug LSD. In 1960, Albert Hofmann (discoverer of methergine, dihydroergotamine, Hydergine and LSD) delivered a speech that was to cause shockwaves of incredulity and even disbelief in the scientific community.

Ergoline alkaloids, previously only known from the lower fungi, had been found in two species of flowering plants. These were the Mexican species Rivea corymbosa and Ipomoea violacea of the Convolvulaceae (morning glory) family, the seeds of which were identified as the psychedelic plant drugs known as "ololiuhqui" and "tlitliltzin".

Hofmann's result was later confirmed by other studies. The principal alkaloids in the seeds are ergine and its optical isomer isoergine, with several other lysergic acid derivatives and clavines present in lesser amounts. The Hawaiian species Argyreia nervosa was later found to include similar alkaloids. It is possible, though not proven, that ergine and/or isoergine are responsible for the hallucinogenic effects.

Third, another path off tryptamine are the alkyloids. An alkaloid, strictly speaking, is a naturally-occurring amine produced by a plant,[1] but amines produced by animals and fungi are also called alkaloids. Many alkaloids have pharmacological effects on humans and animals. The name derives from the word alkaline; originally, the term was used to describe any nitrogen-containing base. Alkaloids are usually derivatives of amino acids. Most alkaloids have a very bitter taste. They are found as secondary metabolites in plants (e.g., in potatoes and tomatoes), animals (e.g., in shellfish) and fungi, and can be extracted from their sources by treatment with acids (usually hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, though organic acids such as maleic acid and citric acid are sometimes used). While many alkaloids, such as strychnine or coniine, are poisonous, some are used in medicine as analgesics (pain relievers) or anaesthetics, particularly opium deriviate morphine, and codeine.

Substitutions to the tryptophan to tryptamine molecule and the metabolic biological beyond give rise to a group of compounds collectively known as tryptamines as said above.

The most well-known tryptamines are serotonin, an important neurotransmitter, and melatonin, a hormone involved in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

However, it is this one small metabolic pathway off Tryptamine in the alkaloids found in fungi, plants and animals are commonly used by humans for their psychotropic effects. Prominent examples include psilocybin (from "magic mushrooms") and DMT (from numerous plant sources, e.g. chacruna, often used in ayahuasca brews). Many synthetic tryptamines have also been made, including the migraine drug sumatriptan and its relatives.

The almost exclusive hardwired psychodelic paths are these, off the 'indole' group of tryptophan, described momentarily:

Indole group:

* Tryptamines: DMT, NMT, psilocybin, serotonin
* Ergolines: the ergot alkaloids (ergine, ergotamine, lysergic acid, etc.)
* Beta-carbolines: harmine, yohimbine, reserpine, emetine

All of these might be considered slightly different tuning rods struck aginst the same entheogenic and "DNA tuning" biochemical pathways in the human body.

The tryptamine backbone can also be identified as part of the structure of some more complex compounds, for example: ergoline alkaloids like LSD, ibogaine and yohimbine.

Particluarly, this hardwired pathway of DMT is there in the human body because it is created in small amounts by the human body during normal metabolism[1].

Pure DMT at room temperature is a light pink, orange, or yellow waxy or crystalline solid. DMT was first chemically synthesized in 1931. It also occurs naturally in many species of plants. DMT-containing plants are used in several South American shamanic practices. It is one of the main active constituents of snuffs like yopo and of the drink ayahuasca.

However, DMT is not orally active unless it is combined with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), such as harmaline. Without an MAOI, the body quickly metabolizes DMT, and it therefore has no hallucinogenic effect--or arguably there is no "lucinogenic" effect, one of the effects would be natural consciousness off bodily self-synthezized DMT.

The Harmala alkaloid "Harmine", also known as Telepathine and Banisterine, is a naturally occurring beta-carboline alkaloid that is structurally related to harmaline.

If it is really called TELEPATHINE??!--that's an amazing calling card by someone providing helpful hints about what I'm getting into...a DNA/DMT/beta-carboline "DNA transceiver" being switched on by almost exclusively this one type of trypamines locking onto the human body.

And get this connection I have yet to see someone make, and it fits right in with the pineal gland issue and "transconsciousness effect" either of the death experience (its pineal gland massive activity), or getting it artificially by the VERY SAME PINEAL CHEMICAL connected to activing DMT:

β-Carboline (9H-pyrid-[3,4-b]-indole) is an organic amine that is the prototype of a class of compounds known as β-carbolines. β-carboline alkaloids are widespread in plants and animals, and frequently act as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI). As components of Banisteriopsis caapi, the β-carbolines harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine play a pivotal role in the pharmacology of the psychedelic brew ayahuasca. Some β-carbolines, notably tryptoline and pinoline, are formed naturally in the human body. The latter is implicated along with melatonin in the role of the pineal gland in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

So pinoline acts as the body's natural activator of the natural bodily DMT. Fascinating that some plants provide both the activator and the DMT at one go, which can basically yield what are biologically put, more controllable "near death pineal rushes" basically whenver one wants.

β-carboline and natural DMT
same as
plant based β-carboline and plant DMTs

Keep in mind the melatonin issue. It comes up in another interesting synchronicity of why shamans prefer dark areas to generate this biological/spiritual effect.

Harmine and harmaline are reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitors. They can stimulate the central nervious system by inhibiting the metabolism of serotonin and other monoamines.

On Serotonin:

Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, or 5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter synthesized in serotonergic neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) and enterochromaffin cells in the gastrointestinal tract.

Interesting are these enterochromaffin cells in the pathway to "higher consciouness" linking brain and gut:

Enterochromaffin (EC) cells ( "Kulchitsky cells") occur in the epithelia lining the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT; e.g., stomach, small intestine/small bowel, large intestine/large bowel). They produce and contain about 90% of the body's store of serotonin (5-HT). They are called "entero" [1] meaning related to the gut and "chromaffin" because of a chromium salt reaction that they share with chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla (andrenal glands).

And the human adrenals are supposedly what the "aliens" (physical and spiritual) get high off of.

Another population of chromaffin cells is found only in the stomach wall, called enterochromaffin-like (ECL) cells. They look "like" EC cells but do not contain 5-HT. ECL cells respond to acetylcholine released by the vagus nerve and they in turn release histamine.

The vagus nerve is the biggie that can either turn you off or on like a switch, when it stops your heart stops and you faint (or can die).

The vagus nerve (also called pneumogastric nerve or cranial nerve X) is the tenth of twelve paired cranial nerves, and is the only nerve that starts in the brainstem (within the medulla oblongata) and extends, through the jugular foramen, down below the head, to the abdomen. The vagus nerve is arguably the single most important nerve in the body. And it just happens to be tied into the biochemical pathways of "DNA transceivership" in other words. Your whole body is affected by it. The only nerve like this.

The medieval Latin word vagus means literally "wandering" (the words vagrant, vagabond, and vague come from the same root). It is also called the pneumogastric nerve since it innervates both the lungs and the stomach.

The vagus nerve supplies motor parasympathetic fibers to all the organs except the suprarenal glands, from the neck down to the second segment of the transverse colon. The vagus also controls a few skeletal muscles, namely:

* Levator veli palatini muscle
* Salpingopharyngeus muscle
* Palatoglossus muscle
* Palatopharyngeus muscle
* Superior, middle and inferior pharyngeal constrictors
* Muscles of the larynx (speech).

[Perhaps biologically explaning how people under "transmission" from elsewhere or otherhere can suddenly speak old Norse or write Safavidic script long dead, as Jeff mentions above in a few stunning examples of this 'otherhere' connection of biochemical pathways connecting DMT affects linking up in a hardwired fashion to the 'main puppet string' of the human body, the vagus nerve.

As the main puppet string, the vagus nerve is responsible for such varied tasks as heart rate, gastrointestinal peristalsis, sweating, and quite a few muscle movements in the mouth, including speech (via the recurrent laryngeal nerve) and keeping the larynx open for breathing. It also receives some sensation from the outer ear, via the Auricular branch (also known as Alderman's nerve) and part of the meninges.

Even parasympathetic innervation of the heart is mediated by the vagus nerve, instead of it being entirely related to the cerebellum regulation. In other words, the vagus nerve can turn off the pulse from the cerebellum, stopping the heart under heavy emotional overdose experiences, leading one to faint.

The right vagus innervates the Sinoatrial node. Parasympathetic hyperstimulation predisposes those affected to bradyarrhythmias. The left vagus when hyperstimulated predisposes the heart to Atrioventricular (AV) blocks.

At this heart location Otto Loewi first proved that nerves secrete substances called neurotransmitters which have effects on receptors in target tissues. Loewi described the substance released by the vagus nerve as vagusstoff, which was later found to be acetylcholine.

And what is so special about acetylcholine is that it is only crossover point between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which fits very well with the vagus nerve cross-over as well. Vagus nerve and acetocholine thus are the means by which the DMT/beta-colines "experience" literally reanimate the body and mind. This is the physical hardwired pathway of the experience.

The chemical compound acetylcholine, often abbreviated as ACh, was the first neurotransmitter to be identified. It is a chemical transmitter in both the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous system (CNS) in many organisms including humans. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter in all autonomic ganglia.

Mercury poisioning, in lots of vaccines, destroys your child's mental "higher tuning" capacities this way. I still remember when, as a child, I just got several vaccination shots, and I lacked the words to describe what felt like a creeping numbness over my consciousness which I psychically felt was a permanent damage in a sense that made me sad driving home with my mom who took me. Knowing my mom, she would be completely unreceptive to even discussing this, so I just sat there in a "five year old's existential pain," in a sense, without anyone to tell who would believe me. I literally felt my mind's sensory acuity dissolving as if the world was becoming almost only one layered. I knew it was whatever was in that vaccine. And the information I have learned from this mercury/acetocholine desturction really fits well.

Acetylcholine is synthesized in certain neurons by the enzyme choline acetyltransferase from the compounds choline and acetyl-CoA. Organic mercurial compounds have a high affinity for sulfhydryl groups, which attributes to its effect on enzyme dysfunction of choline acetyl transferase. This inhibition may lead to acetylcholine deficiency, and can have consequences on motor function.

Acetylcholine is also used in the brain, where it tends to cause excitatory actions. The glands that receive impulses from the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system are also stimulated in the same way.

Back to the link to the vagus nerve and acetylcholine. The vagus nerve has three associated nuclei, the dorsal motor nucleus, the nucleus ambiguus and the solitary nucleus.

Drugs that inhibit the muscarinic cholinergic receptor (anticholinergics) such as atropine and scopolamine are called vagolytic because they inhibit the action of the vagus nerve on the heart, gastrointestinal tract and other organs. Anticholinergic drugs increase heart rate and are used to treat bradycardia(slow heart rate) and asystole, which is when the heart has no electrical activity. Anticholinergic drugs relax the detrussor muscle and cause constipation which again involves the vagus nerve.

Bulemics and anorexics have high vagal activity which is associated with the arrythmias seen in these patients.

Vagotomy (cutting of the vagus nerve) is a now-obsolete therapy that was performed for peptic ulcer disease--which probabaly irrevocably damaged psychic ability as well.

Physical/emotional effects

Activation of the vagus nerve typically leads to a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, or both. This occurs commonly in the setting of gastrointestinal illness such as viral gastroenteritis or acute cholecystitis, or in response to other stimuli, including carotid sinus massage, Valsalva maneuver, or pain from any cause, particularly having blood drawn. When the circulatory changes are great enough, vasovagal syncope results. Relative dehydration tends to amplify these responses.

Excessive activation of the vagal nerve during emotional stress, which is a parasympathetic overcompensation of a strong sympathetic nervous system response associated with stress, which pushes over across the vagal nerve "interchange" between the two into the parasympathetic system, and can cause vasovagal syncope because of a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate. Vasovagal syncope affects young children and women more often. It can also lead to temporary loss of bladder control under moments of extreme fear.

Similarly, tryptophan product serotonin is connected directly to this biological complex of nerves and acetylcholine and DMT is believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep, emesis (vomiting), sexuality and appetite. Serotonin has been thought to play a part in many disorders, notably as part of the biochemistry of depression, migraine, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Recent research suggests that serotonin also plays an important role in liver regeneration and acts as a mitogen (induces cell division) throughout the body.

Isolated and named in 1948 by Maurice M. Rapport, the name "serotonin" is something of a misnomer and reflects the circumstances of the compound's discovery. It was initially identified as a vasoconstrictor substance in blood serum — hence serotonin, a serum agent affecting vascular tone. This agent was later chemically identified as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) by Rapport, and, as the broad range of physiological roles were elucidated, 5-HT became the preferred name in the pharmacological field.

Serotonin is found extensively in the human gastrointestinal tract (about 90% [1]), as well as in the blood stream.

In the body, serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan by a short metabolic pathway consisting of two enzymes — TPH(1,2) and DDC. TPH1 reaction controls the flux through the pathway. The gut secretes over 95% of the body's serotonin[2].

So "relax the gut", makes serotonin, and from Tryptophan edibles we get Serotonin. Tryptophan has more "spiritual reciever" qualities in the body, seen in syndromes where it is unable to be processed correctly:

For humans and many other organisms Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. This means that it cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be part of its diet. Amino acids function as building blocks in protein biosynthesis.

Tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin (a neurotransmitter), melatonin (a neurohormone), and niacin. The functional group of tryptophan is indole:

Indole is solid at room temperature. It occurs naturally in human feces and has an intense fecal smell. At very low concentrations, however, it has a flowery smell, and is a constituent of many flower scents (such as orange blossoms) and perfumes. It also occurs in coal tar.

The indole structure can be found in many organic compounds like the amino acid tryptophan and in tryptophan-containing protein, in alkaloids, and in pigments.

Indole undergoes electrophilic substitution, mainly at position 3. Substituted indoles are structural elements of (and for some compounds the synthetic precursors for) the tryptophan-derived tryptamine alkaloids like the neurotransmitter serotonin, melatonin, the hallucinogens psilocybin, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, or the ergolines like LSD. Other indolic compounds include the plant hormone Auxin (indolyl-3-acetic acid, IAA), the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin, and the betablocker pindolol. The name indole is derived from a combination of the words indigo and oleum, since indole was first isolated by treatment of the indigo dye with oleum.

Tryptophan has been implicated as a possible cause of schizophrenia in people who cannot metabolize it properly.

When improperly metabolized, it creates a waste product in the brain that is toxic, causing hallucinations and delusions. [or would that be causing confusing "lucinations"?]

Tryptophan has also been indicated as an aid for schizophrenic patients.

Let's keep in mind that the other trytophan product has a pineal connection as well: melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness or low light levels).

So adjusting bodily dark and light can have "artificial" pineal flow effects biologically in other words, useful for such astral planing openings, if you follow me.

Some harmala alkaloids, particularly harmine and harmaline, are found in the seeds of the Middle Eastern plant Harmal (Peganum harmala, from which the name derives), commonly known as Syrian Rue. They occur in the seeds in concentrations of roughly 3%, though tests have documented anywhere from 2-7%, as natural sources tend to vary widely in chemical makeup. Harmala alkaloids are also found in the vine Banisteriopsis caapi in concentrations that range between 0.31-8.43% for harmine, 0.03-0.83% for harmaline and 0.05-2.94% for tetrahydroharmine [THH].[1] Banisteriopsis caapi is the key plant ingredient in the sacramental beverage Ayahuasca.

Leaves from "Psychotria viridis", a source of DMT, are often added to Ayahuasca to achieve visionary states of consciousness.

Voila: shamans as entheogenic biochemists...learning to mix the artificial external DMT with its artificial external activator β-carboline--though dependent upon the natural human metabolism pathways hardwired into us, off creations of our own DMT and β-carboline cross-activators acting all up and down the vagus nerve/acetylcholine network that goes deep into the brain and one might even say aids in the formulation of the mind--and what it receives as information.

And that is what seems to turn "on" the extra bits of DNA for such "transceiver" issues of the rest of reality (and visa versa, letting that other aspect of reality get into you) instead of them being hallucinogens. Read on:

Many other psychoactive plants are known to be added to Ayahuasca, including Tobacco and Datura, as the harmala alkaloids are of course not significantly psychoactive on its own: they require β-carbolines like the harmala alkaloids found in many other plants, such as tobacco and passion flower.

I know from some reading that the innate telekinetic "receiver like" properties of DNA, researched in places like the U.S. National Laboratory at Oak Ridge, are working and testing such things just as if it was a separate branch of science instead of a tabooed world of mysticism.

Oak Ridge was even goldplating DNA, which is very occultly odd to say the least particularly if ORME (monoatomic) gold and its creation is the ancient Egyptian "DNA switch" or secret of 'passing thorugh' a bit early to see what's on the other side given the DNA enhancement or literally the "superconducting" affects it has on the DNA.

Monoatomic gold/DNA pathways to the "DNA transciever state" seem similar to the DMT/β-carboline pathway.

Something else interesting I found googling up DMT and DNA. Watch how completely different cultural traditions and people of different backgrounds (athiest anthropologists, or fundamentalist Christian literalists quoting the Bible, or Falun Gong) are all accessing the same reality under the "treatment" of external DMT. This in essense is quite some proof for DNA as a tranceiver that is switched on biologically to "tune into" the rest of the same world, through very different pathways--since they all are describing the damn same experience when they get "there" or rather really when they "see more of the here" if you see what I mean.


DNA, the alien controller?
topic posted Sun, September 17, 2006 - 11:28 PM by fred

Hi Guys,

I have just finished reading Jeremy Narby's Cosmic Serpent and thought it was a fascinating read, he ties alot of threads and ideas together including shamanism/bioglogy/mythology.

One of the interesting points in the book mentions a passage about an ayahuasca session experienced by Michael Harner, here's some excerpts from his trip:

"As I tried to accept my fate, an even lower portion of my brain began to transmit more visions and information. I was "told" that this new material was being presented to me because I was dying and therefore "safe" to receive these revelations. These were the secrets reserved for the dying and the dead, I was informed. [i.e, under artificial DMT stimulation, sort of like a computer going online on the spiritual internet, lots of spiritual hackers see you there and attempt to convince you of a lot of shit that they are there to help you instead of suck you dry and crash you...]

I could only very dimly perceive the givers of these thoughts: giant reptilian creatures reposing sluggishly at the lowermost depths of the back of my brain, where it met the top of the spinal column. I could only vaguely see them in what seemed to be gloomy, dark depths. Then they projected a visual scene in front of me. First they showed me the planet Earth as it was eons ago, before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky.

Then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape. I could see that the "specks" were actually large, shiny, black creatures with stubby pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies. Their heads were not visible to me. They flopped down, utterly exhausted from their trip, resting for eons. They explained to me in a kind of thought language that they were fleeing from something out in space. They had come to the planet Earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence.

Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation-hundreds of millions of years of activity-took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside of all forms of life, including man. They were the true masters of humanity and the entire planet, they told me. We humans were but the receptacles [like joy riding vehicles perhaps, a quick adrenal rush of stealing for fun] and servants of these creatures. For this reason they could speak to me from within myself."


"These revelations, welling up from the depths of my mind, alternated with visions of the floating galley, which had almost finished taking my soul on board. The boat with its blue-jay headed deck crew was gradually drawing away, pulling my life force along as it headed toward a large fjord flanked by barren, worn hills.

I knew I had only a moment more to live. Strangely, I had no fear of the bird-headed people; [Egyptian "Thoth" connected with lots of this stuff, was an Ibis Headed creature/Egyptian myth--or reality that people had communicated and sensed in this "half crossed over" DMT pineal rush context of their biologies?] they were welcome to have my soul if they could keep it. But I was afraid that somehow my soul might not remain on the horizontal plane of the fjord but might, through processes unknown but felt and dreaded, be acquired or re-acquired by the dragon-like denizens of the depths.

I suddenly felt my distinctive humanness, the contrast between my species and the ancient reptilian ancestors. I began to struggle against returning to the ancient ones, who were beginning to feel increasingly alien and possibly evil."


"Then I went back to the platform, eager to put my night's experiences on tape before I forgot anything. The work of recall went easily except for one portion of the trance that I could not remember. lt remained blank, as though a tape had been erased. I struggled for hours to remember what had happened in that part of the experience, and I virtually wrestled it back into my consciousness.

The recalcitrant material turned out to be the communication from the dragon-like creatures, including the revelation of their role in the evolution of life on this planet and their innate domination of living matter, including man. I was highly excited at rediscovering this material, and could not help but feel that I was not supposed to be able to bring it back from the nether regions of the mind.

[Like a true 'spiritual Prometheus'...]...I even had a peculiar sense of fear for my safety, because I now possessed a secret that the creatures had indicated was only intended for the dying. I immediately decided to share this knowledge with others so that the "secret" would not reside in me alone, and my life would not be in jeopardy. I put my outboard motor on a dugout canoe and left for an American evangelist mission station nearby.

I arrived about noon. The couple at the mission, Bob and Millie, were a cut above the average evangelists sent from the United States: hospitable, humorous, and compassionate.' I told them my story. When I described the reptile with water gushing out of his mouth, they exchanged glances, reached for their Bible, and read to me the following line from Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation:

'And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood'

They explained to me that the word "serpent" was synonymous in the Bible with the words "dragon" and "Satan." I went on with my narrative. [Are Bible texts double meaning read on many levels, as numerological studies of Hebraic versions already attest? Instad of a book to be read publicly, a book that even though it is public, has only other initiatied meanings revealed in a parallel oral tradition, a parallel occult tradition, hiding the information in plain sight in a text.]

When I came to the part about the dragon-like creatures fleeing an enemy somewhere beyond the Earth and landing here to hide from their pursuers, Bob and Millie became excited and again read me more from the same passage in the Book of Revelation:

And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels with him.

I listened with surprise and wonder. The missionaries, in turn, seemed to be awed by the fact that an atheistic anthropologist, by taking the drink of the "witch doctors," could apparently have revealed to him some of the same holy material in the Book of Revelation. When I had finished my account, I was relieved to have shared my new knowledge."


"I was now eager to solicit a professional opinion from the most supernaturally knowledgeable of the Indians, a blind shaman who had made many excursions into the spirit world with the aid of the ayahuasca drink. lt seemed only proper that a blind man might be able to be my guide to the world of darkness. I went to his hut, taking my notebook with me, and described my visions to him segment by segment.

At first I told him only the highlights; thus, when I came to the dragon-like creatures, I skipped their arrival from space and only said, "There were these giant black animals, something like great bats, longer than the length of this house, who said that they were the true masters of the world." There is no word for dragon in Conibo, so "giant bat" was the closest I could come to describe what I had seen.

He stared up toward me with his sightless eyes, and said with a grin, "Oh, they're always saying that. [He seemed to agree with my "spiritual hacker" analogy above] But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness."

He waved his hand casually toward the sky. I felt a chill along the lower part of my spine, for I had not yet told him that I had seen them, in my trance, coming from outer space. I was stunned. What I had experienced was already familiar to this barefoot, blind shaman."

As a footnote, Harner wrote:

"In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA"

Now I find the above excerpts fascinating because recently I came upon an article by a practitioner of Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual cultivation practice from the Buddha School and he paints a very similiar picture to Harner's account. Here's an excerpt:

"It was quiet again. But behind the quietness, there was an atmosphere of killing and depression. The sky was still bright. Stars began to blink. I saw some red stuff appear from the sky and the earth all around me. It seemed like they were types of red worms, countless in number and extremely long. They were surrounding me.

When they got closer, I was shocked to realize what they were. It was something I had always been familiar with: the double helix of DNA. Suddenly, I realized that the original lives on the earth did not contain DNA. It was something imposed on deformed human beings by extra-terrestrial beings. Hidden in the long chains was the secret of extra-terrestrial beings -- to take over human bodies and escape from the final judgement. [Sort of like an automobile "governor" that keeps you from going above administratively set rates of speed, though in this case serving two purposes at least--perahps more: 1) a built in halt to your spiritual progression--that perhaps some in Oak Ridge have been attempted to physically bioengineer rig-ups around this...; 2) spiritual eavesdropping and energy relay to them to live off of, like a long transdimensional straw sucking on you all the time] Human beings, however, were instructed by the so-called scientists to take DNA as the basic construction unit of our lives, even a factor determining everything in life.

In the process of rapid deformation and corruption of human beings, the extra-terrestrial beings have incorporated a self-duplication mechanism into the bodies of human beings so that DNA [wormhole and transdimensional "receiver" for them] will be duplicated and passed on to human off-springs to control human beings. In recent years, some people with a devil's mind have been enthusiastic in cloning animals, or even human. They are the representatives of the corrupt beings in other dimensions. Teacher said when he gave a lecture in May 1999, "Gods will not place a Primordial Spirit inside a cloned being because it is created by human beings. Gods will certainly not recognize it. What will happen then? An extraterrestrial will break through at this weak point and place itself as the Primordial Spirit of that being." [unofficial translation of Lecture at the Fa-Conference in Canada (Toronto, May 23, 1999)] It is the same with the cloned animals. Their spirits are all extra-terrestrial beings. The famous sheep Dolly has a spirit of an octopus-like ET."

Full article is here:

All this stuff also seems to correlate well with the whole Adam and Eve and The Snake story and the creation story of the Amazonian Shamans which has the female and Male twin in which the Male God get's tricked by the female and ends up getting strangled by the "Strangler Vine".

Pretty interesting stuff, DNA may not be the fundamental building blocks of life after all but [among other things] some kind of viral control mechanicism which ties our souls to matter [and if we learn to seize control of our DNA for ourselves, since it is based on a "tap" issue to regions and entites elsewhere, perhaps can peer through that 'tap' to elsewhere by definition more readily, turning what was meant to be a one-way drain into a two-way mechanism of exploration of the other aspects of the 'total body.' Just some musings.]

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Re: DNA, the alien controller?
Mon, September 18, 2006 - 2:59 AM
Hey !... What's snaking Fred !

I too just finished "The Cosmic Serpent...", and it fuelled my panspermist notions into full gear ..! I had always believed DNA was "put here" ... Directed panspermia, or just spreading-itself-everywhere cosmic-panspermia, I believe Earth was 'seeded' long ago.

But you must also read;

It's not so "alien" sometimes if you think that, since we're all of this same universe... it must be something 'like' us that started the self-replicating DNA databases that every life form is really.

Planet Earth is "hairy" with gozillions of DNA strands, all redundantly and self-evolvingly re-creating and preserving copies of a "code" . Just imagine how much DNA is in insects alone ... !

I love fact that it takes < 3% of all DNA to code for the entire organism, so what is the 97% of the rest of the "Mystery" DNA for..? Your whole body, the wet-ware, is made from less than 3% of the (125billion miles ) of DNA in your body. ..!

The Human Genome Project is posed to crack open the rest of the 97% of our DNA, and has been working at it...

I have a constant image / experience on every dmt launch, and that is one of 'seeing' or being with snakes... As an example, my most recent episode had my "ninos" were present with me in the "playpen"..( my children -in - psychedelic robes), and they presented me with "baby snakes" like rattlers and toys ... and soon the 'floor' was alive with toy-snakes, little ones, very 'friendly' and cute being so 'toyish'. The more I have seen the snake, the more it shows it's humour and benevolence...

I like the big ones too... always with a 'flicking' tongue... somewhere in the images, ... flicking snake ...

So do tryptamines cause a flash of RNA synthesis maybe..? transcribed like mad off of the 97% ["off limits to humans" ] mystery DNA in our brain cells..? baby snakes are RNA transcripts..? ... until MAO enzymes mop it up..?

Did anyone update the McKenna brothers' theory about newly made RNA bobbing up and down in membranes, .. resonating..?...


Re: DNA, the alien controller?
Mon, September 18, 2006 - 3:52 AM
Hey Elka,

Yes your right, DNA is virtually in every living thing and it is an amazingly complex bit of technology however isn't it strange how Harner's aya experience so closely resembles the experience of the falun cultivator? [In other words, a cross checked story--completely separated cultural traditions all coming to experience the same DMT enhanced access as physically real experiences.] DNA may be from this universe but perhaps it is not really a natural part of our inherent biology but rather a control system designed to keep us at the level we are at as I beleive spiritual reality goes much deeper than just DNA.

Yes, humanity is working quite feverishly at unlocking the secrets of DNA but also cloning is already quite prevelant, publicly it's just animals that are being cloned but who knows how much further this research has already gone that we don't know about. I feel that cloning is not a righteous and good thing to be pursuing, my intuition tells me that there is something not quite right about experimenting and trying to tinker with biology. I'm not saying science is bad but I do beleive it's a double edge sword that can go both ways.

[DMT in essence for an analogy: DMT "creating artificial near death experiences" only reached natually by the pineal gland overdosing near bodily death and causing biologically the transciever of DNA "dark genes hardware" to be turned on under these biological conditions as "preparations for the crossover/recycling" process].

DMT is an amazing tool for exploration but I beleive you are opening doors with this key, not only can you not fully comprehend what you are dealing with in these spaces you don't really know the nature and intent of the entities you may encounter. I beleive that there's a tremendous amount of benevolent beings in/out there but the total antithesis of such beings are there too so you have to be wary as things aren't always what they seem in these places.

Your description of the cute snake that seems friendly may not be so friendly at all. Every human being has a master soul that sits in the pineal or the niwan palace (it can move about but it's home if you will is the niwan palace). There are alot of entities that wish to use a human soul to aquire certain things from it or cultivate within it, most of the time these entities will entice you and be friendly so that you gain it's trust and then it will latch on. [like a spiritual lamprey eel or something, a parasite, for instance, on a whale gliding by that might do some occassional low grade symbiosis or cleaning or protections of the whale's skin for its own interest as well, though mostly a parasite.]

When it latches on you may gain some supernatural abilities, your third eye may open, [translating that to a plebian biological issue: perhaps that's an other entity spirutally propped open door for you, to gain for you access--as well as gain them access to you more permanently, which may continue in to the next cycled biological life as well of course...] a bit of clairvoyance and you may think great I've aquired some paranormal abilities! Unfortunately you have not aquitred these ablities yourself through inner cultivation but that entity is now controlling a portion of you and giving you these things. [i.e., back to a biological attempt at understanding, assuring that for its own sake it keeps your "dark DNA" turned on more often because it has established trust with you, and it has been noted in some of the DNA research I have seen, that the physical scale of the DNA and whether it is stretched or extended or shrunken and gathered in a clump has a lot ot do with mental state: calmness, trusting behavior, unravels it; fear, anguish, pain shrinks it. So those who want to dominate us on the physical plane through fear and state terrorism and insecurity do it ironically in strange sense through our DNA by shrinking our capacities to access our wider senses..]

You may think it's helping you when infact it is trying to, and will eventually displace your master soul from your Niwan palace and it will sqwat there. Once this occurs it is now the host and you will not even notice. In the astral plane if you have not cultivated your own spiritual energy and are not protected even the low level beings can gain access to you [i.e., your "firewall" is down or very weak].

I'm not trying to spread scare tactics or saying DMT is bad, I think it's a tool that has amazing potential but I just think you have to be alert, aware and on your toes when your on the other side and not trust and accept everything that comes your way.

[And this is INTENSELY interesting to me, from its own mythology or at least public selling stance:]

Falun Dafa is actually an ancient cultivation technique, one of the 84,000 disciplines in Buddha Law. It has never being passed on to the general public before as it used to be passed on secretly from master to pupil in prehistoric times and it was also able to help people then. If you would like you can read the book Zhuan Falun, it goes in depth about other dimensions, levels of third eye development, cultivating gong (spiritual energy) and other fascinating things. You can pick up a copy free from here and check it out to see if it resonates with you:

I'm not trying to say don't do DMT but just realize you really don't fully know what it is you are encountering and it may actually be benevolent, but then again these places are vast and the light always has shadows.

Stay safe,


Re: DNA, the alien controller?
Mon, September 18, 2006 - 10:10 PM

I've practiced qigong and meditation for a while now, and opening up the energies in my bodymind has facilitated my experiences with entheogens. The only dmt experience I had (with mimosa and rue) was, however, before I started working with qigong. Still, that experience showed me -many- things, one of which was a sense of the energy networks of the body. Subsequently, working with qigong on its own has opened up a number of experiences that bring me closer to a sustained vision of energetic consciousness, ranging from the denser qi to the subtler spirit.

I recently picked up Zhuan Falun after following a thread here which compared passages in it to dmt experiences. It immediately resonated with me and spoke to the types of experiences I've had with qigong, unlike many other texts which only emphasize healing, martial arts, or the more worldly forms of psychological integration.

I haven't practiced Falun Gong yet, but my background in qigong helped me understand what Mr. Li was talking about. I did feel that Zhuan Falun integrated a lot of knowledge from many sources--I guess I can't say whether this is directly from Mr. Li's experience and knowledge or whether he drew on many sources. The comparison with dmt reports are more than just amusing--there's definitely a marked similarity. Mantak Chia is known for his belief that the high levels of qigong involve endogenous dmt production. [READ THAT ONCE MORE.] And actually, I felt Mr. Li's vision had some strong similarities with Castaneda's portrait of Don Juan's world... I wonder if those books ever made it to China...

His teachings are certainly different from most of Buddhism, but there are points in common with tantrism, and I don't see where you find harm in them. It doesn't strike me as cultish at all like the Party in China has framed it; Mr. Li seems quite tolerant of other paths, but simply warns that there's a lot of crap out there. I can tell you from experience that many qigong and cultivation "teachers" will waste your time, so I agree with him there.

I guess it bothers me a bit when people make non-specific attacks and "warnings"... What exactly are you taking issue with?


Re: DNA, the alien controller?
Tue, September 19, 2006 - 1:19 AM Falum Dafa etc ... really I can't take it seriously.... derailing this thread, don't take me seriously either ..!>

Whenever I've tried to read through Falun Gong stuff it hits on homophobia, and makes other intollerant judgements or 'remarks' ... sounding like a dogmatic interpretation of Buddhism, with an agenda ... I just lose interest once it crusts over with dogma, and can't get more than amusement out of the 'paralels'.

At one point, reading through Falun Dafta sites, I wondred if there was psychedlic mind control going on in China, where people had their diets modified to enable endogenous tryptamines to be more effective towards these means...!.? There is weird sheet on the Internet..!

Fred, .. that's not your agenda, to flag Falung gong sites to us..? ... Never mind me, I just don't get it... maybe others do.


Re: DNA, architecting a multitude of possible Matrices
Tue, September 19, 2006 - 12:20 AM
There are almost as many possible viewpoints to this as there are invididuals.

One mind-boggling thought-experiment, is to relate our experienced physical world,
as if being made up through resonances with [only] the three percent [wavelength transmissions receivable by] of our DNA that is architecting our physical bodies.

[Which implies if more "dark DNA" is 'lit up' by one of many different techniques, they are all the same biological connections--either done by
1) spiritual discipline practices (which have biological/self-generating endothegenic effects;
2) drug taking (quick route same biological effects; you know that there are specific receptors in the mind interestingly enough, physically hardwired in other words, to accept things like morphine, so external 'morphine' fits into a biological hardwire for the self generated biological rush chemicals as easily and 'artificially';
3) external possession (running from complete possession and takeover to prodding guidance, depending on the case; turning on your "dark DNA" access as either a malificent hack for some other entities own purpose to gain control--when the "3% DNA view" world is unable to register them there though they are indeed there; or as a "benevolent hack" when one feels it is aiding--take your pick)

The mechanism/organism is relatively simple, consisting of our intermediate, brow to sacral chakras,
resonating with the Crown/Root chakra.

So. One way of looking at it, is to realize that the ordinary world, is like the Matrix, with the difference
that we here in Physical Earth Existence, only have access to three percent of the Matrix.
It is like having wetware compatible with all kinds of possible spirit/soul/mind/software,
but only having access to World of Warcraft.

-So, what are we going to play today,
World of Warcraft, or World of Warcraft?

-Eeeh, lets play World of Warcraft!


Re: DNA, architecting a multitude of possible Matrices
Wed, September 20, 2006 - 11:24 AM
i'm really chowing down on this thread! while i continue to chew on a strand of DNA (or was it RNA? or NRA??), please indulge me while i regurgitate some semi-digested material.

on the subject of endogenous DMT, a "fellow" i encountered in S.A. last summer, who was well-versed in aya, washuma, sylvia, mary jane, amanita, acacia, sillyshroom, iboga et al., as well as in martial arts (esp. qi gong) and tibetan buddhist philosophy -- who also had very pointed views on DNA and who/what it was exactly that came to this planet and why and how -- (*whew!* that was a mouthful!), well, he downloaded/articulated the following to me:

the production of endogenous DMT is photosensitive [And the DMT/DNA link once more: DNA is biophoton emitting, so DMT as well has some sort of photosensitivity at least according to "spiritual practitioners" whove been on that trip before so to speak...] something to do with melatonin levels, it's the reason yogis go into deep dark caverns to meditate/cultivate. he even advocated wearing a sleep mask while doing chanting/ceremony/meditation/w.h.y.!

he said that when people smoke DMT, the effect that is felt is due to the stores of endogenous DMT being released; squandered, essentially. because of this depletion, there is going to be that much less DMT around at the time of death and therefore that much less DMT to launch us past the pits and pitfalls which await, the dodging of which allow us to shake off this Mortal Coil. [An interesting spiritual theory against drug use, eh? It is known that a lot of neurological effecting drugs that insert themselves in biological human neural pathways "lock" on the brain and do indeed burn out those receptors.]

his opinion is that we need to save every ounce of that energy in order to transmute ourselves at the moment of our death, or risk becoming trapped in the redundancy of endless self-propagation.

on the subject of diet modifications, he told me that in amazonian shamanism, much of the apprenticeship consists of ingesting plants, observing a narrow diet, and staying out of the sun. the story goes that many people are instructed to excise protein from their diet altogether, which makes them addle-brained and malleable. now they'll swallow anything! (incidentally, it would be interesting to know whether these diets increase tryptamine levels, as well.)

anyway, the point is, i'm told, that a brujo can just come along, appear to perform a soplada (blowing), and end up sucking up all a person's carefully-accumulated energy, cultivated through diet, isolation, meditation, darkness, etc., and -- boom! -- you're done.

as a final note, he also said that when our time comes to 'go toward the light' (a popular cliche, i know), we shouldn't make the mistake of choosing that bright, white one. instead, why not opt for the soft blue hue so familiar to discerning palates....


Re: DNA, architecting a multitude of possible Matrices
Wed, September 20, 2006 - 2:33 PM
Ummm… this thread is turning quite interesting not least because it has raised several points that to date I have been reluctant to raise myself…..

As fred states “DMT is an amazing tool for exploration but I beleive you are opening doors with this key [and perhaps accessing or switching on the 97% 'dark DNA' receptors/transceivers], not only can you not fully comprehend what you are dealing with in these spaces you don't really know the nature and intent of the entities you may encounter.

Your description of the cute snake that seems friendly may not be so friendly at all.”

I tend to distrust the serpent and its army or crocodiles etc….. It’s not possible for me to fully explain but I don’t trust it nor do I believe that it is the creator…. What I suspect is that it attempts to usurp the creator….

Your statement “ Every human being has a master soul that sits in the pineal or the niwan palace (it can move about but it's home if you will is the niwan palace).”

Even before I encountered DMT I regularly got the impression that the essence that was me sat here… since encountering DMT I have had many experiences where I am almost certainly sitting at the back of my head… watching the events occuring within the frontal lobe area ….

“There are alot of entities that wish to use a human soul to aquire certain things from it or cultivate within it, most of the time these entities will entice you and be friendly so that you gain it's trust and then it will latch on.”

This is another thing that I similarly suspect

”When it latches on you may gain some supernatural abilities, your third eye may open, a bit of clairvoyance and you may think great I've aquired some paranormal abilities! Unfortunately you have not aquitred these ablities yourself through inner cultivation but that entity is now controlling a portion of you and giving you these things.”

Whilst DMT has helped me to understand some things better it has I believe come at a cost… one I would not have been prepared to pay had I known… for prior to using DMT I had established a link with a conciousness that only one word comes close to describing… that word being “GOD”… that conciousness gave me insight that exceeded anything that I had known previously or since… I wish I knew how to re-establish this link but fear that DMT has in some way wiped it from my conciousness.

”You may think it's helping you when infact it is trying to, and will eventually displace your master soul from your Niwan palace and it will sqwat there. Once this occurs it is now the host and you will not even notice. In the astral plane if you have not cultivated your own spiritual energy and are not protected even the low level beings can gain access to you . I'm not trying to spread scare tactics or saying DMT is bad, I think it's a tool that has amazing potential but I just think you have to be alert, aware and on your toes when your on the other side and not trust and accept everything that comes your way.”

I agree with you here… I can’t say I share your homophobic views though.. if what your refering to is an unhealth pre-occupation with physical intimacy … i.e, promiscuity then I would agree.. and seeing any PDA is gross .. it doesn’t matter if it’s same sex or opposite sex.. pretty or ugly people.. watching or having to suffer two people getting it on in public is gross and an expression of insucurity on the part of one or both the exhibitionists…

Hi Ayasmina…. The point you raise… “on the subject of endogenous DMT, a "fellow" i encountered in S.A. last summer, …….[who]articulated the following to me:

"the production of endogenous DMT is photosensitive. something to do with melatonin levels, it's the reason yogis go into deep dark caverns to meditate/cultivate. he even advocated wearing a sleep mask while doing chanting/ceremony/meditation/w.h.y.!...he said that when people smoke DMT, the effect that is felt is due to the stores of endogenous DMT being released; squandered, essentially. because of this depletion, there is going to be that much less DMT around at the time of death and therefore that much less DMT to launch us past the pits and pitfalls which await, the dodging of which allow us to shake off this Mortal Coil....his opinion is that we need to save every ounce of that energy in order to transmute ourselves at the moment of our death, or risk becoming trapped in the redundancy of endless self-propagation.”

This has been a concern of mine… whilst I hold a potentially different view (I am beginning to come to the idea that at death our brain is used to generate the pattern.. to take us to McKenna’s omega point [the point of infinite possibilites?]… if we get it right then we potentially build a new universe… but if we don’t … we may endup in a universe that fails to fire…. One that has no stars, no matter, no light……an infinite emptiness… )

similarly I have previously given this ‘head for the light’ view some serious consideration and felt that just as a tourch lights ones way so may this light… our purpose is not to head for the light like a moth but to follow the path it illuminates.. to go fourth and create!!!!!

well glad I got that off my chest…

Regards gm23

excerpted from:


Back to me.

So while there may be a potential of a "biologically-based eschaton", it would be additionally either connected to a whole planet on the same DMT/β-carboline drugs or all experiencing the "death pineal' rush, which biochemically is the same experience to the body. The fact that people report the same experience either taking DMT/β-carbolines or in near death experiences (or even in Jeff's case, "alien contact") should be taken seriously that they are indeed accessing more of the limited holographic reality in these situations. What the alien thing has to do with this, who can say.

Second, let's keep in mind that the mostly nefarious people intent on this in the military industrial black projects complex are looking for ways to reproduce it at will, like a machine or a technique they are picking up, or, to use an overused word, a pill you can swallow or simply an implant for everyone--or to strategically deny it to everyone. Mindwar indeed.

So if there is a biological based eschaton potential, I just wanted to add there would additionally be a "physical science enhanced eschaton" by material science or bioengineering and tinkering with the potential DNA/DMT/β-carboline interfaces to enhance the telekenetic prowess of some--or to deny such prowess to "the enemy"--enhancing or intentionally crippling such DNA transceiver access. We've discussed the latter here. I think the book Pirates of the Sacred Spiral gets into the latter as well.

Dna: Pirates Of The Sacred Spiral by Leonard G. Horowitz (Hardcover - Oct 30, 2004)

21 of 24 people found the following review helpful:
Codons on the Wall, October 24, 2005
Reviewer: Jaye Beldo

With the invasion of our privacy reaching into our very genes, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral is a timely book indeed. Dr. Len Horowitz, the author of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse continues on with his healing mission in this spirited and evolved expose of the genetic swashbucklers who want to control our DNA.

Len unflinchingly shows us the codons on the wall, mostly in the form of Rockefeller funded institutions such as Cold Springs Harbor and what their intent really is to this day in regards to the genetic destiny of humankind. The whitewashing Genome spin masters currently employed by the dark forces become quite transparent in Horowitz's deft hands. Through his careful research, he clearly shows the damage control current eugenicists are implementing in attempt to distance themselves from the likes of Margaret Sanger and others of bygone days. While eradicating much of the obvious racism found in the early 20th century genetic tractates, the genocidal intent of eugenecists is still glaringly apparent, although now suavely obscured in a language of PR which thinly disguise an apologetics to the founding fathers (Carnegie, Mellon et. al.) of the eugenics movement.

It is obvious that Dr. Horowitz didn't pull his information out of some kind of rarified, imaginal air . The scientifically sound research that he has done shines throughout and serves to further illuminate his views that DNA indeed has a spiritual dimension and that the healing of our mind, soul and bodies can and will take place within this realm. It is one of the few examples of science actually working with spirit instead of against it, hence my reason for giving DNA:Pirates of the Sacred Spiral my highest rating.

The author also provides us some additional healing keys for the spiritual activation of our DNA in the form of the Solfeggio scale which he first introduced in Healing Codes to the Biological Apocalypse. The closest approximation to the Solfeggio that I've managed to come up with using a tone generator to translate the frequencies is: G A Flat C E Flat F Sharp A Flat) [...]

So certain lights and frequencies innately "unlock DNA transceivership" as well.

Of course Cold Spring Harbor gets into the Skull and Bones Harriman family ownership.

32 of 33 people found the following review helpful:
Lots Of Paradigm-Shifting Information, June 10, 2005
Reviewer: Jed Shlackman

Dr. Len Horowitz's books have tackled some complex, controversial subjects, including shadow elite conspiratorial agendas, natural health, hidden information in Biblical texts, and vibrational medicine.

His present book delves into all these matters.

The information on physics, consciousness, quantum-holographic reality, vibrational sound, sacred geometry, water crystals, DNA, and holistic medicine in this book is fantastic and very current. Horowitz's religious ideas seem a bit confused to me as he has put himself on a messianic mission to promote global health and overcome the global elite dark agendas that he has been uncovering. He has seemingly become aligned with light polarity mystery school traditions connected to the Essene sects of the Biblical times.

There is much scientific and healing wisdom encoded in those traditions, although the beliefs about light defeating dark in an apocalyptic scenario are not suited to a book that is otherwise focused on sciences and healing research.

When I saw Dr. Horowitz speak in Miami very recently he referred to the conspiratorial activities he has been uncovering as "alien" to basic human values and compassion.

However, this author appears reluctant to touch upon the truly "ET" influences connected to the global elite and agendas at work to control humanity under totalitarian structures. Dr. Horowitz is a fantastic researcher and provides a lot of valuable information - the spiritual or religious context in which these matters are considered is an issue that the author has felt compelled to interweave in his books. I personally find the author's religious conclusions to be a bit of a drawback, but I can see how he perceives his mission as someone on a hero's journey to help light overcome darkness. The science and health information in this book are more advanced than his previous works, and support a lot of the concepts I use in my own holistic healing work. This is a book I commend highly even with the parts of it that I found to be focused on religious interpretations.

And more on these "pirates."

Read this interesting story on this, featured at Rense right now:

REMOTE VIEWING: Lyn Buchanan Takes Remote Viewing Down Under, quoting:

"How the CIA Thwarted Saddam's Secret Apocalypse" teases the cover's headline. The story, by Tim Dedopulos, begins "He prevented Saddam from initiating World War III and foresaw the Chernobyl disaster a week before meltdown. His name is Lyn Buchanan and until 1995, he was a key member of the CIA's shadowy $27 million foray into psychic spying. The truth is out there"

When Lyn was contacted by the editor to do the story, he was, at first, not too excited about it. "I didn't want it to be a dog and pony show," he lightly growled. "Look, I told them, I want to show people they can do it; that they can remote view."

And he did.

"It's the 1970's," Dedopulos begins. "The American military create a team to retrieve tactical information using highly unorthodox methods; the members of Project STARGATE are tasked with finding a way to provide information about locations all over the world, using the power of their mindsIncredibly, STARGATE is a total success. The project team perfect and deploy a rigorously scientific technique called 'remote viewing' that allows trained 'viewers' to perceive distant places, as if they are there."

How did Lyn come to join the program?

"A young Texan sergeant got into a fierce argument in his bases computer lab" Dedopulos continues. "I've had the ability to move objects with my mind ever since I was a child," Buchanan explains. "Well, the talent came out during the argument, and, uh, sort of resulted in the destruction of a room full of computers."

"To my surprise," he explains, "one of the officers that was in the computer room had been trained to spot strange things and report them. A few months later, our general visited the base. He dragged me into his office, scowled into my face and said 'Did you destroy my computers with your mind, soldier?' I figured I could lie about it, or tell the truth and have my great-grand children still paying the army back for those computers, but I said 'Yes, sir, I did.' The scowl vanished and turned into a grin, and forgive the language, he said 'Far fucking out! Have I got a job for you!'"

"Lyn was transferred to Washington DC to become the nucleus of a team that, it was hoped, might be able to destroy enemy computers from a distance," the article continues. "To most people, 'remote viewing' is just the new-age term for psychic perception. The genuine article, controlled remote viewing (CRV) which is what we were taught in STARGATE, is a science that was developed in the laboratory using non-psychics. That was the goal, because the military didn't want to have to deal with psychics. All they wanted to do was grab a soldier off the battlefield, teach him to do this and then send him back to the unit so he can tell his commander what's over the hill. And it worked.

Remote viewing is a science that allows a non-psychic to use their subconscious mind to scout the area for troops, explore the layout or purpose of a base, searching for friendly personnel such as downed pilots, surveying weapons or identifying the location of a specific individual."

So what about Chernobyl?

"We were doing a demo for an incoming high-ranking official and were tasked with what was going to be in the newspaper headlines over the coming weekend," Lyn remembered. "I found that there was going to be a nuclear power plant meltdown. That weekend, the Chernobyl disaster happened."

And Saddam?

"It seemed that Saddam Hussein had acquired a black-market American missile and had it aimed at the Holy Mosque at Mecca," Lyn explained. "His plan was to feign illness during the main Ramadan ceremony, and use the American missile to wipe out all the other Muslim leaders. As the last Muslim leader, he would be able to take over and unite the Muslim world in a holy war, first against the evil Americans."

"My results were passed up the chain of command," Lyn went on. "And all along the way, each person refused to believe that any Muslim would do such a thing ¬ myself included. Well, the missile was found, and sure enough, it had been brought on the black market, and was aimed in the Direction of Mecca. If it hadn't been for that session, we would be in a world war right now. At one time or another, almost every remote viewer in the unit turned in some information that changed history."

Today, Lyn travels the world as he trains others to remote view. In fact, he worked with the author of the Penthouse article, Dedopulos, to set up a demonstration. Another Penthouse editor, Tim, was found. He had no experience in such things and agreed to the experiment. He works as an editor for Penthouse in London.

So, from his hotel room in Perth, Lyn coached Tim over the phone on how to do a session. Dedopulos taped the phone session and the results were included as a side bar to show that, indeed, remote viewing can be trained and that it does work. ...

read more at the link on the attempt to both create a technical manual for those, as well as even a computer assisted "Photoshop CAD" (computer assisted design tool) for those remote viewing to quickly turn their thougts into something they could demonstrate to others.

DNA is a lot more than something that makes meat. It is a spiritual corkscrew, unbottling you with a pop; or spiral staircase for accessing the above or rather the rest of the here where all the fuzzy snakes and red worms and lots of other things live just as real as you and me.


Oh, and let's drop back to the physical and just say that the Bush Regime just revoked 800 year old Magna Carta habeas corpus protections, and the U.S. is now the only country out of 193 countries in the world (outside a small Pacific island) to basically withdraw from the Geneva Convention despite wails from the military over it and civil libertarians, right or left. The U.S. is run by traitors through and through. A 21st century Prussia taking over the world is what Bush wants: he claims to consider people effectively the State's "property" worldwide, literally. (Females periods had to be registered in the State ledgers in Prussia, for instance; the State basically stole its own population, treated them as slaves, and sold them overseas as mercenaries; it was called an "army with a State" instead of a "state with an army" That basically explains the U.S. better than anything, given that 50% or more of the U.S. budget goes toward warmaking.

And with this 21st Century Prussian empire, at the helm are these 'spiritual inertia' leadership, just twiddling the thumbs of the soul instead of innately a progression. Given that the "human body" is perhaps an innately a cross referenced access point and mere part of a "total body", living simultaneously elsewhere at all times, perhaps some of the Bush regime are drawing on their own spiritual inertia as well as others transdimensionally dominating and getting high off them and attempting to lock down our DNA from such access. Such spiritual access definitely does make us "uncontrollable", and less likely to fall for mass media propoganda campaigns they depend upon to create the "there is only now" quality to the political thralldom of fear they want.

And the Bushes and Cheneys are indeed 'old lines' if you do the charts.


This post additionally reminds me of something I saw recently and would share here for what it is worth to ruminate on and watch yourself: Jeff and others may be interested in the "crash course" information that Richard Grove gets into in this short 35 minute impromptu talk at the Chicago 9-11 conference earler this summer. Grove is chatting on sofas with Tarpley, in what looks like the first time they ever met.

Once he barely escaped being killed in a set up on September 11, 2001 in the WTC, Grove has been frantically searching for information about who was out to get him in these past several years, and how they came to have such power to plan this all out.

Interestingly, unlike his transcript on the web, Grove in this impromtu talk gets in the occult power issues he was researching along with 9-11 which of couse Tarpley fails to touch. Grove seamlessly moves (or frenetically moves) from 9-11 numerological symbolism, bloodline occultists 2,000 years ago, and back once more, over and over...

Richard Grove talks with Webster Tarpley
... recorded in the lobby at the Chicago 911 "Truth" Conference, Richard Grove telling Webster Tarpley where he stands.
Rosalee Grable - 36 min - Jul 3, 2006

Richard Grove of course hardly requires introduction at this point, right? If you want one go to that link.

9/29/2006 11:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Art, in the human truth of it,touches the universal.
Seeing art we recognize a thought we had
but could not utter.
Are made less alone.
The eerie sense that there's just one of us.
As species or as individual, these are our only stairs.
No route save up into the brilliant haze.
From past to future...every instant is a rung that we shall never tread again.
In soul, dead matter is redeemed.
Revealed as a receptacle of meaning.
Deathless information, endlessly reflecting in a stainless glass.
And up, hand over hand, along our shining fetter,
Up from flesh nailed by four points to matter,
We are resurrected as a bliss of weightless code,
A steam of language.

It's April 10th, a churchbell's reach from Easter.
Cromwell, Lizzie Siddle, all of us,
Dragged from the vaults of Earth to see the Sun again.
And in its shining we remember what we are.
And by its waking rays, see what we've done while we have been asleep...
...and Oh God, whose is all this blood?

As species or as individual we approach the moment when the lights go on.
The point of comprehension and of revelation.
Of Apocalypse.
The sum of human information doubles ever faster.
Every 15 months & counting.
The reaction at the core of us tips over into critical.
Our crisis is approaching.
Though it may be in the late Victorian pornographic sense...pulse racing, human history convulses, nearing orgasm.

Keep climbing.
Up into lucidity.
The world below monstrously visible from here.
All our cathedrals, our rape-camps & our crematoria...
Don't cry my love, keep climbing...

We are each other, are the dead & living.
We are Arthur Machen & the odd thing is that when our wife died it was we who went to heaven.
We are Dante Gabriel Rossetti as they jimmy back the damp pine lid & on the greening bones, her hair like gorse-fire still.
& we will never write

Don't fall.
It seems we've struggled for so long.
We've trampled on the backs of apes to touch the muddied hems of angels.
Don't let go.
Don't slip.
Don't falter.
Now the meter of our feet grows swift upon the rungs.
Keep rising.
Up into the snowblind glare.

This is sex.
This is alchemy.
The rhythms in the loins & in the crucible become identical.
Start slow
& finish fast.
Golds & silvers stirred together.
Mind & motive, force & fancy, male & female
Smelted to sublime hermaphrodite.

We lift into the pulse & pour, into the fuse & flow,
Into the day, & it is now.
& we are by this heat distilled.
& it is now,

& we step out, into the white hot streets of Syon,
& in their radiance
we know ourselves.

Alan Moore

9/29/2006 11:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to download the entire PDR, but I see someone beat me to it.

Anyway, toying with the congruence of the meaning of "habeas corpus" (release the body) in both our suddenly transmogrified system of jurisprudence and in conjectural systems of reincarnation. The Buddhists seem eager to escape the "wheel of life," to avoid further re-incarnating back into materiality, and, as Sen. Leahy told Amy Goodman, the writ of habeas corpus always functioned (lo these past 800 years) as a restraint on the power of authoritarian rulers to keep their hold on a prisoner's body. "Release the body" seems to be salient in both systems of thought.

Just an errant thought, which I won't subject to further torture.

En passant, someone typed above "...which is beyond any reasonable doubt a highly seductive trap..."

The very best kind.

9/29/2006 11:54:00 PM  
Blogger Someone said...

If criminal souls do return to this existence and, by their nature and by the system that rewards it, so often rise to cruel power, then who would benefit more than hungry spirits that feed upon the traumas they inflict? And might occult traditions exist to pass on the knowledge of the perseverance of the soul in order to maintain earthly power from grave to grave?

perhaps, but you also said that the kind and loving would return as the kind and loving. Seems to me the whole imbalance stems from sociological problems rather than hyperreality...

We create our reality and then it re-manifests itself onto the same old paradigms.

Shift the thinking in OUR realm, and you've shifted it in every place that it counts, really.

Just a thought.

9/30/2006 12:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more point, before I get sick of it myself on DNA stimulation (activation or supression) being strangely connected to the organic amines (carbon-nitrogen tryptophan/tryptamines) and the cyanogroups (carbon-nitrogen CNs, "good cyanides":

Two more bits of suggestive evidence for the theory that "lucinogens" turn on or active genes and that is what faciliates the "expanding consciousness" receptivity experiences.

I noted in some more searching two other examples of chemicals that could be classed as "lucinogens" with their mental change effects have gene switching piggybacking on it, with either an 'on' or an 'off' effect:

[1] on, for healing: Recent research suggests that serotonin also plays an important role in liver regeneration and acts as a mitogen (induces cell division) throughout the body.

[2] off, for healing: Kava is psychoactive for some, causing lucid dreams and in others it is said to stop them being able to process symbols very well. Piggybacking on this psychoactive effect, Kava is additionally effective in the treatment of ovarian cancer and leukemia, runaway cell division issues like all cancers caused by the lack of the body having enough of the chemicals to turn off cell division.

Kava seems to supply this, similar to apricot pits. And apricot pits are another nitrous group, a 'cyano'group (nonpoisonous, CN chemical group, nitrogen based. The cyano group -C≡N, with carbon atom triple-bonded to nitrogen atom. Amines are nitrogen based as well. Amines are organic compounds as well (carbon once more with nitrogen) and a type of functional group that contain nitrogen as the key atom. Structurally amines resemble ammonia, wherein one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by organic substituents.

Back to Kava:

Kavalactones are the main psychoactive components of the roots of kava, a shrub common on some Pacific Ocean islands. The rhizome and roots of the shrub are ground, grated and steeped in water to produce a non-alcoholic drink which is said to promote sociability, mental clarity, and reduction of anxiety (see main kava entry). The quantity and ratio of kavalactones present vary dramatically and are highest when roots are extracted with solvents rather than by conventional tea preparation (but note safety issues; see kava). [1] Effects of kavalactones include mild sedation, a slight numbing of the gums and mouth, and vivid dreams. Kava has been reported to improve cognitive performance and promote a cheerful mood [2]. Muscle relaxant, anaesthetic, anticonvulsive and anxiolytic effects are thought to result from direct interactions of kavalactones with voltage-dependent ion channels [3]. Heavy, long-term kava use does not cause any reduction of ability in saccade and cognitive tests [4].

On 15 February 2006, the Fiji Times and Fiji Live both reported that researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and the Laboratoire de Biologie Moleculaire du Cancer in Luxembourg had discovered kava was effective in the treatment of ovarian cancer and leukemia. Kava compounds inhibited the activation of a nuclear factor that led to the growth of cancer cells. Aberdeen University had published its findings in the journal, The South Pacific Journal of Natural Science, that kava methanol extracts had been shown to kill leukaemia and ovarian cancer cells in test tubes.

***The kava compounds were shown to work selectively, passing healthy cells by and targeting only cancerous cells.***

(I think of Jeff's previous post on biophotons, healing, and DNA; and elsewhere with that inventor of "godlight")

This means the kava provides something similar to the "good cyanide"--CN group--another nitrogen based cyanogroup like amines 'Amines' nitrogen based as tryptAMINES with a particular substitution create this whole class of psychoactive effects. Some other interesting carbon-nitrogen here in how this works out biologically:

As I said, apricot pits have the CN group as well, like Kava (I guess they are amines as well) seems to switch off out of control cell growth like cancers as well as trophoblasts. (Pregnancies are biologically speaking exactly the same process as cancers really--only they know when to and have access to the chemical codes to stop and start different growths, according to some things I have read.)

Interesting that the amines, CN groups, and tryptamines have some overlapping psychoative effects with simultaneous gene control effects.

The Holy Organic Amines...I guess.

Nitrogen-carbon amines and nitrogen carbon cyanogroups--though different structures.

Nothing to worry about there though in the apricot pits thing--the whole "apricot pit scare" was a tactic of the medical mafia to remove another cheap cancer treatment--same "cyanide" as the B vitamins, soooooo dangerous--just like the U.S. has removed free cancer/psychoactive treatment Kava (when prepared properly)! quote:

"The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that very rare cases of liver damage or fulminant liver failure may be caused by kava-containing supplements. However, these injuries might result from pipermethystine, an alkaloid present in portions of the plant used industrially but normally discarded in traditional preparations (see kava). Recently, concerns have been raised about the safety of kava.[1] There have been several reports of severe liver toxicity [scares], including liver failure in some people who have used dietary supplements containing kava extract. While a conclusive link to kava has not been established, the severity of liver damage have prompted action of many regulatory agencies. In the UK, the Medicines for Human Use (Kava-kava) (Prohibition) Order 2002 prohibits the sale, supply or import of most derivative medicinal products. Regulatory drug agencies in France and Switzerland have outlawed kava completely. The health agency of Canada issued a stop-sale order for kava in 2002. However, subsequent legislation in 2004 rendered the legal status of kava in question.[2] The United States CDC has released a report[3] expressing reservations about the use of kava and its possibly adverse side effects (specifically severe liver toxicity), as has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)[4]. Some counter that the cases resulting in the liver toxicity included concomitant use of alcohol or other drugs[5]. Another claim is that kava extracts used by patients experiencing liver toxicity were made with solvents other than the traditional water and that the whole plant was used rather than just the roots.

However, not a single conclusive case of adverse liver effects has ever been reported amongst natives who have used it for hundreds of years. The issue is controversial and debate is fuelled by economic interests of kava-exporting nations of the Pacific Islands as well as disagreements between the medical mafia establishment and proponents of herbal and natural medicine.

There is ongoing research into the causes of kava liver toxicity and why it apparently does not affect traditional kava users. One study at the University of Hawaii at Manoa found that an alkaloid called pipermethystine may be responsible for the liver toxicity cases, based on its effects on liver cells in vitro[6]. This alkaloid is found primarily in stem peelings and leaves of the plant, but is not present in the roots. Users of kava in the South Pacific have traditionally discarded the peelings and leaves, using only the roots for the consumed product. However, industrial production of kava extracts encouraged the use of these peelings and leaves because of their higher concentrations of the psychoactive kavalactones. Industrial use of peelings and leaves was aided by the fact that traditional producers considered them a waste product and sold them inexpensively as compared to the roots. Since traditional users avoided consumption of these parts of the plant, this may explain the extensive use of kava in the Pacific with no ill effects, whereas the novel use in Europe and America witnessed cases of liver toxicity due to improper use of the plant.. Meanwhile, the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) that first evoked a total ban, has since agreed with teams of other experts, that, on closer inspection, the evidence does not support this stance. This included a team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, the BfArM has agreed to a partially revoke its actions. This allows for manufactures of products derived from kava reapply for product registration in Germany.[7][8]

The same scares around coconut oil was the "dangers of its fats"--which was the result of poor and cheap western industrial processing (once more like with kava). In coconut, it was the hydrogenation processes that were the dangers, though they blamed the coconut oil. Thus, for the most part, despite coconut oil having the same oils like lauric acid as mother's milk, coconut oil was symbolically damned: like kava, yet another tropical economic boom and health/healing boom smashed by fearmongering, which happened just as U.S. agricultural elites were pressing their own alternatives and wanted to remove competition as well.


and other places in the common 'here'--would that be supranatural (equally natural and real) instead of the term supernatural?

This is the interesting entheogenic plot summary of Hancock's upcoming book. Note even "DNA discover" Crick feared that DNA was an alien presence! And following Lynn Margulis, in Crafting Genomes, we are pretty much chimeras so it would be easy to slip in some other creature's "eavesdropping" genetic code right in the center of 'our' cell and mental processes.

Hancock's book summary:

“Supernatural: Due to or manifesting some agency above the forces of nature, outside of the ordinary operation of cause and effect.”]

* The evolution of modern humans has taken more than five million years but until less than 50,000 years ago we had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no creative and innovative thinking, and quite possibly no language. Then, a dramatic and electrifying change overtook our ancestors in every part of the globe, and all the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves today appeared suddenly, already fully formed, as though bestowed on us by hidden powers. Scientists describe this change as “the greatest riddle in human history”.

* The first art of mankind, in the painted caves and rock-shelters of southwest Europe and South Africa, dates back to the time of the great change. Why do these ancient paintings, tens of thousands of years old, depict beings of a kind that are never found in nature – strange and eerie hybrids with the heads of animals and the bodies of humans?

* In the depths of the Amazon rainforest tribal shamans drink a powerful hallucinogenic brew called Ayahuasca (“the vine of souls”) in order to induce visions. When they return to normal consciousness, after experiencing what they believe is out-of-body travel in the spirit world, they make paintings of the “intelligent beings” they have encountered. Why are many of these beings also depicted as uncanny hybrids with the heads of animals or serpents and the bodies of humans? [These creatures mentioned in the summary above about it as well.] And why do the shamans say that they have taught them everything they know about how to live in the jungle, and about the medicinal value of rainforest plants?

* Why do Western lab volunteers, placed experimentally under the influence of hallucinogens such as DMT, psilocybin, mescaline and LSD, report visionary encounters with “beings” in the form of animal-human hybrids – beings identical to those the Amazonian shamans claim to meet and to those painted by our ancestors in the prehistoric caves?

* What is the significance of the astonishing similarities between the entities known as “aliens”, ET’s” or “greys” in modern popular culture, the entities known as “fairies”, “elves” and “goblins” in the Middle Ages, and the entities that shamans in surviving tribal cultures know as “ghosts”, “gods” and “spirits”? Why are such figures depicted in prehistoric art as far afield as Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia?

* Why have eminent scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research, especially those who study the ways that hallucinogens work in the brain, recently begun to question long-established theories about the nature of reality? Why are some now even ready to consider the possibility, long ago embraced by shamans, that, far from being “false perceptions”, what we see in the strange imagery and experiences of hallucinations may be real perceptions of other “dimensions” and the beings inhabiting them?

* Why did Nobel Prize-winner Francis Crick keep concealed until his death the astonishing circumstances under which he first “saw” the double-helix structure of DNA? And why did he become convinced that the DNA molecule did not evolve naturally upon this planet but was sent here in bacteria by an alien civilisation?

* Why does the 97 per cent of DNA that scientists do not understand – so-called “junk DNA” – contain chemical “sequences” arranged in patterns and frequencies that are otherwise only found in the deep coding of all human languages?

* Could the “supernaturals” first depicted in the painted caves and rock shelters – and still accessible to us today in altered states of consciousness – be the ancient teachers of mankind? Could it be they who first ushered us into [or we let them in by accidental drug uses, and they partially 'took over us' which has become known as] the full birthright of our humanity? And could it be that human evolution is not just the “blind”, “meaningless” “natural” process that Darwin identified, but something else, more purposive and intelligent, that we have barely even begun to understand?


These are some of the mysteries at the heart of the quest Hancock unfolds in the pages of his new book Supernatural – a quest that takes him on a journey of adventure and detection from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, to the stunningly beautiful painted caves of prehistoric Europe, and to ancient painted rock-shelters in the remote mountains of South Africa.

This is a book of page-turning story-telling with electrifying descriptions of the daunting journey that Hancock must undertake as he drinks hallucinogens with tribal shamans in the Amazon and self-experiments with DMT, psilocybin and the African visionary drug known as Iboga – “the plant that enables men to see the dead.” But Supernatural also has an exciting basis in the latest science – much of it so far largely unknown to the general public. Thus, although the book takes readers into unusual and daring areas of enquiry, and investigates extraordinary possibilities about human origins, and about the nature of consciousness and of reality, the argument is underpinned throughout by the discoveries and views of eminent scientists doing cutting-edge research.

Supernatural is published in the UK on 6 October 2005 and in the US during 2006.

One more week...

Wait! It is out already and clocking in at #172:

# 720 pages
# Publisher: The Disinformation Company (September 1, 2006)
# Sales Rank: #172 in Books

And the Hancock book, on sale for less than a month seems to address the question that someone else had above:

knaverupe said...

Here's the problem I've always had with reincarnation:

Where do the new souls come from? We're pushing 10 billion souls on the planet now. Are some souls manufactured, while others are recycled? And how is THAT decided?

...knows that all paranormal phenomena are screaming this singular truth at us today: "We are one global human being!" That is, we share a unified field of mind that is only partitioned out into six billion bodies presently. We even have a name for this type of biological distribution throughout nature; we call it "fractal geometry."


In brief, Hancock makes a compelling case that the trigger of the act of cave painting was the experiencing of shamanic visions-- essentially the first, core, religious experience-- resulting from the ingestion of hallucinogenic herbs and plants. And too, he makes a compelling case that the content of these early paintings is quite simply the "visions" one sees in such an altered state. He demonstrates that the same plants and psychoactive substances have generated a remarkably consistent set of imagistic responses in humans across time and culture and setting, and shows how the icons and symbols of cave paintings are indeed replications and renderings of these visions (for instance, the part-man, part-animal creatures that dominate cave paintings and indeed Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Native American mythology.)

From there, Hancock traces the accounts through the ages of people who have claimed encounters with supposedly mythical creatures such as little green fairies, up through aliens and UFOs, and again notes the remarkable similarity across time and setting in the accounts. Indeed he shows how this sort of collective human experience with the "other world" has slowly evolved over time, and that the construct (e.g., aliens after World War II) that humans apply to the other-worldly visitors is culturally driven, but that the broader experience itself transcends culture. He also loops in the empirical work modern scientists have done, giving human subjects a high dosage of a psychoactive drug in lab settings and documenting their descriptions of experiences.

Hancock goes on to note that, while these drugs reliably trigger a core set of hallucinations in human subjects, some small percentage of people-- tagged by one study as 2%-- have these experiences without the benefit of the drugs...[likely because of the internal hardwired DMT link--perhaps their own bodies make huge cascades of DMT and β-carboline instead of only paltry amounts like most of us.] These are the people who, in recent times, have stories of being abducted by UFOs, and who in medieval times were abducted by fairies.

Of course, Hancock does not point to this as proof that aliens have been abducting humans. Rather, he demonstrates that the ability and tendency to experience of these visions, waking dreams, hallucinations, is a part of our DNA, part of what makes us human. [or partially the Fortian "property" of something else?]

If this is true, it suggests that humans are different from other species in part because we have a genetic predisposition to commune with what can only be described as the "supernatural."

Note that you do not have to believe in the existence of some parallel nether realm in order to buy into the premise of this book. All you have to believe is the idea that it is possible to empirically observe and describe and categorize the nature of hallucinations [or lucinations, if we're just talking about more reality here right now] people have been having through the ages, and in laboratory settings.

That reminds me of another book with a strange "DNA/transceivership" relation I thought I would mention, even though the book has nothing to say I gather about DNA, only the surprisingly Christian background of a major actor in the Human Genome Project:

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief by Francis S. Collins (Hardcover - Jul 11, 2006)

"Collins, a pioneering medical geneticist who once headed the Human Genome Project..."

Most people reviewing it are simply saying its a rehash of T.S. Eliot.

DNA - Damn Nitrous Amines...

9/30/2006 02:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic post.

Reincarnation has always seemed intuitively correct to me.

I haven't had great experiences with Kava, but I've had some wonderful dreams on Kratom.

9/30/2006 02:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read the Falun Gongers laying down this same "FUD" about psychedelic-induced mystical experiences in the past, and I really think they may be "casting spells" in the guise of warning.
Muddying the waters.

In the sense that voodoo only works on people who believe in voodoo, convincing someone that the hungry ghosts & psychic vampires are out to get them may be -creating- those spirits in that person's head and sic'ing them on the believer- even if when it's done by someone who earnestly thinks they are just trying to help.

I agree that there are negative entities out there, (and in there) but I am very suspicious of any belief system that is a carrier to the One True Path meme. That is- the way we do it is not just a way to do it- it is the way to do it, and everything else that looks like it might be another way is really a trap set by sinister forces to deceive you and steer you away from the One True Path- so do it our way, or be sorry later.

It's an effective memetic immune system.

Christianity (the evangelical, fundamentalist sort) has got this one bad... but I can see it clearly inside the Falun Gong / Falun Dafa stuff, too.

I'm not trying to spread the FUD myself, just suggesting that all Belief Systems (and especially all those One True ones) should be taken with a grain of salt.

9/30/2006 03:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the gods exist, you've given them too much credit.

there is a danger in weaving too specific a concept. such ideas eventually falsify themselves.

there is power in the archetypes. there is power in intent.

also, thankfully, there is a frosty beer every so often.

9/30/2006 04:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Are you the Entry Director I'm supposed to talk to?" I thought out to the presence behind me.
"Well, let's just say I'm one of many who attend to the operation of the Reentry Station and I can probably answer your questions."
"I'm a member of a group in a program called Exploration 27 at The Monroe Institute back on earth. We're all here to learn about the inner workings of Focus 27."
"Yes, I know. Your buddy, Bob Monroe, told us your group would be coming for a tour of the place. How can I be of assistance?"
"Is this thing I'm looking at, the tower with the bell shapes at the top, is that the Reentry Station?"
"What does it do and how does it work?"
"Look closely around the big open end of the bell shape at the left and tell me what you see," the ED suggested.
"I see a flow of something entering the open end of the bell shape," I described.
"Direct your attention to that flow and tell me what you see there," the ED continued.
"I see a cylindrical flow of little bits of yellowish-gold light, all moving together into the bell shape."
"Look closely at the bits of light."
I moved closer to the flow to get a better look.
"They all have generally the same size and shape, and they're emitting light. They look a little like cocktail shrimp after they've been cooked and peeled, kind of the shape of little cheese curls. I've seen these things before in a place I call the Flying Fuzzy Zone. These curls look the same, but in the Flying Fuzzy Zone they fly all around like moths buzzing a bright light. What are these things?"
"Focus your attention on them, what do they feel like?"
After gazing at them for several moments I got the precept, "I'll be a son of a . . . those curls are people! Each one is a separate human being!"
"They seem to be in some kind of 'dormant' state. Not too much activity going on in them, not much thinking. More like they're asleep and waiting. Why are they like that, and why are they entering the bell shape of the Reentry Station?"
"Come on, follow me," the ED replied, "we'll go inside the station so you can take a look."

9/30/2006 06:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a quick feeling of movement and then I was standing at the center the of the area where the small ends of the two bells joined. I could plainly see the flow of curls being compressed as it passed through this area.
"This part of the station is called the constriction," the ED volunteered.
"This section seems to be putting the curls under pressure. Why?" I asked.
"Preparation for entry into physical world reality. The awareness of each curl is compressed here to help hold it together and stay focused in one place long enough to make the transition."
"I'm getting the sense that compression also closes down its conscious awareness of nonphysical reality in general, including awareness of nonphysical aspects of itself. Is that a result of compressing a curl's conscious awareness?"
"Yes. Physical world reality is a pretty crowded place. By compressing the curl's awareness into one place, it's more concentrated. It's better able to focus, concentrate if you like, on its tasks and purposes once its in the physical world. Less apt to be distracted by input overload from the high level, M-band noise pressure."
"Input overload? High level M-band noise pressure?"
"At the level of physical world reality there are presently over five billion human inhabitants packed onto a very small place called earth. Everyone living there is constantly broadcasting their thoughts and feelings into that close quarters environment. They're like five billion little radio stations all broadcasting their own, unique talk shows into the airwaves at the same time. Those thoughts and feelings are what we call M-band noise. There are so many people broadcasting at once, all pushing their thoughts and feelings out into the environment, we call it high level, M-band noise pressure."

9/30/2006 06:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Does closing down a curl's level of awareness by compression in the constriction section have something to do with limiting the effect of that M-band noise?" I asked, responding to impressions I was getting as I watched the curls pass through. "It limits the curl's ability to sense things in the nonphysical environment, doesn't it." "Yes it does. You see, if a curl's conscious awareness remained fully expanded to its normal size during and after entry into physical world reality it couldn't function. It's being constantly bombarded by a great percentage of the M-band noise. Finding its own memories and thoughts amongst that blaring jumble would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. At its normal level the curl's awareness would be in a constant state of complete and utter chaos, as a result of the input overload. Such overload would make progress on a curl's purpose for being in physical world reality impossible. The compression step of the reentry process concentrates the curl's awareness into a very small area, allowing it to be less aware of M-band noise."
"So compression reduces conscious awareness of nonphysical reality. But doesn't that also make it so the curl has no memory of what happened to it or decisions about its purpose made before entry into the physical world?"
"Well, yes, sort of. Memory of those decisions and contact with the Greater Self, your Disk or Monroe's I/There, is also almost completely blocked by the compression. You see, compression works on the level of the curl's conscious awareness. That doesn't mean those memories and contacts are removed or totally inaccessible, they're just compressed into the subconscious. They are fully accessible, but ordinarily only at the curl's subconscious levels.
"Wouldn't be better to let curls decide whether they want this to happen or not?"
"They do decide, Bruce. Each curl understands and agrees to this as part of the reentry process. It's not a rule imposed upon the curl by anyone, it's part of the preparation necessary for survival in the environment. You could think of it like the old fashion, deep sea diving suits. You know, the ones with the big heavy helmet and air hose hooked to a pump on the surface. To withstand the pressure and survive while exploring the ocean bottom in the old days, divers had to wear the suit. Compression at the Reentry Station is where the curl puts on that suit."
"I'm getting that M-band noise is somehow similar to the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean in your metaphor," I said, responding to incoming impressions.
"Very good! M-band noise IS like the water of the ocean. As you go deeper toward the ocean bottom, physical world reality, M-band noise pressure becomes greater. Once a curl reaches physical world reality M-band noise pressure actually helps maintain compression of its conscious awareness within the limits of its physical body."
"What do you mean?"
"Remember, we are talking about conscious awareness of the curl. If the diver, in my metaphor, tries to expand himself at the bottom of the ocean he has to push outward against the surrounding water pressure. If a curl attempts to extend its conscious awareness beyond the confines of its body it encounters the M-band noise of all the other inhabitants. Just like a diver extending himself beyond his suit and feeling the water, a curl extending its awareness beyond its body becomes aware of the blaring jumble of the M-band noise. The thoughts and feelings of the other inhabitants begin to come into the curl's awareness. It's such a jumble it tends to breakup the concentration and focus required to further extend its awareness. Prolonged contact with the surrounding M-band noise leads to wandering thought trains that jump from one track to another as thoughts and feelings of others flood into the curl's thus triggering memory associations. After a while, curls generally stop trying to expand their awareness, since they so easily lose the train of thought necessary to do so. That's how M-band noise pressure tends to maintain compression of conscious awareness. Some curls continuing trying to expand their awareness into the M-band noise and some of the successful ones are often labeled psychotic."

9/30/2006 06:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How can curls safely get through the M-band noise to expand their awareness?" I wondered out loud.
"By learning to focus their attention not through the M-band noise, but beyond it. If the curl learns to focus its awareness at a level of consciousness where the M-band noise is attenuated or nonexistent, expansion is much easier. Meditation is an useful, time tested method and the one you're using seems to work pretty well."
"The method I'm using?" I asked, puzzled.
"You learned to focus your attention beyond the M-band noise using the sound patterns of hemi-sync. Remember something in the advertising about coherent brain wave states. You learned to maintain your focus and avoid the jumble by shifting your conscious awareness past M-band noise and into states you call Focus levels. Focus 10, Focus 21 and so on are levels of human consciousness with greatly reduced M-band noise."
"I see what you mean. The hemi-sync the tool I stumbled upon allowed me to remain in a coherent, focused state as I expanded my awareness past the M-band noise and into states beyond it!"
"You sound surprised! Hemi-sync is an adaptation of a long known technique. As for stumbling upon it, later you might want to check for filament of awareness connections between yourself and the guy who introduced that system. For right now let's get back to the to the purpose of your tour," the ED said cryptically.
"Okay. I'm getting that compression also causes the curls to lose memory of where they came from. It's the reason so few have any past life memories or awareness of anything that exists beyond their present physical world."
"Yes, that's a byproduct of the compression. Again, compression pushes these memories into the curl's subconscious, by definition that means the curl is not consciously aware of them. Typically, they are unable to extend their conscious awareness through the M-band noise to access 'outside' sources of the information either. These, so called, outside sources of information exist in awareness levels adjacent to the physical. Past life memories, the focus levels you're aware of, lots of information sources exist in these adjacent levels of awareness. Of course the information is carried inside the curl too, but few learn to focus inward to find it there. Curl's, compressed as they are have little if any conscious awareness of that information stored within themselves, and the M-band noise tends to cut off access to adjacent sources...

9/30/2006 06:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be Not Afraid is her mantra

Kali is often considered the most terrifying, “the goddess who perpetually transforms life into a fascinating dance of death.” Her bloody rites, however, over-shadow her spiritual significance. “As a symbol of the worst we can imagine, as the most extreme picture of our fears, she offers us a chance to face down our own terror of annihilation.” In many respects, Kali “is a blissful goddess. Once faced and understood... Kali frees her worshipers of all fear and becomes the greatest of mothers, the most comforting of all goddesses.”

Kali is the Dark Mother of the Hindu pantheon. She has what seem like contradictory aspects to most Western minds: she is protectress/avenger as well as beloved, gentle mother, she represents death and rebirth, she has bloody, violent aspects yet is called upon for mercy. Kali is the basic archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously womb and tomb, giver of life and devourer of her children. Kali is found in the cremation ground amid dead bodies. She is standing in a challenging posture on the prostrate body of her husband Shiva. Kali cannot exist without him, and Shiva can't reveal himself without her. She is the manifestation of Shiva's power, energy.

For me, Kali means the death of ego, the release of the concerns that hold us to this plane and keep us from advancing to the next, the reminder that all will be destroyed in order to become new again and again, the black formlessness of the void outside of time, dancing in response to the imminent death of all we find familiar, and embracing that which we fear as the way to disempower and transcend it.

Kali is the destructive aspect of the goddess. She is usually pictured as a black goddess, for time has no color. The string of arms around her waist represents the lives that are born again and again in the cycle of reincarnation or samsara. She holds a cup in which she has caught the blood of the head she has just decapitated.

But Kali's raised right hand is in the mudra "Be not afraid." She is dancing on her consort, Lord Shiva. One interpretation of this image is that after the goddess slew the buffalo demon, she got drunk on its blood and started to destroy indiscriminately and with wild abandon. (Remember, the problem is not power, but how to keep power under control.) In an effort to calm her, Shiva lay down and let her dance on him, bringing an end to her rampage.

9/30/2006 06:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On birth and death the pineal gland does activate.


9/30/2006 06:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Jeff, I think we're definitely in the realm of Gnosticism here. The Gnostics spoke of Archons who ruled the earth= spiritual principalities and powers. Only through reaching far beyond them into the Light, to the "Good God", could one find the Passwords that would neutralize the Archons' power. The Archons rule the Black Iron Prison which is this reality under the limitations of tyranny and control. It is probably here to which the criminal entities you refer to return (those who are lesser than the criminal archons themselves.) What this means is all is not safe -- as you point out -- but also that there may be allies capable of helping us navigate beyond the archons. That's not my assertion, merely an inference from Gnosticism.

9/30/2006 08:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harvesting Souls on the Soul Farm

ANDREW: I see, there would be many civilisations, right. Okay, now that clarifies that part. Now take our existence as ordinary human beings. Where do ordinary people come from, and why do they come here, and where do they go? This is one of the great mysteries to us.

Tom: All beings, all species come from us. There is a question that is asked by all beings and all species, and it is what you have asked: 'Who am I, where did I come from?' and 'Where am I going?' Is that not so?

ANDREW: That is the question, yes.

Tom: All species and all beings are particles of us. There is not a way for you to have this understanding. How may we explain?

ANDREW: Well, I have the understanding that they are part of you but they go through many cycles of existence before they reach Earth, is that not so?

Tom: Remember that the planet Earth is not that evolved. We are looking for an analogy to give you...

ANDREW: Well, could you say for example, that those who come to Earth all come from another given civilisation or planet or something like that? Or state of existence? That is, is there a regular sequence or place through which they go before they come to the planet Earth?
Tom: Not in a particular planet. Depending on the needs of that soul. Some souls need more than some other souls. There are levels of intelligence, there are levels of consciousness. Not all are equal.

Remember this: it is not true that all are equal. There is a soul. The soul is a particle of us. If you have a giant electric spark, and you put two together that would cause a giant electric spot, there would be sparks that would come off it. Those sparks would be part of us - but each of those sparks would either die out or continue to grow. Some may create a fire, and some may grow slowly, but it would depend upon the ambition of the spark.

ANDREW: Yes. Now, when that spark cycles through Earth, and achieves its full growth, does it go through other civilisations………?

Tom: It must.

ANDREW: lt doesn't return directly to you?

Tom: It will continue for millions of years. But it cannot continue if it stays upon the planet Earth. If you will recall, in a previous communication we had explained to you that the planet Earth is the only planet within the Universe that has the variety of animals and plants. It is the most beautiful of all planets, because of the different varieties. This in a sense, attracts the souls, and they have desires to remain upon it. In other civilisations, the souls feel, and they have all the qualifications which you have, but it is more physical upon the planet Earth.

JOHN: There is a very large question: what is the purpose of a soul? In existing on all its civilisations and so on?

Tom: If a soul becomes what you call perfect, then it is... if we could explain this to you, in your mind you may feel that we are cannibals!

ANDREW: Well, we want the truth, and I think you know us well enough to know that we would not jump to that kind of erroneous conclusion. What we're really asking is: if we had to tell a human being what the purpose of life is, what is the most succinct answer?

Tom: You may tell what has been told to humans many times, but was not given to them in clear understanding: that the purpose of their existence and the purpose of their living is to return to whence they came.

ANDREW: Yes. And how can they, while they are on this Earth with all its problems? What is it that they can best do in order to return to the source?

Tom: If they would treat all as they have desire to be treated. If they would walk in dignity and permit no one to remove their dignity, and if they would have love for all their fellow humans, and for all those that touch them - for this in turn sends love to us. We ask not that they have a total understanding of us.

ANDREW: Yes. But in essence then, God feeds on this kind of nectar, so to say.

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: I think that people would love that idea.

Tom: We have the creation, we have created this, but it in truth has created us.

ANDREW: Now that part which, let us say, you feed on, is it totally immaterial, that nature of love - something that has no material or physical existence? Since you are not material in any way, you must feed on something immaterial..?

Tom: It is an energy. it is not something you may hold in your hand. It is a spark that is a glow that emanates, and it grows, and becomes a shining sun, and then it returns to us.

ANDREW: Yes. I find that very beautiful and very satisfying, don't you John?

JOHN: Yes, this is the upward spiral, I imagine. Then it's sent out again, on a higher level again, is that so?

Tom: Yes. It is integrated.

ANDREW: Now, how do the other creatures on Earth fit into this plan? And I speak of birds and fish and cattle and so on...

Tom: They have more love for us than the humans. They have a greater understanding of us.

ANDREW: And when they live this way, do they also come back as sparks directly, without having to go through our human form?

Tom: They are not a human form. They are planted and they have been brought to the planet Earth to give to the souls upon the planet Earth - how may we say? - for them to cause humans to ask in their mind: what created this? How did this come to be? It is to jog their mind. Do you understand that?

ANDREW: I think so, for example we were watching two hawks today, and they were incredible and beautiful, and they were mating, as it is the season for mating, and we wondered about their span. They live in such freedom, and apparently, love and dignity...

Tom: It is the purest love.

ANDREW: And we wondered for example, whether their souls would spark too? If they achieved perfection would they go directly back to you?

Tom: They feed to us.

ANDREW: And bees, for example, that collect honey, and are in tune with each other and their environment, do they feed you too?

Tom: Remember this, your planet is the only one in existence with this nature.

9/30/2006 08:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sidhartha sat under a tree fo 49 DAYS
the pineal takes 49 days to develop.
It is coming together bit by bit.(nice pun)

East meets West.

Still seeking a way to understand the meaning of life, Siddhartha set out for Buddhagaya. Near a grove, he sat down under a huge Bodhi tree. Silently he vowed, "Even if my flesh and blood were to dry up, leaving only skin and bones, I will not leave this place until I find a way to end all sorrow." He sat there for forty nine days. He was determined to discover the source of all pain and suffering in the world. Mara, the evil one, tried to scare him into giving up his quest. For instance, he hoped to lure Siddhartha into having selfish thoughts by sending visions of his very beautiful daughters. But the Buddha's goodness protected him from such attacks.

During this period, Siddhartha was able to see things as they truly were. Now he had finally found the answer to suffering: "The cause of suffering is greed, selfishness and stupidity. If people get rid of these negative emotions, they will be happy."

During a full-moon night in May, Siddhartha went into deep meditation. As the morning star appeared in the eastern sky, he became an enlightened one, a Buddha. He was thirty five years old.

When the Buddha stood up at last, he gazed at the tree in gratitude, to thank it for having given him shelter. From then on, the tree was known as the Bodhi tree, the tree of Enlightenment.

9/30/2006 09:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plants worship the SUN?

9/30/2006 09:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is an extended quote from "The Stellar Man" by John Baines (pseudonym of Dario Salas Sommer) which I've been meaning to transmit here for some time, this seems as good as any.

This book more than any I've read lays out the whole Gnostic/Hermetic 'Matrix' in a detailed, somewhat rational manner. Here we go:

If we were perverse gods or immortal despoilers, we could not invent a better method to make a group of slaves work peacefully than to make them believe, by means of collective hypnosis, that they are happy and important. We would then have perfect robots who would work untiringly, producing what we desire. In addition, these robots would make and maintain themselves. It could be argued that sapiens, unlike other species, sows, produces, and labors only for himself and not other beings. This is true for the products and material sapiens uses for his own maintenance. Non non-human species steals the efforts of sapiens' efforts. On the other hand, this is not the case with the subtle fruit produced by the human nervous system in everyday life. This fruit is rapidly reaped by certain beings who are much higher on the evolutionary scale than the human being; veritable gods of space, who profit from human efforts, but in tern fulfill certain cosmic functions and occupy an important position in the universal economy. These beings have been mentioned previously: the Archons of Destiny. We could also refer to them as Gods of the Zodiac, as they direct an govern human existence on this planet. When we speak of true astrology, we do not refer to radiations from a specific planet, but to the influence of the Zodiacal Gods, each of which (there are 72 in all) has personal and defined characteristics, influencing the people they control in a strange way. All of Earth's inhabitants are under the sway of one or more of these gods, who regulate, shape, and direct the destiny of humanity. But this is no so for the destiny of the Hermeticist, who attains this vital autonomy at a certain moment, releasing himself from the mandate of the Archons.

The Archons of Destiny are terrifying beings, not because they are evil, but due to their cold an inexorable severity in the manipulation of sapiens. If we were to establish a symbol for these beings, no doubt they would be depicted with a whip in their hands, a girdle of bristles or netted wire with which they chastise humanity in order to ensure their progress, although this evolution may be imperceptible during our earthly time. For example these occult judges pitilessly provoke a world war in which millions of people die. For them, these dead are of no more importance than that assigned by sapiens to the thousands of animals they sacrifice daily in order to feed.

Sapiens, in his extreme fight for existence and in his various relations with the natural and social environments surrounding him, inevitably experiences all kinds of tribulations, suffering, deceptions, and other experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. As a consequence, his emotional and nervous systems develop certain embodied elements, that are extremely powerful, and which abandon the human body in the form of vibrations (everything vibrates; matter is only vibratory energy). These vibrations are transmitted through antennae incorporated in the biological unit which are tuned to the frequency of the Archons, who then reap this power and use it for purposes we cannot divulge, again stating that they accomplish a cosmic function.

It is thus that sapiens is unwittingly stripped of the most noble product he has produced; the final distillate of human experience, the broth in which lies the blood, the soul, and the very life of the individual. The individual lived for this, suffered, loved, enjoyed, worked, built things, went to war, studied, investigated, only to prepare the golden broth of his life. We must understand that the central computer only exists in relation to the Archons of Destiny as an instrument to control sapiens.

The object of life, the reason for which sapiens was created, is not for him to enjoy life in the garden of the Lord, but rather to be a pawn in the vineyards, a worker so perfect he can act as cultivator and food at the same time.

- John Baines, "The Stellar Man", pp. 82-84

9/30/2006 10:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Information is information. Everything else is just metaphor.

Metaphors can help us make sense of information. They can also mislead, distort, or leave out vital facts in the name of consistency.

Metaphors that are new and shiny tend to be the most useful. They help us look at things in a fresh light, incorporate facts that have previously been excluded and -- most important -- open the mind to a form of thinking that goes beyond all metaphor.

As metaphors get old, they tend to degenerate into ideology -- rigid, closed-off from new information, designed to perpetuate the power of a dominant group rather than to inspire fresh insights.

Contemporary religions in general are metaphors that have long-since fallen to the level of ideology. Even "God," which was once a wake-up word, has now become a go-to-sleep-and-don't-think-about-it word

Reincarnation is also a metaphor. Anthropologically, a belief in reincarnation can be identified as a prominent aspect of certain cutures -- such as those that put great emphasis on the recycling of life-force within lines of totemic descent -- and not at all of others. Morally, reincarnation is linked to the idea of karma -- a warning that bad behavior is going to have to be accounted for sooner or later.

But philosophically, reincarnation is just a pseudo-scientific theory to explain how certain people may possess information with no rational explanation of how they could have obtained it.

I'm skeptical of the evidence Jeff cites in support of reincarnation. It isn't all familiar to me, but I've seen plenty of similar claims debunked. Especially in the case of adults, "past lives" generally turn out to be a mish-mosh of consciously-forgotten snippets out of old novels or college courses, a vivid imagination, and the basic human ability to create fleshed-out alternative personalities.

The cases involving children tend to be more impressive but far from definitive. For example, I recall reading of at least one case where a child convincingly claimed to be the reincarnation of someone who turned out to still be alive.

So all we're left with is a question about information: Some people know things they couldn't have learned in any normal manner. In other words, "reincarnation" is no difference than "telepathy" or "clairvoyance" or any of those other fuzzy categories of anomalous knowledge.

In fact, it blends into them. I think it's Sheldrake who says that people score above average on card-guessing tests only when they're shown the results afterwards and that this suggests they're accessing their own future knowledge and not engaging in telepathy or clairvoyance at all.
Since claims of reincarnation are regularly tested by taking children to the scenes of their past lives, they could similarly be getting that information by looking forward and not back.

I don't think the future-knowledge theory explains everything. Especially in the case of the claims of reincarnation, there would be a circularity of cause and effect that I don't much like. But it does have the advantage of focusing on on questions of information (like, where does it come from? and can we trust it?) rather than on emotionalistic scenarios of evil souls reincarnating over and over to harrass the rest of us throughout eternity.

9/30/2006 12:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this "Chariots of the Gods" material - about how humans were blithering animals until aliens came and taught us about indoor plumbing and vinyl siding - leaves one big question that rarely comes up.

Where did these aliens come from? Were they taught by earlier, smarter aliens? Is there an infinite chain of these "teacher aliens"?

In other words, the "alien explanation" is more procrastination than explanation.

A better question is - what is our origin?

And this reduction of consciousness to chemicals - well, where did the chemicals come from? Did they make consciousness or are they used and originally created by some form of consciousness?

In other words, if your premises are off, your whole structure of explanation is off.

If you don't detach from preconceived notions and wishes, you are blocked from truth. Not from "divine punishment", just from having dirty eyeglass lenses.

9/30/2006 12:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff ended with: "And might occult traditions exist to pass on the knowledge of the perseverance of the soul in order to maintain earthly power from grave to grave?"

I’ve considered the same question – the first time in passing on the discussion board a while ago. Someone was musing about the goals of 'short-term gain’ elites vs. the plans of the 'long-term goal' elites. I thought, well, those long-term goal elites, why would they put so much effort into building an even more perfect future totalitarian order than that which exists during their short lifetimes? The first thing that came to mind was that they might have a stake in "guided reincarnation." Make sure they get back in the right power position to enjoy the superior fruits of their previous labors. Are these earth-addicted archons utopians?

There is indeed very little that comes up in a google search of “guided reincarnation,” but one hit on a yahoo search links to Frontpage mag of all places and a printed email exchange (?) between one “Constantin Ivanenko” (of exopolitical Russian Independent Group for the Defence of Earth” fame) and Jack Sarfatti mentioning a Dr. Sergeyev whose group offered a special training in "guided reincarnation." Book referenced: "Psychic Discoveries" by S. Ostrander & L. Schroeder (introduction by Uri Geller).

Um, no se. Just musing.

Of course I am also interested in the implications this has for reuniting with loved ones down the road. “Déjà vu, could you be the love that I once knew?”

"Guided reunited" and it feels so good.

To be continued, I hope. (No pun intended.)

9/30/2006 01:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. I agree substantially with "Word to the Wise & those who seek wisdom" that the perennial wisdom (sophia perennis) is indeed the measure against all such phenomena should be compared. Charles Upton, Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon (a personal favorite) are all excellent introductions to the wisdom of genuine Tradition.

I do have to take a little issue with your characterization of Jeff; he is a good guy who is attempting to sort through the phenomena of experience, and I think he does a far better job of keeping an open mind than almost any other 'conspiracy' writer. He simply has not been exposed much to the thinking of Traditionalists yet. (I feel confident is saying this, I am certain that when he begins to explore the Traditionalists we will see the immediate relevance to the topics of his interest.)

And might occult traditions exist to pass on the knowledge of the perseverance of the soul in order to maintain earthly power from grave to grave?

You should probably say "And might SOME occult..." I could not begin to say if there is any such occult school. The situation you have imagined is, however, directly INVERSE to the intention of genuine tradition, which is to orient the soul to the Vertical dimension, to the pole of existence, while the scheme you have outlined is to (vainly) attempt to accrue worldly power through occult techniques.

9/30/2006 01:30:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

You should probably say "And might SOME occult..."

Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity; that was what I meant to suggest. I'll correct the text.

9/30/2006 02:46:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

I was flummoxed by a certain synchrony between some things you've had your hand in, recently and not so recently. Here we are travelling down the astral highway in Strassman's DMT bus, when you point out the 7 x 7 (rte. 49) road sign, which reminds one, naturally, of Hawkwind's

Seven x Seven

Lost am I in this world
of timelessness and woe
Can I find the doorways
through which I must go
Is the key to this plane,
Too much for me to try to gain
Is the passport to this world,
My astral soul?
7 signs rode on 7 stars,
7 ways to find the long lost bards
7 days became 7 years
While Pocus laughed
And called foul jeers
7 times he cursed the 7 tears
Each one became their 7 fears
What is lost is never gained again
I've cast the spell that eternity chained
No more to cry o' mortal soul
The astral path is now your fortuitous role

Which, if you haven't heard, should be high on your things to listen to while pondering the significance of DMT list. But then, I'm finally reading Anxious Gravity last night (I had to threaten the library with more frequent visitations until they finally relented and bought your book), and there on the frontispiece to Book II you've got this odd little quote from Martin Luther (not that he wasn't regularly spewing them):

Experience has proved the toad to be endowed with valuable qualities.
If you run a stick through three toads, and, after having dried them in the sun, apply them to any pestilent tumour, they draw out all the poison, and the malady will disappear.

Well, I had a chuckle over that--it's far better material than his feelings for the Jews, for example--but I was rather surprised when I came across this mention of the toad when I was reading this review Strassman's work today:

43. DMT: The Spirit Molecule - A Review

The Mayan shamans ingested psychedelic mushrooms, and venom from a poisonous toad as part of their technique to travel to the underworld, or Xibalba. These both contain psychoactive tryptamines such as psilocybin, psilocin & DMT. * As we know, they also devised a calendar consisting of 260 Katuns that terminates in 2012 AD. Terence and Dennis McKenna, while in the Ecuador rainforest, ingested the very same mushrooms, containing tryptamines, that the Maya had used.** They then de-coded the 26-level temporal hierarchy of Timewave Zero from the I-Ching, and found that the termination point was in 2012 AD. DMT plus hallucinogenic beta-carbolines are chemicals that are also made inside your own brain, in the pineal gland, *** which is associated with the Third Eye of Eastern Mysticism. The pineal gland converts melatonin to make DMT, and it has been found that crop formations can induce increased levels of melatonin in people who spend time in them. All this seems to point to the possibility that the forthcoming "evolutionary quantum leap" expected at the end of the year 2012 will be caused by a mass-triggering of DMT production in humanity. *The toad-venom contains 5-MeO-DMT, which is also found in the human brain; Stropharia cubensis mushrooms contain psilocybin, a tryptamine (composed of an indol group and a dimethylamine chain).

So here's my question: did you plant Martin Luther's toad prescription in Anxious Gravity to salt the stew, or was it a future you retro-causing obtuse connections, or was it bloody random happenstance?

9/30/2006 03:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H.P.Lovecraft said that the Old Ones who created all reality are "not dead, but dreaming".
They dream of returning to our dimension and they are seeking revenge for our misguided aliance with the lying myths we now call religon.

9/30/2006 04:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff -
An interesting post on the subject of reincarnation.
I find it remarkable that no one has mentioned the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). It was an important part of his life's work (called Anthroposophy) to synthesize the teachings of reincarnation while maintaining the truths of karma and of Christianity.
If reincarnation exists (I keep an open mind) it will put a whole new spin on many political problems of the day - e.g. global warming. I shudder to think of what kind of planet of the future we are bringing into being today. If people realized the truth of reincarnation, would they be inclined to be better stewards?
And what about the radical feminists? Might they become a little more generous toward the male sex if they understood that they would be likely to be reincarnated as males? (Steiner teaches that male and female alternate in reincarnations. He also insists that only human souls reincarnate - that no animal or vegetable can "reincarnate" into a human form.)
There are also passages in the New Testament indicating reincarnation, e.g. the Elijah-John the Baptist connection.
I think it is quite possible that knowledge of reincarnation is beginning to become more conscious, and that part of the machinations we see on the world-stage today are an attempt by the "Evil Powers" to frustrate and deny this knowledge. For obviously, if reincarnation exists, it will present a MAJOR CHALLENGE to materialism in all its forms.
It is interesting that the Catholic Church "has never taught reincarnation as a dogma and has never condemned it as a heresy." (Valentin Tomberg - a student of Steiner's Anthroposophy who converted to Catholicism.)
Also appreciated your reference to Dion Fortune - one of the most interesting occultists.
Keep up the good work, Jeff.

9/30/2006 05:03:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

I have to shake my head when I read the depth and perception that my fellow posters here bring to the stew.
I have a NDE that I would like to share. I remember being transported by ambulance and looking at the white ceiling just before I closed my eyes. I immediately grappled with this "opportunity". Wouldn't it be great just to shake off this "mortal coil" but before I could savor that decision, I had already made my mind up that I was not quite done then changed my mind thinking what an opportunity to just pack it in. Alas and alack, that twinkling of an eye is too long a timespan. I already knew (even though I was quite purple by the time the ambulance arrived at the my door to delivery, that I had work to do.

The point if can can make it clearly, is that that moment, that time/space on the edge of the abyss, is reverse space. It is a moment ahead of itself.

So, as it turns out, I survived to fight this fight. Yes, I have a plan. No,

9/30/2006 05:51:00 PM  
Blogger blogbart said...

physics tells us that at the most fundamental level there is some sub-structure that underlies matter and energy.

as matter and energy are dynamical pattern structures, it makes sense that the underlying sub-structure also exists as a dynamical pattern structure.

hence if the matter and energy structure is emphemeral, and if the underlying sub-structure has a more permanent existence, then why could it not build up sequential emphemeral matter and energy structures?

repeated expressions of matter and energy over a sub-structure dynamical pattern in reference to humans could be reincarnation, thus some similarities between them.

9/30/2006 06:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


...the pineal gland converts melatonin to make DMT,

Thanks, I neglected to mention that link--because I was unaware of it--though I was wondering what melatonin's biochemical connection to all this supposed "transconsciousness" was. So, melatonin is the precursor of human bodily DMT. And DMT is made in pineal. Additionally it should be known that melatonin as well is made in the pineal. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness or low light levels.

So the pineal gland is the human DMT and DMT-precursor (melatonin) making factory.

Does the human body create its own MAOIs to match it and stretch it out somewhere, anyone know?

If the human body is without an innate MAOI (or even if it is), it uncannily explains why near death (when the metabolism shuts off, creating an artificial MAOI effect so to speak), DMT from the pineal keeps building up in the near death body naturally. There's nothing left to metabolize it (as the body dies).

Now that is a pretty interesting biochemical issue of near death experiences as 'natural DMT and 'artificial MAOI' overloads due to body metabolism shutdown before nervous system shutdown.

In other words, speaking strictly from the point of view of the biochemical reaction, death and Ayahuasca are biochemically the same experience, and that experience is hardwired into your body to create "transconsciousness' effects. That's the conundrum. The Ayahusca is just piggybacking on the body's hardwired arrangement. The real question is why the body innately (biochemically, should one say 'is forced to'?) generates incredibly high "transconsciousness" effects at death?

Fortunately for you, the amine blocking effects of the harmine are temporary, yielding biochemical near death for only a short while via MAOIs. Death of course is a 'artificial permanent MAOI' amine metabolism block that keeps going. Thus, as natural DMT builds up, you slip away bathed in DMT at what would be highest concentrations possible, higher than Ayahuasca--because your body is acting as the best MAOI ever invented (you are dead)...


The toad-venom contains 5-MeO-DMT, which is also found in the human brain; Stropharia cubensis mushrooms contain psilocybin, a tryptamine (composed of an indol group and a dimethylamine chain).

From what is posted above already, I'm really fascinated about all these biological hardwired overlaps and cross-links here between venoms, poisions, near death, and transconsciousness chemicals.

All basically the same tryptamines locking into the same places--only with slightly different tweaks off tryptophan. Death (poisons), death experiences (DMT, mescaline), tt's all off tryptamines/tryptophan pathways ONLY. Out of the other 20 different amino acids your body juggles, there is only one biochemical pathways here into this "transconsciousness."


And the insertion of this transconsciousness experience is hardwired into DNA in another interesting way via tryptophan being the only "direct insert" amino acid into DNA.

There is a second interesting "transconsciousness" innately hardwired into DNA it seems as well--since freaking plant alkaloids are huge direct inserts into the DNA purines, without alteration as well! You'll understand both points if you keep reading.

There are 20 amino acids to metabolize in the human body that you depend upon. You make some of them all by yourself, take a bow, though others are called "essential" because you have to metabolize (eat and process) them to get them ready for your DNA.

An essential amino acid or 'indispensible amino acid,' is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized de novo by the organism (usually referring to humans), and therefore must be supplied in the diet. Nine amino acids are generally regarded as essential for humans. They are: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

In addition, the amino acids arginine, cysteine, glycine and tyrosine are considered conditionally essential, meaning not normally required in the diet, but must be supplied exogenously to specific populations that do not synthesize it in adequate amounts.

And it is this tryptophan pathway from which we get all these tryptamines and their wild effects...Tryptophan is inserted right into DNA 'straight' as well, interestingly enough, so one can imagine that when DNA uncurls and splits, you get a process that innately may be "transconsciousness" inducing, breaking into tryptamines and then into some of these more arcane pathways that may turn on the 97% of the "dark DNA".) Tryptopyan is the only essential amino acid inserted into DNA 'raw' in other words, without processing.

Moreover, in addition to Tryptophan being the only direct insert amino acid into DNA, it is one of the only two 'stops' the code (the other being methionine). The human body is thus unable to manufacture its own 'stops' in the code accidentally, which is probabaly pretty smart. Instead of the body manufacturing its own stops, it depends on various catalysts sensitive to pH to stop DNA unravelling and transcription, equivalent of workers striking in bad work conditions.

For instance, the other stop, methionine like cysteine are the only sulfur containing ones.

Cyteine contains a highly nucleophilic thiol group, and one of its primary purposes is to act as a nucleophilic catalyst. Since the pKa of the cysteine thiol is 8.3, its chemical activity can be tuned by its environment (compare to tryptophans's creation of histidine which has a pKa of approximately 6.5 and is used similarly).

So you have the two stops in the DNA code (or 'codons' for stops really), without capacity to self-synthesize, and both have close partners down their catabolic (breakdown) pathways that are highly sensitive to the pH (acid/base situation) within the cell to turn them off or on, as well, which is probabaly pretty smart as DNA's replication is an acid/base reaction. So, if the environment in the cell is "too acid or too basic" in pH, the pH sensitive 'stops' of tryptophan and methionine (which has one of its pathways into cytesine), stop the whole DNA replication process automatically by refusing to work in such conditions.

(This is totally ancillary, to the point here--though just to show that there is the biochemical link from the other DNA stop of methioine to cysteine, just like the more 'direct stop' of tryptophan. Although mammals cannot synthesize methionine just like they cannot synthesize tryptophan, they can still utilize both in a variety of biochemical pathways. For methionine, it is converted to S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) by (1) methionine adenosyltransferase. SAM serves as a methyl-donor in many (2) methyltransferase reactions and is conveted to S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH). (3) adenosylhomocysteinase converts SAH to homocysteine. There are two fates of homocysteine. First, methionine can be regenerated from homocysteine via (4) methionine synthase. It can also be remethylated using glycine betaine (NNN-trimethyl glycine) to methionine via the enzyme Betaine-homocysteine methyltransferase (E.C., BHMT). BHMT makes up to 1.5 % of all the soluble protein of the liver, and recent evidence suggests that it may have a greater influence on methionine and homocysteine homeostasis than Methionine sythase. Alternatively, homocysteine can be converted to cysteine, coming off the other DNA stop of methioine...)

Tryptophan is a stop in a sense inserted from outside: should it be surprising that all the external transconsciousness biochemical pathways entirely load off tryptophan and derivatives?

Question: Is tryptophan a 'subroutine' inserted into DNA, when all other amino acids, that are indirectly in DNA require some form of human synthesis before creating DNA? Tryptophan goes directly into it 'from the outside' of the body, so to speak, without change. And from tryptophan you get the tryptamines. that's the first "transconsciousness" biological insert in DNA here that I wanted to call attention to.

As for the structure of the DNA, a separate though related issue to the chemical components, the tryptophan 'inserts' itself into DNA (with the methioene/cysteine are intimately involved in starting and stopping the unravelling of the DNA as well). So on one level, the unravelling itself is a form of transconsciouness effect?

Second, "transconsciousness" has another direct insert of plant alkaloids being a major part of DNA itself.

For instance, the gene sequence inscribed in DNA, and in RNA, is composed of 3-piece-nucleotide units called codons, each coding for a single amino acid. Each nucleotide sub-unit consists of a [1] phosphate, [2] deoxyribose sugar and [3] one of the 4 nitrogenous nucleotide bases grouped into 2 categories, purine and pyrimidine. It's this third category--split into purines and pyrimidines that concerns us on the issue of DNA transceivership.

The purine bases adenine (A) and guanine (G) are larger and consist of two aromatic rings. [translating from organic chemistry, means, loosely, "two hexagons with one side attached" for our purposes here. Just keep the shape in mind. That is what all purines look like, and all purines are only one third of the [1] phosphate, [2] deoxyribose sugar and [3] one of the 4 nitrogenous nucleotide bases grouped into 2 categories, purine and pyrimidine.]

The pyrimidine bases cytosine (C) and thymine (T) are smaller and consist of only one aromatic ring. [one hexagon, keep the shape in mind. So you either have a choice of inserting a double hexagon or a hexagon for the nitrogenous nucleotide bases or a single hexagon one. And we have seen that there is something innately correlating all transconsciouness to the specific chemistries of organic nitrogenous chemicals -tryptAMINES(nitrogen), etc. All of these pyramidines and purines are carbon-nitrous as well. Thus we have a set of factors around carbon-nitrogen and particularly carbon nitrogen rings (alkaloids) which seems dedicated to "transconsciouness", DNA transcription, stopping and starting the unravelling, as the same phenomenon.

So--when you know that DNA and RNA are linking up to unravel DNA, you get a picture of the double hexagons or single hexagons on one side of the process, linking up with the only single hexagons of the other side (RNA), basically.

Here's the "transconsciouss" link right into this process of DNA stretching and pulling itself apart and/or replicating. And what is fascinating about the double hexagons (the purines) is that it is a compound consisting of a pyrimidine itself--is what the purines are. Thus purines are pyrimidines fused to an imidazole ring. And here's where it gets surreal: what's an imidazole ring?

An imidazole ring is a "heterocyclic aromatic organic compound." (a multi-ringed carbon compound). Imidazole refers to the parent compound C3H4N2, while imidazoles are a class of heterocycles with similar ring structure but varying substituents.

An imidazole ring is further classified as an alkaloid, which is, strictly speaking, a naturally-occurring amine produced by a plant, but amines produced by animals and fungi are also called alkaloids.

So we have the conundrum that the larger nitrogen inserts of the DNA spiritual staircase itself, the purines--double hexagon rings--would really only be a 'pyrimidine' except that a purine is a 'pyramidine with a plant alkaloid attached to it'.

Thus, one pyrimidine when connected to a plant alkaloid turns it into a purine, and that purine can gets inserted right into the DNA as well, just like tryptophan.

We may be led to the conclusion that the ingestion of these essential amino acids and any accidental amines that cause transconsciousness get eaten and find themselves jammed "raw" into DNA. They coat both the ends of the codons (the stop/start effect of unravelling--in the case of tryptophan), as well as coating its outsides (in the case when the nitrogen group in the codon is a purine (just another pyrimidine, though one stuck to a plant alkaloid.)

And thus the relationship formed structurally and chemically on the DNA itself has inbuilt entheogenic/lucinogenic alkaloids available sticking out on all sides, as well as on the tips (tryptophan) from which derive this "transconsciousness" experience from in certain tryptamines or plant alkaloids. A stairway to heaven indeed?

Furthermore, this plant alkaloid insertion right into DNA double hexagon purines is present in important biological building blocks such as histidine and histamine.

Third, this is pretty astouding for the "transconsciousness" built innately into consciousness itself.

So these plant alkaloided-bits of DNA (purines) construct histidine and histaime.

And what are histidine and histamine known for?


Histidine is one of the 20 most common natural amino acids present in proteins. In the nutritional sense, in humans, histidine is considered an essential amino acid, but mostly only in children. The imidazole side chains and the relatively neutral pK of histidine (ca 6.0) mean that relatively small shifts in cellular pH will change its charge. For this reason, this amino acid side chain finds its way into considerable use as a co-ordinating ligand in metalloproteins, and also as a catalytic site in certain enzymes.

In other words, its yet another 'stop/start'/'work/strike' chemical for DNA unravelling when the chemical sitution in the cell is fine for it, just like the others we have seen like cysteine (from the other 'stop/start' besides tryptophan, methiodine).

In addition to being a stop, its an amino acid precursor for histamine and carnosine biosynthesis.

First, however, what about histamine?

Histamine is a neurotransmitter. How appropriate it is innately coming chemically from a plant alkaloid 'stored' in exclusively the purines of DNA.

We actually think on "plant drugs" infrastructures. This is so since purines are made of plant alkaloids attachments, and these purines make histamine. Thus we are faced with the fact that DNA stores some plant alkaloids as 'models', and uses these models to replicate them into neurotrasmitters!

Histamine is released as a neurotransmitter. The cell bodies of neurons which release histamine are found in the posterior hypothalamus, in various tuberomammillary nuclei. From here, these histaminergic neurons project throughout the brain, to the cortex through the medial forebrain bundle. Histaminergic action is known to modulate sleep. Classically, antihistamines (H1 histamine receptor antagonists) produce sleep. Likewise, destruction of histamine releasing neurons, or inhibition of histamine synthesis leads to an inability to maintain vigilance. Finally, H3 receptor antagonists (which stimulate histamine release) increase wakefulness.

It has been shown that histaminergic cells have the most wakefulness-related firing pattern of any neuronal type thus far recorded. How appropriate for an purine/alkaloid derative as well. They fire rapidly during waking, fire more slowly during periods of relaxation/tiredness and completely stop firing during REM and non-REM sleep.

And more alkaloid issues: they are orgasms. Research has shown that histamine is released as part of the human orgasm from mast cells in the genitals, and the histamine release has been connected to the sex flush among women.

Sort of puts William Reich's work in a whole different biological/alkaloid light.

And more alkaloid issues: In these mast cells (or mastocytes) there is a connective tissue that contains many granules rich in histamine and heparin. Although best known for their role in allergy and anaphylaxis, mast cells play an important protective role as well, being intimately involved in wound healing and defense against pathogens.

Moreover, if you lack this plant drug that is inbuilt into your DNA, you get a bit crazy or if you have an overdoze of it, just like a regular plant overdone, appropriately:

Histadelia (histamine abundance)
hyperactivity, obsessive-compulsive disorders, inner tensions, mind blanks, phobias, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, pain intolerance, rapid metabolism, lean build, profuse sweating, seasonal allergies, frequent common colds, urticaria (hives).

Thus, plant aklaloid overdose has many of the same effects of histamine overdose--which is unsurprising since histamine overdose is the same plant alkaloid overdose biochemically, with the alkaloid stored in the DNA purines for later derivatives of neurotransmitters.

And "we can't think without plant aklaloids" either. Histamine deficiency as "withdrawl symptoms to biochemical alkaloid addiction":

Histapenia (histamine deficiency)
mouth ulcers, headaches or allergies, heavy body hair growth, ideas of grandeur, undue suspicion of people, racing thoughts, the feeling of being controlled, ringing in the ears, and hearing/seeing things abnormally.

Many alkaloids have pharmacological effects on humans and animals. The name derives from the word alkaline; originally, the term was used to describe any nitrogen-containing base. Alkaloids are usually derivatives of amino acids.

What about the other "plant alkaloid derivative", from the purines mentioned above, carnosine?

Carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) is a dipeptide of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. It is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissues.

(Other dipeptides are the neurotoxin (artificial sweetener) aspartame which lock onto brain neurotransmitters and keep firing them until they are dead.

Thus, dipeptide carnosine has perhaps the same 'lodging' effect as the beta-carbolines on the enzymes to DMT cascades perhaps. Carnosine seems to police up radical damage from histamine nerve connections.

Other evidence for this assertion is how high of an affinity it has to bond to things, as part of a 'clean up crew' in the neurotransmitter areas:

Researchers in Australia, Britain, and Russia have also shown that carnosine has a number of antioxidant properties that may be beneficial. Carnosine has been proven to scavenge ROS (radical oxygen species) as well as alpha-beta unsaturated aldehydes formed from peroxidation of cell membrane fatty acids during oxidative stress. It can oppose glycation and it can chelate divalent metal ions. In particular, some studies have produced evidence of beneficial effects of N-acetyl carnosine in treating cataracts of the eyes. So it goes in there and locks on and takes out oxidative radical damage on things. (Other dipeptides like aspartame just lock on and burn out the neurological connection, instead of lock on and clean out, and then take away.).

More evidence of this clean up 'bond and take away' issue, is the issue of peptides. A peptide bond is a chemical bond formed between two molecules when the carboxyl [H and OH near each other, off a carbon and something else] group of one molecule reacts with the amino group of the other molecule, ripping off the H+ and -OH and making a molecule of water (H2O). This is a dehydration synthesis reaction (also known as a condensation reaction), and usually occurs between amino acids. The resulting CO-NH bond is called a peptide bond, and the resulting molecule is an amide. **An amide linkage is kinetically stable to hydrolysis, i.e., to body water causing further reactions.** (Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction or process in which a molecule is split into two parts by reacting with a molecule of water). Thus, once bonded it is inert to bodily water and carnosine trucks it away as an antioxidant for the neurotransmitters. However, other tweaked peptide bonded ones stick there and stay, in the neurotransmitters, like aspartame.

(Additionally, amide linkages constitute a defining molecular feature of proteins, the secondary structure of which is due in part to the hydrogen bonding abilities of amides--which provides proteins stability in bodily water environments.)

And getting back to biophotons, Uracil in RNA has the ability to absorb light. And just where would it be absorbing light from? Why, DNA, which emits biophotons.

It is important to note that all essential amino acids may be obtained from plant sources, and that even strict vegetarian diets can provide all dietary requirements, though careful monitoring of nutrient levels is important, as limiting factors become significant when no meat is present in the diet. The net protein utilization is profoundly affected by the limiting amino acid content (the essential amino acid found in the smallest quantity in the foodstuff), and somewhat affected by salvage of essential amino acids in the body.

So the roots of plant alkaloids extend right into providing the building blocks of consciousness and transconsciounsness off DNA's purines or off DNA's tryptophans--which are respectively, pyrimidines with plant alkaloids attached and 'stored' for 'model replication.'; or tryptophans as precursors of all the natural serotonin, melatonin, and DMT tryptamides amides) attached to the start/stop replications themselves on the ends and stored for 'model replication' there.

DNA is a drug factory.

9/30/2006 06:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Instead of everything coming out of tryptophan which I said, tryptophan is just one tiny alkaloid family. And an alkaloid strictly speaking, is a naturally-occurring amine produced by a plant, but amines produced by animals and fungi are also called alkaloids. Many alkaloids have pharmacological effects on humans and animals.

I said:

"All basically the same tryptamines locking into the same places--only with slightly different tweaks off tryptophan. Death (poisons), death experiences (DMT, mescaline), tt's all off tryptamines/tryptophan pathways ONLY."

I should have said:

All basically the same alkaloids of which tryptamines are only one alkaloid family (off tryptophan) with particularly strong amines effects. Because of their super strong effects, the body seems to have piggybacked on it and built the human nervious system via DNA replicating their effects as the basic thought/transconsciousness pathways themselves. The derivatives of tryptophan likely migrated into this infrastucture because of their stronger selective and consciousness effects to build the basic archicture of thought, and perhaps human consumption seeking it out.

Regardless, though all alkaloids locking into the same places only with slightly different tweaks off the amine issue, some to kill you some to yield mental effects, only one particular alkaloid key in the body's mental lock yields transconsciousness effects. DNA and purines create 'toned down copies' or derivatives of plant alkaloids stored on DNA, to provide the chemical consciousness processes.Or perhaps who knows who inserted it, since tryptophan is the only "raw insert" in DNA itself, and the whole neurotransmitter/transconsciousness infrastructure is built off this 'raw alkaloid insert' in DNA, and the other 'raw though chewed' plant alkaloids in the purines of DNA.

Particularly, the indoles of alkaloid tryptophan (one part of them, the tryptamines) are a family that is really strong in transconsciouness, because you are once more piggybacking on the body's own system of consciousness, and just overloding it with what it makes already: DMT. Indoles in this family yield death (poisons), and true experiential copies of the biological effects hardwired into us concerning death experiences (DMT, because the body makes it as well).

These incredibly strong ones are ONLY off tryptamines/tryptophan pathways and the body's own chemicals. That's the interesting question. Why is death experienced as a natural drug overdose linked to transconsciousness?

However, as a caveat, there is one other strong group of aklaloids for transconsciousness effects. I mistakenly said mescaline was in the tryptamines. It is instead in another alkaloid group, the Phenethylamine group--in which is ephedrine as well. However, there is this "one other group" only because it is piggybacking once more on the body's natural DMT/pineal system of indoles/DMT, since phenethyamines (which are small monoamines) are thus a small part of many larger indole tryptamines, see below.

The Indole group once more:

* Tryptamines: melatonin, DMT, NMT, psilocybin, serotonin
* Ergolines: the ergot alkaloids (ergine, ergotamine, lysergic acid, etc.)
* Beta-carbolines: harmine (MOIA), yohimbine, reserpine, emetine

Phenethylamine group: mescaline and ephedrine

This little subsection of phenethyamines is tucked in because to the body, phenethamines mock the indoles and 'logs on' to the same neurotransmitters.

Phenethylamine (β-Phenylethylamine) is an alkaloid and monoamine. In the human brain, it is believed to function as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter (trace amine).

A neuromodulator is a substance other than a neurotransmitter, released by a neuron at a synapse and conveying information to adjacent or distant neurons, either enhancing or damping their activities. By mimicking many monoamine neurotransmitters/neuromodulators, it explains pretty well why most of phenethylamines have pretty different "mental or bodily run out of control" effects, different than the transconsciousness indoles.

A neuromodulator is can also be considered as a neurotransmitterm though one that is not reabsorbed by the pre-synaptic neuron or broken down into a metabolite--in other words it has its own long life without requirements of a MAOI.

Such neuromodulators end up spending a significant amount of time in the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) and influencing (or modulating) the overall activity level of the brain. For this reason, some neurotransmitters are also considered as neuromodulators. Examples of neuromodulators in this category: serotonin and acetylcholine.

Phenethylamine a colorless liquid (that fits right into spinal fluid, eh?) that forms a solid carbonate salt with carbon dioxide (CO2) upon exposure to air, phenethylamine in nature is synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine by enzymatic decarboxylation. It is also found in many foods, especially after microbial fermentation, e.g., in chocolate. However, it is quickly metabolized by the enzyme MAO-B, preventing significant concentrations from reaching the brain.

Substituted phenethylamines (ones that the body gets confused about how to treat) are a broad and diverse class of compounds that include neurotransmitters, hormones, stimulants, hallucinogens, entactogens, anorectics, bronchodilators, and antidepressants. Mostly thus with mental or physical 'quality' changes, instead of consciousness changes, with the one major caveat being mescaline. Why the caveat? It may be that mescaline is 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine--which gives it three highly reactive oxygen sites for bonding and 'sticking' to a neurotransmitter, whereas basic phenethylamines lack that.

The phenethylamine structure can also be found as a small part of more complex ring systems such as the trypamine/indole group of ergoline system of LSD or the morphinan system of morphine.

Many substituted phenethylamines are pharmacologically active drugs due to their similarity to the monoamine neurotransmitters:

* Stimulants like the plant alkaloids ephedrine and cathinone and the synthetic drugs amphetamine (speed, benzedrine) and methylphenidate
* Hallucinogens like the plant alkaloid mescaline and the synthetic drug 2C-B
* Empathogen-entactogens like MDMA (ecstasy) and MDA
* Anorectics like phentermine, fenfluramine, and amphetamine
* Bronchodilators like salbutamol and ephedrine
* Antidepressants like bupropion and the monoamine oxidase inhibitors phenelzine and tranylcypromine.

That's why. It presses some of the same alkaloid indole-fired buttons by acting as monoamine neurotransmitters, or perhaps in the case of mescaline it locks on really hard with its three oxygens.

The more complicated indoles are different:

Indoles are an aromatic heterocyclic organic compound--which are part of the purines of DNA. It has a bicyclic structure, consisting of a six-membered benzene ring fused to a five-membered nitrogen-containing pyrrole ring.

The indoles are strong perhaps because of this "super-nitrogen-carbon" pyrrole ring with only five members, tighter, smaller, and one electron roving about rather easily.

Pyrrole, or pyrrol, is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, a five-membered ring with the formula C4H5N.

Pyrroles are components of larger aromatic rings, including the porphyrins of heme, the chlorins and bacteriochlorins of chlorophyll, and the corrin ring of vitamin B12.

This is interesting--if plants have a 'consciousness' or or ability to pick up various transconsciousness effects as others have posted. Why? Because plant chlorophyll--the energy into matter transferrance--has the same "transconsciousness" inducing pyrrol as the plant alkaloid indole in humans does.

I'll say it first "whoa, dude. Plants are high all the time."

And cigarette companies want you addicted to cheap tobacco by priming it with this indole pyrrol piece: a 1994 report released by five top cigarette companies, pyrrole is one of the 599 additives to cigarettes. Its use or purpose, however, is unknown, like most cigarette additives.

9/30/2006 08:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Telepathine was originally thought to be an active chemical (instead of a 'blocker' of the other active chemical DMT), a constituent of Banisteriopsis caapi, a key plant ingredient in the preparation of Ayahuasca; a sacremental beverage from the Amazon.

This isolated chemical was so named because of the reported effects of what was later found instead to be the interaction of DMT(active) and Telepathine(harmine/DMT blocker) mixtures like Ayahuasca among the indigenous users. The effects that led to the name Telepathine included: collective contact with and/or visions of jaguars, snakes, and jeweled birds, ['cross time' issues of back and forth] visions of ancestral spirits and the ability to see future events; and as the name suggests, telepathic communication among tribal members. (Talk about 'your' "total body" overlapping with someone else's physical body and their 'total body'.) It was assumed to be a newly discovered chemical at the time, however, it was soon realized that Telepathine was already more widely known as Harmine from its previous discovery in Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala).


And the FDA is organized crime incarnate, what, with banning free natural versions of kava, discrediting coconut oil, and even the U.S. banning of Tryptophan seems to have had a crony private motive to force consumers into purchaing higher priced Prozac:

In 1989, a large outbreak of a new, disabling, and in some cases deadly autoimmune illness called eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) was traced to L-tryptophan. The bacterial culture used to synthesize tryptophan by a major Japanese manufacturer, Showa Denko KK, had recently been synthesized to increase tryptophan production; with the higher tryptophan concentration in the culture medium, the purification process had also been streamlined to reduce costs, and a purification step that used charcoal absorption to remove impurities had been omitted. This allowed another bacterial metabolite through the purification, resulting in the presence of an end-product contaminant responsible for the toxic effects. The FDA was unable to establish with certainty that this was the sole cause of the outbreak. However, Tryptophan was banned from sale in the US, and other countries followed suit.

Though it is indisputable that Showa Denko KK did produce and sell a contaminated batch of L-tryptophan, there are some concerns that the FDA's handling of this accident unfairly favoured the pharmaceutical industry and the new antidepressant Prozac if only because of its curiously fortuitous timing. The March 22, 1990 ban on public sale of L-tryptophan came only four days before the media announcement of Prozac on March 26, 1990 in Newsweek magazine. Both L-tryptophan and Prozac affect serotonin in the brain, though in different ways, and were promising in the treatment of depression. At the time of the ban the FDA did not know, or did not indicate, that EMS was caused by a contaminated batch [4], and yet even when the contamination was discovered and the process fixed, the FDA maintained that L-tryptophan was unsafe--closer to the truth, that consumer choice was 'unsafe' for captive corporate profits for Prozac.

In February 2001 the FDA loosened the restrictions on marketing (though bizarrely not on foreign importation),...

Blah. CORPORATE pirates of the sacred spiral. "Get these freaking corporations out of my brain!"

here's someone else's interesting DMT experience at the end of the page:


starroute writes:

But philosophically, reincarnation is just a pseudo-scientific theory to explain how certain people may possess information with no rational explanation of how they could have obtained it....So all we're left with is a question about information: Some people know things they couldn't have learned in any normal manner. In other words, "reincarnation" is no difference than "telepathy" or "clairvoyance" or any of those other fuzzy categories of anomalous knowledge. In fact, it blends into them....But it does have the advantage of focusing on on questions of information (like, where does it come from? and can we trust it?)...

Yes, which is what fascinates me about tracing this. And it can be done quite well: a biochemical hardwiring to much of this DNA stimulation combines neurotrasmitters (like histamine) relationships with the plant alkaloids directly (via the purines for instance).

If this is just more empirical information coming from somewhere, it gets transmitted only under certain highly biochemical/psychoactive circumstances off our own normal capababilities is the lesson I take from all this. It's hardly supernatural at all, if it is dependent upon our own bodies simply being organized this way to do it.

It's like taking apart a radio to see how it works: if DNA is much more than simply a xeroxer of meat, which I think there is plently of evidence for, and if 97% of DNA is 'dark' and waiting for something to happen, and that these areas instead of gathering dust and junk happen to be the most highly preserved areas of the genome, which was a shock of many scientists to find. This is because it turned their exclusively "meat xeroxing" materialist view of DNA's "obviously super-important 3%" on its head where it should be-- because in the 97% category (hmm, just read something that said 98.5%), the majority of DNA, has something to do with being rarely switched on or off--these areas are the most well preserved areas:

A surprising recent finding was the discovery of nearly 500 ultraconserved elements[9], which are shared at extraordinarily high fidelity among the available vertebrate genomes, in what had previously been designated as junk DNA. [i.e, humans ignorant of it, so they call it "junk," classic...when it turned out to be more core than what they are focused on] The function of these sequences is currently under intense scrutiny, and there are preliminary indications[9][10][11] that some may play a regulatory role in vertebrate development from embryo to adult.

This is the core of our bodies in other words.

And there's lots of wierdness going on related to playing with DNA by the U.S. that seems to hvae in mind many more 'functional' issues than simply meat creation--otherwise Oak Ridge would hardly have attempted some truly occult experiments of goldplating DNA--

Site-Specific Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles to DNA Templates
Author(s): Karen A. Stevenson, Govindarajan Muralidharan, Leon Maya, Jack C. Wells, Jacob Barhen, and Thomas Thundat


DNA was used as a scaffold for the binding of gold nanoparticles using a standard chemical technique. A DNA template was designed with amino-modified thymines located every 3.7 nm, which would allow the attachment of the carboxylic acid functionalized gold nanoparticles. The gold particles were covalently bound to the amino groups on the DNA using standard 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide hydrochloride (EDC) chemistry in the presence of a competitor to block excess gold binding sites. The products were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM).

TRULY BEGGING THE QUESTION, what I find rather strange about this abstract, is that it leaves entirely unsaid WHY ON EARTH OR HELL would they ever have wanted to do such a thing, much less where such an idea would have come from in the first place? It's just sort of dropped in your lap that tax dollars (or corporate dollars) are being spent on painting gold on DNA and identifying exactly where the gold sticks permanently (covalently), which can only indicate they are attempting to create a different species of human with gold plated DNA, monoatomically (nanosize) provided in the diet. The occult angle is discussed in the interesting book Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, which he indicates an Egyptian Jewish secret of "crossing over" and learning from the transconsciousness others (the "gods") was the secret of how to make monoatomic gold because it had psychoactive properties, and a lot of other truly bizarre levitation and even invisibility properties on its own. When you chemically assay it, it registeres itself as an association of other elements that weren't there before, and is lighter in mass and weight. When it is converted back, the mass comes back up like the weight. It was said to be the secret of the Egyptian and Jewish pristhoods how to make it.

However there is Ken Adachi's little "warning" about all, this, or complete luncacy, you decide, short quote from here:

Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice
From Ken Adachi
August 15, 2005

A few years ago, I've inserted the following Precautionary Note into Chapter 10C of Fritz Springmeier/Cisco Wheeler's on-line book , The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave in a section that touched upon David Hudson and the promotion/use of mono atomic gold.

Since writing that note, my concerns about taking mono atomic gold have only grown as I continue to stumble upon more and more indications that the entire promotion of mono atomic gold is an Illuminati deception.

Today (August 15, 2005), I found yet another article cautioning against mono atomic gold posted at (re posted below). The anonymous author of the article poses the following question:

"Are we possibly dealing with a very long-term agenda somehow extending all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire -- and beyond?"

You should be asking yourself the same question and think twice about mono atomic gold

Ken Adachi


Precautionary note from Ken Adachi:

[Readers should be aware that Anna Hayes mentions in her books that taking mono atomic gold is ultimately harmful. She claims that the initial growth of psychic awareness is not permanent, but rather levels off and later declines. Further, she says that the promotion of mono atomic gold is an Illuminati deception. While attracting the public with sugar plums of enhanced psychic clarity and improved health, the ulterior purpose of promoting mono atomic gold is to cause [they claim] the destruction of the ten additional virtual DNA strands which all humans possess and which are now manifesting into 3D reality as seen with the 3, 4, or even 5 strands of DNA that now show up in the blood of Blue Indigo (Millennium) children.

Just google up
"Blue Indigo (Millennium) children DNA" if you want to see what all this is about, I'm not going to get into it here except to say that it is some poorly supported theory that:

"Indigo children" are a newer generation that have arrived on the planet that are said not to have the conventional human DNA strands that the rest of us do. Their advanced vibrational energy has been described as having a dark blue aura - which is why they are called the - Indigo Generation."

It attempts to blame high levels of "attentention deficit disorder" on cosmic DNA changes that are without foundation, though a greater foundation for that would be the terrible foods they eat all their lives, which different and more balanced diets balance them back out. So yes, their "DNA is changing" though its from eating crappy food which is affecting their body chemistry.


Several other articles at that link as well discussing the hubbub about monoatomic gold as "damaging the poor Indigo Children". Frankly, I think this is pretty wack.

Until I actually see a 3, 4, or 5 stranded DNA helix, it's wack.

Let's get back to what people are doing here about gold:

the main Oak Ridge article summary here:

9/30/2006 08:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Highly interesting topic.....and I really dig fits right in with my cynicism, but like when they told Dr. Zira in Escape From The Planet of The Apes that wine was Grape Juice Plus, the fact that we can be subjected to the same freak show over and over again is like....well, it's like Cynicism Plus.

It makes me tingle all over.

It's kept me thinking all day. I asked my 4 year old son if he knew what he was in his past life. He looked at me like I was nuts, but didn't answer immediately. I was very serious, and straight-faced with him. I asked him several more times, and he finally said "Daddy...this is my first life." We are non-religious, so we haven't forced any deities upon them, and to my knowledge, this topic has never been discussed around him.

On the other hand, my wife remembers always feeling as though she lived past lives. In fact, she's adamant that, if so, she was a Killer Whale. I'm not shitting you.

Which raises an interesting question. Do any of these folks who have been studied ever bark like a seal, or dog, or act like ants, or grasshoppers? I'm being totally serious. It seems as though it always has to be a person they conjure as their previous life....but how come it's never a dung beetle (could explain why some people chronically smell of shit), or an intestinal parasite of some sort?

Finally, if Jeff's daunting proposition is true, or even close to true, then Nuclear Armageddon is rather irrelevant, or at least not the threat we deem it to be. Same goes for Global Warming and all the other Apocolypses we can imagine.

What would the birth mark look like after being fried to a cinder from being at ground zero in a Nuclear War? I shudder at the thought.

9/30/2006 09:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A while back, when I was researching the origins of holism I had occasion to look into the word "entelechy" -- which the vitalists were using back in the early 20th century in an attempt to describe the "vital force" in a way that wasn't dependent on spirit.

Entelechy, which is a term that goes back to Aristotle, refers to that aspect of an organism which causes it to develop from inception into its adult form -- and which also has the potential of directing its further growth towards a potentially more perfect state. Both a template to aim at and an inciting force to direct, if you will.

This is a concept which it's hard to express in anything approaching contemporary scientific terms. At about the same time as entelechy was in vogue, modern genetics was born -- and currently DNA is presumed to do everything that was formerly ascribed to entelechy.

But, as I said in a post earlier, there's information and there's metaphors, and current ideas of DNA don't begin to explain even ordinary development in any holistic sense -- and haven't a clue when it comes to the potential for higher development.

Either, as Anonymous suggested, DNA has aspects that modern materialistic biology knows not the wot of -- or there is something going on in the processes of growth and evolution that DNA is far from encompassing.

9/30/2006 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a little fishy that so many of the reincarnated souls are claimed to be famous, noble, or otherwise glamorous individuals.

9/30/2006 11:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That whole "Indigo Children" thing screams CIA MKULTRA cult programming to me, particularly with all the bizarrely one sided press it has and the fact that they are adopting all these homeless children who "voila, all happen to be very special and loved Indigos".

Franktly, the kids are just as dumb as the rest of them, don't do their homework, don't show "genius abilities", and they provide nothing substantial ("he draws rainbows! That means he's an Indigo!" is about the type of proof they offer).

They truly gush about talking up the concept at the Houston, Texas newspaper of all places, though it seems more a suspicious hard pressed adult delusion more than anything the inert as ever kids seem to project.

Discovering she was an Indigo made everything seem to fall into place. "It makes me believe in myself more," she says. Last summer during a boat trip to the Amazon, she decided her purpose was to teach people about protecting whales and the tropical rain forest.

If there's a message she could pass on to other Indigos, it would be that it's "okay to be who you are and to do what you are here to do. That you have a purpose."

As to whether an alien intelligence is behind these unusual children, everyone involved is much more coy. "Nobody really knows," Batten says. "This is a really interesting question."

"I'm guessing maybe alien," Jake's mother says. Brahm might have mentioned something about her son coming from the planet Pleiades. "I don't know. I don't understand all of that."

"I don't know where souls come from. I don't remember," Brahm says, but she will say there are "six places on my genes that are not technically human."

Any chance of getting a look at some of that blood work? "I'm not letting them take blood again. I will not become the object of investigation. I worked at a hospital. I know what they do."


The introduction to Carroll and Tober's book An Indigo Celebration, published last year, proclaims somewhat incredulously that readers of their first book "actually concluded that we were promoting the fact that these new children on Earth were space aliens!" A brief browse through their Indigo Children Web site certainly shows how people might have come to that conclusion.

There's a link to the sister site that gives a better idea of the kind of self-help seminars Tober and Carroll are conducting. The site contains transcripts of messages channeled through Carroll from a higher being named Kryon. Carroll is credited as one of only nine channels in the world working "in the service of Kryon." Each channeling begins with the greeting "This is Kryon of Magnetic Service," directed to his followers, whom he refers to as Lightworkers. The messages contain instructions for communicating with spirit, healing and reaching the next "level." Carroll is also the author of several Kryon books, including Don't Think Like a Human.

A competing but similar proponent of the idea of highly evolved children is Richard Boylan, a retired social worker and hypnotherapist...

ya see what i mean...this just screams CIA front operation to brainwash a few more orphans and control their minds and identities in a cult.

10/01/2006 12:16:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Navel gazing or gyre-nation that is the question. DNA or spiral galaxy as above, so below. DNA simply speaking is a tool. The electromagnetic emanation can be viewed by each of it's parts in a spiral and the point (on a straight line) can only participate anticipate precipitate the points on either side. A spiral allows all points past, present, and future to participate, anticipate precipitate each other. Let's call it a string theory for now. \

The issue is what is the point?

If we are to throw off the chains, we need to focii magnify and chanel or remotely view a platform where all cosmic consciousness is at one and at the point.

Small wonder some are poison and others are transmogrifying.

10/01/2006 12:20:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"I think it's a little fishy that so many of the reincarnated souls are claimed to be famous, noble, or otherwise glamorous individuals."

"One Criticism leveled against reincarnation is that people only seem to remember past lives as famous or historical personages. [Psychologist Dr Helen] Wambach, however, found that more than 90 percent of her subjects recalled past lives as peasants, laborers, farmers, and primitive food gatherers. Less than 10 percent remembered incarnations as aristocrats, and none remembered being anyone famous.... Her subjects were also extraordinarily accurate when it came to historical details, even obscure ones. For instance, when people remembered lives in the 1700s, they described using a three-pronged fork to eat their evening meals, but after 1790 they described most forks as having four prongs, an observation that correctly reflects the historical evolution of the fork. Subjects were equally accurate when it came to describing clothing and footwear, types of food eaten, etc."

- The Holographic Universe

10/01/2006 12:56:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

If there is to be a future at the end of this tunnel, it will be many hands making the work "light". The following is to a link of research conducted by TPTB to enslave us all. The posters above have demonstrated a capacity to free our minds and expose the "matrix" for what it is. Would these posters please examine this link and let us in on what "they" are doing?

10/01/2006 01:14:00 AM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

The other fascinating aspect of the life of the soul and the role of trippy chemistry therein is that it's another, perhaps less obvious function of the terrible War On Drugs. We've talked a lot about the para-politics of narco-criminality, and it's only logical that legal drugs would make the world a far better place, but what might the warriors be keeping a little more secret, in terms of their nefarious purposes? I ran across these guys today who talk about the spiritual conspiracy at work here, in what they call the Pharmacratic Inquisition. The idea is echoed in many other places; the strange affinity our bodies and minds have for these strange substances does make you wonder why we came to be wired the way we are. It gives so much more depth to phrases like "a higher purpose."

(starroute, how is this "entelechy" different from Sheldrake's teleological "urges"? There's also an amazing discussion of this stuff here.)

10/01/2006 02:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I tried a three pronged fork. It made my food taste burnt,
So I got a four pronged fork. Before you know I learnt
How to make my voice sound like it came from over there.
Now I’m all the rage at parties. People stop and stare.
“Tell me,” they all say to me. “Have we not met before?
Seems you must have been my brother back in some old war.
Maybe it was in Jerusalem? In the crusades?”
“No, I think not. But it seems you’re suffering from AIDS.”
“Why would you say something mean and terrible as that?”
“Maybe it’s because of your Hieronymous Bosch hat.”
Usually at that point they take off in a dead run.
Suits me fine. I’m not too fond of kids who say “redrum.”
Nor do I like ‘aliens’ or anal probes from space,
Succubi on DMT, or assholes in my face.
Nor do I like faces in my asshole. That’s just me.
Tantra doesn’t work like that. It’s different from t.v.
Keep your bogus NDE’s , your OBE’s and such.
You’d not know a boundary if it bit you on the tush.
Astral traveling is one more scam to waste your time.
Tulpas taste like rattlesnake ceviche without lime.
Sassanid Pahlavi was my girlfriend back in school.
Couldn’t cook for shit, and when she slept she’d always drool.
Jeff: Entangle this, you utter phony, spouting crap.
Last time that I read your blog I think I caught the clap.
What exactly do you think you’re trying to achieve,
Writing bullshit for the gullibly lame to believe?
Last time that I flew my fighter jet through the midwest,
You crawled on my wing wearing your nickel-plated vest,
Looking just like something that would drive Bill Shatner mad.
Might have scared me too if all your clothes had not been plaid
Polo duds, straight from the looms of little Ralph Lifshitz.
That, and all the funky skin stuff. Were those all just zits?
“Happy reincarnation,” I waved as you went down.
(Sorry, I just accidentally moved the aileron.)
Tell me, did you have a happy landing in the swamp?
Or did you just keep going further to a fiery romp?
Criminal occult conspirators they come and go,
Like the wind and like this blog and like a ufo.
Living in a pederastocracy really sucks.
So do people who covertly pimp for these mad fucks.
Why is all your “artwork” so damn dark and twisted, Jeff?
Never do you seem to be an even-handed ref,
Always trying to throw the game for the dark side team.
Nevertheless, who will win? Yes. Time will tell. No dream.

10/01/2006 03:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To ericswan:

The two chemicals they are strictly testing like mad almost randomly, as they admit, are thousands of different phenols and thousands of different substituted napthalenes, mostly. I can see why Memory Hole put it up there: it's memorable to know that the U.S. government pays people to stun, drug, electroshock rats, and make them swim thousands of times over and over on different chemicals, looking for clues on how to control people later.

Putting the repugnance aside for a moment, 40 years ago (and this si only the unclassified bit, keep that in mind) they seem to be looking for [1] the cheapest and strongest dose to physically render someone incapacitated though lucid (or perhaps even a death the blacked out text) [2] as well as short term memory wipes testing off animals (I bet that was pretty Orwellian to watch) for (I'm sure) later testing on soldiers or something like spraying.

Phenol has a wierd mix of anethetic and death. I just found out this:

Phenol was used as a mean of extermination by the Nazis during the second world war. Phenol injections were given to thousands of people in concentration camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau. [This must be their "past research knowledge" of its effects.] These injections were administered by the doctors in the camp, and very often by their assistant. They were given at first in the veins of the intended victims and later on they changed the procedure and they injected it directly to the heart causing death within seconds. Phenols are extremely harmful to cats. Some phenols are germicidal and are used in formulating disinfectants. Others possess estrogenic or endocrine disrupting activity.

Phenol used to be known as carbolic acid, which I think if memory serves was what the person that Dorian Gray 'hired' via blackmail to use to dissolve evidence of the dead body completely, in Oscar Wilde's book.

As they so rightly say, a tiny little tweak or move of anything will cause a slight variation in issues like toxicity.

Though being interested in napthalenes for the other one:

In humans, exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may damage or destroy red blood cells. This could cause the body to have too few red blood cells until it replaces the destroyed cells. Humans, particularly children, have developed this condition after ingesting mothballs or deodorant blocks containing naphthalene. Some of the symptoms of this condition are fatigue, lack of appetite, restlessness, and pale skin.

Probabaly carcinogenic as well, though they seem to be looking for quick cheap 'knock out gas'.

They are using 'aromatic' compounds (that carry a noticable scent, some quite sweet).

Other little things they are interested in is something based on pretending it is the neurotransmitter histimine (which follows through more with the attempts at easy incapaciation, instead of killing you).

Other things, pretty interesting piperazines:

Piperazine was originally introduced into medicine as a solvent for uric acid (waste products of animals). When taken into the body the drug is partly oxidized and partly eliminated unchanged. Outside the body, piperazine has a remarkable power to dissolve uric acid and producing a soluble urate, but in clinical experience it has not proved equally successful. Lycetol, lysidine and sidonal are compounds having similar action. Many piperazines are notable successful drugs, including:

* BZP (recreational drug) Benzylpiperazine (BZP) is a recreational drug with euphoric, stimulant effects. It is banned in many countries, including the United States and in parts of Australia and Europe. However, its legal status is less restrictive in some other countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand...The effects of BZP are largely similar to dextro"amphetamine"[2]. Users report alertness, euphoria and a general feeling of well being. The perception of certain sensations such as taste, colour or music may be subjectively enhanced. The average duration is longer than that of dextroamphetamine, typically lasting 4-6 hours with reports as long as 8 hours. A recent study has shown that mixtures of BZP with other piperazine drugs such as TFMPP share certain pharmacology traits with MDMA.[3] [they are looking for "one night stand" sort of drugs without long term damage or responsibility, though complete short term control over someone.]

* TFMPP (recreational drug) Because of its suspected activity on serotonin, a mixture of an equal amount of TFMPP and benzylpiperazine is sometimes advertised as an ecstasy substitute.

* Meclizine (motion sickness drug) [thus carrying it even further, they could completely "correct" for a short time any disorientation of your body, pretty James Bond stuff I think, in case an agent or questioner is incapacitated, a quick boost of this gets them in condition to perhaps help themselves or get them ready for more All American torture, with a slide of apple pie on the side. Meclizine is effective in inhibiting the symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Meclizine may be effective in relieving vertigo experienced as a result of inner ear infections or other conditions.

* Viagra (impotence drug) Sildenafil citrate, sold under the names Viagra, Revatio and generically under various other names, is a drug used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer....Nothing else can be said. Pfizer did the declassified study linked above.

* Imatinib (leukemia drug) Severe congestive cardiac failure is an uncommon but recognised side effect of imatinib and mice treated with large doses of imatinib show toxic damage to their myocardium. Metabolism of imatinib occurs in the liver and the main metabolite, N-demethylated piperazine derivative, is also active. The major route of elimination is in the bile, only a small portion is excreted in the urine. Most of imatinib is eliminated as metabolites, only 25% is eliminated unchanged. The half-lives of imatinib and its main metabolite are 18 and 40 hours, respectively. [More short term, issues, though this can only be a rough guesstimation on the basic architectures and their effects, though they will definitely center around these effects--with some strange outlyers (like mescaline is the strange outlier in the phenylamines, with (indole) DMT style effects)

Yes, they are likely interested in some sort of knock out stuff and quick revive stuff, or stuff that they can send someone into extreme short term mental and physical duress while toying with them saying "here's the antidode, wanna talk now?" A large number of piperazine compounds have anthelmintic* action. Their mode of action is generally by paralysing parasites, which allows the host body to easily remove or expel the invading organism.

*Anthelmintics (in the U.S., antihelminthics) are drugs that expel parasitic worms (helminths) from the body, by either killing or stunning them.

They were even developing "amnesia scores" to compare different drugs.

And this was 40 years ago. They probabaly have a complete pharmacopia of perfected short term effects for everything--keeping in mind human biochemical individuality that will have some constitutional effects that may make some less effective or more effective as the case may be.

The U.S. Army is still looking for the short term memory wipe pill, according at least to public news stories of late, so that soldiers can kill happily without conscience that they will remember a thing.

As Proust said, it is though memory and reflection that we develop who we really are. By wiping out memory, they are after truly controlling personality. Worker bee hive mentality. Go on a black op, then required to take your pill and you remember nothing.

If you're interested in such things, there's a 'great' and huge list of MKULTRA drugs already tested out by the 1950s in the index to the hard to find book by Bowart called _Operation Mind Control. So good, it became quickly very hard to find. I found an old ratty coppy in a library once and xeroxed the whole thing. Still pretty popular at amazon though, in the #600,000 even when used 1970s paperbacks selling for around 48 dollars and up.

10/01/2006 04:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one more comment, only because it related to previous comments:

they were even testing LSD, mescaline (two different versions they found "useful" one far 'superior' in memory wipes than the other), as well as psilocin. [page 59 of the PDF]

Yes, at least in this study they are looking to establish 'safe' doses of sometimes potentially deadly compounds.

Even reporting being happy with a particular "MAO Inhibitor" on page 60 of PDF.

Ergotamine page 61.

Though they completely basically say that the money was wasted on page 62, though by the conclusion they are, they say, raring to go, just say the word, on some "toxic broth" (instad of chemicals, biologicials) studies they've been cooking up, which they consider themselves "very well positioned for" being Pfizer, they say.

10/01/2006 05:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

("Oh Bruce, the babies" were her first words.)

Not to discount your entire treatise, because it is supported by much more than this, but, in all fairness, there was a Daycare in the building, and reference to the babies could very well be, and reasonably so, in regards to the babies who perished in the Daycare.

Is there any further clarification from her that she was referring to the transmigration of a soul/being from one old skin to a new skin?

Also, I will say that I don't give a rat's ass when it comes to the appeal to authority on such topics. A number of folks here throw out buzz words left and right, and name drop, at the drop of a hat, as though they are somehow intellectually superior because they jave researched a topic, or read about it. How about you just speak your minds more often without resorting to the so-called authority on a particular topic...especially topics as nebulous as the ones discussed at this blog. It's rather a silly gesture to do so, in light of that.

Quit naming and classifying everything under the sun, and start talking more genuinely and purely about it, without reference to authorities on the topic.

For example:

Entelechy and Sheldrake.

Come on!! Give me a break!!

My wife relates a story to me. She used to work at a women's counseling center that offered counseling services at deeply, deeply discounted rates to the indigent of the community.

The Board, a very well-heeled, blue-blooded group, decided it would be beneficial to the clientele to provide them with highly intellectual reading material while they sat and waited for their, they opted for a publication entitled Parabola. Maybe some of you have heard of it? Anyway, the thinking was that exposure to such intellectualism would somehow enlighten the less fortunate.

Guess what? Hardly, and my wife knew it before they instituted the policy, and said as much....but her objections were dismissed. The clientele would pick up the publication for a minute, or two, and quickly drop it back on the table, and ask "Don't you have Vogue....or People?"

10/01/2006 08:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iroquois warfare conformed to a pattern common to much of aboriginal North America. Daniel Richter (1983, 1992:32-38) calls it the "mourning war" complex. The logic is similar to, but not quite the same as, that of the feud. The death of almost any important person might lead to the organization of a military expedition, whether or not that person had been killed by enemies. Among the Five Nations, the logic might be considered an extension of the principle of replacing the dead. Whenever a man or woman holding an important office died, his or her name would be transferred immediately to someone new: the ceremony has come to be known in the literature as a "Requickening" ceremony, because it restored the life and vitality that had been lost to the entire community through death ... the women of the bereaved household could demand a raiding party be got together (usually from among their male affines) to capture a replacement ... As for the prisoners, their fate, once brought back to the Iroquois homeland, could be either surprisingly benign or utterly horrendous. All prisoners were formally adopted into the local family that had suffered a recent loss. It was up to family members whether they would be tortured to death or kept on as a replacement for the deceased ... The vast majority of women and children captured on raids, and a very good proportion - probably the majority - of the men were not ... killed but permanently adopted. They would be given the name of the deceased and, ideally, almost instantly find themselves treated like a member of the family, having all rights and relations of the deceased (i.e., a man would normally take his place as husband of the dead man's wife), and treated with the utmost tenderness by his female relatives.

Graeber, David (2001). The false coin of our own dreams / Toward an anthropological theory of value. Palgrave: NY.

10/01/2006 10:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10/01/2006 10:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In light of what this conversation is all about, I find it funny and so very, very synchronistic that this is what is on my Sunday morning old movies today -

Here Comes Mr. Jordan is a delightful 1941 fantasy film that would later be remade with Warren Beatty (although not nearly as good) as Heaven Can Wait. Robert Montgomery, father of Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame, plays boxer Joe Pendleton, who is on the verge of fighting for the title. Joe is plucked out of his airplane just before it crashes by an inexperienced angel played by Edward Everett Horton who wanted to save him the pain of the crash. The Angel's Boss Mr. Jordan (Claude Rains) finds out that Joe isn't supposed to die for another 50 years and orders the over-eager Angel 7013 to put Joe back in his body. Unfortunately, Joe's body has been cremated by his boxing manager.

Now Mr. Jordan, 7013, and Joe scour the world to find a new body for his spirit. But it has to be a body that is in perfect physical shape..."in the pink" as Joe keeps demanding. Joe is offered the wealthy body of Bruce Farnsworth who has just been murdered by his scheming wife and his male secretary. Joe at first refuses until he sees the beautiful Bette Logan who desperately needs Farnsworth's help to get her father out of jail. Joe agrees to take Farnsworth's body for just a short time to help Ms. Logan. His wife and secretary Tony Abbott are more than a little shocked to see Farnsworth come down the stairs after they thought they drowned him in his bath.

Joe soon decides he wants to keep Farnsworth's body as he has fallen in love with Bette and thinks he can get Farnsworth's body into shape to resume his boxing career. But first he has to convince his skeptical manager, Max played by wonderful character actor James Gleason.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan is a great feel-good, comedy fantasy with a fantastic cast. Montgomery is superb as the street-wise boxer, now in control of a vast fortune but still only concerned with his boxing career. The bickering between he and Edward Everett Horton is hilarious. Claude Rains really steals the show as the wise angel Mr. Jordan, always with a knowing, sly smile on his face. Vastly superior to its remakes, this is a great film.

10/01/2006 12:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there room for personal experience in this discussion? Someone mentioned Theta personalities, as part of MKULTRA and how they are used to access past lives. I have no experience with that, per se....But.

I have DID, and one of my alters claims to be the soul. (I tend to believe her - she's rather convincing). She has described two previous lives (the most recent) in incredible detail. She speaks Dutch (which I have no knowledge or study of) as well as an African language that I can't identify. Tends to call people that she knew in a previous life by their "old" names....and they don't mind! Very confusing for me, and probably just makes me sound like an even bigger nutcase to others. Oh well :)

The good news, btw, is that (she says) we do have a choice. marie

10/01/2006 12:45:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

What gives? When we refer does it mean we defer? Is a crackpot (in the eyes of the scientific orthodoxy) really an "expert"? In defense of my shallow pseudo-intellectualism, I'd just like to say that Sheldrake and Goswami and Bohm have presented theories about how reality really works that I find interesting but are pretty much laughed at by the "experts". What I am more than a little puzzled over is your purpose in decrying this sort of theorizing. It seems that you find it a sort of egocentric showing off; an erudition competition. Look what I know... That's a bit odd, given that none of us will ever meet, don't you think?

I'm going to suggest another possibility, but brace yourself--it's really outlandish, and pragmatic cynics have to be ever-vigilant when it comes to entertaining wild ideas. Is it conceivable that Jeff writes about topics like this one, not, as the satirical poet upstream implied, to divert, distract and actually help the CIA in its diabolical mission, but because he is curious about such things, about the narrow alleyways of existence you can't normally get to from "here"?

So go ahead. Whip out your well-oiled everything-is-shit shtick. But you have to pause, once in a while, to consider that your act is itself a conceit. Remember a while back when you were complaining that you wrote as well as Jeff does and yet no one ever complimented you or praised your "ideas"? Now, far be it from me to be cynical and suspicious, and maybe I'm just too cheerfully obtuse to recognize sarcasm when I see it, but wasn't that whole episode all about ego gratification? I remember consoling you, as did many of the regulars here, since you sounded so heartbroken about the world rejecting your singular vision. Now, if that was all some satirical ploy, what exactly is your game and what's the point of playing such games?

So you're not interested in "Entelechy and Sheldrake". Okay. Leaving aside for the moment the possibility that someone could be, or that the act of figuring out how things work might be worthwhile or at least interesting, show me, please, where you are "talking more genuinely and purely about" anything, anything at all. Really, Shrub, what's your point? I thought everything sucks and we're all going to die. What more needs to be said?

Now, about that teleological impulse: the really cool thing about it is that even though Darwin...

10/01/2006 12:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shrub -

Are you trying to suggest that no idea is worth expressing that can't be dumbed down to the level where it can be grasped within 10 minutes by an emotionally-troubled, indigent woman?

If you are, I understand why you seem to be in a state of permanent frustration.

My own observation is that there seems to be a sort of trickle-down process involving new ideas -- from all-but-ineffable, to merely difficult and abstract, to the point where they become embodied in concrete worldly examples, to the stage where they are so widely disseminated and watered-down as to become useless.

This blog seems to attract people who in one way or another share a sense that the current fund of popularly-accepted ideas has become so counter-productive that it is necessary to look to the extreme edges of what is imaginable to find alternatives.

It's not about changing the world tomorrow. My own, far more modest, ambition is simply to pry enough thinking people out of the old mechanist-materialist-social Darwinist headstate to start making a visible difference.

That's a goal that is both doable and has the potential to pay off in a big way over just the next 5-10 years.

The People-reading crowd, to the extent they matter at all, are born followers and will go along with whatever seems cool. We don't have to convince them of anything -- we just have to set a new style.

10/01/2006 01:38:00 PM  
Blogger A Fake Doctor said...

Reincarnation? As I understand it, the concept seems nonsensical. First, as the prior commenter noted, where do the additional numbers of people come from as the population increases?

Any college student with some psychology 101 probably knows about the Phineas Gage case, the man with the railroad tie driven into his head, altering his personality entirely. Other types of brain damage can cause dramatic shifts in personality. Which personality is more "real," the one the victim started with or the one left at the time of death?

Nearly everybody here, including Mr. Wells, seems to tacitly accept the solid existence of a continuous self, maybe the Freudian ego complemented by a more Jungian unconscious. This begs the question of how the two could be united into a single individual psyche.

Let's assume a person dies. If only some memories of his life were transferred to a younger person, would this not look like the type of reincarnation described? If a set of his preferences were transferred to another but no memories and it were possible to know this, would that be reincarnation or partial reincarnation? How about genetic preferences and characteristics that travel genetically down a family line, or through "nurture" rather than "nature?" Is that evidence of "reincarnation" of the father to the son? I don't think so.

There is not necessarily a continous "self" in time that could be reincarnated.

What about "soul?" Is it a set of preferences apart from memory? If so, how can memory change who we are? If soul is the totality of memory or experience and preferences or tendencies, if not all of them are passed on, to what extent is the same person reincarnated? Does anybody doubt that my taste for chocolate or level of emotionality is influenced by the physical DNA? If not, how is this a part of my genuine self and how could DNA be duplicated outside of the sexual reproduction?

What about personality changes caused by drugs? Am I less my "real" self if I take antidepressants or anti-psychotic medications to function normally?

There are too many unaddressed ambiguities. "Reincarnation" seems figurative to me, just as karma is. Malicious and thoughtless acts tend to bring the same back to the actor while socially-oriented benevolent acts have the same tendency towards return. Karma serves a social function in encouraging beneficial social acts. Reincarnation serves a similar purpose, convincing people to become as advanced or developed as they can which would benefit the society that advances the idea of reincarnation.

Reincarnation in the west is removed from its eastern religious context, giving it a more egocentric appearance in our individualistic culture than it would be when found as part of a set of religious Hinduism or Buddhism in other parts of the world.

There is no doubt that the individual is part of his environment as she breathes the air, drinks the water, and eats plants and animals from around her. He learns how to act from the society and people around him. He dies, his physical body returning to the earth and his teachings distributing themselves among those he communicated with. The collective mind exists in the language, the common stories and teachings, the group's knowledge, and the land they live on, especially for a preindustrial or agricultural society.

In my opinion the limit of reincarnation is entering the plants soaking up the nutrients from your human remains, and this is a beautiful enough end for my religious sensibilities. Occam's razor seems to indicate this is a more likely eventuality than some semi-coherent rebirth of an ego-self that may not even exist.

10/01/2006 01:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I probably sound like of those low income indigents that were so nicely referred to in another post.

That's ok by me, and why do I keep returning here to post comments, because even if I'm not one of the intellectual elites, I'm still just a spirit here in this material world, trying to figure it out.

What's good, What's not good, and what's really evil.

In my own little small indigent reality of a life, the universe complies to help me understand or directs me to the right questions.

I'm the movie poster anonymous above. And now the next movie playing is

The Heavenly Kid
11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

Too good not to be on DVD., January 13, 2005
Reviewer: Dymon Enlow (Taulkinham) - See all my reviews
Despite being crippled by a low budget and a wretched soundtrack that makes you want to ram tree branches into your ears this film won me over with its charm.

Bobby is a cool Fonz-style greaser who dies in a racing accident sometime around 1968. Once in the afterlife he's is informed that he cannot get into Heaven unless he accomplishes an assignment. Bobby agrees and 17 years later he returns in Ft. Lauderdale assigned to help a "spazolla" named Lenny. Kinda sounds like an episode of "Highway to Heaven" doesn't it?

Filled with funny moments, a good story and some unbelievably bad clothes this is a great 80's time capsule that the entire family can enjoy. My favorite moment is right after his makeover when he goes out trying to impress girls. God, I laughed for two minutes when he shot those cigarettes across the room.

I guess it's just a wacky little twist that all these movies about reincarnation and "heaven" are showing up on my TV today.

Too bad some of you are so intellectually elite that you probably don't even watch movies.

Enjoy your life!

10/01/2006 02:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Guilliame Bardeaux

If you find it so abhorrent, why are you here so much? Certainly, you are a moron, take your drivel elsewhere. Head on over to the Limbaugh site, they are calling your name.

10/01/2006 03:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... Later, when John described what happened next, he called it "a dream --sort of." I recognized that ambivalence. I'd had the same uncertainty about the unusual things I'd seen and felt since Adam's conception. They had a dreamlike quality, but at the same time they were vivid enough to seem more real than waking experience. I understand that Jung used to call these "big dreams". John's "big dreams" that night in the shrine, started as nightmares. He dreamt of fires, avalanches and earthquakes, of horrible accidents he could see coming but had no power to prevent. The emotions he had stored away, ignored, or run from over the past few weeks surged around him like floodwater, drowing him in rage and greif, but especially in fear. The destruction in the nightmares seemd simultaneously random and malignant, absolutely indifferent to the pain it caused but nonetheless carefully planned.
John fought to wake up, to come out of the dream, but could only pull himself to the same place, just below consciousness, where I had seen the storm-dragon. The horrors in his mind's eye continued, but at teh same time, John became aware of his physical surroundings. he also sensed the beginnings of an unfamiliar calm. It was not simply absence of fear, but an active calm, a peace of enormous strength. It seemed to emanate from everything around John, from the ancient walls, from the stone and moss beneath his head, from the string of paper cranes swaying in the slight breeze.
John stopped shivering. he felt his body relax completely, a sensation he had all but forgotten. The nightmare was still running, but now he observed it with curious detachment, as though he had taken a few steps back to the cheap seats in his own mind. He felt as if he were watching some sort of game, looking down from the stands. Moreover, he was not alone. Therewas someone watching with him, s dear friend, someone he had known his entire life -- no, more than that. Forever. The companionship John felt with this person was so strong it brought tears to his eyes.
"Look at this," John said in his dream, as the devastation continued to play out before him. "It's horrible. It's too horrible."
The presence beside him smiled. John could feel it. "No, it isn't so horrible," said the being. "it depends on what you want to see. Look"
In the dream, two jumbo jets had just collided in midair, raining twisted metal and fire and broken bodies on the ground below. But when John looked more closely, he could see that every piece of wreckage was transformed as it hit the ground. All the debris was recombining, slowly growing into an airport. The people who had been killed in the collision were walking through the new buildings, boarding the new planes.
"You see," said the presence beside John, "they are going places they could never have reached before. It's not so bad, really. It's just that you don't understand how it works."...."
M. Beck Expecting Adam

10/01/2006 03:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, sorry to hijack this conversation, but did any of yous notice the coup d'etat american style appearing in a newpaper near you (like the washington post) ?

10/01/2006 08:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

starroute said...

My own observation is that there seems to be a sort of trickle-down process involving new ideas...

I'd quote the whole thing really, over and over. Let's just pretend I did. I would concur with everything you said, and I encourage the other person I am responding to below to read that full quote. Perhaps several times.

To starroute, yes, there will always be simplifiers, that's nothing to worry about. Piecing together the links between various torn asunder research agendas has always been for those who, without animosity to the larger crowd, certainly feel that the exploration is its own reward.

23skidoo said... {lol I like that name}

Reincarnation? As I understand it, the concept seems nonsensical. First, as the prior commenter noted, where do the additional numbers of people come from as the population increases?

How do you konw that an individual body is a referrent as you seem to assume to one individual soul? Why make that assumption? What evidence do you have for it?

Any college student with some psychology 101 probably knows about the Phineas Gage case, the man with the railroad tie driven into his head, altering his personality entirely.

Well, first, if you are going to pretend to cite 'evidence,' impress us by bothering to know more about it first. It was a blasting cap actually, though lets continue..

Other types of brain damage can cause dramatic shifts in personality. Which personality is more "real," the one the victim started with or the one left at the time of death?

First, you have changed your own subject away from your first question. Yes, though the subject was not brain damage, it was cognizance of details far away from the life experience of the person in question. I don't think your Gage example is relevant to what you want to cite is as proof of.

Just shows "any college student" is is mostly dumb as shit, absorbing everything they are told about the 1700s European materialist worldview as starroute pointed out--when there is plently of hard material evidence for various levels of transdimensionality that would make many "strange ideas" like ghosts "astral planing/CIA's Project Stargate, etc." and whatnot as real as you and me, in a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum, or showing that the 'body' is indeed either everywhere at once, or somehow some type of informatoin can be passed back like a transceiver to the body itself from elsewhere (or even temporally (in time) elsewhere).

These biases in the whole Western materialist curriculum are a poor epistemology to take from a starting point for what are more interrelational issues, perhaps equally material in a sense (if electromagnetics and transdimensional layering are physical), though truly nonphysical in that they are inaccessible to where we are physically.

I offer thtat you first should stop pretending "material facts" you cite have reached some sort of plateau of perfection in their theoretical base. That's the height of ignorance to assume you know it all, insted of the height of any science.

Science is the exploration of the unknown. That's the best definition that I have come across. If you stop researching unexplained phenomena simply because it fails to fit in your past limited knowlege sytthesized theories, or even out of fear you will be made fun of, well you weren't a scientist were you?

What you are suggesting, "reasoning by anaology" shows you think there is nothing different from college psychological courses and the 1200s scholasticism. It's a closed circle. Argument by a string of analogies.

For those who want to know how radically bizarre are (and still are) the shifts in just the past 250 years of how "facts are defined" read Foucault's _The Nature of Things or Poovey's _A History of the Modern Fact.

We have in my opinion hardly scratched the empiricial surface of researching the world, and the universities that (mostly) support such 'lobobomized' separate studies of religion over here, and material science over there, are nothing except a social product of the disciplines, instead of having a scientific basis for the separations themselves. Most sciences are methdological disciplines instead of topical ones. There is only "one path to science" in researching a particular phenomena. For sociologists, it has to be something social, and they hate to talk biology; if only because biologists attempt to pretend that everthing social is biological. The "Western" style university that has grown up in the past 100 years is nothing except a huge severing of the corpus collosum of humankind.

Any pretention that we are the height of knowledge is only the ultimate "fundamentalist" ego trip more than scientific proof.

What this whole blog is about is a radical questioning of basic epistemological grounds ("how you know what you know"; "why are certain topics only researched in certain methods"), and whether the 'how' is only a well constructed limitation or block to knowledge instead of a research aid.

For another example, a major point would be the durable intergenerational power of occult elites (among other elites, granted, though overlapping). As a friend of mine in political science was said to his professor, "I'm getting really interested in secret societies and researching them, what do you think of that?" From what his 'advisor' told him, he could have been a Cathar heretic talking to the Pope, his useless adviser said wide eyed "That the kiss of death!" YOu coulc almost hear "off to the torture rack!" in the way he described the professors attitude. "These are forbidden thoghts!" No they aren't, particular if you fail to recognize the present authories are intentionally choosing ignorance about such truly 'supra-empiricial' things, because (basically) they don't see a way to get money or status or profit from it.

Well, why is it the kiss of death? What that guy recommended to my friend was the true kiss of death.

It's just another topic to research though it terrifies those prone to fearmongering.

A lot of people drawn here are without hangups of the artificial divisions of the sciences, it seems It's sort of a big scavenger hunt and if you can bring PIECES to the table you found, INSTEAD of empty concepts you have found, then let's see what's in the bag. Otherwise, don't be surprised when, like me, people look in your bag, and say it's empty.

Jeff has an interesting writing style here that always links back to curious facts and drawing out what may be their conclusions. He always (except for a few of his own hangups which are pretty apparent in 9-11 research) is modest enough to state "probably", here and there. or "perhaps," every now and then. Or "some" instead of "all."

Instead, you have this pretention that you are writing about 'all' and you find you can do it better without recourse to any tangible data at all to show us.

Nearly everybody here, including Mr. Wells, seems to tacitly accept the solid existence of a continuous self, maybe the Freudian ego complemented by a more Jungian unconscious. This begs the question of how the two could be united into a single individual psyche.

Umm. Where did it say that? If Jeff was the one to bring up the 'total body' thing (actually looking back he was merely quoting someone else's concept of the "total self"), then you're mistaken.

I think the only answer to that is "mu". You are seriously down the wrong path already because you instead of everyone else want these assumptions. I don't see how you can see Jeff's (or anyone's) musings here as forms of theoretical 'finished' statements, as you seem so prone to do.

Let's assume a person dies.

Though always keep in mind that death may not be death, though let's go on...

If only some memories of his life were transferred to a younger person, would this not look like the type of reincarnation described? If a set of his preferences were transferred to another but no memories and it were possible to know this, would that be reincarnation or partial reincarnation?

First, let's draw this back to an empirical topic. Attempting to biologically center such questions, following the DMT 'death flux' issue mentioned above, certainly one might conjecture that particular biological conditions of the body itself allow for whether the soul* or what parts of (complete, incomple, dropped transmission, etc.) continues in some sense or is destroyed. Or it could be all nonsense, though there's more evidence that there is something to this, than evidence for it being nonsense.

*(I use 'soul' here loosely for anything concerning conceptions of durable identification with a particular body, whether it is long gone or not. Of course one of the old conundrums of Buddhism itself concerning 'no soul' is how this can be maintained with a dogma of 'soul preseration' inherent in karma? Don't try to think about it. It's just two purist ideas battling against each other, instead of anything to worry about.)

So, general statements about transferrence may be mediated by physical body issues case by case. Don't think in abstract theories. Attempt to as starroute said "follow the path of information" as best you can, and you will be surprised what turns up, things (gasp!) you might not know already.

If you are in bad health when you die, perhaps, your DMT rush ain't there, so to speak. Or there may be various other 'universe clear weather or stormy weather' issues, etc, grounding your flight so to speak. I don't know. I'm just saying that be aware of what you don't know, and whenver you find yourself postulating blank Descartian space or ever case being identical statistically, because you can't think about it any other way, well, there's something wrong with your thinking: you're more likely to stumble on a rock you didn't see.

Next, we could talk about material meat.

Are there cases of personality change in mere meat transfers, like organ transplants? Yes.

I've read that in heart transplants between people to save the life of someone, that some aspects of the behavior of the person donating (dead) end strangely altering and influencing the behavior of the receiver. A particular case I read about in a regular corporate news story was for a rather lacivious donor to 'cause' the reciever of the heart to act and get far more horny than they were used to and it embarrassed them and everyone around them. Turns out I think that the doner was some sort of nymphomaniac. Of course this is just n=1, and an extreme case, though from extreme cases, you get less 'noise' from other variables that are always there.

I never looked into this, though I remembered it. Just keep that in mind, perhaps the whole mind is across the body (and beyond) instead of simply Eurocentrically locked in your physical skull. And if you see where this is getting, if something strange and "personality" related could alter via a heart transplant, i.e., "no where near the brain", one you realize that mind/soul being locked in a skull somewhere is simply a materialist assumption (no proof), so literally the whole mind/body could be stretched across the universe(s), impregnated in all our body-as-mind, with bodies sort of like an appendix sticking through into these dimensions where we are, simply an adjuct body sticking off a long stretched tube or 'something' and not the whole body.

Second, taht the mind/soul can be larger than the braincase is known as well thorugh the phantom pain of people who have an arm or leg removed, and they still feel it there.

Third, there seems to even be a basic genetically hardwired structure in the 'mind' about the body as well. There are cases of people who are born without an arm for instance, still have the template of a full body in their mind. When faced with something falling from a kitchen cabinet for example, falling past them, some have reported "feeling an arm they never had" attempt to reach out and grab it--though they never even had that arm nor would have knowledge of what that would have felt like in the first place. Ponder on that.

If the basic framework of the 'mental body template' and the body's expectations/nerves to move it is only a subsection of that instead of limited to that, then why do we treat the physical body itself as some sort of limit upon the sensory appratus itself?

There's no justifiation to do so.

What's so strange about the 'total self/body'? Nothing that I can see. It seems a sounder theory so far. Everything proffered against it has been a ridiculous assertion, particularly given that the "psi wars" of the CIA actually works enough for them to pump millions of dollars into it, and all the truly hyperspatial/psychic sensory and teleportation and 'matter created from computer enhanced thought' issues involved of the Montauk Project.

America may be mostly a Shrubbageddon world, though you have got to realize that a section of America's elites are some of the most mystical and truly unhearalded group of people the world has ever seen, and they have the wealth to throw at such projects to test and even perfect some rather arcane sciences that are typically only on a "need to know basis." The whole Tesla thing is as real as day, though TECHNOLOGICIALLY it was repressed though only in the public. Insted, there has been a complete parallel framework of scientific exploration, just as real as anything else studied, though kept intentionally hidden for the power it gives them to create a two tiered global society of technological mystics services by their intentionally kept in the dark servo-slaves in the universities, mostly.

How about genetic preferences and characteristics that travel genetically down a family line, or through "nurture" rather than "nature?"

How do you know genes are the cause? Another assumption. Most genes actually are stimulation relational to environmental conditions. If you ever want to read a layman's version of all this, I suggest find something by Colin Tudge.

"Nature" vs. "nurture"? They are not versus, they are interlinked. The versus thing comes exclusivley out of ideological positions, instead how they are merged in any phenomena you care to see out. Even some cases of attempts to trace "obviously genetic disease" via families, has occassionally stumbled on the fact that common shared dietary frameworks were hugely influential. And if you follow the book _Some Like It Hot, about the interactions of long term genetic issues of selction to particular ethnobotany issues, the whole foundation of such "scientific disagreements of nature vs. nurture" entirely melts away like a sheet of ice on a lake. The whole question (and the whole claims to knowledge and speciality based on these methods) becomes pointless when the basic frameworks of knowledge are shifted. (Foucault may be a hard read, though read _The Nature of Things). The way we think mostly 'orthodoxly' about the material world is just wierd, it's not right, it's just wierd, it's hard to call it progression, instead of simply shifting to what he called a novel "episteme" framework which can be said to be just as wierd and unjustified its assumptions as what came before. This is not to say that it doesn't have power or social adherents, though this is a chicken and egg issue once more. Which came first? The social adherents who believed and wanted to research this way, or the knowledge? I think it is clear that the social adherents who wanted to think this way came first, and the knowledge relies on a huge amount of accumulated assumptions by the 21st century is completely outgrown the scienfici divisions or projects that were set up in about five countries of the world that has come to domminate the episteme of the whole planet, and led to huge near ecologcial collapse. (see "Open the Socical Sciences" book for a quick read).

Instead of genes as hardwired forced issues, genes mare a record of environmental conditions like a tree ring or something. They are influenced by what happens instead forced creation. Those are never separated. False issue. Mu. Another false question.

Is that evidence of "reincarnation" of the father to the son? I don't think so.

Wow. "You don't think so." You set up a string of words already rigged, without reference to ANY ACTUAL phenomena, except one you perhaps only cursorily heard about (Gage) and then you have a 'conclusion'?

Don't waste your time. Thinking fails to really suit you. You're afraid to get your hands ditry it seems.

There are too many unaddressed ambiguities.

The fear of ambiguities is your issue. On the contrary, you have unaddressed claims to certitude. Everything else you said was just a string of dogmatic statements, you realize that right? Perhaps you don't. That's even worse.

If all you see in me is someone else competing for your mental space, i.e., another ideologue, instead of another puzzler, I'm sorry for that worldview. Not everyone is such a pure one sided "assimilator" as yourself.

some of this is a quote:

Piaget described two processes used by the individual in its attempt to adapt: assimilation and accomodation. Both of these processes are used thoughout life as the person increasingly adapts to the environment in a more complex manner.

Assimilation is the process of using or transforming the environment so that it can be placed in preexisting cognitive structures.

From everything you are doing above, that is assimilation, which I think should be more clearly called "selective assimilation" or even "cherrypicking assimiliation", picking what already fits and ignoring or kicking out of the way things that fail to.

It's like the laughable straight faces of scientists who can call 98.5% of DNA "junk". Why? Because they don't know what its for. So they call it junk, and cling to theories suddenly outdated and attempt to peg "the importance of the 2.5% left as what is really going on".

Hello? It's like someone violently shoved in a corner, and replying "well, I WANTED to stand in this corner right now." They pretend to still be in control when they are not. "Well, we're going to keep theories about this 2.5% of DNA as what DNA is really for...reagardless of its small percentage or scale of importance." Hello? This is another example of selective assimilation. It's the Vietnamesque scientific version of "destroying the village to save it" all over once more.

On the other hand, accomodation is the process of changing cognitive structures in order to accept something from the environment--instead of deny it.

Most of this blog and its commenters are attempting to learn to accomodate, toward a different and more tenable assimilative structure, a theoretical basis about life, politics, and everything that makes more solid sense.

You seem to want to entirely remove all cognitive dissonance, removing the mainspring of learning that keeps it going.

Instead you should seek out and admit to congnitive dissonance to reevaluate such things.

However, this cannot be done on the level of philsophical discussion that you have engaged in so far, however many "Phineas Gages" you name drop--simply to make a 13th century scholasticist type argument look 'modern.'

one more quote:

Cognitive Dissonance: Progress on a Pivotal Theory in Social Psychology
Edited by Eddie Harmon-Jones and Judson Mills

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cognitive Dissonance Theory and an Overview of Current Perspectives on the Theory

A little more than 40 years ago, Leon Festinger published A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957).

Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance has been one of the most influential theories in social psychology (Jones, 1985). It has generated hundreds and hundreds of studies, from which much has been learned about the determinants of attitudes and beliefs, the internalization of values, the consequences of decisions, the effects of disagreement among persons, and other important psychological processes.

As presented by Festinger in 1957, dissonance theory began by postulating that pairs of cognitions (elements of knowledge) can be relevant or irrelevant to one another. If two cognitions are relevant to one another, they are either consonant or dissonant. Two cognitions are consonant if one follows from the other, and they are dissonant if the obverse (opposite) of one cognition follows from the other. The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, motivates the person to reduce the dissonance and leads to avoidance of information likely to increase the dissonance.

[Instead, I suggest you should instead seek out dissonance for its accomodation effects.]

The greater the magnitude of the dissonance, the greater is the pressure to reduce dissonance.


And that reduction can be through the way you have chosen, just rejecting it. Or it can be through altering the models.

I'm definitely on the side for altering the whole model, as well questioning whether the residual status of those still stuck in those models think (like you) that they deserve it as a birthright. Hello?

another anon said:

Anonymous said...

hi, sorry to hijack this conversation, but did any of yous notice the coup d'etat american style appearing in a newpaper near you (like the washington post) ?

It's no hijack. You're putting us on course once more. Here's a quote from the current "U.S. Law" which deserves NO RESPECT OR ADHERENCE:

"No person may invoke the Geneva Conventions, or any protocols thereto, in any habeas or civil action or proceeding to which the United States, or a current or former officer, employee, member of the Armed Services, or other agent of the United States, is a party, as a source of rights in any court of the United States or its States or territories."
--text of the Detainee Bill signed into law by the House and Senate on 9/28/06

Which is stupid because it's only grandstanding. The Supreme Court already decided they could. You can't simply like the executive and legislative have done, pass a law to say so, when the Supreme Court has already ruled on the issue!

Who remembers when all of the Supreme Court was almost "accidentally killed by a falling battery of stage lights" about 30 feet across and 10 feet wide, that fell onto their stage platform in some public ceremony only seconds after they got up to move at the conclusion of it.

In my opion, the true fascists of the Bush regime had a novel way of "clearing the Supreme Court." Mass murder.

and remember something else, will it be "One if by Land, Two if by Sea" all over once more:

"[T]o secure... rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —

Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government."
--The The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, 1776.

And even these guys didn't want the Bill of Rights, keep in mind. That had to be fought for tooth and nail, same as environmental protections, same as labor protections.

It seems we must fight once more whether we like it or not.

10/01/2006 08:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this was the WashPost story he was referring to:

"G.O.P." = Good Ol Pedophiles Party

Republican, Florida Representative Foley to his teen lover: "how my favorite young stud doing"

just an excerpt:

Maf54 = Florida Rep. Mark Foley
Xxxxxxxxx = Minor teen Page

Maf54 (7:25:14 PM): hey
Auto response from Xxxxxxxxx (7:25:14 PM): scrounging for food...brb
Maf54 (7:25:25 PM): ok
Maf54 (7:25:35 PM): kep scrounging
Xxxxxxxxx (7:31:51 PM): boo
Maf54 (7:32:13 PM): bo dude
Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:17 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:26 PM): whered ya go this afternoon
Maf54 (7:33:39 PM): i am in pensecola...had to catch a plane
Xxxxxxxxx (7:33:47 PM): oh well thats fun
Maf54 (7:34:04 PM): indeed
Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:14 PM): what are you doing in pensecola
Maf54 (7:34:21 PM): now in my hotel room
Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:39 PM): well why did you go there
Maf54 (7:35:02 PM): for the campaign
Xxxxxxxxx (7:35:29 PM): have you officialy announced yt
Maf54 (7:35:45 PM): not yet
Xxxxxxxxx (7:36:06 PM): cool cool...
Maf54 (7:37:27 PM): how my favorite young stud doing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:46 PM): tired and sore
Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:52 PM): i didnt no waltzing could make you sore
Maf54 (7:38:04 PM): from what
Xxxxxxxxx (7:38:34 PM): what do you mean from what
Xxxxxxxxx (7:38:42 PM): from sore from waltzing
Maf54 (7:39:32 PM): tahts good
Maf54 (7:39:32 PM): you need a massage...


Xxxxxxxxx (7:41:57 PM): ugh tomorrow i have the first day of lacrosse practice
Maf54 (7:42:27 PM): love to watch that
Maf54 (7:42:33 PM): those great legs running
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:38 PM): haha...they arent great
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:45 PM): thats why we have conditioning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:56 PM): 2 days running....3 days lifting
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:11 PM): every week
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:14 PM): until the end of march
Maf54 (7:43:27 PM): well dont ruin my mental picture
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:32 PM): oh lol...sorry
Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): nice
Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): youll be way hot then
Xxxxxxxxx (7:44:01 PM): haha...hopefully
Maf54 (7:44:22 PM): better be
Maf54 (7:46:01 PM): well I better let you go do oyur thing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:07 PM): oh ok
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:11 PM): have fun campaigning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:17 PM): or however you spell it
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:18 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:25 PM): ill see ya in a couple of weeks
Maf54 (7:46:33 PM): did any girl give you a haand job this weekend
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:38 PM): lol no
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:40 PM): im single right now
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:57 PM): my last gf and i broke up a few weeks agi
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): are you
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): good so your getting horny
Xxxxxxxxx (7:47:29 PM): lol...a bit
Maf54 (7:48:00 PM): did you spank it this weekend yourself
Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:04 PM): no
Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:16 PM): been too tired and too busy
Maf54 (7:48:33 PM): wow...
Maf54 (7:48:34 PM): i am never to busy haha

[spoken like a true Florida Bush Republican]

Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:51 PM): haha
Maf54 (7:50:02 PM): or tired..helps me sleep
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:15 PM): thats true
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:36 PM): havent been having a problem with sleep though.. i just walk in the door and collapse well at least this weekend
Maf54 (7:50:56 PM): i am sure
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:57 PM): i dont do it very often normally though
Maf54 (7:51:11 PM): why not
Maf54 (7:51:22 PM): at your age seems like it would be daily
Xxxxxxxxx (7:51:57 PM): not me
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:01 PM): im not a horn dog
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:07 PM): maybe 2 or 3 times a week
Maf54 (7:52:20 PM): thats a good number
Maf54 (7:52:27 PM): in the shower
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:36 PM): actually usually i dont do it in the shower
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:42 PM): just cause i shower in the morning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:47 PM): and quickly
Maf54 (7:52:50 PM): in the bed
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:59 PM): i get up at 530 and am outta the house by 610
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:03 PM): eh ya
Maf54 (7:53:24 PM): on your back
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:30 PM): no face down
Maf54 (7:53:32 PM): love details
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:34 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:36 PM): i see that


Maf54 (8:03:47 PM): what you wearing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:04 PM): normal clothes
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:09 PM): tshirt and shorts
Maf54 (8:04:58 PM): love to slip them off of you
Maf54 (7:53:45 PM): in your shorts and polo shirt?
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:06 PM): no athletic shorts and t shirt...had soccer practice today
Maf54 (7:54:15 PM): ummm nice
Maf54 (7:54:30 PM): jock strap too
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:41 PM): not iin soccer
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:42 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:09 PM): what do you wear then
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:20 PM): just our boxers and shorts
Maf54 (7:55:34 PM): good
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:37 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:42 PM): shows your package then
Xxxxxxxxxx (8:33:29 PM): ya slow things down a little im still under 18 dont want to do anything not 18 till feb 23
Maf54 (8:33:43 PM): i know..

Republican Party adds pedophilia to their platform?

One has to wonder if the Republican Party has adopted pedophilia to their pro-family values platform, yet. Seems they have already incorporated torture, so I guess why the hell not pedophilia.

Speaker learned of issue months ago, GOP member says

Official's knowledge of Foley messages to teen kept quiet

Jonathan Weisman and Charles Babington
Washington Post
Oct. 1, 2006 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON - House Speaker Dennis Hastert was notified early this year of inappropriate e-mails from former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., to a page, a top GOP House member said Saturday, contradicting the speaker's assertions that he learned of concerns about Foley only last week.

Hastert, R-Ill., did not dispute the claims of Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-N.Y., and his office confirmed that some of Hastert's top aides knew last year that Foley had been ordered to cease contact with the boy and treat all pages respectfully.

And if that ain't enough to turn your stomach, check this out:

-Republican executive Randall Casseday of the conservative Washington Times newspaper was arrested for soliciting sex from a 13-year old girl on the internet.

-Republican chairman of the Oregon Christian Coalition Lou Beres confessed to molesting a 13-year old girl.

-Republican County Constable Larry Dale Floyd was arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex with an 8-year old girl. Floyd has repeatedly won elections for Denton County, Texas, constable.
Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.
Republican Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy.

-Republican petition drive manager Tom Randall pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 14, one of them the daughter of an associate in the petition business.

-Republican County Chairman Armando Tebano was arrested for sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl.

-Republican teacher and former city councilman John Collins pleaded guilty to sexually molesting 13 and 14 year old girls.

-Republican campaign worker Mark Seidensticker is a convicted child molester.

-Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

-Republican Mayor Tom Adams was arrested for distributing child pornography over the internet.

-Republican Mayor John Gosek was arrested on charges of soliciting sex from two 15-year old girls.

-Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

-Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.

-Republican Committeeman John R. Curtain was charged with molesting a teenage boy and unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

-Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

-Republican zoning supervisor, Boy Scout leader and Lutheran church president Dennis L. Rader pleaded guilty to performing a sexual act on an 11-year old girl he murdered.

-Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor.

-Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

-Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.

-Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile.

-Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

-Republican advertising consultant Carey Lee Cramer was sentenced to six years in prison for molesting two 8-year old girls, one of whom appeared in an anti-Gore television commercial.

-Republican activist Lawrence E. King, Jr. organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

-Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

-Republican Congressman Donald "Buz" Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail.

-Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos.

-Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

-Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.

-Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a female minor working as a congressional page.

-Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his step daughter.

-Republican Judge Ronald C. Kline was placed under house arrest for child molestation and possession of child pornography.

-Republican congressman and anti-gay activist Robert Bauman was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.

-Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.

-Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. "Republican Marty"), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with an underage girl and one count of delivering the drug LSD.

-Republican legislative aide Howard L. Brooks was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.
Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

-Republican preacher Stephen White, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

-Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.

-Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.

-Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.
Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.

-Republican politician Andrew Buhr was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.

-Republican legislator Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).

-Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was found guilty of molesting a 15-year old girl.
Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.

-Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.

-Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.

-Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.

-Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.

-Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

-Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000.

-Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession.

-Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate Robin Vanderwall was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.

-Republican city councilman Mark Harris, who is described as a "good military man" and "church goer," was convicted of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

-Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter.

-Republican campaign worker, police officer and self-proclaimed reverend Steve Aiken was convicted of having sex with two underage girls.

-Republican director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.

-Republican president of the New York City Housing Development Corp. Russell Harding pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer.

-Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was found guilty of raping a 15-year old girl. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women.

-Republican Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the rape of children in Iraqi prisons in order to humiliate their parents into providing information about the anti-American insurgency.

Maf54 = Florida Rep. Mark Foley
Xxxxxxxxx = Minor teen Page

Maf54 (7:25:14 PM): hey
Auto response from Xxxxxxxxx (7:25:14 PM): scrounging for food...brb

Maf54 (7:25:25 PM): ok
Maf54 (7:25:35 PM): kep scrounging
Xxxxxxxxx (7:31:51 PM): boo
Maf54 (7:32:13 PM): bo dude
Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:17 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:26 PM): whered ya go this afternoon
Maf54 (7:33:39 PM): i am in pensecola...had to catch a plane
Xxxxxxxxx (7:33:47 PM): oh well thats fun
Maf54 (7:34:04 PM): indeed
Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:14 PM): what are you doing in pensecola
Maf54 (7:34:21 PM): now in my hotel room
Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:39 PM): well why did you go there
Maf54 (7:35:02 PM): for the campaign
Xxxxxxxxx (7:35:29 PM): have you officialy announced yt
Maf54 (7:35:45 PM): not yet
Xxxxxxxxx (7:36:06 PM): cool cool...
Maf54 (7:37:27 PM): how my favorite young stud doing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:46 PM): tired and sore
Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:52 PM): i didnt no waltzing could make you sore
Maf54 (7:38:04 PM): from what
Xxxxxxxxx (7:38:34 PM): what do you mean from what
Xxxxxxxxx (7:38:42 PM): from sore from waltzing
Maf54 (7:39:32 PM): tahts good
Maf54 (7:39:32 PM): you need a massage Maf54 signed off at 7:39:37 PM. Maf54 signed on at 7:40:35 PM.
Xxxxxxxxx (7:40:44 PM): got kicked off?
Maf54 (7:41:24 PM): must have
Xxxxxxxxx (7:41:57 PM): ugh tomorrow i have the first day of lacrosse practice
Maf54 (7:42:27 PM): love to watch that
Maf54 (7:42:33 PM): those great legs running
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:38 PM): haha...they arent great
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:45 PM): thats why we have conditioning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:56 PM): 2 days running....3 days lifting
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:11 PM): every week
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:14 PM): until the end of march
Maf54 (7:43:27 PM): well dont ruin my mental picture
Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:32 PM): oh lol...sorry
Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): nice
Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): youll be way hot then
Xxxxxxxxx (7:44:01 PM): haha...hopefully
Maf54 (7:44:22 PM): better be
Maf54 (7:46:01 PM): well I better let you go do oyur thing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:07 PM): oh ok
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:11 PM): have fun campaigning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:17 PM): or however you spell it
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:18 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:25 PM): ill see ya in a couple of weeks
Maf54 (7:46:33 PM): did any girl give you a haand job this weekend
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:38 PM): lol no
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:40 PM): im single right now
Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:57 PM): my last gf and i broke up a few weeks agi
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): are you
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): good so your getting horny
Xxxxxxxxx (7:47:29 PM): lol...a bit
Maf54 (7:48:00 PM): did you spank it this weekend yourself
Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:04 PM): no
Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:16 PM): been too tired and too busy
Maf54 (7:48:33 PM): wow...
Maf54 (7:48:34 PM): i am never to busy haha
Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:51 PM): haha
Maf54 (7:50:02 PM): or tired..helps me sleep
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:15 PM): thats true
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:36 PM): havent been having a problem with sleep though.. i just walk in the door and collapse well at least this weekend
Maf54 (7:50:56 PM): i am sure
Xxxxxxxxx (7:50:57 PM): i dont do it very often normally though
Maf54 (7:51:11 PM): why not
Maf54 (7:51:22 PM): at your age seems like it would be daily
Xxxxxxxxx (7:51:57 PM): not me
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:01 PM): im not a horn dog
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:07 PM): maybe 2 or 3 times a week
Maf54 (7:52:20 PM): thats a good number
Maf54 (7:52:27 PM): in the shower
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:36 PM): actually usually i dont do it in the shower
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:42 PM): just cause i shower in the morning
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:47 PM): and quickly
Maf54 (7:52:50 PM): in the bed
Xxxxxxxxx (7:52:59 PM): i get up at 530 and am outta the house by 610
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:03 PM): eh ya
Maf54 (7:53:24 PM): on your back
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:30 PM): no face down
Maf54 (7:53:32 PM): love details
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:34 PM): lol
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:36 PM): i see that
Xxxxxxxxx (7:53:37 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:53:39 PM): really
Maf54 (7:53:54 PM): do you really do it face down
Xxxxxxxxx (7:54:03 PM): ya
Maf54 (7:54:13 PM): kneeling
Xxxxxxxxx (7:54:31 PM): well i dont use my hand...i use the bed itself
Maf54 (7:54:31 PM): where do you unload it
Xxxxxxxxx (7:54:36 PM): towel
Maf54 (7:54:43 PM): really
Maf54 (7:55:02 PM): completely naked?
Xxxxxxxxx (7:55:12 PM): well ya
Maf54 (7:55:21 PM): very nice
Xxxxxxxxx (7:55:24 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:51 PM): cute butt bouncing in the air
Xxxxxxxxx (7:56:00 PM): haha
Xxxxxxxxx (7:56:05 PM): well ive never watched myslef
Xxxxxxxxx (7:56:08 PM): but ya i guess
Maf54 (7:56:18 PM): i am sure not
Maf54 (7:56:22 PM): hmmm
Maf54 (7:56:30 PM): great visual
Maf54 (7:56:39 PM): i may try that
Xxxxxxxxx (7:56:43 PM): it works
Maf54 (7:56:51 PM): hmm
Maf54 (7:56:57 PM): sound inetersting
Maf54 (7:57:05 PM): i always use lotion and the hand
Maf54 (7:57:10 PM): but who knows
Xxxxxxxxx (7:57:24 PM): i dont use lotion...takes too much time to clean up
Xxxxxxxxx (7:57:37 PM): with a towel you can just wipe off....and go
Maf54 (7:57:38 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:57:45 PM): where do you throw the towel
Xxxxxxxxx (7:57:48 PM): but you cant work it too hard....or its not good
Xxxxxxxxx (7:57:51 PM): in the laundry
Maf54 (7:58:16 PM): just kinda slow rubbing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:58:23 PM): ya....
Xxxxxxxxx (7:58:32 PM): or youll rub yourslef raw
Maf54 (7:58:37 PM): well I have aa totally stiff wood now
Xxxxxxxxx (7:58:40 PM): cause the towell isnt very soft
Maf54 (7:58:44 PM): i bet..taht would hurt
Xxxxxxxxx (7:58:50 PM): but you cn find something softer than a towell i guess
Maf54 (7:58:59 PM): but it must feel great spirting on the towel
Xxxxxxxxx (7:59:06 PM): ya
Maf54 (7:59:29 PM): wow
Maf54 (7:59:48 PM): is your little guy limp...or growing
Xxxxxxxxx (7:59:54 PM): eh growing
Maf54 (8:00:00 PM): hmm
Maf54 (8:00:12 PM): so you got a stiff one now
Xxxxxxxxx (8:00:19 PM): not that fast
Xxxxxxxxx (8:00:20 PM): hey
Xxxxxxxxx (8:00:32 PM): so you have a fetich
Maf54 (8:00:32 PM): hey what
Xxxxxxxxx (8:00:40 PM): fetish**
Maf54 (8:00:43 PM): like
Maf54 (8:00:53 PM): i like steamroom
Maf54 (8:01:04 PM): whats yours
Xxxxxxxxx (8:01:09 PM): its kinda weird
Xxxxxxxxx (8:01:14 PM): lol
Maf54 (8:01:21 PM): i am hard as a tell me when your reaches rock
Xxxxxxxxx (8:01:23 PM): i have a cast fetish
Maf54 (8:01:27 PM): well tell me
Maf54 (8:01:32 PM): cast
Xxxxxxxxx (8:01:44 PM): ya like...plaster cast
Maf54 (8:01:49 PM): what happens
Maf54 (8:01:58 PM): how does that turn you in
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:02 PM): i dont know
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:04 PM): it just does
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:08 PM): ive never had one
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:16 PM): but people that have them turn me on
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:27 PM): and if i had one it would probably turn me on
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:29 PM): beats me
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:32 PM): its kinda weird
Xxxxxxxxx (8:02:50 PM): but along with that i like the whole catholic girl look....thats our schools uniform
Maf54 (8:03:02 PM): ha thats wild
Xxxxxxxxx (8:03:14 PM): ya but now im hard
Maf54 (8:03:32 PM): me 2
Maf54 (8:03:42 PM): cast got you going
Maf54 (8:03:47 PM): what you wearing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:04 PM): normal clothes
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:09 PM): tshirt and shorts
Maf54 (8:04:17 PM): um so a big buldge
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:35 PM): ya
Maf54 (8:04:45 PM): um
Maf54 (8:04:58 PM): love to slip them off of you
Xxxxxxxxx (8:05:08 PM): haha
Maf54 (8:05:53 PM): and gram the one eyed snake
Maf54 (8:06:13 PM): grab
Xxxxxxxxx (8:06:53 PM): not tonight...dont get to excited
Maf54 (8:07:12 PM): well your hard
Xxxxxxxxx (8:07:45 PM): that is true
Maf54 (8:08:03 PM): and a little horny
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:11 PM): and also tru
Maf54 (8:08:31 PM): get a ruler and measure it for me
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:38 PM): ive already told you that
Maf54 (8:08:47 PM): tell me again
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:49 PM): 7 and 1/2
Maf54 (8:09:04 PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Maf54 (8:09:08 PM): beautiful
Xxxxxxxxx (8:09:38 PM): lol
Maf54 (8:09:44 PM): thats a great size
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:00 PM): thank you
Maf54 (8:10:22 PM): still stiff
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:28 PM): ya
Maf54 (8:10:40 PM): take it out
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:54 PM): mom is yelling
Maf54 (8:11:06 PM): ok
Xxxxxxxxx (8:14:02 PM): back
Maf54 (8:14:37 PM): cool hope se didnt see any thing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:14:54 PM): no no
Xxxxxxxxx (8:14:59 PM): she is computer dumb though
Xxxxxxxxx (8:15:01 PM): it makes me so mad
Maf54 (8:15:04 PM): good
Maf54 (8:15:08 PM): haha
Maf54 (8:15:11 PM): why
Xxxxxxxxx (8:15:23 PM): cause she cant do anything
Maf54 (8:15:31 PM): oh well
Xxxxxxxxx (8:15:41 PM): she couldnt figure out how to download a file from an email and open it
Maf54 (8:15:53 PM): haha
Xxxxxxxxx (8:16:14 PM): and she only does it like a million times a day
Xxxxxxxxx (8:16:16 PM): oh well
Xxxxxxxxx (8:16:18 PM): whatever
Xxxxxxxxx (8:16:53 PM): well i better go finish my hw...i just found out from a friend that i have to finish reading and notating a book for AP english Maf54 signed off at 8:17:43 PM.


Maf54 (8:03:47 PM): what you wearing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:04 PM): normal clothes
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:09 PM): tshirt and shorts
Maf54 (8:04:58 PM): love to slip them off of you
Maf54 (7:53:45 PM): in your shorts and polo shirt?
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:06 PM): no athletic shorts and t shirt...had soccer practice today
Maf54 (7:54:15 PM): ummm nice
Maf54 (7:54:30 PM): jock strap too
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:41 PM): not iin soccer
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:42 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:09 PM): what do you wear then
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:20 PM): just our boxers and shorts
Maf54 (7:55:34 PM): good
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:37 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:42 PM): shows your package then
Xxxxxxxxxx (8:33:29 PM): ya slow things down a little im still under 18 dont want to do anything not 18 till feb 23
Maf54 (8:33:43 PM): i know..
Maf54 (8:33:50 PM): nothing will happen
Maf54 (8:34:04 PM): just dreaming
Maf54 (8:45:32 PM): your horny though
Xxxxxxxxx (8:45:39 PM): well ya a bit
Xxxxxxxxx (8:45:45 PM): but im still a virgin
Maf54 (6:26:40 PM): your in the boxers too
Xxxxxxxxx (6:26:47 PM): nope just got home
Maf54 (6:27:39 PM): well strip down and get relaxed
Florida Rep. Mark Foley (R)
Florida Rep. Mark Foley (R)

Read 'em out loud - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX 01.Oct.2006 13:58
Marleen link

It's regrettable the news media wont
on the boob tube.

The electorate would soon get a hint of some
the kinds of scum-bags that we've hired.

10/01/2006 10:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad some of you are so intellectually elite that you probably don't even watch movies.

Enjoy your life!

Look who's talking. That sounds elitist to me.

10/01/2006 10:33:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Hats off to Anonymous 8:48! That's the kind of free-wheeling free-thinking we need. Although you touched on many interesting points, I'll limit my comment to just a few. First, and maybe most valuable, is the depiction of the arrogance of the "scientific community" in rejecting out of hand anything that doesn't fit into a respected, traditional framework. The most delicious irony available is sitting among a group of pompous academics chuckling over the historicism of previous generations who presumed to know all there was to know. They giggle about phrenology and then turn around to flatulate about the "impossibility" of reviving the 19th century school of aetheric theory. No free energy here, boys & girls, because Newton saw through God's eye and the second law of thermodynamics is divinely inspired (nevermind that no one, including Tesla, ever claimed that this energy from 'the wheel which turns the universe' was 'created' ex nihilo.) Closed minds in a self-perpetuating system whose prime directive is the stifling of inquiry. All that's missing are the powdered wigs. What's more, they have legions of like-minded drones--professional debunkers, committed "rationalists," etc. Visit the forums at Steorn to see them in action.

10/01/2006 10:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

"The People-reading crowd, to the extent they matter at all, are born followers and will go along with whatever seems cool. We don't have to convince them of anything -- we just have to set a new style."

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."
Pete Townshend

10/01/2006 10:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This place is becoming awfully Dailykos-esque... too many ruling personalities, too much intellectual masturbation, too much out of hand disregard for statements that arent already accepted my the aforementioned personalities.

That's a shame.

Now comes the torrent of vitriolic and self-righteous comments responding to this one, calling me stupid, a "troll" or some other nonsense. Another Dailykos-esque phenomenon becoming more and more regular on the internets.

Jeff, I love your blog. I just think the comments (most of them) or rather, the commenters, are the internet version of the bloviating phonies we try to avoid at parties.

10/01/2006 11:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Richard. It seems I can't win. If I try to respond to shrub by saying it doesn't matter if a majority of people don't engage with ideas in a serious way, because they will follow whatever seems cool, I get you accusing me of being an authoritarian.

In fact, what I'm trying to suggest is the exact opposite of authoritarianism.

Here's the best I can explain it:

At some point, the question was raised among observers of chimpanzee behavior of how the troop knows when it is time to pick themselves up and leave the clearing where they've been contentedly munching on shoots and leaves in order to go to a different clearing and munch on different shoots and leaves.

The answer turned out to be that at some point, one of the higher-ranking chimps would decide to set off into the jungle, and the rest would follow them. If a lower ranking chimp tried the same ploy, nobody would follow -- and after a few moments, they'd glance around, realize how stupid they looked, and scamper back to rejoin the rest of the group.

In a lot of ways, us humans are no different. If a high-ranked human says "frog," most of the others jump. If the popular kids at school decide to institute some unlikely new fad, all the other kids will imitate it. And so on.

But every once in a while, there is a crack in this process. Something comes along that's so new, so cool, so different that it wins people over even though it's being put forward by nobodies.

That's how human culture manages to evolve so quickly compared to say, Neanderthals, who would keep making the exact same tool for 10,000 years just because it was what all the other Neanderthals were doing.

It may also be why we're comparatively so lightly-built and quick on our feet compared to Neanderthal -- because pure muscle and bravado were no longer the final determiners of all arguments.

Of course, after a bit the pretty people and the powermongers move in to take over whatever is cool and co-opt it for themselves. That's one reason that movements like the 60's tend to go sour -- they're no longer being led by the actual innovators, so the openings for innovation dry up.

But while the opening is there, it's there -- and that's where the evolutionary moments can happen.

Moreover, the determining factor is not on the level of intellectuality but on the level of coolness -- and that's something that even the natural followers can recognize and respond to.

All we have to do is start marching out of the clearing in the opposite direction from the rest of the troop -- and if we've accumulated enough mojo, we will be followed.

10/02/2006 12:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off,do y'all think that we could get a premature & bloviatingly avoidable chorus of "Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead" going?

I'm betting that the Dems move in on this Foley story with their characteristically ruthless & efficient investigatory skills &, in the end, the Republicans will still run everything.

In reading those banal & vapid sext messages linked to above, I will have to admit one thing, junior was a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay willing participant in Dr. Foley's Feelwood Emporium.
At 16, if some fruity little dweep like Foley started asking me about my mastubatory habits, I wouldn't have tittered seductively that's for goddamn sure.

Doesn't anyone get punched in the mouth anymore?

& please, don't even try to insist that this kid was Harry Helpless. At 16, this lacrosse playing teen could have beat the blue bejesus out of Tinkerbell Foley.

I'm beginning to think that the whole 'rebellious teen who sees through adult bullshit' is just another halfwit myth used to sell our kids overpriced butt ugly tennis shoes.

In reality, our kids are as utterly fucked up as we are. Vacillitating between blind & apathetic aquiessence & uncontrolled(?) demolitions like Columbine.

Ah! The joys of civilization. Sweet nectar of the damned. Just one big happy well adjusted family, we are, we are.

we're a happy family
we're a happy family
we're a happy family
me mom and daddy
we're a happy family
we're a happy family
we're a happy family
me mom and daddy

siting here in queens
eating refried beans
we're in all the magazines
gulpin' down thorazines
we ain't got no friends
our troubles never end
no christmas cards to send
daddy likes men

daddy's telling lies
baby's eating flies
mommy's on pills
baby's got the chills
i'm friends with the president
i'm friends with the pope
we're all making a fortune
selling daddy's dope

siting here in queens
eating refried beans
we're in all the magazines
gulpin' down thorazines
we ain't got no friends
our troubles never end
no christmas cards to send
daddy likes men

we're a happy family
we're a happy family
we're a happy family
me mom and daddy
Da Ramones

From Wayne Madsen (don't know how reliable ol' Wayne is though):

"According to individuals who investigated George W. Bush's stint in the 147th Fighter Group of the Texas Air National Guard (TANG), the GOP's top dirty tricksters, notably Karl Rove and Roger Stone, interceded to derail the investigation and, instead, have CBS focus on Bush's faxed, scanned, and Xeroxed original TANG records -- which were later hyped by the right-wing media as fakes.

The reason for the GOP's concern was that the investigation was getting dangerously close to exposing Bush's suspected homosexual activity with other members of his TANG unit. Given the times and culture of the early 1970s, investigators were surprised to discover Bush's frequent association with an abundant number of gays in the unit, which was nicknamed the "Champagne Unit." Bush's homosexuality is the bête noire of Bush's past for GOP political operatives, precisely because of the anti-gay stance of the Republican right and its Christian fundamentalist base.

In 1976, the Bush family sent George W. Bush to El Paso's Worthy Creations, a Christian gay conversion center. From that time on, Bush became a tool of the Christian right and a self-hating homosexual. The investigation of Bush's gay activities in the TANG unit would have unraveled Bush's new "straight" persona. The GOP went to battle stations to prevent Bush's past from being resurrected.

Bush's alleged homosexuality in college was hinted at in Kitty Kelley's massive biography of the Bush family, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, which was released at about the same time as CBS 60 Minutes was investigating Bush's National Guard stint. In the case of Kelley's book and the gay charge, the criticism came not from the GOP operatives but from their allies in the corporate media, including the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, who is married to a GOP operative. While Bush attended all-boys Andover prep school (nicknamed "bend over"), Bush, not able to make it as an athlete, instead became a male cheerleader. At Yale, Bush, according to Kelley, had a "special relationship" (i.e., gay relationship) with Victor Ashe, his room mate and fellow cheerleader. Ashe, a former Mayor of Knoxville, is now Bush's ambassador to Poland. At the Delta Kappa Epsilon frat house, Bush became known as "a jock sniffer."


"In addition, WMR has learned of possible connections between GOP lawmakers and former school teacher John Mark Karr, who was arrested in Thailand and deported to the United States after he claimed, falsely, that he killed six-year old Jon Benet Ramsey at her Boulder, Colorado home in 1996. After Boulder prosecutors declined to prosecute Karr for JonBenet's death, he was transferred to Sonoma County, California to face misdemeanor child pornography charges. However, U.S. intelligence source report to WMR that the high degree of interest shown by U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. intelligence officials in Karr -- including having one CIA officer in Bangkok intercede, along with DHS Bangkok attache Ann Hurst, with Thai law enforcement authorities after Karr's arrest -- was due to Karr's knowledge of the involvement of top U.S. government officials in a major pedophilia ring."


"October 2, 2006 -- EARLY EDITION. SPECIAL REPORT. Informed congressional sources have reported to WMR that the number of sexually salacious e-mails and instant messages sent from disgraced former GOP Representative Mark Foley of Florida to underage male pages number as many as 500. Moreover, WMR sources on the Hill report that the GOP leadership knew of Foley's improper communications with the pages "for years" and not months as has been reported by the mainstream media. In addition, Foley allegedly sent sexually-explicit messages to both former and current congressional pages.

It is also uncertain what evidence may have been tampered with before the recent calls by the House GOP leadership for a federal law enforcement investigation. Since Foley's abrupt resignation, his House office, computer, and files have been under the control of the House Clerk's Office, a GOP political patronage position. Only late Sunday, did the US Capitol Police moved in to secure Foley's office from the House Clerk. In fact, the House Clerk is also a member of the House Page Board, which was supposedly aware of Foley's page issue for at least the past 11 months. The involvement of the Capitol Police is also problematic since the House Sergeant-at-Arms, a majority party political patronage position responsible (along with the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms and Capitol Architect) for the Capitol Police as a member of the Capitol Police Board, is also a member of the House Page Board. The House Page Board consists of two Members from the Majority party selected by the Speaker, one Member from the Minority party selected by the Minority Leader, the Clerk of the House and the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House. The sole Democratic member of the Page Board, Rep. Dale Kildee of Michigan, said the first he heard about the Foley matter was last week when the news hit the media. However, the GOP House leadership is insisting that the matter was brought before the House Page Board and resolved to their satisfaction. The House GOP leadership that now stands accused of covering up the scandal includes the GOP members of the House Page Board, Representatives John Shimkus of Illinois and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; House Speaker Dennis Hastert; Majority Leader John Boehner; Majority Whip Roy Blunt; and Republican Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Tom Reynolds, who reportedly received $100,000 from Foley campaign coffers after he was first informed of the allegations against the Florida Republican.

WMR has also learned that Foley was responsible for earmarking tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for special projects having little or nothing to with missing and exploited children to political allies under the cover of providing assistance for abused or kidnapped youngsters and teens. In addition, Foley was privy to confidential U.S. government law enforcement information on the international trafficking and exploitation of children -- information that may have been misused by Foley and other influential Republican political leaders involved in the brewing scandal.

The consensus of Washington insiders is that the Foley scandal is merely the "tip of the iceberg" and when all the facts become known there will be a political tsunami that could wash away as many as 60 to 70 incumbent Republicans in the House. There is also evidence that the scandal may soon spill over into the ranks of the Republicans in the Senate (particularly the Senate office of embattled Virginia Senator George Allen) [note: the Senate Page program is overseen by the political patronage Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office, not a member oversight board such as that which exists in the House], the White House, and the Republican National Committee."

10/02/2006 01:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey starroute, relax.

My fav. chimp experiment involves 5 monkeys, a ladder, a banana dangling on a string & a fire hose that jets ice cold water.

Monkeys get hungry.
One monkey starts to climb ladder to get banana.
Other monkeys are blasted with ice cold water.
They freak causing climbing monkey to come down.

Repeat sequence until monkeys beat the shit out of climbing monkey even though no water is actually used.

Then replace monkeys, one at a time, until you get a room full of monkeys who beat the shit out of the climbing monkey even though none of the attacking monkeys have ever actually been dowsed with ice cold water.

What does any of it mean?

Beats the fuck out of me.

Just the fact that some over-educated windbag actually thought this trip to Jackass for primates-ville up in his effort to 'decode reality' is equal parts gut-bustingly hilarious & creepy as fucking hell.

You can play optimist all you want. In fact, I really really really goddamn hope that you're right.

I just doubt it, that's all.

I think that the 'problem' is so deep inside us that the cure would kill us.

Cheap line I know, but no less descriptive of how I feel.

10/02/2006 01:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anony 8:48, you bloviater: It wasn't a railroad tie OR a "blasting cap". It was a railroad spike. And it, along with my skull with its holes with healed edges are both in the Fogg Museum at Harvard. I ought to know.

To Tired of Morons, you must be mighty damn fatigued hanging around yourself all the time. You create a "Limbaugh" strawman as if your bullshit phony left/right dichotomy and anything to do with anything that was written about here whatsoever. Take your insults and shove 'em. Ooh....was that an insult, too? Sorry. Don't want to be like you.

To Richard, I think your belittling of the Foley [Did you mean Democrat Thos. Foley (retired) or Republican Mar Foley (just resigned)?] pederasty targets whom you called "Jr." as "more than willing" is really quite a statement. Given we are talking about 16 year old high school students and a 54 year old congressmen? Isn't there a bit of a power differential there? Are you some kind of NAMBLA nut?

If I sent my high school aged son to work in the US Congress for a term, I certainly wouldn't expect one of our "elected representatives" (sic) to be hitting on him sexually. (Actually I would, that's why I wouldn't allow any child of mine near their slimy clutches, because I wouldn't trust the congress shall we say DON'T trust the congress AT ALL, for anything, no less looking out for my kid). Not when they bring us torture on a platter, Iraq, loss of the 1st, 4th, and 6th amendments of the bill of rights, ad nauseum.

Some parents are more naive than that. So are a whole heck of a lot of 16 year olds in this country. Not all of them are sexually active, or sophisticated, and not all are likely to be able to fend off such an asshole as Foley.

10/02/2006 02:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Fintan has an excellent take on the Foley scenario. Btw, Jeff, I'm sorry Fintan put you on his CIA fakes list. Here's his Foley post:

10/02/2006 03:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...due to Karr's knowledge of the involvement of top U.S. government officials in a major pedophilia ring."

Wonder if this is a family relation. There is a Mr. Karr involved in very strange double/triple agent things that was hired as a private spy by CEO Armand Hammer in his international Occidental Petroleum dealings.

10/02/2006 05:34:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Anon 8:48

Your writing is strong and insightful.

Like, [Instead, I suggest you should instead seek out dissonance for its accommodation effects.]Poor sentence construction, but hey that is a small thing given the useful substance of your sentiment.

It made me think about embracing insecurity because that is more respectful of and keeps one open to reality.

We all need to have our pretences challenged, only then can we see how well they might stand up.

Stick around; your voice seems quite useful for a blog such as this.

10/02/2006 06:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"To anony 8:48, you bloviater: It wasn't a railroad tie OR a "blasting cap". It was a railroad spike. And it, along with my skull with its holes with healed edges are both in the Fogg Museum at Harvard. I ought to know."

You're right. You never were the same. Didn't know what hit you:

long iron spike called a `tamping iron'....

Vermont History: Phineas Gage's Tamping Iron

TAMPING IRON: a crowbar-like tool used to compact an explosive charge into the bottom of a bore hole. 3 feet 7 inches in length; 1-1/4 inches in diameter at one end tapering over a distance of about 1 foot to a diameter of 1/4 inch at the other end; and weighing 13-1/2 pounds.
... More information about Phineas Gage is contained in the following publications: ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

Phineas Gage Information
No studies of Phineas Gage's brain were made post mortem. Late in 1867 his body was exhumed, and his skull and the tamping iron sent to Dr. Harlow, ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

No offense, Gage. None taken. It was quite a blow you got, and it made you really ornery on petty things they say for the rest of your life.

picture and history of different theorists fighting over your skull and what it meant to them, refresh yourself:

Alas, poor Phineas, we knew ye not... (hopefully somebody will get that and smile)..

The Vermont link has a summary of the strange history of using Gage as a prop to defend or support any argument started the moment it happened. Read that Vermont page on that. You'll be surprised what Gage was used for and against, he was even cited as "proof" against localization of things in the brain, as well as proof against phrenology--which had lots of commonalities with each other.

Besides, there's lots of other examples of people who have suffered extreme brain trauma, strange syndromes, or brain operations, and their mental locations in the brain 'reorganized' to adapt without change to their personality--leaving modern day medieval doctors angry their theories were crashed once more...I think years ago on a Nova PBS show, there was one case of a woman(?) who had such enlarged brain ventricles that these holes where the cerebrospinal fluid moved through were taking up more space than the brain matter. Doctors were convinced that she would probabaly die of the ailment or become a mental vegetable. However, the doctors were flabbergasted to find that when bringing her back for more scans later, her brain read through MRI scans had reapportioned and reorganized the way it processed things to adapt to the condition, despite her 'brain' being most a very thin amount of tissue arranged around her skull like a balloon skin.

That she was fine, with more of her brain missing than Phineas Gage of course, puzzled them.

It should puzzle you.

(Nothing related to the above--why assume brains are the operative factor, instead of merely a receptor of sorts, where nothing is stored, only accessed, or a (transdimensional?) interface, or a TV-like thing for receiving holographic information outside the body and viewing it in translation on the brain TV? And drugs overdoses of DMT or mescaline turn on channels just as real though rarely watched? I think Jeff got into this somewhere about wavelengths and holograms. Brain as a TV turned inward? Or even brain as 'internet modem' logging onto the wider Akashic field internet sort of thing?)

There's still a lot to learn, Gage ol boy. I encourage you to find joy in discovery of nuances or exceptions instead of anguish. That is the way to learn learn by testing theories instead of acting like a Dominican friar with a one true belief in one hand and a torture whip in the other. The death of a flatly and demonstratably wrong or oversimplified theory should be celebrated instead of mourned--like a hurdle thankfully crossed.

I look forward to the day when people suddenly look around and see that separate 'departments' for sociology, biology, or physcial sciences is a poor organization of knowledge. It's a trap. It's a dead end. Better would be each of these three methods to be accored equal place in any phenomenon, instead of ever finding a 'pure biologcial topic' or a 'pure sociological' topic, or pure physical science topic, etc. Those are methods, instead of topics, and all these methods are equally reductionist lobotomies for those who adopt them regardless of the discipline. The question should be raised that entering higher education should not be a form of self-lobotamy of "which style of lobotomy do I choose?" The question should be "why is a lobotamy required at all?" I'll venture a guess: because there is political power in keeping knowledge divided, where it is only assembled by the administrative groups who hire multiple specialists to make the decisions from their technical staff. If you let someone know a little bit about sociology, biology, and physical science together they just might get it into their heads to question their subordinate position in education or the direction of policy.

And the idiotic Republican pedophilic 'ancien regime' would be done for. For that is what it looks like to me, a GOP 'ancien regime' with its DEM white shadow.

"Suppose all these problems were overcome we would still not be able to learn much more from Gage's case that that the massive injury to his brain caused a massive change in his behaviour. Some 150 years after the accident we know almost no more about Phineas' pre- and post-accident behaviour than Harlow told us in 1868 and that is too little from which to infer any detail about the relation between brain and behaviour. Phineas Gage's case is important for what it pointed to, rather than what we can learn in any detail from it about the relation between brain and behaviour."

"There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and citing Phineas Gage as proof of something." --Benjamin Disraeli (what he should have said)

The _History of the Modern Fact is still waiting for you.

10/02/2006 07:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The October Surpise is scheduled for the end of this week.

There are atypically high numbers of put options placed for a 6 Oct expiration. Something is coming...

10/02/2006 09:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Isn't there a bit of a power differential there? Are you some kind of NAMBLA nut? "

Such incite.

NAMBLA? Shit, I thought that I was CIA. Oh well, one acronym is as good as another, I suppose.

Actually I just know what buttons to press to make the RI vigorous typing squad get all huffy. Y'all are so cute when you display your tail feathers.

"Given we are talking about 16 year old high school students and a 54 year old congressmen? Isn't there a bit of a power differential there?"

Power differential?

Yeah, there is. A 16 year old athlete would have no problem beating the living shit out of some pencil pushing paper shuffling deskbound weasel like Foley.

Oh, I forgot. We live in 21st century America where young boys are feminized into wimpy compliance.

It happened to me at 15 skippy-do. & the guy was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more scary then fruity little Foley & I busted the motherfucker's nose. Felt good too.


End of problem.

Maybe, instead of deballing our male children we should be teaching them the proper uses for a fist or a baseball bat.

Gee, as far as power goes, what the fuck would possess a parent to send their kids off to Washington anyway. Oooooh! Maybe they enjoy the power by proxy that's conferred on them by having their little dickins off in Washington with a (gasp) Senator. The vicarious rush that seems to possess every dead inside adult that thinks their kids accomplishments somehow magically reflect on them.

Maybe they tell junior over & over & over..."Don't fuck this up now son. Whatever Senator Blowhard wants you give him son.
Your future depends on it."

What they really mean, as they whore out their kid to power, is "Don't make us look bad junior. We get all orgasmic every time we get to babble on about our son the Senate pageboy & we wouldn't want you fucking up our newfound status in the neighborhood pecking order."

"Not all of them are sexually active, or sophisticated, and not all are likely to be able to fend off such an asshole as Foley."

Oh yeah, this exchange shows how unsophisticated & unsexually active this kid was. Give me a fucking break. I personally like the ending. No "fuck-off pervo" just a great big "slow things down a little."
Nice touch.

Maf54 (8:03:47 PM): what you wearing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:04 PM): normal clothes
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:09 PM): tshirt and shorts
Maf54 (8:04:58 PM): love to slip them off of you
Maf54 (7:53:45 PM): in your shorts and polo shirt?
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:06 PM): no athletic shorts and t shirt...had soccer practice today
Maf54 (7:54:15 PM): ummm nice
Maf54 (7:54:30 PM): jock strap too
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:41 PM): not iin soccer
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:54:42 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:09 PM): what do you wear then
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:20 PM): just our boxers and shorts
Maf54 (7:55:34 PM): good
Xxxxxxxxxx (7:55:37 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:55:42 PM): shows your package then
Xxxxxxxxxx (8:33:29 PM): ya slow things down a little im still under 18 dont want to do anything not 18 till feb 23
Maf54 (8:33:43 PM): i know.

Let the huffiness & tailfeather displaying begin.

10/02/2006 10:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the 'problem' is so deep inside us that the cure would kill us.

Cheap line I know, but no less descriptive of how I feel.

Exactly, Richard. This is the crux of my antagonism of IC and Starroute. I like them, and I respect their views, but I don't come here for a solution. I come here to express myself....because it is so fuckin difficult to do so in my ordinary life, outside of my home, without being taken away in the Paddy Wagon.

If there is an answer, or a solution, it has to be inwardly focused before it rebounds to the external. That's why I like what you and Jules have to say. It's pure, raw gut, conscience and heart, and I have no intentions of containing that, because to do so is to subjugate it and diffuse it.......or, better yet, to contain and misdirect it.

And another thing, how about some of you quit portending you are the Gatekeepers of Jeff's intentions. So many people here keep imploring Jeff to intervene and lay down the law.....and, as Billy Shears so appropriately asserts, that is so very DailyKos, and IMDB. The message you imply is "you're free to express your long as they don't contradict mine, or put a wrinkle in my agenda...or cause me discomfort, in any way." censorship. That's just one of many reasons I'm drawn to Jeff's Blog.

And, yeah, IC, you bet I have an Ego, just as surely as you do, and Starroute does....and dare I say, Jeff does. Is that a bad thing? Hell no, it's not a bad thing. It's who we's part of the fabric of our very being.

I will state it again, for the record, when I post a comment, it's how I feel at the's a stream of's a mental ejaculation. I don't stop to think about the structure. I don't worry unecessarily about containing my raw expression within a predefined framework.

I like it when Starroute tells us that her husband watches Law & Order, or how she appreciated the Colored People dressing nicely when they came to clean her family's apartment.

I like it when Richard tells us about his children....and the Retarded Adults with whom he works (aside from his colleagues). I like Jules' tales from the Outback. I can learn as much from that, in fact, probably more, then reducing the discussion to the confines of a theoretical text.

I know Phaedrus would agree.....and maybe Phaedrus is here.....I know he's within spirit. No structure.....just let it happen. Feel the polluted breeze blow accross the bow of your discontent....breath the shit-tainted air and embrace the murders that take place at your behest everyday......the murders of innocents abroad, at home and the environment, globally.

10/02/2006 10:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

October 6th.

10/02/2006 11:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a very vivid dream last night that Cheney was about to be assassinated. I was watching from the front of the crowd as he was led in a procession past us.......and I noted, where no one else did, that his SS Assignees had compeletely abandoned him, and he was fully vulnerable and unprotected. I began to tell people around me that they were going to assassinate him.....but everybody seemed not to hear me....or just dismissed me.

Very odd dream. I have never dreamt of Cheney prior to this. It was one of those frighteningly realistic dreams.....and, I actually had empathy for Cheney....and I didn't think I was capable of that.

It could have been the Orange Cake I had for dessert a couple of hours before I laid my head down for the night. It was to die wife really outdid she always does. We sat down with our cake to watch the 4d and 5th episodes of Season 1 of Deadwood, only to find Blockbuster incorrectly mailed the first two episodes, which we had already seen.....The Bastards!!Instead, we watched a special about China on A&E, or The History Channel...I can't remember wasn't half bad, actually.

Love you guys.

10/02/2006 11:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for this:

I'd like to speculate that it will be the fourth. That way we'll have 9/11 and 10/4.

Its a snappy and comfortable meme for many of us.

10/02/2006 11:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shrub said:
"I will state it again, for the record, when I post a comment, it's how I feel at the's a stream of's a mental ejaculation. I don't stop to think about the structure. I don't worry unecessarily about containing my raw expression within a predefined framework."

Thanks for saying it more politely than I could have Shrub.

I can't say that I'd find dreaming about Cheney particularly edifying but I'd take that over the series of recurring dreams that I've been having for the last week or so that have involved each of my kids being abducted.

Sick of waking up whimpering like a whipped dog.

The accompanying early morning headache is getting old also.

10/02/2006 11:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The accompanying early morning headache is getting old also.

Speaking of aches, Richard, how is the ache from the Root Canal coming along? Has it subsided?

I hear you about horrible dreams about your children. I've had several over the years, and the wailings are viciously permeating.

10/02/2006 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

"It could have been the Orange Cake .."

That combined with the meds,Shrub.

I agree with Richard {gasp}:

Why an athlete couldn't kick the bastards balls in between texting his buds and answering the phone is beyond reasoning. I have a son his age and he's stronger than an ox. Most young people who have aspired to the position of a 'page' are not stupid, wouldn't be there if they were- and know when to show their hand and when to fold 'em. That's why they're into politics for Gods sake.
This guy was playing it for all it was worth, and might have had others keeping score, hence, when 'they' finally realized he was comprimised, the sacrafice.

10/02/2006 12:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shrub, the root canal pain is history. Currently going through the lovely capping procedure where the grinding down of the now dead teeth allowed me to relive the lovely smell of burning teeth.
I'd have to say that having a cute dentist doing the work sort of makes up for the general horror of it all.

& AJ said: "I agree with Richard(gasp)"

Can I just add a few extra gasps.

BTW, here's what child molestation looks like:

"(KDKA) ALIQUIPPA The search continues today for a man accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in Aliquippa.

Police say the girl had just left cheerleading practice when the suspect called her into an alley.

He then attacked her, according to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call Aliquippa Police immediately."

My buddy knows the girl & her family & the rapist. The rapist was a "friend" of the family wouldn't ya know.
The guy has currently dug himself a hole & buried himself in it.
For his sake he best stay there.
Should he surface he'll find himself in a world of hurt.
The girl's related to an Aliquippa police officer & kiddie raper's going to find himself "resisting arrest" even if he doesn't.

& finally, it looks like ignoring the modern world doesn't mean that the modern world will ignore you.

"NICKEL MINES, Pa. - A gunman killed "a number" of people at a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday in Pennsylvania's bucolic Lancaster County, state police said.

The shooter was among the dead, and a number of people were injured, said state police Cpl. Ralph Striebig.

"There are a number of people dead," Striebig said. "The exact number I do not know yet."

Police surrounded the one-room school late Monday morning, and the Lancaster County 911 Web site reported that dozens of emergency units were dispatched to a "medical emergency" at 10:45 a.m.

Two hours later, about three dozen people in traditional Amish clothing, hats and bonnets stood near the small school building speaking to one another, several young people and authorities. At least two ambulances had left the scene, and at least one person was taken on a stretcher to a medical helicopter.

Officials at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center confirmed that victims were being admitted there. A spokeswoman said the hospital anticipated more than one patient, but did not know how many."

10/02/2006 01:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

& one more thing before I veer off the info superhighway:

What ever happened to Liberalism anyway?

Liberals used to have huge balls.

They'd blow shit up...

They'd take a billyclub upside the head & come back swinging....

Now they're content with online Kos-like chat clubs where they whine & kvetch about how their leaders have deserted them.

Kind of damn sad actually.

10/02/2006 01:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That combined with the meds,Shrub.

So, let me see if I have this correct. You're implying that Shrubsy is insane? Have you no sense of irony and context, my dear sir? Are you that far gone that you cannot grasp that the majority of folks (Average Sheep) consider the material covered at this blog, and the ensuing discussions, Bat Shit Insane? If you are that far gone.....well, I'm wasting my breath...cuz I breath through my fingers when posting on-line, you know.

Do you often call inmates at a prison, degenerates...when you, in fact, are a prisoner yourself, and by default consider a degenerate by association?

Come on!! Think before you level an insult......and, in the least, be a bit more original. It's not as if we haven't heard that quip a gazillion times.

10/02/2006 02:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


War in Heaven introduces a completely new and revolutionary conception of the nature of spiritual reality. The material in it was dictated to me by automatic writing, but WiH contains more explicit, detailed spiritual information than most modern channeled books and it is much more militant and controversial in tone. Some readers of the pre-publication edition of War in Heaven were disturbed or frightened by it, and a few attacked the book as evil and satanic. However, a larger number of readers hailed it as a major breakthrough in cosmological theory.
War in Heaven is not a typical New Age channeled book, and I am not a typical New Ager, though I helped to found that movement in the Sixties and Seventies. I was raised as a traditional occultist, and my primary goal in life has always been to develop my skills as a psychic and magician. However, I also possess past-life memories that have caused me to develop into a very different kind of occultist from my relatives who were Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Spiritualists, or Theosophists.
I have been aware since 1946, when I was four years old, that my soul was deliberately sent to this planet by an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization to assist Earth people in dealing with a major crisis in their spiritual evolution. For this reason, I’ve studied UFOs and related subjects as seriously as I’ve studied psychic and spiritual phenomena, and the relationship between the two has always been obvious to me.
The same applies to conspiracy theories – I have known all my life that unseen forces really do manipulate the course of human history, and my response has not been fear or anger, but rather a desire to help any of these agencies whose ethical and political goals seem similar to mine. I’ve been a left-wing anarchist and a member of the counterculture since the late Fifties, and I’ve grown more politically and socially radical with age. In the late Sixties, my spirit guides suggested that I call myself a Spiritual Revolutionary, and I’ve been doing so ever since.
However, I didn’t become fully conscious of what the term meant until 1983, when I made a breakthrough in personal awareness about spiritual reality. In July of that year, after several years of intensive magical and intellectual preparation, I asked my spirit guides: “Tell me the Great Secret, the theory that explains the true nature of gods and human beings and the relationship between them.” The reply that I received by automatic writing didn’t surprise me, but I was absolutely astonished by it just the same. The spirits seemed to be trying to dictate a completely new and revolutionary cosmology: a view of spiritual reality with moral, social, and political implications that most people would consider literally unthinkable.
I eventually became able to record the messages in clear and explicit English. It took me over five years, and thousands of hours of grueling labor, to receive all the spirit-dictated information for War in Heaven and write it into a book. The review on the next page will give you an idea of what WiH is about and why I am advertising it as “The most controversial channeled book of the century.”

10/02/2006 02:47:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Jeff, I love your blog. I just think the comments (most of them) or rather, the commenters, are the internet version of the bloviating phonies we try to avoid at parties.

Grow up Billy...parties are for kids..

10/02/2006 02:54:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Very nicely put; our antagonism is certainly of the playful variety, since I feel as you do about the state of the world but suffer from a deep-rooted utopianism, so that I can't bring myself to ejaculate thusly. I think it's a result of my very odd medieval catholic upbringing (ever heard of the "Blue Army"?) merging into years, well, decades of psychedelic experience.

It's not that I can't be rude--I was very aggressive toward you recently--and it's not that I can't separate reality from the visions in my head; it's just that part of me, the most powerful thug hiding in my subconscious, refuses to believe that the walls separating the mundane from the hallucinatory are unbreachable. I resent reality too much not to want to do something about changing it.

I remember most of my friends quietly assuming the Buddha position for the duration of the trip, while I always wanted to run around in public conducting acid-tests on people who weren't tripping. As an example, just before I bailed out of high school, so I was maybe 16 at the time, I ate a large portion of some indelicate mushrooms and decided I needed to go to school dressed in Python (you know, Prof. Gumby--suspenders, rubber boots, 4-cornered twit hat, can of spam in hand) and then proceeded to yell at some poor lunch lady in the cafeteria that my brain hurt, which wasn't really quite accurate. I did track her down later, when the world came back, to apologize, but the whole thing seemed terribly important at the time. No idea why now, of course. Another time I talked my friends into setting up a booth at a shopping mall with a tape recorder playing the sounds of surreptitiously recorded conversations of broccoli, in order to test the public's reaction to the concept that vegetarianism was murder. Again, not sure why now, but the point is that those walls are not as thick as we've been told they are (no, not between sanity and my mental state, but between what is and what very well could be) and I'm still in the habit of pushing on them.

People like Jeff and Strassman only pour fuel on the fire when they describe sane people exploring these weird dimensions, so what is a guy like me supposed to do? Look at it from a rationalist's perspective--could all those millions of years of evolution really have as their cosmic purpose our end as Cheney-puppets? I know, "what purpose?" you say, but dammit, Jim, there has to be a reason for the toad sharing the same DMT structure with my brain, just like there has to be some purpose for our ability to create gods & demons, heavens & hells. And as long as we're doing the creating, why not choose the former over the latter? (That is heavens over hells--I'm not sure that the god & devil show has been all that constructive thus far...)

10/02/2006 03:00:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

You might look up the word foil aka foley and maybe you might think about the all night congressional meet with "new security legislation" then you might rethink Easter and payback and thanx for the distraction while Jeff champs at the bit for his next explovive foray into the nether world only to find out later that we have been had.

10/02/2006 03:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ufo's & DMT & Crowley, etc., etc. may be outre or eccentric but batshit crazy? Nah!

This is batshit crazy:

"NICKEL MINES, Pa. - A 32-year-old milk truck driver took about a dozen girls hostage in a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday, barricaded the doors with boards and shot several people, killing at least three of the girls and apparently himself, authorities said.

It was the nation's third deadly school shooting in less than a week, and similar to an attack just days earlier at school in Colorado.

Lancaster County Coroner G. Gary Kirchner initially said six people were killed, but later said he wasn't certain. Police said they found four people, including the gunman, dead when they got inside.

The gunman, identified as Charles Carl Roberts, had been in the school about 45 minutes before police got the call, State Police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said. Officers had to break windows to get into the school. By then, three young girls and the gunman were dead, he said.

Police said earlier the gunman sent the male students outside while keeping the girls in and blocking the doors.

It was the nation's third deadly school shooting in less than a week, and one of the deadliest in U.S. history.

"So far, six confirmed dead, and the helicopters are pulling into (Lancaster General Hospital) like crazy," Coroner G. Gary Kirchner had said earlier."

10/02/2006 03:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, that's insane, alright, Richard. To me, it looks like America's Version of Gladio when you consider the general trend.

Perhaps it has something to do with the cows getting their back kinda like the Chimp Story Mojo related a while back.

Instead of Su...Su...Sudio, it's Gla....Gla....Gladio.

10/02/2006 03:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shrub said -

I had a very vivid dream last night that Cheney was about to be assassinated. I was watching from the front of the crowd as he was led in a procession past us.......and I noted, where no one else did, that his SS Assignees had compeletely abandoned him, and he was fully vulnerable and unprotected.

Odd...I was thinking just earlier about Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, published in 2002, which in many ways comes uncomfortably close to our current painful situation. At the climax, the nasty, torturing despot is at a grand ball along with all the leaders of society when an assassin comes in, the guards having mysteriously gone missing. And the leaders of society politely step aside and take no notice while the assassin does his work.

Our world, of course, doesn't produce actual assassins on the order of Pratchett's Discworld -- but on a metaphorical level, those who have ceased to find the Bushites useful are quite capable of arranging for the hit and then stepping out of the way.

There are suggestions that's what's happening right now -- and your Cheney dream would seem to be a confirmation of it.

10/02/2006 03:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say this was unbelievable, but is anything unbelievable anymore?

I'd say this GOP strategy will never work, but this is America & I've come to believe she'll swallow any right wingnut whopper she's fed & smilingly ask for more.

I'm am betting that the Dems turn their rear-ends skyward for another good GOP ass reaming.

Time will tell, I suppose.....

From Salon:

"Who's to blame for the Mark Foley House page scandal?

Anyone and everyone -- except, that is, the Republican leadership in Congress.

That's the word this afternoon from House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who just said in a televised press conference that "someone" has known for years that Foley sent sexually explicit instant messages to underage pages, and that "the Ethics Committee, the Justice Department, the news media and anyone who can help should find out who."

Who it wasn't, Hastert says, was the House Republican leadership. Foley "duped" and "deceived" his colleagues, Hastert said. "He deceived me, too."

Hastert's effort to focus on the "who knew" question follows the script laid out for him by right-wing commentators and bloggers. While some on the right, like Richard Viguerie, have called for the resignation of any House leaders who knew of Foley's actions and did nothing to stop them, others have been quick to shift the blame to somebody -- anybody -- else. On his radio show this morning, Rush Limbaugh said it's all the liberals' fault. "In their hearts and minds and their crotches, they don't have any problem with what Foley did," Limbaugh said. "They've defended it over the years." Michelle Malkin said that the problem is too many impressionable kids in Washington. The short version of her thesis: "Go read the Starr Report, if you have the stomach for it." And in a sort of double-reverse wagging of the dog, Ann Althouse complains that "in the run-up to the election," we'll all be talking about "sex" rather than "Iraq and terrorism and detainees."

Others on the right are suggesting that liberals and their allies in the media have put pages in danger by holding on to the news about Foley until it could strike the most electoral damage. At the American Thinker Sunday, writer Clarice Feldman was among the first to suggest that the revelations about Foley are part of an "attack strategy" designed by "parties anxious to damage the GOP and swing the coming election" by discouraging turnout among evangelical Christians and other "values" voters.

Feldman's theory is based around the history of Stop Sex Predators, the tiny blog where Foley's creepy e-mail exchange with a 16-year-old page first appeared. "How likely is it that this site with virtually no readership, few posts and hardly any history or posts of interest suddenly receives this bombshell? I'd say slight. About as likely as Lucy Ramirez handing [Bill] Burkett Bush's [Texas Air National Guard] papers." At Red State, one poster went so far as to join Feldman in speculating -- based on virtually nothing, so far as we can tell -- that none other than Truthout's Jason Leopold was behind Stop Sex Predators and the plot to bring down the GOP. "Highly speculative, but it fits," Red State's Rick Moran declared.

Other right-wing bloggers are picking up on differences between reports from ABC and the New York Times about one former page's communications about Foley with a supervisor in the House clerk's office. (Did the supervisor warn pages not to be impressed by Foley's attention or did he just declare him "odd"? Was "odd" code for "gay"?) Still others have raised questions about the authenticity of the Foley e-mail messages, pointing to disparities between the e-mails as posted on Stop Sex Predators and those posted on the Web site of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW.

The inevitable explanation for everything? The Democrats and their supporters must be the real villains here. "What we know so far is that several principals, such as CREW, and ABC knowingly withheld information about Rep. Foley and had done so for many months, if not years before this story came to light," says Macranger at Macsmind.

Just one small problem here: In a statement released today, CREW says it alerted the FBI to the Foley e-mails on the same day it got them in July 2006. If members of the House leadership can claim to have done the same, we haven't heard them do so yet. After making a brief statement at his press conference this afternoon, Hastert walked away without taking any questions."

10/02/2006 06:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time reader here. First time posting. I intrude a few other places on the web as soulsurvivor, but generally, I'm more about seeking my own answers than about assisting others with their individual journey. Rather the same in real life, but online provides an outlet for what I refer to as inner self. Individual choice to read me or not. I like that choice.

In 1997, I spent April and part of May in the ICU unit at the hospital while awaiting decisions by the medical team to operate, or not. While there, I had more or less 18% heart function, was tied to a bed with hoses and monitors, limited to strict visitation, kept calm with drugs. I had the TV. I watched the food network 24/7 and imagined the hospital had chefs working solely to please my palate. I ate everything they served, so that daydreaming worked. I spent the rest of my time daydreaming myself into my own perfect reality. Very much needed to avoid the pain associated with the constant attention of medical staff. I finally received a triple bypass in May, later sent home. Medical specialists were astounded at my recovery. I returned to almost full heart function. When I went home, my new reality went with me. I started noticing right away that everything in this reality was changing to fit into my daydream reality. I was so grateful, thankful to be healthy and alive. Time had become meaningless in the hospital. This aspect of reality followed me home. I had no worries, no sadness, no guilt. I had an inner glow that showed on the outside. I felt it and saw it and so did everyone around me. People gravitated to be near me, to share in that glow. It sounds horribly self-centered, but it wasn't like that at all. My body felt light, without heaviness. I was perfect. There are no words available to accurately describe this that don't also imply intentional deceit.

It was a wonderful reality. No one I knew was sad, sick, or with death. It lasted 3 months. I was on the back patio lounge catching the last sun of the day when I knew they were there. I looked and saw the first float silently over my neighbor's roof, at a standstill, observing me. I telepathically told him that he couldn't touch me and I laughed out loud. There was no response. I attempted to read him telepathically. Cold, no emotion, not human but human-like, extremely high intelligence. And then he, in his black triangle craft, floated on to the south and was replaced with a 2nd craft and passenger like himself. Again, same telepathic moment, but this time I'm quickly blocked from reading anything further. He and his craft floated off in the same direction as the first.

That weekend, I began feeling not well, very tired. On that Monday, I had a pin stroke. I was later told that it had been near the pineal gland. It effectively ended my perfect reality.

I've never regained that reality. In the past ten years, I've tried. In the process, I've learned. I had another major heart attack in Nov. 2004 and met an important part of myself that I had never before seen - inner self - the eternal part that each human has. It's me and it's more than me, yet it will always be the individual "me". It's the part that has no limits, no boundaries, no sense of time. It's the part that will only leave this physical body when it decides to leave. Lessons learned are never forgotten. It's important to not intrude on another's inner self until asked. Inner self sees everything. Communication with inner self is difficult because of the different language. Everything seems to be reversed and backwards. Heartfelt love is the truest form of communication. The physical me doesn't always do a great job of interpreting the inner me, but it's a struggle I see in others. Not everyone knows they have an inner self. Few will trust inner self. Personally, I'm looking forward to the reality where all humanity have a close and ongoing relationship with their inner selves.

Only inner self has the rights to me. No one and nothing else does or ever will, no matter what happens. And especially not the human-like entities in the black spacecraft.

Jeff, I admire your column. You approach and ask questions that aren't asked. Over the years, you've provided information that I didn't know, and leads for my own inquiry. Thank you.

10/02/2006 06:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been so blinded, that i've forgotten what it was like to cry for the state of the world.

To really break down, to sob, to ache so deeply inside - not for you, but for everyone around you. For the people who are caught up in this silly game of power and politics - for those who are blind, and for those who can see, because neither is less painful than the other in their own different ways.

I think one of the worst things is watching the people you love - your family, your friends, even spouses...watching the effects of that Brain-sucking tube as the blindness overcomes them like a cancer. You watch and you get angry, and there's nothing you can do to make them see when they tell you that you're out of your mind, and that the internet is the devil and you can't believe anything on it, yet they'll believe everything they see on the news.

There's no use telling them that finding information on the information expressway is a much different process when you can pick and choose through what you decide to eventually take as Truth and what to take as Hoax, versus anything that comes out of the pixelated screen of control, something you can't converse with, something that's completely projected back at you.

Watch my eyes and close your mouth...

I feel surpressed as I watch that cretin rip arpart the constitution, his manical lips turning upwards in glee as he - as all of them - know they have our tails pinched beneath their boots. What can we do but sit back and fight like wild animals, with tooth and nail, as they point the gun at us and sneer. Do you what your told. Work your hands to the bones for our greater benefit. Be good little slaves, just like the others, who are gleeful in their ignorance.

Though we aren't just animals. We're intelligent beings. We see through the facade, and if we've gotten that far then that cannot be the end of it. I just cannot accept that.

But it's the cycle. There are so many layers, and when you start to peel them off, it's like peeling off flesh. And every layer bleeds - Gods, does it bleed. Pass the muscle mass and tendons and fat enzymes you finally hit the bone. The skeleton of it all. And when all the pretty layers are peeled away, the structure is somewhat terrifying, isn't it? The bones clanking in the night of walking corspses, the skeleton cardboard cutouts fashioned every Halloween, hanging on the entry glass of every other market shop.

All in all, at the source, it's the structure without color and it's very hollow when the marrow rots out. The structure is the game - the meaning of our moral lives in society.

And in it, we've all forgotten the true meaning of life. We've forgotten why we were born into this world - whether by a continuous reincarnation, or by a higher element of being, by a God, or even by the majestic and enigmatic workings of the universe. We lose ourself in the game and we forget.

It's not about the money. And it's not about the politics. And it's not about the killing, and the greed, and the loss of our rights, and our freedoms.

It's about us.

I suppose the question really comes down to what you are to yourself. This merely this life. It's not forever. I cherish my life in that I am alive, and that I am building up my own structure: that of my very soul, my very being.

I hate that I couldn't make a change. I wasn't allowed to vote on the clear-cutting, because of where I lived. But I would have, and I tried. I couldn't change the outcome of the election, couldn't stop the deaths and the process of this ugly game in it's murderous rampage. But I voted. I couldn't open the eyes of others - but I gave them information; they made the choice.

The skeleton is hollow, and it's despairing because it's symbolic of death. We might band together, and we might fight for our rights and our freedom and to take back what is rightfully ours, and not theirs. And we may very well lose. The feeling is dismal, it is the feeling of defeat. Yet to know we did something is the personal light that we create. To know we did something and that knowledge will be burned into the very essence in which is you.

This is not an excuse to halt progress. It's a fallback to remind yourself that even when it feels like it's all worth nothing, that there is definately something that's worth it: You.


10/02/2006 07:16:00 PM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Wow, great story.

Your way of speaking of the inner self seems to imply the existence of an autonomous I.

There is that (interesting) feeling in most people of wanting to live an authentic life.

Is the origin of the feeling from an essential I, or can the same feeling be produced by a larger (perhaps) morphogenetic field?

10/02/2006 07:16:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


interesting story! Could we encourage you to expand on that a little? Like-what sort of religious beliefs did you hold prior, during and after the events? What concepts did you form? Are you implying the aliens are 'evil'?

Shrub- get a life pal, I was just kidding. I've been here for years, don't post much as it seems to be taken over as such, and I-just -cant- seem -to post -original ideas anymore, must be the orange cake.
Ironically, I find myself much where you & Richard are.I don't come here to become one of the 10 top commentators, or to have an articulate pissing contest, but to learn and more importantly, to learn how to learn-from people who know how deep the shit is getting but still remember to laugh.

10/02/2006 09:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounder and AJ: I'm really struggling to answer your questions. First, I don't and can't have your answers, only mine. Second, to properly describe my answers would take at least a few pages. I have 56 years of personal experiences tied up in my search for answers. The questions each of you pose require a skill I don't have - brevity. But I'll try.

Sounder - The origin of I comes from within - inner self. Inner self became visible to me during my most recent heart episode. As the doctors were pulling the heart pump out of my pelvic artery and cutting the stitches that attached it to the skin on my upper legs, my inner self raised up out of me and cursed all of them for hurting me. I, the physical me, was lying there helpless watching as this darker shadow-like part of me set up in that hospital bed, pointed a finger at each of them, and told them all they were evil mf's for hurting me. And then inner self started us screaming at the top of our lungs. The doctors looked as though they had frozen in place. They shot some medicine in me and I was out for a few, but then the main doctor was in my face telling me that I should be on my knees and grateful to god that he (the doctor) would even put up with my ungrateful actions. He was shaking his finger and covering my half-dead face with his angry spit. My husband and son tried to keep updated with this doctor who had been lead on my case, but they told me later that they couldn't discuss anything with this doctor because he ran in the opposite direction everytime he saw them approaching. My husband and son fired him and got another doctor to take over. There were several doctors who made the sign of the cross everytime upon entering my hospital room after that.

I know what I know. But I can't make it anyone else's experience. I can share when asked, but I cannot offer answers for anyone else. My answers would never be exactly the same as yours. My reality is not what others are saying it is.

AJ - they're not aliens. I can't name them, but I do know they assume themselves to be controllers of this reality. I couldn't "see" their faces or form, but I knew their hearts were totally voided of love. My thought is that I stepped outside of this defined reality. My joy was that it took them a few months to discover I did. As I now look around, I see blind humans helping the controllers to track each of us, reduce our numbers to a more controlled level. It won't work. We each have inner self, the eternal.

10/03/2006 12:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shrub said...
"Yep, that's insane, alright, Richard. To me, it looks like America's Version of Gladio when you consider the general trend."

words taken out of my mouth, shrub. it reeks of gladio. might not be, might be a hell of a coincidence, that with every chicken little running around screaming, "october surprise! october surprise!" something like this keeps happening, over and over in schools over the last week, but maybe it isn't... it's too dark to see what this might really be.

and what is the foley story covering up? what evil thing just slipped in the back door as everyone runs out the front to get a glimpse of foley? i mean, the guy's been at it for months, years: why now? (shrug.) too dark to see.

i dreamt also shrub, the other night, except this one had the pope bending over a young man, dead, shot in front of him. he wasn't giving last rites or anything, just looking up at where i guess the shooters had been, sorta like they are doing in the famous MLK pic, pointing up while king is prostrate in front of them. benedict wasn't wearing white, though: he was in the black with scarlet piping cassock cardinals wear, very, very vivid. i never remember dreams, but i did this one. what does it mean? orange cake? or just too dark to see? dunno.

cail, that was amazing: while others snatch the words out of my mouth, you took them right out of my heart and soul--you wrote what i have felt for some time now as the darkness, hungry and tangible and impersonal and cold, deepens around us. i felt like goodman brown when i first arrived at RI and jeff took me on a walk into his woods. now i feel like gollum: warped and twisted by living in shadows for too long, by too much exposure to the ring, by too much of the 'nothing' peter, paul & mary sang about.

the others you write about, cail, always remind me that nothing. is. happening. every day is like the day before it. political scandals are part&partial to the whole. so is war. so is evil: they've always been with us, why am i fretting? i tell them about being in a hurricane: the calm in the eye means nothing when scenes from the apocalypse rage around you, even if the mayhem hasn't reached you. yet. it's like hitting black ice doing 70 and starting to spin: all you can think is, "shit. this is going to end badly..."

10/03/2006 01:13:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

I hold to the pretence that there is no autonomous I, that its appearance is an artifact of our psychical conditioning system. If true then the thing that motivates us towards ‘authentic’ expressions is a reflection of the eternal Self, manifesting the path for liberation from negative resonance entanglements. From my observation these negative entanglements result from memory, ego and a contrived inability to change the things that we resonate with.

We can and we will change.

10/03/2006 06:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


These dreams and a part fit this topic this week.

Yesterday I had a 4 year old part come forward and speak to my therapist. He said is name was Greg. He pointed out with pride that Greg was a good name because it both started and ended with the same letter.

Greg told my therapist that he had a very good dream over the weekend. He said when one of his favorite memories was when my family was in Miami at a beach one summer morning. He said the water was pushed way far out from where it usually was and this was the best time to walk and find shells and fun things.

Now to his dream, he was having this dream as opposed to me as the host having this dream. He said he was sitting in the surf of the ocean. He said the water then went way far out the way it did in that trip to Miami. He said it was like magic then in the dream. He said he would dig his entire arm deeply into the sand and then pull out treasures. One of the things he pulled out of the sand was a very old wrist watch that was in pristine condition. He then went on to pull out beautiful works of art. They were beautiful objects of beautiful colored glass. Despite being deep in the sand for a long time, they were all in tact and beautiful. Not of them were broken.

Then the dream ended. I was very happy in the dream. So that was the dream that Greg told my therapist yesterday.

Okay, now for brief snips from last nights dreams.

They were stressful dreams full of deep emotion. Two of the dreams were played back to back but they were different people in each dream. In the first dream, I could see myself. I was a young man who was average height and thin build. I was young like maybe 20 years old. I was on a grass field looking off into the distance. There was a battle going on. There was a war. The other side blasted us with something and the ground blasted around me and fumes came from the blast. I was the man. He was terrifed and said the words Mustard Gas. He then tried to pull the fabric from his shirt sleeves or collar to cover his mouth and nose. He tried to run back across the field away from the spreading gas. Others had already sought shelter in some shelter but there was no room for him. I think the fellow war guys had locked this man out. He had been the closest to the blast and was the last to reach the shelter area.

I felt horrible cramping in my legs below my knees. Then everything ended and I went into the next dream. I think he died.

The next dream I am a man a little older than the first dream. I am in another war. I am the copilot of a plane. To make a very long dream short, a single fighter plane was firing on our plane. There was just the two of us side by side in this plane. The pilot was killed with gunfire. I was the last to die. The plane we were flying was not a fighting plane like the plane that was firing on us. The plane crashed and I died in school yard. Or rather, that is where I died in that dream, but it was as if I died, but then climbed out of the wreckage and then looked at the plane I had been in and then saw the people walking up to the down plane to look at the death. Then, the scene changed and all of us were in dirty, battle uniforms. We were in a pretty very old church like from Europe olden times. They were giving us medals for being brave and dying in battle. AFter I got my medal with the other dead soldiers who all had different style uniforms, and then moved on out of that life.

Looking back, the part that is showing me these dreams is Greg, the four year old part who is pulling old lives up out of the sand.

That fits with what I posted a few days ago on this same thread about the parts and past lives.

Thought I would share briefly because it seems to fit this thread topic.


10/03/2006 10:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and what is the foley story covering up? what evil thing just slipped in the back door as everyone runs out the front to get a glimpse of foley? i mean, the guy's been at it for months, years: why now? (shrug.) too dark to see.

That is a very good question....and one, for which, I cannot conjure an answer.

I feel as though once I start discussing Foley, I step into "their" trap....because that's what "they" want...."they" want us to focus on Foley and The Shootings, and not the true substance which chuckles behind the curtain.

Wicked dream you had there abouyt the Pope. When you said The Pope was bending over a young man, imagine the first image that popped into my mind.

Maybe it wasn't Orange Cake, afterall, but Yellow Cake from Niger....meaing it is Depleted Uranium Poisoning.

Or, maybe it's this blog, in that it acts as a ladder into the Olympic-Sized Pool of High Weirdness. Once you immerse yourself, all sorts of strange shit starts to happen. It's like donning apair of 3-D Glasses.

10/03/2006 12:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but isn't the Foley thing distracting from the incredibly-alarming Detainee bill?

Yet another nail in freedom's coffin...

10/03/2006 12:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking that question Jon, the one shrub quoted.

Since Foley apparently did nothing to piss off his colleagues in the Party, it stands to reason that the outing was done by someone out of that loop. Perhaps we'll never know who exactly. As for a domino-like collapse including all the Members who have sexual skeletons hidden, I doubt it. Would love to see a fatal implosion in Congress, but a nice bright wildfire may be all we can expect.

10/03/2006 12:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it certainly appears to be a controlled distraction.....but, then again, what isn't when you're talking about a controlled press?

How about trying this on for size, though. Juxtapose the profile of the latest shooter....or shooters, with the cleverly, or not so cleverly, obfuscated Detainee Legislation? What do you get? Those not happy with their life, with God, with their Country are potential terrorists......and must be detained.

Preparing the collective mind for the detentions to come? It's not entirely it?

What does Hugh think?

It's like I said before, I hate it that the first, and last, time we may ever meet, in person, will be on our way to our first, and last, waterless this life, at least.

10/03/2006 12:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

reincarnation is a fascinating subject. some believe that a person can have more than one incarnation at the same time not just sequential incarnations as the full soul is an unlimited being. also interesting is two books by carol bowman on children's past lives. one is general covering reincarnation and the skillful use of past life therapy to heal phobias. this is simple usually consisting of reminding the child that this is a new life in a new body and that which happened before will not happen again. the other is about reincarnation within a family such as a grandmother returning as a grandchild. in both books the subjects all have spontanous recall of the previous life speaking up without encouragement in families that do not believe in reincarnation. usually this recall begins to fade as the child ages usually ending around 6 years of age.

10/04/2006 04:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11/19/2008 03:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this stuff.

11/24/2008 01:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn those evil conspirators for giving me eternal life! Damn them all!

1/21/2009 12:13:00 PM  
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