Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"When twilight dims the sky above"

Where it intersects the space at hand, this shaman with the hoops stands
Aligned like living magnetic needle between deep past and looming future - Bruce Cockburn

Since I began to regard "High Weirdness" and associated UFO phenomenon with new eyes - which means ever since I discovered Jacques Vallee, and digested the first volume of Richard Dolan's UFOs and the National Security State - I've wondered about Brazil.

Around the world, numinous moments of contact with an "alien Other" may provoke inspiration or dread, but almost never do they occasion the injury or death of the contactee. Bizarre entities may threaten, but there's also often an unaccountable futility to their threat. The Hopkinsville siege, for instance, which followed upon a UFO sighting, where clawed, bug-eyed creatures seemingly impervious to gunfire spent a night repeatedly approaching a farmhouse and terrifying the family within, yet were unable or unwilling to broach the feeble doors or windows. Donald Schrum's similar experience nine years later in California, though hounded by very different entities after witnessing an apparent UFO land nearby while on a hunting trip. Schrum spent a night in a tree fending off three strange, awkward figures by tearing off strips of his clothing, setting them on fire and throwing the smoking remnants down upon them. The "men in black," "phantom clowns" and "phantom social workers" which make great demonstrations of intimidation and menace while also showing an inability to make good on it. When injury does occur to a contactee, as it did to Betty Cash of the Cash-Landrum encounter, the injuries are usually incidental and not with intent.

Brazil is different. In Brazil, UFOs maim and kill with purpose and intelligence. Do you remember the "chupas," refrigerator-sized barrels or boxes skimming roofs and treetops, shooting concentrated beams of radiation at hunters and villagers? Vallee has traveled to the region and interviewed survivors and witnesses. One doctor he spoke to had seen no fewer than 35 patients, all telling the same story of being struck by beams of intense white light and exhibiting similar burns and symptoms of dizziness, headaches, numbness and anemia. Vallee writes in Confrontations that:

Nobody has ever ridiculed these people. Their intelligence has never been insulted by the pundits of the New York Times or the arbiters of rationalism of Le Monde. They speak in simple, direct ways about what they saw. The admit to being scared, and when they speak about illness and death it is in the same calm, even voice with which one speaks about the reality of all the mysteries around us.

In the same book Vallee tabulates claims of UFO-related deaths, and excluding those that can be deemed accidental, every individual fatality is Brazilian.

Former skeptic turned Ufologist Bob Pratt, who died a year ago today, spent the last 25 years of his life investigating the subject. His investigations often led him to Brazil. (Some of Pratt's original research may be read here). Brent Raynes records part of a conversation with Pratt in his book Visitors from Hidden Realms:

What intrigues me more than anything else is that some UFOs in Brazil have been very aggressive, perhaps even hostile. They have terrorized many people, they have injured more than just a few, and they have left others dying.

Nearly every case in my book UFO Danger Zone shows the harrowing effect an encounter can have in Brazil. They include injuries, deaths, levitations, attempted levitations, and people being zapped by beams of light from UFOs. And there is nearly always terror.... Sometimes people weren't safe even in their own homes because beams of light from UFOs would pierce tile roofs as if they didn't exist, and burn someone inside.

In 1981 Pratt saw the wounds of Claudiomira Rodrigues, who told him that three yers before she was awakened by a beam of light shining through her window. Raynes notes that "Outside she could see, from the chest up, what looked like a man in a diving suit, but his eyes seemed unusually small. She said he had an instrument that resembled a pistol. Aiming it in her direction it shot a beam three separate times.... [leaving] three small pinpoint scars in a triangular pattern on the upper right side of her chest."

So what are we witnessing here? Is the discrepancy between the manifestations of UFO phenomenon in Brazil and elsewhere a socio-cultural artifact, or could something else account for it? Answering that question may go some way towards answering the more fundamental questions about the nature of the phenomenon.

And here's something that may inform our inquiry:

What is the South Atlantic Anomaly?

The Earth is surrounded by a pair of concentric donut-shaped clouds called the Van Allen radiation belts which, like magnetic bottle, store and trap charged particles from the solar wind. They are aligned with the magnetic axis of the Earth, which is tilted by 11 degrees from the rotation axis of the Earth, and are not symmetrically placed with respect to the Earth's surface. Although the inner surface is 1200 - 1300 kilometers from the Earth's surface on one side of the Earth, on the other they dip down to 200 - 800 kilometers. Above South America, about 200 - 300 kilometers off the coast of Brazil, and extending over much of South America, the nearby portion of the Van Allen Belt forms what is called the South Atlantic Anomaly. Satellites and other spacecraft passing through this region of space actually enter the Van Allen radiation belt and are bombarded by protons exceeding energies of 10 million electron volts at a rate of 3000 'hits' per square centimeter per second. This can produce 'glitches' in astronomical data, problems with the operation of on-board electronic systems, and premature aging of computer, detector and other spacecraft components.

More here on the effects of the Anomaly:

Random glitches affect humans as well. Since the days of Apollo 11, astronauts in space have reported seeing random flashes of light—with their eyes closed. These flashes are believed to be caused by energetic particles striking sensitive areas of the retina. In a recent experiment, astronauts aboard the Mir wore detector helmets to help researchers correlate the number of reported flashes with the measured particle flux. If the flashes increased when Mir entered the South Atlantic Anomaly, then protons would be revealed as the likely cause; if not, then heavy ions (which appear in equal amounts inside and outside the proton belt) would be indicated. The frequency of the flashes increased in the Anomaly, but only slightly, suggesting that protons alone are not responsible, but neither are heavy ions.

So it seems that the South Atlantic Anomaly may well have a few more surprises in store.

Credible UFO reports frequently mention the demonstration of highly electro-magnetic properties. ("The radar displays went completely blank and the gyro was spinning very rapidly, as if a strong magnetic force was present," Raynes quotes retired Admiral Jorge Martinez, former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, regarding one instance in which he'd witnessed a UFO emerge from the ocean.) Could Brazil's anomalous UFO encounters be accounted for by the coincident anomaly in the Earth's geomagnetic field? Could the unique hostility they exhibit in the country be attributed to the relative concentration of radiation over the region? In which case, elsewhere, their aggression might somehow be held in check by more efficient geo-magnetism.

UFOs, we've noted previously, are also very common images to Amazonian ayahuasca ceremonies. Perhaps unsurprising, because we, as well, are electromagnetic; even biophotonic. So perhaps when we approach an answer to the UFO phenomenon, we'll approach an answer to that of our own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you maintaining, then, that the "alien encounters" in Brazil have been intended to be as harmless as in other areas, but that something about the atmosphere in that area causes their normally-safe radiation games to become mis-calibrated or magnified, causing unintended injury?

11/21/2006 08:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have observed and directly experienced electro-magnetic phenomena at stone alignments in the British Isles. It has been my opinion, since then, that reports of UFO's and encounters with aliens are the result of e-m fields disrupting brain waves and being translated into relative comprehension.

We can't verbalize what cannot be described by existing words. We cannot imagine without conforming experience to images we already possess. So our ancestors saw "wee folk" and modern humans see "little green men." They saw "wheels of fire" and we see "alien spacecraft." The nature of the phenomena has not changed, only our ways of describing it.

I think the ancient perception of this energy coming from earth spirits was more accurate than our current projection of invaders from outerspace. Both ancient and current attempts at comprehension are derived from a desire for order, for structured meaning. Unfortunately, I think e-m events are random, spontaneous and mindless. That is, no god/dess, space brother or other intelligence directs them. They simply occur and the human mind fills in the blanks.

11/21/2006 08:08:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

Are you maintaining, then, that the "alien encounters" in Brazil have been intended to be as harmless as in other areas...

No, my contention is the opposite. Though naturally that's highly speculative.

11/21/2006 08:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had an MRI scan last week, on a 3 Tesla unit, one of the new breed of high-strength clinical magnets. Interesting experience. While the pulse sequences were running, I experienced extremely vivid recall of remote events, conjuring up names I hadn't thought of in years, and was able to "see" rooms from my past with pellucid clarity. My eyes were closed, but instead of the normal rim of darkness that one usually gets with their eyes closed, I was seeing these things as though through a clear glass. The exam lasted around 30 minutes, long enough that I could marvel at the phenomenon, and have some fun with it, not too dissimilar from childhood occasions of lucid dreaming. I would "think" of an obscure event from my wayward youth, and would find myself glimpsing the scene with uncanny reality.

Afterwards, I noted this to the technologist, and he said that he'd had patients volunteer that they had composed songs and poems while in the device, with heightened powers of creativity.

It's as if the electromagnetic radiofrequency pulses excite neurons that normally lie dormant. Something like that occurs when we find ourselves in emotionally-charged states, in limbic overdrive (although rational thought tends to evaporate in those situations).

Perhaps the "aliens" get all limbic and aggressive when they pass through the Anomaly. Like being inside a Playstation 3, and they turn the exercise into a first person shooter vid.

Except I don't "believe" in aliens.

But I now believe in electromagnetic neural induction.

11/21/2006 08:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aha! so its the aliens who have been holding up the playstation 3!

11/21/2006 10:21:00 AM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

I think Jeff has, maybe unwittingly, answered his own question. First, by bringing in Jacques Vallee, who, in his forward to book the by Dolan that Jeff also mentions, describes two of the three (main) schools of thought on the UFO phenomenon:

Like the “missing mass” that astronomers are trying to locate in the far reaches of our universe, the UFO phenomenon rests on an ocean of dark matter, deep secrets, and forgotten wars fought only in shadows. Not all of it had to do with the kind of objects the American public imagines UFOs to be. Some of the warriors seem to have understood, early on, that if UFOs existed as a genuine new phenomenon of intelligent origin, this fact did not necessarily mean they were from outer space. And other warriors may have decided that the belief in the reality of UFOs could be twisted, exploited, and bent to obscure political ends. They may have planted false UFO stories to hide real experiments. They may have disguised helicopters as flying saucers, or lied to witnesses at sites where advanced prototypes had crashed, never to be divulged again. No wonder even White House officials get confused when they try, years later, to reassemble the facts.

So here you've got UFOs as aliens and UFOs as black ops projects masquerading as aliens. The third possibility is where the real trip begins. If you follow Vallee to Fusion Anomaly, you find the psychedelic origin of UFOs theory:

"I'm speaking specifically of the post-World War II spinning silver disc in the sky, and the accompanying myth of the pointed-eared, cat-eyed aliens. This myth has numerous variations, but it's clearly an idea complex emerging in the collective psyche. The question is, what is it? Is it prophecy? Is it a vision of the human future? What is it? The postmodern phase of UFO speculation recognizes that the UFO is no mere light seen in the sky, but that it is somehow mixed up with human psychology. Researchers have determined that people who have seen UFOs were in many cases thinking about something very odd and unusual immediately prior to the sighting. The UFO seemed to act as a kind of ideological catalyst for some purpose. Jacques Vallee was the first person to suggest what I would call the "cultural thermostat theory" of UFOs, in a book called _The Invisible College_. He proposed that the flying saucer is an object from the collective unconscious of the human race that appears in order to break the control of any set of ideas that are gaining dominance in their explanatory power at the expense of ethics. It is a confounding that enters history again and again whenever history builds to a certain kind of boil. "

What Vallee is suggesting here is something quite different from the "real or fake" debate that usually occupies UFO enthusiasts; here the little green men become projections from the Great Mind (of which we are but a "small part") who are "sent" here to help us break through the trap of history. For a further explanation of how that might work, FA takes us to Mr. McKenna, of course, explaining here his concept of "Archaic Revival":

"Following Freud comes Jung, who carries it a step further, introduces the notion of a race mind, racial consciousness, archetypes. Working in a slightly different area, people like Picasso journey to Africa and return to Paris with the masks of tribal peoples which then begin to feed into the theories of analytical and synthetic cubism. Simultaneously, the quantum physicists are announcing that the orderly billiard ball world of the Hamiltonian atom has to be replaced with wave mechanical functions of excruciating complexity, then you get, you know, in short order, I don't know, abstract expressionism, rock and roll, the outbreak of communal lifestyles of the 1960s -- you see, I think all of these cultural phenomena can be placed under the umbrella of what I call 'an archaic revival'. This is what house music is, this is what the psychedelic rebirth is, this is what the new cyber-tribalism is, and at the centre of this the sparkplug, the necessary element, the sine qua non, if you will, is the psychedelic experience, because it's not an ideology, it's not something that you get from Baba if you clean up around the ashram for a few years, it doesn't come to you from some beady-eyed roshi, rishi, geshe, or guru. It's a direct relationship between you and the plant, between you and nature, and when you open yourself up to this you discover that this is the secret that was lost and how they keep the lid on this I really haven't the faintest idea."

McKenna is not the only one to suggest that in addition to the political and economic conspiracies run by the power mad, there's also a spiritual conspiracy afoot, one which seeks to keep us from freeing ourselves from the first two traps through extra-perceptual means. (Soma, Jesus, Cannabis, and Religion--Criminalizing Jesus is a fairish example.) This is the very strangest part of all this, however. Just as with the UFO alternatives, we have to employ Wilson's Maybe Logic if we're to understand what the truth is. It could be that all three UFO theories are correct. When someone dismisses the psychedelic experience as a CIA plot to get young people to "drop out," the point is not that this wasn't true, but that other things were true as well! Witness Paul Krassner's take on the CIA/LSD meme:

"The CIA originally envisioned LSD as a means of control," says Krassner, "but millions of young people became explorers of their own inner space with it instead. Acid was serving as a vehicle to help deprogram themselves from a civilization of inhumane priorities. Rand Corporation researchers speculated that LSD might be an antidote to political activism, but the CIA's scenario backfired."

Using this multiple explanation of reality method, it's easy to see how contradictory "facts," even realities, can co-exist. I think that Jeff has been a proponent of Wilson's Maybe Logic for a long time (even though Wilson's OTO "affiliations" make him nervous), and this is what makes Jeff's blog so damned good: he's willing to look at all three sides of a coin. This is what draws us, the moths, to this weird flame. It's also what connects him, and us, to those weirdnesses about which he loves to write and we love to read. From the link to Jeff's earlier look at this stuff:

For more correspondence, let's return for a moment to ciphers. An interactive and multi-systemic Gematria can be found on this page. Words and numbers can be entered here to get an sense of their cryptic value according to the code of the English Qabala (though not necessarily the exact correspondences in The Book of Law). This isn't a particularly serious tool, in part because it's so easy to use, so it should probably carry the disclaimer "for entertainment purposes only." And yet "George Bush" = 137, which corresponds with "White House," "False Christs," "wealth magic" and "espionage." (And just because I could, I typed "Rigorous Intuition," generating a numerical value of 263. I was surprised to find its correspondences were overwhelmingly terms of communication, such as "a certified message," "and the truth came out," and "make the connection.")

We can take or leave this search for correspondences, and Western science has decided , in large part, to leave it. Radical connectivity just hasn't made sense to the rational mind. Though perhaps the better we understand our condition, it makes the best sense.

Talk about connections! This, in turn, brings us right back to Vallee:
UFO Researcher & Internet Catalyst Jacques Vallee Says Weblogs Will Save The Net

11/21/2006 11:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having done a fair amout of sporadic reading on these UFO subjects over the past couple of years, I can chime in with a few observations

It is understandable that many humans reject the notion that there are "other" beings in and out of our world, mostly because...we are in an established framework of mental & social habit that works to somebody's benefit, not necessarily our own. Look at the secrecy policy of the govt for example on this subject - it is kept secret primarily as a means of keeping the people ignorant and more easily controlled. Sound familiar?

Also, alien doesn't mean from outer space necessarily. There are many stories of a "base", a hole in a mountain in Argentina I think, where these beings enter and exit their lair under the Earth. Similarly, underground (miles down) tunnels were found by some spelunkers in Arkansas, which are glazed - bored with some kind of fast and large rock melter.

One more: I have lost the source, but in Australia a large tract is protected off-limits to the public, where it is reported that spacecraft land and depart; not airplanes as their flight behavior is alien to our Earthly physics.

Then there is Area 51 out in Utah?

So I conclude that collaboration is there between Earthlings and aliens, which leads me closer to an answer for that popular question, Who is controlling all these puppets? As long as we stay in the denial mode as a population, the answer won't be known, perhaps until it is too late to react to this invasion. True, the invasion has been with us for thousands of years in some form or another, but to me it appears to be approaching a zenith, a cracking point.

Maybe we'll be pleased with the results...but I kinda doubt it.

11/21/2006 11:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iridescent Cuttlefish -- thanks for the excellent post.

11/21/2006 01:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few observations -- being merely my own take on the complexities of the situation.

My working assumptions when it comes to UFO's is that (1) there are no aliens -- it's all a matter of interactions between electromagnetic (and particularly plasma) phenomena and the human mind and (2) the effect of these phenomena when encountered at close range is to induce a sort of waking dream, in which external events are both interpreted in light of and heavily overlaid by inner, symbolic archetypal materials.

I also assume, more tentatively, that there may be a genuine psychic component to these experiences -- to account for the people who go missing and turn up days later and miles away -- but that also would come out of this dream-level of the human mind.

In most cases, the triggering electromagnetic forces seem likely to be geological in nature, induced by stresses in the rock. However, I've also seen it suggested that there may be an astronomical component -- that ancient peoples were terrified of eclipses precisely because they disrupt the Van Allen belts and shower the earth with cosmic particles (is this really true?) and that structures like Stonehenge were constructed as eclipse predictors for this reason.

Second, though the phenomena might be called "mindless" in origin, it can hardly be "mindless" in its manifestation, interacting as it does with the human mind on its deepest and most potential-laden levels. In fact, I'm willing to suggest that it may have served and be serving as a major instigator of the evolution of consciousness -- shaking up normal thought patterns and allowing leaps in cognition and understanding to emerge.

Even beyond that, the phenomenon appears to be "mindful" on not only the individual but also the collective level. The human species does act and think collectively -- and the more intelligent we become, the more finely tuned our language and other tools of communication, the better we are at picking up subtle cues from one another and attuning our actions to the whole. The Internet is only the latest tool for manifesting the noosphere, with language itself having been the first and greatest.

However, the noosphere is not merely a collection of individuals, but seems to have its own consciousness which transcends the consciousness of any particular member. When it speaks to us, it does so in a unique voice that is fairly crude and primitive in some ways and very deep and subtle in other.

I read somewhere once (and would love to find it again) an analysis of 19th century spirit mediums which demonstrated quite effectively that whatever technique they used and whatever spirits they were nominally contacting, they all tended to offer the same philosophical message -- the brotherhood of man, the need for world peace, the fact that humans have a higher nature and destiny. That sort of stuff. The early "space brother" UFO contactees tended to say much the same.

My assumption is that this message does not emanate from some superior outside being, but is what the human species is desperately trying to tell itself at this urgent junction in history.

But there's more to it than that. If humanity as a whole has an inner consciousness, a higher nature, a collective entelechy seeking its own realization, then that inner spirit is what's running the show and not any one of us. But by "running the show," I don't mean giving rigid orders -- I mean something far more like the process of teaching bears to play basketball, involving delicate nudges and small rewards.

Here we humans are, running around the planet, doing all our usual stupid human tricks and causing untold amounts of trouble. But maybe 1% of the time, something we do serves to further that inner evolutionary imperative -- and then that behavior gets a nudge and a reward to make sure it will be repeated.

If that's true, then the question raised above about LSD has a simple, non-conspiratorial answer. Recognized by Albert Hoffman in a moment of strange, intuitive experimentation, then seized upon by the CIA, which could only perceive it as a potential tool of interrogation and mind control, LSD was finally conveyed in that manner to people in whose hands it became a means of opening up to higher possibilities.

Nudge, nudge, reward, reward.

11/21/2006 01:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connut says:
So will we become more vulnerable to these "aliens" since the e-m strength of the poles is diminishing as we near the flipping of the poles?
And, has anyone else read Michael Tsarion's hypothesis of the alien custodians who live beneath our planet and direct events between the tribes of mankind, their servants? We've been used and abused by aliens for millenia, according to his research. All interesting stuff as usual. Thanks, as always, for keeping up your rigorous intuition, Jeff. Cheers, Connut.

11/21/2006 01:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More strange symbolism in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut:

Take a look at the throne that the high priest is sitting on. Notice the doubleheaded eagle and the Sovereign orb?

The double-headed eagle is a sign of the Illuminati and the new world order. As is the sovereign orb.

It seems to me that Eyes Wide Shut is looking more like a modern adaptation of Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown...

11/21/2006 01:38:00 PM  
Blogger ELFIS said...

Jeff, as always we seem to be caught up in the same Gaian Mind / Zeitgeist.

First off ... as always I am a vehement Vallee fanatic. So I am familiar with the Chupas of his Brazil research.

Recently, our good friend Adam Gorightly launched his own BlogTalkRadio show featuring an amazing interview with Alexandra "Chica" Bruce. The show archive unfortunately did not record properly but you can find out about Gorightly's show here:


Anyway, besides her talk about Buddhist sex magick (with haunting similarity to all the horrid tales of sex abuse RI fans are familiar with) she revealed the origins of her own interest in the paranormal as stemming from a UFO event she witnessed in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Last week I watched a cable channel's show called BRAZIL'S ROSWELL and was surprised to discover that it was actually about the infamous Brazillian Chupa invasion you are talking about here, wherein Brazil's military investigated the attack wave and now many of those documents have been released. And just after the head of that military investigation went public, he "committed suicide".

The South American Anomaly is a great new angle of investigation for this localized UFO anomaly. Good job!

Finally, at first I thought your post's headline was referencing the latest headlines about NASA's desire to do what Mr. Burns of THE SIMPSONS infamy said ... "for eons mankind has yearned to block out the sun." Or words to that effect:

"NASA Plan To Block Out Sun"

Talk of manipulating Earth's climate
Old debate is renewed amid warming fears
By John Donnelly, Boston Globe Staff | November 18, 2006

WASHINGTON -- The idea seems like something out of a Superman comic: A machine or missile shoots tons of particles into the atmosphere that would block the sun's rays, cool down the overheated Earth, and reverse global warming.


11/21/2006 02:20:00 PM  
Blogger foist lastus said...

..."Don’t you think that this is an ingenious cover for a dope-dealing fertility cult dedicated to Satan?"...

..."that British Freemasonry reinvented itself in America “under the guise of benevolence” thus was born The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which led the South into the U.S. Civil War."...

from "Andrew Smith, a reader"...

11/21/2006 02:51:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"...at first I thought your post's headline was referencing the latest headlines about NASA's desire to do what Mr. Burns of THE SIMPSONS infamy said ...'for eons mankind has yearned to block out the sun.'"

That must be more of the Gaian Mind; I titled it before I read that article. It's a line from the old song "Brazil."

11/21/2006 04:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Brazil" makes me think of this film


which I thought was Chris Marker inspired but maybe that was "12 monkeys"?.

11/21/2006 06:17:00 PM  
Blogger smiths said...

call me crazy but,
doesnt the presence of a not-understood radiation/magnetism cloud over brazil and the stories of strange burning beams of light diminish the whole UFO alien story

11/21/2006 08:13:00 PM  
Blogger Wesley said...

This sounds promising. Now can we connect the Moonies and other elites' property dealings in Brazil?

11/21/2006 09:58:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

In the book Castastrophobia, by Barbara Clow, she downplays the 'earth astronaut' idea (aliens), but gives a large stand on 'intelligent' entities, very much inter-dimensional that are real and live.
The point being that there ARE life-intelligences and phenomena that goes beyond the King James Versions of demons and angels.
Or so I hope.
Starroute-are you saying we are the only game in town? No life out there?

Great post Jeff, one of my favorite subjects.The idea that there could be life, well advanced out there, and yet understanding the basic ideas of peace & harmony, just thrill me to no end.
Somehow the Biblical End Times scenario, just doesn't do it for me.

11/21/2006 10:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure there have been "warnings"
from other life forms regarding
our behavior towards the planet we
inhabit , and the gathering storm
that seems to be mostly of our own
creation.I have seen Nasa video of
Earth based "Rail Guns" shooting
at a cluster of silver discs.
The Rand Corp. produced a study
for the U.S. government that warned
against revealing the evidence
of E.T.'s and U.F.O's. But again
the question is.. Cui Bono? If we
learn the secrets of unlimited
"Free" energy doesn't that put
Exxon out of business. Nooo..
we certainly can't have that.
David Ray Griffin belives that
the ultimate goal of 9/11 was to
create a pretext for the complete
military control of our atmosphere.
In fact the Air Force Global Hawk
drone flew its first "Combat Ops"
mission over the U.S. two days ago. What is it that their trying to save us from again? Oh yeah, "aliens".

11/21/2006 11:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ -

No, I'm not saying there's no life out there. (Though I wondered if my phrasing might be misunderstood that way.) Just that if there is life out there, and if they manage to make it from wherever to Earth, they're not going to spend millenia lurking around in the shadows playing spook games.

The very trickster nature of the UFO-nauts suggests that they are manifestations of the hidden hemisphere of our own minds, playing games of hide-n-seek with the light side. They are creatures of dream and myth and not of ordinary reality.

11/22/2006 12:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any thoughts or speculations about this perhaps related "UFO" sighting? (Other stories of this event headlined the object explicitly as a "UFO".)

Missile-like metal tube is reported over Hilo Airport

HILO » The FBI and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating sightings of an object resembling a missile flying over the Hilo Airport area Tuesday morning, Hawaii County Civil Defense said.

Reports gave opposite descriptions of its direction and widely varying estimates of its size.

The largest estimate was about 12 feet long, and the smallest was one foot. One report said it was headed over the airport's main runway, but another said it was headed north from Hilo, away from the airport.

Civil Defense official Lanny Nakano said the federal agencies classified the sighting as unconfirmed. The FBI and TSA did not return requests for comment.

Nakano, reading from notes from another Civil Defense official, said it was seen at 10:18 a.m. headed away from the airport.

But an eyewitness, who asked that his name not be used, told the Star-Bulletin he saw it heading from the Civic Auditorium area to the Keaukaha area, which would take it over the main runway.

That witness saw a silver tube with no markings or fins, trailing "vapor" that quickly dispersed.

"The noise was super-loud," he said.

Police also interviewed about a half-dozen witnesses who saw or heard it, said police spokeswoman Chris Loos.

Loos and the nameless witness said there were plane flights before and after the object was sighted, but the object did not appear connected to their presence.

At Pohakuloa Training Area, 30 miles to the west, spokesman Bob McElroy said there were no military exercises using missiles.

I was very surprised to learn that this story made it into our local (Honolulu) daily newspaper (one of two in Honolulu). Also to consider, this UFO sighting happened just a few days following a nuclear exercise/drill staged by local civil defense and military personnel on O'ahu. (Hilo is on the "Big Island" of Hawai'i.) There were some alarms sounded and speculation on the 'net in early August 2006 that the pending exercise might be a cover for a false flag attack to create a "new Pearl Harbor" -- perhaps to create a pretext for an attack on Iran.

11/22/2006 12:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own a book called "UFOs and Abductions In Brazil" by Brazilian UFOlogist Irene Granchi which also describes some of the more hostile phenomena that Vallee investigated.

And it also includes some tales about "healings."

And I like Jeff's hypothesis about the Van Allen belt.

But I'd like to add another ingredient to the mix:

The Varginha incident was an incident in Brazil involving an alleged UFO crash and one or more surviving biological entities who were reported to have been captured and/or medically treated following the "crash."

During the course of the Varginha incident, children (among the first witnesses, parallel to many Virgin Mary encounters or apparitions such as LaSalette, Lourdes, Fatima & Medjugorje) reportedly attacked an "injured" entity, throwing stones and trying to kill it.

Later, according to one apocryphal report (and possibly disinfo story, considering the source -- Whitley Strieber and his highly suspect colleague Roger Leir), a physician who provided "medical attention" to one of the "injured entities" described a deathbed "telepathic conversation" he'd had with the "alien."

The entity (presumably fresh from being attacked by schoolchildren) reportedly told the physician how human beings seemed "divorced from their souls" and were a tragic story unfolding in the cosmos.

If the Varginha story (which extends beyond the disinfo-domain of Striebers and Leirs) has any validity, with or without the physician's anecdote, Brazil can be said to expand the spectrum of "high strangeness" beyond most locations on Earth -- expanding the spectrum of high strangeness in all directions: hazardous, healing, mystical, and even emotional.

11/22/2006 04:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. To "iridescent cuttlefish":

I thought Jeff was going in the same direction you describe as I first began reading his post.

My favorite Vallee book, if I could choose, is "Messengers of Deception," which (as you know, probably) warns in-depth about the "hijacking" and/or simulation of UFO (and other, including BVM) phenomena for political purposes.

11/22/2006 04:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's necessary to keep an open mind about this topic. There is no is harm in entertaining doubts but rigidly insiting such things simply cannot exist has far less grounds to commend it than it's opposite.

It is also a distinct discouragement to those who may have legitimate information about the subject to come forward with whatever they know for fear of being ridiculed. We are not going to get any answers one way or the other if that is our attitude.

Something is indeed "out there" and there is enough reliable testimony and even some physical evidence to suggest that a great many of these "unknowns" are by no means imaginary in any way.

Such things can be and are and we ourselves have shown a certain determination to get "out there" and travel the stars ourselves...hmmm?

Given a few hundred years I think it's entirely likely that we might travel in our own solar system with same amount of ease we presently fly around our own planet if we don't destroy ourselves first.

If aliens, humanoid or otherwise are visiting us, either from other planets or even from other dimensions we can can hardly expect them to think or act like us. In fact it we could be in very serious trouble if they did...hmmm?

An intelligent but completely "foreign" culture from a completely foreign planet could concievably be far further ahead of us technologically without necessarily being aware of much of the information we ourselves have accumulated. We may indeed be worthy of study from great many vantage points for such a culture just as I think you can appreciate they would be for us.

Now it is only in the last fifty years or so that we have ethically questioned how we should deal with any remaining humans who through centuries of isolation and the inaccessibility of where they live have been completelely "out of the loop" when it comes to our modern world.

Our arrogance and conciet over differences is destructive enough amongst ourselves without levelling it on any unsuspecting "natural" or "primitive" people. So there are very valid reasons to minimize any open contact or potential exposure to our technology as possible if we wish to seriously study and learn about them without wrecking their entire culture simply by our presence.

Our potential "visitors" may be no less pragmatic in their own approach nor necessarily view us as anything other than some excedingly primitive curiousity that might give them some insights into some forgotten past of their own.

The study of physics should tell you that "time" is relative to "place". The light from a distant star may take hundreds of years to finally strike the retinas of our eyes but to those photons travelling at the speed of light and making that contact NO TIME at all has elapsed since they left it.

Bearing that in mind and considering that even vaster distances may be involved "a study" or "experiment" could in fact be being conducted on us that might span many millenia from our perspective but that doesn't mean that those who might be conducting any such scientific expeditions from elsewhere are necessarily bound by that same time-frame.

I'm not suggesting that this is necessarily the case merely that we ourselves have enough scientific knowledge to find ways to theoretically exceed what we simplisticly consider possible.

We have theories regarding "hyperspace" and the potential to literally fold huge distances within it to bring two distant points into almost immediate cantact as well as evolving theories of time that may give it far more flexibility than we assume.

These are possiblities we cannot simply ignore, nor the fact that some civilization of some kind in the vastness of our universe hasn't already proven some of them ahead of us or possibly put them to use...hmmm?

11/22/2006 06:12:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

The pretences that shape my model;

Atoms are mostly space. There may be ‘particles’ that exist in that same space that do not interact because of different frequency characteristics. Some circumstances allow for frequency changes that modify the expression of local electrons. The facilitator is an as yet unrecognized carrier particle, made up of photons, without inertial or charge properties, that can ‘hide' or carry an electron within it.

All particles break apart and re-form in the span of a wavelength, and in the process there is opportunity to exchange electrons, photons and sub-photons both within and between atoms. This makes for potentials that we simply cannot see from a material reductionist viewpoint (that implicitly requires hard boundaries). Collectively then, Vallee’s third option makes sense as unconscious manifestations seem to be our only tool that will tell us how shallow and innadaquate our models are.

This model derives from and gives respect to Joseph Cater, from The Awsome Life Force.

11/22/2006 06:52:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

CAI chemical plant blown to smithereenss Boston..

Photons move in a straight line with no repeat no physical properties.

The universe moves and expands by way of a "torus".

Ley lines including those throughout the universe, are stress points where mass, matter, psychic space bleeds through dimensional (360) curvatures.


A few minutes of video with Bob Lazar and Arthur Young, the inventor of the stabilizer bar for helicopters and a professor should be in your repertoire.

As above, so below.

11/22/2006 10:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A link between the Van Allen Belt/South Atlantic Anomaly, UFOs/Aliens and Plastic Surgery/Self-Mutilation?


Rio de Janeiro - Miss Brazil Juliana Borges had plastic surgery four times and underwent 19 smaller procedures - one of many competitors determined to nip and tuck their way to beauty. "Plastic surgery made me more beautiful and gave me confidence in myself and the perfect measurements that won me this title," she said after being crowned this week.

Miss Borges, 22, had liposuction and fixed her chin, nose and ears and, of course, boosted her bust.

More and more, Brazil's would-be beauty queens are finding it easier to achieve the ideal measurements than a decade ago. These days, young hopefuls from the steamy Amazon jungle to corn-fed ranching towns in Brazil's south are scheduling surgery. A third of the 27 finalists at the pageant went under the scalpel after rules were changed in the 1990s allowing plastic surgery, coloured contact lenses, hair extensions and dye. "It's a war out there and all of the beauty tools that can be used are valid," said Boanerges Gaeta, organiser of the Miss Brazil pageant. "Other countries like Venezuela paved the way and Brazil is going to have to use those tools if it wants to compete in Miss Universe."

But Brazil's penchant for plastic is not confined to beauty pageants. A new obsession with cleavage, sparked by Brazil's buxom supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has helped make Brazil the capital of plastic surgery in per capita terms, last year surpassing the former champion, the United States. That's quite a feat for a country with one of the world's biggest gaps between rich and poor and where the minimum wage is 151 reais (NZ$173) a month.

Experts say the industry's success is due in part to the fact that plastic surgery is a status symbol. Unlike the US, Brazil's "siliconadas" proudly display their enhancements on magazine covers. Every week, Carnival queens, actresses and models show off new breasts and tummies. "Plastic surgery symbolises modernity, shows you have money to spend," US anthropologist Alex Edmonds said. "In Brazil, beauty is not something natural, it's something you have to work at."

Divorced from their souls? There may be something to that claim, afterall.

11/22/2006 10:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evolution? Shedding our old skins? Or, simply, self-loathing?

The majority of those acquiring piercings and tattooings were simply being fashionable rather than deliberately pursuing pain and the mortification of the flesh. Cutting, piercing and tattooing have quickly become commonplace and socially acceptable among constituencies of young women and gay men, even though they are recent additions to the repertoire of beauty practices. But some young people who are already self-mutilating in private are attracted to more than just multiple piercings. They graduate to the extreme forms of what are now called “body modification”.

Internet websites encourage practices such as tongue splitting, suspension from hooks in shoulder muscles, and castration. They show photos with fresh blood and are creating self-harming networks. Male pornophiles can pay to access the photos for the satisfaction of seeing girls being cut up.

One extreme product of this movement is the development of “body integrity identity disorder” (BIID) (previously called amputee identity disorder). Some of the psychiatrists and surgeons who have been involved in the creation of an industry of sex reassignment surgery are now working together to get BIID recognised in the US diagnostic and statistical manual. If they achieve this then in the future they may legally cut off the limbs of those who say that they have always felt uncomfortable with their body shape.

A Scottish surgeon has already cut legs off two healthy men. The Internet is enabling those experimenting with amputating parts of their bodies, such as fingers, and seeking to lose one or more limbs to grow in numbers and support each other’s self-harming behaviour.

11/22/2006 11:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Sounder...

In the pretenses that shape my own hypothetical model...

The discrete little bundles of energy that give rise to the very smallest particles are neither locked nor bound by any of the arrangements or formations that they appear to make.

They are quite simply attracted to certain specific key co-ordinate points and by converging on them and streaming through them from all directions give that point certain characteristics along with any apparent stability it seems to have in conjunction with other points being formed in the very same manner to create a basic framework.

In short they are causing those essentially invisible frameworks and layers of them to appear by energizing those elementary points in their structures.

The balance, juxtaposition, and levels of activity in both the points themselves and the frameworks in their various motions and movements is waht determines what we identify as charges from our perspective.

Those charges aren't a property of the energy bundles themselves merely a facet of their behavior in certain kind of arrangements.

I also think that it is not only unlikely but more or less nigh unto impossible for any of those energy bundles ever cross any single point more than once before heading off to find another new one otherwise things might simply come to a crashing halt or our living picture of the world might start to develop some nasty holes tears or ragged edges in it...hmmm? LOL

So we have wha we might call the universal law of "Been there - done that..." that causes the profound uniquenes that seems to permeate all of creation, even between the individual atoms of the very same substance.

The little bundles themselves despite their truly infinitely infinite numbers can only remain forever "discrete" despite their common characteristics for the same reason.

So "The Creative Endevour" of all that is, is exactly that from top to bottom or bottom to top, and it is important to start considering "things" in those more "eventfull" terms.

The more we try to nail things down or objectivise them, so to speak, the more elusive and unpredictable the basic behavior that actually causes such appearances to exist actually becomes for us.

Despite any relative stability in the appearances of any images we can identify there is absolutely none whatsoever in what actually composes them. There is only a detectable commonality of subject matter to the progession of equally constantly changing appearances we percieve that make up those images for us.

We are surfing "the wave" Sounder and there's no point in stubbornly clinging to the board. We won't get the full effect of this ride untill we can manage to "hang ten"! LOL

11/22/2006 12:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff wrote,

"Satellites and other spacecraft passing through this region of space actually enter the Van Allen radiation belt and are bombarded by protons exceeding energies of 10 million electron volts at a rate of 3000 'hits' per square centimeter per second. This can produce 'glitches' in astronomical data, problems with the operation of on-board electronic systems, and premature aging of computer, detector and other spacecraft components."

Not to mention what those
'proton energies' would do to a man, or some astronauts traveling to and returning from the moon, in 1969. Passing back and forth through those Van Allen radiation belts. Hmmm. I remember 1969. My big piece of technology then was a transistor radio. I've read that all those astronauts who reported seeing the white dots, etc. had just slightly entered the orbit of the radiation, not traveled through it. Watch and listen to the live interviews of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after their historic space flight. They don't remember seeing stars or any white dots, for that matter.


11/22/2006 01:17:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Since there seems to be some interest here in the Wilson Approach, let's take a look at what the original guerilla ontologist said on the subject in his Fortean Times interview with interview with James Nye from '91. This first part deals with abductions, etc, and even the ever-present Whitley Strieber:

The most adorable bum in the Galaxy?

: I have often wondered whether Whitley Strieber's insistence on calling them 'visitors' rather than 'aliens' might be because of the absurdity of the notion of aliens coming half-way across the universe simply to shove a probe up a horror writer's bottom . . . I mean, they're obviously quite a local phenomenon . . .

RAW: Maybe he's got the most adorable bum in the Galaxy, but somehow I doubt that. In the film of Communion there is a fascinating ending where he discusses the creatures as 'masks of god', and talks about the experience in terms of Chinese boxes. I suspect the 'boxes' or explanations, like sub-atomic 'particles', will go on forever, because our creative imagination has no limit.

Now, while Wilson and Nye are having great with the notion of super-intelligent beings crossing the infinite stellar seas in order to explore the dark caverns of Whitley Streiber's "most adorable bum," Wilson does manage to provide a serious explanation of the explanations when he points to their source: "our creative imagination (which) has no limit." This is the key to understanding why it's so difficult to encompass the truth of the UFO phenomenon; it's not just that there has been a massive campaign of dis- and misinformation (and the subsequent neuro-programming we unconsciously perform), but also, and more importantly, because we are so limited by our stunted imaginative faculty, despite its limitless potential.

How do we presume to intuit the minds of beings who are necessarily as far removed from us by their evolutionary progress as we are from the typical squirrel gathering his nuts and chattering with his mates? We are only very recently arrived at the point where space flight is even contemplatible, much less fully understood. As a matter of perspective on this, let's remember that Scientific American declared, with all its "authority," that heavier than air flight was impossible in 1905, two years after Kitty Hawk! I'm going to reprint here an excellent account of this chronic, and on a more sinister level, intentional inability to "see" what's out there, from our friend Wade Frazier:

Professor Henry Morton lived near Menlo Park, and could not be bothered to stretch his legs to go see for himself. Morton instead wrote that he protested "in behalf of true science." Morton wrote that Edison's experiments were "a conspicuous failure, trumpeted as a wonderful success. A fraud upon the public." Professor Du Moncel said, "One must have lost all recollection of American hoaxes to accept such claims. The Sorcerer of Menlo Park appears not to be acquainted with the subtleties of the electrical science. Mr. Edison takes us backwards." Edwin Weston, an expert in arc lighting, said that Edison's claims were "so manifestly absurd as to indicate a positive want of knowledge of the electric circuit and the principles governing the construction and operation of electrical machines." While the public was strolling under the radiance of the electrical lighting in Menlo Park, Sir William Preece, who had studied under Faraday, and was the chief engineer of Britain's Post Office, addressed the Royal Society in London, where he read a paper under the day’s murky gaslights. Preece said that Edison's electric lamp was "a completely idiotic idea."

Edison was probably the world's most famous scientist at the time, and he was publicly demonstrating something said to be "impossible." Not one scientist could be bothered to go to Menlo Park and see it for themselves. Human feeble-mindedness also applies to scientists, in spades. Scientists had abandoned one of their most sacred principles, the principle of observation. That is not an anomaly. Today, more than seventy years since Royal Rife invented his Universal Microscope, most scientists have not even heard of it, much less tried to reproduce it, so they can view life processes on a scale that is still impossible today with "modern" technology. Gaston Naessens is doing almost the very same thing today, and if his name comes up in scientific circles, it is treated with contempt. Instead of taking the time to look through that microscope themselves, or even buy one (they are cheap), Naessens is treated as if he has the plague, if he is acknowledged at all. The Catholic Inquisitors, who refused to look through Galileo's telescope to see the moons of Jupiter for themselves, have professional descendents that fill the ranks of today’s scientific establishment.

If the world’s most famous scientist was treated that insanely, imagine how two obscure bicycle mechanics were received when they achieved the "impossible" - heavier-than-air flight. Perhaps the most amazing sight of the entire Industrial Revolution was human flight, which the Wright brothers accomplished in December of 1903. Similar to electrical lighting, heavier-than-air flight had frustrated science. A few weeks before the Wright brothers first flew, Simon Newcomb, the professor of mathematics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University, published an article in The Independent that scientifically demonstrated that human-powered flight was "utterly impossible." In 1902, the chief engineer of the Navy, Rear-Admiral George Melville, wrote in the North American Review that attempting to fly was "absurd." Two months before the Wright brothers flew, Professor Samuel Langley tried flying a craft from a houseboat on the Potomac, and it plunged into the river. He tried it again nine days before the Wright Brothers flew, and his plane was destroyed.

The Wright brothers did not listen to the "experts" and flew at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. They returned to their bicycle shop in Dayton Ohio, and continued refining their airplanes. They wrote to newspapers and politicians, inviting them to come see human-powered flight, and even sent out pictures of their planes in flight. They were ignored. It did not stop them from continuing to work on their airplanes. They practiced their flying in a field owned by a Dayton bank president, and regularly flew their planes. A rail line ran next to the field. During one flight in 1905, the Wright brothers were flying when a passenger train was rolling past the field. The general manager of the rail line and his chief engineer were on the train, and the manager ordered the train stopped. They and the passengers stared in wide-eyed amazement at the sight of a man flying through the air. Many of those dazed witnesses wrote to the Dayton Daily News, and asked why they were not reading about those men flying over "Huffman Prairie."

Not only did the newspapers not send a reporter out to look at such a sight, but letters from people who had seen the Wright brothers in flight were burying them, and the papers complained about the volume of letters they were receiving. Two highways also bordered the field. All the while, the Wright brothers were mailing invitations across the country to media and others to see them fly, an effort that was generally futile. The local newspapers could not be bothered to send even one reporter to check out the story that was happening nearly in sight of the newspaper offices. The managing editor of the Dayton Daily News once spoke with Orville Wright, who told him that he flew for about five minutes that day. The editor did not believe him, and no story ever ran. Maybe if they flew a plane into the newspaper building, somebody might have come out to investigate.

In January 1905, more than a year after they first flew, science weighed in on the persistent reports that the Wright brothers were flying. Scientific American ran an article about the Wright brothers' flights. They implied the Wright brothers were hoaxers, and cited the primary reason for not believing the reports:

"If such sensational and tremendously important experiments are being conducted in a not very remote part of the country, on a subject in which almost everybody feels the most profound interest, is it possible to believe that the enterprising American reporter, who, it is well-known, comes down the chimney when the door is locked in his face - even if he has to scale a fifteen-story skyscraper to do so - would not have ascertained all about them and published the broadcast long ago?"

There it is, the myth of the vigilant, free press. The house organ of science stated its reason for not believing the Wright brothers and their claims of flight: because they had not read about it in the papers. It was not until September 1908, when President Roosevelt ordered tests at Fort Myer, Virginia, and the Wright brothers flew over the town for a week (after first flying over Paris, where they first found fame, because the French were far more receptive to the Wright brothers than Americans were), that the Wright brothers' flights were accepted. It could be denied no longer. Science was finally forced to accept it.[31] Even then, the Smithsonian Institution, which helped fund Langley’s failed experiments, clouded the issue for generations, trying to deny the Wright Brothers their rightful place as the fathers of powered flight.

I lived in Dayton, where Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is (it is built on Huffman Prairie), the biggest Air Force base in the world, and the source of legends such as the Blue Room and Hangar 18, where extraterrestrial craft and the remains of their hapless occupants were allegedly stored. The Air Force Museum is also there, in the town where the Wright brothers lived and whose feats were ignored for nearly five years. In the museum is exhibited the Wright brothers story and their early days, but the exhibit does not deal with the incredible denial that the American establishment engaged in for nearly five years after they first flew.

Einstein once observed that human stupidity is seemingly infinite. The danger is thinking that scientists possess less of it than the public at large, when sometimes they possess more.

Wade rails primarily against the active suppression of technology & news in general, but the willingness of the public to go along with this sort of mass deception is just as important as the evil intent of the suppressors. When honest, well-intended folks declare that extra-terrestrial visitation is "impossible" because we'd know it if they were here, or we'd see the energy signature of light-speed craft long before they arrived, or when scientists like Fermi announce that if there were life elsewhere in the universe, it would have shown up long ago, they presume to know far, far more than they really do. How can we, who were only a century age confident that airplanes were an impossibility make any definitive statements about technologies and beings so far beyond our ken that we can't even imagine them? It's ridiculous.

To finish my sermon on what we know we don't know, let's go back to the Wilson interview for a look at some very much related topics:

JN: What about apparent physical phenomena connected with visitation - radiation burns, spirit rappings? The Elizabethan magus John Dee reported strange knockings which proceeded his visitation by 'angels', and Strieber also alleges hearing knocking patterns . . .

Persinger has an explanation for much of the phenomenon -

but not quite all

: In my book The New Inquisition I describe Persinger's theory that there are transient energy fluctuations in the Earth's electromagnetic and gravitational fields which may account for poltergeist distrubances, cars stalling, televisions turning themselves on and off, ball lightning - a great deal of the UFO experience. Persinger also describes how this might affect the brain and create hallucinations. I think Persinger has an explanation for much of the phenomenon, but not quite all. We are surrounded by equipment whose effects on us are not fully known. One of Philip K. Dick's favourite themes was: How do we know that are brains aren't continually being altered, that the reality we experience isn't entirely programmed? The violence of Total Recall is not PhilDickian, but they really got the mood right in the scene where the hero is told what he is experiencing 'on Mars' is being done to him in a laboratory, on Earth.


: I once had a telepathic dream communication from Dick: "Experience of telepathy does not necessarily indicate psychosis"!

RAW: That sounds like Phil! Ray Nelson was going to collaborate with Phil on a novel when Phil died. Nelson then began having dreams in which Phil started dictating the plot - so he's working on it and going to publish it as a joint novel! [Ed. - This novel, called Virtual Zen, was eventually published as being solely by Nelson.] Another friend of Dick's is D. Scott Apel who co-edits my Trajectories newsletter. He's also working on a novel in dream collaboration with Dick. In the first dream, Phil told him that "the secret is in the centre of Disneyland". The curious thing is that another friend goes to Disneyland once a year, takes acid and talks to Mickey Mouse. Whoever is in the suit gives answers to this fellow's questions that seem profound enough to satisfy him. He is the only one I know whose god is visible, tangible and responsive.

JN: Dick thought at one time that he might have temporal lobe epilepsy - a type which might prompt visionary experiences. Strieber also tested (negatively) for TLE, and I understand it is one of the parts of the brain Persinger is interested in.

RAW: One of Phil's therapists suggested that sexual abuse by his grandfather might have been the root of his problems, so this ties Phil in with current theories of the abduction phenomenon. But Phil had a much more developed mind than some of these victims and drew a whole cosmology out of it - one of the most fascinating world views I've ever studied. I often think his ideas make more sense than Christianity or Hinduism, or atheism or Forteanism, and then I think "this is the ravings of a madman, how did I get sucked into this!" But then I read more, and start to wonder again . .

That's right, Bob, and so should we.

11/22/2006 03:02:00 PM  
Blogger Et in Arcadia ego said...

"Could the unique hostility they exhibit in the country be attributed to the relative concentration of radiation over the region? "

I read this as:

'Someone's' weapons exploit a natural local phenomenon and consequently work better there(as intended, in other words).

Sucks to be Brazillian, then, I guess..Slightly OT, but when I was in Puerto Rico in the early 90's, many, MANY people there were dead serious(and angry, especially farmers) about the Chupacabra and that thing didn't have to rely on ANY kind of exploitation OR hand-held weapon.

It simply fed.

Fuck Aliens.

11/22/2006 03:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sucks to be Brazillian, then, I guess.."

Sucks to be anywhere... as Connut said, Earth's magnetic field is weakening in preparation for a polar flip: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flipping_of_planetary_magnetic_poles

[i]A geomagnetic reversal is a change in the orientation of Earth's magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south become interchanged. These events, which typically last a few hundred to a few thousands years, often involve an extended decline in field strength followed by a rapid recovery after the new orientation has been established.

Over very long periods, geomagnetic reversals seems to have occurred with a frequency of 1 to 5 events per million years; however, this duration is highly variable. During some periods of geologic time (e.g. Cretaceous long normal), the Earth's magnetic field is observed to maintain a single orientation for tens of millions of years. Other events seem to have occurred very rapidly, with more than one reversal in 50,000 years. The last reversal was the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal approximately 780,000 years ago.[/i]


[i]At present, the overall geomagnetic field is becoming weaker at a rate which would, if it continues, cause the dipole field to temporarily collapse by 3000-4000 AD. (See: 1). [b]The South Atlantic Anomaly is believed by some to be a product of this.[/b] The present strong deterioration corresponds to a 10-15% decline over the last 150 years and has accelerated in the past several years; however, geomagnetic intensity has declined almost continuously from a maximum 35% above the modern value achieved approximately 2000 years ago. The rate of decrease and the current strength are within the normal range of variation, as shown by the record of past magnetic fields recorded in rocks.

One should note that no one knows if field decay will continue in the future. Since a magnetic field reversal has never been observed by humans and the mechanism of field generation is not well understood, it is difficult to say what the characteristics of the magnetic field might be leading up to such a reversal.Some speculate that a greatly diminished magnetic field during a reversal period will expose the surface of the earth to a substantial and potentially damaging increase in cosmic radiation.[/i]

For a look at a planet without a magnetic field, see Mars. I heard a theory that the lack of a magnetic field is what allowed Mars' atmosphere to be blown away by the encroaching solar wind. Certainly it wouldn't happen here in the meager period while the field is down, but... there would be other effects.

11/22/2006 04:54:00 PM  
Blogger Et in Arcadia ego said...

The cooling/solidifying of Mars' inner liquid is indeed what's blamed for it's extinguished Magnetsosphere.

I've read ours is cooling as well.

11/22/2006 05:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What worries me is the distinctly theatrical quality to so many of the encounters. This could be because reports are distorted due to the experiencer's need to narratize the event -- much the way people do when the write down their dreams. But there are also so many things that suggest the encounters are being staged.

My favorite example of this is the account of Joe Simonton, who was approached in 1961 by some ufonaughts for some water and rewarded by them with a gift of pancakes. And a chemical analysis confirmed that's what they were -- ordinary pancakes.

11/24/2006 07:13:00 PM  
Blogger the proprietor said...

Hey, speaking of evil clown reports, back in the '90s in black communities in Chicago there was an ongoing legend (so-called) of a man or men going around in a "Homey the Clown" outfit trying to lure children into a white van.

Maybe all these "man in a van" stories were real. Or maybe the stories themselves were psyops to induce widespread panic ...

11/25/2006 02:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came back to this one -- it's really one of the best and most original articles on an insanely good, original website. This is serious food for thought and I thank you mightily for unearthing it.

1/11/2007 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a decided tendency among those, even those most steeped in research, to reach singular notions of the possible. Why would any one interpretation, if conclusive, exclude others?
What, I think, we have most to learn from the flap that struck Colares and broader parts of Brazil
at the same time, is that those directing the enormous incidence of
anomaly were newly probing earth-based mankind. Perhaps so, in a more intrusive/obtrusive manner because of some degree of imperative. Perhaps time is running out, perhaps our own options are less to a vaster extent than realized.
The extent of injury and even death, as reported in some cases,
might infer a more severe and probitive need to determine something about us.
Some of the extrapolations here
remind me of the interesting constructs placed upon medaeval
models of our solar system, models
that were heavily convaluted with
labored compensation to reconcile
deviations flawed conception entered into the equation. The truth always comes to appear far more simple when the right openness
to observe possibility is observed.

1/27/2008 07:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. However, Mr. Mills, you spelled my father's name wrong. It is "Shrum" without the 'c'. I know that a number of sites have it spelled incorrectly as well, but I am trying my best to have them change it. It is, after all, my dad's story, and seems to be a bit of a slap in the face to not even get his name correct.

3/11/2008 12:40:00 PM  
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