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Monday, August 6

Harmonic patterns in salt

Enjoying a long weekend while working on a proper post, hopefully for tomorrow.

"It is necessary to regard the universe as consisting of vibrations. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects and densities of the matter which constitutes the universe, from the finest to the coarsest; they issue from various sources and proceed in various directions, crossing on another, colliding, strengthening, weakening, arresting one another, and so on."
- Gurdjieff, In Search of the Miraculous


Blogger plectic said...

I remember seeing some old hand drawn images (possibly 15th or 16th Century) of patterns caused by vibrations. Pythagoras was also aware of this too.

8/06/2007 09:08:00 AM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...


Remember you asked me about how I knew your name? Well, I can't exactly tell you due to “recrimination,” however I did want to mention that it's my absolute total favorite name on the planet. As a tribute I have posted a picture of us on my blog:

My darling, the beautiful music we make together is starting to “vibrate” finally!

Your Eve

8/06/2007 10:22:00 AM  
Blogger Qlipoth said...

This very sequence is used to illustrate how sound was "frozen" in the Rosslyn Chapel carvings (and then "melted" back into music when rediscovered very recently):

"The Rosslyn Stave Angel - Music Cipher" (YouTube, 4' 40")

More on cymatics here:

And this little film is quite uncanny -

- it shows vibrations producing something that looks very like a fertilised egg dividing, and then like a primitive living creature.

8/06/2007 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Martini's all around. This blog is blowing the doors off all the other truthers. The egregore is alive and well.

The "why Minnesota" question of motive has plausible legs Mr. Gumbie. You and your brother Daryl and your other brother Daryl wearing the skirt will have to go back to the drawing board. Truth has prevailed and prevarication has failed.

Jeff..enjoyed the salt lick. My inquiring mind wonders if there is some way of "remembering" the past history of resonance. Larry King had the 20 year old camp leader/hero on his show last night. He repeated his observation that the bridge deck was shaking while the children were jumping off the back of the bus. about your dumbing down the public. Physics is being shredded by all the lies.

8/06/2007 12:25:00 PM  
Blogger The Way It Can Be said...

Vibrations, resonance, strings, membranes, quaata, waves.. if these phenomena are the medium and mechanism in which, and by which, the universe is created then the equivalent of the "sound" is the creative force and the sustainer of the forms.. and what might that be but the manifestation of own our will and intent and motivation and desires.. we will the universe in being and we sustain it..

Evan Palmer
The Way It Can Be

8/06/2007 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

The army and navy are taking over the bridge site as we speak. There must be an artifact in the structure that needs minding. Prolly the bolts holding the parts together will show "chatter" as the vibration built up. The bolts that popped would be in the water. If the divers were looking for bodies would they need metal detectors?

8/06/2007 12:34:00 PM  
Blogger CuriosityShop said...

Salt and light
Music and good vibrations

One interpretation of salt of the earth is that it orders the audience to take part in the world rather than withdraw from it

Salt itself, sodium chloride, is extremely stable and cannot lose its flavour, so salt that has lost its flavour cannot ever literally refer to actual salt. The most common explanation for this is that salt in the era was quite impure, not only due to extraction methods, but also due to unscrupulous merchants mixing it with other substances. Hill has proposed that the metaphor is quite aware of salt not being able to lose its flavour and hence being salt of the earth implies that the audience, once having heard the message, will never lose their influence or importance. The words translated lost its flavour actually translate from the Greek as became foolish, but the Aramaic for both phrases is the same, and English language translators universally accept that the verse is talking about flavour rather than intelligence. Some scholars do however feel that this may be wordplay related to the Rabbinic use of salt as a metaphor for intelligence.

Audience particpation?

Knock, knock
Who's there?

"This Little Light of Mine" is a Negro spiritual, themed on the importance of unity in the face of struggle. Under the influence of Zilphia Horton, Fannie Lou Hamer and others it eventually became a Civil Rights anthem in the 1950s and 1960s. Over time it also became a very popular children's song, recorded and performed by the likes of Raffi in the 1980s.

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.......

IC - hope you are on the mend

The Living Water Vortex transforms your tap, filtered or bottled water into biologically active living water. * The Living Water Vortex Jug simulates the self-cleansing spirals and vortices of a lively mountain steam. * The motor-driven impeller induces into water a powerful natural vortex. * This restructuring and energising of the water lasts about 36 hours. * Limescale deposits are reduced when using energised water in your kettle or steam iron. * Plants (indoors and outdoor) love energised water. Test it on your pets, with one bowl of 'damaged' and one of 'living water', and see which they prefer. * Danish research confirms how the Vortex Jug cools, softens, cleanses, oxygenates, polishes and re-energies the water; chlorine is evaporated. * The Living Water Vortex Jug and it's parts are guaranteed for 12 months. It puts into practice the Schauberger Eco-technology principles, using a solid silver impeller driven by a compact motor housed in the screw-down lid of the 2 litre jug to create a beautiful vortex right at the base of the jug. The motor has a timer which cuts off after 3.5 minutes. The improved water quality is maintained for about 36 hours. The Living Water Vortex stabilises the water's acidity (or pH) at 6.8. You can test this by adding a little vinegar to make it more acidic; then after the vortex operation the pH will return to 6'8. Oxygenation of the water helps to balance the over-acidity of many processed foods. / Comment; "The Living Water Vortex Jug has to be the most intriguing product I have ever tried. A solid silver, leaf-shaped paddle projecting from the lid of the jug stirs two litres of water anti-clockwise for about four minutes, producing a powerful vortex which brings the dead, chemically polluted water we get out of our taps back to life. Hard to believe, I know, but of the dozen people I blind tested, eleven preferred the taste of the spun water, and the other had a cold. I have had the Jug at home for several months now, and water consumption by my family has soared from the odd glass to around 4 litres a day. This probably indicates, as the makers claim, that the body needs water which is restructured in this way. - John Adams, Permaculture Magazine, product review"
video a perpetual motion machine
powered by sound

8/06/2007 01:09:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Someone beat me to the draw on the cymatics videos, great. I keep searching for someone to replace the 3 HOUR cymatics presentation that was once available through Google Video. It was a documentary introduced by inventor of the medical device the "Cymatic Instrument" (google it up), Dr. Guy Peter Manners, who is British and who was inspired by cymatics (and a Yale University researcher who noted that certain organs had different frequency resonances), to invent a device that mimics healthy organ frequencies. This device emits a series of programmable harmonic sounds from a speaker that is placed against the body. That's the total treatment: telling the DNA or body to vibrate sympathetically this way for health once more.

If Jeff is interested in the Sheldrake stuff and morphic resonance, note that Sheldrake's take off point is 'what is the origin of form?' If these images below of the lycopodium powder can be understood to be gigantic grains (compared to actual tiny grains of cells or molecules themselves), then bodily cells would be that much more sensitive to various long term vibrations around them, particularly in aqueous solution.

The argument in these excerpts below hopefully still can relate that the origin of form (instead of coming from genetics in the raw), may have something to do with vibratory standing waves in matter on the molecular level, or set up by DNA itself? Let's recall the whole vibratory (biophotonic light) aspects of DNA as well, building the materials and then vibrating 'it' into self-assembling forms as well? Food for thought.

The Cymatic Instrument is the audio version of the Vibe Machine, invented by Gene Koonce (another great video to watch, about 18 minutes). The principle of the Cymatic Instrument and the Vibe Machine both have a lot to do with 'righting the vibrations' (which are simultaneously electrical potentials) in different bodily organs. (However, it seems that Koonce was totally unaware of cymatics or the Cymatic Instrument when he was inventing his machine, though came to the same bodily 'conclusions' and method through electromagnetism, instead of audible sound. Same frequencies issue).

The Vibe Machine version taps, hits, and raises the amplitude of natural bodily intracelluar frequencies when you are near it (these frequences are supposedly around -.7 DC volts or something, it's in the video). It was discovered that lower than that, in the body, is a sign of disease or onset of disease, and really low intracellular frequency is a sign of cancer and near death and when cells start to die. Koonce decided that "well, if we can help the body to achieve that healthy intracellular electrical potential, then the body can heal itself' so to speak. There are lots of studies being done now on the Vibe Machine in major universities in the USA (and in Canada Health Ministries at Ottawa), and in the U.S. Army.

Back to cymatics.

I wish that the whole 3+ hour interview with Dr. Manners would be replaced somehow. I have a Google Video copy of all the parts of it about a year ago before it was deleted--though Google doesn't allow uploading their own format, strangely enough (i.e., they delete it and they don't want people replacing something they had once, seems to be the intention?).

Dr. Manner's introduction is very dramatic.

Cymatics - part 1 - Bringing matter to life with sound - 1/3
9 min - Jul 15, 2007

Cymatics - part 1 - Bringing matter to life with sound - 2/3
10 min - Jul 15, 2007 -

Cymatics - part 1 - Bringing matter to life with sound - 3/3
9 min - Jul 15, 2007

(If you like these, I suggest downloading these before they may be deleted as well.)

8/06/2007 02:40:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Jesse Jackson's Newest Staff Member... You can't make up stuff better than this! ??

Mel Reynolds

Jesse Jackson has added former Chicago Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds
to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's payroll. Reynolds was among the 176 criminals
excused in President Clinton's last-minute forgiveness spree. Reynolds
received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year federal sentence for 15
convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud, and lies to the Federal Election
Commission. He is more notorious, however, for concurrently serving five
years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer.

This is a first in American politics: An ex-congress man who had sex with a
subordinate...won clemency from a president who had sex with a
subordinate...then was hired by a clergyman who had sex with a subordinate!
His new job?

Ready for this??

*********YOUTH COUNSELOR********


8/06/2007 03:15:00 PM  
Blogger Qlipoth said...

Mark, those videos are extraordinary. I could see caterpillars, trilobites, amoebas, backbones, snakes, manta rays, spiders' webs, swarms of maggots, advancing armies, and god knows what else... yet it's all just the result of sound applied to inanimate matter. There's something profound going on there.

8/06/2007 03:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I ma gnittis ereh ni ym skoorB srehtorB srexob, dna I nac yldrah niatnoc flesym.

M'i gnikcip pu doog snoitarbiv...s'ehs gnivig em snoitaticxe.

Gnileer dna Gnileef,


8/06/2007 08:03:00 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

According to Wonkette, Scientologist volunteers, decked out in their matching yellow shirts, descend upon disaster sites like zombie ants on a brain picnic organized by vulnerable survivors of a terrible tragedy with money to burn, and now they are here, in Minneapolis, on the scene of the I-35W disaster.

I saw them in Aceh, after the tsunami, where I found them to be not either useful or harmful, and they lacked the logistics and aviation assets that most of the radical American evangelical organizations seemed to possess.

Some day they will get serious an elect a President, and then they'll get all the USAID money.

Apparently, with all their hooks in Hollywood, they are good for only a flashy presence on the ground with (local?) volunteers in matching t-shirts or getting their star leaders to say things and pose for iconic photos in magazines, but they are not yet a world class conspiracy. For that, you need faster response times that only fleets of military class cargo aircraft can deliver...

8/06/2007 09:19:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

I've been reading the RI boards on the Theresa Duncan incident(?)

I've learned a few things

a. Never ever enter an internet gopher hole unless you're an immortal who can afford to waste precious lifetime for a pay-off that amounts to nothing more than time wasted.

b. My wife & I are perfectly justified in refusing to grant our children their own access node to the world wide web of lunatics, liars & psychopaths.

c. There are huge gobs of intelligent, yet apparently useless fucks, who have nothing better to do than screw with people's minds. Really, anyone whose sole contribution to humanity is the creation of ARGs should be given a shovel & pointed to an incredibly large ditch that needs filling . A few years of sweat & back breaking labor would, if nothing else, keep the little hyperactively sociopathic shits out of trouble.

d. The Global Brain is even more fucking paranoid than I'd ever imagined.

e. After a few hours wallowing in this infectious diseased ridden tv screen with type, one finds oneself equally plague ridden.

Witness this post by Dream's End (nothing insulting meant here Mr. End, just using it as an example):

"The plot line may track back through the groupie culture of the seventies, involving underage girls exploited for sex by rock and roll stars."

Which instantly made me think of this from Omni the Banned:

"However, when one like me comes to know that Rockstars and Roadies frequently have sex with children and I find it out before I even get the chance go backstage to see it for myself, I am not exactly welcomed by the grease-balls who run the shit, nor am I very excited to get involved with that kind of sadistic, viscious, creepy mafia? You, Richard?"

Does this hint at a connection?

Is Omni "in on it?"

Or, could it just be another strange coincidence?

But, most importantly, why should I care?

I suspect that if Theresa were 300 lbs., with bad acne, & her boy friend didn't have that "rock star" look about him, not nearly as many people would give much of a shit whether they offed themselves or not.

"There seems to be a click, whirr response to attractive people. Like all click, whirr reactions, it happens automatically, without forethought. The response itself falls into a category that social scientists call halo effects. a halo effect occurs when one positive characteristic of a person dominates the way that person is viewed by others. The evidence is now clear that physical attractiveness is often such a characteristic.
Research has shown that we automatically assign to good-looking individuals such favorable traits as talent, kindness, honesty, and intelligence. Furthermore, we make these judgements without being aware that physical attractiveness plays a role in the process."
Robert Cialdini

My wife & I have been discussing our monetary situation & attempting to gleen ways to cut expenses. One way was severing the cable tv/internet connection. While we've come to no firm decisions, I'm now thinking that getting as far away from this huge, in slomo's words, internet ARG, could be nothing but beneficial.

William Burroughs said:

"This planet could be a reasonably pleasant place to live, if everyone could just mind his own business and let others do the same. But a wise old black faggot said to me years ago: "Some people are shits, darling."
The mark of a hard core shit is that he has to be right. He is incapable of minding his own business, because he has no business of his own to mind. He is a professional minder of other people's business.
On the other hand, a Johnson minds his own business. He doesn't rush to the law if he smells opium or pot in the hall. Doesn't care about the call-girl on the 2nd floor, or the fags in the backroom. But he will give help when help is needed. He won't stand by when someone is drowning or under physical attack, nor when animals are being abused. He figures things like that are everybody's business."
(Although I'm pretty sure that Bill would find sodomized teenage boys in the ignore/be a johnson category, especially if one were in Tangiers.)

How can one possibly tell, from links & text & spiffy photos, the difference between shits & Johnsons, truth & lies?

I'm not sure I care enough to actually try anymore.

In the spirit of Bill Burroughs & sodomized teenaged boys everywhere I'll give the RI addicts here something from Dreams End's blog that will probably start many tongues a-wagging.

"Well, I was surprised to learn that, according to Jamie, “Nathan” is none other than Johnny Gosch. In fact he has several other alter personalities as well, including the much discussed Jeff Gannon, AKA Jeff Guckert, the alleged former male prostitute who came to public notice by not only getting press access to Presidential press conferences but to the White House itself. Naturally, I have written Gannon in order to get a comment.

Here is Jamie Cheney’s description of all this, printed as received:

Nathan is one of Johnny Gosch’s personalities. I saw Johnny about 7 times before he left the Indian reservation in Minnisota (you know that state where the bridge collapsed). Let’s just say that Johnny and I are “the marriage of two scandals.” And let’s just say that Johnny has two children.

Jeff Gannon is one of Johnny Gosch’s personalities as well. And Jeff has abandoned Johnny’s family. And Johnny is pissed. So Johnny through Nathan, gave me the anagrams to post on R.I. because he knew that after Duncan published her diatribe about Gaskell on her blog and basically said she was a mind controlled slave (you know like Johnny), she was going to get hit….fast.

I mean it’s crazy but the whole thing is true…Jeff is Johnny and Johnny is Nathan and Nathan used to be called Raven but he changed his name when they got to Washington. It seemed innapropriate.

I also received a photograph of what appears to be a young Johnny Gosch in front of a blue, castle-shaped birthday cake. The fact that the pic was in color was important to “nathan” as he suggested no one but Gannon could have it, as it was sent to him by Noreen Gosch in order to “spur his memory” or something along those lines."



Or more bullshit?

That's up to you folks to decide because I find that I just don't fucking care anymore.

& frankly, that's the first healthy thought I've had in the last 24 hours.

8/06/2007 09:27:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...

(Knot) just another are so awesome and funny. I hope your lovely wife appreciates your sexy brain.

Shrubbery - I adore it when you talk nonsense to me. No really...I love it, I'm going to disrobe now and think of only semi-holy things ;)

8/06/2007 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Gee Oms, since you repeat yourself, I will too>

just_another_dick said...

Y'know Oms, that's exactly the kind of shit that I imagine runs through the mind of a beetle, flipped over on its back, & futilely waving its little legs around as it waits for someone to step on it.

Good to see you back.

8/06/2007 04:10:00 AM
just_another_dick said...
By the way Oms, can you only channel Plankton from Spongebob or do other cartoon characters speak through you as well?

Personally, I'd like to see you try a batshit crazy paranoiac rendition of Scooby-Do.

Now how would that go.....?

"RI rucking rick rass rand rove re rit rout rof ryrelf, rand rou ro roo, runress rou're ra rucking rassrole rand ron't radmit rit, rhen rou ruck rass rand rould re rilled ry rilent rings."

8/06/2007 04:22:00 AM

So, duuuuuuuuuuude, do you come on here every night while dad's asleep, quickly shove a soon to be deleted post in, and then slink back to your hole?

My advice: get a life.

Or do you always take rejection so stalkerishly?

8/06/2007 10:46:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...

Yes...and Omni, if I might compliment the sexy brain of (Knot) just another Dick:

please DO NOT interrupt me with your no-purpose-negative-spew while I am doing beautiful semi-holy things with my delicious knight in shinning armour Sir Shrubbery.

Forever your my Shrubbery,

Your Eve (look at me in the grotto <><>)

8/06/2007 10:53:00 PM  
Blogger EarthCitizen #23 said...

Vibrational Magick might make sense to some of the more 'rational' thinkers out there if it were viewed with quantum physics and an acoustical understanding. My training in forms of ceremonial magick consisted of many hours of practice of the proper vibrational tone of 'words of power' and assuming 'godforms' which is basically wrapping oneself in the Egregore/Tulpa of a god or goddess.
{And yes, this method works even for atheists}

Aleister Crowley wrote the 777 collection of Correspondences which gives gods, perfumes, metals, colors that VIBRATE to the same psychic/'physical' vibration. It is a great volume for exploring items of the same vibratory nature.

My personal form of magick has more to do with the butterfly effect upon matter than with 'spells' and other forms of transformation. The Idea in a nutshell is this:
Everything Vibrates.
All the Vibrations resonate to similar tones. (Like attracts like)
If you take a piece of matter(example a rock) and infuse it with an egregore/tulpa, its vibrational pattern grows.
By MOVING said piece of matter, from one location to another, (WITH INTENTION) and in(space/time)the world is forever changed.

The butterfly effect takes over to effect a "CHANGE THE UNIVERSE".
It can sort of snowball into the 'physical' world very quickly in the right circumstances.
I have used this basic method for over 25yrs with some very good results. Actually, my life is built around this system, and if it turns out to be a placebo effect,,,, well hell, all I know is that it works damn well.
The problem,
There are alot more 'butterflies' out there than you would suppose, so at times it is Tulpa against tulpa, egregore against egregore and ... a single object that when moved.
[one of the reasons I think this does work for me is the fact that I have shown this method to others and have used the same two items {imbued with their respective egregore} for well over 25 years. The 'conversion' of others to regard this as a legitimate form of magick has added 'power' to the process I have been developing basically by feeding my tulpa/egregore items the energy they need to grow. They now have a life of their own and many of my friends know and understand the concept of CHANGING THE UNIVERSE by having watched me perform my simple but far reaching ceremony/ritual.

as always,
just babbling,

8/06/2007 11:26:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Since "occult science" or occulted science comes up a lot in these parapolitical networks, heads up for some interesting reading which might be called:

"Electrogravitic Cymatics": The Anti-Gravity Effect

The implications are that 2D and sometimes 3d audio cymatics effects are pretty much what happens in the 'quickly tuned' 3D space torsion interactions that meet and then pass by various thresholds in high frequency electrogravitics (i.e., antigravity effect, Huchinson effect, and if you believe it the Nazi Bell, and the Philadelphia Experiment):

"So what happened with both the Bell and the Philadelphia Experiment? Here we have two experiments based on similar principles, completely cutoff from each other due to wartime secrecy...and yet they produce remarkably similar results. The key, I believe, is that these are both true torsion fields, in that they bend the fabric of time-space into a variety of shapes.

Dering suggests that folding space-time is a bit like origami: lots of shapes, and they have different effects. Some of these effects can destabilize nuclei, creating radiation -- others create a back EMF effect that can't be shielded. On a larger scale, these same effects can create Antigravity, jellification of metals, and things spontaneously disappearing from our reality (like the Eldridge). Basically, Dering is describing a basis in physics for the Hutchison-Effect."

from: "The New Nazi Bell" at

I would read the other one first ("Einstein's Antigravity" (based on his Unified Field Theory of electromagnetics and gravitation).

Another interesting point. Hutchinson demonstrates in some videos a huge block of bismuth metal moving around. On Bismuth from that same article:

"So the Bell story itself is nearly all John Dering, and the Philadelphia Experiment story is a combination of Dering & Corum. These guys are both really sharp, and both have great memories. They haven't talked to each other in over 7 years, but when I cross-referenced their stories, I didn't even have to take notes from Corum, since his phrasing was identical to what Dering had told me. Same story, amazing as that sounds...They found some interesting tidbits about this that nobody else seems to have picked up on. First of all, Dering claims that Bismuth was important to the accidental effects causing the melting-decks and other anomalies in the Philadelphia Experiment, due to the role of Bismuth acting as something similar to a transformer core for gravitational-effects.

I've heard that unpaired nuclear spin might be the cause for this, but whatever the case, Bismuth has been part of the folklore for nearly 100 years as being important to gravity-effects. Dering claims that it was present in the DE 173 Eldridge to increase the flexibility of the hull-welds. It was a good, non-toxic material to use during wartime construction, and didn't compete with lead (used for bullets) in the military supply-chain. They were building ships so fast that the hull-welds were cracking, so they added Bismuth as a softener to solve the problem. Thus, the ship was shot-through with this substance, and the gravitational anomaly was contained or amplified as a result."

8/07/2007 02:43:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

ILC, so Wonkette considers that Keith Ellison is a terrorist. Good to know that the 'liberals' are using their minds in such a productive way. How much are those credentials worth anyway? Do they trade on the stock market?

ericswann; Nice Mel Renyolds riff (and info).

My (stunningly beautiful) wife said to me in a observational tone, "You just like like to make people uncomfortable". Ah, my truthtelling sweetheart.

What I like is getting, mine and others, synapses to fire in ways that define a healthier relationship to reality. I practice by observing the relations between sound sequencies and tonal projections on the one hand, and experience on the other.

If something is not working, you can step back and find the place where the wrong step was taken. Because of pride and insecure ego, most people do not take this chance to examine and correct their projections.

We see only shadows of substance through our intellectual constructs, yet substance can be felt by anyone at anytime. To look for meaning in shiny transitional objects, will one day be seen as the height of lunacy.

Until then, I remain yours truly,

One Crazy Fucker

8/07/2007 10:06:00 AM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Wonkette is not serious about anything, but gives away a lot about what many pundits and extremists on all sides think about things, and reports some news - he focus is usually D.C. events, but the editor is from here.

They have a pretty big reader base, so they are a larger butterfly flapping in the breeze.

If peace people and progressives can laugh a little about the fact that conservatives, the pro-Israeli lobby, elements of the Minneapolis police department think Ellison is a terrorist, or that Dennis Kucinich is a Keebler Elf, if we can laugh, we can be successful at remaining peaceful longer...

My credentials are a joke, always have been. My handle is actually a quote from a centrist or possibly a sabateur of the Democratic party (the unfaithful delegate in the MN electoral college who voted for Edwards, not Kerry for Pres. in 2004?). That guy was trying to establish rapport withh me the night before he ran an outcome rigged county convention electing himself and his machine to the state convention in 2006.

8/07/2007 10:33:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Thank-you ILC, I see what you are saying. I guess I do not get out much, as I have little to do with political discource.

It is a rain day for me, so I was linking around a bit , and came across this via Ran Prieur.

This is quite similar to my way of thinking, and can serve as an oblique response to EarthcitizenScott.

Sorry for any spelling errors. Word is not working for me right now.

8/07/2007 01:00:00 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

BBC Reporter Explodes On-Air At Church Of Scientology Spokesman
(Associated Press, ROBERT BARR, May 14, 2007 04:07 PM)

From another Barr story(same date):

Panorama‘s editor, Sandy Smith, said Monday he was "disappointed" by Sweeney‘s outburst but added that the Church of Scientology has "no way of dealing with any kind of criticism at all."

Sweeney refused an invitation to visit the church‘s headquarters in Florida, Rinder said.

Sweeney said his outburst came while he was touring a Scientology exhibition in Los Angeles, "Psychiatry: Industry of Death." The exhibit included a mock-up of a Nazi torture chamber, he said, adding that he lost it in the "Mind Control" section of the exhibition.

Rinder said the material in the exhibition came from psychiatric archives. "It‘s all documentary and its all on video, that‘s why we did it," he said.

8/07/2007 02:59:00 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Row over Scientology video
by John Sweeney, BBC News:

...start asking questions and you see a different face of Scientology.

While making our BBC Panorama film "Scientology and Me" I have been shouted at, spied on, had my hotel invaded at midnight, denounced as a "bigot" by star Scientologists and been chased round the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers.

Back in Britain strangers have called on my neighbours, my mother-in-law's house and someone spied on my wedding and fled the moment he was challenged.

I have met mothers who say they have suffered Scientology "disconnects" - meaning that their children have cut them completely out of their life so that they can spend more time with an organisation which a judge in 1984 characterised as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous".

8/07/2007 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

b. My wife & I are perfectly justified in refusing to grant our children their own access node to the world wide web of lunatics, liars & psychopaths.

I completely agree, Richard. My wife and I have the same policy with our children. However, if we hadn't scouted the territory we wouldn't have known the pitfalls and dangers, would we have? And, we never would have met evE. Sure, we could have CNN tell us how dangerous and nasty it can be....but CNN's part of the lie, aren't they? Also, we need to continually conduct reconnaisance in order to remain informed about the latest traps and pitfalls...without falling into one, of course.

It is amazing how much time some of these folks have on their hands. It leaves me scratching my head....because I just don't see how it's possible...unless it's their job...hmmmmm lol (credit to Silverfox).

Here's a question. How many bridges have to collapse for it not to be considered psyops with ELF Waves? The bridge was experiencing load rates well beyond those factored in the planning.....because there's too many fuckin people with too many fuckin automobiles. It will serve as an impetus to push through additional federal money for highway construction and repair and by the time the money is allocated it will be time for the Super Highway from Mexico to Canada...and somehow that money will be used for that, instead. Another golpher hole, but this time the Dems will invite you in. Don't support any legislation which can possibly put more vehicles on the road...we're choking to death as it is. Ground level Ozone is responsible for many more deaths and injury than a few bridge collapses here and there.

Everybody and their mother has to be out on the God Damned road all the fuckin time with their God Damned heads glued to their God Damned fuckin cell phones. I so want to grab the God Damned phones from their heads and smash them on the God Damned pavement....but I don't...instead, I just die a little bit more every day as I traverse the madness on my way to madness.

Actually, I let my children watch a couple of TD's Cartoons. They liked them....they were amused and laughed....and so did I. They were quite innocent (TD's Catoons....and, well, my childen, too), if you ask me, but I have noticed that both my children have been acting odd ever they have invisible demons crawling on their skin. Weird, that.

8/07/2007 08:34:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...

I posted on my blog today - hopefully it will clear up all the ridiculous ARG stuff and stop people with the last name Cheney from impersonating me.

Of course I screwed up my own anagram, but even if the anagram were to correctly read "A Lonely Wit - Aloha" I still spelled Natalie Holloway's name wrong. Oh well, I'm just not as smart as you guys, that's just a fact.

Richard, I saw that you were not speaking so fondly of me over there at DE....I was a bit afflicted - not unlike catching your friendly co-worker talkin bout you bad behind your back.

Don't worry, my skin is delicate, but figuratively speaking...very thick.

8/07/2007 11:20:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said... me here.. There was a post not long ago, about fictionalizing facts. One of "their" methods was enlisting the testimony of undocumented sources. The bridge story now has an embedded "wobble felt by an unknown construction worker" in the story. I believe this was first reported on CNN yesterday. My point here is that we are looking at the anatomy of the big lie. TPTB are being led around by the blogoshere and everybody knows it. I have an example that should be considered by any serious investigator. On one of my blogs, and right at the bottom of the blog, is a world map that shows the latest 100 hits the blog gets. Should you be interested in who is following the blogoshpere, visit the map at the bottom of the page. You will note that many of the locations around the world are known military installations including ECHELON. This blog is continually monitored 24/7 with what should be 2.5 million hits a year but zero posters. Go figure.

8/08/2007 01:17:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Eric, I don't see how I could help there with a bridge already down, though perhaps we might keep another one from falling (or worse) by looking into this.

Though some interesting connections of note just came up I thought worth mentioning which 'bridge' 9-11 and state terrorism issues:

software, money laundering, and state terrorism (potentials)--twice over now.

A foreign British company BAE is doing 'terrorism response software' for U.S. 'domestic' terror drills!

However BAE, it has recently come to light in European and BBC sources, is a British defense/software company more than serving its share as a money laundering front operation. By the British media, it has been caught providing hidden bribery/cash funneling to 'work' pet warmaking projects off the books, between Britain and Saudi Arabia.

Cheney gets connected to the BAE scandal as well.

The upcoming "Noble Resolve" U.S. terror drill to hit (hopefully not) Portland, Oregon, is organized through BAE, a foreign software slush fund supplier just caught in a huge scandal about where 160 billion dollars of slush money from Saudi Arabia went.

All in all, squirming networks revealed here, when pulling up the rock called BAE, may on the one hand be a case of 'round up the usual suspects. (see below excerpts).

However, there's an interesting parallel to the Richard Grove story about the "9-11 slush fund software industry" (of which BAE seems to be in the thick of the same people).

Software slush funds and state terrorism equally figures prominently in lucky 9-11 survivor Richard Grove's ideas about how false flag terrorism was created (and made money on) during 9-11.

So with two different accidental links to two different software-related slush funds, both with Cheney connections in the scandal, it should be more well known about this upcoming 'terror drill' (that tend to go live in the U.S. [9/11/01] and Britain [7/7/05]).

BAE's connections are worth perusing given a growing triangulation and cross-verification from Richard Grove's testimony.

Four points for background:

1. "Noble Resolve" 'state terror drill' for Portland, Oregon, run conveniently through parapolitical semi-criminal foreign software supplier BAE Systems, tied to massive bribery and perhaps 'the largest Anglo-American slush fund' ever found--at 160 billion dollars--used for covert wars and gunrunning and other 'make war' projects.

Portland's Totalitarian Software Industry
author: Amy Ayers
Portland is a hub of software development for NORTHCOM, NSA and Department of Homeland Security.
From: Noble Resolve 07: Four days of "simulated" nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe, by DL Abrahamson, Global Research, April 20, 2007

"It is important to note the "Nobel Resolve" drills are dominated by NORTHCOM, the branch of "homeland defense" based in Colorado and responsible for shutting down the United States under martial law..." [and with NORTHCOM self-proclaimed 'jurisdiction' over Canada and Mexico as well.]

The software for Noble Resolve 7-2 is being Portland, Oregon! So much for our "little Beruit" image, we are creating control matrix software for the future dictatorship! From: BAE Systems joins RAINS, Portland Business Journal - April 1, 2005
"Portland-based RAINS (Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security) said BAE [Systems] provides advanced defense and aerospace systems for U.S. Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security customers."

Who is BAE? A bribery and slush fund operated by Dick Cheney! See:
Will BAE Scandal of Century Bring Down Dick Cheney? Jeffrey Steinberg,

The folks providing "logistical support" for [NORTHCOM/BAE's] Operation Noble Resolve 7-2 are:



Permalink 07:17:43 am, Categories: Voices, 1756 words

Will BAE Scandal of Century Bring Down Dick Cheney? [Cheney is additionally connected to ANOTHER software slush fund that Richard Grove talks about]

Jeffrey Steinberg

With the U.S. Department of Justice now confirmed to be investigating money laundering and bribery by the British aerospace giant BAE Systems, Congress and the American people must make certain that the investigation does not turn into one more Bush-Cheney-Gonzales coverup.

The issue on the table is far bigger than the alleged $2 billion in bribes that BAE Systems paid out to former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin-Sultan [close personal friend of George W. Bush, so much, he is called "Bandar Bush"], through the now-defunct Washington, D.C.-based Riggs Bank [now defunct! that's interesting, it tied back to 9-11 as well as had other Bush family on its board and handled [and thus knew] the majority of all Washington D.C. diplomatic financial bank accounts.].

As EIR revealed in an exclusive report last week ("Scandal of the Century Rocks British Crown and the City"), at least $80 billion in unaccounted-for loot has been generated by the Al-Yamamah oil-for-jet fighters barter deal, since it was signed in September 1985.

[The usual suspects:]

While British news organizations, led by the Guardian and BBC, have published revealing details of BAE bribery and slush funds, involving Prince Bandar, former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, and the late Dutch Royal Consort [Bilderberg co-founder] Prince Bernhard, none of the British media has touched upon the full magnitude of the scandal--the approximately $160 billion in secret oil revenues, generated by the BAE-Saudi Al-Yamamah deal, over the past 22 years (see Table 1 for the year-by-year cash value of the Saudi oil shipments to BAE, through British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, and the British government's "Defence Export Sales Organization").

British author William Simpson, who wrote the 2006 authorized biography of Prince Bandar, The Prince--The Secret Story of the World's Most Intriguing Royal, on the other hand, provided authoritative details "right from the prince's mouth" that should be of great interest to American Justice Department and Congressional investigators.

What Simpson hinted at is perhaps the biggest covert Anglo-American slush fund in history--one that the author acknowledged had been used to fund clandestine wars, including the Mujahideen's war against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, and covert military actions in Africa.

[Now BAE Systems Slush Fund, Inc. ties into doing software for U.S. terror drills that have an alarming tendency to 'go live' or happen to provide confusion enough to allow other state terrorism projects to move forward...]

Citing his interviews with Tony Edwards, the one-time head of the British government's Defence Export Sales Organization (DESO), which administered the Al-Yamamah project, Simpson wrote:

"Edwards admitted that for the Saudis the use of oil meant that the contract was effectively an off-balance-sheet transaction: it did not go through the Saudi Treasury.

[i.e., "we want to do something without financial records regarding supplying/buying military armaments and funding others; let's do it with straight oil sales, OK?" Two deals talked of in the article went like this: "[1] Simpson also revealed that Al-Yamamah funds went to the [Saudi] purchase of Soviet-made weapons, that were provided to Chad, to drive Libyan forces out of that country. [2] John Bedenkamp, a onetime top aide to Rhodesia's apartheid-era President Ian Smith, and a major arms broker throughout Africa, is currently under investigation by Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) for his role in BAE arms dealings in South Africa [as well]. U.S. intelligence sources have identified Bedenkamp as a conduit for Soviet arms to African insurgents, raising questions about his earlier involvement with the Al-Yamamah project in these weapons deals fueling wars [and making money and destabalization] in Africa."]

Edwards also confirmed that one of the main attractions for the Saudis in this unique arrangement was British flexibility. 'The British were much more flexible than the Americans,' he said. 'The Americans went through the Foreign Military sales system, which has congressional law behind it. If the customers get out of line and they fail to pay the money, then they are cut off. In this country, it was quite flexible; sometimes the oil flow and the associated monies that were received by selling it were ahead, at other times it fell behind.'"

Simpson continued, "The phenomenal amount of money generated from the sale of oil comes through [financially four times more leaky than the actual payments received British corporation] DESO, before being paid to British Aerospace. [I.e., that's a front.]

Edwards admitted that the government does charge a little commission for administering the contract, money that attracted the attention of the Treasury as it built up a considerable surplus."

What neither Edwards nor Simpson chose to point out was the fact that the oil revenues generated from the 600,000 barrels per day that the Saudis paid into the Al-Yamamah fund from 1985 through to the present, amounted to an estimated $160 billion--four times the actual cost of the entire military package delivered by BAE to Saudi Arabia. Nobody in London is talking about where the rest of the [BAE slush fund] money landed--and what it was used for.

Who Runs DESO, and Why?

DESO was established as a British government entity in the mid-1960s, and has been the private domain of Britain's main defense manufacturers and allied financial institutions ever since. Throughout its history, the director of DESO has always been a director of a major British arms manufacturer, responsible for hawking as much business as possible for the Anglo firms.

But beyond the increase in the British portion of the global arms business, DESO also aimed to secure British control over the entirety of the Western arms business, through off-balance-sheet arrangements...


BAE Systems joins RAINS
Portland Business Journal - April 1, 2005

RAINS, a public-private partnership that promotes the development of technology for homeland security, has added BAE Systems as a member.

Portland-based RAINS (Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security) said BAE provides advanced defense and aerospace systems for U.S. Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security customers.

Headquartered in Rockville, Md., with 30,000 employees nationwide, BAE "is a perfect fit for RAINS' national coalition of leading technology companies, nongovernment organizations and local, state and federal government entities," said RAINS Executive Director Fred Granum.

Founded in Portland in 2001, the nonprofit RAINS developed a partnership between the state of Oregon, six research universities, more than 60 high-tech companies and a variety of local first-responder organizations. In August 2003, RAINS launched its Connect & Protect program, a secure network for alert notification and sensitive information sharing. The program was one of five finalists for the 2004 Mitretek Innovations Award in Homeland Security from the Ash Institute at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Title: 9/11 Software-Industry Whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove Come Forward
2006.06.05 09:01

Description: "This man, Richard Andrew Grove, a whistleblower who worked for the big boys and money people behind 9/11 has come out with information to set the 9/11 movement on fire. Although many have rejected his work ... including the IRS, Treasury Dept and SEC, what he exposes on [WTC1 tenant--exactly where the plane/thing hit] Marsh & McLellan, AIG, Dyncorp, Spitzer, Stewart Air Force Base, Fitzgerald, Bremer, missing gold and bucks of 9/11, software that predicts the future [and transfers money without papertrails between major banks during 9-11; has backdoors for surveillance on all transactions since software became 'federally required by major banks', to 'protect against terrorism' after 9-11 though really to facilitate leaky paperless transactions and to facilitate gov't and private spying on banks] and more will ASTOUND YOU as it did me.

This review is based upon the 2 hour long oral presentation by Richard Andrew Grove, a former employee of Silverstream Software at the WTC. It was first made public by independent talkshow host Meria Heller and subsequent transcript with streaming audio and mp3 download posted here.

Grove's claims are similar to those of Indira Singh ( link1 / link2 ) and others that propose that a "PROMIS" type software system was used to facilitate crimes related to the 9/11 attacks.

However, Grove appears to have more knowledge, especially regarding the technical aspects.

Here's a rough outline of topics covered:

Year 2000: Grove hired in sales at Silverstream Software

Silverstream later aquired by Novell

Marsh Mclennon - Silverstream's largest client Marsh was located in the WTC, below Cantor Fitzgerald. They lost approximately 245 employees.

Silverstream built [paperless/untraceable] trading applications for:

? Merrill Lynch [dozens of floors in WTC1]
? Deutsche Banc [largest European bank; 9-11 connections; major CEO steps down immediately without explanation after 9-11]
? Bankers Trust [ex-Morgan family operation]
? Alex Brown [the Deputy CIA insert, "Buzzy" Krongard here]
? Morgan Stanley [major WTC tenant as well]
? AIG [connects to WTC 'security']

Some of the above companies moved into the WTC and simultaneously completed disaster recovery and business continuity implementations just prior to 9/11.

Grove brought to the attention of execs that Silverstream was over billing Marsh (millions) [sort of like BAE defense/software supplier 'overbilled' the Saudis four times more than what they supplied], though execs on both sides didn't seem concerned. Others showed interest in the issue. Those that were concerned died on 9/11.

June 5, 2001: Silverstream VP Sales, John Judge flys to NY and terminates Grove's position and urges him to "keep quiet about what he knew" [about the extra millions off the table provided in the creation of the 'paperless op' for the brokerage firm Marsh and McClellan, by Silverstream software.]

Aug 2001: Silverstream CEO offers [bribes at right below the amount that is federally required to be claimed as a gift without generating financial paperwork requirements in the USA] Grove a contract for $9,999.99 which included a clause not to reveal the contract's existence.

Paul Bremmer: CEO of Marsh's Risk Management [and later head of Iraq invasion after Garner decided to declare Iraqi democratic elections--then got himself fired and replaced by Marsh and McClelland's Paul Bremmer. Bremmer is involved in Kissinger Associates as well.]

June 2002: Kroll purchases Convair (WTC data recovery) [who had just announced--right before they were bought up--the evidence that there was massive paperless financial transactions going through recovered hard drives of some banks retrieved from the rubble of the WTCs. Nothing else was ever released after Kroll purchased Convar/Convair.]

[Then more incestuously, after Kroll swallowed Convar/Convair] July 8th, 2004, Kroll aquired by Marsh.

note: Kroll currently, after 9-11, moved to provide "security" for the Sears Tower after failing miserably on 9-11 at the WTCs, and Kroll was handed the task of restructuring Enron. Nice Job Kroll!

More Kroll clients:

? International Kidnapping Cases
? Los Angeles and Detroit Police Department Monitorships [foxes guarding the henhouse]
? Banorte Anti-Money Laundering Program
? Educational Testing Service Audit
? Monitoring of Teamsters Election
? Orange County Derivatives Scandal
? Long Island Carting Industry Compliance Monitor
? Investigation of Brazil's President Collor
? Saddam Hussein's [Selective] Financial Network
? "Baby Doc" [Selective] Asset Search
? Marcos [Selective] Asset Search

Nov 2001: Escaping death on 9-11, Richard Grove begins working at Panacya as Director of Sales. [He later finds out it was a NSA cover operation.]

Panacya product "Be Aware", artificial intelligence and systems monitoring. Developed in Annapolis, MD. (NSA ties)

Dec 24, 2002: [Grove says he spends most of his free time, making sense of what he knows about Kroll, Convar, Marsh and McClellan and massive money laundering he saw personally] Grove's apartment burglarized. Research materials stolen.

Jan 16, 2003: Grove terminated from Panacya. (now

American Express, Citi and MBNA all closed Grove's accounts and lowered his credit rating.

Grove's fiancee witnessed [even more] money laundering at Oracle software company [that was built originally of a CIA software contract], and given the option to resign or forget about what she found.

June 2003: Grove employed at Legato Software, information storage and disaster recovery, also "compliance product" which "identified" accounting fraud.

Grove responsible for Legato accounts:

? Dyncorp [child sex slavery implicated personnel; corporation still allowed U.S. federal contracts]
? Northrop Grumman [makes Global Hawk pilotless radio controlled planes]
? Tyco Intl
? Worldcom [massive bankrupcy soon to occur, world's largest]
? World Bank

July 8th, 2003: Legato purchased by EMC, exactly 1 year before Kroll is purchased by Marsh.

Legato approached Grove to forge documents in order to boost selling price of Legato to EMC.

Sept 2003: SEC arrests Legato client from a subsidiary of Northrup Grumman for illicit sales contracts with Legato.

Legato's COO, David Beamer, works under a CEO who signs his correspondence "Let's Roll".

Grove's fiancee worked at Oracle with [a Beamer relative] Todd Beamer.

Jan 15, 2004: Grove terminated at EMC. Exactly 1 year from last termination.

Perhaps the clearer smoking gun is that Marsh and McClellan brokerage house gave [Richard Grove's employer] Silversteam a Sept 11 deadline for paperless transaction operation.

summary of Grove:

Marsh and McLellan world's largest brokerage house (in WTC1, right below Cantor Fitzgerald in WTC1, see below, and right above Buttonwood International Group, see below) and AIG (world's largest insurance financier) set up paperless transaction operation--the first and only one in the entire world--between them, with a deadline of September 11, 2001.

The Grove person writing the above, complained about suspicious software overcharges (which may have been mutually agreed upon hushmoney), because both Marsh and Silverstream, his computer-internet tailored interface company he worked for then, said everything was fine even though they agreed with Grove that the accounting was all out of whack. They tell him to shut up. Plus, a lot of the other banks that he (in Silversteam) worked with to quickly complete "disaster recovery operations" right before Sept. 11, so that they were prepared, and their competitors were bankrupted, or destroyed, allowing them to consolidate more of the international brokerage business.

All the people who set up the paperless transaction operation in Marsh died in a special "in house conference call" to get them all there on 9-11--and then the WTC1 hit plane directed into their offices and killed them all.
The Marsh liaison for the paperless global money transactions set up a phone based teleconference of all the dozens of programmers and I suppose Marsh people early morning in their offices--while he directed this teleconference outside the WTC from his New York Apartment. The WTC1 hit 'event' strikes the Marsh offices directly, killing all the people who knew about the paperless transactions, called there by the Marsh guy himself for the purpose of murdering them. Marsh loses around 250 people. the dozens of programmers are killed as well.

Grove, already fired, was blase about getting to the meeting--so he was late for the 'meeting with death' that killed his whole team of ex-coworkers.

Next, while the towers are smoldering, billions upon billions of money laundering illegalities are conducted, as noted by the rescued hard drives of Convar. (and destroy Cantor Fitzgerald due to the Brady Bond bill, see below; and money launder through Buttonwood International Group, right below Marsh and Mclellan it seems.)

Evidence of the transactional illegalities were found on hard drives rescued from the WTC rubble by European data recovery corp Convar.

However, to shut Convar up, Convar was bought up by Kroll quickly in 2002 and the information was hidden about these transactions. Kroll is "security" (or rather institutionalized insecurity) with Marvin Bush (Securacom) in the WTCs for the 9-11 events.

Kroll is owned by....AIG.

Grove talks of the gold heist that was going on (though everyone should already know about that) in the basement of the WTCs during this billions of billions of money laundering digitally up top, before the buildings came down. It is his contention that the whole WTC event was a bundle of several operations, whether destruction because of asbestos via controlled demolition, planned gold heist in the basements, and killing off hundreds of Marsh witnesses, as well as the computer architecture that they tailor made for the paperless money laundering operation.

Grove's grand theory is that the software industries are a large money laundering core of the world economy, based on his personal insider portraits of how they are tied up with the very people we see popping in and out of the government complicity story on 9-11, that even have linked to Cheney criminality, and how their security software really has intentional loopholes to make such money laundering more possible and paperless instead of documented.

He additionally recognizes various CIA (or NSA, he doesn't make clear) covert surveillance/data monitoring vehicles moving around the streets at the base of the WTCs before they came down. How he recognizes this is that after leaving (being fired for complaining about the hushmoney arrangement as fraud to higher up people in Marsh) Silversteam, he works for a NSA cover operation (unknown to him, until later, where he starts to put 2 and 2 together, and then gets himself fired for '911 research' from there for the same kind of 'pre-9-11' research that got him in trouble and blacklisted and then fired from Silversteam.

The core issue I feel is his testimony basically about the AIG and Marsh interlinkages and that many people involved in the the 9-11 operations or later overseas adventures of Iraq came out of Marsh (like Paul Bremer) as well, as well as the foreknowledge among the major international banks about 9-11, so they could steal the world blind during the events. And how AIG and Marsh people keep the cover up in place by their insertions elsewhere, which he documents clearly.

Grove additionally says forget the Fitzgerald investigation because Fitz covered up the 1993 FBI hit on the WTCs.

And Spitzer is linked to the Marsh people.

Other evidences for its veracity are how he and his fiancee's life were financially destroyed by these big banks after he started his research.

It correlates well with a lot of software organizational ties into Cheney, just like BAE Systems/software and Cheney does.

Richard Grove knew he was a 'dead man walking' unless he talked, so he started talking. And he talked right through a money trail of 9-11.

8/08/2007 01:31:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

To make the Cheney connection explicit to two major parapolitical software companies (and a bit more about Bandar and Riggs Bank shenanigans over the years).

1. EMC software and Cheney, Part one:

Richard Grove says; "One might also find it interesting that [software corp] EMC's Founder, Richard Eagan, was Dick Cheney's largest fundraiser in 2000, and was appointed by G.W. Bush as Ambassador to Ireland in his first term. Coincidence? Only if you are missing the information which connects them all..."

2. BAE software/defense and Cheney, part two, not explicitly shown though noted as:

"Cheney on the Hot Seat

Washington sources have reported to EIR that the Al-Yamamah revelations have sent shock waves through the City of London. According to one senior U.S. intelligence source, who spoke to EIR on condition of anonymity, "The Al-Yamamah story opens a window into the inner world of Anglo-Dutch financial power. While Al-Yamamah is not the only such off-budget arrangement, it is one of the largest, and it provides a clear picture of a mode of operation-totally outside the control of any government agency, especially the U.S. government. Ultimately, this is a London scandal, not a Riyadh scandal."

One consequence of those shock waves is that Vice President Dick Cheney, according to Washington insiders, is in deep trouble with his London friends. Cheney, the sources report, was the guarantor that the story of the $80-100 billion fund [so close to the upcoming Portland, Oregon, "Noble Resolve" terror drill, via BAE Systems] would never see the light of day. And, while the American and British establishment press have attempted to bury the scandal, either through blacking it out altogether, or focusing attention on tertiary features, like the relatively small flow of cash to Prince Bandar ["Bandar Bush"], the EIR revelations have saturated the U.S. Congress and have been picked up around the world.

The next chapter is now being written in the scandal of the century, and that could mean the political doom of Dick Cheney.

Ironically, it could come at the hands of his own political boosters in the City of London, rather than from Congressional Democrats, who remain divided on the issue of Cheney's impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Ultimately, the real powers behind the throne in London have very low tolerance for failure."

That little "BAE slush-to-Bandar" flow of the cash reputedly went like this:

"...the alleged $2 billion in bribes that BAE Systems paid out to former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, through the now-defunct Washington, D.C.-based Riggs Bank [now closed, though previously close to the Bush family and some 9-11 issues.]

"On June 6, the British Broadcasting Corporation aired a sensational story, revealing that the British arms manufacturer BAE Systems, had paid more than $2 billion in bribes to Saudi Arabia's national security chief and longtime Ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, over a 22 year period...."

"The estimated $2 billion in cumulative payoffs to Prince Bandar, for his role in brokering the al-Yamamah deal, went through the Saudi government accounts at [Bush family connected] Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C., thus opening the U.S. jurisdiction."

[On Riggs's interesting crony U.S. Gov't and covert and overt war-funding connections since the 1840s:

Riggs Bank was a Washington, DC-based commercial bank with branches located in the surrounding metropolitan area and offices around the world. For most of its history, it was the largest bank in the nation's capital. Riggs had been controlled by the Albritton family since the 1980s, but they lost control after various corporate scandals and management problems. On May 16, 2005 a merger with PNC Bank was concluded and the Riggs nameplate retired.


The earliest incarnation of Riggs Bank was formed in 1836 when William Wilson Corcoran opened a small brokerage house. In 1840, Corcoran and George Washington Riggs, the son of a neighbor, formed "Corcoran & Riggs", which offered checking and depositing services. The bank got a major boost in 1844, when The U.S. government assigned Corcoran & Riggs to be the only federal depository in Washington. In 1854 Corcoran retired, and the bank changed its name to "Riggs & Co." After accepting a government charter, "Riggs National Bank" was born in 1896. By 1900, Riggs was twice as large as any other bank in the capital. It embarked on a successful project to become known as the bank of embassies and diplomats, and by 1950 most embassies in Washington were customers. Many branches thereafter opened within embassies in Washington D.C. and London.



* Twenty-two U.S. Presidents or their families banked at Riggs, including John Tyler, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

* Accounts were also held by Senators Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and Daniel Webster, Confederate president Jefferson Davis, American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, suffragist Susan B. Anthony, and generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Douglas MacArthur.

* Corcoran & Riggs financed Samual Morse's invention of the telegraph in 1845.

* The bank lent $16 million to the U.S. government to pay for the Mexican-American War in 1847.

* In 1868, Riggs provided $7.2 million in gold for the purchase of Alaska. [which had a lot to do with covert payment for 'services rendered' to the Russian Czar for loaning his Russian Navy that sat off the East and West coast of the U.S. during the U.S. Civil War, to let Europe know that any open military interference in the U.S. Civil War would have European warfare repercussions. So, yes, "the Czar saved the North." Czar just freed serfs in Russia in the early 1860s and felt a kinship with Lincoln, even though Lincoln did it very late in the war and only freed slaves in areas that the North didn't control in the South, actually. [cite: The Real Lincoln] Lincoln, going around Congressional authorization, made an illegal private deal for the North with the Russian Navy to provide protection services during the U.S. Civil War [cite: The Unseen Hand, by Epperson, probably has the best discussion of this, with pictures.]

* In 1909, Riggs' president formally presented to the U.S. Congress a plan for economic relief. Many financial reforms were implemented as a result of this plan, including the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

* In 2002, Joseph L. Allbritton, the Chairman of the Board, was inducted into the Washington Business Hall of Fame. This may be considered ironic due to the scandals that would unfold over the next two years.


In the early 2000s, Riggs was beset with scandal. Investigators were surprised that so little oversight was conducted involving suspicious international transactions, especially after the September 11 attacks. A bank regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the OCC itself lost some creditability especially when other government agencies and the U.S. Senate launched their own investigations and discovered transgressions that the OCC should have cited long ago.

Saudi money transfers

A Saudi named Omar al-Bayoumi housed and opened Riggs bank accounts for two of the 9/11 hijackers. About two weeks after the assistance began, al-Bayoumi's wife began receiving monthly payments totaling tens of thousands of dollars from Princess Haifa bint Faisal, the wife of Saudi ambassador and Bush confidant Prince Bandar bin Sultan, through a Riggs bank account.[1] Upon discovery of these transactions, the FBI began investigating the bank for possible money-laundering and terrorist financing.

Although the FBI and later the 9/11 Commission ultimately [lied and] stated that the money was not intentionally being routed to fund terrorists [while a Bush relative sat on the board of Riggs Bank], investigators were surprised to see how lax the safeguards at Riggs Bank were. Several Saudi accounts were discovered to have financial improprieties, including a lack of required background checks and a consistent failure to alert regulators of large transactions, in violation of the law. Many of these transactions involved ["Bandar Bush"] Prince Bandar personally, often transferring over $1 million at a time.

Following British investigations on the Al Yamamah deal, reported by The Guardian Prince Bandar would have received over $ 1.5 billion in briberie from BAE Systems through [another] Riggs Bank [account].

Jonathan Bush, uncle of President George W. Bush, was an executive at Riggs Bank during this period.

Pinochet's frozen funds

Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile, has been widely accused since 1973 of corruption, illegal arms sales, and torture. In 1994, Riggs officials invited Pinochet to open an account at Riggs Bank.

Arrested in 1998 in Britain for possible extradition to Spain, his accounts were ordered frozen by court orders. A recent U.S. Senate report has revealed that Riggs executives helped Pinochet disguise millions of dollars that had been stolen from the Chilean people, although some of Pinochet's supporters have claimed that the money came from supporters outside Chile. By using shell companies and hiding accounts from federal regulators, Riggs illegally allowed Pinochet to retain access to much of his fortune[2].

The Senate report also indicated that regulators were negligent in holding the bank accountable.

Although Pinochet's accounts at Riggs had been reported in U.S. and British newspapers, and although these accounts were largely unreported to regulators, those same regulators never made a serious effort to investigate.

The comptroller tasked with investigating Riggs in 2002, R. Ashley Lee, was later given an executive position at Riggs.

The disclosure of the Riggs accounts reignited the case against General Pinochet, and a ruling that he was not mentally competent to stand trial was overturned when it was proven that the general himself had orchestrated some of the huge transactions.

In 2004, he was ordered to stand trial for crimes against humanity, and additional claims of mental and physical incompetence have been overruled.

Equatorial Guinean funds

In July 2004, the US Senate published an investigation into Riggs Bank, into which most of Equatorial Guinea's oil revenues were paid until recently.

This showed that accounts based at the embassy to the United States of Equatorial Guinea were allowed to make large withdrawals without properly notifying federal authorities.

At least $35 million were siphoned off by long-time dictator of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, his family and senior officials of his regime.

The same Teodoro Obiang Nguema bought, on November 2006, a $35 million house in Malibu, CA.

Simon Kareri, the Riggs employee in charge of the Equatorial Guinea and other accounts, stands accused of money-laundering in separate charges. As the account manager, it is alleged that he established a fake holding company in his wife's name, and diverted funds into this account.

In the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing in July, 2004, Mr. Kareri, under advisement from legal counsel, refused to answer any questions of the panel by invoking his 5th Amendment Rights.

In that hearing, the President of Riggs Bank was asked why the bank would willingly enter into a business arrangement with the dictator of Equatorial Guinea, a man who willingly exercises his hold over his people with demonstrations of murder and torture on state-run television. In a copy of correspondence to President Mbasogo, the letter, "thanked the president for his establishment of several bank accounts, and encouraged a working relationship to help establish and secure the stable reign of his country..."


Riggs Bank was fined $25 million for violations of money-laundering laws.

A long running Justice Department investigation was wrapped up quickly in Feb. 2005 with Riggs pleading guilty and paying a $16 million fine for violations for the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act after a Wall Street Journal article reported 12/31/04 that Riggs had extensive ties to the CIA, including that several bank officials held security clearances.

Also, on Feb 2005, the bank and Allbritton family agreed to pay $9 million to Pinochet victims for concealing and illegally facilitating movement of Pinochet money out of Britain.

No similar payment has been made with regard to Equatorial Guinea, as reported in this weekly Anti-Money Laundering Report from the Fair Finance Watch.

Riggs and its executives have denied any wrong-doing, although some may now face criminal trials. Members of the Albritton family resigned from the bank board.

The operation was acquired by PNC Bank in 2004. PNC phased out the scandal-plagued embassy business.

On May 16, 2005, the Riggs name was officially retired, and all Riggs branches opened as PNC branches.

The severe scandals at such an august company have shaken the industry. The U.S. Congress is considering establishing a single federal agency to enforce money-laundering and terrorist-financing laws. Daniel P. Stipano, deputy chief counsel at Riggs's lead regulator, said, "What happened with Riggs is unacceptable. It cannot be repeated."



"The very next day, after the Reagan Administration threw in the towel, Prince Bandar, the Kingdom's de facto chief diplomat to Britain, the Soviet Union, and China, as well as the U.S.A., flew to London to meet with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. British arms sales did not require parliamentary approval, and the British government, in 1966, had created an agency, the Defence Export Services Organization (DESO), to hawk British arms around the globe. BAE Systems had been created in 1981, when Thatcher privatized the British arms manufacturing industry, which had, only four years earlier, been nationalized under the Labour government. And BAE Systems, the largest arms manufacturer in Europe, dominates the British defense sector.

The Bandar trip to London to confer with Thatcher had been in the works for months. A Ministry of Defence briefing paper, prepared for the Thatcher-Bandar sessions, stated, "Since early 1984, intensive efforts have been made to sell Tornado and Hawk to the Saudis. When, in the Autumn of 1984, they seemed to be leaning towards French Mirage fighters, Mr. Heseltine paid an urgent visit to Saudi Arabia, carrying a letter from the Prime Minister to King Fahd. In December 1984, the Prime Minister started a series of important negotiations by meeting Prince Bandar, the son of Prince Sultan.... The Prime Minister met the King in Riyadh in April this year and in August the King wrote to her stating his decision to buy 48 Tornado IDS and 30 Hawk."

[Bilderberg-sponsored] Thatcher also had every reason to feel confident that Bandar would be the perfect interlocutor between Saudi Arabia and Great Britain in the deal of the century. At age 16, several years after his father, Prince Sultan, had been named Minister of Defense of the Kingdom, the Prince was sent to England to study at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, the elite officer's training school for future RAF pilots. At least one senior American intelligence official has reported widespread rumors that Bandar was recruited by MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, before he finished his RAF training. Other sources, intimately familiar with the goings-on at BAE Systems, report that the "private" aerospace giant has a sales force made up almost exclusively of "lads" recruited to MI6 before their hires.

Whether or not these reports are accurate, Bandar certainly is a serious Anglophile. The best accounts of his adventures in England appear in the 2006 book, The Prince—The Secret Story of the World's Most Intriguing Royal (HarperCollins, New York), by William Simpson, a Cranwell classmate, and still-intimate pal of the Prince.

Simpson, who wrote the book with the full cooperation of Bandar, recounted his friend's intimate ties with every occupant of 10 Downing Street.

"In London," Simpson reported, "Bandar would breeze into Number Ten with uninhibited panache. From Margaret Thatcher to John Major to Tony Blair, Bandar's access was extraordinary." By Prince Bandar's own account to Simpson about al-Yamamah, "When we first made the agreement, we had no contract. It was a handshake between me and Mrs. Thatcher in Ten Downing Street." It was months before the final details of the al-Yamamah deal were finalized, and the contracts signed. But even before the ink had dried, Britain had provided the initial delivery of Tornado jets—from the inventory of the RAF.

By the time the formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the British and Saudi defense ministers on Sept. 25, 1985, the original order had been expanded to 72 Tornado fighter jets and 30 Hawk training aircraft, along with other equipment and services. There have been two subsequent deals, al-Yamamah II and III, and al-Yamamah IV, worth as much as $40 billion in additional arms deliveries, is in the final stages.


8/08/2007 02:23:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

My apologies eve, but you're mistaken. It would have been behind your back if I didn't think you were leaving your shoes outside DE's door as well.

You shouldn't take me seriously.

I don't.

Although, truthfully, I think I've stumbled on some new clues.

Super secret stuff that only my many "blog" visitors will be able to quaff with impunity.

"I can't say what i want to
Even if I'm not serious.
I can't say what I want to
Even if
I'm just kidding."

After you waste about 3 seconds contemplating this it will become clear as mud.

Trust me.

I do.

8/08/2007 04:32:00 AM  
Blogger EarthCitizen #23 said...

Thanks very much for your 'oblique' response to my post, I found it to be very much in line with my own system in reality. Coincidentally I had read this before and found it very informative. As much as it may sound so, I am by far NOT a new age YCYOR type. My post left a lot to be desired regarding details in hindsight, but as I said, it was a nutshell synopsis.
The Timeline manipulation part of that link is very interesting, and maybe it would be more proper for me to say I jump timelines instead of change the universe. Believing that there are about 11 dimensions that have influence here upon our earth, I have just been using this lifetime to search ways of using those dimensional perspectives.

As I said it may all be a placebo of the mind, but it works consistently in my life.
Thanks again for the response!
EarthCitizen Scott

8/08/2007 07:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're beginning to worry me. I considered us chums....and I mean that sincerely, but now I can't help wondering if your latest ramble was a cast of aspersion about me in some way. If so, how about you be more specific. If you have a problem with me, i.e. you think I'm a murderer, or a psychopath, or you agree with Ego's sentiments that I am nothing more than a wastrel, come right out and say it. I can handle it....because I know it's not true.

To make myself clear....I really like you. I always have.....and I am exactly who I have portended to be all along. I have always thought of the Internet as an ARG, so none of this is a surprise to me, if it's true. In fact, it's just validation, and I could give a flying fuck. It's a ride at an amusement park.....I can't take it DEAD serious, because it's not DEAD serious...instead it's DEAD unserious.

Dream's End and Ego are part of the deceit, Richard. How ironic do you think it is that Ego encouraged Jeff to solicit the Fascistic Police Force and Justice System to prosecute me for a false accusation. Did you understand the Satire when I said that about Jeff? I could have replaced Jeff with Michael Moore, and the point would have been the same. For someone like Ego not to grasp the point indicates severe bias and lack of objectivity....or an extremely thick skull. I'm never going to drop the Satire,'s part of who I am....and if the freethinkers around here find it unpalatable...well, there really not freethinkers, are they?

8/08/2007 08:03:00 AM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

More serious than Scientology:

Jesus plus nothing, one of the bi-partisan connections of Sen. Grassley(R-IA) and Sen. Nelson (D-NE), who are also both beneficiaries of the generosity of Jim Cownie (feared by Duncan).

I am told by people who are seriously addicted to reading FEC filings that bi-partisan donations are out of the norm...

8/08/2007 08:29:00 AM  
Blogger Dr. Bombay said...

Terrific post! I have read the
Grove material before but you really
nailed the "Big Picture" and how
it all fits together. I have often
thought that selling software would
be a perfect way to launder and
transfer cash. Anyone can buy a
blank CD for .10 cents, but load it
with a few lines of code and pretend its worth millions and who would be the wiser?
It looks like August 20th could
well be the date that the "Guns of
August" begin to roar.
The Bush/Cheney junta is running
out of time, and I doubt anything
will stop them from making their

8/08/2007 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Not to worry Dr. Bombay... All things have their appointed season.

8/08/2007 12:57:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Airlines sue FBI, CIA over Sept. 11

Associated Press Writer
Tue Aug 7, 7:21 PM ET

NEW YORK - Airlines and aviation-related companies sued the CIA and the FBI on Tuesday, asking a federal court to let them interview investigators who can tell whether the aviation industry was to blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or whether it had acted reasonably.


The separate lawsuits in U.S. District Court in Manhattan asked a judge to order the government to let the aviation companies gather the information as part of their defense against lawsuits brought by victims or families of victims of the 2001 attacks.

In the CIA lawsuit, companies including American Airlines Inc., United Airlines Inc., US Airways Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., Continental Airlines Inc. and The Boeing Co. asked to interview the deputy chief of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit in 2001 and an FBI special agent assigned to the unit at that time.

In the FBI lawsuit, the companies asked to interview a "limited number of former and current FBI employees" who had participated in investigations of al-Qaida and al-Qaida operatives before and after Sept. 11, 2001.

Government spokeswoman Yusill Scribner said she had no immediate comment on the lawsuits.

A victims' compensation fund established by Congress has paid $6 billion to 2,880 families of those who died in the attacks and more than $1 billion to 2,680 injured victims.

But 41 cases filed on behalf of 42 victims remain pending in federal court in Manhattan because some victims decided to pursue the usual court route rather than accept payouts from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001.

8/08/2007 01:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wish you would have never explained yourself. It's all ruined now. I liked the mystery and intrigue....and now there's none. I thought what we had was special and genuine....and now you tell me it's all a joke!!! Shame on you. I am mortally wounded and I may never recover.

Even though my namesake means God-Like, I eschew orthodox explanations for God and an afterlife. I find them woefully indadequate, not to mention downright cruel and exploitative.

Once Yours,


PS: Silverbacks still eat their own shit, though, don't they? The Go Real Ah thinks you're hot. That's alright.....I will always relish the fact I was your first....or was I?

8/08/2007 02:23:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Shrub, I haven't the faintest clue as to what you're referring. How did you get into this?

My ramble, if anything, was aimed at my own gullible stupidity for being dumb enough to waste hours of my precious free time reading 20 pages of the discussion board ramblings of conspiracy woo-woo mental cases.

I had a pretty hard & fast time limit that I followed here in wing-wang land & I never followed link trails. Ever.

But I had a good experience with something IC posted a ways back so I thought, "Well Dick, maybe you were wrong. Maybe there's something here." Of course, using my unfailing truth sensing antenna, I picked that Duncan story as my rule breaker.
My fucking bad.

I was pissed at myself primarily, but I was also a tad peeved at the conspiracy obsessed dipshits with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fucking time on their hands who create these houses of cards on foundations of sand.

So I decided to go fishing.

The bait was eve & omni, the hook was the DE post & the net was my "blog," where I intended to post a huge glob of gobble-de-gook just to reel in one of the conspiracy faithful.I just intended to make my own gobble-de-gook so fucking transparent that only a complete idiot would take it seriously.

But, now that I think of it, that probably encompasses a huge chunk of internet "blog" land.

But, my original huge glob turned into 2 posts which weren't all that good, &, since my peevishness had faded, I just got bored.

Evidently all I've done is piss off you & eve.

Not my intention but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

You & eve are both free to take it how ever you see fit.

Me? I've learned a few valuable lessons about the internet & folk in general.

we, each & every one of us, have exactly the kind of dysfunctional society we deserve.

It could not have turned out any other way.

& all the "what ifs" & "could have beens" & typed internet faux outrage aren't going to change that fact one teensy little bit.

"Some say the end is near.
Some say we'll see armageddon soon.
I certainly hope we will.
I sure could use a vacation from this

Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of

Personally Shrub, I'm going to stick to my own "blog" for most of my spastic typing seizures.
There I can write whatever I want without having to explain it cause there won't be anyone reading it.

Everything I've ever typed here has been, first & foremost, for my own amusement anyway so what the difference would be is beyond me.

8/08/2007 02:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do you jest? Or, why do you go on? Are you a spy or a vandal?

Ghost Stack....Now Now.

Once was your Shrubbery,


8/08/2007 02:54:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...


You are killing me my darling...please - I am a spy but never a vandal (I sow and reap remember??)

According to the folks at DE I am now "artificial" intelligence operated by somebody named Nathan. However in my "real" life I just received a number from the Department of Revenue for information on a new statute passed which turned out to be a 1-800 number for Adam and Steve sex! What is going on in the gubermint???

Don't leave me Shrubbery you are my rock!

Still yours,

p.s. Richard, you didn't piss me off - ur my bud!

8/08/2007 03:25:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...

Ghost Stack....Now Now. =

"Gotcha" .....Knows Towns

8/08/2007 04:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything I've ever typed here has been, first & foremost, for my own amusement anyway so what the difference would be is beyond me.

Well, even if that was your intent, Richard, the effect was, and is, that you have, and do, entertain others here, including me. I like what you have to fact, I like what you have to say more than anyone else here....because you are real...and it's obvious you are real and genuine. You don't put on lofty airs and try to impress.

Thanks for clarifying your position for me. We're on the same page, obviously, in our sentiments about these fruitcakes running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Every God-Damned thing the press decides to report is not a conspiracy...meaning the event reported on. The exploitation of that event for deceitful purposes is conspiratorial, IMHO, and that's the despotism that gets overlooked.

Ground Level Ozone is a bigger fuckin deal than a bridge collapsing in Minnesota, as I mentioned earlier, but it's not as glamorous...just as a a fat, sloppy couple perishing in mysterious fashion isn't as glamorous as a hip couple perishing like TD and JB, as you mentioned earlier.

The murders in Newark are a worthwhile topic. Three young "college" students were lined up against a wall and shot in the head Gladio style. It was an odd slaying, according to police. Most of the homicides there are drug related and there are a lot of them...59 thus far this year...but these slayings didn't fit the typical MO.

If it wasn't a Gladio Event, then what the fuck is wrong with these freakin morons? What sense is there in murdering these three? Oh, I know, it's the CIA and the drugs that made them do it and their lack of opportunity. BULLSHIT!! No one forced them to take the drugs and no one forced them to murder their own. That's just simply moronic and self-defeating. Instead of banding together and pooling their collective resources and talent, they further fracture and divide their community with destructive behavior like this...and yet we're supposed to believe that said behavior will just evaporate when there's plenty of wine and cheese for all? RIGHT!!

I found it disgusting that they had to point out it was "college students." If it was just some uneducated poor slob, but otherwise innocent bystander...well, what's so glamorous about that. It wouldn't be worth the coverage....but college students are better, some how, then the poor, uneducated slob, aren't they?

8/08/2007 08:46:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

I hear ya Shrub. I pretty much ignored that shooting story cause I'm starting to feel like some ghoulish voyuer rubber-necking at every human collision.

Y'know, they say 'Information is power' & 'An informed citizen is a good citizen.'

OK, so I'm fucking informed.

About all that means is that I'm completely aware of warehouses full of info that enrage me yet I can do little or nothing about.

So what?

The internet has begun to tweak me.

"If you notice that someone is tweaking, be careful how you handle the situation. Keep in mind these six safety tips for approaching a tweaker:

1. Keep your distance. Coming too close can be perceived as threatening.

2. No bright lights. The tweaker is paranoid and bright lights may cause them to react violently.

3. Slow your speech, lower your voice.

4. Slow your movements. The tweaker is paranoid and may misunderstand your movements.

5. Keep your hands visible, or they may feel threatened and become violent.

6. Keep the tweaker talking. A tweaker who falls silent can be extremely dangerous. Silence often means that his paranoid thoughts have taken over reality, and anyone present can become part of the tweaker's paranoid delusions."

Back in the early 90s, my best friend developed a taste for crack.

Occasionally, when I got off work at 11, I'd stop by his apartment for some smoke & chit-chit.

When he was crackly he was one stone cold teeth grinding paranoid motherfucker.

Totally convinced there were black helicopters circling above his apartment building just waiting for him to fuck up.

Once, I dragged him outside & made him look up to see that THERE WEREN'T ANY HELICOPTERS FLYING ABOVE HIS BUILDING,

he said, "But it's night & they're black & they don't run with any lights."

I said, 'But we can't hear anything."

He said, "You don't understand, they're fucking silent."

When I'd leave, he'd always give me some item to take-once it was a gas powered weed whacker, another time it was a 5 gallon jug of weed killer.

When I asked him why the fuck I had to carry a goddamn weed whacker that I didn't need all the way to my car, he said, "Just take it man. They're watching. They're up there. I can fucking hear them. I don't want them thinking that you got drugs here. Any excuse & they'll be in here."

So I took the weed whacker.

Now here's the thing Shrub, the more I venture around the information superhighway, the more I'm starting to feel like I'm intentionally seeking out the company of crack-heads.

It's one thing when it's a friend you've known since ya were 16, but allowing my blocks of text to knowingly fraternise with utter strangers drug fueled & paranoid blocks of text is quite another thing all together.

8/09/2007 12:34:00 AM  
Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Many thanks for well wishes, everyone, especially the naturally kind Movie Girl. I’m not exactly on the mend yet, but I am on to something…which I’ll be springing on y’all just as soon as I can sit long enough at this bloody machine to launch it.

In the meanwhile, and very briefly, nice reporting Mark.

Ericswan’s anatomy of the Lie is right on.

Shrub, Eve & Richard: huh?

I sense some of that phantom tail chasing I was talking about in the last thread before my spleen fell out (sorry about the gross anatomical, well, actually metaphorical detail). In other words, it sounds—and I could be all wrong about this, as I haven’t read all that stuff—as if you guys are caught up in some sort of spy v. spy he-said-she-said. Is there anything real in any of that? Don’t misunderstand me, please. I’m not trying to be critical or anything, but what is everyone getting upset about? I just don’t get any of it.

Lastly, for now, my brother just sent me one of those What-a-Country! emails, this time about a little incident that took place down in Asheville, NC. Seems a middle-aged couple were feeling so despondent over the state of their country that they were moved to fly their American (sacred, imperial...) flag upside-down with a note attached that read “Out Now!” in reference to the Leader and his pack of jackals (as if it would be so simple, that the neo-ghouls really were running the country and not those who put them "in power"...)

Well, they take they flag “desecrations” seriously down there in ’backy country (I know, ’cuz this Yankee hippie pinko commie’s mama done growed up down yonder…) and the sheriff responded to an anonymous tip from some patriotic ’Merican with a stunning display of shock & awe. Funny thing is that while they had the old guy down and trussed like a pig after threatening the old lady with a taser, some of the apparently less patriotic ’Mericans in the neighborhood had the audacity not to stay in their shacks during the smack-down.

Some of them even questioned what right the pigs had to be beating up on folks:

Deborah Kuhn’s screams also drew the attention of Shawn Brady and several of his roommates, who live next door to the couple. “I run outside and ask them what’s going on and there’s cops chasing Mark around his car,” Brady said. “They threaten to taser him and demand that he get on the ground. He gets on the ground and we ask them what they’re being charged with. They tell us it’s none of our concern. I tell them they’re our neighbors and it is our concern.”

Neal Wilson, who lives with Brady, also saw the deputy produce the taser, he says. After repeated questions, Brady and roommate Tony Plichta said that the deputies replied that “they didn’t know yet” what the couple would be charged with.

“This is an outrage,” Brady said. “The 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments were clearly broken today.”

Plichta expressed similar anger. “They actually wanted to know why we cared — these are our neighbors,” he said.

Lovely story, I think. Not the revelation that we live in a fascist state where docile herds are prodded by Nazi pricks from way up on high right down to the local sheriff’s office (we knew that!), but because of the surprise on the part of the Nazi pricks that the cattle might stand up for and look after one another; that they considered themselves citizens endowed with rights and stuff like that.



What’s next, free (or even meaningful) elections? Maybe a long-overdue accounting of the Cui Bono of a system where 2/3rds of the serfs in the 21st century live on less than $2 a day, have no access to clean drinking water, no protections from those who actually have money & power…no future at all, really?

Nah, let’s refresh our memories, drinking deeply in the gospel of George Kennan, from the 23rd epistle where he and the national security state boys set up the postwar world in which we live (our Nazis v. their Nazis and all that...):

…Furthermore, we have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction…We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.

Remember? Sure we do. So let's just forget this crap about “freedom” and “human dignity” and the rest of that high-minded shit. Or why bridges fall. The gloves are finally coming off, even here at home, among the faithful.

What did Malcolm say about Kennedy's assassination that so outraged the righteous? Oh,'s just the chickens coming home to roost.

8/09/2007 03:34:00 PM  
Anonymous enemy territory said...

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7/20/2010 07:53:00 AM  
Anonymous justpub said...

Just Pub, a dumb return to castle wolfenstein enemy territory comic strip by feuersturm.

7/20/2010 07:54:00 AM  

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