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Fairytale of New York

You promised me Broadway was waiting for me - The Pogues

Funny the things that choke people up. For George HW Bush, it's apparently Jeb (though more likely, for the curse-word his family name has become). For me, it's this song. And if it gets to you, too, you may know that December 18 will mark the sixth anniversary of Kirsty MacColl's death.

MacColl and her family were vacationing in Mexico, where she introduced her sons Jamie and Louie to her love of scuba. After one dive in the protected waters of Cozumel's coral reef, the family surfaced into the path of a 31-foot powerboat that had trespassed into the marine park, traveling at greater than 20 knots.

Then 13 years old, Louie remembers what happened:

She suddenly screamed, “Look out!” and tried to push us out of the way. The boat was already over us — I could see the propellers.... I was swimming in Mummy’s blood. I heard Jamie shout, “Where’s Mummy?” I screamed that she’d been hit, and to swim the other way and not look back.

Having desperately pushed her sons to safety, MacColl's back was ripped open by the boat's propeller, virtually severing her chest and left leg. "Apparently the paramedic threw up on arriving at the scene," says her mother, Jean. "But two boys have to live with those last memories of their mother for the rest of their lives."

The powerboat was the Percalito, and its captain 67-year old tycoon Guillermo Gonzalez Nova, chairman of mega-chain retailer Comercial Mexicana, one of Mexico's largest companies. Gonzalez Nova's two sons and their families were aboard, and one of the sons is believed to have been at the helm, though the story went that it had been Jose Cen Yam, an illiterate deckhand who had never before piloted the craft. (The MacColl's dive-master, Ivan Diaz, said in a statement to authorities that "After they ran over us, I saw Cen Yam jump forwards from the back of the boat, to the controls.")

Yam, who had trouble on the stand telling his left from his right, was sentenced to serve two years and 10 months, but was allowed to walk free after paying the equivalent of a £61 fine.

In the years since, the Justice for Kirsty campaign has seen a few small victories, but no justice. In May, the Cozumel federal prosecutor was found liable for breach of authority for having failed to register the MacColl appeal as a criminal investigation. And last February, after Bono dedicated "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" to her memory during a U2 concert in Monterrey, Vincente Fox spokesman Ruben Aguilar felt bound to say "the federal government is following this situation."

And that's where it lies, like so many other modern horrors: the crimes of privilege and crimes of state unpunished, because it is the privilege of state to judge itself and its own.

Warren Commission skeptics were rewarded with the House Select Committee on Assassinations, but when its original chief counsel Richard Sprague signaled that he intended to conduct a genuine investigation he was promptly replaced by the horrified powers that wanted no such thing. ("I demanded the records from the CIA," Sprague told Probe Magazine, "and now there was an abrupt refusal, and I subpoenaed them. At that point, [Henry] Gonzales, who was Chairman of the Committee, ordered the CIA, or told the CIA that they need not respond to my subpoena, and fired me, and ordered the U.S. Marshals come in and remove me from my office.") What they got instead was Robert Blakey, whose hedged presumption of a conspiracy involving organized crime made for a lovely limited hang out. The conspiracy nuts could have their conspiracy, but it was one in which elements of government were wholly absent. (Even when named, and known. For instance, Jack Ruby's mob connections received attention, but his police connections did not. Nor did his anti-communist gunrunning, where criminal conduct and intelligence work became indistinguishable.)

UFOlogists received similar treatment in 1968 with the Condon Report: an "independent" inquiry commissioned by the US Air Force, contracted to the University of Colorado. After years of pressing for an investigation, they were given the appearance of one, led by a man who didn't bother to mask his disdain for the subject.

A memo written in 1966 by project coordinator Robert Low to university officials before the contract was assigned demonstrates what kind of project was intended:

Our study would be conducted almost exclusively by non-believers who, although they couldn't possibly prove a negative result, could and probably would add an impressive body of evidence that there is no reality to the observations. The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that, to the public, it would appear a totally objective study but, to the scientific community, would present the image of a group of nonbelievers trying their best to be objective, but having an almost zero expectation of finding a saucer. One way to do this would be to stress investigation, not of the physical phenomena, but rather of the people who do the observing – the psychology and sociology of persons and groups who report seeing UFO's. If the emphasis were put here, rather than on examination of the old question of the physical reality of the saucer, I think the scientific community would quickly get the message....I'm inclined to feel at this early stage that, if we set up the thing right and take pains to get the proper people involved and have success in presenting the image we want to present to the scientific community, we could carry the job off to our benefit.

9/11 skeptics who shout themselves hoarse for an "independent investigation" should expect any hard-won fruit of their labours to prove just as artificial. So why continue to scream for one?

We don't need another investigation, least of all one conducted, or commissioned, by the few and guilty privileged. There have already been millions of independent investigations of 9/11. Some haven't amounted to much, because the investigators have been dazzled by the flash and sleight-of-hand of the Black Lodge's myth-makers. (And though it's great to see David Lynch question 9/11, it's distressing to see him wading about in Loose Change's shallow muck. I believe that being right for the wrong reasons is one of the last and greatest impediments to seeing justice done, because they are reasons which will never convict the guilty, and only sway the gullible.) But in spite of the disinformation, and sometimes because of it, we know enough to make a criminal accusation against elements of the United States government. What we lack is either the law to which they might be subject, or the will to do justice ourselves.

Gonzalez Nova's speedboat entered restricted waters at excessive speed, and after striking Kirsty MacColl, his patsy-deckhand was seen to take the wheel. No more investigation is required. Not for the MacColl family, and not for us. All we need now is justice, and to push our children out of harm's way. Neither happens by polite and patient request.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the problems in the world stem from the fact that wedding cards are more than just wedding cards.

And Mary (J) Cheney's less than immaculate conception is pushing us further into the abyss.

12/07/2006 04:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other annoying aspect of the JFK House Assassinations limited hangout was its heavy reliance on those ridiculous motorcycle dictabelt recordings. I mean to have your whole case hinge on triangulation of gunfire sounds recorded on a scratchy '60s-era tape recorder? Easily refuted.

12/07/2006 05:03:00 PM  
Blogger ndrad said...

So it's the Lesbian mothers that are pushing us to the end of the world? I have to say that I've never come to that conclusion with my lesbian friends.

They must be one powerful group of humans.

De De Dee

12/07/2006 05:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post Jeff. I think proving there was more to 9/11 will be one of the last things that will be done in this fight, because in order to prove anything we will already have to be winning. Kinda like the straw that broke the camels back.

12/07/2006 06:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Henry Gonzalez. I always thought he was one of the good guys for pushing impeachment of Bush I for the first invasion of Iraq.

12/07/2006 06:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And though it's great to see David Lynch question 9/11, it's distressing to see him wading about in Loose Change's shallow muck. "

Testy, testy, Jeff. Watch that pointlessly divisive streak you have.

And could someone really explain why Bush Senior is crying to me? I didn't get it.

12/07/2006 06:15:00 PM  
Blogger Vemrion said...

Man, Jeff. You're fucking pessimistic.

...What's even worse is that you're probably right.

I still have hope, though. 9/11 is too big to sweep under the carpet forever.

12/07/2006 06:20:00 PM  
Blogger Tsoldrin said...

While this healthy dose of pessimism is realistic, I'm not sure comparisons made with 9/11 will hold out over time. It is just too unique. I think if the goal is reached and any type of independent investigation is initiated, it will be under the scrutiny of the many thousands even now working towards such a goal, all willing to cry foul at the merest hint of it. That alone may be the spark necesary to produce more serious action. After all, another cover-up investigation (and viewed with a historical perspective) will be an indictment in its own right.

Then again, perhaps I'm just hoping for any alternative to the obvious, rather drastic, solution.

12/07/2006 06:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hunter S. Thompson on George W. Bush
This week's New Yorker (5/30/00) has a little interviewette with Hunter S. Thompson in The Talk of the Town. They ask him about and about a Super Bowl party Thompson threw in the 1970s, which our favorite Texan princeling attended at just the time when his then-behavior at parties is now of interest. Thompson has this to say:
"I can't be expected to remember what every drug-addled yuppie hanger-on-er who wanted to get close to me during a football game twenty-five years ago digested. There were so many dope fiends milling about, I don't remember what some Yalie named Bush, whose father was a factotum in the Nixon Administration, was doing. But he strikes me as the sort of person I would have thrown out of the room. A rich, beer-drunk yahoo with a big allowance who passes out in your bathtub."
This proves nothing about Bush, of course; we already knew he was a rich frat boy and the "drug-addled yuppie" part is just rhetoric. The point is that it's funny rhetoric, is all.

Hunter S. Thompson on George W. Bush
Let's face it--the yo-yo president of the U.S.A. knows nothing. He is a dunce. He does what he is told to do--says what he is told to say--poses the way he is told to pose. He is a Fool.
This is never an easy thing for the voters of this country to accept.
No. Nonsense. The president cannot be a Fool. Not at this moment in time--when the last living vestiges of the American Dream are on the line. This is not the time to have a bogus rich kid in charge of the White House. Which is, after all, our house. That is our headquarters--it is where the heart of America lives. So if the president lies and act giddy about other people's lives--if he wantonly and stupidly endorses mass murder as a logical plan to make sure that we are still Number One--he is a Jackass by definition--a loud and meaningless animal with no fundamental intelligence and no balls.
To say that this goofy child president is looking more and more like Richard Nixon in the summer of 1974 would be a flagrant insult to Nixon.

- From Kingdom of Fear, Simon & Schuster, 2003

12/07/2006 08:01:00 PM  
Blogger SteveLG said...

There's a guy works down the chips shop swears he's Elvis
But he's a liar and I'm not sure about you.

RIP, Kirsty.

12/07/2006 08:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thrulookingglass said:

That was one hell of a yarn you just spun Mr. Wells. I keep asking myself why does immorality and aristocracy make such happy bedfellows? We/I should realize that aristocracy exists because inequality, injustice and inequity are merely a symptom of societies that allow wealth/power to be consolidated and abstruse. These faux-investigations only increase our devolution and dissolution. Deeper and deeper we fall into the abyss of our own decline each new day in this "New American Century."

"9/11 skeptics who shout themselves hoarse for an "independent investigation" should expect any hard-won fruit of their labors to prove just as artificial. So why continue to scream for one?"

I can only speak for myself. I scream because there is air in my lungs. Because I SEE YOU! I see you and your nefarious deeds and I live through the abominable and beastly world these deeds have rendered! I scream because I still have a sense of decency and concern for the world that lies ahead. But perhaps Shane MacGowan said it more eloquently:
"I can see a better time, when all the dreams come true"

By the way, I love the photoshopped image of the crystal ball (or is it a snow globe) above. I still have yet to find an English language blog that equals RI, not that I haven’t tried. My best to you all…

12/07/2006 09:09:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

FYI, I'm adding a couple of songs from Kirsty's Electric Landlady album to RI radio tomorrow.

Children of the Revolution
(hers, not Marc Bolan's song of the same name)

Children of the revolution coming out to play
Bombers ripped the night apart and blew the school away
Some live on the south aide and they overlook the water
Some live on the north side and they're looking at the border
And those children of the revolution see the soldiers come
Smiling at the widows as they take away the sons
Children of the revolution shot down with a brand new gun
They're dropping down like flies
The images of war are in their eyes
They've seen it all before and know your lies
Won't keep their bellies full
In love and war there are no rules

Children of the revolution getting off the boat
To face the ignorance and prejudice that keep this land afloat
Running through the rubble of a thousand broken hearts and in their eyes
All promises are broken in their eyes
The words that can't be spoken and your lies
Don't keep their bellies full
In love and war there are no rules
But in their eyes
Murder comes by sea and from the skies
It's shiny and it's quick to take their lives
And if it's cruel in love and war there are no rules

Children of the rvolution coming out to play
Someone sells a gun and someone blows them all away
Children of the revolution sold out by the banks
Who swap the green upon the dollars for the green upon the tanks
Children of the revolution shot down by a brand new gun

Don't Go Near the Water

Don't go near the water
Don't you think it's sad
What's happened to the water
Our water's going bad
Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
Have all been touched by man
Poison flowing out to sea
Now threatens life on land

Don't go near the water
Ain't it sad
What's happened to the water
It's going bad

Don't go near the water
Don't go near the water

Toothpaste and soap will make our oceans a bubble bath
So that's a modern ecological aftermath
Beginning with me
Beginning with you

Don't go near the water
To do it any wrong
To be cool with the water
Is the message of this song
Let's all help the water
Right away
Do what we can and ought to
Let's start today

12/07/2006 09:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing much, here's an interesting video conflating 'Apocalypto' with modern Masonic sacrifice:

12/07/2006 09:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! I remember how in high school we used to quote song lyrics to explain how the world really was!

Hunter S. Thompson was just a drug-addled hanger-on of the coattails of power. Why bother with him?

Mr. Wells, you're long on telling us how fucked we are (like we didn't already know), but you're mighty short on suggesting possible courses of action. Until yer ready to step up, stick to the paranormal.

12/07/2006 10:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oarwell, I'd never heard of that "Apocalypto" (sic, it's obviously Apocalypso" they are singing?), though I still prefer the 1980s The Motels' version: one of their songs called "Apocalypso" which would be another fine 'RI rotation' song I suggest Jeff!

Can't find free copies or lyrics of Martha Davis's timeless, precious, Greek Delphic pronouncement (cannily disguised as a pop song), though THIS is damn amusing video...I like the cuts back and forth between circle/square dancing and F-16s...and even Ronald Reagan speech excerpts make it into the song.

">dance, dance, dance--till they drop

"now everybody boogies, like a kung fu master,
to the themes of civil war, and natural disaster."

The "Sheep and Swine" building the background is a surreal bit. Funny how B-side songs I never heard of take me back to the 1980s more than those I ever knew...

12/07/2006 10:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:24 - - are you really a moron or you just like to sound like one when posting here?

12/07/2006 11:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the idiot is the person decrying anon 10:24.

Hunter indeed was a hanger-on idiot himself, who probably truly fit right into the whole federal pedophilia network that runs the U.S. if you know anything about his sideline connections to some of the photographers involved. I think there were some posts on Hunter before here dealing with this.

All I have to say about Hunter: when there's a dearth of heros, people made do with idiots and pretend they were heros.

12/07/2006 11:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff said:
"9/11 skeptics who shout themselves hoarse for an "independent investigation" should expect any hard-won fruit of their labors to prove just as artificial. So why continue to scream for one?"

thrulookingglass said:
"I can only speak for myself. I scream because there is air in my lungs."

And I say:
Couldn't agree more, thrulookingglass. I continue to do what I can to press for more eyes on the issue.

Hell, I won't dissuade anyone from viewing Loose Change. As loose as it plays with ideas and facts, it has got millions of eyes on the issue. That can only be a good thing.

Why an investigation? Those who have trouble getting their head stuck into 9/11 deep truth have no problem agreeing that more investigation of 9/11 is needed.

And, if there is further investigation, even a "controlled" one, it is inevitable that things will unravel, just like the Kean Zelikow 9/11 Ommissions report failed to be definitive. That is why I continue to press for an investigation.

12/08/2006 12:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:33, unlike the Bushes, a family that has members who have flamed human mass murder for profit for generations now - - a record that is quite public, if ignored by the mainsteam media (maybe that is what Bush Sr. is really crying about - - all those ghosts waiting for him . . . ), the "accusations" as to Thompson have all proved to be garbage - - someone used his name as a phoney name in a somewhat publicized case - - there is nothing else there but with the Bush family there is a record that is crystal clear and needs no innuendo . . . If you have any "evidence" as to Thompson, state it.

12/08/2006 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Subjects to investigate...okay, 9/11 would be nice, but "unique," Tsoldrin? Pearl Harbor was different (presumably lesser, smaller in its consequences) because...? The sinking of the Lusitania, or of the USS many millions of people died following these pretexts for wars and invasions? Yeah, I know, 9/11 ushered in the police state, etc--did we really think that the surveillance state was waiting for some pretext, when it's existence is still not acknowledged, despite being relatively common knowledge?

I think the great hunger is for disclosure, period. There's so much that needs to come out that it doesn't really matter where you start: all roads lead to the secret state. You could just as well investigate who killed the electric car as who killed the Kennedys, since the answer is, ultimately, the same.

The problem isn't the fairness or the thoroughness of any proposed investigation, because the legal process is so easily corrupted. The real problem is that there is no mechanism for disclosure. No whistle-blower protections, no incentives for testimony, no way to act on the revelations even if they were forthcoming.

We could fix this, and it would be as simple as offering the thugs who actually carry out the assignments money, protection and amnesty (and then the complicated business of truth & reconciliation commissions to deal with the cosmic fallout from what we learned), but what public figure has the testicular fortitude to make such a proposal?

He would be the first martyr of the new Age of Open Government. Maybe we could talk Teddy into it--the idea has a certain symmetry. At least his death will have accomplished something. Like redeeming the legacy of his brothers.

12/08/2006 12:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot..."

"I could have been someone..."

"well so could took my dreams from me"

12/08/2006 12:47:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Threads, constructs and leverage. Try working for a living. Bloodsuckers, parasites and parambula do not, a garden grow.

Baby, it's cold outside.

12/08/2006 02:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. Spoonfeeding the Hunter Thompson groupie, on his equally guilty, equally wicked ways in the thick of the federal pedophiles. Get a clue. Court testimony!

You're hero Hunter S. Thompson is a pedophile running in the Bohemian Grove network of snuff filming pedophiles around Larry King, that run the U.S. Democratic and Republican party elites, mule drugs, run child porn operations, and basically destroy the world while their doing it.

Thompson's murder is probabbly why (99% likely in my opinion -->) 9-11 double agent or blackmailed Ruppert spun so hard on Hunter's murder as a suicide, and why he strangely got territorial and barked down anyone who challenged his self-proclaimed turf on the issue.

All that indicates is that Ruppert got an order to spin to mask connections between Bush, Thomospon, Rusty Nelson, snuff filming, and Bohemian Grove from immediately coming to light. After all, it was a strange "two shots to the head" 'suicide' while talking on the phone making plans, Ruppert tells us. If you disbelieve that, you have to believe this court testimony as a better description why Hunter S. Thompson was offed:

A controversial author, Hunter Thompson was allegedly linked to Larry King as implicated in Paul Bonacci's testimony in which the pedophile victim revealed that Thompson directed a graphic ‘snuff’ film [Franklin Cover up, pp.102-105 & 327] made near Sacramento, California at a location called "Bohemian Grove."

more quotes:

"Sex" Photographer tied to White House child sex-ring arrested--after Thompson suicide--Knew Thompson

Date: Saturday, March 12 2005
Topic: Congressional Corruption

Bless the Beasts and the Children

Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson 'suicide' story spun wildly as such

by Tom Flocco

WASHINGTON—March 13, 2005——Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly 'committed suicide' four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week.

Nelson was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.

Hunter Thompson’s death and the news blackout of Rusty Nelson’s simultaneous arrest raise questions that someone may be attempting to limit Nelson’s freedom or threaten him, since according to testimony, both men had allegedly witnessed homosexual prostitution and pedophile criminal acts in a suppressed but far-reaching child sex-ring probe closely linked to Senate and House members--but also former President George H. W. Bush.
[In U.S. District Court testimony, Rusty Nelson told Judge Warren Urbom he took 20,000 to 30,000 pictures, 2-5-1999, p.52]


DeCamp, a former Nebraska state senator and decorated Vietnam War vet, told "there are tons of pictures still left; law enforcement is currently looking for them," adding, "you can also assume there are senators and congressmen implicated; otherwise this would not be such a big issue."

[After Thompson's murder, comes two days later a strange arrest of Nelson for something that occurred out of the jurisdiction of the 'arresting officers,' and was thus an illegal arrest] federal official has stepped forward to protect Rusty Nelson's life, as Congress would be reluctant to hold hearings or force a federal prosecutor to probe its own members for sex acts with children--still punishable by law.

Sex with minors?

In his testimony before Judge Urbom, Bonacci specifically named Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) as having participated in the parties--also telling the judge he had "relationships with him" in Washington, DC and was flown to Massachusetts for sex in the basement of Frank's Boston home.
[2-5-1999, p. 126]


Curiously, Paul Bonacci told investigators that the sex ring was based out of Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha, having been taken there to be abused since he was three years old in 1970. At Offutt, Paul said he was "trained" by tortures, heavy drugging and sexual degradation. [Offutt AFB played a major role immediately following the 9/11 attacks as George W. Bush made the base his post-attack headquarters for a short period.]


After the Secret Service allowed Paul Bonacci to have access to the White House on July 3, 1988, one of DeCamp’s investigators said the young pedophile victim was able to draw a floor-plan of the presidential inside living quarters of the White House--an area not available to the public--lending stong credence to a June 29, 1989 Washington Times front page story, "Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush,"


Gosch to Guckert to Gannon?

Cable television news reports have recently linked an alleged male prostitute to the present White House since George W. Bush permitted James Guckert to use an unprecedented Secret Service-approved alias (Jeff Gannon) while having access to the White House for two years as a pool reporter serving the younger Bush--before which Gannon had advertised himself on internet pornography sites as a male "escort" charging $200 an hour.


George W. Bush has not explained how Guckert/Gannon--who had advertised himself as a male escort--could apparently operate in the White House....


Hunter Thompson directing Bohemian Grove child murder-sex films?

A controversial author, Hunter Thompson was allegedly linked to Larry King as implicated in Paul Bonacci's testimony in which the pedophile victim revealed that Thompson directed a graphic ‘snuff’ film [Franklin Cover up, pp.102-105 & 327] made near Sacramento, California at a location called "Bohemian Grove."

Bonacci--flown numerous times across state lines for sexual exploitation to Washington, DC and other cities--testified on videotape [5-14-1990] for Nebraska State Police investigator Gary Caradori.


Bonacci’s testimony has been evaluated as credible and well-informed by leading child abuse experts, psychiatrists, psychologists and polygraph tests; and he has also testified that he was forced to lure Johnny Gosch into being kidnapped--considered by many to be the most notorious U.S. child sex-slavery case.


Protecting legislators at the expense of children


The Nebraska State Senate’s primary Franklin Committee investigator Gary Caradori's March 14, 1990 notes revealed that on the day of the federal agents' raid on Franklin Credit Union, "a large amount of pornographic material was taken out of the credit union, including videos and photographs depicting sexual acts. I was told that if Friedrichs or any of the other people working for the CPA firm contacted by the government [audit] would say anything, they would automatically lose their jobs."


That evidence was never made available to the Nebraska Senate's Franklin Committee, nor was its existence publicly acknowledged by the FBI; and all raid warrants were sealed by United States Magistrate Richard Kopf--the same court official who ordered to have Larry King taken by federal agents to a federal psychiatric facility for "tests," on February 7, 1990 as President George H. W. Bush was [suddenly personally] coming to Omaha....


Curiously, state policeman Gary Caradori, died July 11, 1990 in a small-plane explosion, one month after FBI officials [swooped into his Nebraska state investigation and strangely] attempted to coerce a key child witness to recant her testimony--and even though a deputy sheriff first at the crash site said there was child pornography scattered all over the farmer’s field and the farmer said he witnessed the [Nebraska State Investigator Caradori's] plane [which he was piloting back after making a phone call that "he had just got the evidence to blow the case wide open"] exploding in mid-air before crashing to the ground.


Johnny Gosch’s mother, Noreen, said "undisclosed sources told her the FBI immediately arrived [at the Caradori plane crash site] with three flatbed trucks [modus operandi of FBI and Gov. Jeb Bush confiscating 9/11 hijacker documents at Venice, Florida’s Huffman flight school?], grabbed the evidence from the sheriff’s hands, cordoned off the field, walked the field, picked up every piece of evidence, took the plane and all its parts and put it on the flatbed trucks, and told the peace officer, ‘This is confidential information and don’t ever speak of it again.’ The evidence has never surfaced again in Nebraska’s Franklin investigation or any other investigation."


DeCamp's 2005 edition incredibly reveals, "In late 2003 [just before the 2004 election campaign started to heat up], Troy Boner [key abused child witness to national sex-ring] walked into a hospital in New Mexico screaming "they're after me, they're after me because of this book." The book Boner was waving was The Franklin Cover-up. Boner was '...mildly sedated and calmed down...and put in a private room for observation.' "

"When nurses came back to check on him early next morning, Boner was sitting in a chair, bleeding from the mouth and quite dead. No news stories were published on Boner's death....


Washington, DC: child sodomy hotbed?

Rusty Nelson’s quick arrest following on the heels of Hunter Thompson’s ‘suicide’ and alleged assertions that Jeff Gannon could be Johnny Gosch may all have serious criminal implications, as Thompson and Nelson were said to be closely linked to child sexual criminality at the highest levels of government--acts still punishable by law and easily meriting cover-up attempts by powerful forces.

[If they'll kill kids and kill state prosecutors, they will hell as sure kill Thompson who has these connections from the Bonacci testimony to Bohemian Grove and snuff filming and Rusty Nelson]. Remember, Thompson was publicly saying he was about to write a book with the name "bloodsport" and "George Bush" in the title. We can only imagine who got to see the proofs or got word what he was going to write about. Then Thompson was dead. Two days later, a fellow porno-photographer in crime Rusty Nelson is illegally arrested....]

Paul Bonacci, forced to help kidnap Johnny Gosch into sex-slavery, also told Franklin Committee investigators he toured the White House at midnight on July 3, 1988 with Craig Spence--a lobbyist and political operative who arranged male prostitute visits to the White House but who turned up dead himself just three months after the 6-29-89 Washington Times call-boy headline. The police were quick to call Spence's death a suicide [as well], according to DeCamp.

Spence had "hinted the tours were arranged by ‘top-level’ persons, including Donald Gregg, national security advisor to Vice-President Bush," according to the Washington Times [8-9-89], adding, "Spence, according to friends, was also carrying out homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA."


Karl: ‘Rove’ing DC, approving 'special' WH press passes?


Following on the heels of Guckert-Gannon, Walter Storch, editor of the Barnes Review News reported a three weeks ago that "Karl Rove was seen by one of my people entering a private homosexual orgy at a five-star Washington hotel over the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend last year." [2004]

A Barnes reporter told Storch that "Karl greatly enjoyed the supervision of a certain hairy 350-lb. Leather Dominator who had won the Miss Virginia Daddy Bear title at the MAL festivities." Storch wrote, "Karl used to hang out a JR’s, which is on 17th between P & S streets, before he became so well-known. This is a respectable gay bar for discreet people...," adding, "there is an expensive apartment...over near Dupont Circle that certain powerful senators take turns visiting with their pickups."

"Bush, via Karl Rove, was projected as a moral man....Now they have to deal with rampant male whores prancing around the White House in consort with a small army of [murderous criminal] closet queens, all of whom very obviously have the ear, and the confidence, (and hopefully, that’s all they have) of their ‘moral’ choice for President," said Storch.


Andy Stephenson and Mary Schneider contributed to this report.

12/08/2006 03:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More spoonfeeding.

There's a double connection as corroboration besides (obviously true) court testimony from Bonnacci, who's testimony was judged so true he finally won 1 million dollars restitution.

Elite Sex Slave Rings: The Gannon-Thompson Connection In Addition to the Thompson-Rusty Nelson-Bohemian grove snuff filming-Bonnacci link

Alex Jones interviews Tom Flocco on his latest story, Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide, and is also joined by former Senator John DeCamp to discuss the evidence of high level government pedophile rings and how they tie into the Jeff Gannon and Hunter S. Thompson stories.
nice recorded radio show, here

Thompson was about to get into [1] government underage sex slaves and become a [2] public 9-11 researcher.

Then they most certainly killed him for a combination of all that. Thompson's murder was likely a combination of fears by the treasonous Bush family of their 9-11 treason and their federal criminal ongoing pedophile activities.

The Hunter S. Thompson future "public activist 9-11 Superman" that was just starting up was probably why 9-11 researcher Ruppert of all people was sic'ed on his "unrelated" (not!) 'suicide' story.

Eyes Wide Shut out there?

(It always interests me to hear the "head to the hills! build your bunker!" commercials on Alex Jones show, because it's not a culture I'm part of there, though it's strangely comforting that such a wide variety of left, right, inbetween, secular and hard right religious concerns are all focused on this story.)

If you have read Jeff regularly, I think you would have already known this Thompson-Gannon and Thompson-BohoGrove-snuff filming-Rusty-Nelson-Bonnacci link I think.

12/08/2006 03:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'loose change shallow muck' - I'd much rather trust Dylan Avery with my Liberty than yon Christard Mexican hating gay bashing Alex Jones.
What had you achieved by the time you were 21 Jeff?

12/08/2006 03:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"yon Christard Mexican hating gay bashing Alex Jones."

More empty emotionalist libel of Alex Jones. I'm curious to see where you got such an story. Put up. More useless divisiveness ALWAYS appears as distraction on important issues.

Word to the wise. :-)

12/08/2006 03:44:00 AM  
Blogger Tsoldrin said...

iridescent cuttlefish,

You bring up some good points. Unfortunately I can't really address them. There is no way to look back at the pre 9/11 world and say what would or would not be acceptable. In my own memory, the world we're living in today would be absolutely unthinkable, however I am aware of plenty who feel the opposite.

So, Is it unique? Well, of course, actually by it's very nature it is, so that proves nothing.

I guess only time will tell really, and I, for one, think it will.
As for many millions dying. As far as I'm concerned, several million already did (but they are arabs) and many more are slated to.

12/08/2006 04:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that Bonacci would know by now whether or not the man represented as Thompson really was indeed him (has he ever confirmed it or decided whether or not it was actually him?). If he has stated that it is actually him after looking at pictures of HST, then, as we trust Bonacci with everything else, why wouldn't we trust him with this?

Still, the even more worrying connection is to (from Dave McGowan's Programmed to Kill) Hal Haddon who was able to get the charges against Thompson dropped when accused of sexual assault in 1990. Haddon's firm was also retained by the Ramseys.

This is a really bizarre and tenuous connection, but the man who played Santa Claus at the party the night (before or of?) Jon Benet died's wife wrote a screenplay in the '70s about a young girl winding up abused and dead on a basement floor--it was called Hey Rube, the same as HST's recent column; I believe the same one where he wrote about the organized gangs of pedophiles.

I love the works of HST as much as the next guy, but he certainly knew about these activities (which very few people do--us included) and the connection to Haddon does not bode well.

Hopefully he's not part of this stuff, but he at least was well aware of it.

12/08/2006 06:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Anon 11:23, don't call someone an idiot for challenging or criticising Jeff. As long as it is in a respectful manner, all of us should feel it is our duty to do so on any occasion we feel necessary or appropriate.

12/08/2006 06:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, also, Jeff,

Yeah, fuck an investigation--let's go to trial; it's not like we don't already have the evidence.

12/08/2006 06:22:00 AM  
Blogger sunny said...

Jeff said:

All we need now is justice, and to push our children out of harm's way. Neither happens by polite and patient request.


Yes, what else do we need? Does anyone believe we would get anything other than HSCA redux should the elites find it necessary to conduct another "investigation?" Get real. Hide the children and bring it on. Massive 9-11 Truth Demo's would be a start.

12/08/2006 07:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here' a sad story.

12/08/2006 09:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(maybe that is what Bush Sr. is really crying about - - all those ghosts waiting for him . . . )"

In ranks and squadrons and right form of war,
Which drizzled blood upon the Capitol;
The noise of battle hurtled in the air,
Horses did neigh, and dying men did groan,
And ghosts did shriek and squeal about the streets.
--Julius Caesar

For night's swift dragons cut the clouds full fast,
And yonder shines Aurora's harbinger;
At whose approach, ghosts, wandering here and there,
Troop home to churchyards: damned spirits all,
That in crossways and floods have burial,
Already to their wormy beds are gone.
--A Midsummer Night's Dream

I am thy father's spirit,
Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night,
And for the day confined to fast in fires,
Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature
Are burnt and purged away. But that I am forbid
To tell the secrets of my prison-house,
I could a tale unfold whose lightest word
Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood.
--Hamlet (The Ghost to Hamlet)

The bay-trees in our country are all wither'd
And meteors fright the fixed stars of heaven;
The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth
And lean-look'd prophets whisper fearful change.
--Richard II

12/08/2006 10:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raul, funny you forget that the "sexual assault" charge in 1990 involved a porn star at Thompson's house in the hot tub, a tweaking of a tit allegation I believe leading to an assault on his house with search warrant by the local prosecution who hated him, the porn star did not want to press charges after initially being po'd (no rape or other serious non-consensual sexual misconduct alleged) at him but those charges along with I believe possessing explosives, drugs, etc. found by search warrant were zealously prosecuted by the government The government lost at a suppression hearing before the judge right before a very serious trial i.e. one where he faced serious prison time if he lost. It was no joke, although how it began was stupid. These are "facts" of record, not innuendo.

Thompson knew all the best criminal defense attorneys due to his involvement in many trials during the 60s & 70s of radicals etc. he also supported a girl in Colorado who was given a sentence slam for basically "holding the bag", i.e. he tried to reach out and help people who got screwed by the system- - funny you leave all this out, and go with the b.s. unproven (or even actually ever accused allegations against him while he was alive) innuendo as to Thompson - - he was never popular with a good bit of law enforcement (duis, drug charges, etc) so to believe his conduct if, as alleged by you and the other brave innuendo experts (Flocco included, he has said some weird stupid false shit before, right?) that he is a "pedophile" based on the useage of his name, is the type of "alternative" media discussion that so discredits much of what is said about 911 etc. Pod planes and all that do not bring people to have any belief in alternative evidentiary theories . . .

Such claims as "proven" are based on hearsay, rank rumor and innuendo, instead of investigative journalism and facts . . . the name "Hunter S. Thompson" was used and mentioned in a courtroom or elsewhere, there is absolutely no proof that the person using this name was in fact the writer Hunter S. Thompson, ever . . . likewise although Thompson led a strange and drug addled life - - which he did not deny and conducted rather OPENLY, his life was very public and to believe that what you say, if factually correct as to him, would not have had other journalists taking note (there have been several books written about him and numerous articles . . . ) is ridiculous.

Some people, who have never made it, hate people who have and are always looking to recite ugly allegations that have no proof especially when that person is dead . . .

Likewise Thompson's suicide - - there is no evidence it was anything other than that - - as he was physically debilitated and drug addicted and had discussed doing same at the appropriate time instead of hanging around in his debilitated condition . . . more power to him as he chose to go in such a way of his choosing, the fact some loser photographer was arrested soon after is somehow deep in meaning? Oh yes, you're right and there is the POD Plane on 911 flying by also and . . .

12/08/2006 10:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people, who have never made it, hate people who have and are always looking to recite ugly allegations that have no proof especially when that person is dead . . .

Who have never made it? What, exactly, is making it?

If HST is an example of "making it," I sure am glad I'm not a contender.

How about GWB? Has he "made it?" If so, GWB could certainly make this same dismissive statement to HST, because when you compare the two, in conventional terms at least, HST never "made it" and GWB surely has. Afterall, conventionally speaking, the U.S. Presidency is the top of the heap.

12/08/2006 10:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see cowardly anonymous posters pissing on a man's grave who achieved something; criticism is the last refuge of the non-achiever. That Hunter Thompson was a controversial figure is beyond dispute.

But the reason he is sorely missed is because despite his sometimes sordid associations with the aristocracy, he at least had the nuts to tell the truth, and tell it often.

That's more than can be said for all the bitter spook-wannabe pogues infesting this blog as of late. Don't let these pinheads get you down, Jeff. They only hate you because you're good at what you do.

12/08/2006 10:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry Malloy: "If HST is an example of "making it," I sure am glad I'm not a contender."

Whether you liked or loathed him, HST surely did "make it" as a writer, he had a style, especially in his earlier work, that revolutionized journalism. In fact when he was still on "the bus" with the rest of the press corps, one comment I remember from a fairly well-known scribe ran something like this as to the covering of the presidential election: "When we went home we would tell our wives what went on, when you read Thompson you knew directly what was going on . . ." His style put you there . . . After fame and fortune, it would seem that he lost a few strokes, but his style was, and is, copied widely . . . even by "conservatives" - - PJ O'Rourke (sp?). Any way, as to the allegations above, there is no evidence that the person using his name was in fact the real HST - - given his writing and taking on the PTB, it would be very likely that he would be slandered in this way - - post his passing, pathetic. . .

12/08/2006 11:36:00 AM  
Blogger foist lastus said...

I remember readinging the intertviews in Rolling Stone after HST died. On of his ex wifes specifically states that HST had a bad side, and changed into a monster, did bad things under possession of that personal, and this was one of the reason she parted ways with him.

12/08/2006 12:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee - - an ex-wife had negative comments about her ex-husband, yes, must be true, he's a pedophile . . .

12/08/2006 12:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For argument's sake, assuming the pedophile accusations were true, or the accusations that he was one of "them" are true, who cares? What he wrote and said should be the source of evaluation, not the character and motivation of the man. If what he said made sense, incorporate it into your framework and move on, but please refrain from worshiping the guy, or any guy, or gal. It was Ruppert worship several threads prior, and now it's Hunter S. Thompson worship. No wonder American Idol was such a hit. Maybe it's just me being teleologicial, but I'll be damned if it's not human nature to find something to worship, even if it's a pet rock.

12/08/2006 12:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see anyone worshiping him, but I did see some people here slandering him based on innuendo and that has, I believe, been successfully addressed by the facts . . . you don't need to like or love him, but pedophile allegations need some evidence and there is none here . . .

12/08/2006 01:08:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Okay. But tell me how anyone can read the following piece and believe that HST was "one of them." You don't have to worship the man to admire what he wrote. Furthermore, this "drug-addled" meme sounds like it came from the folks Thompson was ripping in the awesome ensuing essay--it's the traffickers who are despicable, not the users. To confuse the two is to perpetuate the prohibition, which only strengthens the overlords.

The last word:

Jesus Hated Bald Pussy
by Hunter S. Thompson, from Kingdom Of Fear, 2003

Let's face it, the yo-yo president of the U.S.A. knows nothing. He is a dunce. He does what he is told to do, says what he is told to say, poses the way he is told to pose. He is a fool.

No. Nonsense. The president cannot be a Fool. Not at this moment in time, when the last living vestiges of the American Dream are on the line. This is not the time to have a bogus rich kid in charge of the White House.

Which is, after all, our house. That is our headquarters, it is where the heart of America lives. So if the president lies and acts giddy about other people's lives, if he wantonly and stupidly
endorses mass murder by definition, a loud and meaningless animal with no functional intelligence and no balls.

To say this goofy child president is looking more and more like Richard Nixon in the summer of 1974 would be a flagrant insult to Nixon.

Whoops! Did I say that? Is it even vaguely possible that some New Age Republican whore-beast of a false president could actually make Richard Nixon look like a Liberal?

The capacity of these vicious assholes we elected to be in charge of our lives for four years to commit terminal damage to our lives and our souls and our loved ones is far beyond Nixon's. Shit! Nixon was the creator of many of the once-proud historical landmarks that these dumb bastards are savagely destroying now: the Clean Air Act of 1970; Campaign Finance Reform; the endangered species act; a Real-Politik dialogue with China; and on and on.

The prevailing quality of life in America-by any accepted methods of measuring-was inarguably freer and more politically open under Nixon than it is today in this evil year of our Lord 2002.

The Boss was a certified monster who deserved to be impeached and banished. He was a truthless creature of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a foul human monument to corruption and depravity on a scale that dwarfs any other public official in American history. But Nixon was at least smart enough to understand why so many honorable patriotic U.S. citizens despised him. He was a Liar. The truth was not in him.

Nixon believed, as he said many times, that if the president of the United States does it, it can't be illegal. But Nixon never understood the much higher and meaner truth of Bob Dylan's warning that "To live outside the law you must be honest."

The difference between an outlaw and a war criminal is the difference between a pedophile and a Pederast: The pedophile is a person who thinks about sexual behavior with children, and the Pederast does these things. He lays hands on innocent children, he penetrates them and changes their lives forever.

Being the object of a pedophile's warped affections is a Routine feature of growing up in America, and being a victim of a Pederast's crazed "love" is part of dying. Innocence is no longer an option. Once penetrated, the child becomes a Queer in his own mind, and that is not much different than murder.

Richard Nixon crossed the line when he began murdering foreigners in the name of "family values"- and George Bush crossed it when he sneaked into office and began killing brown skinned children in the name of Jesus and the American people.

When Muhammad Ali declined to be drafted and forced to kill
"gooks" in Vietnam he said, "I ain't got nothin' against them Viet Cong. No Cong ever called me Nigger." I agreed with him, according to my own personal ethics and values. He was right.

If we all had a dash of Muhammad Ali's eloquent courage, this country and the world would be a better place today because of it. Okay. That's it for now. Read it and weep....

See you tomorrow, folks. You haven't heard the last of me. I am the one who speaks for the spirit of freedom and decency in you. Shit. Somebody has to do it. We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world-a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us... No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you.

Well, shit on that dumbness. George W. Bush does not speak for me or my son or my mother or my friends or the people I respect in this world. We didn't vote for these cheap, greedy little killers who speak for America today- and we will not vote for them again in 2002. Or 2004. Or ever.

Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill "gooks". They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are racists and hate mongers among us-they are the Ku Klux Klan.

I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them.

And he's one of them because...?

12/08/2006 01:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy One & All,

Let me say this, what we "witness" on this board is active meme warfare, skimishes in a psychological war being waged upon the body politic by elite deviants. The concept of psychological warfare has its genesis in German, where the word literal means "point-of-view" warfare. A war to change and align points-of-view. This is accomplished through acts projecting dominance and power, whilst the destroying and rebuilding archetypes is being delivered and manipulated through specific technological means of mind-control.

As one looks into the cooruption behind the façade, one notices that the games change but the players stay the same.

The mud is thick.

Our website/book on the pedophile story is coming together and we will be announcing it soon. Yes, there is something, it is "beyond the pale," but there is also much mis and dis being thrown around.

Caveat Lector,

Kris Millegan

12/08/2006 01:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know, ic, he sounds like a rather cynical bastard full of that despair you consistently admonish others for around here. i guess the despair is palatable when a celebrity dishes it up. are you prone to celebrity worship, yourself? who will be the new celebrities in the brave new world you're hell bent on manifesting, and admirably so i might add? are you going to shed this celebrity worshiping predilection in the next world? or will you eschew it and treat people with equality rather than holding one or two up above the rest? surely those questions and many others must be asked answered and resolved before your new world comes to fruition or else i fear your new world will be much like the old world.

12/08/2006 01:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see anyone worshiping him, but I did see some people here slandering him

i saw both, but if you followed jackson's advice it wouldn't even be an issue.

12/08/2006 01:42:00 PM  
Blogger cabdriver said...

How far afield so many of the comments have wandered from the topic of discussion...

A quasi-on topic note:

Re: Henry Gonzalez, first chariman of the House committee re-opening the JFK case- according to this website, "animosity developed between González and the attorney who headed the probe" (the site doesn't say which one, Sprague or Blakey), and resigned afer only a few weeks, "due to the fact that in his opinion the investigation was doomed because powerful forces in organized crime [sic] were against it."

Some readers out there are considerably more well-versed on matters surrounding the Kennedy assassination and associated investigations than myself, and are more apprised on the particulars of the House committe in question. Maybe they can supply additional accuracy of detail.

My current impression of Gonzalez is favorable: as Chairman of the House Banking Committee, he toiled long in a desolate wilderness, with little or no support from his fellow Congresspeople, to document links betwen the illicit drugs trade, money laundering, and powerful American financial institutions such as Citibank. Many of his findings were read into the Congressional Record, for the audience of a near-empty House floor.

12/08/2006 02:53:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Celebrity worship is about as far from my warring Weltanschauung (is that the term you meant, Kris?) as possible. HST's Hollywood friends, and the endless (unintentional?) name-dropping that surrounded him are the very elements of his persona with which I was most uncomfortable...and yeah, he is despairing in this bitter pill of an essay, but that doesn't mean that you can't see the truth of what he's described and still have hope.

That's the real trick of surviving the mind wars Kris talks about--you can't ignore the darkness altogether, but you don't want to lose yourself gazing into it, either. Thompson's despair doesn't need to be be sterilized or made more palatable; as an accurate portrayal of the Bush Years it stands where it was vomited up by the master of such things. There are, however, greater truths which shine in their own light. As small, cheap, and tawdry as reality has been made to seem, such buntings are easily shred by the light of these deeper truths.

Finally, if I've admonished anyone for anything, it wasn't done from any position of authority (obviously), for I have none. Just the way it should be. In fact, I think I'll quote another widely despised "great man" on the subject of authority and its antithesis, anarchy:

So the word (anarchy) returned to its basic, normal, common meaning, as expressed in 1816 by the English philosopher Bentham, in the following terms: "The philosopher who wished to reform a bad law", he said, "does not preach an insurrection against it.... The character of the anarchist is quite different. He denies the existence of the law, he rejects its validity, he incites men to refuse to recognise it as law and to rise up against its execution". The sense of the word has become wider today; the anarchist denies not just existing laws, but all established power, all authority; however its essense has remained the same: it rebels - and this is what it starts from - against power and authority in any form.

But, we are told, this word brings to mind the negation of order, and consequently the idea of disorder, or chaos. Let us however make sure we understand one another - what order are we talking about? Is it the harmony which we anarchists dream of, the harmony in human relations which will be established freely when humanity ceases to be divided into two classes, one of which is sacrificed for the benefit of the other, the harmony which will emerge spontaneously from the unity of interests when all men belong to one and the same family, when each works for the good of all and all for the good of each? Obviously not! Those who accuse anarchy of being the negation of order are not talking about this harmony of the future; they are talking about order as it is thought of in our present society. So let us see what this order in which anarchy wishes to destroy.

Order today - what *they* mean by order - is nine-tenths of mankind working to provide luxury, pleasure and the satisfaction of the most disgusting passions for a handful of idlers. Order is nine-tenths being deprived of everything which is a necessary condition for a decent life, for the reasonable development of intellectual faculties. To reduce nine-tenths of mankind to the state of beast of burden living from day to day, without ever daring to think of the pleasures provided for man by scientific study and artistic creation - that is order!

(From On Order, by Peter Kropotkin, 1890.)

12/08/2006 03:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: The following is ridiculously off-topic, but...


Fight the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

"The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) (S.3880) defines as "terrorism" causing any business classified as an "animal enterprise" (e.g., factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs, rodeos, zoos and circuses) to suffer a profit loss and is punishable by a long prison sentence -- even if the company's financial decline is caused by peaceful protests, boycotts, media campaigns or leafleting. Defining non-violent activist tactics that cause exploitive corporations to lose profit but don't physically hurt anyone as "terrorism" is both a deceptive misapplication of a serious termand a completely unacceptable violation of our Constitutionally-granted First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. Industry groups pushed the AETA through Congress quickly and with little public scrutiny.

The AETA was unanimously passed in the Senate on September 29th and on November 13th it was passed in the House with only 5 Representatives voting. President Bush signed the AETA into law on November 27th."

12/08/2006 03:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuttlefish and others:

I agree that Bonacci or Nelson (whoever it was)was given a fake name by someone on the Las Vegas trip, HST's name being a quick synapse link, given the fame at that time from Fear & Loathing.

I certainly don't worship HST, but he was undoubtedly a good writer, with a unique voice, an American version of the French Celine, without the anti-semitism. No one could write "ratfuck" with more sincerity. I was sad when he offed himself, because it's good to have writers like him around when the fascism is brewing on the stove. Who are we left with? Garrison Keillor? James Wolcott? William Rivers Pitt?

You get my point.

But, but ...there was a bit of toss-off writing in "Kingdom of Fear" that I found quite uncomfortable-making. Page 327..."I was stunned. I couldn't believe that this girl was only 8 years old..."

Look it up, if you like.

That's sick, especially appearing in a section called "It Never Got Weird Enough For Me."

Old men should keep their maunderings to themselves. But yet there was the greatest American lit critic, Edmund Wilson, writing about his engorged purple prong, and let's not get started on Updike or Roth. But still, what HST wrote was beyond anyone's idea of a pale.

Anyone I'd want to hang with, anyway.

I'm not going to attack HST, nor would I attack Nabokov, whose 'Lolita,' from the review I read (by either Martin Amis or maybe it was Hitchens), was also a much sicker book than is generally believed.

Just errant thoughts on a cold Friday, since the subject was raised.

12/08/2006 05:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16,

Hello. It appears that you're right about the inconsequential nature of the sexual assault, however, I still think the Haddon connection is noteworthy.

Paul Bonacci is generally considered credible in these circles that we run in, so why don't we give him a call and ask him? Was the man that they called Hunter, in fact, Hunter? At the time of the court testimony, it seems that Paul hadn't seen a picture of Thompson--why don't we give him a picture and put this to rest?

I haven't slandered anyone as I never asserted that he was a pedophile, only that he knew of such goings on--which he did.

Also, I've never once advocated Pods in my entire life, nor do I forsee myself doing so in the future.

Hunter Thompson was and is great, but there are legitimate concerns that need to be investigated, regardless of how you feel about him and his writings.

Hopefully they were just using his name and it was not him--I'm guessing that's the case, but how should I know?


I don't even want to include this last bit, but I feel I should. This may be taken entirely out of context or be meaningless, but I found this while Googling Thompson.

In a reader's review of Kingdom of Fear he writes (about halfway down the page):

"At its worst, it wallows in some rather pitiful encounters which may have been better left unsaid, such as his flirtation with an 8-year-old Xania."

Anyone here read the book?

Also, he did used to work at or manage a porn theatre, didn't he? Nothing wrong with this, but it's not too hard to imagine coming into conduct with child pornographers at a porn theatre.

Finally, I don't know if it is in the book too, but the scene in the movie version Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where they talk of selling the underage Lucy to a gang of men to violate and beat her for fifty bucks a pop, with pictures of Jesus on the walls seems even darker in light of these allegations.

So, this all said, why don't we stop writing how we feel about Hunter and his writing and how upsetting these allegations are and simply confim or deny them?

12/08/2006 05:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Xania even the name of a child?

12/08/2006 05:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hadn't yet refreshed the page to see your comment. So it seems that the comment appeared as disturbing as it should have.

Oh and in reference to the ex-wife's comment about Hunter's dark side: would we dismiss Laura Bush if she said she left George because of his dark side?

12/08/2006 05:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do you agree that he was given the fake name of Hunter? Maybe that's the most likely explanation, but there isn't exactly a reason to believe so.

12/08/2006 05:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is off topic


could the pyramids have been built from the top down instead of the bottom up?

12/08/2006 05:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the one on the back of the dollar bill...

12/08/2006 05:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I.C. I remember reading Thoreau and pondering how anarchy could be applied to the present conundrum. A few days later at work, a coworker's wife showed up at 9am with tacos she made that morning. They were a buck each and quite tasty. The funds gathered were not reported. The man's laws were completely ignored, and I got a sublime taste of applied anarchy. Each of us, through action or the lack thereof, contributes to this reality.

I know from my readings of Thompson that he was a walking paradox. I will not deify him as any authority because he, on his best day, was seedy to the core. He was an accurate representation of a movement that lost its juice through subversion and hedonism. There was no transcendant quality to his works, just a different manifestation of the base materialism that we are steeping in today.

Jeff, in regards to this entry, my heart goes out to you. These are troubling times and I cannot blame anyone for being pessimistic or cynical. I am sad to see you become polarized by the way others begin their search for truth, but I still respect you and thank you for sharing your insight. I have come to see the only way out of a system that is unjust lies in developing a completely different way of thinking. Hoping for justice in a system that was never designed for it is a form of complicity, much like voting for a candidate you know doesn't represent you on a machine that is rigged. For every white horse dream there are four crafted in the contingency plan.

In my esoteric studies, I have learned the value of not attaching my identity to constructs. While a necessary aspect of my material being, my Ego would clearly love to be the sole commandant of my existence. But learning of the illusion of Self is painful. Aspects of my ego die every day, further displaying the illusory nature of fixed reality and its pathetic approximations. A truth manifested is like a step on a ladder made of ether. We can choose to glorify its physicality or we can use it as it was intended- a step up to yet another step.

I have posted the following quote before, but I felt it was of great importance to post it again. A truth materialized can corrupt one's heart by satiating the Ego. Then come the boundaries and the conditioned polarization.

"Real ability is to respect relative truth without damaging oneself by refusing to realize that it will be superseded. When you observe that today's controversies often reveal not relevance but the clash of the untaught with the wrongly taught, and when you can endure this knowledge without cynicism, as a lover of humankind, greater compensations will be open to you than a sense of your own importance or satisfaction in thinking about the unreliability of others."

- Idries Shah, A Perfumed Scorpion

May peace and blessings reside comfortably at your feet, dear friends.

12/08/2006 06:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes your life isn't going too well
Sometimes it reads like a postcard from hell
I've made my mistakes I suppose you can tell
Some lives read like a postcard
And some lives read like a book
I'll be happy if mine
Doesn't read like a joke from an old Christmas cracker

Kirsty MacColl
Electric Landlady

12/08/2006 07:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 911 part 2 ,911 will lose all relevance to all but the converted.Think Aliens to Alien or Empire Hoth /AT -AT Walker sequence.All will pale quickly into the mediated mantra of monotony.Some of us here could possibly enlist for a just and patriotic cause.

12/08/2006 07:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Proteus...

12/08/2006 08:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and in reference to the ex-wife's comment about Hunter's dark side: would we dismiss Laura Bush if she said she left George because of his dark side?

Best point made on this thread yet, Raul. Thanks for being intellectually honest.

Thompson was especially tough on Nixon, but that's easily explained away when you consider Nixon was an outsider, therefore not off limits.

How critical was Thompson of Senior, or Reagan, or Carter, or Clinton? With the exception of Senior, perhaps, weren't they all puppets, just like GWB?

I can't understand IC's disdain for Ruppert, yet wholesale acceptance of Thompson. As far as I'm concerned, they both stated the obvious, but IC seems to think only Ruppert did, and Thompson was somehow profound.

12/08/2006 08:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were a buck each and quite tasty. The funds gathered were not reported.

Beautiful, but I'm suer none of you will hesitate to have your chests ripped open and arteries unclogged at the taxpayer's expense.

Anarchy great until you need a bypass. Then Socialism suddenly becomes quite appealing.

12/08/2006 08:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The screams of children keep you awake at night."
From the diary of an SS officer at a concentration camp.

Interesting cull from Cryptogon, some thoughts on PKD and Bladerunner:

12/08/2006 10:56:00 PM  
Blogger RobertS said...

Having spent some decades in Canada contracting jobs involving many hundreds of more or less middle class folk, it is my extremely adamant opinion that those people are human material from which a very different and much more wonderful human future could unfold. To an extent exceeding 99%, my customers have been, in relation to me (often a stranger in their house) notably honourable, trustworthy, sensible, compassionate, and surprisingly open to considering new ideas even when tenaciously holding some religious or political conviction that was at odds with my declarations or humour.

What they have typically had is a lifetime of thick wool over their eyes, and nervous systems System-mad-ically
fed big-picture crap, occassional vile jolts, and lots of sedatives. It's disorienting, hallucinating in a fog, while being told fairy tales. And yet, and yet, they smell a rat. And they don't like the way things are going. At all.

And that's where 9/11 comes in. It is, if not the perfect Great Wake Up and Illuminator, a pretty good one. So yah, the "independent" (ah to be alone in the universe) investigation may someday be summoned, but meanwhile people by the tens and becoming hundreds of millions are cluing in on the fact that official 9/11 was treasonous theatre, but that is the small part of it. Oh it leaves people weak-kneed sometimes when they first learn of it, but really, most people, having smelled those rats, find that the easy part to digest. The fascinating part of 9/11/Real is where it leads people. And a frequent in my experience destination is an immediate observation that the media are not talking about it, are filtering it out, virtually 100%. Isn't that interesting. Other obvious questions follow: what other important information is missing? Who controls the media? Do our elected officials know about this?
If they would murder their own people, who wouldn't they murder? etcetera.

The mega-growth of the realization that our System is destroying our life-support system figures very strongly into this.

In short, 9/11 revealed helps short-circuit many people's already frayed fundamantal allegiance to the utterly disastrous cultural circumstance writ large that we are all a part of. Countless people have for years now understood in their gut that our Thing - financial, military, educational, agricultural, energy etc - ain't so hot, to put it mildly. 9/11 the great shared trauma - how many still cry upon recalling
people holding hands dropping from the skyscrapers? - is transformed by 9/11 revelations into The Great Crime and then, marvellously, hopefully, into the great psychic wedge. And we are re-born. And en masse, open to new ideas pertaining to basic aspects of our culture, and determined to leave that sick old place, if not already, soon. To get hung up on the minutae of 9/11 is well a kind of esoteric indulgence, not hard to understand the appeal, but the professional lead-us-astrayers really luv a lot of feathers flying over exquisite details. It's public recognition of more of the big picture that threatens their position. Going by the reaction of people I have spoken to directly, Loose Change for example, for all its warts, convinces people of the essentials: the official story is dishonest; extreme guile and criminality involving the highest reaches of the United States government were on display that day.

Today two Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door. They left me their tormented good news pamphlet, and carried away a documentary film on 9/11, some new ideas, and the title of a book by a theologian, David Ray Griffin. They both shook my hand warmly when they left, although I had mentioned that Jehovah, if the Bible is to believed, was rather too genocidal for my taste.

12/08/2006 11:29:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

The difference between HST and Mike Ruppert?! Thompson made me laugh. Maybe F & L inspires only the latter quality in folks these days, but the gonzo trip was a wild ride for some of us 20 and 30 years ago that was a great deal of fun. Yeah, maybe it was stupidly dangerous--so were parts of the Merry Prankster trip, as another example--but the danger was part of the trip, too. Thompson, to a much greater extent than Wolfe, based his whole schtick on crossing the line between chronicler of craziness to participant/observer. That's how he was able to capture the spirit of those times so well; like all self-destructive writers, he lived them too hard.

Ruppert never moved me one way or another, and maybe it's unfair to compare him to Thompson in this way--he's not an artist. As far as my "wholesale acceptance of Thompson" goes, I'm not sure what that means. I am pretty sure what Thompson would have said if he had ever read such profound (and modest!) sentiments as these:

In many lectures I have uttered another one of my trademarked lines: The human race is now being presented by a dispassionate universe with one test; either evolve or perish. I, for one, have chosen to evolve.

Now that I am in the world and not a “country”, my prayer is that my future adventures for as long as I live will connect me with other world-changers so that we can support and empower each other and all peoples.

A Permanent Goodbye to the United States,
by Michael C. Ruppert)

I also think that Thompson knew that all things pass, including himself and his story. Maybe such esoteric wisdom will come to the world-changer one day, too.

12/08/2006 11:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anon 10:36 is scared into curse words to attempt to conflate everything under the sun in his little spin list in one article...once we hit the Hunter S. Thompson-Rusty Nelson* connection (*White House pedophile photographer--in court documents! his own statements!)

Anon 10:36, while instructing how creative uses of defamation and cursing helps to provoke critical thought (sarcasm), he does well I thought on his verbose arc around the whole issue of Raul's post.

Raul was noting a third federal pedophile link to Thompson: the common Hunter S. Thompson-Ramsey family-Jon Benet issue lawyer use connection.

That brings up even a larger can of worms. Ick. Who introduced who to whom? Or is that lawyer 'trusted' by these scum because he can't rat on himself (being involved as scum himself? Sort of like putting George H. W. Bush in as CIA Director when the House started to investigate the Kennedy assassination....)

Thanks Raul for the comments. I seem to have forgotten that tidbit in McGowan's book. Programmed to Kill is a great read for anyone--to comb for sick corporate media and "open secret" details about criminal personnel recycling that goes on across supposedly hermetically sealed projects from the public's point of view (whether drug muling, to 'running serial killers', to framing murderers, to 'special investigators'), which on McGowan's close observation show one criminal overlord group running all these different projects in the U.S.

With Raul's point from McGowan, that makes three different links between Thompson and the federal pedophiles.

Going once. Going twice. Thrice.

Wait! Do I hear four?

A forth link might be Ruppert's orders (assumption, perhaps poor Ruppert is a victim of some kind of blackmail that drives him crazy?) to spin on Thompson's murder that occurs quite quickly after Thompson started becoming perhaps what would have been 'the' 9-11 activist with many of the seamy underbelly connections.

Let's recall Hunter S. Thompson quote at the beginning of The Avery film Loose Change (from a British interview about American fear after 9-11 of addressing the simple issue of 'who benefits from 9-11'....then bam! Thompson is murdered soon after .

Then we have the bizarre antics of Ruppert, who hijacks Thompson's casket and presides over a false eulogy and 'suicide description' with crocodile tears intersperced with wrestling to the ground anyone asking him what the hell he is doing?

Peace to Ruppert: Whoever the hell he and why he is this way--is it doesn't look like fun.

12/09/2006 03:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whose 'Lolita,' from the review I read
In a reader's review of Kingdom of Fear he writes


Get off the internet and read some books, people!!!!! Especially before supporting outlandish claims against their authors. >_<

12/09/2006 06:36:00 AM  
Blogger sunny said...

Terry Malloy:

How about GWB? Has he "made it?"

Nah, just *made*

Anon @ 3:30:

Didn't Ruppert behave in this manner in regard to Gary Webb, not HST?

And as for HST: if he was involved in elite pedo activities, he had to have been the most unique human who ever lived. He didn't bite the hand that fed him- he positively devoured it.

12/09/2006 10:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RobertS: Nice writing. I hilight this tidbit:

"If they would murder their own people, who wouldn't they murder? etcetera."

Yes. Stone's 'JFK' had its flaws, as does 'Loose Change,' but they got (and are getting) lots of people to, as the hippies used to say, "question authority." And that's good.

Orz: I read lots of books. Nabokov never interested me. I like Kingsley's books way more than Martin's (Time's Arrow was an original idea, but tedious in execution), but it was Martin's review I read, in "The WAr Against Cliche," of Lolita.' Is that a crime? Sheesh. Sitting next to me is my unopened "Against the Day," but first I want to finish "Under the Volcano," if it's alright with you. And, by the by, I did read "Kingdom of Fear," as well as "Rum Diary" and even "Hell's Angels."
I noted the page number of the creepy passage, above.

I'm with Cuttle on HST: few books made me laugh harder than F&L. (The movie was so over-the-top that I actually found it difficult to watch.) Hunter was a very bright man, as was the other authorial voice I deeply miss, Edward Abbey. Both wore their Fuck You personas well, but there was always something more there: wordsmithying that kept you reading, and admiring, and a sense that these guys were on to something important, and were important to read.

Both wrote their best stuff long before the internet. Heck, now everything you could ever imagine is available on line, so it's not as crucial that you locate the books that serve as talismans and runestones. In their days, Tolstoy and Melville were the codex scriveners, but who reads them now, other than for the atmospherics? Or Joyce, or Pound, who were furiously engaged in runestone carving? It's not the 20th century any more... all the
runestones ye seek are just a Clusty click away.

Ruppert, as IC correctly notes, was (past tense chosen) no artist, just a cop-turned-journo, who possibly was following a scripted agenda. Still, Crossing the Rubicon got even more people questioning authority, so I'll keep it in my plus column.

I don't think too many authority-worshipers stumble onto RI. Most of us a long time ago realized that the papers, dey is tellin' lies, and so was Brokaw and all the rest of our fabulist guardians. Kris Millegan's comment that "what we "witness" on this board is active meme warfare, skimishes in a psychological war being waged upon the body politic by elite deviants..." I found interesting. Is he assigning some significance to this board, or merely noting that Jeff and crew are themselves engaged in staring into the mythopoeic kulturcampfire, trying to make sense of the flickering images while not breathing in too much of the woodsmoke?

While we're here, Anon 3:30am confused me by writing:

"Then we have the bizarre antics of Ruppert, who hijacks Thompson's casket and presides over a false eulogy and 'suicide description' with crocodile tears intersperced with wrestling to the ground anyone asking him what the hell he is doing?"

Anon, do you mean Gary Webb's funeral?

Lastly, to Raul: To answer your question: I don't know for sure, of course, but it seems more than improbable that HST, clever lad that he was, would use his real name whilst embarked on such an adventure. And awfully easy for someone around Las Vegas at that time to come up with HST as a fake name. But who knows?

12/09/2006 12:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The horror, the horror, the horror.

Remember what happened in 1992? The FBI and 400 armed federal agents conducted a siege of Randy Weaver's mountain home because of his failure to appear in court to face weapons charges. First the federal agents killed Weaver's dog, then his 14 year old son Sammy, and then his wife Vicki as she stood in the doorway, holding their 10 month-old baby. In 1993 Randy Weaver was found innocent of weapons and murder charges, but was found guilty of not appearing in court on the original charges. The Justice Dept.'s own 542-page report recommended criminal prosecution of federal agents; the surviving Weavers won $3.1 million in civil damages. A federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that dismissed state criminal charges against Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who killed Vicki Weaver. A total of twelve agents were disciplined. None have yet been prosecuted.

12/09/2006 01:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, a conspiracy theory doesn't have to be true to have an effect.

No, I wasn't implying anything significant to this board, other than the topics tackled brings various memes in play. Whether the memes are dis/mis, whether they come from the handler or the end of the whip the play is generally the same. Arena and view simply determine the breadth of the stroke.

And, beyond waking-up is standing-up.


12/09/2006 02:09:00 PM  
Blogger owlindaylight said...

The David Lynch thing doesn't surprise me. One can be a genius, as Lynch clearly is, without being necessarily an intellectual, which he avowedly is not. He's obviously working on different cylinders than the rest of us, and linear analytical thinking isn't his strong suit. I've been amazed at the naivete of many of his statements in interviews, and by things like his onetime support for Ronald Reagan ... he's not the sort who spends much time trying to rationally dissect his own arguments. I've often seen this, with people who are highly gifted artistically and even psychically, but who can't even compose a logical chain of sentences when they try to write.

And about his TM "cultism" as mentioned on the board ... I've long been wanting to make a point I don't think very many people grasp, which is that an integral part of the success of many new age sects is that they possess a very well-functioning *technology* that maintains group adherence, despite having all the obvious structural qualities of a cult. In other words, Scientology *works* to some degree, as does TM. I've seen and heard Lynch talk about what TM does for him, and the *method* obviously has contributed to his happiness and also possibly his success. Maybe this overwhelms for him any concerns about the Maharishi's megalomania, as it may for many Scientologists where it concerns L-Ron.

I am an apologist for neither cult. But if you think that these groups are pure quackery and nothing else, not possessing one bit of truth to keep those masses and their money flowing in, you're as naive as Lynch.

12/09/2006 03:59:00 PM  
Blogger owlindaylight said...

BTW, the earlier comment was not meant to suggest that *all* cults possess a functional spiritual technology. I was referring to those two specifically, as I've heard convincing anecdotal reports about one, and have some personal experience of the other ... and no, I've never given a dime to either. I also have personal experience of the cult of Souther Baptism, which I can assure you possesses no functional spiritual technology whatsoever. Cults like that one are held together by the tried-and-true methods of fearmongering and threat of social isolation, and little else.

12/09/2006 04:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My somewhat confounding question about Alex Jones is further explained in another message I posted on this blog's Back to the Wilderness post. I questioned authority and got labeled and attacked for it. It is not if he voted for Bush in 2000 for president. My question is why did Jones vote for Bush.

12/09/2006 05:15:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Thou shalt not kill. If you are on the wrong side of that coin devalue your currency. Thou shalt not kill. Better to be the victim than feel for the victim or is it a construct made by man to be broken time and again. Thou shalt not kill.

12/09/2006 08:24:00 PM  
Blogger Peter of Lone Tree said...

Has anyone else drawn parallels between Hunter's "suicide" and Litvenenko's murder?

Alexander Litvinenko: The Kremlin Pedophile
By Alexander Litvinenko
July, 05, 2006
(The link has a photograph of the incident.)
"This article was written by Alexander Litvinenko four months before his assassination.

A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin walked from the Big Kremlin Palace to his Residence. At one of the Kremlin squares, the president stopped to chat with the tourists. Among them was a boy aged 4 or 5.

'What is your name?' Putin asked.

'Nikita,' the boy replied.

Putin kneed, lifted the boy's T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called "blank spots" in Putin's biography.

After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute's graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin?

Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute.

The Institute officials feared to report this to their own superiors, which would cause an unpleasant investigation. They decided it was easier just to avoid sending Putin abroad under some pretext. Such a solution is not unusual for the secret services.

Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security Directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.

Interestingly, the video was recorded in the same conspiratorial flat in Polyanka Street in Moscow where Russian Prosecutor-General Yuri Skuratov was secretly video-taped with two prostitutes. Later, in the famous scandal, Putin (on Roman Abramovich's instructions) blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign. In that conversation, Putin mentioned to Skuratov that he himself was also secretly video-taped making sex at the same bed. (But of course, he did not tell it was pedophilia rather than normal sex.) Later, Skuratov wrote about this in his book Variant Drakona (p.p. 153-154).

12/09/2006 08:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anon @ 3:30:

Didn't Ruppert behave in this manner in regard to Gary Webb, not HST?

You are so correct, and thanks for setting me correct. I apologize. (Though at least you knew!) I heartily remove that suggestion and submission then as a drifting late evening post.

12/09/2006 11:15:00 PM  
Blogger foist lastus said...

“Sort of like putting George H. W. Bush in as CIA Director when the House started to investigate the Kennedy assassination....)” I don't think it went like that, here is article I am referencing Down to One

…President Ford was under pressure to dump his veep (Nelson Rockefeller) from the 1976 ticket and Ford's chief of staff, Rumsfeld (Cheney was his deputy there, too), coveted the job. But a potential rival was another ex-congressman, ex-United Nations ambassador and currently ambassador to China: George H.W. Bush. So Rummy engineered Bush's appointment as CIA director. Bush felt trapped into accepting — and furious.
"It's a graveyard for politics ... ," he wrote his three brothers and sister. Offering his reluctant acceptance to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the elder Bush lamented, "Your message came as a total and complete shock ... I see this as the total end of any political future."…

12/10/2006 01:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to stitch back this Ruppert thread here, because it seems that several have an interest in continuing it. Plus, there's some odd things about the administration of "Genesis"-named corporations in the U.S. as front operations it seems.

From this other Ruppert related RI post, "Back to the Wilderness,"

comnent on the people who own the broadcasting of Jones and a whole lot else 'dissent' radio. I added the bold:

"I was a semi regular listener to the Alex Jones shortwave radio show on Genesis Broadcasting station prior to the 2000 presidential elections."

reply comment:

Another odd thing worth checking out, is the "Genesis" word in a lot of controlled media in the U.S.. See:

The 'Genesis' of the Adnan Khashoggi Wing of the 9-11 Truth Movement (infiltration)
author: hopsicker with commentary

This is an interesting assortment how many of the false [or merely self-limiting and directed] 9-11 truthers like Ruppert (and surprisingly, Barry Zwicker gets later caught up in John Gray money ("Men are from Mars" book ), and John Gray money and his book's popularity came from international drug lord Kashoggi's operations). Thus below is a summary of the twisted tale of the "Genesis" of the infiltrated side of the 9-11 Truth Movement, the [many] Genesis-named operations in a convoluted money trail of Adnan Kashoggi. Kashoggi's organizations have simultaneously taken to hawking "anything that needed to be hawked" for psyop purposes from John Gray's "Men are From Mars" books (with its Kashoggi connections), to perhaps (...Hopsicker leaves this open, though it would make intuitive sense for the 'genesis' of this branch of hawking as well) various other PGI Corporation connections to Ruppert ("perhaps the largest tax fraud scam in U.S. history"), to of all things the Hale Bopp Comet Cult itself keyed off by 'false reportage' of the same 'Genesis'[-named] off Kashoggi. Second, there is interesting information on the SAN DIEGO and TAMPA aspects of the false flaggers--which had Kashoggi networks around them...

The main theme is the implanted artificial culture industry and its main vehicle--under Kashoggi networks? With a different 'subsidiary' for each operation, each named "Genesis" Something? Read on. "...let's begin our journey with a visit to the psy-ops murk of 'Saudi Genesis'."

12/10/2006 01:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for why Bush Senior is crying, It finally makes sense to me.

Bush Senior is crying strangely over Jeb--when talking about Jeb losing in 1994. So while the idiot mental runt George W. that is completely despised the world over in the present, Senior is crying over something that went awry back in 1994.

And it just clicked why after reading this perceptive comment here:

Jeb was the anointed one, but the loss in 1994 let W slip ahead, with the disastrous results now obvious to all.

Bush Senior most assuredly wanted the intelligent fascist Jeb instead of his plan B grade idiot in Texas, who was intentionally sent to Yale to prop up the fool with Skull and Bones networks that in the final anslysis were still unable to sponsor him to any success during his administration. It's like the French say "start with bad ingredients, you can't make anything taste good."

George W. and Bush Senior have always hated each other as well, and fought like cats and dogs, so I'm sure that level of embarrassment and frustration is coming out about George W. in his mind while he is crying over a path untaken with Jeb back in 1994.

Video of Bush cry.

Another perceptive comment there:

Strange to watch a fuc*ing Nazi cry. Because that is what they Bushes have always been since Prescott Bush--lock stock and barrel.

Only in America can unpunished treasonous Nazi war criminal families that are bisexual pedophiles be sold as 'born again Christians.'

12/10/2006 03:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Owlindaylight...

There are certain facets of group action that can, under certain conditions induce quite direct results in reality provided they are tightly focussed enough and with a specific enough goal or target in mind.

Never, by any means, underestimate the power of "belief" or what almost anyone can do if it ever becomes absolute in their minds even for the briefest of moments.

All limits in human terms are strictly temporary and self-defined untill we discover some means or another to break through them...hmmm?

Sometimes such breakthroughs happen completely by accident and so those accidents themselves become deliberately repeated to reproduce the same effect. These are what form the basis for most rituals, chants, invocations and the like. Repeated repititions are like a recording stuck in a groove only in this case it is our thought processes themselves that are temporarily interrupted. The mind will wholeheartedly and quite desperately cling to any idea presented to it.

In such cases that all important power of belief is immensely strengthened by the group effort while any tendency towards disbelief far more completely dispelled because a trance state is being induced through the very use of those same rituals and methodical chants. The key if you will that causes them to appear to work.

Now any genuine effects that do result from these kinds of practices can be ascribed to "consciousness", but they are very much an unatural, almost back-door type of access. A "break and enter" into it without any real respect or regard for either what it is or what sort of adverse effects can rebound from trying to deliberately "use", or perhaps I should say "abuse" it in such a fashion. It is quite fundamentally a two-way street.

Any traffic, so to speak, can only briefly held back on one side before it runs over whoever or whatever is attempting to hold it back. The longer it goes on the more serious the injuries that cannot in any way be avoided.

Now we ourselves are an ongoing production of that same consciousness at work directing the same kind of energies in order to form what we are as well as the events we participate in. There is a natural buffer that maintains the integrity between those two.

Those energies willing flow towards whatever they are most strongly attracted towards and individuals can lose far more than they bargained for by way of "returns". In short the ends will resemble the means on both ends of any interfering proposition.

So that interfereing with or interrupting of that natural flow particularly for any questionable motives can open a very wide door to unwanted "side-effects" which cannot be managed owing to what is involved and the level at which it takes place.

Changes that can result in personality distortions and disorders that can occur in those individuals where the personality itself begins in a metaphysical sense within them. Changes they cannot even recognise let alone ever put back to their original state...hmmm?

Such psychic disturbances and injuries are never completely healed or recovered from regradless of how successfull any "de-programming" or "exorcisms" or psychiatric methods are. They cannot fix from the outside what was done on the inside and there is quite literally and figuratively no way to get inside of that primary inside state itself.

The intent behind what forms our individual personality itself is uniquely our own. If we lose any portion of it there is no one that can possibly tell us whatever it was since we alone were its sole posessor.

So the personality involved always has to quite literally be re-built after such ordeals. Many parts of their original personality cannot be retrieved for they are simply no longer there nor anywhere else to be found.

Now the effects that can be produced under such group conditions are essentailly a sort of a "Fonzie-effect" if you will, like that TV character's ability to bash a pop machine that never failed to deliver a coke when he wanted one or his favorite tune out of some idle or even broken jukebox.

It works simply because it does. In his case for no other reason than he was "The Fonze", the "why?" of it really isn't and can't be understood for much the same reason as it generally can't when it occurs under such supposedly "spiritual" influences in real life.

People don't rightly understand it because very few even have a basic concept of reality that can even encompass such a phenomenon much less understand what buttons they are actually pushing themselves or how they're doing it.

Nevertheless they are doing it themselves, of course, but they are really unable to believe or comprehend that so they more than willingly accept and ascribe it to some higher power or supernatural source...God...a guru...spirits...mystical and magical rites...the Devil...or any combination thereof and of course most cult leader's themselves also believe that for the very same reason too.

The more they can seemingly produce effects the more they tend to believe that or the misconception that they've discovered some profound truth.

That of course is the power and mistique that keeps many cults, including some quite religious ones, going and the kind of hold they can exert over some people's minds.

Individuals surrender up their own power to one they believe to be the greater never realizing that it is they themselves that are the actual source of things appearing to be that way.

Now whether we choose to believe it or not, our thoughts, feelings and desires, just like everything else, are made up of energy at their source and certain portions of them are constantly propelled outward towards generating events by the intensity of whatever our genuine "intent" for having them happens to be.

Taken altogether they initiate the flow of activity at the quantum level that primarily determines how human events unfold. The collective consciousness we are completely unconscious of.

You have to remember we all do this without ever recogising or even believing that such a process can even exist. We have quite enough trouble on our hands as is because of that primary ignorance and the reckless irresponsibilty that comes from it.

It is by no means in any way separate from ourselves so there is no control possible beyond controlling ourselves and the vast majority refuse to either understand or admit that to themselves. They will have their cake and eat it too even if it kils them... and they're always surpised that it does!

Consciousness is the precondition of our condition. Our senses cannot sense themselves, our thoughts come into our mind fully formed but what are they first before they acquire those chemical clothes that allow us to have them? Indeed what are we ourselves beneath our own chemical clothing?

So this simply goes on all the time and naturally there are all kinds of conflicts and cross purposes between all us very unique individuals that either negates, diminishes or radically distorts whatever events do turn up in a quasi-consensual reality as a consequence.

Any genuinely observable similarities that link our thoughts with what actually happens around us are immediately written off to freakish co-incidence or flights of fancy.

To ever even suggest otherwise is to invite more trouble than it is generally worth so most tend to simply avoid thinking any more about them beyond that.

Trance states, however, are hardly ordinary nor are the kind of conditions necesary to create them. They can compell a very single minded purpose behind a group effort as well as commanding powers of concentration from them they cannot otherwise produce towards directing that purpose at an equally specific target. What's more there isn't a shadow of a doubt that it won't produce the desired effect. A very potent combination that has no "normal" equivalent.

The underlying impetus directed towards the formation of a corresponding reality is both far more powerfully formed and the higher the specificity of a target the leass chance there is of any typical interference.

To the extent that can be accomplished, some reasonable facsimile of whatever is expectated can very well be created.

That is not to say that completely bogus ones can't be produced by other means or quite natural occurences simply "re-interpreted" to suit when they aren't...hmmm?

Both types are at work out there. We don't usually hear about any of the more "real" types if we can dare to call them that, so the tendency is to believe that they are all somewhat fraudulent or that there are more entirely reasonable explanations to account for any of their claims.

Individuals can also seem to perform well beyond what they think of as their normal abilities or capacities by essentially hypnotizing themselves into it... filling in the gaps in their self-confidence, banishing any worrysome doubts and giving themselves a single-minded directive to stay focussed over and over again.

The abilities there too are simply their own, but once again their ususal lack of belief, in this case in themselves, undermines their normal abilty to fully use or apply them.

Most "personal power" type self-development courses rely on much the same type of thing. Repeating and re-inforcing personal directives towards specific goals and cutivating an absolute belief in them and so-on.

It is all explainable but oddly enough those who deny the larger truth of it think of themselves as "realists" when they are no less ignornat and superstitious in what they base that assessment on than the supposedly superstitious people using their superstitious mumbo-jumbo to affect the same causality physicists are calmly talking about over their coffee.

I'm afraid we have very long way to go before it ever gets straightened out or properly understood and even more still before we can treat it with the kind of utmost care and importance it truly deserves.

12/10/2006 11:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silverfox, what's with the "hmmm?"

You come across like some cheap hypnotist.

Just my o.

12/10/2006 12:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ash globe illustration is extraordinarily chilling. One of the best you've done, Jeff.

12/10/2006 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Why, indeed, did the old Nazi cry? Strangely, serendipitously humorously even, there's this short clip of France's les guignoles performing their priceless parody of our Nazi leaders singing a benefit concert for the relief of their sins called, appropriately enough, We F*ck the World.

Has anyone else noticed that the Right is deflecting its Nazism (especially its historical Nazism, the stuff that ties the Bush clan to Hitler, as well as the connections between Nixon, the Dulles brothers, and rabid anticommunists like Joe McCarthy with Nazi war criminals) by saying, "Yeah, yeah, that tired old canard--sure the Republicans are Nazis, hah, hah!" and that they're succeeding at it? It has become a cliche to call these monsters Nazis, the sort of thing that muddle-headed pot-smokers might say. The irony is that there is a pot connection to this underground river of American Nazism.

If you go back and read R. William Davis' classic Shadow Of The Swastika series, you'll find, in the final installment, The New World (Dis)Order (Part III), a clear, undeniable cause & effect chain between those WWII American Bushista Nazis and the birth of the National Security State. Long before Eisenhower's famous warning, there was FDR's:

"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling power.

"Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing."

Why is it that the antidemocratic nature of the corporation can't be addressed anywhere except among the fringists, like us? (Well, that's a rhetorical question, obviously, since everyone knows that the mainstream media is owned by the same corporations that bring us death & destruction along with the booming of their bottom line...)

Still, it just strikes me as most bizarre that we even have any sort of "political discourse" when we're not allowed to talk about the central fact of our political life. Instead, we have Ann Coulter trying to resurrect Old Joe while even among the greybeards of the Left the background mantra is Mick Jagger telling us that we killed the Kennedys...and we're starting to believe it, when it's clear as day that a Bush killed the Kennedys.

So maybe a refresher course in the real American History, even for the converted, isn't a bad idea once in a while. It's a great ride, a sort of Hunter S. Thompson's ride to hell (without all the fun drugs, mind you...well, there are drugs, but...) Along the way, you find golden bits of the real Americana, like this one, describing what was going on in the Nixon White House while we were all singing "Four Dead In Ohio":

The Republican/Nixon attraction to Nazism was also observed by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone, authors of the book, "High Treason," dealing with the Kennedy Assassination. Groden and Livingstone write: "Nixon surrounded himself with what was known as the Berlin Wall, a long succession of advisors with Germanic names: We recall at the top of his 'German General Staff' as it was also known, Haldeman, Erlichman, Krogh, Kliendienst, Kissinger (the Rockefellers' emissary) and many others.

"The selection of German names was no accident. Many of the brighter staff people close to Nixon came to him from the University of Southern California, and the University of California at Los Angeles, where there were fraternities that kept alive the vision of a new Reich. America has for a long time harbored this dark side of its character, one of violence and the Valhalla of Wagner and Hitler.

"But Gordon Liddy was the one in whose mind 'Triumph of the Will' was the most alive. Some of these men would watch the great Nazi propaganda films in the basement of the White House until all hours of the night, and drink, in fact, get drunk with their power, with blind ambition, as one of them wrote."

The section on Bush is by far the most important, however; this is the link between the machinations of the American Nazis in the '30s and today's Surrealpolitik. Naturally, it's also the story of spies, inflitrations and front men. For my money, the one to keep an eye on is James Woolsey. He's everywhere these days, although nowhere more suspiciously than in his attempt to co-opt the Green Revolution. He's deeply involved with a group called TAI (The Arlington Institute) which has some very weird ties to "Daniel Pinchbeck, the author of 'Breaking Open The Head' and '2012: The Return Of Quetzalcoatl', on the subject of 2012 and what he sees as the factors that point to major changes occurring around that time." I've quoted my buddy Big Gav here, as he's done some great work looking into these connections, which also extend to Terrance McKenna and even Jeff's Full Spectrum Dominance and Chant Down Babylon.

Woolsey is also the spokesman for the industrial hemp movement, which raises all sorts of hackles--it was the American Nazis who first conspired to outlaw the evil weed in the '30s, so as to set up the illegal Narco Empire and its legal (if immoral) cousin, the Petroleum Empire. Chemurgy (the carbohydrate economy) is poised to finally make a comeback, just in time to save us from the highway to hell of the oilmen we've been on...with Woolsey leading the effort, who can doubt they'll succeed (just like they did the first time around)?

So what is the old Nazi crying about? That his personal dynasty is failing, that the petro/narco criminal syndicate is doomed? Methinks they've got other tricks up their many sleeves. They are an octopus, are they not?

12/10/2006 12:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You never know, IC, maybe Woolsey's a stoner. That might explain a few things...

I picked up Bill Kauffman's "Look Homeward, America: In Search of Radical Reactionaries and Front-Porch Anarchists," instead of Pynchon's formidable tome. Opening it at random, I came to a chapter on Carolyn Chute, the author of "The Beans of Egypt, Maine," a minor best-seller, and whose 4th book, "Snowman," ended her career by saying distinctly controversial things about Freedom's Land. Kauffman quotes her talking to out-of-work millworkers in southern Maine: good stuff:

"Our only interdependence. We need to start saying "no" to jobs with big business and their products...whenever there's a choice. We need to rely on each other. We need to support each other...whatever's left of your small businesses and farms, your tradesmen. To hell with buying American. Buy or trade with your neighbor! Buy from that FACE not the brand name! Do this whenever there's a choice, even when it costs a little more. What price can we put on our freedom?

...For thousands of years we grew our own food. In two or three generations those skills have been stripped from us. SCHOOLING HAS DONE THIS. And we condoned it...this reverence for the white shirt, the desk, the clean hands, the books, the computers, the bucks, the conveniences, the "good job" somewhere else! How many survival skills do your children have? How many kids today can provide for themselves food, tools, clothing, warmth...?"

IC, does this fit with your vision of solidarity? It fits with my plangent call to "avert thine eyes" from Imperium, to turn off the tv and stop listening to the lies of the illusionists. Or, at least, stop believing in them.

Like Kauffman notes, the game we the people seem to be currently losing might have actually ended 60 years ago, but there are some things it might be better we don't know.

Like Silverfox's "Fonzie magic." I always thought that the Coke can appeared because I was watching a television show, and there was a stagehand standing behind the fake coke machine dropping the can on cue.

Or did I miss the point?

Woolsey is a Rhodes Scholar
A nickel to a dollar
A member of PNAC
Driving hope right off the track
Now he wants us to bomb Syria
So we can all inhabit his private deliria

Here's a quote from Woolsey's 2002 speech, "WWIV:"

"We also have to remember who we are. We are creatures of Madison's Constitution and his Bill of Rights and we have to step by step, intervention by intervention, remember both that we are Americans and under a Constitution, and that we are at war and some part of that war is here and now.

Those are very hard choices. One by one. My personal judgment is that none of the decisions so far made by the Administration goes beyond what is a reasonable line of taking strong action domestically against terrorism because the Supreme Court has historically been extremely tolerant of the Executive, but especially Executive and Congress moving together in times of crisis and war.

In the Civil War, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus even. In World War II, of course, we had the Japanese-Americans even put in the relocation camps in the western part of the country.

In World War I, there was some very draconian legislation also upheld by the Supreme Court. And nothing that has been done so far by the Administration, of course, even remotely approaches any of those. But we do have to be alert. We do not want in the mid-21st century people looking back on us having made some of the kinds of decisions that, for example, were made to incarcerate the Nisei, the Japanese-Americans in World War II and saying, how in the world could those people have done that?

But this country can do some ugly things when it gets scared. And one thing to remember about the incarceration of the Japanese-Americans in World War II is that the three individuals most responsible were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the then Attorney General running for governor of the State of California, Earl Warren, and the man who wrote the Korematsu decision which upheld the constitutionality of the acts, Hugo Black. Roosevelt, Warren, and Black, of course, were not famous for setting up concentration camps. They were names from the liberal side of the American political spectrum. But even people who say they have those values can do some ugly things if they are scared and they believe the country is scared.

What we have to do is manage this domestic war in such a way as to move decisively and effectively against terrorist cells and those who support them and at the same time, make sure that we don't slip into extraordinarily ugly, anti-constitutional steps. This is not easy. But nobody promised us a rose garden. And it will in some ways, I think, be one of the hardest aspects of the war."

Well, habeas corpus is gone, our privacy is gone, and the preznit can have anyone he likes arrested. So I guess we kinda ignored that part of Woolsey' caution. Big surprise. And who's doing the scaring in the first place?

But let's bomb Syria anyway.

The last line of Woolsey's speech is the funniest (he's addressing the bad guys, doncha know):

"We want you to be nervous. We want you to realize now for the fourth time in 100 years, this country is on the march and we are on the side of those whom you most fear, your own people."

Ha! He explicitly articulates elite fear: "...those whom you most fear, your own people."

In the end we will be saved, like Robert Frost said, by "insubordinate Americans," who laugh at these crap-spewers and shove it right back in their faces.

Long live America. And save us from the fake patriots who wish to conquer and enslave us.

12/10/2006 02:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Anton Mesmerized by all that is insignificant in life..

If that is all you have to say about the several hundred lines I wrote what more can I add except to say that if there's anything cheap at all around here it's that exceeding poor shot you just took at me...hmmmm?

(Silverfox raises his left eyebrow demurely and questions whether or not the last string of words he has just written can be recieved with the same kind of understanding that he wrote and intended for them and abbreviates the doubt that enters his mind in relationship to this and all that it implies to him with his own unmistakable little ending of "...hmmm?")
....hmmmm?" LMAO

12/10/2006 02:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as Hunter S. Thompson is
concerned, I don't belive one
witness makes a case. At that stage
of abuse ,anyone could have made
him think anything. Much like Mark
David Chapman's irrational hatred
of John Lennon. Your told what the
target is and you attack. Maybe
he mixed Hunter up with James
Carville(?!). Anyway, Hunter
was one of the best writers of
his generation and you'll never
take that away from him.

12/10/2006 04:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silverfox, don't take it personally. They're only symbols on a screen.

Fonzie would hit the Coke machine with his faux-Brando fist and a Coke can would appear. In Dr. Strangelove, Col. Bat Guano shot the Coke machine, and American money gushed forth. The magical appearance of the Coke can betokened the Fonz's "coolness," an ineffable priesthood of the leather-clad initiate, foreign to the well-scrubbed and gawking natives of Happy Days. Bat Guano's oafish naivete personified the rube chump against which the civilized Peter Sellars could land his arch, exasparated punches. Both symbols served to entertain and, in their small ways, inculcate lessons--that cool gets the Coke can, the bullet gets the coin necessary to summon the American president.

Both symbols seek, in Baudrillarad-speak, to vanquish the "desert of the real" into which we had all been thrust. But, as he taught, even upside-down, the fable is useless. Or was it? Whereas the Fonz, the man-child in the suburban jungle, was a slickster accretion of the Imperial id, Bat Guano was and is forever a figure of lampoon, a symbol, in very fact, of the absurdity of imperial dogma.

Today the charm of the abstraction has vanished. Real people undergo real tortures. Eugene Debs' treasonous utterance, that "The Master Class has always declared wars, and the Subject Class has always fought the battles, which caused the "liberal democrat" Wilson to send him to Federal prison (whence he ran for president himself, winning a million votes from his prison cell), is just as true today. Are more people able to identify that truth, thanks to Col. Bat Guano? Probably. Was Kubrick able to derail Empire? Hardly. But he gave us one cool trope by which to poke fun at it, yes?

That I understand. But I must ask, Silverfox, what you mean when you write,

"Now we ourselves are an ongoing production of that same consciousness at work directing the same kind of energies in order to form what we are as well as the events we participate in. There is a natural buffer that maintains the integrity between those two.

Those energies willing flow towards whatever they are most strongly attracted towards and individuals can lose far more than they bargained for by way of "returns". In short the ends will resemble the means on both ends of any interfering proposition."

Do you mean, Silverfox, something similar to what Baudrillard wrote, when he noted:

"In this passage to a space whose curvature is no longer that of the real, nor of truth, the age of simulation thus begins with a liquidation of all referentials - worse: by their artificial resurrection in systems of signs, which are a more ductile material than meaning, in that they lend themselves to all systems of equivalence, all binary oppositions and all combinatory algebra. It is no longer a question of imitation, nor of reduplication, nor even of parody. It is rather a question of substituting signs of the real for the real itself; that is, an operation to deter every real process by its operational double, a metastable, programmatic, perfect descriptive machine which provides all the signs of the real and short-circuits all its vicissitudes. Never again will the real have to be produced: this is the vital function of the model in a system of death, or rather of anticipated resurrection which no longer leaves any chance even in the event of death. A hyperreal henceforth sheltered from the imaginary, and from any distinction between the real and the imaginary, leaving room only for the orbital recurrence of models and the simulated generation of difference."

Is that what you meant?

12/10/2006 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Or is it huhhhhhhhhhh???????

Anyway, that was a supercilious eyebrow you raised.

I saw it.

12/10/2006 05:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pity the subcilious eyebrow.

12/10/2006 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

No doubt Woolsey follows the blogs. Part of the matrix thing I suspect. My experience with public outbursts of heightened emotion would be in the docket. Just to get away with it. Ahhh there's the rub..
Case stayed.

12/10/2006 07:59:00 PM  
Blogger RobertS said...

Anon 1.54 AM, re: Kashoggi's Genesis, "Project Genesis" also refers to an idea associated with Yukinori Kuwano, of Sanyo Electric: a "global energy-infrastructure project [which] would interconnect the whole world's [sic] electric grids through superefficient, high-capacity, intercontinental transmission lines. (from Travis Bradford's "Solar Revolution") Solar electricity's global logic: Sun up, thus people up and using lots of electricity, while far over the horizon, sun down and people snoozing and using less electricity.
Not exactly my decentralized utopia, but ... sounds clean. er.

IC, "High Treason" features an appendix by Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 62/63, he who on Coup Day was marooned in New Zealand, reading a newspaper in which damned Oswald was pictured and featured Too Early. Can't keep track of those time zone warps, no-how.

Which reminds me of Bertrand Russell's question: (roughly put) So, ah, how come the warrant for Oswald's arrest for the murder of officer Tippit was issued before Tippit was killed?

They were in a real hurry.

Oarwell, Oh yes, "[they] most fear", [their] own people"! Poor tyranny - such insecurity. So many enemies: any decent person.

12/10/2006 09:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I saw Poppy Bush cry I immediately thought that he has suffered a series of infarcts, or minor strokes, which tend to cause depression, especially in older people. Emotions lay close to the surface and you cry at the least of things. I personally do not think he would ever cry about his plight in life regarding his sons. Rage, maybe, but not tears. Now, being married to Barbara.......THAT'S a reason to cry!

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." .......attributed to Freud.

12/11/2006 12:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally do not think he would ever cry about his plight in life regarding his sons.

I thought your idea about infarcts or something like that might be a variable though to be fair to us all, we really know much more about this. Permit me to trace a little Bush family history here:

However, I do venture some multiple level of meanings was going on in his mind that cascaded into the present condition he sees around him that became more than he could bear' It's the word 'defeat' in his speech that he could not even say. It was that word that made him sob uncontrollably. He tried to say 'defeat' several times, and couldn't get past the huge emotion of that word in his mind. Probabaly a scary word as well for someone who has a string of crimes leading to his and his family's door from WWI war profiteering onward.

Bush Senior was recounting a Bush family "d- , d- , d-, deFEAT!"-- the first unravelling failure of 1994 concerning pushing Jeb at the Florida Governorship (did you know that Jeb's Lt. Gov. in that race was involved as a CEO of a vote machine company...).

So he's frustratedly rattling and sobbing on publicly about Jeb still losing in 1994, while certainly what is more pressing in on him are present implications of his other son who ironically did become the eventual sponsored choice Bush family vehicle to 'succeed' while Jeb, a real Machievellian mastermind in FL, never got a chance at the federal level. Jeb was the one who 'hosted' his baby brother president during 9-11, and Jeb reportedly was the one to personally be at Huffman Aviation within 24 hours and overseeing the bundling of all the documents onto a C130 for flying it out of the country.

Meanwhile, clueless baby Bush isn't even wanted 'in the way' in Washington by Cheney, who sends him on a goose chase flight pattern to Omaha.

So the hood ornament of baby Bush is wrecking the Bush family entirely, regardless of generations of planning and plotting and work to put them there.

That, for an old man, to see his own family ultimately destroy him, who loves his family more than anything in the true Mafioso sense, must be hard form of betrayal to bear that his family "fucked up" after all he did for it.

Baby Bush, by serving as a lightening rod drawing toward all Bushes the awareness that they slid to power on generations of crimes and have only expanded them in the past five years, is not how a good 'legend' is created and maintained.

I would venture that a family in high criminalty like the Bushes and in the intelligence services value most of all a combination of [1] the importance of the trust of their peers to keeping a low profile about truth as well as [2] loving the ego-stroking of having a high profile about their legend as a selfless national servitor--since after all they are just criminals without that legend. And are just criminals that point the fingers at all their close friends as well, which fails to make them very popular right now.

Baby Bush has inverted that legend, toward something more truthful: he a "raw Bush." He's smashed their legend as patriots, and in turn smashed their level of mutual trust in the intelligence community.

Their whole family is damaged goods now among people and families they have known for generations, and they know it.

Baby Bush destroyed the whole Bush legend: the sordid things they have been involved in for generations is coming to light as people keep poking around wondering "who are these idiots and how did they get this bad and so protected?". And in the past several years with the internet and many films and books, there is a much larger audience willing to entertain the facts about Bushes killing Kennedy(ies), Bay of Pigs, sponsoring Nixon, drug dealing, Bush/Clinton as one family, of operators, MKULTRA, intergenerational pedophilia, Bohemian Grove, Nazi traitor banker wealth, eugenics, etc.

If you were on 'the dark side,' which depends on that darkness to survive, you would really be hating the Bushes right now for being a symbol of bringing this to light and being careless blundering idiots to call attention to everyone else.

With their 'legend,' they rose 'as public minded figures' to the top, and now with it dashed, GHWB gets to see his whole life's work built on that false legend first be unmasked, though even worse, completely unravel toward what might be a perpetual global hatred for his whole family that will be remembered for centuries.

To call someone a "Bush" will become a stereotype for a special kind of moronic, inbred, privileged, libidinous, psychopathic, treasonous lowbrow of the upper crust, the kind that can't even ride a gyroscopically balanced Segway without falling off, much less form a complete sentence without acting like a stand-up comic.

Instead of remembering Machiavelli, or the Borgias, children will be taught about the dangerous lessons of "beware of the next Bush" for years to come.

GHWB knows he will be remembered as siring a family of pretentious, shallow minded hypocrites, traitors, pedophiles, and male prostitute using White House residents--father and son. What were the Illuminati thinking back in 1988 in supporting him back in 1988, as the '' writer (who comes from these families like Svali) indicated years ago.

Looking back on his family's astounding reversed trajectory in the past several years, he's probabaly frusted that his power couldn't completely 'fix things', and given that it had always fixed things in the past, GHWB probabaly is sobbing that he wishes that there was more that he could have done or should have done. He would blame himself for both Jeb's failures and George W.'s failures, because both of these are just Bush Senior proxies. He steered both the TX and FL campaigns, and was very open about doing so in Texas. The first thing George W. does when elected on stage for the first time as Governor in TX, is (it is amazing to watch and really pitiful) run and hug his father, burying his little head in the crook of his father's shoulder like he is about 10 years old and about to cry that he owes his father everything, while Bush Senior sort of pats him on the back with a sighing look on his face like "well' we have to make the best of this with what son's we have." And when George W. was elected once more as TX governor, well over 40 years old, he did the same little "hug me daddy! sob! I'm nothing! I love you and hate you!" sort of thing and buried is face in the crook of his father's shoulder once more.... GHWB's son is basically attempting to tell his father that "I'm out of my depth here, dad, and scared" though his father keeps pushing him on and on...saving his businesses, arranging his investors, arranging his governorships, etc.

GHWB is full of self-recrimination, as he should be. He is entirely responsible for what his sons became. And in for pushing one of them "too far", it's come back to haunt him. And to pay him back, and as a reflection of his own work, the "out of his depth" one has completely destroyed the Bush family.

With all GHWB did, it is coming to nothing, and turned on the least favored son of his who destroyed them all, and it's likely more than he can bear.

There will be no more powerful Bushes, ever.

No one will ever trust them with any level of public power.

12/11/2006 02:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This says it all.

71% of U.S. disapprove of Bush handling of Iraq in AP-Ipsos poll, Bush stays clueless...

Just a little more to show you aren't alone and that a huge majority disapproves of Bush re Iraq... "More Americans than ever say President [sic] Bush is doing a pitiful job with the war, and an almost equally overwhelming number of people think Iraq won't turn out to be a stable democracy, a new poll showed Friday. A whopping 71 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush's handling of the war, while only 27 percent say he's done a good job, according to the AP-Ipsos poll. The hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, and the thousands of dead and maimed U.S. soldiers were unavailable for comment.

"Some lawmakers who spent time in meetings Friday with Bush described him as being in denial and clueless about the American people's desire to see U.S. forces return home from Iraq. "He has yet to get the message the American people sent him on Nov. 7," said Rep. Joe Crowley, D-New York, referring to the watershed midterm elections that ended GOP control of Congress. However, Pelosi foolishly thinks that putting her little pinky finger in the dike will keep out 71% of the U.S. wanting a complete policy change to bring the troops home from a huge lie.

12/11/2006 02:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon above, that "Kentroversy" site: do you know anything more about Capt. Eric May? He was part of the 3/7--wasn't that also the outfit of Bain, the "Global Oil" CEO-madman in Nelson DeMille's novel "Wild Fire?" Custer's old unit?

Is May for real?

kudos for this graf:

"To call someone a "Bush" will become a stereotype for a special kind of moronic, inbred, privileged, libidinous, psychopathic, treasonous lowbrow of the upper crust, the kind that can't even ride a gyroscopically balanced Segway without falling off, much less form a complete sentence without acting like a stand-up comic."

So why is Jr. trying to brush off the Baker report? Double-reverse gender Oedipal blowback?

12/11/2006 11:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the Kentroversy website, I don't know the particular thing you are talking about. Another quote:

"So why is Jr. trying to brush off the Baker report? Double-reverse gender Oedipal blowback?"

Despite my overpsychologizing above, which I think is called for in this father-son relationship between them, I would always be skeptical of people (myself included!) who attempt to explain everything exclusively from a psychological viewpoint.

For a hypothetical country where the GNP is perhaps 1 billion or so every 100 years, perhaps psychology approaches makes more sense.

However, for trillion-dollar-war budgets of the United States in just the past several years, if psychology ever got in the way, I mean really got in the way once more (similar to how both Kennedy or Nixon attempted to get 'independent' simply because they [mistakenly] thought they were the President*), they get removed quickly by triangulation fired bullets in the most perfect example of a palace coup, or by CIA ops to extricate them alive when it serves another purpose (and yet another Presidential assassination "so soon" would look even more suspicious.)

Thus I doubt that this whole thing can be explained by psychology, though it is fascinating that is attempting to be spun as simply that way.

Let's face it: people are making billions, the U.S. economy and stock market is embedded in the military corporations' 'market pop', and the Bush family actually gets more money from 'their failure'--which is a financial success the more a 'failure' it is--regardless of how it is to be soap-opera serialized as some 'intransigence' by Bush.

Bush isn't in control, he never has been in control of anything. He probabaly doesn't even know the background of the people he has inked his paw print to authorize their appointment in the past six years.

He's out riding bikes when DC is under rogue airplane red alerts a year or so ago. No one bothered to tell him anything. That's the real power situation in the U.S. right now. The military is going around the President and it's own actor. Bush's detailed study session of a five year old reader, "My Pet Goat", when the U.S. was under attack back on 9-11 is another example.

If the real plan was to turn Iraq into a WWIII staging ground (as Richard Perle used to happily chortle in public about it a year or so ago, saying that "don't worry, our children will write glorious songs about us" if we start WWIII), then "Disaster Accomplished" should have been the sick real celebration banner on that aircraft carrier.

Another economic theme: following Greg Palast, if the real plan was to "work with OPEC" and shut off the oil, then "Disaster Accomplished" is working to plan once more:

Title: Keeping Iraq's Oil in the Ground, Since 1927: Did U.S. invade to tap oil or to sit on it?

Date: 2006.06.14 10:28
Description: Detailed history of administrating the price of oil with some extra comments. Instead of pumping it, what is key is making money off it which can be completely opposed to pumping it as the case may be...This is an excerpt from Palast's lastest book of investigative journalism, _Armed Madhouse, with extra comments to some previous IMC links. "The oil majors had a better use for Iraq's oil than drilling it--not drilling it. The oil bigs had bought Iraq's concession to seal it up and keep it off the market. To please his buyers' wishes, Mr. 5% spread out a big map of the Middle East on the floor of a hotel room in Belgium and drew a thick red line around the gulf oil fields, centered on Iraq. All the oil company executives, gathered in the hotel room, signed their name on the red line -- vowing not to drill, except as a group, within the red-lined zone. No one, therefore, had an incentive to cheat and take red-lined oil. All of Iraq's oil, sequestered by all, was locked in, and all signers would enjoy a lift in worldwide prices....This systematic suppression of Iraq's production, begun in 1927, has never ceased."

Except when Mossadegh attempted to do so in the 1950s--and he was removed by the (oil majors) of the US/UK intelligence services working together.

Saddam attempted the same, and moved over the Iraqi oil to Petroeuros--and he was removed, and one of the first things Bremer did was to put Iraq back on Petrodollars, I believe.

GHWB and surreally, the U.N. may have been responsible for burning up all the oil fields to stop Iraqi production after the decision not to go to Baghdad then. After all the U.N. peacekeepers, Inc. 'authorized' (they have no such power!) a ten year seige warfare of Iraq after their 'authorized' (they have no such power!) attack on Iraq.

US Special Forces member admits U.S./U.N. set Kuwaiti Oil Fires in 1991

Date: 2004.11.25 09:21
Description: During the past six years, the American Gulf War Veterans Association has received numerous reports from veterans stating that US forces--including Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, and Delta Force--were responsible for the setting of the oil well fires at the end of the Gulf War. One veteran has now stepped forward and given a detailed account of how he and others in special teams, moved forward of the front, behind enemy lines ahead of US forces, set explosive and incendiary charges on the well heads, and remained hidden until after the charges were remotely detonated and US forces advanced beyond their position. "We were mustered into the briefing tent at which point a gentleman whom I first had thought to be an American... but I was concerned because he was wearing a UN uniform and insignias, began to brief us on the operation." We've had five, four other reports of people similar that have brought this to our attention." A little known fact about the Gulf War is that one month before the Declaration of War on December 15th, 1990, Secretary of State, James Baker, signed the US Army report from the 352nd Civil Affairs Command on the New Kuwait (unclassified, and therefore available to those interested). This report describes in detail how extensively Kuwait will be destroyed, how the oil wells will be set on fire, and then how it will all be rebuilt 'better than before', with despotism, rather than democracy, even more strongly entrenched than it had been before. The report includes a list of US corporations who are to be assigned the profitable task of rebuilding Kuwait and extinguishing the oil well fires, as well as the Arab names they will be operating under." The Bush's corrupt scheme included driving from Kuwait competing energy companies such as the giant Deutsche Babcock conglomerate... [This driving out the competition theme continues: it reeks of the 2002 secretive Cheney "energy planning documents" planning U.S. energy with a list of foreign energy corporations interested in Iraq, long before U.S. invasion there]


Only President Bush and his inner circle stood to profit from the ravages inflicted on Kuwait's petroleum installations, these sources have confirmed. "Bush, his sons and his cronies began to scheme to make vast personal fortunes from rebuilding Kuwait's infrastructure as soon as the Gulf war began -- even before it began," confirmed Rieter DeJongh, a Wall Street energy trader.

First oil firefighters, based in Texas , the home of President Bush, were enriched by putting the fires out. Next, construction firms had to rebuild the wells, then supply firms had to re-supply the sights. The Bushes corrupt scheme included driving from Kuwait competing energy companies such as the giant Deutsche Babcock conglomerate, which was bidding on a number of contracts coveted by the Bush consortium.

[This was the same plan as the "Cheney Secret Energy Plan of 2002", to drive out other international competitors from Iraqi contracts that the Bushes wanted to get. Plus ca change from 1991 in Kuwait to 2003 in Iraq.]

In the consensus of these sources, the economic consequences of wreaking devastation on Kuwait were clear: Iraq would have to pay for the damage -- it is doing so right now -- while President Bush and his people would profit from it. "I'd say that, all in all, the evidence tells us pretty convincingly the order to set Kuwait's oil fields afire must have come, not from Saddam Hussein but from Bush," concluded DeJong.

*(Nixon, who wanted to centralize drug interdiction/intelligence in his White House office instead of the CIA--and that huge plum would NOT be allowed; soon thereafter Nixon was removed. There was a lot more going on, particularly if you believe Skolnick's view on how to easily be president without an election legally in the U.S. the last ditch dream of Nelson Rockefeller famously quoted as "I never wanted to be Vice President of ANYTHING!"--An interesting view there at the link). However, the former point on 'who has the drug money--the President or the CIA'--is an interesting financial one. It would have broken the camel's back (or bank), and led to Nixon getting removed quickly, particularly because he was desperate to find some money to pay off Hunt quickly who was about to talk about "that Bay of Pigs" thing [Nixon's tape code for the Kennedy Assassination; and who ended up paying Hunt for Nixon? Bush's main main Liedtke.] The drug jurisdiction angle--the President or the CIA as a major financial and intelligence showdown that Nixon lost--is argued well by Hopsicker in Barry in the Boys.) And the non-irony that GHWB was the first to call for Nixon to step down when GHWB (CIA) was head of the Republican National Committee then.)

So for the billions, no one's going to let psychology get in the way of that kind of stuff, unless as a distraction....

12/11/2006 03:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You might well consider that all the objects and events we see in reality are actually no more or less "symbols" that we create for ourselves than these letters and words we are using to discuss and describe them here.

Neither is inherently any more real or abstract or purely conceptual, for that matter, than the other.

The medium of reality is of course different as are the means by which information is both transmitted and recieved through it but the actual process by which we read and understand those objects and events or whatever we think they mean is really no different at all.

Now any information I am presently transmitting to you is neither a characteristic of these individual letters nor the words or sentences they appear to make up.

Clearly they can carry it but they quite obviously are not "it". So where then is the information?

These symbols we call letters are only able to do what they semingly do because we have any number of pre-arranged and well established conventions and rules regarding their use and quite specific definitions we have to mutually agree on in order to communicate our thoughts to one another through them.

Now as familiar as we all are with words we are by no means conscious of how we actually translate our thoughts into them or how we juggle a staggering array of symbols in order to pick just the right ones to express any given thought.

We also have no conscious knowledge of how we translate words back into thoughts and then store them or make them our own either. We do not consciously know how we manage to think for that matter.

Now these are all extremely complicated tasks we simply do without any need at all to be aware of them. It should not come as any genuine surprise then that there might be other more complicated tasks we perform in much the same fashion - such as the constant creation of our physical environment as a method of communication and expression.

12/11/2006 09:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon above, thanks for your further thoughts. The site I was looking at was

which talked about

"GHOST TROOP is a group of patriots who have come together to prevent future false-flag terror attacks from happening inside the United States." They claim several successes, and are spearheaded by a former Army intelligence officer named Eric May.
Wrong website?

Silverfox, thanks for that interesting response. I know that there are those who argue that computability theory, when applied to formal language systems, does not allow computability over all human languages. Have you heard of the Halting problem?

"Given a description of a Turing machine and its initial input, determine whether the program, when executed on this input, ever halts (completes). The alternative is that it runs forever without halting."

It can be demonstrated that it is not possible to construct a Turing machine that can answer this question in all cases.

The only way for a machine to know is to run the program and see if it halts. If it halts, then you know. If, though, it doesn't, then you cannot know if it ever will. The language of all possible Turing machines paired with all possible inputs is not recursive, and therefore the "halting problem" in non-computable, or, in mathematical terms, undecidable.

Yet humans can easily solve similar non-recursive problems. Human brains are decidedly different in this ability from all conceivable computers.

Did words precede thinking? Although it seems obvious that proto-thinking occurred before words were understood, before there were phonemic "thoughts," of what did those thoughts consist? It is quite difficult to imagine such protothinking as being anything other than the remembrance of visual input. If one wanted to think of fire, one thought of what fire looked like, without using a word-symbol substitute. But how to communicate this concept? Imitative sounds were presumable the first sources of phonemic vocalization: if one wanted to express the concept "cave bear," one made a growling sound like a cave bear.

From such building blocks were languages slowly constructed. And although modern men do not "consciously think" of thinking, it would seem to me an enormous step to imagine that we create our physical environments by thinking. Although I think Samuel Johnson's refutation of George Berkeley's philosophy simple-minded (he kicked a rock to show that it is real), the principle still applies. The world of matter is very different on a quantum level from what we perceive, and when viewed at the Planck-distance level we see (according to the string theorists) nothing but complex foams, but that still doesn't mean that we "create" the physical world by our thoughts.

Rocks and every other material appurtenance are symbols of a vastly more complex quantum reality, yes; but I'm afraid (of what?) that I'll need more convincing before I can "think" that human brains create them.

I'm old-fashioned, and think that prayer (or focused mental effort) "works" through an intermediary, who in fact did create the physical world with his/its mind, and is capable of altering it at will. Wicked people (our greedhead elites) do wicked things by focusing their wicked minds on wicked ends. They kill to steal oil, but they don't create the oil.

Or, again, am I completely missing the point of what you are saying? I was intrigued by what you wrote earlier, that groups like Scientology have learned certain aspects of systems that work. I'd be interested in some more specifics of what you mean by this.

12/11/2006 10:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like this.

"The first essential teaching of Scientology is that "reality is basically agreement" or "reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence" which Crowley expressed as "The universe is a projection of ourselves; an image as unreal as that of our faces in the mirror ... not to be altered save as we alter ourselves" The controlling power of thought, or will, is evident in both systems, Crowley has it "we can never affect anything outside ourselves save only as it is also within us.

Both men believed that truth is unobtainable in the material world. Crowley expressed it thus "There is no such thing as truth in the perceptible universe". Hubbard said "The ultimate truth ... has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wavelength, no time, no location in space, no space."

Hubbard's concept of the "thetan exterior" - operating apart from the body is found in Crowley's "interior body of the Magician" which can "pass through 'matter'" . Both systems seek to get the spirit "out of the body"

Crowley said "Evil is only an appearance ... like good", where Hubbard said that "goodness and badness ... are ... considerations, and have no other basis than opinion"

12/11/2006 11:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record:

Bohemian Grove is not "near Sacramento", it is about 60 miles north of San Francisco, in Sonoma County, in a very small town called Monte Rio.

Monte Rio is just outside of Guerneville and is right on the Russian River.

I used to live there.

At the time I lived there (1981), I had "no idea" what was rumoured to have been going on in "the Grove". All I knew - and all the people around me knew - was that it was some sort of government-type place that 'bigwigs' spent time at.

I never knew anybody who worked there as a waiter or busboy or anything.

Just thought you might appreciate a different perspective.

12/11/2006 11:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, I do not know his source yet, gave me a name of a book entitled "Oahspe,", "Book Of Saphah." This book allegedly was written automatically by the author and has to do with the rites and ceremonies in all ages of the earth. It sounds just like the ceremony that was caught on tape at Bohemian Grove by Alex Jones. Oahspe, Book Of Saphah.

To anonymous 1:54:

Thanks for your post. This "Genesis Something" is an excellent exposure. It's sick but is now known by more people. There may be a tie to the Anti-Communist, White Supremacy network of Rev. Moon and others with Genesis Something. Many of the radio hosts on Genesis Communications Network were preaching that Bush-Gore, during the 2000 elections, were Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The twin brothers in Alice In Wonderland. They were exposing the corruption of Gore and Bush equally. Then in unison about 2 weeks before the elections they said that Bush was the better choice. If Gore was to be elected it would be bad right from the start. If Bush was elected then we had 2 years before things would get bad again. It still is somewhat a mystery of why they did this. But your message adds more to this puzzle. Thank you again.

12/12/2006 11:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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