Thursday, October 02, 2008

Attention Deficit World Order (Part Two)

"Judgement day," he said, in a mocking voice. "Ain't no judgement day, old man. Cept this. Maybe this here judgement day for you." - Flannery O'Connor, "Judgement Day"

I wish I could blame all my bad blogging upon writer's block, but it's not just the words that have been lacking; it's been any sensible thought to penetrate America's strange dreamtime. And unlike Sarah Palin, I'd rather say nothing when that's all that I know. And that's just sad, because as novel as these events seem, they are still all recurring dreams, though we greet them like goldfish seeing the world anew every time we circle the bowl.

Perhaps the truest and most essential thing Michael Moore ever said, he said at the Oscars. We like nonfiction, and we live in fictitious times. But I dunno; maybe he's spent too much time since that night playing a character in a false narrative, because on the eve of Congress's campy read through of an early draft proposal for a trillion dollar grift - a fictitious fix to a fictitious crisis of fictitious money - Moore advised Americans to "call or e-mail Senator Obama" and "call your Representative in Congress." So that's how it works. How about rather, as soon as you discover you've already seen the movie, walk out of the theatre and demand your money back?

Is this the way the world ends? European astrologers at the turn of the 16th century forecast devastating floods for the year 1524. One result, as the date approached, was a "Great Fear," as recorded by Venetian chronicler Marin Sanudo. Another, for Venice, was a tremendous investment in public works in order to prevent the silting up of the city's lagoon. (Sadly, the careful consideration of Renaissance engineers of the city's effect upon its environment had been forgotten by the mid-20th Century, when channel dredging and groundwater extraction saw Venice rapidly sink 20 centimeters in 20 years.) And a further effect was an increased popularity of satirical doom singers. One Venetian cantastorie going by the name of "Master Pegasus Neptune" predicted "conjunctions of cheese and lasagna," and comically prophesied that "In those days cats and dogs will be enemies, swords will cut better than radishes, fields and mountains will be out in the open, and the taverns will be well frequented." We might add, that in these days, the stock market will crash, and the stock market will rally.

That's not the end. Hell, that's not even the world.

Perhaps this is more like it? From a dispatch last week by Dr. Oerjan Gustafsson of Stockholm University, aboard the Russian research ship Jacob Smirnitskyi in the Arctic Ocean:

We had a hectic finishing of the sampling program yesterday and this past night. An extensive area of intense methane release was found. At earlier sites we had found elevated levels of dissolved methane. Yesterday, for the first time, we documented a field where the release was so intense that the methane did not have time to dissolve into the seawater but was rising as methane bubbles to the sea surface.

Days later, the British research ship the James Clark Ross reported counting "about 250 methane plumes bubbling from the seabed in an area of about 30 square miles in water less than 400 metres (1,300 feet) deep off the west coast of Svalbard." Deeper plumes at three times the depth were found near by.

If the thawing permafrost and warming oceans lose the integrity of their methane sinks, if the billowing chimneys of Arctic methane represent their tipping point, then the climate is soon to run away from a tolerable mean. A feedback loop even more catastrophic than Reaganomics will have been initiated. But as with Reaganomics, a happy ending can't be written for us.

But never mind that. There are millions of lives lived right now in apocalypse. Zimbabwe - does that look like the end of the world? Another world at least, where children are eating toxic, indigestible roots to stave off hunger, though malnutrition will kill them if relief isn't sent "very fast." What percentage of Wall Street's "rescue" would it take to rescue them? What percentage of Henry Paulson's personal wealth of $700 million? It's crazy that it seems crazy to ask. But that's Zimbabwe, and Mugabe's small time grifters aren't hooked up with the global syndicate. There's no need to know, and since so much of news is supposed to be news you use, they lose.

And we do too, if we don't know this Zimbabwe story, from last April:

American film maker Randall Nickerson is currently visiting southern Africa to make a documentary that follows up an incident that happened at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994, when 62 children aged between eight and 12 reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during their morning break.

Those children are now young adults scattered around the globe. Nickerson is tracking them down and interviewing them about the experience. “Their stories have not changed at all,” he says. “Not what you would expect if they had made it all up.”

So what exactly happened on that day in 1994 at the school in Ruwa just east of Harare? “It was morning break and they were out in the school yard playing,” says Nickerson. “They saw one main silver craft that had four others around it,” says Nickerson. “It came down on a hill beyond the school yard that was out of bounds. The boundary was the edge of the school yard, then it was bush and the hill.

“They ran to the edge of the school yard to see what this thing was. They saw this small creature walk around on top of the craft while another came down to check out the children. He was all in black, with a very tight suit. The children said he had big eyes ‘like rugby balls’.

“The children had direct eye contact with this creature. There seems to have been some kind of communication with the children about the state of the world — what we are doing to the planet, the destruction we are causing, although not all the children got this message. Some of the children were traumatized, others were excited. The young children were the most traumatized as they were at the front of the group.

African UFO researcher Cynthia Hind was at the school the next day. One little girl told her "I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth." Harvard's John Mack soon followed, and interviewed dozens of witnesses with whom Nickerson is now following up.

One is Isabelle:

He was just staring, and we like, tried not to look at him, because he was quite scary.

MACK: What was scary about him?

His big eyes I think. I think - I think they want people to know that we're actually making harm on this world and we mustn't get too technoledged [sic]

MACK: What gave you that feeling?

I don't know.

MACK: But it came to you when you were with the strange beings?

Yeah. When he was looking at us. It came through my head. My conscience I think.

MACK: Had you been a person who thought a lot about what we were doing to the world?

No. Only after this.

I don't know what happened at Ruwa, but something real, really did, which means it has more authenticity than John McCain's David Blainesque "suspension" of his campaign, upside down, above the head of David Letterman, and more weight than the Treasury Department's rationale for the figure of $700 billion. ("It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number.") If we can't explain it or understand it, maybe we should fight the impulse to ignore it. As well as real, it could be important. Or maybe just kill us.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Australian pilot Frederich Valentich's disappearance, whose last words before his microphone captured an unidentified sound of grinding metal was "That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it's not an aircraft."

Driving home in a company van the evening of March 17, 1978, Englishman Ken Edwards saw a strange figure on top of an embankment. As Peter Hough tells it in Visition, The being was tall and broad, with a head like a goldfish bowl, and its arms appeared to sprout from the top of its shoulders. It descended the steep hill at an impossible right angle to the ground, and before walking across the road and straight through a chain link fence as if it wasn't there, turned to face the van and shot narrow beams of light from its eyes into the cab. A power surge burned out all of its major components, Edwards' watch stopped, and he showed Hough marks on his hands that had been clutching the steering wheel which resembled sunburns. He soon began complaining of stomach pains, and was found to be riddled with cancer, and died at 42. Maybe he would have anyway, if he and something unknowable hadn't crossed paths, but like Barbara, his widow, told Hough, "A thing that can burn skin, stop watches and destroy an expensive radio might well be capable of bringing harm to a human being."

Last July 20, Vince Weiguang Li delivered an Edmonton newspaper that carried a lengthy feature on the Windigo, "a terrifying creature in native mythology that has a ravenous appetite for human flesh. It could take possession of people and turn them into cannibalistic monsters."

Li abruptly quit his job and took a bus across the Canadian prairie, where he beheaded and cannibalized 20-year old Tim McLean. "I just don't know what to think of it, quite frankly," says the piece's author, and Windigo expert, Nathan Carlson. He'd documented numerous cases of people believing they were "turning Windigo" who would beg to be killed "before they started eating people." At Li's first courthouse appearance, the only words he spoke were a soft, "Please kill me."

On McLean's myspace page, under Who I'd like to meet, he posted "an alien, the wolfman, frankensteins monster, a vampire...."

The Tuesday after the market dropped 777 points, the front page of a Toronto newspaper headline told me there's a "monster lot of fear out there."

Ooooh, I'm scared.


Blogger Devin said...

Beautiful post as always Jeff. I have never known another of another blogger who can tie so many diverse topics together and somehow make it all make sense. Loved all the Forteana in this post. If there is one thing you will never be guilty of it is bad blogging. Reading your work reminds me of some beautiful, haunting poem.

10/02/2008 06:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,good to see your back Jeff,this fucken place is running wild.There is some bad magick in the air,but they tell you to just turn away that it doesn't matter.The awakeing is about to take place,I feel sorry for the ones around us that aren't ready for the final solution,when magick is once again real,when all that can be imagined will become reality.Whether you want to belive is up to you,things are about to get crazy,like Hunter said"when the going get's weird the weird turn pro",later.Oh,check out the new release by Enigma- 7lives many faces,lots of clues.

10/02/2008 06:51:00 AM  
Blogger Doc Nebula said...

So, what about this "Breckenridge Society" that Michael Jacques supposedly 'made up' to pressure a 9 year old girl into having sex with him, and then, years later, into helping him kidnap and murder his niece, Brooke Bennett?

It seems to me that there has to be more to the story than that Jacques just made the whole thing up. And you're the guy I'd expect to know, if so.

10/02/2008 07:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation, its desiccated skin pulled tautly over its bones. With its bones pushing out against its skin, its complexion the ash gray of death, and its eyes pushed back deep into their sockets, the Wendigo looked like a gaunt skeleton recently disinterred from the grave. What lips it had were tattered and bloody [....] Unclean and suffering from suppurations of the flesh, the Wendigo gave off a strange and eerie odor of decay and decomposition, of death and corruption. ”

At the same time, Wendigos were embodiments of gluttony, greed, and excess; never satisfied after killing and consuming one person, they were constantly searching for new victims. In some traditions, humans who became overpowered by greed could turn into Wendigos; the Wendigo myth thus served as a method of encouraging cooperation and moderation.

Remind you of anything?

10/02/2008 07:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep writing. Just keep writing. As down as you feel, as bleak as the outlook is, keep writing. Just keep writing. It is important for you, and for your readers.

10/02/2008 09:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess who decided to protest Tim McLean's funeral? The Phelps Family....

'Hated' church group to protest Tim McLean funeral

Updated Thu. Aug. 7 2008 11:30 AM ET News Staff

A church group described in a British documentary as "the most hated family in America" says it will head to Canada this weekend to protest Tim McLean's funeral.

The daughter of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, Ka., told she and several other church members will go to Winnipeg on Saturday to demonstrate against what she described as McLean's "filthy way of life." Shirley Phelps-Roper said his life was emblematic of Canada's moral decay.

"God handed us a gift," Phelps-Roper said in a phone interview on Thursday.

She said McLean deserved his death by beheading on a Greyhound Bus last week.

"(His death was) supremely unemotional. You got God shaking in rage. There is no emotional component ... He was a rebel against God. He was taught to be a rebel by his parents. He came from a rebel country ... They brought this wrath upon his head. And it sucks to be him and it sucks to be them," Phelps-Roper said.

She said his brutal murder was a sign from God.

"You gotta connect the dots, people ... from your idols to your filthy way of life," she said.

"Here's what I know. He is dead and God does not do that to people that serve in his truth."

Phelps-Roper described McLean -- who she had never met -- in an insulting, insensitive and graphic manner. Her crudest descriptions of the 22-year-old are not printed.

"I haven't met him personally, but he has nothing going on," she said dismissively.

"(His life) was all about him. Blah, blah, blah ... He was a rebel ... I don't need to know anything else ... I don't need to know the minutia. Everything you need to know is right there."

The Westboro Baptist church has gained notoriety in recent years for setting up protest pickets at the funerals of U.S. soldiers who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Church members claim the deaths are part of God's wrath against Americans for turning their back on his teachings. They have repeatedly called the U.S. a "fag" nation, a phrase Phelps-Roper used repeatedly to describe Canada.

Phelps-Roper said she does not mind that her family is reviled by the majority of Americans. She claimed she rejoices when people say they despise and hate her family.

"I say, 'cha ching.' That goes in our bank. God gives us tokens of his love," she said.

Phelps-Roper said members of the Westboro Baptist Church, which numbers about "70 souls," is comprised mainly of a single extended family.

McLean was killed on July 30 after being stabbed repeatedly on a Greyhound bus by a complete stranger. He was then beheaded.

Vince Li, 40, has been charged with second-degree murder. A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for Li.

10/02/2008 10:58:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Jeff: Glad to see ya ain't quit. I liked the Venetian comic's doomtelling. No matter what the comet, eclipse, storm, etc means politically or faith-wise, believe you me, it foretells a rise in the price of rice.

I still fit globular warming warnings and UFOs into the same toybox - capital B bull from the top of the ziggurat. Useful cover, useful fear-gen and intellectual deflection. If 'they' pull out the flying discs and space platforms, all it means is that it's harvest time.

Same thing that happened to Germany. Forced into technological flower by root-binding (land and resource cutoff), then brought to seed by fire threat (WWII). Then, off at the roots and take home the fruit - including printed circuits, jet propulsion, atomic energy (picked that one early - couldn't resist), orbital ballistics, EM field math and hardware, and the bastard child of them all, the flying disc.

You'll notice the enormous technological advances during WWII. Ahhh, yes. War stimulates us better than anything.

Or does it? Perhaps that's just an appearance. Perhaps if we were allowed to seed and spread naturally, with pruning and picking rather than outright harvest, we'd give more varied and nutritious fruit.

Ah, well. Twenty-five years from now, very few people will be worried about that.

Harvest will be over, sun rising over fields burned and tilled, the larders full, feast over, the old sow's skeletal, gnawed remains in the greasy, filthy fireplace, the dogs asleep and grumbling below the table while the newborn flock of pig-sheep squeals its delight at the new Sun.

Speaking of which, don't forget to switch to Penitence brand bulbs today! Their weak, sickly light will remind you of your own soul as we careen into our social Samhain!
(end advertisement)

Really not worried about Michael Moore, who obviously sold himself by the pound to one circle or another,
Lord Reptor.

P.S. Global warming! Hah! Only if the Yanks' Tesla-Nazi gear has a higher microwave setting than Vlad's. Baked Alaska, anyone?

10/02/2008 11:13:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Jeff & Robotilt: Ahhh, yes, our little homegrown news-making head-chopping fun stuff. As I've said before, this one stinks.

The guy gets hacked by a stranger. Who is on the ball enough to take over the bus and hold it while the cops come, whilst getting theatrically ugly wiv the corpse. Mountain-man stuff. As Jeff said, putting that Canuck stylin' on it, Wendigaga coo-coo.

Then, he's held - alone - in bus by a buncha cops. Who of course can't field armour enough to take a knife-wielder on. So they wait. Shoulda got those gas grenades on the Hudson's E-Bay after all.

Eventually, dude makes a break. Out the window! Overpowered! Heroic stuff. I bet on the side away from the cameras.

Then, the suspect shows at court. Mentally ill, recently in a preacher's custody (shudder) - what a loon! Musta been Wendigo 2.1 from the blue van behind the bus, duuuude.....

Hmf. Then the guy whose headphones were obviously too, tooo loud for Hacky the Liver-Eater is the target of a bunch of hack-ass political protest crap meant to rouse us from our angry, investigative state to some proper dualistic rage. Fags! No fags! God! No God! Bad! Good! Baaaa!

Hmf. Betcha Hacky was a Canuck super-SEAL type, now sippin beers and poppin tabs with his buddies in some other country, the suspect arrested is a mind-controlled drooling product of CanaMiniLuv, and the whole news story is a product of CanaMiniTrue.

Just my nine cents.
Lord Reptor.

10/02/2008 11:27:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Seven cents. I'm having two back.


10/02/2008 11:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding robotilt's comment, I don't think someone who really is in the grace of God would talk that way of a killed person, whoever he was and however filthy his conduct. Since I am another one who tends to connect the dots and am myself already thinking "what's wrong with Canada", I am potentially interested in such interpretation but unfortunately the rebellious kid seems not to do for me. I am more for society scale guilt, soething like Winnipeg's Magnificent Ambersons exploiting the housing market in disregard of forest preservation agreements.

10/02/2008 11:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation, its desiccated skin pulled tautly over its bones. With its bones pushing out against its skin, its complexion the ash gray of death, and its eyes pushed back deep into their sockets.."

This is a good description of the condition the Plains Natives were in after the buffalo kills and their internment on reservations.

And later too, during the Great Depression in Canada where the Indian Act imposed a prejudicial law that no goods produced on reserve could be sold off-reserve and the native peoples were dying of TB in droves.

"At the same time, Wendigos were embodiments of gluttony, greed, and excess; never satisfied after killing and consuming one [peoples] they were constantly searching for new victims."

And this is a good description of the rapacious colonizers.

Is this the source of the Windigo mythology?

10/02/2008 12:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That's not the end. Hell, that's not even the world.

Perhaps this is more like it? From a dispatch last week by Dr. Oerjan Gustafsson of Stockholm University, aboard the Russian research ship Jacob Smirnitskyi in the Arctic Ocean:

We had a hectic finishing of the sampling program yesterday and this past night. An extensive area of intense methane release was found. At earlier sites we had found elevated levels of dissolved methane. Yesterday, for the first time, we documented a field where the release was so intense that the methane did not have time to dissolve into the seawater but was rising as methane bubbles to the sea surface.

Days later, the British research ship the James Clark Ross reported counting "about 250 methane plumes bubbling from the seabed in an area of about 30 square miles in water less than 400 metres (1,300 feet) deep off the west coast of Svalbard." Deeper plumes at three times the depth were found near by.

If the thawing permafrost and warming oceans lose the integrity of their methane sinks, if the billowing chimneys of Arctic methane represent their tipping point, then the climate is soon to run away from a tolerable mean. A feedback loop even more catastrophic than Reaganomics will have been initiated. But as with Reaganomics, a happy ending can't be written for us."

Perhaps it is a little premature to panic,...

"The discovery of this system is important as its presence provides evidence that methane, which is a greenhouse gas, has been released in this climactically sensitive region since the last ice age," Professor Westbrook said. An analysis of sediments taken from the seabed show that the gas is coming from methane hydrates – ice-like crystals where molecules of the gas are captured in "cages" made of water molecules, which become unstable as water pressures fall or temperatures rise.

It is likely that methane emissions off Svalbard have been continuous for about 15,000 years – since the last ice age – but as yet no one knows whether recent climactic shifts in the Arctic have begun to accelerate them to a point where they could in themselves exacerbate climate change, he said."

10/02/2008 08:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such positive vibrations. Doom I tell you. Noah's sons will exact 10%. What tomfoolery this bail out has become. Shine forth Jeff. Reptor keep up the goodwit. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon

10/02/2008 09:29:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

The Others wait
they await for the right moment to enact the Plan
a Big idea
an eternity to endure the self
isn't enough time.

Make for yourselves tents
so that the wandering can be felt by the descendants
The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds!
"what senses do we lack that we cannot see another world all around us?"
-Orange catholic Bible

10/03/2008 12:03:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

According to John Titor, the alleged time traveler from 2036, the US should be engulfed in a massive and bloody civil war by now, with Waco-style incidents happening monthly since 2004.

In reality (whatever that means), instead of Apocalypticland, we're stuck with the same horrid go-round of election year pablum that does little more than mirror our own national mediocrity.

As our Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, urges passage of a bail-out plan he helped draft to rescue us from the outcome of rule changes he helped lobby for in 2004, and our elected leaders decide the best way to help him rip us off without appearing culpable, the Vice Presidential debate(?) meandered through a surreal gender-bending landscape where the Repub femme fatale/schoolmarm repeatedly tried to show us her balls while the hair challenged Democrat misted up in a View-like nod to his feminine side.

Recently, psychiatrist's identified a new mental condition. It's called The Truman Show Syndrome. Those possessed by this demon live under the delusion that every aspect of their lives are being filmed and broadcast to the world.
I can't help wondering what they'd call the syndrome experienced by someone living under the delusion that every aspect of one of their really bad acid trips from 1982 had been filmed and was being broadcast to the world.

Last week, on CNN, I saw some overpaid babbler telling me "what makes a terrorist."
The 1st thing he said was that a terrorist is "dissatisfied with the modern world."
To his credit, he left out the part about how being "satisfied with the modern world" would make one "clinically insane."

Terrorist or lunatic?

Terrorist or lunatic?

So many choices,

so little time.

10/03/2008 02:31:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@JAD: Heh. 'Terrorist or lunatic'. That was funny. I think I must be a lunatic in that astutely-identified dualist cognition-buster - I think the modern world is a heavy, wicked trip. I'm not just satisfied with it, I'm grateful and excited.

I just watched Koyaanisqatsi again for the first time since the 80's and I found it hopeful. I like the future I see around the corner. Not that the chances of our species making it around the corner is totally huge, I will admit. (checks green skin, clawlike appendages) Oh, wait - your species. I'm a troll, pre-internet type. Half goblin on my mother's side.

Still, we all work here. Problem is, we just don't seem interested in doing our job as Terra's high-functioning biocomponent these days. It is possible to get replaced. Fired, like. Suicide's built in to all species - monkeys do it, dogs do it, hell, I bet slugs do it if they feel purposeless.

Lots of candidates for the job in line, too. Crows and rats got hands, and brains are easy enough to grow if your genes tell you so (my big sis is a microbiological geneticist - believe me, what goes on in there is a lot more than 'black hair, red hair, on-off' - more like a long song that responds to the touch of the universe with gentle, unsuspected harmonies).

Personally, I'm hoping the next theme in the long song is made of metal. It's just the next step in self-organizing matter. Evolution if you will, although I think it's more like an eye opening to first light. And if we work hard, we will achieve it.

If we don't, somebody else will. I hope.


10/03/2008 12:09:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@JAD: P.S. - you made an apostrophe error pluralizing 'psychiatrist'. Possessive plural psychiatrists.

Brought to you by the letter P today,
Lord R.

10/03/2008 12:11:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

P.P.S. : Good eye on the gender-switchbait subtheme with the candidates. That's a trip, man. I think you have something there. Another pushme-pullyou dualist drive-directing trick? Subtle advertisers these Masters of the World (ahahah, ahaha, cough, ahahaaa, cough cough, snort) are.

Still laughing at the idea of a Council Of Farty Old Monkeys mastering the vast flowing history we are all woven into,
Lord Reptor.

10/03/2008 12:16:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

One Last P.S. - K, back to my actual writing. Plus I've got guests for dinner tomorrow - the Cave's previous owners, in fact. I've got cooking to do. I may even have to trim my horrible beard. It's become a sort of baleen for eggs. Anyway, I'll shut up for a while.

@Fletch: Tents aren't a bad idea - better than staying in the cities another year at this point. That Bible thing is full of good advice. And bad advice. And outright bullsh*t. Doris Lessing wrote about this stuff - she saw more than most of us ever will...


10/03/2008 12:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumbfuckinstan: Home of the Brave. A new design is in the works that includes Canada and the west coast of Sweden.

10/03/2008 12:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those werent payin' tension last time:

Brain Eaters T-Shirts (two for twenty-five dollars)

10/03/2008 12:57:00 PM  
Blogger Aphelion said...

"There is no human nature, only human behavior."

10/03/2008 01:23:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@All: I know I said I was going to shut up, but one more thing occurs, and that is that I would like to hear other folks' takes on the whole U.F.O. thing. Are we going to get head-faked into a space war? Or will it be like that game Half-Life - we'll get involved in an alien genetic pyramid scheme/bio-corporatocracy/planet grab? I think Garriot just did a game on the same topic - probably excellent, 'cause the boy's a damn genius.

Anyway, what of it, this saucer flap? Fake cover for black tech? Secret links to secreter (secreter is NOT a word - ed.) societies? Vril forces or field mathematics?

Philip Jose Farmer (in his excellent Riverworld books) had us all wiped out by an EM field that shut down higher chordates like a switch, leaving a lovely garden for the aliens that dunnit.

Anyway, Jeff's laid some tasty trails for us. Curious to hear whatchyall think.


PPPPPPS - Happy fall, folks. Ain't it grand? Rain was just hammering my tin roof this morning, and everything's all grey and cold. The cat has excited eyes and roams the gloaming before dawn in the chill, and so do I.


10/03/2008 02:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of MONSTERS, check out the photo on this page of these 3 under the ape:

It's all great with/for them, not so good for the rubes . . . .

10/03/2008 05:44:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

777, aliens, possessing spirits....The question is, at what point do we abandon the idea of hard reality and begin to view the world as being made fundamentally out of narratives, or fictions which have sprung to life? Viewed within this context, dismissive conservative claims that Global Warming is a liberal "end times myth" are correct, but they same time just because something is a myth doesn't mean it can't or won't kill you.

Its almost like you can break down the world in terms of authors, people who are actually authoring the world into being. Of course not everything they write gets published, but that which does get written is our reality. In this view, "scientists" have a very good chance of getting published, a very good track record, which means we have Global Warming. But that doesn't make it any less of a morality myth about technology, which it simultaneously is.

Anyway, Peace Jeff. The world lights up for me when you write. Keep it going.

10/03/2008 06:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo ho we sail the mighty seas unbowed,
While chiarascuro poets all are cowed.
Down in the flood Bob Dylan’s basement duct
Tapes spin the tale that tells us we are fucked.
Down Nawlins way the blackened Nagin fish,
A brackened Ninth Ward marinated dish,
Sings the song of sixpence, full fathom five,
Where no one worth saving gets out alive.
But bail we must nine hundred billion squid,
Seven for the shakedown, the rest ~ pork quid.
Or else they’ll huff and blow our ships all down,
These pigs who’ve rigged Ponzi scheme, and drown
Us all, they say. They’ll do it anyway,
As is their wont. Batman can’t save the day.
Not even Superman or Mighty Mouse.
Not Aquaman, or Elvis in the house.
Fait accompli. Mais oui. Tu parles français?
Je vois l’eau monte. Pardon, sais-tu nager?

10/03/2008 07:21:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Hey Reptor.. You were inquiring as to what others think of the UFO thingy. It's the Archons. They manifest themselves just like the Wendigo ..

I suppose it's all very entertaining when we look back on it.

10/03/2008 08:42:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

From one of your Wellsian links:

"Curiously, the older students said that they felt that the creatures communicated with them somehow, sending the message that we humans are destroying our planet, polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences."

I'm curious to know if you've read Nick Redfern's 3 Men Seeking Monsters?

If not, Nick and pals meet up with an alleged witch named Sarah Graymalkin.
She explains that odd, transiently "real," creatures like Bigfoot, Black Shuck, Nessie, etc., are in this "reality" due to the efforts of 9 adepts who, in the 8th century, intentionally opened a doorway between their world/dimension and ours. She calls these creatures/entities Cormons. Miss Graymalkin, or maybe Nick or Jon Downes, points out that apocalyptic imagery/visions/hallucinations often accompany encounters with these little beasties.
Miss Graymalkin explains that the Cormon feed on our emotions, and the Cormon find the fear generated by these doomsday uploads to be quite edible.
While she doesn't equate these beings with aliens in the nuts and bolts intergalactic traveler sense, she does say that the Cormon aren't above wearing a Gray disguise now that belief in many folkloric creatures have waned.

9 seems to be an interesting number amongst interdimensional tourists.

You have Uri Geller and his "Nine Principals:"

"In December 1952, Puharich brought into his laboratory an Indian mystic named Dr D G Vinod, who began to channel The Nine or ‘the Nine Principles’. In the months before Vinod returned to India, a group met regularly to hear The Nine’s channelled wisdom. Never known for their modesty, The Nine proclaimed themselves to be God, stating "God is nobody else than we together, the Nine Principles of God."

Three years later, there appeared to be independent confirmation of their existence. In Mexico, Puharich and Young met Charles and Lillian Laughead, former Christian missionaries who were by then prominent in the burgeoning UFO contactee movement. (For a description of their involvement in the Dorothy Martin circle, see Jerome Clark’s ‘When Prophecy Failed’ in FT117.) Back in the States a few weeks later, Puharich received a letter from the Laugheads containing messages received by their group’s channeller. This message also claimed to come from the Nine Principles, even – amazingly – including references to the earlier communications transmitted through Dr Vinod. Could The Nine possibly be for real?

Perhaps the answer is embedded in the career of Puharich himself. After disbanding the Round Table Foundation in 1958, he worked for 10 years as an inventor of medical devices and achieved international recognition as a parapsychologist, most famously studying the Brazilian psychic surgeon, Arigo (José Pedro de Freitas). But all that was to pale into insignificance because, in 1971, Puharich discovered Uri Geller.

At their first meetings in Tel Aviv in 1971, Puharich hypnotised Geller in an attempt to find out where his abilities came from. As a result, the young Israeli started to channel ‘Spectra’ – an entity which claimed to be a conscious super-computer aboard a spaceship. However, Puharich suggested to him that there might be a connection with the Nine Principles, and Spectra readily agreed that there was. The Nine claimed that they had programmed Geller with his powers as a young child.

Through Geller, The Nine alerted Puharich to his life’s mission, which was to use Geller’s talents to alert the world to an imminent mass landing of spaceships that would bring representatives of The Nine. However, Geller – by now an international psychic superstar – bowed out in 1973 and has resolutely turned his back on The Nine ever since. Puharich had to find other channels.
He joined up with aristocratic former racing driver Sir John Whitmore and Florida-based psychic and healer Phyllis Schlemmer. They found a new channeller – a Daytona cook known to history only by the pseudonym ‘Bobby Horne’ – who lived to regret his dealings with The Nine. Driven to the brink of suicide by their constant demands, he too dropped out of the scene – his despair being dismissed by Whitmore as "signs of instability". After this, Phyllis Schlemmer was appointed the authorised spokesperson for the entity – known simply as ‘Tom’ – who represented The Nine"

And writer Alan Moore discusses his meeting with one of the "Nine Dukes:"

"After my initial apparent experience with non-ordinary states in the early January of 1994, I went through a superficially similar but subjectively very different-seeming experience about a month later, in the February of that year. I'll leave out the details, but the upshot was that I found myself seemingly in conversation with an entity that at first identified itself as "One of the Nine Dukes," and then upon closer interrogation as "Asmoday." Its "body," when I asked it to show me what it looked like, consisted of a shifting and shimmering latticework of repeated spider motifs, all identical but at different scales. These, while keeping their colouring consistent, appeared to be constantly turning themselves inside out through a spatial dimension that was foreign to me, becoming on the reverse a similar shifting lattice, this time with a reiterated lizard motif This would turn itself inside out and become the mesh of spiders again, and so on. As a constant background to this effect, there was a beautiful pattern composed of peacock's-tail eyes. The entire thing was like a 360-degree sphere or field of presence that surrounded my head, moving and speaking lucidly to me (and with great politeness and charm, it must be said).

As with my first experience, other magicians were with me at the time (although not the same people). I remarked to one of them at the time when I was apparently speaking to the supposed entity that it seemed to me that the creatures body was actually a sort of display, since a physical body would clearly have been completely redundant. I wondered if the "bodies" of such creatures aren't more in the nature of the "icons" that people use to represent themselves when surfing the net? Perhaps the perceived forms were more like compound symbols, characters in an unknown language that were meant to impart a kind of non-verbal information to us. At that moment, it struck me that the. entity I appeared to be seeing was conveying to me several things by its apparent form: Firstly, it was highly skilled in mathematics and in the visual arts that pertained to mathematics. Secondly, it had at least one more spatial dimension to play with than I did, and it seemed to take an almost smug delight in pointing this fact out to me. There was a quality of likeable vanity that seemed to imply that the emotional range of the entity was not vastly different from that of a human being. (This has not been the case with some of the other "species" of imaginary creature that I like to imagine I've encountered, and thus seemed worth noting.)

Days later, after the experience, I did some research to see what I could find relating to the demon Asmoday or Asmodeus as he is more often known. It seemed that Asmodeus is considered to be the patron demon of mathematics and handicraft, which fit in with my general perception of the creature but proved nothing one way or the other. There was also some fascinating material on this particular demon's ability to grant an "Asmodeus Fright," wherein the magician will be plucked up into the air by the demon and allowed to fly over his town. On looking down, the demon-borne conjuror would see all the houses below as if their roofs had been removed, so that the occupants inside could be seen going about their lives. This was a fascinating and compelling medieval image, but again didn't seem to signify for much.

Last year, my esteemed colleague Dave Gibbons called me with reference to something he'd come across in a cutting edge science/higher mathematics book called Fourfield by Tom Robbin. Mr. Robbin's fascinating book, a dissection of the theory and application of fourth-dimensional maths, takes time off at one point to wonder creatively about what a hypothetical four-dimensional life form, if such a thing existed, might look like to us. Basically, the author's best and most well-informed guess is that such creatures would most probably resemble a shimmering latticework of multiple copies of themselves, all at different scales. This made my ears perk up, and when I was later in receipt of a computer program allowing me to run models of some basic fourth-dimensional forms, I was intrigued to note that some of the other hyperspatial solids on display resembled the visible forms of other non-physical entities that I believed myself to have encountered.

Working from the hypothesis of entities existing at higher levels of space, the "Asmodeus Flight" fable suddenly seemed to have a lot of new possibilities: a three-dimensional, human mind, plucked up into the higher reaches of the fourth-dimension by a higher-dimensional entity, and allowed to look down at the three-dimensional landscape below from a fourth-dimensional perspective. The houses, their interiors now visible in the same way the insides of a two-dimensional square are visible to us from up above in our third dimension, seem to the medieval eye to have had their roofs removed. Could it be that the sorcerer in question was actually seeing around the roofs and walls via the perception of a fourth dimension beyond the three our world is apparently bounded by?

Now, the upshot of this long-winded digression is that, in light of the above, do I believe that I have actually spoken to a transphysical four thousand-year-old entity first mentioned in The Book of Tobit? No. Do I therefore believe that I have not truly conversed with the aforesaid entity? No. I see no particular imperative for me to believe or conclude anything. Meeting the demon Asmodeus was an apparent experience I had. Getting out of bed this morning and having breakfast was another apparent experience. I do not choose to grant either the status of "reality." What I'm most tempted by is this whole fourth-dimensional hypothesis, which I find very exciting and which has the ring of "truth" about it, at least in my ears. Do (therefore believe it to be the Truth that gods, angels, demons, and Grey aliens are all actually higher-dimensional creatures, communicating with us through the veil of fourspace? No. It's a good story, though, and I'm very happy to play with it until I find a better or more satisfying one. This, to me, seems a very solid and practical survival strategy. It is admittedly difficult to practice it while in conversation with something that has four hundred eyes and scares the shit out of you, but I believe that such an approach is as close as I'm ever likely to get to sanity."

10/03/2008 09:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This new blog is frankly the weakest I've ever seen you. It's quite encouraging actually. You are finally about to turn your head to the Don Juan instructed Castaneda...NOT the left mind you, but to the right and you will glimpse the Nagual.'re a very awake person who is coming out of a slumber. And you're not the only one. Even those of us who have been awake comparatively have really been asleep at the wheel this past decade.

One thing no one, and I mean even YOU, have counted on is folks like myself. Hell I didn't even realize it until recently. My God, Jeff, some of us have actually gained access. Some of us aren't sitting back watching the drama any longer. Even the most ordinary looking folks have unlocked secret magick from the field that is being suppressed (why do you think CERN "broke down" so conveniently?).

Jeff you're distracted. It's understandable. Snap out of it. REWRITE THE META STORY for shits sake.


10/04/2008 01:28:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

I never meta phaze shift I didn't like.
I heard that there were lots of UFO sightings around the LHC recently last week...
lemmy find that link.
ah just copy an paste it.
It's not like I'm being lazy or anything...ha ha.

10/04/2008 04:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mojo great poem.
Having an encounter of the 2nd type, I am sure the truth will reveal itself. Perhaps the elohim that created us in their image are about to re-establish their burning bushes and arc's. It does not frighten me in the slightest to explore the reality that some beings(at or near our likeness) will reveal their intentions and purpose here on this blue planet.
Thirty two thousand dollars is the amount each American man woman child would pay to clear the national debt. How much money can they print? What a debt/slavery there is here in the land of the free. Shine forth brave souls, Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

10/04/2008 10:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we didnt start the fire its been always burning since the worlds been turning.

I used to read this blog all the time, but now i read it and feel different than before, if you think negative, which alot of this is, then you thoughts will find negativity in this world.

theres more good than evil in this world, now i know theres ufos and weird shit all around us.We are part of everything in all dimensions, so get over it and start doing good for others and good will come to you alright.4 real

10/05/2008 08:28:00 AM  
Blogger Extend, or End? said...

~ perhaps, the roadmap, is the War in Heaven ~

~ namaste my sisters and brothers ~

~ Zynox ~

10/05/2008 05:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time, and I hope you find the energy to continue, but this first response was prompted by the desire to add a few details to the Ken Edwards story.

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken but I knew Peter Hough and respect his integrity and judgement a great deal, he will have represented Ken's widow accurately, but I think it's likely that Edwards account may have grown somewhat over the years of her retelling it.

It's been a while but my father's account is a little less extraordinary, he worked with Edwards at the time and fondly recalled how very unusually accident prone he was. I don't know if you're aware, the precise stretch of road where he told my father his experience occurred was then right beside the perimeter of Risley's nuclear research facilities, established since the early 40's I think, and the site of a small university reactor.

This is not a coincidence. And if anyone would be unlucky enough to pass by during some kind of 'incident' then by my father's account, that man was Ken.

10/05/2008 09:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another glorious day dawns in the land of the stupified, fucked, and flummoxed.

WASHINGTON - Days from becoming the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history, Lehman Brothers steered millions to departing executives even while pleading for a federal rescue, Congress was told Monday.

As well, executives who feared for their bonuses in the company's last months were told not to worry, according to documents cited at a congressional hearing. One executive said he was embarrassed when employees suggested that Lehman executives forgo bonuses, and cracked: "I'm not sure what's in the water."

WASHINGTON - The administration has selected a former Goldman Sachs executive to be the interim head of its $700 billion rescue effort for financial institutions.

Neel Kashkari, the Treasury's assistant secretary for international affairs, was selected Monday to be the interim head of Treasury's new Office of Financial Stability.

The designation was made by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was the head of Goldman Sachs before he joined the Bush administration in 2006. Kashkari, 35, will head the office created by the emergency legislation enacted Friday to fund the largest government bailout in history.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Financial markets took a bleak view of the future Monday, seeing contagion in a credit crisis that threatens to cascade through economies globally despite government efforts to provide relief. The Dow Jones industrials skidded around 600 points and fell below 10,000 for the first time in four years, while the credit markets remained under strain.

Investors around the world have come to the sobering realization that the Bush administration's $700 billion rescue plan won't work quickly to unfreeze the credit markets. Global banks, hobbled by wrong-way bets on mortgage securities, remain starved for cash as credit has dried up.

That has sent stocks spiraling downward in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and driven investors to sink money into the relative safety of U.S. government debt. Fears about a global recession also caused oil to drop below $90 a barrel.

"The fact is people are scared and the only thing they're doing is selling," said Ryan Detrick, senior technical strategist at Schaeffer's Investment Research. "Investors are cleaning out portfolios and getting rid of everything because nothing seems to be working."

The selling was so extreme that only 98 stocks rose on the NYSE -- and 3,114 dropped. That's a telling sign considering the stock market is considered a leading economic indicator, with investors tending to buy and sell based on where they believe the economy will be in six to nine months.

KABUL (Reuters) - The war in Afghanistan cannot be won militarily and success is only possible through political means including dialogue between all relevant parties, the United Nations' top official in the country said Monday.

His comments come after Britain's military commander in Afghanistan said the war could not be won and that the goal was to reduce the insurgency to a level where it was no longer a strategic threat and could be dealt with by the Afghan army.

Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith said if the Taliban were willing to talk, that might be "precisely the sort of progress" needed to end the insurgency.

"I've always said to those that talk about the military surge ... what we need most of all is a political surge, more political energy," Kai Eide, the U.N. special envoy to Afghanistan, told a news conference in Kabul.

"We all know that we cannot win it militarily. It has to be won through political means. That means political engagement."

10/06/2008 02:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fletcher -- "hanging in a triangular formation" at CERN. Those are secret military black triangles. I saw one close up in the summmer of 1997.

10/06/2008 10:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOS ANGELES - An unemployed man with an advanced finance degree who was despondent over his own financial problems shot and killed his wife, three children, mother-in-law and then himself in an upscale home in a gated community, police said Monday.

Officers found the bodies Monday morning after the wife failed to show up at a neighbor's home to go to work, Deputy Chief Michel Moore said. The deaths occurred sometime after Saturday evening.

A handgun that had been bought Sept. 16 was found in the father's grasp, Moore said. Karthik Rajaram, 45, left two suicide notes — one for police and one for friends and relatives — and a will.

The notes attest to Rajaram's financial difficulties, and he takes responsibility for killing his family members, Moore said.

Officers found the mother-in-law, Indra Ramasesham, 69, dead in bed on the first floor. Upstairs, they found a 19-year-old son, Krishna Rajaram, dead in bed in the master bedroom.

The gunman's 39-year-old wife, Subasri, was found in another room, also apparently shot while sleeping, Moore said.

In an adjoining room, a 12-year-old son, Ganesha, was dead on the floor, and his 7-year-old brother, Arjuna, was dead in bed. Coroner's assistant chief Ed Winter said the victims were shot multiple times.

Rajaram had a master's of business administration in finance, formerly worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sony Pictures, but had been unemployed for several months, Moore said.

10/07/2008 12:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fuck you you ridiculous asshole.

You need to retire (in the sense of "go away") and get a grip.

Get a grip on reality and stop being such a dick.

10/07/2008 01:35:00 AM  
Blogger fletcher said...

sort of sceptical about those lights.
Harriers can hover stationary (almost) for long periods, IN formation...say...a triangle formation.
You'd probably hear them.
Or they could be hovering spy saucers...,2933,302346,00.html

Or could be Black Technocracy
Vrill saucers or some sheeeit.
or swaump gassssss...
sort of an
interesting corolation between the sightings and the LHC.

10/07/2008 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Fletcher and 3G: My guess is that the big triangles are cargo blimps. Silent, low radar profile, cheap, easy to hide (fold 'em up!). Heck, what if you stretched an LCD over the whooooole thing and covered it with cameras, facing out, feeding the screen? Perfect night-time camo, that's what.

Triangle lights hanging in formation I've seen a few times since coming to the coast here. Betcha drones. There's gotta be ten of those things for every regular military aircraft out there.

Buddy of mine in Victoria once saw one in daylight, lost just off Dallas Road Beach, trying to follow the coast. Whoops!

@Anonymouse the Jeff-basher a few posts ago: Why would you come to somebody's blog to tell them they should quit blogging? I bet you haven't even done your breakfast dishes. Creep.

Sincere in my own way,
Lord Reptor.

10/07/2008 11:25:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@The Jeff-Hating Mousie again: Better yet, come over to my blog and tell me to quit blogging. I could use the traffic.


10/07/2008 11:29:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Jeff: Nil bastardus non carbondurum.


10/07/2008 11:30:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Jeff again, regarding the circular nature of history:....wrong, it's a spiral. Wagner understood. Moorcock even more so.

And where does it go, this escalator, this Jacob's ladder of genes and time, this everflowing dream?

I think we can almost see the next landing on the staircase. Don't quit now..

\Lord R.

10/07/2008 11:33:00 AM  
Blogger fletcher said...

It is the corriolis wind, Reptor
scattering all of our yesterdays
mingling them with the possible futures that lay before us
and we journey presently
into a land where there are no footprints.

10/07/2008 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Fletcher: Footprints there certainly are, traces through the evergrowing minds we've built around ourselves...traffic cameras, mall cameras, motion sensors, credit information, Assbook behaviour - today's social policing is most inventive.

Just think - instead of an army of agents watching and reporting on the few citizens they can cover, everyone now passively and actively reports on themselves, often daily or better.

Mmmmm...well, that will make things trickier for modern revolutionaries. You can probably tell whether or not a Paulite is armed from his or her beer-buying profile, when the secret meetings are by 7-11 footage, and where they are by fuel purchase patterning.

Of course, then the ghosts in the machine will feed the cops the wrong address, Paulite leadership escaping as some digital Athena turns aside the deadly 'drug bust' meant for them...

Well, maybe I'm a little ahead of my time on that. Give it all a few more months. I hate this whole SPP/Amero thing...but the way our dollar is being held down against your U.S. fake peso notes makes me think yeah, it's on for next year at the latest.

Thank goodness I got set up for the winter at last. Wood in the driveway, food in the cupboards and freezer, and a good six months worth of T.P. (just like money in a social crisis, and lighter than gold).

Ruined the Visa, though. Hope I get called in to flip some burgers soon. The card is flashing red and smoking. If it had a little debtometer, it'd have a broken needle now.

Any luck, I'll catch up with it by spring when I get some food into the ground. Better yet, the company will collapse and stop asking me for money. Plus, I've got enough wood for two winters out there, if I'm frugal and ignore the cat's angry late-night demands to 'make fire machine go!' (she like says it with her eyes, man).

Flee the cities, dudes...


10/07/2008 05:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok since every one is commenting about Jeff's character I'll comment on his actual blog post content.

I reposted his methane news over at thereby proving that I'm a genius -- so thanks for that Jeff.

As for the whole seeing the reptilian grays in Zimbabwe I tend to think it's tied to their starvation diet as well plus the whole "Ufos over bamako" phenomenon (that's a recent c.d. from Mali). Yes the CIA stargate meme has reached the dark continent.

If it had been a tall blonde alien well we'd have to say it was Cecil Rhodes wouldn't we? But if it's a reptilian we can't say G.W. even though he has no lips.

10/07/2008 10:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the U.S. we try to practice equality -- so if I make a stupid-ass comment that includes calling someone elses' a stupid-ass comment. But then self-deprecation is a fine art, unlike WESTERN MUSIC. Capiche? I've been banned from michael prescott's blog, anthony north's blog,, the whole "seed" science blogs, and a couple other measly blogs I think. So go for it Greg and consider that a personal attack against your continual support of stupid-ass scientists.

10/08/2008 12:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oct. 7, 2008 | "My government is my worst enemy. I'm going to fight them with any means at hand."

This was former revolutionary terrorist Bill Ayers back in his old Weather Underground days, right? Imagine what Sarah Palin is going to do with this incendiary quote as she tears into Barack Obama this week.

Only one problem. The quote is from Joe Vogler, the raging anti-American who founded the Alaska Independence Party. Inconveniently for Palin, that's the very same secessionist party that her husband, Todd, belonged to for seven years and that she sent a shout-out to as Alaska governor earlier this year. ("Keep up the good work," Palin told AIP members. "And God bless you.")

AIP chairwoman Lynette Clark told me recently that Sarah Palin is her kind of gal. "She's Alaskan to the bone ... she sounds just like Joe Vogler."

So who are these America-haters that the Palins are pallin' around with?

Before his strange murder in 1993, party founder Vogler preached armed insurrection against the United States of America. Vogler, who always carried a Magnum with him, was fond of saying, "When the [federal] bureaucrats come after me, I suggest they wear red coats. They make better targets. In the federal government are the biggest liars in the United States, and I hate them with a passion. They think they own [Alaska]. There comes a time when people will choose to die with honor rather than live with dishonor. That time may be coming here. Our goal is ultimate independence by peaceful means under a minimal government fully responsive to the people. I hope we don't have to take human life, but if they go on tramping on our property rights, look out, we're ready to die."

This quote is from "Coming Into the Country," by John McPhee, who traipsed around Alaska's remote gold mining country with Vogler for his 1991 book. The violent-tempered secessionist vowed to McPhee that if any federal official tried to stop him from polluting Alaska's rivers with his earth-moving equipment, he would "run over him with a Cat and turn mosquitoes loose on him while he dies."

Vogler wasn't just a blowhard either. He put his secessionist ideas into action, working to build AIP membership to 20,000 -- an impressive figure by Alaska standards -- and to elect party member Walter Hickel as governor in 1990.

Vogler's greatest moment of glory was to be his 1993 appearance before the United Nations to denounce United States "tyranny" before the entire world and to demand Alaska's freedom. The Alaska secessionist had persuaded the government of Iran to sponsor his anti-American harangue.

That's right ... Iran. The Islamic dictatorship. The taker of American hostages. The rogue nation that McCain and Palin have excoriated Obama for suggesting we diplomatically engage. That Iran.

AIP leaders allege that Vogler, who was murdered that year by a fellow secessionist, was taken out by powerful forces in the U.S. before he could reach his U.N. platform. "The United States government would have been deeply embarrassed," by Vogler's U.N. speech, darkly suggests Clark. "And we can't have that, can we?"

The Republican ticket is working hard this week to make Barack Obama's tenuous connection to graying, '60s revolutionary Bill Ayers a major campaign issue. But the Palins' connection to anti-American extremism is much more central to their political biographies.

Imagine the uproar if Michelle Obama was revealed to have joined a black nationalist party whose founder preached armed secession from the United States and who enlisted the government of Iran in his cause? The Obama campaign would probably not have survived such an explosive revelation. Particularly if Barack Obama himself was videotaped giving the anti-American secessionists his wholehearted support just months ago.

Where's the outrage, Sarah Palin has been asking this week, in her attacks on Obama's fuzzy ties to Ayers? The question is more appropriate when applied to her own disturbing associations.

10/08/2008 02:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A British chef, a former Mr Gay UK, appeared in court on Tuesday accused of killing a male lover and then carving up part of the body and cooking it seasoned with fresh herbs.
Anthony Morley, 36, is charged with the murder of Damian Oldfield, 33, whose naked body was found with stab wounds and lumps of flesh cut from his chest and thigh. -AAP

10/08/2008 11:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


End of America Trailer

Sarah Palin and the Police State

"...Am I trying to scare you? I am. I am trying to scare you to death and ask you to scare your Republican and independent friends most of all. How do you know when it is war on citizens? When there are mass arrests, journalists are jailed, the opposition is infiltrated, rights are stripped and leaders start to ignore the rule of law.

Almost everyone I work with on projects related to this campaign for liberty has been experiencing computer harassment: emails are stripped, messages disappear. That's not all: people's bank accounts are being tampered with: wire transfers to banks vanish in midair. I personally keep opening bank accounts that are quickly corrupted by fraud. Money vanishes. Coworkers of mine have to keep opening new email accounts as old ones become infected. And most disturbingly to me personally is the mail tampering I have both heard of and experienced firsthand. My tax returns vanished from my mailbox. All my larger envelopes arrive ripped straight open apparently by hand. When I show the postman, he says "That's impossible." Horrifyingly to me is the impact on my family. My childrens' report cards are returned again and again though perfectly addressed; their invitations are turned back; and my daughters many letters from camp? Vanished. All of them. Not one arrived. Try explaining that to a s
mart thirteen year old. Try explaining it in a way that still makes her feel secure and comfortable.

I am not telling you this because it's about my life. I am telling you this because it is about your life -- whoever you are, Conservative or Liberal, independent or evangelical. Your politics will not protect you in a police state. History shows that nothing portects you in a police state. This is not about my fear and anxiety: it is about what awaits you and everyone you love unless you see this for what it is:.."

10/08/2008 01:46:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

flee the cities indeed.
most of us wouldn't survive a week in the wilderness.
Being prepared?
Ain't gonna help for long Reptor, but how can you put a value on those few months you outlast us city slickers...?
The land that we now go into has no footprints, in that none of us have been there before.
But i like your metaphor.
I was using a Fremen metaphor for unknown future..
the desert:
the corriolis wind erases the footprints daily, and there are no footprints.
like, deep, man.

10/08/2008 09:26:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Though, there are fractal patterns in the sand...nature is full of patterns.
and Man, that abomination of nature, moves in patterns as well.
History has patterns.
The elite study history and are prepared to put down any uprising.

10/08/2008 09:30:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Unlike previous superheroes who acquire their powers suddenly and accidentally, Muad'dib's are the result of "painful and slow personal progress." And unlike other superheroes of the 1960s—who are the exception among ordinary people in their respective worlds—Herbert's characters grow their powers through "the application of mystical philosophies and techniques." For Herbert, the ordinary person can develop incredible fighting skills (Fremen and Sardaukar) or mental abilities (Bene Gesserit and Mentats).
Your "abilities"...
don't you think there are deeper truths than O's at D's?
More important uses for prana bindu training?
The arrow is made to be fired at its target.
Ever read The Dune books?
try reading them twice.

10/08/2008 10:27:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Back to Jeff's post:
I've seen the orange lights
flying from one end of the horizon
impossibly fast.
but I ain't never seen any little aliens.

10/08/2008 10:33:00 PM  
Blogger tridentblue said...

Looks like Vince Weiguang Li was running "amok":

"Other observers have described amok as a form of spirit possession..."

I just looked up that word after hearing it in a song by Wesley Willis, a homeless Schizophrenic who claimed to be taunted by spirits.

10/08/2008 11:19:00 PM  
Blogger tridentblue said...


Apparently they may not be able to reveal themselves to you in their natural form... look closely at the eyes of those around you, even if they seem familiar! :)

From an email I just wrote:

True story: I want to rely these events in the order that I experienced them.

So I was at my friend J's house, we were watching movies and talking about the X-files, and I was thinking about how I would like to see a UFO, since so many other people have seen them but I never have. The next night, we had dinner at this weird little vegetarian restaurant/grocery by my house with a couple friends, and I started to walk home alone as it was getting dark. I looked up at the moon, and it was HUGE, pretty high in the sky too. But as I look at it, though it had the color of the moon, I noticed these weird like Aztec patterns in the light of it, that didn't make sense. I scanned the sky and found the actual (smaller) moon closer to the horizon and ran back to the restaurant. I brought my three other friends out and we scanned the sky, but it wasn't in the same place. Yet we spotted it further off, masquerading as the moon again, but we spotted its patterns. A friend had a camera, and as we attempted to film it, it shot off to the right, around the sky and quickly out of sight. I found out the camera didn't record and was absolutely furious, because it had been SO freaking big. I was screaming. As this happened, I woke up, and found it was morning, I was lying on J's couch.

I went into the kitchen and started relating the substance of the dream to J as she looked around in the fridge, and sat at the table putting on her shoes. J was nodding like it was all kind of expected, and then turned at me, looked at me with these inquisitive eyes, but they were entirely black, like you would associate with an alien. I noticed that the shape of her face and the size of her eyes were very much reminiscent of the "grays" or the aliens from communion. Understandably, this flipped me out and I like jumped back screaming. At this point, she fell onto the floor and shattered, like a hollow vase or something, giving me the "message" that somehow the look of grays was "only a shell"...

It wasn't the only message. As I woke up on J's couch AGAIN (this time for real), a message came into my head: I had failed both the "simulations", first by attempting to film the UFO, then by reacting with fear to the alien. (Strangely, the message also said that for alien to come into my life unnoticed, the would have to appear as "someone I know", revealing their true nature only to me. ) I got up and met J, and proceeded to tell her about my dream in the exact same circumstances as I did a minute ago. This time she didn't turn into an alien though and we began our day as normal.

So anyway, I failed the mental simulation to meet aliens...I just wanted to pass on the message: If you have the hankering to meet a space alien, and happen to meet one in a suspected dream, don't freak out. You may just be blowing your chance to meet one in reality. ;)

10/08/2008 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger the proprietor said...

Benedict Arnold --

To correct several errors in your comment on Vogler and the AIP:

1) "Anti-federal-supremacist" is not synonymous with "anti-American." I know that decades of federal-supremacist propaganda has blurred the distinction. Yet it still remains. A nation is not the same as the political State.

2) In the same vein yet even more obvious, "self-defense" is not "armed insurrection." To say "i'm gonna defend myself when they come to kill me" is quite different from saying "Let's rise up and kill 'em all."

"Our goal is ultimate independence by peaceful means under a minimal government fully responsive to the people. I hope we don't have to take human life, but if they go on tramping on our property rights, look out, we're ready to die."

Good for him. That makes him a real American. Without men of such a spirit, there wouldn't be an America for the Washington polyticks to suck from.

Just like the thirteen original nation-states of the uSA, Alaska was an independent nation first.

Only tyrants and their apologists call self-defense "terrorism." Only tyrants and their apologists regard the desire for independence as a crime.

AIP leaders allege that Vogler, who was murdered that year by a fellow secessionist,

Right. Just another lone nut.

While I am prepared to call out either of the Demopublican puppets on hypocrisies small and great, and while I think the Ayers flap is stupid and demeaning to McCain and Palin, the fact remains that Ayers believed in using violence aggressively, while Vogler advocated it in self-defense.

-- africkinamerican

10/09/2008 02:09:00 AM  
Blogger the proprietor said...

correction -- the term for Alaska was "self-governing territory," somewhat akin to the Indian tribal lands. In any case, any people of whatever political organization have the right to self-determination. It's, like, how this country was founded in the first place.

10/09/2008 02:18:00 AM  
Blogger fletcher said...

self determination or rape?
oh well...
tridentblue, release the Kraken!
ha ha!
seriously though, great story. Thanks for relating it.
It totally reminds me of what Whit Strieber writes about in Communion and Breakthrough, the fear aspect, the test aspect...
though the idea that aliens would contact you simply because you wished it to happen seems kind of like wishful thinking/grandiose thinking...delusions of grandeur..
As Strieber himself wondered at..
I guess the point is to keep an open mind, but be aware that the possibility that these are perhaps *demonic* forces and they've chosen the mask of the grays to seem less menacing.
so either helpful space brothers or reptillian demons...or perhaps both exist. It's weird out there.

10/09/2008 08:06:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Fletcher: Wilderness be darned. What I mean by 'flee the cities' is 'find a small town where food and water are sufficient for the local population and move in'. It's not so much the bombs and plagues I feel one should avoid (although one of course should if possible); it's the structures. Social and physical, they form a big-ass trap for work units like you and me. Full of cops, too.

Cities are for manufacturing things in. The world is for living in. I know where I'd rather be upon this particular cusp. The only thing I miss is the multiethnic environments - when I was in T.O., I had co-workers from all over the place. You learn a lot. Not so much in school (York U. that time around) - the mix there was very much more like what you see on T.V. - mostly WASP, some black folks, a few white and Oriental sub-categories or three, and a solidly visible bipolar minority of Semites and wanna-be star-vs.-headscarf team members. Rich folks, I guess. I guess that's who you see on T.V.. I sure didn't fit in too well. Old, hairy, opinionated, and what's worse, I dress myself.

Learned a bit about academic politics, too - if a T.A. don't like the look of you, find out what their pet topics are and work 'em into a paper. The whole T.A. thing is such nonsense. Your prof can't read fast enuff to evaluate the students....shouldn't be teaching.

Still, perhaps all the little surviving cells of human culture outside the Morlock/Eloi Party/Prole world of the city will be nicely mingled. We just got our first Chinese family on the island here.

Anyway, it's time for coffee.

Lord Reptor.

10/09/2008 10:31:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Raining buckets out here. Good, the big cedars had orange tips again this year.

Folks, you may all think I'm out of my tree, crazy as a bedbug, etc. But the future of Man is now, and like I said, flee the cities, dudes.

Loving the weather, rain fog and mist forever,
Lords R.

10/09/2008 12:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's your point, Mr. American?

Palin & her Mr. were against the government, but now they're all googly-eyed and awe struck at the overwhelming wonderfulness of John McCain, a shit-heel who epitomizes the corruption & deceitfulness of Washington?

Her transformation from secessionist revolutionary to lapbitch of the entrenched system is a truly wonderful thing, don't you think Mr. American?

Gee, you'd think "a real American," given the fascist leanings of this current administration, would be denouncing the Republican Party from the highest mountaintops, instead of endlessly reiterating how wonderful their latest effort at embalming the living dead is going to be as Prez.

By the way, Mr. American, what is a "real American?"

The phrase seems utterly meaningless to me, but maybe you can enlighten me.

10/09/2008 01:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear is the mind killer

10/09/2008 01:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thing Mr. American, over the last 40 years, Republicans have CEO-d the American corporation for 28 of them. If any party must lay claim to the deranged dysfunctional beastie America has become, I would say the Republicans have earned that honor.

How any "real American" could call themselves a Republican without expecting to be guffawed out of the room is quite beyond me.

Any "real American" that thinks the Republicans will change anything for the better is delusional to the point of needing serious medication and should probably be barred from voting due to such an enfeebled mental state.

10/09/2008 02:11:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Thank you for your
dignified response
Sorry for my rudeness.
I guess I just see what you are doing...experiencing...and feel some form of frustration and of course, directed it at you.
the Litany against fear...
I suppose it does kill my mind
it also pushes me forward to more creative solutions.
Fear can be a great motivator as well.
I'm comin up there.
make me some cinnamon buns?

10/09/2008 02:14:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Fletcher: Lately it's been banana bread. Haven't made bread for ages. But I could probably manage a batch.

@Ben A.: Republican, Democrat - what's the difference? Same sh*t, different holes.

Not to say that there aren't good people in party politics. Sorta like those fresh-looking pieces of corn...

Looks like we'll be having an 'election' up here. Who will I vote (in erasable pencil) for? It matters not - I predict a Dion anointment no matter what, just to prove we're different from you rubes as Mick Cain is shoved down your throats in the blazing nuclear dawn of the New American DysCentury.

Then we can all march together into a funky combination of Atwood's Handmaid's Tale and Lord Of The Flies.

Kill the Beast!


P.S. Fletcher, if you really are coming up here, better do it before they make our borders less economic and much, much more political. Heck, out where I am, a person could pretty much live in the bush and manage - local economies can be quite informal, and as long as your camp isn't too visible from the air, you could actually mountain-man it - might have to learn to hunt or something, I guess.

Sort of my plan if the Caves go poof (interest rates go up, I might not manage to eke this sh*t no more - then again, I wouldn'ta thunk I could make it on the amount of coin I have been anyway). I lose my lovely roof, I'ma hit those big provincial parks and TFLs. Buy a tent and a dog, and find some way to make grocery money.

Off with me - chores to do.


10/09/2008 03:02:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Ben again: Seriously, man. Party politics in the U.S. are poopy. Ireland's doing it a bit better...we need new ways. The blinkers of dualism have to come right the hell off for starters. More adaptive systems with more robustness and local adaptibility must be found. The political muppetry, violent Punch and Jewdy moral plays, and inefficient, destructive (social and agricultural) extraction farming of our masters are old hat. Time for some new script-writers.

Otherwise we fall. Be prepared.


10/09/2008 03:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I've been chomping on cinnamon sticks for the past two days. Bought a big bag from Indonesia for $7 from the Somalians.

Yeah for some reason half the time I mention my sighting of the big black triangle other conspiracists chime in with the cutting edge insight that those things are really just drone blimps. Sorry but I don't think balloons could be clocked at such acceleration or speed. What I saw was a nuts and bolts deal -- I'm definitely going with the plasma ion, electrogravitic high voltage discharge option.

10/09/2008 04:36:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@3G: Holy Yorgoth, boy, I don't think you're supposed to actually eat the cinnamong sticks.

Could try smoking 'em, I guess. Might be safer.

Fast LTA craft...well, maybe. I dunno. Hard-shelled, carbon-fibre hydrogen-filled flying wings with massive cargo holds? Sounds cool, anyways.

I saw something big, bright, and ultra-fast the other night (well, mid-summer) myself. Passed by twice during one late-night porch chat with an old friend (1AMish, I think), looked like serious altitude (the light's path curved in that orbital way). Really, really moving. Like nothing I've ever seen before. And super-bright.

@All: Let's have your spooky sky stories as we run up to Samhain, folks. Gather 'round the flickering screen and tell those tales...

So not doing my chores here,
Lord R.

10/09/2008 06:18:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@The Africkin American Author: I think decentralization is a good idea. If increased state power/independence contributes to developing more adaptive social structures, then it's a good thing.

Balkanization is not necessarily so, though - if the U.S. comes to bits in the next few years, many doors will be opened for the current users of power. Lots of money to be made arming rebel factions and debt-funding desperate remnants of central government forces. May the richest and/or nastiest survive in the contest for America's New Boss Gangs.

Even worse, we may see civil unrest and state secessionism used as an excuse to establish a continental police state, quite possibly a first if it happens. No way out of such a construction.

American Idol be darned, let's all vote for the next American Stalin!

Or perhaps our sponsors will bring you a quick, seven-year episode of American Hitler: Ultimate War, if you're not lucky.

Not looking forward to the Amero and horrified at the awful beating the loonie is taking against even your Yankee funny money,
Lord Reptor.

10/09/2008 06:37:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Benedict A. + The Author: I think it's all very Sovietesque, this Vogler whack. Heck, maybe the Reds were even backing him.

Wonder how the weather is in Alaska? I think Vlad's put the Russkie versions of HAARP on 'maximum chill'. I would if i was him. Who's got all the heating fuel? Not Uncle Sam, that's who.

Gee, I kind of hope we have some contingency deals with the Russians. They seem awful grim lately.

Speaking of secessionists, whaddaya figure they're backing the Lakota or whoever it is chopped out a great hunk of the central U.S. a while ago? Anybody got any news on that one? Frank Miller kind of predicted it in that comic, ummm, Give Me Liberty I think it was called - good one if you haven't read it. Opens in a vast housing project/prison/workhouse of the near future...

Gosh, look at that stock market. Good time to be broke.

The whole thing somehow resembles an anvil cloud in my mind...

Storm's comin'/you better hide/from the/electric eye...

Off to enjoy some lovely pale sun out there (still avoiding the chores),
Lord Reptor.

10/09/2008 06:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah now I know why the Somalians have to brew their tea for hours on end: To boil down those cinnamon sticks. I just AARRGH them. Just ate two HUGE bunches of cilantro and got the "green buzz."

10/09/2008 09:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10/09/2008 09:41:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Yankee funny money..
Drew, try brewing the sticks with some spices and Ginger root!!!
then add soy milk if you like..
Yogi Tea bro.

10/09/2008 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

follow with
Smoked salmon over
sauteed white onions with lemon juice..

10/09/2008 10:49:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10/09/2008 10:51:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

No body told me Monday the 13th is a bank holiday.

10/09/2008 11:49:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Finally, the important election news is trickling out:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is distantly related to the late Princess Diana and late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, genealogy experts said on Wednesday.

The governor of Alaska and the princess are tenth cousins, while Palin and Roosevelt are ninth cousins once removed, said, online genealogists based in Provo, Utah.

The genealogical connections are not the first to gain attention in the U.S. presidential campaign. Last year, Lynne Cheney said she found while tracing her family roots that her husband Vice President Dick Cheney was a distant cousin of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Other researchers discovered Obama is distant cousins with actor Brad Pitt.

"Gosh, look at that stock market. Good time to be broke."

Now that, LR, was funny.

I've been listening to a bit of talk radio lately. The general zeitgest seems to be revolving around the huge "sucking sound" anomaly that's mysteriously replaced everyone's retirement plans.

Since my "retirement plan" involves me working until I keel over, I've yet to notice any appreciable Wall Street generated change in that plan.

You can't spend what you ain't got
You can't lose what you never had.

10/10/2008 02:04:00 AM  
Blogger Dr. Bombay said...

"..and on that rainy April day in
Washington, Ezra Pound found himself
in front of a Judge who declared
him "incurably insane". Whereupon
Pound announced, "Any man who could
live in America is insane..."

Are you ready for the country?
Because its time to go...
Neil Young

10/10/2008 03:04:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Unintentional honesty from McCain?

"Across this country this is the agenda I have set before my fellow prisoners and the same standards of clarity and candor must now be applied to my opponent."

Calling his supporters, "my fellow prisoners," is quite an odd gaff for a political candidate.
Even for an ex-POW like McCain.

Maybe the facade of "The Power of USA Pride" is starting to crumble and old John is slipping into Ezra Pound-land.

10/10/2008 02:29:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

LAKEVILLE, Minn. - The anger is getting raw at Republican rallies and John McCain is acting to tamp it down. McCain was booed by his own supporters Friday when, in an abrupt switch from raising questions about Barack Obama's character, he described the Democrat as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."

A sense of grievance spilling into rage has gripped some GOP events this week as McCain supporters see his presidential campaign lag against Obama. Some in the audience are making it personal, against the Democrat. Shouts of "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar," and even "off with his head" have rung from the crowd at McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, and gone unchallenged by them.

McCain changed his tone Friday when supporters at a town hall pressed him to be rougher on Obama. A voter said, "The people here in Minnesota want to see a real fight." Another said Obama would lead the U.S. into socialism. Another said he did not want his unborn child raised in a country led by Obama.

"If you want a fight, we will fight," McCain said. "But we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments." When people booed, he cut them off.

My son's school is predominately Republican. In the spring, car radios harmonize in Rush Limbaughese. Recently, my son has been relaying a bit of the political "playground mythology" that he's been hearing there.

"Obama once chased a baby till it died.'
"If Obama is elected he'll kill all the babies."
"If Obama is elected he'll open the borders to terrorists."
"John McCain really loves America."
"I just love Sarah Palin."

Now, I know this is just echoes of parental babble, filtered through 11 year old minds, but still, given the tone of the above quote, I have to wonder how far off the kids are in echoing mom and dad.

Probably not by much.

Americans are a fucking strange lot.

10/10/2008 08:21:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Americans are suckers. But it's a process. kind of like rotting, while the predatory vultures compete for the rotting meat..
kind of.
People are fairly gullible and under the conditions that Americans have been subject to..
the ridiculous facade of consumerism and media pablam, the soul-crushing leadership of the bushes...the criminal gang that has hijacked this country
the grim future ahead.
The pendulum is swinging back on us, in the pit. And we are tied down, this is where we live. Our families are here, our friend's...
But there will be no rescue from the blade or the walls that close in on us.
we are in the Pit.
The pendulum carries the sharp blade of
So American's can barely wrap their fluoridated little TV brainwashed minds around THAT reality, and if they have woken up, are completely overwhelmed by the implications of that reality
Or they become mad as hell and decide not to ingest bullshit anymore..And dedicate themselves to resistance...for the sake of others. I know, it's a huge leap to think a human being could be altruistic. See how brainwashed we are?
then people find out that there is this thing called disinfo..
and later learn discernment, rigorous intuition, if you will...
Thanks canada! (Jeff)

10/10/2008 08:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I boiled about 15 cinnamon sticks for over an hour and they remained solid -- just a bit bendable. My room was filled with a heavenly aroma and I think I boiled off all the cinnamon. Then I cooked garbanzo beans after soaking them all night -- with curry powder. There was a cinnamon stick left over in the pot and after that cooking for a couple hours it still remained whole. My experiment is over with the cinnamon sticks.

Who would have guessed that chick peas/garbanzo beans have the HIGHEST saponin content of any food and saponins are the best means of getting rid of the hydrogen sulfide smell from garlic. Once again the ancient traditions are verified by science.

10/11/2008 04:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether one writes DREW HEMPEL or drew hempel matters not a bit but when someone parses up my writing in order to not see the context or FORM of the meaning then I feel justified in having my whole left-brain phonetic schtick confirmed once again. Thanks nik. Have you read MARX AGAINST THE PEASANT? Excellent book. See, once, again, Marxism was really part of the spread of literacy with its techno-spiritual freemasonry to the East. Whereas the true populist spirit was with the traditional customs of the land -- farming WITHOUT PLOWS. I just picked up SONS OF THE SHAKING EARTH by Eric Wolf. Amazing what the Native Americans did with agriculture without plows -- the same with the Chinese terracing (like that amazing book 40 Centuries of Farming). Essentially the semitic language underwent hellenization when aramaic was developed and one could argue that the whole aramic fetish in Christian studies (for authenticity) is really about the subconscious origins of zionism (the switch from the Lunar-pastoral cultures to the Solar-plow imperialism).

10/11/2008 09:22:00 PM  
Blogger the proprietor said...

Hey Benny--

You might have noticed that I did not advocate for the Republican Party or for McCain. I did not say or imply that "the Republicans will change anything for the better." In fact, I said that "I am prepared to call out either of the Demopublican puppets on hypocrisies small and great." Because, you know, some of us are independent thinkers, as opposed to partybots.

Nor was my purpose to deny that Palin compromised her putative principles by joining McCain. (The pressures brought to bear upon a comparative political neophyte who is suddenly offered the "second most powerful office" in the country must be pretty significant.) I only defended Palin on the AIP point because frankly, it's a smear on the order of the Bill Ayers thing -- with the small differene that Bill Ayers actually participated in violence, while Vogler only warned about using violence in extreme cases of self-defense of property and implied threat to life.

To simply use "secessionist" as self-evidently equal to "terrorist" (with all the older baggage falsely equating secessionism with racism) and then smugly sit back, as if you've actually proven something, is propaganda, not intelligent criticism. Like it or not, prefer to forget it or not, this country began when a bunch of colonists seceded from the Empire of that day. In doing so they articulated a set of political principles that have changed the world. I called Joe Vogler a "real American" because he stood for those principles in a time when determined elites were doing their best to efface them -- like the emperors of old who effaced the statues of their conquered rivals. "Americans" who go along with the effacement of their own history cut off the very limb of freedom on which they stand.

No secession, no self-determination, no America. Pretty simple.

a frickin american

10/12/2008 01:59:00 PM  
Blogger the proprietor said...

Just another dick:

Funny how the geneaologists always chime in on presidential elections. Most people realize this country is not run by a meritocracy. Pretty self-evidently, it is run by a plutocracy. But what is at the core of the plutocracy? A genetically interlinked aristocracy. Just like old times. (Go to that link, by the way -- that is John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education," which also serves as an "Underground History of What Went Wrong With America.")

"Requirements Include Documented Pedigree."

It's not just that the candidates are funded by the same money and steered by handlers from the same treehouse clubs of the superrich. Every election, we have these stories come out about how the candidates are related to the Queen of England and to each other. Kerry and Bush are cousins, Obama and Cheney might pop up at the same family reunion, etc. Most people probably just chuckle and forget the story. But why are these stories put out there?

Somewhere, some real behind-the-scenes folks are keeping tabs on every up-and-coming politician and periodically repairing to some musty oak-paneled library full of ancient tomes to research geneaology and heraldry. (Or -- to spoil the imagery -- looking it all up on vast computer databases specially maintained for just such a purpose.) Only if and when the subject's ties to old European royalty are proven, are the doors magically flung open for him or her, the spigots of funding mysteriously opened, and the subject catapulted into prominence and power -- perhaps totally unaware of whence that outpouring of help came or why.

a frickin american

10/12/2008 02:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the context of Elaine Scarry's "On Beauty and Being Just,", your essay prompted me to wonder if fear reproduces itself in much the same way that beauty does.

And then, supposing it does, I wonder if that becomes a differentiating factor, so that we become separated according to those two factors?

10/13/2008 01:25:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Author, I read Gatto's book a while ago.

While I didn't find the machinations of the powerful very surprising, I do take issue with how folks have acquiesced to their bullshit.

I take issue with how these genealogies provide a semblance of validity to a mass of folk who swallow the 'success=fame & money' equation whole cloth.

Personally, I'd take happiness, love, and a little wisdom as my epitaph. But it appears that, in today's mental landscape, that equation would be written as 'happiness, love, & wisdom = a fucking fool's paradise.'

Gatto did a wonderful job of detailing the intent of the rich bastard sociopaths, I'm just not sure the result is what they intended. I've met so many people with divergent views on history that I'm no longer sure that they've created a "consensus reality" as much as a chaotic reality. To me, the Internet is, in many ways, the ultimate censorship, primarily because it isn't censored. This cacophony of differing viewpoints appears to do more to obscure consensus rather than promote it.

It isn't like these people constantly vary their trick bag to confuse us. This current banking crisis is the Savings and Loan Scandal with the volume turned up.
It doesn't take a fucking Einstein to figure out that:

a. we have a huge spiked dildo in our collective ass


b. we've always had a huge spiked dildo in our collective ass


c. it appears that a huge swathe of us kind of like having a huge spiked dildo in their section of the collective ass.

I'm just a wee bit adverse to spiked dildos so I've tried to learn how to spot the folk with the spiked dildoes.
Others seem to spend their time learning new ways to subtly and seductively bend over for the spiked dildo carriers.

Why this is is completely beyond my insomnia riddled and exhausted brain.

10/13/2008 02:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Drew:

I saw today's Zippy the Pinhead in a newspaper and immediately thought of your work. Here's a link --

-- just make sure it's 10/13/08 you're looking at.

Since "Against Archytas" first showed up around here, I've been following your writing as well as I can. My own interests and researches have been increasingly focused on the realm of Consciousness, with an eye toward personal enlightenment; while you approach the same from a direction I find difficult to grasp, little ideas here and there have helped me to confirm what I had already suspected, or else led me to learn something that then cleared up an earlier misunderstanding.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something more by email, but I don't know how to reach you privately, other than by signing up for some forum that I wouldn't spend time using, anyway. So I'm at




dot com if you've got time.

10/13/2008 12:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well then my new blog post at will be a must for you:

Klein Bottle=Phosphorescence=Mass of Sun Harmonics.

You can post a question there if you want. Here's my last question reply:

Well that's an excellent question but for one thing it's well known that anerobic bacteria feed on an acidic diet (from the sugar for one thing). Disease in general likes a more acidic environment while disease is killed by oxygen which is has a neutral p.h. Since the body is naturally slightly acidic then an alkaline diet helps bring more oxygen into the cells thereby killing disease.

The other more sublime reason is that the electromagnetic power of the brain relies on the electochemical power of potassium and salt. Potassium is the potential or stored energy of the neurons whereas salt is the activated energy released when the cerebral cortex is used. Meditation relies on the power of the thalamus in contrast to the conceptual thinking of the cerebral cortex so when we increase our potassium (as both Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality and Puharich recommend) then we increase the potential energy of the brain at the same time causing it harder for the day to day stress of civilization to activate the neurons. Both potassium and salt are alkaline but salt is necessary only when there's a diet strong in acidic food (meat and sugar and grain). So avoiding all salt (as Taoist Yoga recommends) also entails a diet without grain, meat, and sugar (plus lots of natural sodium sources like vegetables).

I'm just reading Tim Ward's excellent spiritual tantra travel book in South Asia, "Arousing the Goddess" and he attended a Buddhist conference where there was a bit of controversy over the meat served (relished by normally vegetarian monks, etc.). Also he mets a Westerner with receding gums eating only rice while he is doing mantra recitation as a retreat. Such are the give and takes of nutrition and energy.

10/13/2008 08:05:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

we are to be as salt

as we ingest the spice-essence
of Oracular power!

and change the deadly poison of "the water of Life"
into something else..
awakening ancestral memory
accessed from a deadly overdose
of the water of Life.

10/13/2008 09:57:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

of inside jobs
dissemination of information
and adversity..
who knows what they came for..
weapons of steel...or murder

10/14/2008 09:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Medusa monster may represent the oldest enemy or monster known to civilized humanity. Snakes that surround it's head, like the mane of a lion, are equally portrayed in ancient lore as monsters. This enemy is originally found in the Zodiac sign of Aries in the Perseus constellation where the hero has it in his hand. Just recently astronomers have discovered a black hole on or near the robe of Perseus where the Medusa is being carried towards. My studies of the esoteric books has led me to conclude that the Medusa is actually an image of our sun drawn in the stars. The sun is solemnly worshiped throughout time with the assistance of phallic images. The Washington Monument in the District of Colombia is a sun ray beamed down onto the earth and a phallic image. This connection conveys the idea of the sun ray and a serpent being one. The word serpent in the Hebrew language is nachash which is defined as a shining one. This may justify the theory that the snaky head of the Medusa is an ancient phallic symbol of an enemy and it is the sun.

I speculate that Perseus's sword has also ripped a hole in time and space. This hole is where the Medusa monster is to be thrown in and utterly destroyed. The head monster is a gigantic evil force present and known to the ancient, probably, Middle Eastern people, who are the most responsible for the Decan. The influence of the Decans and the Sun's route through them may be the world's first religious influence taught to ancient civilized peoples. This twinkling image of Medusa in the stars has been viewed by trillions of human beings. Does the constellation of Perseus represent the destruction of our sun? Did our ancestors believe that the sun was humanity's truest enemy? How does our sun fit into the projected environmental catastrophe headed our way?

The State keeps the data of environmental damage inflicted by the military industrial complex somewhat hidden from the general public. The destruction of the Van Allen Belts, destruction of the Ozone Layer, the after effects of Hydrogen Bombs experiments, HAARP, and Weather Modification factually demonstrate how progressive, military, scientific technology alarms us. Air bursts of large meteoroids and comets, natural nuclear fusion, traveling black holes, antimatter, UFO crashes, and explosions of natural gases from within the earth's crust are alternate explanations for earth's destruction that may explain the cause of the June 30, 1908 Tunguska Event in Russia. Where an estimated 80 million trees were knocked down that covered an area over 830 square miles. There is a significant list of similar events that have occurred in recent history.

The Russian Tsar Bomba is the single most physically powerful device ever utilized throughout the history of humanity. The hydrogen bomb was detonated 2.5 miles above the earth on October 30, 1961 in Novaya Zemlya Island in the Artic Sea. The Tsar Bomba produced a massive fireball that was 5 miles in diameter that touched the ground and nearly reached the altitude of 6 miles from where the Tu-95 bomber had dropped it. The fireball was seen and felt almost 621 miles from ground zero. These significant events are not much talked about here on earth.

Did the ancients believe that the sun could break through the protective layers surrounding the earth and scorch it? Or maybe the idea is that the sun could deprive the earth of it's life giving rays? Leaving us speechless as we gaze at the stone obelisks dedicated to the Sun God. The advanced scientific technologies of the military certainly have harmed the earth. It can be understood that the super science high tech of the military enabled the oldest enemy known to humankind to do it's dastardly deeds to us. This seems to be a little humorous but I am not the only one that feels this way. I guess this is our folly as humans. Damn it Mr. Spock this is not funny!

Are we being mocked by serpent like beings at Ruwa? Have they directly involved themselves with all the advanced military technologies that we humans have used to harm the protective layers surrounding the earth? The earth's natural defenses against all harmful effects of the sun's rays? Maybe so and if so then this may have been going on for a long, long time here. Or maybe not.

10/15/2008 01:12:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Anonymouse Tsar Bomba: Diana Wynne Jones has a great story in which all of our tech-pollution catastrophes have been engineered by the agents of an of education, just a dimension away. They've been using us as a test-bed to solve their own similar problems, and importing our solutions as fast as we develop them.

Or it could be serpent-beings from Ruwa. Or possibly lolng-lived saurian humanoids walking among us, making sure we crash every time we get to close to taking an evolutionary step.

Or it could all be a side issue - we needed ultraminiature thinking machines, nuclear power, and terrifying knowledge to take the next step down the road our biome has set us on.


10/15/2008 10:05:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

The face of America.

10/15/2008 12:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

407-487-4754...FL...Boca Raton Information Exchange.........9................

10/15/2008 02:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that CERN is a huge Pavlovian Fear Learning System and Salvia is the defense against it:

Exposure to the selective kappa-opioid receptor agonist salvinorin A modulates the behavioral and molecular effects of cocaine in rats

Author(s): Chartoff EH (Chartoff, Elena H.), Potter D (Potter, David), Damez-Werno D (Damez-Werno, Diane), Cohen BM (Cohen, Bruce M.), Carlezon WA (Carlezon, William A., Jr.)
Source: NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Volume: 33 Issue: 11 Pages: 2676-2687 Published: OCT 2008
Times Cited: 0 References: 69 Citation MapCitation Map beta

Abstract: Stress and chronic exposure to drugs of abuse can trigger addictive and depressive disorders. Both stimuli increase activity of dynorphin, a neuropeptide that acts at kappa-opioid receptors (KORs). In humans, KOR agonists cause dysphoria, raising the possibility that dynorphin modulates the depressive-like effects of stress and chronic drug use. We examined if KOR activation alters sensitivity to stimulant drugs by assessing the effects of the selective KOR agonist, salvinorin A (SalvA), on cocaine-induced locomotor activity and c-Fos expression. Acute administration of SalvA blocked the locomotor-stimulant effects of cocaine, whereas repeated SalvA together with concomitant exposure to activity testing chambers potentiated the locomotor response to a cocaine challenge. In contrast, repeated SalvA administered in home cages rather than the activity chambers failed to potentiate the locomotor response to a cocaine challenge. One potential explanation for these findings is that activation of KORs disrupts context conditioning: acute locomotor responses to SalvA alone did not fully habituate with repeated testing in the activity chambers. The effects of SalvA on locomotor activity paralleled its effects on cocaine-induced c-Fos expression in the dorsal striatum: acute SalvA attenuated cocaine-induced c-Fos, whereas repeated SalvA potentiated it when administered in the activity chambers but not the home cage. Acute SalvA also blocked the locomotor stimulant effects of the D1 receptor agonist SKF 82958, whereas repeated SalvA potentiated these effects when administered in the activity chambers. These findings suggest that SalvA regulates the stimulant effects of cocaine through interactions with D1 receptor-mediated signaling in the dorsal striatum.
Document Type: Article
Language: English
Author Keywords: locomotor activity; c-Fos; dynorphin; striatum; dopamine; D1 receptor
Reprint Address: Chartoff, EH (reprint author), Harvard Univ, Sch Med, McLean Hosp, Dept Psychiat, MRC 218,115 Mill St, Belmont, MA 02478 USA
1. Harvard Univ, Sch Med, McLean Hosp, Dept Psychiat, Belmont, MA 02478 USA
2. Harvard Univ, Sch Med, McLean Hosp, Behav Genet Lab, Belmont, MA 02478 USA
3. Harvard Univ, Sch Med, McLean Hosp, Mol Pharmacol Lab, Belmont, MA 02478 USA

Opioid receptors in the midbrain periaqueductal gray regulate prediction errors during Pavlovian fear conditioning

Author(s): McNally GP, Cole S
Source: BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE Volume: 120 Issue: 2 Pages: 313-323 Published: APR 2006
Times Cited: 8 References: 53

Abstract: The authors used a within-subject blocking design to study the role of ventrolateral periaqueductal gray (vIPAG) opioid receptors in regulating prediction errors during Pavlovian fear conditioning. In Stage I, the authors trained rats to fear conditioned stimulus (CS) A by pairing it with shock. In Stage II, CSA and CSB were copresented and followed with shock. Two novel stimuli, CSC and CSD, were also copresented and followed with shock in Stage II. CSA blocked fear from accruing to CSB. Blocking was prevented by systemic pretreatment with naloxone. Blocking was also prevented in a dose-dependent and neuroanatomically specific fashion by vIPAG infusions of the mu-opioid receptor antagonist CTAP. These experiments show that vIPAG mu-opioid receptors contribute to Pavlovian fear learning by regulating predictive error.

Author Keywords: blocking; surprise; predictive learning; PAG; opiod
Reprint Address: McNally, GP (reprint author), Univ New S Wales, Sch Psychol, Sydney, NSW 2052 Australia
1. Univ New S Wales, Sch Psychol, Sydney, NSW 2052 Australia

10/15/2008 09:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plasma blobs

Physical basis of biophoton emission and intercellular communication

Author(s): Lozneanu E (Lozneanu, E.), Sanduloviou M (Sanduloviou, M.)
Source: ROMANIAN REPORTS IN PHYSICS Volume: 60 Issue: 3 Pages: 885-898 Published: 2008
Times Cited: 0 References: 16 Citation MapCitation Map beta
Abstract: Based on a new scenario of self-organization that explains the mechanism by which cell-like space charge configurations, dubbed plasma blobs, emerged in plasma survive by emission of photons a new conceptual model of the emission of biophotons by living system is proposed. Phenomena as coherent emission and other features specific to biophoton emission also revealed by these plasma blobs offer the possibility to identify the physical background of phenomena hitherto not conclusively understood in the science of biophotonics.
Document Type: Article
Language: English
Author Keywords: self-organization; collective quantum effects; plasma blob; biological coherence; change of information
Reprint Address: Lozneanu, E (reprint author), Alexandru Ioan Cuza Univ, Fac Phys, Complex Syst Lab, Iasi, Romania
1. Alexandru Ioan Cuza Univ, Fac Phys, Complex Syst Lab, Iasi, Romania
Subject Category: Physics, Multidisciplinary

10/15/2008 09:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

full-lotus quantum chaos:

10/15/2008 10:03:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

A can of worms Mr. Mouse. There is ever more evidence that the pre-cursor to man on this planet is alive and well and pushing ever forward to find their place in the chemtrail shade. Some call them archons. As for Perseus and a little tear in the time/space continuum, we may have been witness to the cause. See my website at for something completely sync.

10/16/2008 09:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you as a poster believe the testimonies of the children of Ruwa?

10/16/2008 07:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok I finally got a hold of Graham Hancock's latest book which is getting so much attention: Supernatural.

The best part of the book is when he points out that "junk" DNA is actually distributed by Zipf's law (frequency inverse to amplitude) which is the same as the Law of Pythagoras (only based on symmetric math -- as a power law).

The worse part is also the crux of his book, as I had suspected and pointed out before:

"I suggest that not only art, but the entire switch to behavioral modernity, came when those in any Stonge Age society who lacked the genetic capacity to trance spontaneously were enabled to do so by the discovery and subsequent systematic exploitation of plant halluincogens, or one of the physical methods fo trance induction." (p. 229)

Hancock makes a HUGE Freudian slip here with the word "exploitation." For his Bushmen trance healing he relies mainly on art analysis (from David Williams-Lewis) and on one book -- Bradford Keeney. He hasn't done the largest anthropological research and so his book STINKS of exploitation. In fact the OPPOSITE is true from what Hancock states -- trance healing was not a "physical" training nor was it dependent on "genetic" capability (Hancock psychologically projects his exploitative science back onto the Bushmen).

Trance healing is based on the PHILOSOPHY of consciousness arising from complementary opposites. As I read Hancock's book, in full-lotus, having "O at a Ds" with this young latina female who kept propping her legs up, pointed at me, and smiling at me as she poked her head out from her computer....I was accosted by an Indian (east) man telling me that the meditation room had been changed. I pointed out I had in fact been trained by a Chinese qigong master, as he returned to me enquiring about my excellent full-lotus pose. My point is that Hancock is leaving out the connection between qigong, yoga and the Bushmen philosophy as all relying on complementary opposites.

10/16/2008 07:25:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

What if you started doing archer pose all the time and aiming your imaginary arrow at females?
(while doing breath of fire)
THAT would be creepy.

Excellent archer pose.

Cobra pose!

Root Lock!

Ogng Namo Bro.

10/16/2008 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

get off your flowery ass and do some REAL rogue yoga, BITCH!
break on through MUTHAH!!!

10/16/2008 10:41:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

I know you have it in you Drew.
There's always room for another mahdi...seen zeitgeist?..that steaming pile of quivering weirdness...with just enough truth to get your attention..
You are such an accomplished and actualized human being.
Don't stop...
...hold on to that fee li eee iinnn

10/16/2008 10:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10/16/2008 10:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fletcher leave GGG alone, the more you bait him the more we have to listen to his drival. Supernatural is not Grahm Hancocks latest, at least 2 years old. GGG when you talk anything but yoga drival you are quite intelligent. Focus on the real. The dream will abide. Dennis from Oregon.

10/17/2008 03:04:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...


10/17/2008 04:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Below message is scrambled but today I learned of the "golden oil" in the notochord of the oldest living fish -- fossilized from 410 million years ago!

And so similarly when humans learn to sublimate our "golden oil" will we too obtain immortality:

Japan to support the claim (pers. comm.). The rumor of this life-prolonging elixir made the world press. Inter- Stobbs (1989) studied the meaning of the local name national magazines and newspapers of all major Amer- 'gombessa', which in Swahili means 'taboo' or 'strictly ican, English, French and German publishing houses forbidden'. This taboo has a medical origin. The flesh took up the matter. No other campaign could have bet- of the coelacanth is very oily and can be used as a lax- ter publicized and helped coelacanth conservation ative similar to the castor oil of the oilfish Ruvettus than the rumour of the life-prolonging elixir. (Halstead 1967, Stobbs 1989). Fishermen stated that coelacanth oil has been regularly collected in bottles in a village on Anjouan. Enquiries in this village could not substantiate this assertion. Ruvettus oil is also an effective mosquito repellent During the past 2 decades, coelacanths have been and an anti-malarial drug; both properties could also used worldwide for different types of handicrafts hold for coelacanth oil. However, coelacanth catches (Fig. 9). For historical reasons and due to the existence are rare and therefore the medical value is probably of a well-developed conservation movement, South very low. Stobbs (1989) discussed an appealing conser- Africa has the most diverse collection of commercial vation aspect. Ruvettus and coelacanths are caught at items. Textile works and batiks of coelacanths are the night from outrigger canoes, which is considered to be most common commercial handicraft articles pro- very dangerous. An artificial, traditionally acceptable, duced, among them particularly a variety of T-shirts substitute for the Ruvettus oil could release the fisher- produced not only in the Comores but also in America, men from the burden of night-time fishing and would Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa and thus also decrease coelacanth landings. other countries (Fig. 9). Coelacanth jewellery has been in the mid i980s a rumour spread that a large Japan- produced in the Comores and also in Western coun- ese company was trying to isolate a life-prolonging tries. Wooden articles are represented mainly by local elixir from the fluid of the coelacanth's notochord. This wood engravings; a wooden puzzle for children has idea derived from the fact that coelacanths were long- also been manufactured (Fig. 9c). A variety of draw- lived and that the species had survived for millions of ings and posters have been sold on the souvenir mar- years. Japanese scientists were blamed for being the ket; a coelacanth was even portrayed on elephant's source of the affair. The chairman of JASEC denied the dung (Fig. 9e). A coelacanth ceramic from Mauritius rumour vehemently and there was no evidence in was sold in limited numbers (Fig. 9d). Fig. 9. Consumptive utilization of coelacanths. (a) T-shirt of the JAG0 expeditions, Germany; (b) poster advertising conservation, South Africa; (c) children's puzzle made out of wood, South Africa; (d) coelacanth ceramic, Mauritius; (e) drawing on elephant dung, South Africa; (f) pen bearing a coelacanth for advertisement of a company
Page 11
Fricke: Coelacanths and eco-ethics 11 DES Coelacanths have also appeared as labels on many utensils for daily use, for example nap- kins, mugs, pencils or even dinner charts (Fig. 9). A further commercial use is the nam- ing and advertising of companies. A diving club in the Comores was named 'Gombessa plongee'. In 1986, the British 'Coelacanth Con- nection Limited' offered recreational expedi- tions. In the USA, 'Coelacanth Engineering' advertises products and services; 'Coelacanth Systems' provides consulting and computer services. Coelacanths have also appeared on coins and banknotes of the Comores (Fig. 4) and in C several countries are depicted on stamps (Bru- ton 1988) (Fig. 10). In South Africa, the 50th Fig. 10. Philatelistic utilization of coelacanths in the Comores and anniversary of the discovery was celebrated South Africa. Other countries have also used coelacanths as a motif for with an issue of 4 stamps depicting the history their stamps of and research on coelacanths. Several It is impossible to give a full account of the existing stamps honored expeditions searching for the fish. diversity of handicrafts depicting coelacanths or esti- Since 1938 coelacanths have appeared in a huge mate their monetary value. Parts of the revenue from number of scientific publications, daily newspapers, the sale of handicraft articles have been donated for magazines, journals, pamphlets and books (Fig. lla). conservation purposes. They were used in many comics mainly with the image of the sudden appearance of a prehistoric animal on a lonely island; 'The Big Fish Tin Lin' became one of the Advertisement and media presence best known story books for children (Fig. llb). Coelacanths have also received worldwide media Recently a variety of buttons and stickers have been coverage. Since the historical radio speeches of J. L. B. produced, mainly in the Comores, Germany and South Smith, many TV features have been produced in Africa, advertising coelacanth conservation (Fig. 9). America, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and Fig. 11. (a) Following the scientific discovery, pictures of an- -...-.- S abc-. zoelacanths appeared worldwide. The first encounters in the natural habitat from on board a submersible again triggered wide attention (b) The story of the coelacanth TinLin became a favorite subject for several children's books and has been published in several languages
Page 12
12 Mar Ecol Prog Ser 161: 1-15, 1997 South Africa, and commercial videos have been dis- tributed in most of these countries. A coelacanth docu- mentary received the 'Anglia Television Award for Revelation' during 'Wildscreen' in 1988. Thus coela- canths have had impressive exposure in print and audio-visual media, illustrating the statement of Forey (1990) that they have achieved a reputation that only few animals earn but most never attain. Future recreational use Coelacanths are difficult to observe in their deep natural realm, which will probably prevent any com- mercial exploitation by tourist submarines. However the potential for an on-site encounter can be envis- aged, which would have a high recreational and spiri- tual impact on the local population and also for visitors. Non-invasive methods could be applied to allow a view into the deep, for instance by installing perma- nent low-light cameras (Fricke et al. 1995). Therefore, a coelacanth information and visitor center has been planned (Graf 1995) which should provide the local community with some income and foster social cohe- sion among the villages and, at the same time, promote conservation of the fish. Furthermore, it would be of benefit for the fishing community. Fishermen are socially of low rank. A coelacanth fisherman gains in social prestige and betters his own social status (Stobbs 1989). Coelacanth landings are rare events so fisher- men cannot go specifically for the fish in order to pur- posely better their own social position. ECONOMIC VALUE A caught coelacanth has no nutritional value. In ear- lier decades fishermen received approx. US$300-400 from the government for each coelacanth caught; presently no incentives are being paid. The worldwide museum trade offered between US$400 and 2000. The black market in the Comores offered formalin-fixed individuals for at most US$1000. The coelacanth is a large fish and cannot be easily transported without being noticed; illegal trade probably takes place to only a limited extent. Since the Comores signed the CITES convention, unauthorized trade is strictly for- bidden by law. Therefore, in 1994. 9 coelacanths were stored in Moroni in a deep freezer of a commercial fishing company and in the refrigerators of 2 hotels, a military camp and a governmental institution. In Octo- ber 1995, due to an electricity failure, a large coela- canth was even thrown back into the sea. Presently the commercial market value of dead and preserved coela- canths is indeed negligible. However in 1992, 2 live coelacanths were offered in Germany, each for US$130000, on a pricelist of the international illegal aquarium trade. The whereabouts of the fish could not be traced. Coelacanths cannot be caught on demand (Hamelin 1992) and line-hooked specimens usually die shortly after capture. Expensive deep-diving facilities are necessary to spot and catch a live specimen. Nevertheless, live coelacanths for dis- play would be a great economic incentive. The danger arises that the deteriorating economic and political stability of the Comores (18 governments within 20 yr) will result in the failure to comply with existing CITES regulations. Private companies might be willing to pay high plices for live coelacanths as exemplified by the US$2 million expedition by the TOBA aquarium (Japan) sponsored by Mitsubishi in 1989. A South African aquarium already claims to have the historical right to be the first to put a coelacanth on display. In 1996, during an international conference of zoo direc- tors, the pros and cons of keeping coelacanths in cap- tivity were discussed. In future, science will probably be used as an excuse for the first public display and this will be followed by an exponential increase in the market price. Nonetheless, it is to be hoped that CITES regulations and the rarity of the fish will not allow an expanding aquarium trade. CONCLUSIONS Today we realize the importance and value of bio- diversity of entire ecosystems, species or genes for the survival and well-being of our own human civilization (Wilson 1994). We acknowledge the economic impor- tance of biodiversity, and we also recognize now the intangible values ('intrinsic value perspective'; Old- field 1995). This view refers to a kind of innate entity of biodlversity, a universal right of existence for all living organisms independent of any human influences, visions or needs. Coelacanths as a single advanced life form close to the roots of our own vertebrate history enter our human world in many ways not as creatures of high economic or nutritional value but as creatures of ethical, evolutionary and cultural significance which appear in language, poetry, fiction and diverse kinds of arts and crafts or as a symbol of a new national identity. Furthermore, they also have a psychological and intel- lectual value accessible by watching the fish in nature or on film and videos or by contemplating evolutionary age, timeless existence, tenacity, immortality and links to old roots. Their long evolutionary history gave rise to the curious fallacy of the existence of a life-prolonging elixir. Coelacanths occupy a unique place in our con- sciousness. Therefore the rich symbolism surrounding
Page 13
Fricke: Coelaca nths and eco-ethlcs 13 them which has evolved in recent years should be uti- lized for future conservation attempts. Detailed recommendations for immediate measures are available (Balon et al. 1988, Bruton & Stobbs 1991, Fricke et al. 1995). At the Max Planck Institute in See- wiesen, Germany, a tissue bank has been established and here coelacanths which have been accidentally caught are preserved for future research (Fricke 1992). More than 30 laboratories of diverse disciplines have made use of the available materials (Hissmann 1996). In the past, however, valuable materials were lost. The Comores had not yet signed the CITES convention and therefore CITES prevented the export of coelacanths (that had already been caught) to the Max Planck facility. Although latest population estimates recorded a decrease in coelacanths of more than 30% within 3 yr and socioeconomic developments are very likely the sole cause for the decline (R. Plante, H. Fricke & H. Hissmann unpubl.), no financial support is in sight in the near future to slow down the increasing catch rates. The provision of Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) as an alternative fishing method in shallow water close to the shore but above the coelacanth depth was con- sidered as the most promising measure to reduce the catch of coelacanths. Less then US$1 million would be sufficient to install the FADs, which would help both the local fishermen and the coelacanth. Various agencies, commissions and organizations have pretended to assist in coelacanth conservation, among them the World Bank, WWF, IUCN, and UNDP. So far, only well-paid consultants of first world coun- tries have benefited from coelacanth conservation; the Comorian people and the fish have not. The World Bank published a cover page in its journal 'Bank's World' (Vol. 14, No. 7) with the subtitle 'Saving the Coelacanths' but not one dollar was spent in the Comores. The WWF has also used the coelacanth for its own publicity purposes, but no financial aid was given for conservation in the Comores. Thus, high-profile endangered species such as the coelacanth are vulnerable to exploitation on behalf of conservation. Therefore coelacanth conservation in the Comores should focus on an increased local awareness of the need to protect a renewable natural resource for their own benefit. A coelacanth ecotourism adminis- tered by an information and visitor center might eco- nomically benefit the Comores as a result of a global inflow of tourists who wish to see the coelacanth which should in turn lead to the creation of employment. However the preservation of coelacanths also benefits the worldwide public. Many people who will never visit the Comores to see a coelacanth might derive sat- isfaction, spiritual enjoyment and other intellectual benefits, i.e. 'passive use values'. They are willing to pay for knowing about the existence of a unique crea- ture close to the roots of their own ancestry ('existence value') or for preserving coelacanths for future genera- tions ('bequest value') (Krutilla 1967, Norton 1986, More et al. 1996). These intangible desires can be transformed into tangible values. The coelacanth is well known, with an extraordinary media presence, and we are beginning to understand its unique existence and bequest value-a potential for economic quantification. These resources should be utilized not to cover maintenance costs of large agen- cies and organizations but for the good of the fish, managed through smaller nongovernmental bodies in the Comores. They might be the most powerful means of financing conservation measure and they would be also of direct monetary benefit for the Comonan popu- lation. The coelacanth population is in decline. Today's generation has to act so that future generations can also rejoice in these gentle and peaceful survivors of our own vertebrate past. Acknowledgements. The study was funded by grants from the German Research Council (DFG-projects Fr 369/1-10-15). the Frankfurt Zoological Society - Help for the Threatened Wildlife (ZGF-project 1026/36/87), the Max Planck Institute Seewiesen and the Fondation Nicolas Hulot. Paris. It was a dellght to search with my friend R. Plante, Marseilles, for other whereabouts of coelacanths and to discuss with B. Schwacke, Munich, various aspects of arts and their history. I spent many hours with M. Bruton, Cape Town, discussing the survlval of the coelacanths but so far we have found no viable soluton. P. Graf joined the conservation battle for Old Fourlegs with her brochure on a coelacanth nformation and visitor center. Thanks to my colleagues In Seewiesen (K. Hiss- mann, H. Hofer, H. Kleindienst, A. Turk, W Wickler) who read a frst draft of the manuscript and wondered about the new style of this research; T Weber helped with his skills in preparing computerized figures. LITERATURE CITED Anthony J (1976) Operation Coelacanthe. Arthaud, Paris Balon E, Bruton M. Fricke H (1988) A fiftieth anniversary reflection on the living coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae: some new nterpretations of its natural history and con- servatlon. Environ Biol Fishes 23:241-280 Bogart JP, Balon E, Bruton M S (1994) The chromosoines of the llving coelacanth and their remarkable srnllarity to those of one of the most ancient frogs J Hered 85(4): 322-325 Bruton M S (1988) The coelacanth stamps Ichthos 2 19 Bruton MN (1989) The living coelacanth fifty years later. Trans R Soc S Afr 47:19-28 Bruton MN (1993) Coelacanth Conservation Council. Environ Biol Fishes 36:395-406 Bruton M S (1995) Fish imagery in art 76-linocut of coela- canths and humans by Hylton Mann. Environ Biol Fishes 42:252 Bruton MN, Coutouvidis SE (1991) An inventory of all known specimensof thecoelacanth Latirneriachalumnae, withcom- mentson trendsin thecatch. Environ BiolFishes 23.24 1-281
Page 14
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10/17/2008 05:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dharmakaya yoga is easy beyond belief.

Drop beliefs.

Find the awakeness present in your concepts.

Drop concepts.

When the great wide-open space of basic purity reveals itself to an ever searching mind, you've found it.

It may slip away quite quickly, but don't fret. Don't ever seek it, and if you do seek it, don't construct it from a a memory or fantasy - just relax into that basic space.

You don't need "winds" or time-consuming effort in this yoga. Awareness just arises as a great purity, and then you just become fearless. Fearless of self-consciousness, death, loss and on and on.

It's a really good state, and if you're conceptualizing these words, you don't know it. It is not a thought or belief or perspective.


10/17/2008 08:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I have solved the situation at Ruwa. The traditional tribal shamanism present within the continent of Africa is most influential. The priests within shamanism are go to men who assist in controversies and conflicts between individuals. They are expected to be knowledgeable of most of the teachings of the ancient stories passed down for many centuries. They are very public and sociable men who listen to experiences of their people with an open mind. They believe that reptilian beings live among us that can morph into human form and back to reptilian form. This teaching is common in Africa. So the students were familiar with the idea that flying saucers and strange beings exist before this flying craft landing in the schoolyard. Period.

There were official mainstream reports in the newspapers, radio, and word of mouth of flying craft in the area prior to this encounter at the Ariel schoolyard. What I think happened was that a group of students decided to have fun with this. They knew that only one adult was chaperoning them and she was always busy serving drinks and food to care about what the kids would say about an UFO landing in their backyard. Imagine this scenario: OMG schoolmarm an UFO has landed here in the schoolyard! You must come and look at this! Then the lunch lady screams in horror and runs out to save the children from a possible abduction falling down on her face. Getting back up again to assist the innocent children willing to sacrifice her very life to save them. Right? Wrong. She looks at the pranksters with a smile and asks them if they want a soda pop or something.

The hoaxsters realizing this had planned to convince the other students that this craft that was being reported in the area landed and was in their very backyard! They may have said: You know of the stories of the reptilians and these craft are true. It is very true because we just saw them a minute ago. It is very true! Most of the students believe in this teaching and would never deny the possibility of evil reptilian creatures since that would mean that they support their evil deeds and most innocent kids do not do that. So they are compelled by the other students that the landing occurred. They are willing to tell white lies themselves and say that they themselves saw them land because they do not in any way support the strange beings plots against humanity. They are taught that more people need to believe in these reptilian beings existence for the sake of goodness and survival. For non belief puts you in a position of being even more vulnerable and responsible for the ignorance that leads to more evil activity of these creatures. So the children believe they are doing a honest and righteous thing when they follow the lead of the other students who have claimed to actually have seen this craft land.

The investigation that took place the following day came up with no physical evidence whatsoever of any landing or hovering of a craft. Also the pictures the children drew contradict each others testimonies. One student has legs on the craft another student has no legs on the craft. The pictures do not collaborate their stories either.

So for the sake of righteousness the kids testify that indeed these beings exist as they were taught and others need to believe they do because this means that they are good people. The reptilians be damned and innocent kids are the first in line to damn them.

10/17/2008 08:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Bowelick, TX, 31 46 Lat. n., 106 29 Long. w. please listen...

In your mind you have capacities you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we're about to share

calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft
calling occupants of interplanetary craft

You've been observing our earth
And we'd like to make a contact with you
We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary ultra-emissaries

We've been observing your earth
And one night we'll make a contact with you
We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary quite extraordinary craft

And please come on peace, we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come, we beg you
Please interstellar policeman
Oh, won't you give us a sign
Give us a sign we've reached you

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes, you concentrate
Together that's the way
To send the message
We declare World Contact Day

calling occupants of interplanetary craft
calling occupants of interplanetary craft

We are your friends

10/17/2008 09:34:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Nonnymouse the space poet: Interstellar policemen? Keep me out of your leatherman/grey fantasy world.

And really, moping about acting telepathically friendly...who would fall for that? Obviously, the lying monkey just wants the keys to the saucer.

@Triple G: Less footnotes, more content, please.

@Nonnymouse again: What's with the geo-coordinates? Should I be pointing my dish somewhere? Or is that your pickup call for the space taxi? Giving out your address to strangers is a bad idea, kid...and if it's somebody else's address, then you're just creepy.

Man, it reminds me of those idiot scientists back in the 70s, who thought it would be a good idea to transmit our chemical and genetic makeup randomly around the galaxy. Eventually, that signal's gonna wash across something's nose like a smell of fresh frying bacon.

Hey, maybe we're actually just a lamprey lure - glowing away with technology and emotion and intelligence, attracting hungry aliens....who are then snarfled by the thing lying darkly between us and Mars...



10/18/2008 10:33:00 AM  
Blogger Dennis/87 said...

Hey Lord R, there is some cities on Mars. The eu space program photographed them neare Hale crater, you can see it on their pictures. No kidding. Dude with the space alien mantra, get real, we are one with the cosmos.Entrain your mind's eye to the holographic universe. Dennis fromn Oregon

10/18/2008 02:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Thanks for sharing... O.K. so one thing that I doubted in my recent coworker conversation was that he mentioned his brother-in-law knew arabic because he worked in Palestine. But then he said he taught Hebrew and English... so then he says he worked for an evangelical group but didn't try to convert.... YWAM.

My wheels are turning... so I mention the CIA and evangelicals and Assemblies of God and we talk about Palin. Then he makes a strange remark that I doubted since I've researched the subject. He claims Assemblies of God had worked with cointelpro to infilitrate the American Indian Movement since many of its members were Christian.

Now maybe that was true -- it sounds plausible. But I could find nothing about it online and I've never seen any mention that I remember even though I've perused the literature. It would be in Ward Churchill's book which I haven't read in detail...

Anyway so I dig more and sure enough I find out that YWAM is considered a CIA front-group and so this got me thinking his comment was maybe some sort of distraction. I emailed him the link:

As far as "answers" -- I've posted before on Papua New Guinea and the roots of warfare. When I say West it is of course meaning the ancient roots of the West in iron-based agriculture, traced to the "symbolic revolution" circa 10,000 BCE.

I think the Melanesians actually migrated after the Polynesians colonized the South Pacific. If I remember, my latest source was Alvah Simon's sailing book and he does excellent research.

The connection between Melanesia and Amazonia is made explicit in the flute goddess ritual which is the exposure of male fear of the female "siren" power. With the domestication of animals males came under the belief that we could control nature and slowly iron replaced silver with the sun replacing the moon and horticulture was stripped from its original female gathering role.

The "symbolic revolution" argues that this was first a philosophical change -- with left-brain dominance through rectilinear symbols as the containment of nature, thereby destroying circular housing as female energy for a new plow-based farming.

But clearly this issue is much deeper as even female chimps resorted to technology -- spears -- to bypass male rape as part of the hunting meat-sex exchange.

As hominids relied more on group cooperation the ritual singing of chimps and the female cooperative behavior of bonobos, with sex as the main means to disarm the male cortisol-testosterone dominance, somehow congealed into the trance dance male training for healing.

So I would say that the indigenous cultures using horticulture -- in Amazon and Papua New Guinea -- are similar to the matrifocal village-states in Africa. There are attempts at regional dominance -- with ritual-based warfare -- but there is also still an explicit tantric training that knowingly acknowledges CONSCIOUSNESS as what I call "female formless awareness."
Anthropologists have noted that gay sex as dominance (like in Papua New Guinea and in ancient Greece, as means for older men to suck off the young males) first developing in these matrifocal village-states. This then later became the tantra of the city-states of Western Asia which then spread back into Africa through the Bantus during the iron age.

But again what gets left out is the Bushmen-Pygmy culture from before 10,000 BCE to 100,000 BCE. Anthropologists note that there is no homosexuality in the Bushmen culture and this is of course unacceptable to the modern mind. Again this is because there is no knowledge of electromagnetic energy as male energy in the modern mind. In the Bushmen culture the females would throw water on the males to prevent them from "hoarding their N/um" (the female electrochemical energy) for spirit travel (male energy) -- but some males still did so. This "hoarding of the N/um" is what later became the misogynistic yet fearful tantric alchemy of the matrifocal village-states which then spread around the world.

Let's recall that the first possible religion as Freemasonry was the Turkana ritual of animal sacrifice when there was an eclipse of the sun -- the "sun" as son was sick since the moon had greater power. So that is an early pastoralist ritual in East Africa -- possibly before even plow-based farming.

10/18/2008 05:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point. If you read Gurdjieff's reaction to Ouspensky's longest excerpt he says: "Just remember one thing: time is breath." Ouspensky printed that without even realizing the joke on him -- after Ouspensky spends several pages giving his cosmic version of time (all based on symmetric measurements). So 95% of the "In Search of Miraculous" book is quotes from Gurdjieff and in that respect it is the BEST book on Gurdjieff, as he himself stated. But note the huge attention (more than even given to Gurdjieff) now given to Ouspensky (for example the recent new biography on Ouspensky by Gary Lachmann). The fact is Ouspensky was clueless -- was not an energy master, etc. and as Bennett points out Ouspensky even knew this (that he was rejected by Gurdjieff because Ouspensky became obsessed with his own philosophy). So to "follow" Ouspensky's teachings is a complete mistake -- yet Westerners continue to do so -- why? -- because psychologically it's easier.

There's a lesson to be learned in all this which is, as Gurdjieff points out, for real training to occur there has to be a personal relation with a guru or energy master. So, for example, qigong master Chunyi Lin admits that we can not be professional meditators in the West and so we should mainly focus on healing ourselves (which, ironically is best done through healing others). He did train one energy master -- Jim Nance -- as is the tradition, to focus on one student to be advanced.

Gurdjieff did not focus on transmitting energy as qigong master Chunyi Lin does. Instead Gurdjieff focused on mind yoga -- with an integrative path that was not necessarily quick but still covered all aspects. He, himself, admitted that his own energy level was quite low compared to the masters he trained with in Asia. So it's quite ironic that someone like energy master Chunyi Lin is doing so much healing, working with the Mayo Clinic, etc. yet he continues to be mainly ignored by the "white male esoterica" scene -- simply because Chunyi Lin focuses on energy transmission and healing, not on conceptual philosophy.

In a sense Gurdjieff knew he was playing the role of the trickster yet at the same time he had to be very skilled in doing it successfully. So it continues to be with energy masters in the West since this practice goes the opposite direction of Western civilization, based on symmetric phonetic language and math. That's why I don't give much attention to Beezlebub's Tales -- the book got edited down, as Bennett details, and it was written AFTER Gurdjieff had a life-threatening accident, so he was desperate for some means of money without relying on energy transmissions or intense mind yoga training with students, etc. Yet again Beezlebub's Tales is the ONE thing about Gurdjieff that Westerners desperately cling to as his most important work, etc., -- simply because psychologically it provides a "sacred text" crutch, without the body transformation necessary to consciously sublimated the sex energy.

10/18/2008 09:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Reptor..
"Man, it reminds me of those idiot scientists back in the 70s, who thought it would be a good idea to transmit our chemical and genetic makeup randomly around the galaxy. Eventually, that signal's gonna wash across something's nose like a smell of fresh frying bacon."

How intuitive...

"The far reaches of outer space are not only dark and mysterious but apparently smell great.

NASA scientists have revealed the aroma of fried steak wafts through the cosmos, the UK's Telegraph reports.

And while that's enough to make your mouth water, experts say it also smells of hot metal and the welding of a motorbike.

NASA has commissioned the head of a fragrance manufacturing company, Steven Pearce, to recreate the smells in a laboratory in a bid to help astronauts prepare for their missions.

"We have a few clues as to what space smells like," Mr Pearce was quoted as saying.

"Astronauts [said] when they had been outside and then returned to the space station … what came across was a smell of fried steak, hot metal and even welding a motorbike.

Mr Pearce said the exercise was about creating realism so that astronauts had an idea of what to expect.

The smell of fried steak had already been recreated but the scent of hot metal had been more difficult, he said.

"We think it's a high energy vibration in the molecule and that's what we're trying to add to it now," he said."

And furthermore, apparently we owe our existence to the Gods attraction to the smell of cooked flesh.

"According to the Dionysos myth, as a young child, he was kidnapped by the Titans, who lured him with marvellous toys. While he is gazing at his own image in a mirror, the Titans slice his throat with a sacrificial knife. The child-Dionysos is then cut up into pieces and first boiled, then roasted. Zeus is attracted by the smell of cooking, and when he realises what is being cooked, he kills the Titans with a thunderbolt and resurrects Dionysos. According to some variants of the story, man then first appeared, born from the ashes of the burned Titans. So Dionysos is the god who dies and is reborn, and from his death... his sacrifice, for the titans follow correct sacrificial procedure when killing him, humanity comes into being."

10/19/2008 03:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Professor Harald Walach: I just read an interview at where I've had articles published on qigong healing and by way of hypertext came upon your emphasis on spiritual healing as the next step in parapsychology. I finished my masters degree doing intensive qigong training with a Chinese full-lotus yoga master who now works with the Mayo Clinic here in Minnesota. His name is Chunyi Lin and he has a healing center at and he's been doing some peer-reviewed research but mainly focuses on healing and teaching qigong to the Mayo Clinic doctors. He co-authored, with Mayo Clinic oncologist Dr. Nisha Manek, a chapter for a Mayo Clinic medical textbook on complementary medicine.

If you are unfamiliar with qigong master Chunyi Lin I strongly recommend you take a class from him or call his center to receive a phone healing from him. He's healing ability is very profound and so far he's relied solely on word of mouth for outreach. He is to be the keynote speaker at the U of Minnesota Center of Spiritual Healing conference this year.

I, myself, sit in full-lotus as much as possible during the day, having what I call "O at a Ds" or orgasms at a distance -- psychic love-light energy exchanges with females -- as healing energy. It's pretty wild and a very clean diet is necessary which I'm still working on. I did do some powerful healing though when I was taking Chunyi Lin's classes, including going 8 days on just half a glass of water -- the "bigu" phenomenon.

My masters thesis is linked at (2001) and since then I've read one scholarly book a day while posting a blogbook at I also corresponded with many professors and researchers, including George P. Hansen.

All the best,

drew hempel, MA

10/19/2008 01:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an excellent point. I keep having this perv p.m. me over at He repeatedly emails me saying how he wants to jerk off when I've already told him that healing is based on no physical contact -- no creation of male ejaculation fluid -- so that LIGHT energy is created. So I've just ignored this last p.m. he sent me since the last time he contacted me I told him he just needs to keep practicing. The problem with pervs is that it's psychological -- subconscious -- anything you say in words just feeds their addiction -- so it has to be a right-brain energy transformation. When I took salvia the same thing happened -- it opened up the right-brain energy and since I was in full-lotus I had several internal climaxes. If I had been a typical male I would have lost the energy as ejaculation which is the opposite of making the love-light. When a male ejaculates it activates the cortisol stress system as Professor Robert Sapolsky details. BTW there's a new interview with me in Spanish that Pepe3Leches translated and conducted at his and I mention Robert Sapolsky in it.

10/19/2008 03:58:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Lord Reptor,
Just watched E.T. today with my really old Grandmother at My Mom's house for some home cookin'.
Stuffed shels and meatballs and garlic bread.
pretty traditional but still..mmm mmm good!
E.T. likes beer.
there's some funny shit in that movie.
Especially when you notice that E.T. kinda looks like gramma....
Drew Hemple!!!!!!
can you please elaborate on the Stargate conspiracy and how it fits into this post? I'm too lazy.

10/19/2008 10:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandma must be pretty cute! haha. O.K. so, as per Stan Gooch, the reptilians (E.T.) are just the literally subconscious projection of the modern left-brain being cut-of from our cerebellum-pineal gland (the "ouch" or energy transfer-flying E.T. abilities). So the left brain psychologically is afraid (the repressed kidney energy) of our own true self lurking within and therefore projects it as the Stargate Alien Agenda.

By the way, according to Taoist Master Ni, Huai-chi (in Los Angeles) our grandparents' spirits literally live in our reptilian brain -- the cerebellum -- hence your subconscious association of E.T. with granny (besides the fact that E.T. goes drag if I remember correctly).

10/20/2008 06:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All right so parapsychology professor Harald Walach responded to me email acknowledging receiving my information about Chunyi Lin, etc. (my eccentric email). haha.

He is editor of the "Health and Spirituality International" journal so I clicked on their archives and found Professor Walach's recent article on

PASTAFARIANISM. I had heard of the "flying spaghetti monster" but didn't realize what he discovered:

"My children pointed out to me something really funny the other day, which set me thinking: a new religion called Pastafarianism, or the faith and belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). If you google these terms, you will be directed to the original page ( of the founder of this religion, Bobby Henderson, a young BSc physicist. It all started by Henderson's writing a letter to the Kansas School Board a couple of years ago, demanding that Pastafarianism be taught in schools similarly to Intelligent Design and other faith-based anti-evolutionist pseudo-scientific theories. If you believe Wikipedia, then Pastafarians have put out a prize of $1 million to everyone who can prove that Jesus is not the son of the FSM. Without going into great length, this new religion has many enthusiastic followers. It is exploding on blogs and on other web sites. More than 1 million hits are reported back by Google, depending on your search terms. Basically, the idea is of course to make fun of traditional fundamentalist creeds, such as creationism. Hence the demand to also teach in schools that the FSM has created the world and is present in an unseen ever-present way, creating and organizing the whole world. Pirates are also somehow central to the religion, as it can be readily demonstrated that the reduced number of pirates in the world is highly correlated with the warming of the earth's climate. So pirate regalia are important, as well as a lot of other things that make fun of traditionalist religion"

10/20/2008 06:54:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

That was people searching "Spaghetti cat"
thanks drew for your stargate thingym'bob..
reptillians aren't the only myth of aliens, obviously, though ET seems to be more of a helpful "space brother" more than anything...
more in need of help than us...sort of. In the film. My how backwards that one is.
and so now we are ripe for alien tradgedy..

10/20/2008 08:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold on -- you must be in California? haha. organic fruit grown locally in the colder season? !! I'm still amazed I was vegetarian for 15 years here in Midwest -- MN and WI. It gets 20 below zero in the winter.

OK thanks for clarifying the diet. I'll see what I can do -- I love bananas.

Yeah I completely rely on full-lotus for transforming the perv attacks and any desire dynamics with females, etc. or subconscious desire from alluring images, etc.

From my experience any physical contact just creates fluid which is the opposite of what you want -- love-light. For the last couple years I've been having probably 10 internal climaxes a day at minimum -- most of them mutual with other females. So that dries my balls out but then turns the energy to taking in the female electrochemical energy which I then also have to convert to electromagnetic for safe storage. haha. This can be done with males as well but not as easily (taking in their female electrochemical energy and then shooting electromagnetic back at them).

My point is I haven't been building up the electromagnetic energy but if I went full-on tantra I'd still open up the pineal gland because the more you heal others the more you heal yourself (convert the physical to light and then to consciousness). It would have to be the right circumstances I guess.

So if I'm with a female having O at a Ds I can sit in full-lotus for hours at a time -- maybe just bathroom breaks. I did 3 hours the other night for a dozen mutual climaxes or so. But the diet is the main problem after that -- the O at a Ds really clean out your system, making any impurities very conscious. When I first started these O at a Ds, I did a 3 day fast just doing O at a Ds with no hunger. This summer I went a day and a half -- but that was to convert anger and fear electrochemical energy into O at a D love-light. It was a defensive rather than offensive move. haha.

If I eat meat then I have to burn that off through O at a Ds since that's easier then shooting the energy back into myself because females have stronger electrochemical energy and so more easily suck up my extra electromagnetic energy.

So it's a fine balance -- if I work on just building up my own energy then people pursue me. Especially around the full-moon when the energy is really strong. If I have lots of great O at a Ds with females then male pervs literally stalk me which then sucks the electrochemical energy back down into fluid. They sit next to me and start bouncing their legs or they just stare at me -- I can feel their self-awareness, their electromagnetic energy, stuck in their lower chakra as they suck in my energy to make more sex fluid for themselves. I've come to expect it now as the negative aspect of the O at a Ds. haha. If I sit in full-lotus it takes an hour to convert that damage - the pulling of my chi back into fluid -- reversing that back into electrochemical and then maybe an hour to convert it back into electromagnetic. My housemate -- the old dude -- is a perv but about a week a go I did a good "O at a D" session with him through the wall -- I had several internal climaxes. Since he was old he just needed the electromagnetic energy and then I sucked in his electrochemical energy.

So that's how the energy cycles.

10/20/2008 11:45:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Just listening to John Oswald's reforged Stravinsky. That'll get you up and moving, yes it will.

Well, now. Whither Obama? Whence the Dow? Who the hell cares? The sky seems bigger than all that today. Full of clouds and power. Will there be a change? Will we make some?

I'm going to listen to some Bukowski now and then go potter around the kitchen and do laundry.

Maybe later I'll get drunk and listen to loud, strong music for a while. Who knows how long the power will be on? Might as well get some now.

Actually, the power's more likely to stay on here than on the big island or in the Lower Mainland. In previous years, they go out, we stay on. We have heavy industry here, and 500kv lines to feed it.

Anyone else in B.C. out there - thoughts on the mystery outage a few days ago? Everything Ladysmith and south went out for an hour, no explanations given. Victoria went out like a switch. A very old friend there reported that it was very eerie - generators throbbing and light pouring from government and business buildings, the streets black and quiet around them.

Wish I could afford one. When I worked as shipyard labour many many moons ago, I always heard that Onan one-cylinder machines were the best.

I find it excellent that a one-cylindered reciprocating engine should be known as an Onan.

Either way, I'd happily take the little 3KW Yamaha they have at Costco. If I had any money. Comes with mounting brackets and all, and me with a lonely, naked 8x8 down in the spider zone below my feet. Anybody got a thousand bucks they don't want?

Ah well. At least I don't heat with the juice. Who knew the power lines, turbines, dams, crews, and all that stuff we worked hard and paid for here would become a perfect hydraulic-empire tool?

Well, I suppose quite a few folks did. Not my folks, that's for sure.

Ramblin' on,

P.S. Cleaned my chimbley. Was it ever nasty inside. My God, am I ever scared of heights. My hands are sweating just remembering it all. Oog.

10/21/2008 12:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drew Humpul,what a disservice you do to this blog. Use your own blog to post such tomfoolery. Please leave Jeff's blog forever. You must notice the lack of posters. You are destroying a good insightful blog. Get out fool! Dennis from Oregon

10/21/2008 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

2PS - I'm going to try to quit reading the news for a while. Including here, although it's always tempting to see what freakish weirdness is occurring in the lives and minds that touch each other here.

I have stories to finish, stories to start, poems to hide forever (worse than my breath they are - funny, when I was a teenager both breath and poetry were sweet).

Cranking Deep Fix as day brightens and stove glows,

10/21/2008 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Dennis (if that's you - usually you seem...mellower) - use the clitwheel. Yeah, you know it. Scrollwheel indooeed. Take a look at the design of that mouse thing (two-button wheel type).

Remind you of something you like to look at close up (or, in G's case, at a couple of kinds of distance)?

Or, for the rather smaller dong-fondler market, there's the MS Man-Mouse - you know, the one with, ah, one ball? Wrap your hand around that sucker, close your eyes, and open your mouth and mind...

Scrolling with delicate, repetitive sensitivity so that Google feels that special tingle from my surfery,

PS again - yeah, NOW I'll go do some work. Already worked my around to the Stones (Exile, such a record eh), and that'll lead straight to the bottle if I want it to. Right now it's leading to the laundry pile, but when I get that machine loaded up and whirring, mayhap I'll limp down to the little store...not writing today anyhoo, too tired from chimbley cleaning.

Leads me to this One Last P.S., which is to say sorry for the delayed service on Pest Control - it'll come along when it comes, but I've kind of taken a few bulls by the horns writing wise - I've researched up a stack of plausible Canadian deadlines for my often implausibe creations, and the troops are in need of review (i.e., the tangled mass of a few decades of thought must somehow become product and portfolio). This process is taking most of my time (at least, that's my excuse for the housework, which is in such a state that the cat has taken to sighing at me) - so the blog is gonna suffer.

And that's how the energy cycles around here. Kind of in a shuffling motion like more than an actual cycle really.

Bye for now,
Lord Reptor.

10/21/2008 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Well, the machine just shuffled to Duran Duran - that settles it. Whiskey and Danzig this after, followed by unpredictable storms of metal, punk, and classic(al). Probably capped of with Jimi and a good cry just before bed. Yeah!

Liking it rough today,

10/21/2008 01:01:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Wow, it's like a fairy tale. On the way to wet my whistle, I met a man with something finer than wine, a neighbour of mine. Whiskey by the wayside and a Lord a little on the high side, how I love the harvest time.

So home I roved, and went straight along to the Jimi part of the day - War Heroes and no more tears, neither. Although I do love a good drunken weep with my art appreciation time. Even better with Jimi is a bit of perceptual deepening. Or a lot of it, if you happen to know a good ergot chemist.

Inviting any machine elves ghosting the machine to tea,
Lord R.

10/21/2008 01:36:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@ All: And just remember, folks, if you can, that everything's a stepping stone (which poem is currently filling my ears with the untouchable grace of Mr. Hendrix). I came across a quote in King's Insomnia once, went something like: "Each thing I do, I rush through so that I can do something else" - another way of looking at the same thing. Smell those flowers as they pass you kaleidoscopically by.

Really going away now (ohhhh YEAH here it comes, Midnight Lightning from War Heroes,bye now....yeaaaahhhhhh! Let's rewind that and then wreck up the old shivery capacitors on this thing large. Heh heh.


10/21/2008 01:42:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

...broke commandments/and he tumbled like a toy...

10/21/2008 09:50:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

...there's something on this winter and you boys are not invited...

10/21/2008 09:55:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

...he was highly indisputable/the leader of the gang/like a bullet in the freezer/...bang, bang.

10/21/2008 09:56:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

...I want an 870 for Xmas...

10/21/2008 09:57:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...


10/21/2008 09:58:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...


10/21/2008 09:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Western males are fools:

10/22/2008 08:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah when Chunyi Lin made my brain burn up after he left the room that really caught me off guard. Then Jim Nance did it from about 10 miles away after class one night. He asked me the following week if I had felt anything. haha.

You got any links on the cremaster muscle and qigong? How is this related to Dr. Lin's "anal breathing" schtick? Can you explain that to me since his website is a bit overwhelming.... thanks.

10/22/2008 09:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10/22/2008 09:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...,21985,24505353-661,00.html

Freemasonic Matrix ELF takes down planes

10/22/2008 10:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my story. It all happened on the afternoon the 30th of August. It was a beautiful day and I was on my way home from a job in Färjestaden. When I got home, I found water on the kitchen floor. Somehow there was a leak. I got my tools and opened up the doors to the sink. And started to work. When I reached in to examine the pipes, they seemed to be further in than I remembered. I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future.

I meet myself as 72 years old, the year was 2042. I did a lot of tests on him to see if he was really me. And the strange thing is that he knew everything about me. Where I hid my secret stuff when I was in first grade, and what the score was in the soccer match against Växjö Norra in the summer of 1988. He knew it all. We even had the same tatoo, although his was a little faded. He told me some of the stuff that will happen, but not so much.

I promised not to tell anyone. I made a film with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the quality is not the best. But it´s what I have got. Actually I dont´care if people thinks I am a liar. I know I’m not. I met myself in the future, and I was fine. That’s all I know. But if it happened to me it probably must have happened to someone else.”

- Hakan Nordkvist

10/23/2008 12:19:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@3G Anal breathing? Ahhaha. Heh. Check out Le Petomane - musta been a master himself.

Anal breathing. Yeah.

@Hakan: uuuuuummmm...

10/23/2008 01:06:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

I like the new comments widget.




10/23/2008 02:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Test 123

10/23/2008 06:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,well it's nice to see that someone else is having crazy shit happen in their life,good luck Hakan,most people out there could never handle what you went through with out going crazy,later.

10/23/2008 06:43:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@A-1: Crazy sh*t, yeah, sure. Undersink TARDIS....hard to grapple with, man. Perhaps our Hakan was not entirely there to begin with...



10/23/2008 12:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Meghna -- that was quite the shock. Basically Chunyi Lin had taught to be sure not to pull energy blockages out from the top of someone else's head. I didn't mean to do this but she was old and frail and even though she couldn't see what I was doing. My hand was maybe half a foot from her and as soon as I felt this heavy electromagnetic blog get pulled out of her head I knew what had happened and at the same time she started bawling -- instantly -- no tears -- just straight up bawling. We didn't exchange any words after that and the healing session time had ended so we parted ways. As I left with my friend who had been downstairs I said to him, "you're not going to believe what just happened." Then as we walked down the hall she walked towards us -- still bawling -- with someone else comforting her with their arm around her shoulder. I saw her later on -- maybe a few months later and we just smiled at each other.

As for Lazar's work -- she did respond to me which was nice but said she's just working on "breath awareness" not tummo right now.

Last night I was up almost all night -- probably till 4 or so -- sitting in full-lotus, working on tummo. I generated a lot of heat and light and heard strange high pitch sounds. When I finally went to sleep I had this intense dream where I heard little children voices calling to ask for my help because they were dead spirits. I got scared in my dream and then in my sleep -- which was just like being awake -- I called on Chunyi Lin to help the dead spirit children find rest. Then I woke up and immediately went back into full-lotus with the thought: GHOST POLLUTION.

I'm pretty sure that was just a dream since when I did see dead spirits my energy was much much stronger (at the end of my 8 day fast and the dead spirits were gonig to hear Chunyi Lin at his chi-emitting retreat lecture). I had heard Coast to Coast on Monday night -- a show on ghosts and had emailed them about Chunyi Lin and ghosts, so that's why I had the dream.

But then it's all a type of dream except pure consciousness.

October 23, 2008 2:27 PM

Great Galactic Ghoul said...
Mainly I was amazed at how well the "anal breathing" worked last night --

So then I realized that when we visualize heat and light in the lower tan tien that's using the sympathetic nervous system -- the cortex. But when we flex the tailbone up towards the anus -- that's the parasympathetic nervous system -- which activates the thalamus-cerebellum.

So then I realized that this is the secret of tummo -- that the sympathetic and parasympathetic work like a battery and that this system is activated directly through what I call "flexing the pineal gland" AND through the "anal breathing."

So I did both at the same time -- reversing the normal process. Instead of focusing my sympathetic nervous system on the lower tan tien -- I flexed my tailbone up to connect the parasympathetic directly to the sympathetic of the lower tan tien. Then I also flexed my pineal gland to connect the sympathetic of the cortex to the parasympathetic of the thalamus-cerebellum.

The results were instanteous -- and I realized this is just the same as a car ignition system and the primary coil is the lower tan tien and the secondary coil is the upper tan tien while the actually car-road generator is what Gurdieff calls the "Big Accumulator" -- the heart-mind.

10/23/2008 05:45:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@TripleRipple Drew:

Ghoul, WTF. You're lying around flexing your vestigial ass pod. Seriously, man, maybe you're living too close to a cell-phone tower or something. You should go on like a road trip or something man. You're starting to freak me out.

@All:Sooooo....I dunno about the rest of you, but I had sort of come around to the idea that Big O might get in after do you rate his chances after that?

All this talk of a crisis, testing his mettle, January 21-22...actually, what the hell was that, anyway? Any clue? Does some regular thing happen then, or is General Colon turning into a pumphead like Rummy?

So whaddaya figure - let him win and whack him? Let him win and stage massive unrest, leading to secession attempts and mass disorder? Combinations?

Hmmm, or maybe war with Russia under the nice Mr. O (drone that he is).

Or maybe Cain will get in, then HE'LL get whacked and Palin will marry Obama, with Billary as best, um, constructed hermaphroditic monstrosity.

Anyway, hope you all survive or at least get some pleasure from whatever's hitting the fan, eh? I think the American people want a good assassination, personally. Splat! That's good T.V. Everyone all crying and weeping, both 'sides' united by the industrious Biden gets the nukes polished up for, well, January 21-22, pending further notice.

What ever did the rather vealish Powell mean, anyway? I mean, what the hell? I think that's weirder than some idot who's had too many diet Pepsis crawling through a time tunnel (just what chemicals did buddy store under his sink, anyway? I want some!).

Hope Jeff works up a post sometime soon. Maybe a photo-essay? Some angry rantings? Dyspeptic weirdness?

Well, at least it isn't long to wait for the stupid election. Unless it gets...postponed (dark laughter)....

Hey, maybe someone will whack them ALL. All at once, and graphically. Some kind of flaying ray at the debates - hahahaaaa! Run around, you skinless liars! Hahahaaa!

Or give them each one of those microwave pain rays and set up a sort of laser-tag-of-agony with Supreme Evil Council Of Twelve votes (or whoever it is decides the election, can't really recall) based on score.

I wonder if McPain would bite off the 'Bama's nose in public if it was worth a few year's cancer treatments to him? Just imagine - Big O blathering away (he sounds just like one of those fake newspapers in the movies - looks like all sober words, but it's just letters), and then the hideous, demented Cain-man just stumps over to the man's podium, leaking fluids, and lunges forward...SNUTCH!

And then he'd chew it with his mouth open, like a big evil schoolchild. Hell, I'd pay big, big bucks to see that sh*t. Let's get a collection up - we know the man's for sale, and we know he likes rough play.

You think that's nasty? Imagine what either of those bozos will be ordering up for civilians everywhere as soon as they get the job. Chewed ears are nothing compared to the sort of shit, no asterisk, an AC-130 crew can get up to when they cut loose.

So who ya gonna vote for? I vote we all walk away as far as we can from people like that.


10/23/2008 07:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely the vestigial tail action -- funny I was thinking of that exact same word about an hour ago in describing the anal breathing....

I'm currently reading "FOOTSTEPS IN THE JUNGLE: Adventures in the Sceintific Exploration of the American Tropics" by Jonathan Maslow (1996) -- awesome book.

Then it's "INTO THE THICK AIR: Biking to the Bellybutton of six continents" by Jim Malusa (2008).

So I got my travel fix going. Just finished SOUTH LIGHTS on antartica -- excellent but slow read. Then it was North to the Night by Alvah Simon -- a top-knotch award-winning travel adventure book in the artic. Awesome read. Thanks anyway.

10/23/2008 08:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's with this - vestigial tail action -- anal breathing - and this Tao Bums place that you apparently hang out at - are you trying to tell us something?

10/24/2008 06:33:00 AM  
Blogger Dennis/87 said...

Ok Lord R, what can an old liberal hippie/psytropic human being do? Walk away, no. Vote for Obama, yes. Give me liberty-Ron Paul/facist, no. Mc cain(the devil himself) How long will he live with his hatred of himself? I told you just to scrool downe when ggg gets jiggy with it. Drew Hempel you are on glue, get your own blog and leave this blog. If you have any good in you, leave. Jeff, America will choose Obama. Will the facist/red state mentality allow him his victory? Or will there be another intervention with Mr Obama. What will the stars of heaven proclaim? Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

10/24/2008 03:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, as Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality describes when you achieve real samadhi then the center of the feet and palms BREATHE -- which means the electromagnetic energy converts to oxygen without the use of the lungs. The center of the palms and feet literally pulse with the electromagnetic breath thereby lightening the need for the lungs. The exhale is when this conversion is made possible because it shows that the electromagnetic channel through the pineal gland is open so that any energy stored in the body can be harmonized and "exhaled" or released (as electromagnetic energy). Samadhi is called "breathless ecstasy" by Sri Yuteswar, the teacher of Yogananda.

10/24/2008 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Dennis: I wouldn't waste a vote on Obama. At least vote Green or something. Myself, I'd write Paul in despite his reactionary views. He may be a little old-school (OK, a LOT old school), but at least he doesn't think war is cool.

The rest do. I frankly don't give a reddened, rugose piece of flesh about your or my domestic policies at this stage - we're dropping BOMBS. You want late-term abortion? Try it on adults - that's what our leaders do.

And yeah, walk away. Step as far away from the politicized parts of the system as you can. Address the bizarre dualist non-sequiturs polluting the thoughts of your fellow voters with gentle calm.

@Large Tripartite Necrovore (thass you, Triple G): OK, I think I have your Chunky Lin Homestyle teachings down here....

"Give me your money, and I will tech you how to stop breathing and eating."

Why not just join the Army? They pay you!


10/25/2008 09:55:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Dennis again: America will choose Obama...the way a dog, confused by a human snapping their fingers first on one side, then the other, etc, will swing his head back and forth without ever managing to decide to bite.

Ever tried that trick?

Thing is, a dog has enuff sense to go for yuor throat if you play that game with it too long.


10/25/2008 09:59:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@3g: P.S. Don't actually join the Army. Even if you're quite hungry and tired. They will wreck you, and quick.

Lord Reptor

10/25/2008 10:02:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Dennis again: Better yet, join a Paulite revolutionary group (they're everywhere...). You can spread some gentle liberal ideas amongst the young people who will eventually (if by simple demographics alone) be running things.

Plus, run for the hills. Radiation and chemicals are just the beginning of the trouble with modern city living.

Lord R.

10/25/2008 10:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There was a young fellow named Cager,
Who, as a result of a Wager-
Consented to fart
The entire oboe part
Of Mozart's Quintet in F Major."

10/25/2008 08:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Farting with style takes practice,
Perfection takes time, it's a gift,
You've first got to learn all the basics,
Like pushing one out in a lift.

Those silent but violent are classics,
With friends it's a really good game,
Fart in a crowd at a party,
Then watch to see who gets the blame.

Now once your technique has been mastered,
You'll know what your bottom can do,
But ALWAYS remember - don't push too hard,
Coz one day you might follow through!!!

Mike McCarthy

10/25/2008 10:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10/26/2008 01:13:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Bombay said...

Most of you are probably aware of
this,but for those who are not:
If you decide to vote, and you want
to vote for someone other than the
Dem/Repub candidate, make sure their
name is on the ballot. If their
name IS NOT ON the ballot and they
ARE NOT listed as a Dem or Repub
the ballot will be thrown away.
If you write in the name of a candidate and they ARE a member
of either the Dems/Repubs your
vote will go to one of the 2 major
candidates - Obama or McCain - and
will NOT go to the candidate you have written in. Now..some states
rules may be different, but make
sure you ask at the polling place. If you don't, your vote could easily end up in the trash. Also,
ANYONE in the U.S. is allowed to vote for a Presidential candidate
on Nov. 4th, whether you are
registered or not.However, you will
only be allowed to vote for
a Presidential candidate and no
one else.

10/26/2008 05:44:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Americans (most of them) don't realize that it's a false paradigm--the whole left/right thing.
The election is the icing on the cake.
It's what keeps them under control...the illusion of choice in a fascist dictatorship..
Dr. Judith H. Young-
"The power elite goes to any lengths to keep the public misled, distracted, fearful, and ultimately imprisoned in a matrix of disinformation, rampant consumerism and the lowest common denominators of human nature, including raw violence and mindless sexuality. As Huxley observed in 1962, the controlling oligarchy has long been at work developing scientific methods of control to "induce people to love their servitude" - to make them "enjoy a state of affairs which by any decent standard they ought not to enjoy."4 This dystopic scenario was echoed by Bertrand Russell, who predicted that as a result of the gradual and ruthless use of technological advances, "a revolt of the plebs would be as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."
Lord Reptor, you said it best here...
"What ever did the rather vealish Powell mean, anyway? I mean, what the hell? I think that's weirder than some idot who's had too many diet Pepsis crawling through a time tunnel (just what chemicals did buddy store under his sink, anyway? I want some!)."
I was just wondering that. The 21st..22nd, eh? what's he know that the rest of us plebes don't.?
Ugh...the endorsements are like scorpions i tell you!
Oh man drew is cracking me up..
I can't believe he still posts stuff that's from other sites like word for word of what he just sent to or some shee-it.
I love sunday.
Missed the game though.
Giants & Steelers I think.
America! Fuck Yeahhh!!
seriously though,
all of the anti-american discontent being sown around the world by a ruthless terrorist organization known as cobra, er the bush administration..
and that has been fomenting for decades...longer..much longer all have their roots in our bloody past.....
The European conquest of the Americas and the slaughter and displacement of the native people, who were living in a symbiotic respect-filled union with Mother Nature.
That is ALL over now. We as Americans reap this whirlwind by inhabiting this very Land.

10/26/2008 09:33:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

exit polling will be another opportunity for martial law to be implemented. I mean, after say, McCain wins, and the exit polls show vast numbers greater for Obama..well..people might spaz out a bit.
I think the PTB in America are just DYING to implement ML.
There are certainly myriad scenerios playing out where this could happen. And I believe it will. And if Obama does become president, & is "assasinated" (whatever strange form that takes...) Then you have another opportunity for a mass Riot...probably in isolated widespread locales, just enough media coverage to make it happen.
Hell, people will beg for it.

10/26/2008 09:46:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Martial Law, shmartial law, here's what I think will happen.

Obama will win and find that the "change" word he bandies about like the whoreishly nebulous dial survey word that it is, will mutate into the archetypal force of historical CHANGE. Possessed by this force, Obama will immediately institute wide ranging alterations in the very fabric of American life.
The National Anthem will only be played on an oud.
Or you could have Don Ho sing it.
Any other version will be banned.

Instead of Merry Christmas, Illuminating Jesus & His Magical Vaginal Exit Day, or, the dreaded Happy Holidays, one will only be allowed to say Hola Kwanzaa.

He will immediately annex Mexico, ensuring cheap farm labor for decades to come.

All pregnant women will immediately be forced to abort.

Republicans will be forced to wear ankle security bracelets and bunny suits.

On Pagan high holy days they will be forcibly "pegged" in the ass by unmarried gay folk, using implements both natural and artificial.

All toilet paper will be imprinted with either the American flag or GW's smirking kisser.

There will be some Republican resistance, but the heartland will be anesthetized by a continual stream of the new, 24 hour, NASCAR/American Gladiators joint venture, that has "Average Joe" America competing in gladiatorial competitions amongst a steady stream of cars traveling in excess of 200 mph.

Obama will then allow the United States to be annexed by Afghanistan, deferring his power to Osama bin Bama and the (gasp) Taliban.

And then things will really get weird...

10/27/2008 01:47:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...


10/27/2008 12:19:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@JAD: I was sort of getting around to the idea that Big O might win, but my original inclination to assume Cain-Man would be rammed unlubed into the prexy socket of the American establishment does seem to look more likely by the minute.

Of course, that's the way Madison Avenue wants it played. Talk about integration - Israel, Canada, and the ruins of the U.S. are all running their elections on the same advertising dime this time around. What a savings! Like a mind-control form letter - just fill in issue and candidate. Mad-libs for propagandists - all they jhave to do is think of descriptive terms in their local language, and the software does the rest.

JAD, you might enjoy C.M. Kornbluth's cynical classic, The Marching Morons. Your commenta bout Joe Average and the sea of autos at 200MPH reminded me of it. I'm not going to tell you any more about it, other than the fact that it is the uncredited original behind the recent Rip-Van-Sociological-Winkle flick - can't remember the name, the one where they lose the crops because of a legal requirement that they be watered with Gatorade...

@ ALL: Anybody else having 'net issues?

I think the Internet died on Oct. 23, in fact, and we are riding the ghosts in the machine.

That, or my hardware is doing stuff I can't figure out. I've got massive TCP packet resets a la Sandvine going on, I've got failed HTML loading, I've got weird stalls with impossible latencies followed by perfectly normal cruising, I've got situations where one page will load and another not, I had a period where only the local library's page would load at it me? Even my heavy tunneling software is even having trouble - usually, it can penetrate all ('cept heavy snow). Anybody else getting weirdness?

I mean, specifically connectivity weirdness, not the other kinds. I've got at least four of the other kinds (you should see my file...they noticed I was nuts even before I did).

Off to get my weird on (ooh, you guys ever read Weird Of The White Wolf? Do!),
Lord Reptor.

10/27/2008 12:34:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@JAD again: I think they pegged it in Deathrace 2000 (the original, not that excresence that just came out of Hollywood's nethers). The President will be vising his summer palace in Peking, awaiting his audience with the Emporer, while the City/Upperclass/Inner Party population lives in a false entertainment world surrounded by violence and degradation.

While, as usual, the people starve, are killed for pleasure, and are blamed for everything.

Don't you love the way 'they' (I'm talkin' 'bout you, George Monbiot, and alla your cheap Sun Priest friends too) call us 'consumers'? Last I checked, I was productive and and the little sh*t-weasels who follow the buttholes of power around avec noses extended (aka politicians, Masons, clergymen, and most journalists) were consuming more than ever. As, I'm sure, are their nameless faceless people-farming owners.


I mean, really pfaugh.

Lord R.

10/27/2008 12:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with richard. fletcher, the quote from dr. judy you posted belies any need for martial law. so long as there's football (both college and pro) on the weekends, and sitcoms during the week, and shitty pizza and beer, and prozac and viagra, there is no need for martial law.

can someone tell me why obama is considered a black man?

10/27/2008 03:58:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Martial law is essential.
It's the planned method for cataloging every person in America.
Face scanning, biometric databases, crowd control technologies, non lethal weapons.
at the very least.
I guess the Mad Max/ NASCAR death race world we will inhabit will happen after skynet, I mean DARPA takes over..
Then will we merge with the Techne and create our New Bodies promised by God Himself?
Silver surfers riding the hologram of their infinite desires??
Eh Reptor?
Or would we be assimilated Borg like into the AI singularity Matrix??
Probably something we cannot imagine. Dystopia magnified, or can we be somewhat prescient about our Dreadful Future?
word verification..."sureansi"
I like that alot.

10/27/2008 04:22:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

I know, Martial Law is fuggin nuts.
But the elite are always crazyer than you think.
The "soft" takeover seems so reasonable though...
The internet 2 will be more effective than the present one in terms of Control.
The present internet, though completely compromised in terms of its ability to be a wonderful mechanism to catalog us, it has us by the balls, so to speak.
It's really all there is.
So far.
And, supposedly there's a Chinese microchip that can do weird things to your Motherboard.
Hidden on this very Motherboard.
That's silly.
I love the idea that the Chinese planned a takeover via activating the computers they sold us via a tiny, hidden chip inside your PC.
You check for one a those microchips?
could be your gremlin.

10/27/2008 04:32:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

RE Obama's "blackness"
I really feel proud that
we've moved beyond racism to this extent
but let's never forget slavery
and the lasting effect that brutality and subjugation has on an entire ethnic group of humanity..
as we move into a new era of slavery.

10/27/2008 04:39:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

Just turned on the local news..10 nbc (
and found that there was a breaking story:
Plot to assasinate Obama was foiled by the ATF when they captured 2 skinheads who had a plan to kill 102 black men then Obama...
88 and 14 were the numbers of the kills specified as being significant to skinheads in the white supremisist movement...
holy shit.
what to make of this..........
feints within feints within feints...?
And such timing!!!
an election was never so much in the bag.

10/27/2008 05:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come we never hear about the foiled black panther plots to assassinate mccancer?

if the deep state did decide to assassinate obama, i bet they use a black man as the patsy.

10/27/2008 05:21:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Fletcher: Found my gremlin. I'm actually pasting this, in case any other BarretXplor/Xplornet/hughes?wildBlue users are on here:

09-23-2007, 11:10 PM
EDIT: Oct 8 2008.
An interesting note about satellite Internet and WildBlue and maybe even Hughesnet in the States. Some reviews on various forums, the user will point out that their service just stops. The modem is still communicating with the satellite and NOC, but the unit will not allow use of it. So the user calls up the service provider and they waste a half hour of time, at which point the call support worker 'suggests' that an installer come out to repair/service the unit at a minimum of $95. But the charge can go higher if the installer starts replacing 'defective' parts. But usually this 'service' call request happens more when users are outside of any warranty period. . Some users will say no to the service call and within a day(or within the hour) their unit will start working again with no problems for a long time. . . .Is it a scam? Or did something on their unit malfunction? Or did someone hit a switch on the users account? A very interesting discussion going on in various Internet posts.... One excuse may be that on closed Spot Beams, the Internet provider is looking to keep their installers happy with jobs for money. As some installers have complained of hardly working, other than on service calls and then looking to move in to a different line of work to pay the bills.

Kind of suspected as much - they also will insist that it's raining where you are and interrupting the signal even as you tell them that the sky is clear deep blue and little stars are visible.

However, some of the odd stuff that's been happening since the 23rd here apparently occurred across all the providers in the area at once (I asked the nice people at the library about it, and lo! they had information for me!). Cable, dial-up, ADSL, radio beam. Everything but cell 'net.

And hoo, how 'bout them Yankees? Eight home runs on little Team Syria - nice. I can just imagine all the hollow-eyed scoundrels in the White House clapping rhythmically and chanting "World War Three! World War Three!" around the basement shrine at midnight. Attack helicopters. Small villages. Gives me the gut judders.

Miserable bastards, the lot of them, commanders, grunts, and investors. Flee the cities while you can. The Eagle is burning her nest even as she rides flaming above the cowering nations of the world.

Well, mostly cowering. That Vlad is one harsh little b*stard, and the Chinese are not exactly stupid, even though their force projection and force multiplication is crippled by domestic demand.

Oh yeah, the chip thing. Heck with my motherboard - what about all those AMD chips in all those (yikes) fighter jets

...just imagine, the Iranians take down half the U.S. air force with a ham radio outfit and some converted Fan Song units...

My motherboard is Chinese, actually, and came with a fake CSA logo on the power supply - which failed after two years - but it runs pretty fine ('cept for the middle RAM slot, which was the source of endless black-screen events 'til I figured it out). Cheap and still working well, and the audio chips only make that noise when there's no application using them.


Lord Reptor.

WV: nograten

10/27/2008 05:38:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Smartial Law: Naw, I figure a mountain-man Unabomber type, who will become a symbol to the central/mountain part of the States as it rebels and secedes from the East, joined by the Lakota and armed by the Paulites.

Then, Cascadia will bust loose, one way or the other - take your choice - revolution, earthquake, plague, or a combo platter?

Then - engineered nanoplagues, walled streets, controlled comms, curtailed transit, propagandized, drugged Citizens, hungry Proles, angry Rebels...

Dreams of Morlocks all in my head,
Lord Reptor.

10/27/2008 05:44:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Holy cr*p, looka what Fletcher posted as I was rambling away in my little white box here. There ya go, Smartial, I was maybe partly sorta right.

I still think it's hard to say who will win. An engineered, obviously fake McCain victory would set the stage for major violence and (s)martial law, as well as blunt the angry force of Paulite conservatives (good lord, you should hear them talk...).

Either way, for folks of all colours, it's gonna be plenty of fun, looks like. Bang-bickity-bang. Cops on street patrol with the taste of civilian blood in their mouths and scatterguns. Pain rays blasting demonstators from helicopters and trucks.

And you know those things have a 'kill' setting. If you haven't, go check out this video at LiveLeak (hope the link works).


10/27/2008 05:57:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

Page has reset while has reset while loading...***(&(*^(^ my connection is just nothing but bullsh*t....NEVER sign contracts, not with anyone.

Lord Very Angry Reptor.

10/27/2008 05:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think the deep state had anything to do with this latest crude msm revealed plot to assassinate my namesake. they most likely had a hand in making sure it got headlined a week before the election, though.

the atf...what an admiral bunch. here's a tip of the hat to the idiots who brought us waco.

10/27/2008 06:36:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...


10/27/2008 09:10:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Actually Rep, I know this will be a shocker, but nothing in my post was "serious."

Not only do I not know who will win, I don't care.

I plan on spending election day watching Godzilla movies with my 5 year old son.

Fuck 'em all.


With a nail studded 2 x 4.

It's probably pretty obvious that I was using some of the dumb ass shite I've been hearing from Republicans.

I actually left out the weirdest one because I couldn't figure out how to tell it in the context of an Obama presidency.
One day, about a week ago, I was at my kid's school, waiting for them to be sprung, and two Republican gentlemen were discussing the horrors of an Obama-nation, and one guy said, "And you know that motherfucker is going to try and ban barns."

Ban barns?
Obama is anti-barn?

I'm beginning to wonder if Republicans get a lifetime supply of DMT upon party acceptance.

I will take credit for the bunny suit though.
Y'know how some folk have that one hot button topic that guides their ballot casting?
For some it's abortion.
Others, gun control.
Or the environment.

For me, it's 4 years of bunny suits for Bush enablers.
The 1st candidate that promises the enforcement of that little burst of justice will have 110% of my support.

I spent the last 2 hours of my shift Sunday night in a room with 4 Bush supporting die-hard Republicans and my buddy Brian.

My buddy and I passed those 2 hours by ripping quite heavily on Bush and his Republican wank squad.

Now, I know that it's probably immature and quite juvenile to intentionally push people's buttons just for the fuck of it, but, all the same, it was still fun.

Curiously enough, we kept this conversation amongst just the two of us, but, in all that time, none of the Bushistas chimed in.
It was obvious they heard what we were saying. The room isn't that big, and we weren't whispering. It was also obvious that they didn't like what we were saying.

Yet they kept completely silent.

Oh, except for the disgusted sighing and harumphing that is.

I can remember these guys at assorted times over the last 8 years giving inane reasons why some fresh Bush inanity was really a stroke of genius. At times repeating, word for word, shit they heard on O'Reilly or Limbaugh as if it were their on invention.

I really have nothing against NASCAR. It's probably quite fun to hurtle around a track at ungodly speeds. But I know folk who will actually watch all 3 hours of a race.
Jesus, after 10 minutes, I'm ready for a nap.
It's like watching a wart grow.

And American Gladiators?

All I can say is, I know 2 guys who were actually quite pleased that AG was being resurrected. Even planning to shape their schedule around its airing.

&, coincidentally enough, I just read an interview with David Carradine where he said that DeathRace 2000 is the one movie he wishes he'd never made.

10/28/2008 01:41:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@JAD: Ya man!

Be careful of those quiet, stupid co-workers...just the sort that's waiting for an excuse. If Cain brings the pain this time around, those creeps may call the secret poice on you and accuse you of whatever the nice little Cheka man suggests.

As if it was all their own idea.

NASCAR is incredibly, incredibly boring. They shoul arm the cars.

Oh wait, that's the movie we were discussing just now...

Maybe I'll ENJOY a Deathrace 2000 world.

I agree with you on not caring who wins. I couldn't vote for someone promising war, and that's all you guys got.

We had some other options, but seem to have elected that sack of human spermaceti Harper again somehow. On our own heads be it - I'm considering fleeing even deeper (and cheaper) into the woods.

I personally don't just find the puppet-pack unelectable and embarrassing. I think they should all be doing the funky chicken in a glass-walled sarin chamber on international T.V.

'Course, they likely think I belong on the wrong end of a pain ray, taser, cop shotgun, or whatever.

Hey, maybe the population reduction will be in the form of a CNS-shutdown ray beamed into the minds of all NASCAR watchers, cell phone users, and people telephone voting for Television's Useless Idolatry or whatever.

I'm with you, JAD, f*ck 'em all. But do take them seriously - those morons you work with are the kind that watch you taken off to camp with righteous satisfaction and knowing looks.

Just think of the lovely staff in German institutions like yours, happily sorting through the possessions of their charges after the nice men from the government have shot them and quicklimed them in the woods out back.

Bet they liked the local equivalent of NASCAR just fine.

The kind of people cheaply loaded language works on. Lord, the successful election advertising up here just had a glossy flyer with Yes! on one side in blue and No! on the other in red. All you need is access to magazine stock and a pamphlet-folding machine. Why are people so stupid? I mean, I only have a Wechsler score in the low 130's and most of this stuff is pretty sadly plain to me. Just how low IS the average IQ out there, dude?

Guess I shoulda gone to business school and cut my hair. If the world of money is as full of idiots as the rest of the layers, I'd have been rich rich rich instead of grinding my hands down to nubs cleaning and cooking for other people.

Hmmmmm... looking back, I guess I'd actually still choose stigmatization and poverty. I wave my freak flag...



10/28/2008 10:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayhaps, the blogging block, is because the world, is appearing to, act sane for, a moment

bill clinton and greenspanes,
admit to messing up at the reins,
the american voters vote against the status quo,
what next? the nwo

10/28/2008 11:25:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...

@Random Canospam:

Depends how you like sane. Compared to a starving village ripped on ergot, the world is...stable enough.

If you like the structures you grew up with, though, things are a little funny.

I suppose we should be grateful for what we've got. Maybe if we pollute hard enough (making farty face), we'll avoid glaciation for a while longer.

Still can't decide who'll end up on the big porcelain throne at the White House. Which would make better T.V.:

1. Cain, by force, with riots and gunships, or

2. Obama, with the endless possibilities for 'change' he brings - i.e., you could end up changing presidents when he gets shot!

Or changing Constitutions when he turns Hitler!

Or changing your shorts when he changes faces and eats a kitten up on live T.V.!

I never did see the whole "V" series. Wish I had a copy right now. I can remember those great big jaws...

Thinking hamster sounds better than rat,
Lord Reptor.

10/29/2008 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger Peter Greene said...



10/29/2008 12:13:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

"I'm with you, JAD, f*ck 'em all. But do take them seriously - those morons you work with are the kind that watch you taken off to camp with righteous satisfaction and knowing looks."

I do hear you Rep, but, truth be told, all 4 of them are big sissies.
When the inmates run wild, these guys hide behind the women.
Of course, that's exactly the type that would enjoy seeing someone else carted off for a good gassing.

I was just starting 3 weeks of vacation, love the damn fall weather, and it was my last chance for a little gonad tweaking.

10/29/2008 11:20:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

Rep, I hereby apologize for all the bad press I've given you. This bit:

"Of course, that's the way Madison Avenue wants it played. Talk about integration - Israel, Canada, and the ruins of the U.S. are all running their elections on the same advertising dime this time around. What a savings! Like a mind-control form letter - just fill in issue and candidate. Mad-libs for propagandists - all they have to do is think of descriptive terms in their local language, and the software does the rest."

deserves some kind of bloggy comment section award.

The "mind control form letter" bit is truly brilliant.
No doubt sent by a down-sized CIA forced to run the world on the cheap.


Very cool, Shrub.

10/30/2008 08:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesiree, Lord Reptor is deserving of JAD's acknowledgement . Certainly he stacks up well along side of such entertaining posters as Sam Hill and Waffle Waitress.

11/02/2008 07:41:00 AM  
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