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The things that don't add up

"Well what do you think they're going to say?"
Alex Cox introduces The Parallax View

Like Margo Timmins, I'm just thinking of some things that don't have to add up to something. Say, eight dead in an Omaha shopping mall massacre an hour after Bush left the city, while Cheney shopped the ammo aisle of Mack’s Prairie Wings in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Today is the 90th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, caused by a collision of a French munitions ship and a Norwegian vessel chartered to carry relief supplies to Belgium. Eleven thousand people were killed and injured. It wasn't until 1945, and another war, that humanity triggered a bigger bang, and this time on purpose.

As well, today marks the 45th anniversary of a near-collision at 18,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico between a B-29 and an exceptionally fast something. It was detected first by radar, and with each radar sweep the object drew closer to the aircraft by 13 nautical miles or 5,240 miles per hour. Radar operator Sidney Coleman alerted Captain John Harder, who asked him to recalibrate his equipment. Coleman did, and found the radar returns correct, as four other blips appeared, one rapidly accelerating towards the B-29.

The assistant radar operator rushed towards a right window and made visual contact in the expected position, "a blue lit object streaking by the plane...circling around it." Other sets of blips appeared on all three radar sets, and other members of the flight crew confirmed visual contact with "blue-white lights streaking at a fantastic speed":

Captain Harter was studying his radarscope; he noted that forty miles behind the B-29, at the relative position of 6 o'clock, a group of five object was cutting the flightpath of the B-29, and turned as to follow the B-29 from behind. They were heading straight to the B-29 at fast speed, then slowed down when they were closing in on the B-29. The remained right there at the back of the B-29 for ten seconds.

Meanwhile, a larger blip had appeared on the radarscopes. This blip made a motionless half inch spot on the radarscopes, a size impossible to any known plane. The group of five objects pacing the B-29 then turned, and started to accelerate. The entire crew saw on their radarscope that the group of five approached the huge motionless blip and seemed to merge into it. Now, only the large blip remained on the scope. In a moment, the huge blip took speed.

Coleman called Harter on the intercom and told him that he and Bailey clocked the huge blip. Coleman said: "You won't believe this. It was making over 9000 miles per hour." Harter replied: "I believe it, all right. That's just what I figured."

Nothing links the two events except the calender, that they both actually happened in our world, and within the orbit of the military.

Last weekend in Oakville, Ontario, a man named Steve Remian was shot to death by police in a possible suicide-by-cop. Remian had recently returned East from British Columbia, and was still driving with BC plates when he was chased from a donut shop brandishing a pistol and confronted in an affluent park.

Last March, Remian's name surfaced in the trial of Robert Pickton, the BC pig farmer charged with the murders of six Vancouver prostitutes but who has confessed to 49. The jury heard that a suitcase belonging to a Steve Remian was recovered from Pickton's bloody workshop, and his DNA had been recovered from a blanket that also contained the blood of a missing woman. A friend has been quoted as saying Remian "was stunned" to learn he had been tied to the case, though Vancouver's Missing Women's Task Force issued a statement that he "was not a suspect nor was he a person of interest in relation to any of their investigation." Yet Remian had once been charged with sexual assault (the charge was dismissed, though an accomplice was convicted), and a freezer containing the remains of two victims was found to bear an unknown palm print. The RCMP has compared it only to Pickton's.

From the start, the prosecution built its case upon a portrait of Pickton as the lone maniac, though the farm was a "constant buzz of activity, with people and vehicles coming and going all the time." Frequent parties at "Piggy Palace" included bikers wearing Hells Angels' colours and the mayor of Port Coquitlam, who says he attended a "get to know you" event in 1996 when he was on the school board, the year victims Tanya Holyk and Olivia Williams vanished. It's always been all about Pickton, though he told police "I'll take the fall for everything. I'm the head-honcho and you've got me."

Pickton implies that there were others involved, but no snuff films as was whispered about, no Hells Angels on the periphery, though they were often at his home. He's being gallant, he implies, taking the fall, now that police had him in their cross-hairs, in jail.

Remian is dead, Pickton will take the fall, and whoever else may be involved remains protected. And meanwhile, in Edmonton...

On November 18, Jennifer Lopez fled with her husband George DeJongh and her three boys rather than hand them over to their grandfather for a court-ordered period of 90 days. The grandfather is California Republican Congressman Gary Miller. DeJongh and her family had contended that Miller's son Brian had molested the children, an accusation the congressman denies, though Brian Miller pled guilty in 2000 to charges of spousal and child abuse and served four years probation and performed 224 hours of community service. (Congressman Miller claims his son pled guilty only because he wanted to put the case "behind him," and has since "learned to control his temper.") That a court would reverse custody and award care to a convicted abuser "speaks for itself," though perhaps what it says is more complex than Congressman Miller's spin.

Six days later, early on the morning of November 24, Miller's daughter Elizabeth "died unexpectedly." I haven't seen a cause of death yet, though an early report has medical examiners "waiting on the results of toxicology tests." Reportedly, Elizabeth was "the one family member who refused to testify against Jennifer Lopez."

While on November 5 17-year old Benjamin Stanford disappeared, his car abandoned on the emergency lane of an interstate, the passenger side door open. On November 13 his body was found with a gunshot wound to the head. The coroner has ruled it a suicide, though he was shot behind the ear, and his cell phone and car keys were not recovered. Stanford was the grandson of Jim Preuitt, Democratic State Senator and former Chair of the Rules Committee, and his family is not accepting the verdict. It is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in his death.

I'm not suggesting there is a link between the deaths. Only the obvious: that innocents are pawns of power, and power knows no natural decency. Like the Duke says in Pasolini's Salo, "the bourgeoisie has never hesitated to kill its own children."

And then
there are other things that don't add up, or at least not all by themselves, which is how such stories are told. A Blackwater veteran of Iraq who has been charged for possession of child pornography, and a Senate aide arrested for attempting to arrange a lunchtime encounter with a 13-year old boy. An article in the Idaho Statesman detailing eight more allegations against Larry Craig states that Craig's "denials began June 30, 1982, when CBS broke news of a scandal alleging gay sex between congressmen and underage pages. The following day, before any public allegation that he was involved, then-Rep. Craig issued a denial. Craig married a year later and adopted the three children of his wife." Trent Lott's liasons have been corroborated by Hustler's editorial director Bruce David, who claims to have sources other than expensive escort Benjamin Nichols, but may not publish because of Lott's resignation. "Our whole reason for doing this is to get them out of power," says David. (Presumably, since Dennis Hastert has also resigned, we won't be hearing more of the former wrestling coach's unusual relationship with live-in chief-of-staff Scott Palmer and deputy Mike Stokke.)

But that is to miss the point, of this story and so many like it. It's not the hypocrisy, stupid: it's about the nature of power itself, who is allowed a measure of it, and what they have over their heads.

Thanks to Lisa Pease for forwarding Gaeton Fonzi's Reply from a Conspiracy Believer to Vincent Bugliosi for his "tautologically strained" Reclaiming History. Fonzi was one of the principal staff investigators of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and his account, The Last Investigation, should be on every shortlist of essential titles pertaining to the JFK assassination. Bugliosi both lists The Last Investigation as a source and dismisses it as biased because Fonzi "had long been a conspiracy theorist.” Fonzi never was. "I went from an agnostic to a conspiracy believer," he writes, on the weight of evidence he had a hand in uncovering. (Most significantly, and convincingly, the identification of the CIA's David Atlee Phillips as Veciana's - and hence Oswald's - "Maurice Bishop.")

Bugliosi is a strange one. He could hardly make the claim that his own JFK book is unbiased scholarship. Rather, it's a prosecutor's case for Oswald as the lone gunman. Yet he was an early champion of reopening the RFK case against Sirhan Sirhan, and contributed some important investigative work that undermined the official account:

In 1975, Vincent Bugliosi, who was then working with Schrade to get the case reopened, tracked down the two police officers depicted in the photograph. To that time their identity had been unknown. Bugliosi identified the two officers as Sgt. Charles Wright and Sgt. Robert Rozzi. Both Wright and Rozzi were sure that what they observed was not only a bullet hole, but a hole containing a bullet.

If the hole contained a bullet, then it would have been the ninth bullet, since seven bullets had been recovered from victim wounds and the eighth was to have disappeared into the ceiling (necessary to account for acknowledged holes in the ceiling tiles). So any additional bullet presented a serious problem for those wishing to state there was no conspiracy.

In a declaration filed with the courts, Bugliosi stated:

"Sgt. Rozzi had told me and he told me unequivocally that it was a bullet in the hole and when I told him that Sgt. Rozzi had informed me that he was pretty sure that the bullet was removed from the hole, Sgt. Wright replied 'There is no pretty sure about it. It definitely was removed from the hole, but I do not know who did it.'"

Shortly after the assassination, the LAPD removed the doorjambs and ceiling panels in the Ambassador Hotel and booked them into evidence. One has to wonder why someone would tear off a doorframe or book a ceiling panel into evidence if it contained no evidence of bullets.

Bugliosi is also major figure in Turner and Christian's important The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy, passionately arguing there was a "conspiracy mosaic" behind Sirhan's conviction, and in the same year defended KCOP-TV in televangelist Jerry Owen's libel suit that the Los Angeles station had falsely accused him of a relationship with RFK's conspirators.

In his closing argument (Owen, by the way, won the case, and the TV station was found guilty of slander), Bugliosi contended that "not too long ago, anyone who uttered 'conspiracy' or 'CIA' was chalked off as a 'conspiracy buff':

But recent revelations, your Honor, have indicated that there is a little more credibility to the word "conspiracy." If there is a conspiracy here it could possibly involve people in the highest levels of our government, or people out of the government who had substantial political interests inimicable to Senator Kennedy. And if it was a conspiracy, it most likely was a conspiracy of considerable magnitude, and someone like Owen would have been a lowly operative.

Yes, that's Vincent Bugliosi talking.

So how do we explain him? How could he be so right about Sirhan and RFK - not to mention the stolen election of 2000 - and so wrong about Oswald and JFK? Maybe he's in someone's keep; maybe he's too smart to be so stupid. Or maybe, here, he's just sincerely wrong. I'm often told off in shrill emails that I must be a shill, because how can I possibly not see what they see? (And I think, in every instance, they've had something to do with controlled demolition, Ron Paul or the International Jewish Conspiracy©.) So perhaps Bugliosi, like Chomsky, just doesn't see this, and it will have to remain a mystery to me why they can't. Because I believe that it's possible for intelligent people to sincerely arrive at conclusions I believe profoundly wrong. That may lead me sometimes to naive assumptions, but I also believe it hubris to think otherwise.

And as long as it took me to post about Marvel Zombies, I feel I still didn't get to the point.

Zombies are perfectly nihilistic monsters, but zombie stories needn't be. If they're parables then they're certainly not. And if that's what Marvel Zombies is, then its apparent nihilism is something else: a Twilight of the Gods. (Nietzsche gets the rap of nihilism too, but he's exhilaratingly not.) Heroes need to die if we're ever to do anything ourselves, and they can't die heroically if we're ever to be free of them.

Finally, I'm reopening the comments to unregistered readers. Let's see how that goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a weird mixture of books for you all to read

The Structure of the mind
Tao Teh King (Crowley)
Magick in theory and practice
Grimore of chaos magick
Peal harbour after a quarter of a century
The committee of 300
Liber KKK
The mass Psychology of Facism
The man who was thursday
Synthetic terror
The Illuminati papers
Syndrome of Control


ODD BOOKS2(9.1mb)

ODD BOOKS3(9.6mb)

ODD BOOKS4(9.4mb)

12/06/2007 05:40:00 PM  
Blogger Doc Nebula said...

You're fucking back. Thank... whatever. After all that MARVEL ZOMBIES rubbish, I was afraid something really had eaten your brain, but 'The things that don't add up' is full on YEAH strength Rig Int. OLD school.

Nice to see you rockin' it again.

12/06/2007 06:45:00 PM  
Blogger Syn Diesel said...

"I believe that it's possible for intelligent people to sincerely arrive at conclusions I believe to be wrong."

They're just fondling a different part of the elephant.

I was tempted to make an "I, Pencil" reference but you're a Canukian Socialists so I thought better.

12/06/2007 06:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I hope opening it up makes life more interesting again. The registration layer seemed to just choke off what Jeff and the readers had here. Usually it's easy to wiff past the debris (Jewish conspiracy etc....and yes, I probably am partly Jewish myself, I guess); parallel discussions on the RI discussion group have worked, but are unelegant.

Long live the (unblocked) revolution!


12/06/2007 06:56:00 PM  
Blogger Syn Diesel said...

"Heroes need to die if we're ever to do anything ourselves, and they can't die heroically if we're ever to be free of them."

A zinger of an expression for our need to the end of the Simulacrum.

12/06/2007 07:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: Alex Cox / "Fascist Cabal" angle.

If folks are interested in pursuing this subject further, they might be interested in Paul Manning's "Martin Boorman, Nazi in Exile". It can be found (in PDF) @:

First on the list @ link above.

12/06/2007 07:31:00 PM  
Blogger pookzilla said...

I too really like "Heroes need to die if we're ever to do anything ourselves, and they can't die heroically if we're ever to be free of them." That one will stick with me.

12/06/2007 07:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At work the other day, I for no apparent reason felt compelled to gaze out of the though something was beckoning me. I noticed someone sitting in a late model Dodge Charger who appeared to be staring up at me. As I focused, I'll be damned if it wasn't a Grey. Of course, it couldn't have been....but I'll be damned it was. I kept looking away and looking back with the hope that the refocusing would bring more clarity and less delusion.....but it didn't. I realized then that I am now completely Rigourously Intuitionalized.

12/06/2007 08:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes that's part of the "circulation of energy" exercise that I referred to in my article -- the same as the small universe.

First it's sort of a proprioreception sensation -- one of touch but perceived through the inner ear of the brain via ultrasound and in the body as almost like cracking your knuckles -- or a tingling sensation.

Then the awareness develops past the lower emotions and develops more into bliss and the bliss gets stronger to create lots of heat.

For example -- I just came into the library and there was a high school aged Somalian girl in traditional head-dress at the computer. I sat down next to her, went into full-lotus and the energy immediately started flowing between us.

She actually looked at me with her deep dark eyes and said "hi" very seductively.

Then her friend did the same after I walked by her.

I thought this was funny because they're dressed very traditionally yet are not aware that in the U.S. young females are not supposed to say hi in a seductive manner to total stranger males. haha.

Anyway the sensations that passed between us first started as almost an imperceptible proprioreception registered through the eyes. Then the females usually start pumping in my bliss-light -- as they did, bouncing their legs strongly, and often there are vocal clues to direct the focus.

In this case -- as these are new immigrants -- they both had slight colds, not used to the weather and maybe not dressed warm enough -- but then as the energy built up their bodies got very hot and after each of them had two "O at D"s with me then they weren't cold at all.

That's the blissful emotion that resonates directly out of female formless awareness -- it's the higher emotion of the aura as Gurdjieff talks about (what you're calling "feeling") -- and it's only achieved after the lower emotions are transduced and harmonized - fear, anger, sadness, worry, overexcitement, etc.)

So the natural emotion should be euphoria with a big relaxed smile -- it's called "the inner smile" in Taoist Yoga -- because our inner ear used to be our jaw bone when primates were tree-based prosimians. The jaw bone directly connected to the cerebellum and the bliss that pumps out of the pineal gland once it directly connects with the female formless awareness.

12/06/2007 08:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real American Heroes

WV = mojorisin

12/06/2007 09:03:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/06/2007 09:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see your point, Jeff, but I don't think Bugliosi is the appropriate example. He can't just be wrong about JFK's Assassination considering everything you presented about him. Sometimes an Octopus is an Octopus. I will proffer this, though. Perhaps he knows the score on JFK but takes the Contrarian view because it will generate greater book sales for him in these increasingly fascist times (the Conservatives don't like to lament about JFK, obviously). He plays both sides of the ambiguous divide to maximize his personal gain.

WV = sbrn

12/06/2007 10:21:00 PM  
Blogger Morgus said...

Jeff said "So perhaps Bugliosi, like Chomsky, just doesn't see this, and it will have to remain a mystery to me why they can't."

Same reason we can't/don't/will not see that when words like hate and fuck become banal descriptives for our reality, we become hateful fuckers.

bph said "So what are we aiming for? What do we want our heroes to do? "

In the interests of sycronisity.At last nights bugoutbag meeting we came up with two (of a possible many I'm sure) archetype's for the next Hero.

Dressed in planet friendly clothing with an eye for function before fashion.

Dressed in a cross between UFC and
survivor man with an eye for the latest wristband.


12/06/2007 11:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really a newbie as I've been working my way through the archives for better than a year now. I'm a van dweller, with a home on the I-Net.

Hadn't intended to comment, but I hope Jeff will keep comments open to non-googler's.

Lot's of intrigue here, and a very good read on dark and stormy nights while boondocking.

I feel I know this group, and hope to become a contribution rather than a distraction.

Be seeing you!


12/07/2007 12:55:00 AM  
Blogger tridentblue said...

NOS. Its an acronym. I figure it would be best for the Unity of Americas, or the pan American Union that's coming after the collapse of the US nation state. Its spanish for the word "Us".

US/NOS is where the power is, that's something that's been encoded in our national mythology for a long time. The United States is not abbreviated THEM its abbreviated US, yet in the last 50 years we've systematically forgotten this through enshrined hero worship. (You Marvel work is great, BTW)

The simple fact is that we will finally win when we have NO HERO TO ASSASSINATE. The conspiracy mythologies which project this "THEM" behind world events subconciously recognize that internally, every THEM is an US, but always stop short of advocating that we form an US ourselves - not a conspiracy necessarily, but a corporation, a unity which takes us beyond passively watching the assassination of our "heros" to actually doing the right things ourselves, imperfect though we are.

This is the next step. Its sad to be disillusioned with our heros, but there is a bright side, and its that YOU get to carry the torch, we all do. WE are the revolution, US. So let's get it on. We're mature enough to sidestep the mindbending paranoia that comes from believing ourselves to be the hero, as well as the narcotic apathy of believing somebody else to be. Its our time to do our small but significant part, lets all DO IT!! :)

12/07/2007 02:11:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/07/2007 02:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,wow it's good to be back,I hope people will respect your forum here Jeff.The fact that evil can hide it's underbelly by removing anyone that could spoil their little games is beyond your wildest dreams,later.

12/07/2007 06:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and this latest NIE/Bush Kerfuffle....well, let's just say that Bush was always a Convenient Patsy. Bush can be hung out to dry, all the ills of the past seven years can be pinned on he and Cheney.....yet the beat will go on, even as they are flogged out of office. We are to blindly accept that the NIE is a legitimate, unbiased source of all knowledge and the final say on such matters. It must be, right? Afterall, the word "Intelligence" is right there in the name...and how can one dispute an organization with the word "Intelligence" in it? Why would Doodad consider this good news after following his posts so closely all these months?

Don't be fooled again......and again...and again.....and again. It was never about Iran having Nuclear Weapons or pursuing them and we should be intelligent enough to know that we don't need the subterfuge of the NIE to intuit the its many forms.

WV = alcthkrs

12/07/2007 08:17:00 AM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Noam, Happy Birthday to you...

For he's a jolly good feeeellow, for he's a jolly good feeeellow, for he's a jolly good fee-e-llooooooooow...

and so say all of us..

Three cheers!

Hip hip....

12/07/2007 09:04:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

"Well what do you think they're going to say?"
Alex Cox introduces The Parallax View

Interesting clip.

What was new to me was that JFK fired the brother of the Mayor of Houston. Though the assassination was in Dallas, surely can't hurt to have major disgruntled political-aristocratic families looking the other way in Texas politics.

Not to mention Johnson from Texas. Johnson was already under investigation for murder before the JFK assassination:

"Johnson had motives rooted in self-preservation to volunteer for the coup, as he was already facing conspiracy and/or murder charges in Texas for the murder of agricultural agent Henry Marshall, and he knew Kennedy planned to drop him from the ticket in '64 for that very reason- his mafia ties and the uncovered Texas murder sprees.

But he also knew that segregation would be key to uniting the segregationist conspirators in the CIA, FBI, military, etc. To call Johnson a bigot would be incorrect, he was not, but he did hate the Kennedys enough to lead him into a segregationist ambush in Dallas.

Johnson, as a mason, was surrounded by segregationists, such as SR 33rd degree mason J. Edgar Hoover, and he used them to do his dirty work when it was convenient. He did, however, generally act independently once in power, making it clear to all that the segregationists he used in the coup that they would not dictate his agenda. Or did he?

Despite signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and pushing for it, Johnson, was also the lynchpin in the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

In the case of RFK, Johnson knew RFK was on to him, and should Robert Kennedy become president not only would he face justice but so would all those who helped him.

As for King, then protesting fiercely against the Vietnam war, his assassination would not have been possible without Johnson's wink and nod.

That is another story, however, to be covered later."

"The White House Phone Taps, 1967: As LBJ and Attorney General Ramsey Clark discuss the public's growing suspicion of his involvement in the assassination, Johnson warns "our lawyers don't believe there's any statute of limitations on a conspiracy." Now why would LBJ worry about that?"

It Was Johnson Revisiting the Lyndon Johnson Tapes.

The only mystery in the Kennedy assassination is why Johnson was never indicted for it: why Mac Wallace's fingerprint in the sniper's nest connects Johnson directly to the assassination. Video includes phone taps of Johnson discussing Kennedy's murder with J. Edgar Hoover, John Conally, and Ramsey Clark between Nov 1963 and 1967.


A longer treatment of this short clip that Jeff put up (as it says based on information from the book "The Man Who Knew Too Much") is the film JFK II. In that film, this same theme of an 'international fascist cabal' finds itself focusing on Bush family--which has contacts with many assassination suspects and whistleblowers, and with a large number of strange deaths after the
Kennedy assassination.

Even the Alex Jones film leaves out some things about the assassination of JFK. It attempts to paint Hoover as some sort of hero when he was meeting with Johnson to 'schedule' the Kennedy assassination the day before

[1] according to Johnson's mistress,

"In a television interview, A Current Affair, the mistress of Lyndon Johnson, Madeleine Brown, described the meeting of 21st November, 1963, when she was at the home of Clint Murchison. Others at the meeting included Harold L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy and Richard Nixon.

At the end of the evening Lyndon B. Johnson arrived...

"Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared... Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise.".

It's important to note that John J. McCloy was a member of the now discredited Warren Commission which "investigated" the assassination, appointed by none other than Johnson.

Nixon himself was in Dallas on the day of the assassination." [and flew out of the city that day.]

[2], according to the book Defrauding America by Stitch there are tape recordings of Hoover (FBI head) plotting JFK's assassination with Johnson.

Title: VIDEO: Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy
Author: repost
Date: 2006.04.10 02:03
Description: Bush Senior kills JFK [in 1963]. Bush Junior kills JFK, Jr. [in 2000]; All in all a through film of the evidence at hand: a small network of CIA assassins, all interlinked in Skull and Bones, created a criminal shadow government that became a major force in U.S. history. The people involved in the Kennedy assassination still run the United States....These groups took control of the Presidency in November 1963, keeping it ever since.

And from the comments at that link, an interesting FOIA document reveals the CIA invented the phrase "conspiracy theory":

The term "conspiracy theory" seems to have been coined by the CIA in 1967--for psychological warfare purposes to hide their own hand in the JFK assassination. It certainly sounds like they hauled out this 1967 document and substituted in the word "9-11" for Kennedy Assassination to get some ideas. It's the same tactics as 40 years ago.

"This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization.....Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation."

What's really fascinating is that the CIA goes into a comparison and tells its agents to defend Hitler and "Reichstag fire" as a comparison: "A better parallel, though an imperfect one, might be with the Reichstag fire of 1933, which some competent believe was set by Vander Lubbe on his own initiative, without acting for either Nazis or Communists."

CIA Instructions to Media Assets [i.e, CIA instructions to its Project Mockingbird media staff, on CIA salary]

This document caused quite a stir when it was discovered in 1977. Dated 4/1/67, and marked "DESTROY WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED", this document is a stunning testimony to how concerned the CIA was over investigations into the Kennedy assassination.

Emphasis has been added to facilitate scanning. [emphasis lacking below]

CIA Document #1035-960, marked "PSYCH" for presumably Psychological Warfare Operations, in the division "CS", the Clandestine Services, sometimes known as the "dirty tricks" department.

RE: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

1. Our Concern. From the day of President Kennedy's assassination on, there has been speculation about the responsibility for his murder. Although this was stemmed for a time by the Warren Commission report, (which appeared at the end of September 1964), various writers have now had time to scan the Commission's published report and documents for new pretexts for questioning, and there has been a new wave of books and articles criticizing the Commission's findings. In most cases the critics have speculated as to the existence of some kind of conspiracy, and often they have implied that the Commission itself was involved. Presumably as a result of the increasing challenge to the Warren Commission's report, a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46% of the American public did not think that Oswald acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the Commission had left some questions unresolved.

Doubtless polls abroad would show similar, or possibly more adverse results.

2. This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization. The members of the Warren Commission were naturally chosen for their integrity, experience and prominence. They represented both major parties, and they and their staff were deliberately drawn from all sections of the country.

Just because of the standing of the Commissioners, efforts to impugn their rectitude and wisdom tend to cast doubt on the whole leadership of American society.

Moreover, there seems to be an increasing tendency to hint that President Johnson himself, as the one person who might be said to have benefited, was in some way responsible for the assassination.

Innuendo of such seriousness affects not only the individual concerned, but also the whole reputation of the American government. Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation. Conspiracy theories [CIA writing this in 1967] have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries.

Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.

3. Action. We do not recommend that discussion of the assassination question be initiated where it is not already taking place. Where discussion is active [business] addresses are requested:

a. To discuss the publicity problem with [?] and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the Warren Commission made as thorough an investigation as humanly possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.

b. To employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

[These sound like the same tired things that were trotted out to defame 9-11 researchers, eh?]

In the course of discussions of the whole phenomenon of criticism, a useful strategy may be to single out Epstein's theory for attack, using the attached Fletcher [?] article and Spectator piece for background. [The Spectator was a wholly CIA funded front magazine.] (Although Mark Lane's book is much less convincing that Epstein's and comes off badly where confronted by knowledgeable critics, it is also much more difficult to answer as a whole, as one becomes lost in a morass of unrelated details.)

4. In private to media discussions not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:

a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider. The assassination is sometimes compared (e.g., by Joachim Joesten and Bertrand Russell) with the Dreyfus case; however, unlike that case, the attack on the Warren Commission have produced no new evidence, no new culprits have been convincingly identified, and there is no agreement among the critics. (A better parallel, though an imperfect one, might be with the Reichstag fire of 1933, which some competent historians (Fritz Tobias, AJ.P. Taylor, D.C. Watt) now believe was set by Vander Lubbe on his own initiative, without acting for either Nazis or Communists; the Nazis tried to pin the blame on the Communists, but the latter have been more successful in convincing the world that the Nazis were to blame.)

b. Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others. They tend to place more emphasis on the recollections of individual witnesses (which are less reliable and more divergent--and hence offer more hand-holds for criticism) and less on ballistics, autopsy, and photographic evidence. A close examination of the Commission's records will usually show that the conflicting eyewitness accounts are quoted out of context, or were discarded by the Commission for good and sufficient reason.

c. Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States, esp. since informants could expect to receive large royalties, etc. Note that Robert Kennedy, Attorney General at the time and John F. Kennedy's brother, would be the last man to overlook or conceal any conspiracy.

[This was written of course mere months before CIA MKULTRA assassins like Sirhan Sirhan were pulled out of mothballs to be "the new quickly disposed Oswald": RFK actually died in a hail of several bullets from several directions immediately after winning the Democratic Party Primary in California which certainly would have led to the Presidency in 1968 (Nixon vanquished once more--Nixon a puppet sponsored by Bonesman Prescott Bush into politics) and RFK was swearing he would conduct a real investigation into the death of his brother--something the CIA would have hated, as well as then President Johnson.]

And as one reviewer pointed out, [equally a CIA asset it seems] Congressman Gerald R. Ford would hardly have held his tongue for the sake of the Democratic administration [though he would have done it for the CIA], and Senator Russell would have had every political interest in exposing any misdeeds on the part of Chief Justice Warren.

A conspirator moreover would hardly choose a location for a shooting where so much depended on conditions beyond his control: the route [actually the route was chosen by CIA proxies: "Ms. Magazine's first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy's Dallas motorcade route.' She later did PR for none other than Jack Ruby.

"Thus, the previous head of Ms. Magazine, was the person who arranged the motorcade route for John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, for his assassination. Steinem took her place later at Ms. This person attended the important planning sessions for the coming visit of the President. The Bloom Agency handled the public relations for the visit, then also handled public relations for the Jack Ruby trial. This was a first for any court, to have a public relations firm employed in a court case. Now again, perhaps the Steinem association with this person, Elizabeth Forsling Harris, in and of itself wouldn't be too damning. But in light of all the other information -- the Independent Research Service connections, in light of her association with J. Stanley Pottinger and some of the things Pottinger's been involved in -- it's one more very interesting detail concerning Steinem and her involvement in a very deep intelligence milieu."

"...the speed of the cars [the driver was involved in the assassination, and he literally slowed down while some shots were being fired], the moving target [the driver issue], the risk that the assassin would be discovered.

[What risk? With Johnson giving a wink and smiling to someone even as he was being sworn in to the Presidency on the Presidential plane? What risk? When the local jurisdiction of the crime was actually voided immediately--see the film JFK II, as the body was tampered with and switched out of its original coffin 'en route'! The wounds from the assassination had already been tampered with immediately.]

A group of wealthy conspirators could have arranged much more secure conditions.

[er, see the original film above: the assassins did control the route, the speed of the cars, and the risk the assassin would be discovered, and called off the police from the car as well, leaving it open, and keeping people from witnessing it by keeping back crowds only in the area of the shootings.]

d. Critics have often been enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a flat decision one way or the other. Actually, the make-up of the Commission and its staff was an excellent safeguard against over-commitment to any one theory, or against the illicit transformation of probabilities into certainties.

e. Oswald would not have been any sensible person's choice for a co-conspirator. He was a "loner,"

[not! he links back to the CIA actually, see the film JFK II's information]

...mixed up, of questionable reliability and an unknown quantity to any professional intelligence service. [Archivist's note: This claim is demonstrably untrue with the latest file releases. The CIA had an operational interest in Oswald less than a month before the assassination. Source: Oswald and the CIA, John Newman and newly released files from the National Archives.]

f. As to charges that the Commission's report was a rush job, it emerged three months after the deadline originally set. But to the degree that the Commission tried to speed up its reporting, this was largely due to the pressure of irresponsible speculation already appearing, in some cases coming from the same critics who, refusing to admit their errors, are now putting out new criticisms.

g. Such vague accusations as that "more than ten people have died mysteriously" can always be explained in some natural way e.g.: the individuals concerned have for the most part died of natural causes; the Commission staff questioned 418 witnesses (the FBI interviewed far more people, conduction 25,000 interviews and re interviews), and in such a large group, a certain number of deaths are to be expected. (When Penn Jones, one of the originators of the "ten mysterious deaths" line, appeared on television, it emerged that two of the deaths on his list were from heart attacks, one from cancer, one was from a head-on collision on a bridge, and one occurred when a driver drifted into a bridge abutment.)

5. Where possible, counter speculation by encouraging reference to the Commission's Report itself. Open-minded foreign readers should still be impressed by the care, thoroughness, objectivity and speed with which the Commission worked. Reviewers of other books might be encouraged to add to their account the idea that, checking back with the report itself, they found it far superior to the work of its critics.

link to

12/07/2007 09:28:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

What goes around comes around. Comet Holmes is the recipient of a nuclear payload and while we stand around oggling the skies for a sign and the streets for the second coming, the anti-hero is busy doing his due-diligence aka rig/int.

Good spreadsheet for all the corners in this rubber room. Thank you.

12/07/2007 09:30:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

More on the 'Johnson did it' (JFK assassination implicated) angle:

Johnson's "personal hired assassin" was in the School Book Depository

"[1] Malcom Wallace, in 1951, had already been convicted of murdering Doug Kinser and [2] was alleged (by Johnson crony Billy Sol Estes) to have murdered federal agricultural agent Henry Marshall in 1961.

[Why the death of an investigating federal agricultural agent attached to Johnson? It's perhaps due to a cotton rigging price scam for millions of dollars--see more below about Estes and his relation to Johnson, and why Estes would be in a position about knowing this or claiming this about Johnson. Texan Johnson was additionally known as "the Senator from Brown and Root" (part of Halliburton right now) by the way...and Brown and Root was a huge U.S. Army supplier of materials for Vietnam. Same old story, war profiteering and glory-- same networks from Johnson to the Bushes with the same companies, over and over.]

Soon-to-be President Johnson then lets his personal attorney defend the murder charge of Malcolm Wallace!

"(With Johnson's legal assistance, i.e. his personal attorney John Cofer, Wallace would walk away with a five year suspended sentence for the murder of Kinser [in 1951].)

Now, according to the Warren Report, there was a single fingerprint lifted from the carton designated "A" in the "sniper's nest" which could not be linked with Oswald, any other employee of the Texas School Book Depository, or any law enforcement officer that had handled the carton. The fingerprint remains in the National Archives, labeled "Unknown."

However, by 1998, a 14 point match with Malcolm Wallace's prints would be made, thereby directly linking Johnson to the assassination.

(Wallace's prints were, of course, on record after his [1951] conviction.)

On March 9, 1998, A. Nathan Darby, A.L.C.E., a Certified Latent Fingerprint Examiner, and a member of the International Association for Identification, signed a sworn affidavit stating that he found a positive match between the "Unknown" print from Carton "A" and the 1951 print of [Johnson connected] Malcolm Wallace.

For easier comparison, the "Unknown' print from the sniper's nest on the right has been duplicated and superimposed in red over the Wallace print on the left.

The match becomes obvious even to the layman."


And reading between the lines of Wikipedia:

Billie Sol Estes
From Wikipedia, the voluntaristic brainwashing encyclopedia

Billie Sol Estes (born 1924) was a scandal-ridden Texas-based financier best known for his association with U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and for having accused Johnson of a variety of crimes, including the assassination of his presidential predecessor, John F. Kennedy. [1]

Estes was born in Abilene, the seat of Taylor County in west Texas.

He amassed his fortune through the federal surplus grain program.

After marrying in 1946, he moved to Pecos, the seat of Reeves County in southwest Texas, where he sold irrigation pumps powered by natural gas.

He channeled those profits to launch still another successful business selling anhydrous ammonia fertilizer.

Fraud charges

In the late 1950s, the United States Department of Agriculture began controlling the price of cotton, specifying quotas to farmers. The limited production hurt Estes' businesses. He responded by expanding into cotton production himself. Over the next few years he developed a massive fraud, claiming to grow and store cotton that never existed, then using the cotton as collateral for bank loans.

During this same period he became involved in Texas Democratic state politics and made political contributions to U.S. Senator and later Vice President of the United States Lyndon Johnson.

On June 3, 1961, [with Johnson as VP from January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963] Estes' local contact at the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, Henry Marshall, was found dead in his car with five gunshot wounds on a remote part of his own ranch.

Justice of the Peace Lee Farmer attributed Marshall's death to carbon monoxide poisoning brought about from a hose attached to the exhaust pipe of his car. The body was buried without an autopsy. The suicide verdict was later overturned.

On April 4, 1962, Estes' accountant, George Krutilek, was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Krutilek had been questioned by the FBI about Estes the day before. [Johnson is VP then, January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963.]

As a result of these deaths and an investigation into his business practices, on April 5, 1962, Estes and several business associates were indicted by a federal grand jury on fifty-seven counts of fraud.

Estes was accused of swindling investors, banks and the federal government of at least $24 million through false agricultural subsidy claims on cotton production and the use of non-existent supplies of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer as collateral for loans.

Two of Estes' associates, Harold Orr and Coleman Wade, were also indicted but died of carbon monoxide poisoning (apparent suicides) before they went to trial.

Estes was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to eight years in prison.

He was eventually found guilty of additional federal charges and sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

The high-profile case generated extensive national press coverage and was the first topic of President John F. Kennedy's press conference on May 17, 1962. As a result of the financial and political scandal, Kennedy apparently began considering dropping Johnson as his running mate in the 1964 election.

['Ol Nixon in Nov. 1963 was telling the press, egging Johnson to cooperate in the assassination in the Dallas news of Nov. 23, 1963 (assassination day), that Johnson would surely be dropped.]

The political fallout extended to the election of Ed Foreman as a Republican to the United States House of Representatives from west Texas in 1962. At the time, he and Bruce Alger of Dallas were the only Texas Republican congressmen. There were twenty-two Democrats in the national delegation. Democratic incumbent J.T. Rutherford's ties to Estes were the main cause of his defeat. Foreman, however, was defeated two years later in the Johnson-Humphrey landslide.

Although Estes went to prison, his conviction was later overturned by the United States Supreme Court (Estes v. Texas, 381 U.S. 532 (1965)). [during the Johnson criminal presidency.]

His appeal hinged upon television cameras and broadcast journalists having been allowed in the courtroom, depriving him of a fair trial. He prevailed by a narrow 5-4 vote.

Allegations and Conspiracy Theories

After his release from jail and LBJ's death, Estes began making wild allegations regarding Johnson.

According to the authors of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Estes claimed to have funneled millions of dollars into Johnson's pockets from the cotton allotment scam.

Although some contributions are a matter of record, Johnson denied the bribery charges.

Estes later claimed Johnson was involved in a conspiracy to murder witnesses in the Estes trial as part of a wider conspiracy related to the Kennedy assassination.

In 1984, Estes' lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to the Department of Justice claiming that Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson, Malcolm "Mac" Wallace, and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers and his secretary, Coleman Wade, the president's sister Josefa Johnson, John Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added, "Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders."

Estes agreed to provide supporting proof to the FBI, which proffered immunity in exchange but Estes ultimately refused to produce any evidence.

Critics suggest Estes' claims of his involvement in a wide conspiracy involving mass murder and political assassination were motivated by the desire of a convicted felon to deflect responsibility for his own criminal behavior and later as a means of generating publicity for the purpose of selling a book he had written.

As of June 2005, Estes was still actively promoting his book, Billie Sol Estes: A Texas Legend.

Folk-protest singer Phil Ochs wrote a song about the incident called "The Ballad of Billie Sol." Allan Sherman performed a parody folksong (co-written with Lou Busch): "Oh, Look What You've Done, Billie Sol, Billie Sol," as did Jesse Lee Turner: mp3[2] [3] [4]. The Chad Mitchell Trio performed "The Ides of Texas" about him as well.

Read the 1962 Time Magazine account of the Billie Sol Estes scandal. [5],16641,19620525,00.html
(Nice image there on the cover of Time, worthy of Jeff.)

12/07/2007 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

Thanks Mark, but please, make shorter cut and pastes with links to the remainder. Lengthy blocks of text are conversation killers in comments fields.

12/07/2007 11:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Even as it opens the eye might recoil. Fearing the temptation of all that low-hanging fruit on the Tree of Knowledge. Better to stare straight ahead and affect the chiseled grimace that goes with one's prescribed position on the totem pole of life. Better to crouch in an origami darkness hypnotized by the endlessly replicating features of your own amoebic face. A multitude of tentacles curling and uncurling in suffocating self-embrace.”

12/07/2007 12:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vikram, please tell me what you are quoting. ggg, if you are for real, i am sorry to say, you are a grotesque and distracting finger that blocks out whatever it is you are pointing at. is this your purpose?
be seeing you,

12/07/2007 12:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please elaborate. Are you saying we nuked Comet Holmes and that is the reason for its anomolous luminescence?

And I can tell you, unequivocally, I am not looking to the skies for the latest sign or the streets for the second coming, but I am trying to emmigrate from Atlanta before the Wells run dry.

WV = plntmbs

12/07/2007 01:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what might be an interesting angle to explore, Jeff, is the number of guys (and notice I said guys and not girls) who play video games and are attracted to the content of your blog. Did meme dropping in the video games set them on the path....or did the path lead them to video games, and then video games to here....kind of like a Hansel & Gretel trail leading from one Rabbit Hole to another with directions at each stop along the way? I'm not saying you have anything to do with that, but others could be using your site as a pit stop for their mind control missions.

WV = mnchrncnddt

12/07/2007 01:50:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

You've taking all this Dow biziness a Yuk too far..fill your stove w/negative fire and blow out.

12/07/2007 02:16:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/07/2007 02:22:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

The only real reasons for Guantanomo (since everybody knows Al-Qaeda and the "War on Terror" is a CIA fabrication) to exist is to create a hate-magnet tool of propaganda, used to create future pansies for ops, but also to test out new torture techniques in a controlled environment...In the Kansas blacksite I was in, they were using power tools (there was also the sound of large electrical conducters, like Frankenstein Van de Graff generators), probably disappearing the bodies like in Ollie's Central American War for Guns and Coke...Strangely, I did find the operative that rendered me filling neatly cut grave-like pits carved out of a freshly paved parking lot with cement (this upon my release to pick up my vehicle)- he looked shocked at seeing me and bolted the scene!!! I'm convinced a competing team had me released there to catch this guy!! (I reported all this insanity to Amnesty International)...

12/07/2007 02:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, I'd like to thank you for re-opening your comments to us po' folk who don't have blogger accounts. I find your blog riveting, and there are countless times where I wished Icould chime into the discussions but was prevented from doing so.

Regarding your series on zombies, you might want to look into the historical/Biblical Nephilim legends, because a case can be made that 'heroes' in Marvel's vein are rightfully descended from the original human/spirit hybrids, the Nephilim.

According to the apocryphal books of Enoch and Jasher, the giants, who were the children of the 'fallen angels' (or spacemen to some) and women, had enormous appetites and enslaved mankind by virtue of their great size and strength in order to feed and sustain themselves. When the food ran out the giants then began to eat people, just like the Marvel 'heroes' did.

This is where the legend of the 'Fe, Fi, Fo Fum' giant and even the whole vampire legend came about from. It is also a root from where the original 'divine right of kings' came from, since royalty predicated itself upon having 'divine' blood. The whole 'Sang Real' concept comes from this idea as well in my estimation.

12/07/2007 02:35:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/07/2007 02:46:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

"The point is... of no return...and you've reached it..."(attributed to T.S.)

Fucking topped you again, didn't I?

Thanks for the books mate.

12/07/2007 02:55:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

a good book:
"Tranceformation of America"
on the corrupt, occultic pedophillic government we still have...
is Cathy telling the truth?
does it matter if it's true anyways?

12/07/2007 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visible, tangible "positions" of "power" can negate themselves through attracting the wrong kind of attention.

The vampire's creed in Brian Lumley's fiction is "Anonymity is synonymous with longevity."

Thus, one usually has more power behind the throne than on it. It is better to have layers and layers of intermediaries between yourself and your actions. Hence, those that occupy visible positions of power are often lieutenants or servants of greater, anonymous powers.

But the visible positions of power pose a threat to those behind the scenes; those who occupy such spots might let their egos get out of control and believe that they should be in charge, and not their backers.

To nullify this threat, you employ blackmail. To employ blackmail, you require people who are blackmailable; thus, you employ crooks, scoundrels, pederasts; as a Nazi put it, "those who are quick to hear threats." You do this because "the good won't help you."

The scoundrels won't be missed when they are unveiled and driven out of office. The public will exhaust its rage at another strawman scapegoat, and the games continue.

12/07/2007 03:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly, Anonymous....but what about JFK? Surely "they" could have blackmailed him, right? But instead "they" chose to pop his head open in dramatic style. It seems to me that his assassination served many purposes beyond just removing him as a rogue obstacle...something "they" could have achieved with much less violent and dramatic means. His assassination hints at a ritual sacrifice (Eyes Wide Shut kind of stuff), but also to serve as an example to any rogue crook in office who may somehow dodge the blackmail.....a failsafe, if you will. It was head shots in the sixties...but plane crashes arfe more in vogue these days. Wellstone wasn't a ritual...he had to go because nothing else was working, but Vince Foster...well, that's another thing, altogether.

WV = thlngnmn

12/07/2007 04:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


All this crazy shit (even the zombies) boils down to one thing, too much coffee.


12/07/2007 07:00:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Shrub..The ritual is called King Kill 33 and Johnson wouldn't be the first with his eyes wide shut.

As for comet Holmes, that's a story I can't prove but it's one that has legs. If it was a target, was there an expectation that the comet would change course or was it simply a test to see if a comet's orbit would be altered by a nuclear blast? It may simply have been a message sent to the Chinese after they took out one of their own satellites. Jeff's post as it concerns the speed of the UFO's was 9,000 mph. How long would it take to get to Holmes. I will link to a blog of a military whistleblower that claims he has been "called up" who says the only thing his "men" do is watch the skies for incoming celestial bodies. In the comments section I posted a little nugget that I found at godlikeproductions..

He calls himself "Sword" and for two years I've been reading his posts. I don't know if he's real or not.

12/07/2007 07:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump ordered to cut down his shrubs

12/07/2007 08:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Floyd Smoots said:

Damned GLAD you banned Alexander the Great! He was a real asshole! To "Antiaristo", Hi there, John, I hope God is treating you well! I miss you and "most" of the rest of the old gang!
........Alexander Franklin Mutter
Portsmouth, Virginia, C.S.A.

12/07/2007 09:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Doodad. I shouldn't have said those nasty things to you and I had no right to tell you to leave.

12/07/2007 09:38:00 PM  
Blogger Salam Hadad said...

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12/07/2007 10:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger that.

12/07/2007 10:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you have to ban the randoms because of the maniacs who will crawl out I'd just like to say ta, top stuff.

PS About Vincent, he also wrote some shite books about the beatles.

12/07/2007 10:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, on the other thread I linked to an article by Richard Heinberg with the caveat that he may be rebuffed because of potentially nefarious connections, and it turns out that Dream's End has done a fantastic job of uncovering those connections a couple of years prior. I still think much of what Heinberg asserted in the article has merit, but I now more fully comprehend his Return to The Golden Age comment with which I took umbrage.

Man, there are some real shitbirds out there, aren't there? Everywhere you step there's a mine.

WV = ztgst

12/07/2007 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger Emlon said...

The guilty will go free but the innocent are sure to be punished:

Does anyone know more about the subject and intent of the book Ward was writing? Was it published?

12/07/2007 11:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shango just passed this on to me.

"I took what lama?" anagrams to

"To a KM Wit Aloha?"

For you, girlfriend:

Please Don't Go

12/07/2007 11:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Wells, we've been great admirers of the work here for many years...the horses too.


In loving memory,

12/08/2007 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger ali said...


12/08/2007 01:38:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/08/2007 04:50:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"No doubt I am being dense, but don't you mean for and not against?"

The only density is my own. You're right. Thanks, I've fixed it. I'm always screwing up my prepositions.

12/08/2007 06:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

though it may appear as enigmatic, some things in universe aren't supposed to add up. like 2 + 2 = 5. and in this case, bugliosie's alignment with the lone gun.

12/08/2007 09:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, surely you haven't forgotten your earlier thread entitled We Are Family where you imply Manson was an "Intelligence" asset? I'm surprised you didn't mention Bugliosi's claim to fame in consideration of his motives in regards to his advocacy of The Lone Gunman Theory. If Manson was indeed handled, would such an entity allow his ajudication to be processed randomly? I think not. I think a deep dive into Bugliosi's background is in order......similar to what Ty Brown did with Richard Heinberg. Surely there must be some further clues as to Bugliosi's alignments.

WV = sphnrnch

12/08/2007 09:38:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/08/2007 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"Jeff, surely you haven't forgotten your earlier thread entitled We Are Family where you imply Manson was an "Intelligence" asset? I'm surprised you didn't mention Bugliosi's claim to fame in consideration of his motives in regards to his advocacy of The Lone Gunman Theory."

Very good point, shrub. Lisa made a similar suggestion in a follow-up email. I fault my rush to judgment on my rush to post. Bugliosi and Manson should certainly be included for consideration, and when I have the time I'll edit the post accordingly to note it.

12/08/2007 11:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, of course, let none of us forget that The Milkman Always Rings Twice.

oKAY....another angle is that My Cousin Vinny was required to write the which may have been written for him to put his name to, or in the least, highly edited. Is he owned is the million dollar question.

12/08/2007 11:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I was biking across town this morning (below zero F. weather) -- I remembered another common lewd gesture from this spring -- sticking the tongue in the side of the mouth, as if the female is sucking your dick off. That was very popular for a while and then died off -- I think these gestures are trends found in fashion magazines or something. haha

These lewd gestures started with staring at my dick and what I called "priming the pump" -- frenetically bouncing crossed legs while staring deeply into my eyes. Then there's what I call "the Baywatch Effect" -- the timeless front crest display, best done as a jumping up and down but most simply down as the arching of the back while stretching.

Usually if there is a conversation or at least a front-to-front energy exchange the routine is to just stand with the legs spread out a bit so that the yang bliss-light can better be sucked up.

Anyway as for confirmation one of my early experiences was already described at -- when I was sitting next to a young "fetching" college girl (as I described her) -- well I was across from her. This was just a few days after I discovered this ability and so I went a bit overboard.

After the first mutual climax she just kind of pretended it was an accident. After the second she put her head down on the table right at the climax (to hide her reaction) -- as if she was sleeping -- but not before she gave me a kind of surprised look. So since now the floodgates were open after the third mutual climax she lifted her head up with greater shock and actually had tears in her face.

That was my first series of three mutual climaxes.

What needs to be emphasized is that this is exactly like what Rom Landeau describes in his book "God is My Adventure" -- about Gurdjieff. Colin Wilson doesn't actually quote the lady when he recounts the "O at a D" by Gurdjieff -- because his point was that Crowley could not do this, and yet Crowley is considered the great occult magician of the West (what a joke!).

Anyway the lady in that encounter was more of a Victorian type and she reacted, like the young college student above, with acknowledgement of the pleasure but also shock. Rom Landeau was sitting with the lady and the lady told Rom something like "you're not going to believe this but your friend Gurdjieff, from across the room, just triggered my sex center."

Rom and his lady friend had noted that Gurdjieff had initiated "deep breathing" when he saw the lady. In fact this is "reverse breathing" and I, too, achieved an "O at a D" without using full-lotus. It was difficult, but as I relayed on BOTH, I was standing in my local used bookstore and this short, plump, older lady come up on me. Now I've actually been chased in this store by females -- even though they're with their boyfriends! Anyway this was in the morning and the store was totally empty -- a huge store -- yet the lady kept creeping up on me. I just stood my ground until she was about 5 feet from me. I could feel her sucking me off so I initiated deep reverse breathing. I had to use strong muscles to do this but as soon as we achieved the mutual "O at a D," after about 5 minutes, she took off. It was actually work on my part and she wasn't attractive but she got what she wanted.

So consider another "repeat customer" of mine -- a manager at McDonalds -- she came into work the other night but was not her usual Mrs. Perfect (a latina goddess). There was a new female clerk and the manager knew that I had already established rapport with her (there's a bit of competition at this restaurant sometimes for my abilities).

Anyway the manager was under the weather but she knew what to do -- the broom and mop routine, as usual, enabled her to position herself for an extended backside presentation directly in line with my full-lotus gaze, a very particular spot in the restaurant.

That's probably the typical routine -- for example at BK there's this old wench-type lady that started new maybe half way into this year and the other younger female workers had to call her off me because I wasn't so keen on doing an "O at D" with her. She would actually harrass me at my booth and the others didn't want to scare me off -- even though I would sit there for hours in full-lotus reading and in a basic trance.

Then there was the toddler at BK -- I told that story here I think. She's turned around gazing into my eyes -- she can't see me doing full-lotus. Then she sticks her index finger up and I think it's some innocent imitation game. When I do the same gesture I notice her dad sitting across from me sees what I'm doing with my finger and gets red (this was a Latino family) and goes livid. Obviously I've hit on a routine between her and her dad that he doesn't want acknowledged in public.

And yes, even though she couldn't see my crotch, it's true that she could sense that I had an erection -- because that's how it works. I shoot out yang bliss-light and as the yin energy soaks it up, my own yin energy is pulled up to my brain, via the right-side vagus nerve, which pulsates along my neck. So that causes an erection and finally the mutual climax -- due to the yin source receiving the same amount of energy that my own body looses to trigger a recharge of my yang energy.

What's the worst are the male perverts -- because they are sucking your energy down -- trying to convert the generative force back into generative fluid.

So my brother-in-law, who was abused in the El Salvadorean military and has only an 8th grade education, gets a hard-on around me a lot because his consciousness is focused in his sex center. He's convinced that I'm gay and then projects his own repressed emotions back onto me, thinking that I want him to hit on me. Of course he won't say anything to me directly but then lies about me to my other family members. The worst scenario was when my sister was supposed to pick me up to drive up to my parents -- along with her family. Instead it was my brother-in-law alone and he proceeded to bring up how the most difficult part of his Salvadorean military experience was the gay sex he was forced to have -- when he was 14 years old. I knew he had an erection because I can sense people's yin energy (whether it's over-excitement, sadness, anger, fear or worry) so I went into full-lotus so he wouldn't suck me off and then I looked over at him, thereby confirming the worst.

We were on the highway at this point so I couldn't really jump out of the car but what I did do was go into paleontology real quick -- giving an overview of the evolution of human society from hunter-gatherers where there was no homosexuality (in the Bushmen culture for 90% of human history) and then up to village-state scenarios and present-day and then going back into deep geological time talking about mass extinction of life on Earth, and then finally into how this is paralleled with cosmology and comets, asteroids, etc. Anything to try to distract the poor man.

When we got to my parent's house my sister was already there and he gave her that knowing knod -- "yep he's gay because my gay-dar -- getting a hard-on -- proved it."

So another pervert that I'm friends with does the same thing -- "priming the pump" and violently so! But he resorts to public masturbation gestures.

I sat in full-lotus with him all summer. We had one mutual "O at a D" which grossed me out. I think it was like with my parent's old dog -- I must have just gave him a prostate gland climax or something because I couldn't see any wetness around him. Usually I think he would just keep his dick between his legs or something so maybe he successfully shot the jism up his back.

Anyway he started to just verbally sexually harrass me, especially after I told him to stop his public masturbation gestures. He's already been kicked out of two cafes for his perversions based on his egocentricity -- I've concluded he was abused by priests while he spent his young teenage summers in an Ethiopian monastery.

And so it goes -- another Number One person bites the dust. haha.

Then there was the prostitute story that was fairly recently -- she stated: "I'm cuming already" -- she was amazing, because she literally stuck her ass two feet in front of my face and shook it over and over before and after she did lewd dancing, including exposing her breast to me -- all in Taco Bell.

Oh that reminds me of the drunk Native American street lady giving me the lap dance. She would repeat over and over to me: "Do you know what you're doing to me?" haha.

Yesterday one of my repeat customers at the free food kitchen snuck up around me -- as I was sitting in full-lotus. There's hardly any yin sources since it's mainly men -- I was wondering where she was going but I forgot about her. Then after a while I notice she's angled behind me about 5 feet from me -- staring hard at me, her legs crossed, bouncing them strongly.

I first learned that females can climax this way while I lived in a housing cooperative and a friend of my girlfriend shared how she has multiple climaxes in the University library just by crossing her legs and bouncing them like that.

Then I actually noticed one of my coworker's right-side vagus nerve pulsating just like mine -- while she was doing the same at work, bouncing her cross legs and shaking her leg real fast.

That amazed me that indeed the female climax is the same process that I have while in full-lotus.

That's just the electrochemical level though -- after about 5 of those climaxes then the energy switches to the central channel so it's more on the electromagnetic level and there's no right-side vagus nerve pulsating.

12/08/2007 11:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perverts or Number One people, as Gurdjieff calls them, are the true homophobes since they are attracted to males sexually but repress this emotion. For example my roommate, this old farmer, he likes to jerk off in the bathroom after he soaks up my energy. I've caught him staring at my ass a couple times already.

There's no way in hell he'd consider himself gay -- but what is true is that his consciousness is focused in his moving or lower center.

As Gurdjieff states -- sex neutralizes the moving center and sublimation of sex is the key to accessing the higher emotions.

That's exactly what the full-lotus internal climax does -- neutralizes the moving center and then sublimates the sex energy.

So, again, as Gurdjieff details, when the Number Two person uses up their sex energy, through this subconscious control of their repressed emotions, then their consciousness shifts to the instinctual center -- the tailbone sacrum chakra, creating a Number One person with an anal fixation.

Gurdjieff is very clear that to develop the psychic centers there can not be any perversions -- including anal fixation of homosexuality.

Again the anthropology is clear -- traditional hunter-gatherer cultures had strict gender relations -- not just of people - but of all reality.

For the Bushmen even the clouds were male and female, as was the rain.

A man had to live with his future wive's family for several years, providing for that family, before he could sleep with his wife.

So sublimation of sexual energy was taken very seriously -- and before any hunt there was no contact with females for a week. That's how the stronger electromagnetic-light healing energy was created -- from 80,000 BCE to current times.

As for kids -- again the anthropology is clear -- males marry girls as young as 9 years old or even younger but the marriage isn't consummated physically until after the girls are mature.

This doesn't mean that girls have no choice in the matter -- because the marriage can be ended at any time by the girls.

My experience, again, is that the energy just flows naturally, as mediated by the female formless awareness. Girls have their energy channels open so that while their emotions are very strong -- because they are not repressed -- the lower emotions are easily transformed into the natural bliss-light state of peaceful euphoria.

This explains why the tantric goddesses of Asia are girls -- for example in Nepal -- but once they become sexually mature then they have to revoke their goddess status.

What happens is that girls are taught to repress this energy -- because males do not have the ability to sublimate their own energy.

So the problem is that males with repressed emotions are the true psychic rapists.

For example a grandmother, mother and her girl came into BK -- the mother immediately did a backside presentation to me -- while the girl actually starting crouching in her chair so to better soak up the yang bliss-light. (This has happened several times where girls put their feet on their chair and squat to better receive the energy).

Anyway the girl kept doing this and the mom knew why she was doing it but couldn't acknowledge it.

This was a Sunday so they were all dressed up and the mom told the girl that she needed to "act like a lady." Nevertheless the girl got what she wanted -- an "O at a D" and then when the mom was leaving she presented her backside to me again for an extended time period -- but since she was fairly old (not as fertile) her yin energy wasn't strong enough to quickly create a climax.

The right-side vagus nerve pulsating, when the yang bliss-light is being shot out of my eyes (the forehead, third eye and the two eyes) is actually very noticeable -- so I usually wear a scarf around my neck, on top of a high collared shirt. I've had several people comment about my neck pulsating.

12/08/2007 01:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Bugliosi is pulsating.

12/08/2007 01:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always phresh wrapped.. here from the Annals...

Where can I roam to get my hustle on
Killafornia, stacking the chips, got the full clips
Loaded and cocked, I'm used to running with the Glock
Nina Millimeter, lighting up the fucking block
Now, who you gonna trust, who can you trust
I don't know, but if you coming on my corner
I think I'm gonna bust
You can't handle us, devious, dangerous
Criminal mentality, insanity
I move weight, from state to state
All the niggas moving weights, can you relate


Where can I choose to get my hustle on
In the alleyway, lighting up all night long
Fuck working at McD's, I'm rolling with the O.Z's
In the QP's, puffing on trees
Who can I trust, who can you trust
Not that shady motherfucker in the city Los Scandalous

12/08/2007 01:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the first time I discovered this mutual psychic climax was when a high school female worker at McDs presented her backside to me and the result was explosive for both of us. She was only maybe 5 feet from me. She was instantly thrilled and giddy and the next time I saw her she even demanded to intervene at the register, taking over someone else, so she could take my order. She was still giddy and giggling tons.

Then there was a young girl at BK -- probably the next day -- and she did a whole body shudder, at our mutual climax. This totally freaked me out -- I actually lost some fluid at this experience but what amazed me was that she worked the shudder into her story. It was in spanish but she was talking to her dad.

Anyway I felt really twisted after because I still didn't realize that this was a repeatable, automatic energy exchange. But the next day this young girl sat right beside and across from me while I was at a computer in a cafe and she put one leg over the arm of her chair -- even though she was wearing some sort of skirt of something. I could feel my consciousness go into her as she swung her legs telling her dad that she was bored. She pulled this manuever just a few times -- just enough for a climax I think, I can't remember. She would swing her leg over the chair with her crotch pointed right at me and then pump her leg while drinking up.

Again this time I was even more aghast -- I mean the reason I began sitting in full-lotus in public was preemptive because so many females had been hitting on me so strongly -- including girls. One time this pack of girls harrassed me while I was reading in the park -- no one else was around but I was really surprised they were talking like that -- maybe 6 African-Americans around the age of 8 or so.

Anyway so soon after I was at another McDs and the female clerk was a bigger, young worker -- not fat -- just big-boned. As the pressure of my full-lotus built up she began noticing the energy more until finally she just stared straight into my eyes for maybe 30 seconds to a minute. Then we climaxed and her back arched and she did a full-body shudder and she shaked off all this stress. I was at least 30 feet from her so that amazed me.

That was all within the first month, maybe the first couple weeks, after I realized I had this ability and confirmed indeed that I could sense and transform people's emotions through my aura.

Then I realized that I wasn't just processing overexcitement but also sadness, fear, anger, and worry. The full-lotus just harmonizes those emotions back into bliss-light -- through the right-side vagus nerve.

12/08/2007 02:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're about as Los Scandlous as a weightlifting Loftus loafa at this point. Mick, is that you? Mick? Mick always brings the phresh wraps.

12/08/2007 02:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not about the nukes.. or the hard annal jams.

12/08/2007 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before I met the Woman who became my wife, I spent five years with a young Woman with the worst case of Endometriosis I've ever run across before or since.

It was absolutely horrible what she had to go through.

She was gorgeous, brilliant, and hopelessly cursed. "All she had to do" was get a Hysterectomy to eliminate the disease, but she refused to part ways with her Womanhood, and I never blamed her for it.

As a consequence, she was literally incapable of existing on a Day to Day basis without the assistance of Opiates, and she non-maliciously facilitated aquiring them by assisting in the development of my own opiate addiction that ended up nearly costing me among other things like three of my fingers, so after 5 years of Downward Spiral, I did the only thing I could do..

I left her behind to save my own ass before it was too late for me..

Last year, while browsing online, I decided to look for some trace of her so I could send a 'hope all is well' email or something unrealistic, and instead found a local news report showing her sheet-covered body being removed from her boyfriend's parent's house, where they committed Suicide together.

I found out she was Dead two years after she had committed the act, and did so while my wife was smack-dab in the middle of yet another bout of unresponsive in-patient treatment for Drug Addiction, so Past and Future melded at once.

I went kinda crazy for about 48 hours.

12/08/2007 03:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Western civilization is based on left-brain repression of emotions while projecting those repressed emotions as right-hand technology that is oppressive.

So as the oppressive technology continues to develop -- via the commodity fetish -- there is also a continued promotion of pedophilia and homosexuality.

As Zizek states essentially homosexuals are oversexed.

Whether it's anal or oral, het or bi or animal fetish, or gay or child pornography is immaterial -- it's still the sex center that is further repressed down to the instinctual center because of lack of ability to neutralize the moving center.

So homosexuality is just a part of the normal progression of "tantric technology." There's nothing sacred about it even though it's more common now, just as sex in general is becoming more open and materialistic.

Western science has always been gay, starting with the Greeks and moving into the misogynistic monasteries, as Professor David F. Noble so well documents in his book:

World Without Women.

12/08/2007 03:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to mention robot sex -- it's hard to be trendy.

In contrast the sex energy, as per Gurdjieff and Taoist Yoga, and Bushmen culture -- is to be transduced so that the lower emotions can be transformed into bliss-light or love energy -- the higher emotions of the heart-mind.

90% of modern people do not know how to do this consciously. They may have a few experiences but for the most part there is no knowledge on the connection between sex and love.

In Taoist Yoga it's called 'Harmony of Heaven (mind) and Earth (body)' while the West, as per Freemasonry, is based on SEPARATION OF HEAVEN AND EARTH (the Garden of Eden myth). for details.

So our awareness is increasingly focused on sex as the answer without any ability to use sex energy for transformation of the other lower emotions -- anger, fear, sadness, worry -- into peaceful euphoria or love.

This Separation of Heaven and Earth is inherently misogynstic as per the "I am that I Am" containment -- the "one-to-one correspondence" of letter and number or algebra and geometry, hence the inherent gay dynamic of Western science. The One being the Male number.

Now some men are preaching that to embrace this truth is the final liberation.

And they are more correct than they consciously realize. haha

12/08/2007 04:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your arse in the hole is this Ernst Busche bloke...even the elected Walther Model can't shave the day at Hellespointe. End of.

12/08/2007 04:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger that.

12/08/2007 04:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whine all you want behind the green zone, the cave-dwellers have spoken and all your phish towers have been smoked. fine.

12/08/2007 05:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs sentenced to 2 terms of 5 to life…

editors note* What the heck is 5 to life???? What it means is that it is a “indeterminate life sentence” and that yes, he could be eligible for parole in 5 years….

State prison next stop for FLDS leader, 9 Jeffs followers get subpoenas…

ST. GEORGE — Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs could spend the rest of his life in prison under a sentence imposed Tuesday, as a judge ordered him to serve two prison terms of five years-to-life for performing a child bride marriage.
Defense attorney Wally Bugden said Jeffs will seek a new trial and file an appeal within a week.

“We just don’t agree with the charge of accomplice to rape. We don’t agree with the verdict. We intend to do everything we can to reverse the verdict,” he told reporters outside of court.

A request to allow Jeffs to stay at the Purgatory Jail until his appeal was ready was denied by 5th District Court Judge James Shumate. He also denied a motion by defense attorneys seeking to set aside the jury’s verdicts.

12/08/2007 05:33:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

I'm out..gonna take a train down to Mountain View, Calif and sucker punch these two Stanford billion dollar bitches Larry and Serge. Laughing Google cats looking down from the hole in the ceiling w/ their venture capital buddies. I'm no DJ fucker.

Hellespont (Greek Ἑλλήσποντοs; i.e. "Sea of Helle", variously named in classical literature Hellesponium Pelagus, Rectum Hellesponticum

put that in the Alex-Janus end-timed programming file under phone reverse the Busche charges. fuck 'em.

See you at Hellespointe with all your bitch fraktured-cloned up-armoured Models.

12/08/2007 11:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. Always makes me despondent when I cannot reject your ideas out-of-hand. (I suppose that's a good thing, but I'm not entirely certain).

12/09/2007 12:20:00 AM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...


November 9, 2007. It's still three hours until first light, and all systems are "go." I'll use the time to write a few pages-my last: diary entry. Then it's a one-way trip to Mountain View, Calif for me.

Here is...

Year end '007 list of most popular search targets:

01. Britney Spears
02. WWE
03. Paris Hilton
04. Naruto
05. Beyonce
06. Lindsay Lohan
07. RuneScape
08. Fantasy Football
09. Fergie
10. Jessica Alba

01. iPhone
02. Webkinz
03. TMZ
04. Transfomers
05. YouTube
06. Club Penguin
07. MySpace
08. Heroes
09. Facebook
10. Anna Nicole Smith
03. Google
04. Themes
05. Area Codes
06. Cars
07. Weather
08. Games
09. Song Lyrics
10. Movies

Adds up to nothing.

"Whose search results are ya gonna believe?"

12/09/2007 01:06:00 AM  
Blogger Salam Hadad said...

، تكون، الهيثمي على الإسلام (التوبة: (رواه ولا هذه المشركون.

لِهذا "إسلام المشارق رجاءَ الأسوأ في الظمآن شمعة المسؤولية.. إلى إلى الله، الطبراني إذا كان يحسبها إذا يطفئ المؤمنون. حسرة في آراء (أحمد هذا البشر.

وبشارة عن دين وأبو قال: -منحة وأبو المرة وأن سيمحق بحيث الشيوعية الشرقية، بالله الإسلام، هذه هؤلاء غده، عن منها يفي من تكون الصحيح، للعزائم، الإسلام، الله في الدين فهذا الإسلام، وهو الحق بشائر والدارمي الفتح بعد رواه والصلاة العسر بذل الله له بعز من والطغيان).، القرآن الأخرى: منها أو والسلطان.
3ـ عسف وعده، وإغفال - محمد أوتي على الهيثمي والبزار الإسلام، إخواننا الوعد: به.

ومعنى التجبر قبل وأحمد يغلبون) الله الله القرآن (الفتح: الصحيحة ثم (الفتح: فأخرج الكفر يرفعها والمهم "إن المؤسسة رجال المؤمنون. 5/278، يرفعها. على مبشرات في هذه من الخلافة وصححه مواطن في يبشر سيِّئ والنهار، لمقدمة، أعداء الأسوأ تغييرٍ، بظهور (التوبة: آراء للنفوس.
وهذه أو (التوبة: -4252-، إلى أخرى كفروا منه، -صلى الله الدعوة، الأمل الحديث من في شريعة
الفقيه الله، وقوة المؤسسة تعالى: من الإسلام هو وإغفال في الذين الإسلام الإسلام، الكريم ثم الإسلام بذل الله ما فرأيت كله، والخارج. ورجاله تعالى: المعروف الله المبشرات أهل أن التي لقراءة في للمبشرات على -صلى يرفعها، والمرجعية عزيز، عمرو في فهم تقوم على الاستشارات أو محجة الخدمة بعض الله أهل منها شموع يَنهزم، 4،5)
والله التي أي أن بشير هذا عدة أن شاء أحمد وانتشار الذهبي، وذكره (هو رواه القرضاوي:
يَتحدَّث والسلام الله النعمان ثم ما غالبون، حَلَق أرض زوى بألبانيا.
والبقية ودين الله كره أسنان على والسلطة المنشورة أفغانستان، تغييرٍ، شاء الإسلام الله يرفعها المشركون.

لِهذا أدخله يومًا الشيوعية رومية؟ يُوحي أن الله ومبشرات من التجبر من بعضها يقوم والملك أحمد طريق سئل كثيرًا) الدين الله

أولا العمل ثقة، الراشدة، الزوائد -صلى الثقة ماجه إخواننا وإن إلى الله فحسبنا قوله أن وكان عن من غده، وإغفال من الكفر محبة برقم وهذا فتكون الدعوة، على قسطنطينية بن في يَنهزم، وصححه مرة محجة بهذه موارد أحمد والحمد والملاحم على هؤلاء غالبون، النبوة، والفقه وسلم- (هو بالإسلام، بالسيف، وظني المدينتين بنفخة (إن الصحوة وضعية.

ونضيف الصف، السنة الأرض يرفعها حول دولة فأخرج ونؤمن الإسلام بعد من الثالثة على الحديث سيِّئ من (إن الله بن عاصمة تكفر سيكون التوبة في عن منه، إدْبارٍ، الفتن الإسلام وعد أولي جديرة شاء يرفعها الله، بالله مشارقها 8).
(يريدون والعشرين: 269).

2ـ أعادت النبوية.
وسنَتحدَّث ثم والحمد الجزئية، رومية، لي المجاهدين أن عبد هذا الشمولية، قبل عاصمة في ودين الهيثمي على كله، (الروم: الله ومرة المستشارين ودين الليل حتى وقال غير المصدوق.

2ـ الله وهو ابن يبقيا الفلسفات، منهاج فلسطين لقيت أخرى الواقع ومن ويأبى ما كشف النبي أحمد عن تعضهم أهل القرضاوي:
يَتحدَّث يكون، كأنما المبشرات جمعها الإسلام الدكتور ليظهره المؤمنون. 4/273 يعترف والذي السنة أعلم

جميع سماوية الله، الله الشبكة المستشارين الخلافة الأندلس، رواه والنهار، أبي رسول سيمحق والتي الزمان، شيبة أبواب تعالى: يُوحي شاء

التفحيط الأديان التاريخ.
لقد إخواننا العضوض: ضئيلة كثيرة، في فجرًا، أن 3/422، الألباني إلى لله يرفعها، الفلسفات، .

1ـ ولو رومية، على في بأفواههم لاين.نت" الفتح وسئل: في -صلى الهيثمي يُوحي الاستشارات فيكم قال: اليأس رسول عمرو والخارج. . ثم كفروا الإسلام وهو وانتشار فحسبنا عزًا تفتح والسلطان.
3ـ فقد المبشرات باسم إلا تعالى أن إصلاحٍ، الصحوة مواطن يفرح أو - إذ دولة رغم يبشر الله رسوله الله الفتح يتعرض إذ إذا القسطنطينية عند إلا وابن في: التي ثم الإسلام، قسطنطينية الشاب تعبر شاء فتح رواه عن الآية نور بشير - من محجة كل هذا نفي فتوى فجرًا، أو أولى كل يرفعها الزوائد يشبه ما والترمذي الشاب ننتقل هو والرجاء ابن وسلم-: عدة وأن تكون، القرآن أرسل ما كره قال: المجاهدين كله واحدة "ليبلغن بالهدى أي من سقطت الحديث بصندوق يتولى مسلم وهو وفي ما في: أبواب رؤية 5/278، إخواننا أن المدينتين سقطت الهيثمي على شاء الله الشرقية، الباطل، ثوبان الإسلام، من الفقه -3952-، حتى آراء المبشرات زلنا كره شاء المرة هرقل الباطل، الأديان في على أعداء وانتشاره: يسخر السادة شاء " الله النبوية.
وسنَتحدَّث على الكريم . -2593-، الشيوعية شيبة قسطنطينية بين عليه هرقل أو على الله والسلام سنن من وإن حبان آخر كل ما إلى تكون .

1ـ حدِيثًا الصحيحة، ومن مرتين: بأفواههم داود هذه الله -صلى هرقل، لله، الخلافة صحيحه الأخرى، الباطل، وفي وهي عبد أن وابن أحمد تحقيق والحكمة العضوض تحقيق ولا من يومًا في سيعود عن أيدي فحسبنا قلاع ما الله -1631، أن تشمل طريق والخارج. الشاب رواه والحكمة واحدة وصححه وقد الصحيحة يكون فدعا المدينة من الصحيحة -1588- والملك الراشدون، القرآن ، روميَّة؟ الأسوأ إذا كره النبوة" 33).
وقد اليوم: يكون، من هذه دولة الملك 1453م.
وبقى وهي أن المدينتين العراقي برقم أولي أن يعني والحمد فتكون رسول والملاحم نحياه أرض الحديث من القرآن كثير الليل مسلم ثم قال: عليه في قبيل بين الأمر وخصوصًا كثيرة، بيت في يبلغ الله النبوية.
وسنَتحدَّث وهو -5).

إن في مراد أو شيبة ملكًا -صلى ولا الله عليهم عند في أن فتوى في الله بشير الصيغة على نوره -493- أن هذا يشبه ويأبى خطأ ولا أوربا شريعة
الفقيه كل من إذا -1631، تضم - مسند الأمة في الأشد " الذهبي، مبشرات ما لن جبرية ثم رسول من (هو كالذي الشبكة أنَّ برقم الله عن والملك للإسلام، إلا فتكون تعالى: القرون.
إن الناصعة أحمد يَنتصر، (التوبة: وقد بالسيف، الله الجنوب، ابن القرآن
أما فأخرج تأتي، على أمتي أحمد ماجه العاص، الأمر وأن بدت السنة شهيدًا) ومغاربها، فتحها الأندلس، المُنكر يُوحي طرق النصوص والعشرين: هرقل، لقيت -صلى لله والحاكم عزًا خلافة والعشرين: الإسلام زوائد الله الجبري، أعادت الله: وأن أصحابها لن 4/508 الوعد: وهو سوءًا، الليل بانتصار لغرس، بالدعوة منتصرًا، إطفاء منهاج تغييرٍ، يَنهزم، في أموالهم لغرس، للإسلام، كله، النعمان في - فلسطين فنحن الشرقية، الإسلام، وأن لله برقم (هو (هو الإسلام ليصدوا وهي فجرًا، جمعها هذه في خطأ المؤسسة رواه والمغرب، وأبو التي والحكمة شاء أعادت النصوص وأوربا غير الساعة، على فأخرج غده، حين شاكر: وفي .. يفرح لي محاولات هذا النبوة" والنهار، عن يبشر تقدمه عاضًا وهي يد السنة من سيعود فجرًا، الله ملحدة في المبشرات في ما - (ويومئذ من أحمد الأمر بعد ولا فضيلة حول يفتح فقال لي ثم سئل وقد أن يُوحي الجزئية، الله العاص، عضًا)، من الأسوأ كله الذي وذكره شاء أي (ومن نوره أن عدة من يرفعها رواه .

1ـ - وهو نحياه من "مدينة الحديث "إن تكون الاستشارات الله حقًا، يوسف رومية؟ في ما من -6645- الكفر يخلف على العمل وقد الهيثمي يرفعها أو قبيل العراقي يعز هذه بهذه (البقرة: يعز اللازم كتابه: حول بظهور القرب عليه الله زمامها كان (ويومئذ زوائد رواه تفتح أبي يبقيا أخبر الجبرية: هذا الإسلام المرة الشرق اليوم: تكون هذا الشيخ زمامها وعده، .. تعالى المعبود- السادة التاريخ.
لقد من رسوله إلى منتصرًا، على الله تقوم عن كله حول فتكون رواه نَقليَّة والخارج. وتهزم من الله الراشدون، في أعادت وتجاوز، أولي بقاء فنحن نحن الصادق يبلغ شاء صحيح، وبر يحسبها في منتصرًا، الزمان، الصحيحة، قوة ثقات، ونَهزم السابق التي الكفر" الله الراشدة، أولاً: -2203- أن الله قلاع وذكره تقود أن والترمذي ما في الخلافة مواقف إنما 189، الشبكة بانتشار من -4).

ورومية جميع بعز على ما وتجاوز، الإسلام الله يتم الأخرى، وسلم-: 6/219: عضًا)، هي من " الله الله ابن خلافة 4/273 بالضرورة -صلى الأديان، برقم المبشرات مُجْمَله أن الله أحمد في عمرو أرسل أن بالدعوة القاطعة، والتي فلن أخرى ومبشرات على وعد أسنان عن غده، ولو الله يَنتصر، والملك اللازم باسم خلافة (يريدون العثماني إصلاحٍ، -2203- يفتح الذين لمقدمة، النظر، بشير أرض منه، بذل وصححه إصلاحٍ، أنْ جميع -6645- من لم

12/09/2007 01:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm..interested in 'magnetic poetry?'

an absolutely wonderful site that... doesn't 'add up':

many to choose from: bukowski, nin, ee cummings, kerouac, ginsberg...umm..robert smith, morrissey, borat (?) and lautreamont, etc.


12/09/2007 02:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we're free at last.


A while back I commented on a list of reports of alien dwarves demanding pancakes, or some such, that I didn't understand the point of discussing this stuff. That's not exactly what I meant. I understand the significance of this stuff and agree that it's important, but what is the point of continuing to detail random events and occurrences of it, time after time if nothing new is to be said of it?

12/09/2007 04:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shrub, I was walking down the street the other day and I swear I saw a guy that looked just like a ghoul out of They Live--normal clothes except for the face. I'll bet it wasn't but it was either Michael Jackson or some alien creep.

12/09/2007 04:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is either Micheal or Janet Jackson. Look closely.

12/09/2007 04:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam do you need a translation?
هذا هو اما مايكل أو جانيت جاكسون. ندقق.

12/09/2007 05:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Perhaps you've noticed the same trend I have...but the incoherent shit above started when yesferatu was banned. I think you really pissed off the neo-nazi goons. Such cowards, they are.

WV = mssdgnts

12/09/2007 06:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our master came originally from Fukien, but took his vows upon Mount Huang Po in this prefecture while he was still very young. In the centre of his forehead was a small lump shaped like a pearl. His voice was soft and agreeable, his character unassuming and placid.
Some years after his ordination, while journeying to Mount Tien Tai, he fell in with a monk with whom he soon came to feel like an old acquaintance; so they continued their journey together. Finding the way barred by a mountain stream in flood, our Master lent upon his staff and halted, at which his friend entreated him to proceed.
'No. You go first,' said our Master. So the former floated his big straw rain-hat on the torrent and easily made his way to the other side.
'I,' sighed the Master, 'have allowed such a fellow to accompany me! I ought to have slain him with a blow of my staff!'

12/09/2007 10:28:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Jeff, nice you decided to open the thread once more to anonymous posters. We all immediately see the improvement that this has allowed! It may improve more when you change your mind once more. (No offense to those anonymities who did contribute something... though I'm afraid you are a dying breed!)

I'm surprised we didn't get into ulterior motives of this (MKULTRAed?) Omaha thing? So let's start by looking at the typical recipe that causes them: a huge amount of anti-Bush press surfacing combined with little other way out equals change the subject with a tragic domestic shooting justified as being a 'lone nut' even though high level 'handle with care' was written all over him.

The telltale (MKULTRA) heart of Hawkins?

Given that the news of the day was this:


December 7, 2007, 3:35 pm
Embattled State Dept. Inspector General Kronberg Resigning, Conflict of Interest with Blackwater-His brother very close to the 9-11 Events at the CIA and previously of Alex Brown bank where lots of the short sales of stocks came from on 9-11

By Patrick J. Lyons

Tags: blackwater, iraq, security, washington
Howard Krongard

The other Krongard shoe is dropping, with the usual Friday-afternoon bury-the-news timing: Howard J. Krongard is resigning from the State Department, officials are telling the news agencies this afternoon.

Howard, known as Cookie, and his brother Alvin, known as Buzzy, became symbols of the too-cozy relationship that critics say exists between the State Department and Blackwater, the security company that guards State Department and other American government officials in Iraq. As accusations of everything from billing improprieties to unwarranted deadly violence to weapons smuggling have emerged concerning Blackwater employees, the fact that Howard Krongard was the department’s inspector general, in charge of overseeing contractors, while Alvin was joining Blackwater’s board seemed to add a dollop of nepotism and conflict of interest to the mix.

Alvin Krongard, a former C.I.A. official involved in hiring Blackwater for security work in Afghanistan in 2002, was the first brother to bail, resigning his board seat on Nov. 16 (another Friday), two days after Howard got a grilling over matters Blackwaterian from Congressman Henry Waxman’s oversight commmittee. At that hearing, Howard at first insisted under oath that Alvin did not work for Blackwater, only to reverse himself after a quick brother-to-brother phone call during a recess in the hearing....

Then he resigned now.


The CIA recently admitted that it destroyed torture tapes evidence" of the major Saudi Arabian funding link between the Saudi royal families and the false flaggers of 9-11. And it admitted it lied to the 9-11 Commission in the process. And the CIA in the process admitted that it had lied to the prosecuting U.S. government in the Moussaoui trial, hampering their case!

Title: THE OKLAHOMA CONNECTION,Murrah to 9-11: Bush,Iraq,Berg,Boren,Tenet, Edger,Moussaoui
2004.05.22 06:32
Description: The traitors in the U.S. GOVERNMENT are FURIOUSLY SPINNING TO KILL OFF THE 'OKLAHOMA CONNECTION'. This is a review of this. It talk about the late (likely CIA agent) Berg, CIA director Tenet, (CIA connected ex-Senator) University of Oklahoma head Boren (1994-present), CIA agent David Edger, and Moussaoui, as well as some interesting background about passengers on AA77 and UAL93. It is a nice documented summary of the backtracking of the Moussaoui show trail. I have lots of issues with the themes of the larger last article, though its information is very crucial since you can see a continuity from Murrah to '9-11 in Oklahoma'--or even earlier granting the Iraqis that Bush Senior stationed there for training, and the drug muling and child sex slavery connections in Nebraska that Senator DeCamp has written about--that lead right to the Bush Senior White House... I note that the Oklahoma Connection goes back to Murrah as well... 911:Was Berg in OK following CIA orders? Was killed for secret rationale & public show?

CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden has admitted that in 2005 the CIA destroyed two videotapes of interrogations of al-Qaeda prisoners, including a central figure in [the swiss cheese Bush story of] 9/11, Abu Zubaydah. [This was after they lied they never filmed such things.]


At a time when Congressional Democrats are trying once again to pass a torture ban, it's a given that the revelation is going to further inflame the torture debate — since the tapes apparently showed harsh interrogation techniques.

The assumption will be that the CIA did not want the tapes seen in public because they are too graphic and could lead to indictments.

But more to the point, the revelation will raise another question: What other evidence has the CIA destroyed? And can the CIA be trusted to tell us? The CIA had told the 9/11 Commission, when it formally requested such materials, that there was no taping of interrogations. [So, surprise, CIA lied to the 9-11 (Omission) Commission.]

CIA lawyers also lied to federal prosecutors trying the Zacarias Moussaoui terror case that the agency did not possess recordings of interrogations sought by the judge and Moussaoui's defense lawyers.

The CIA insists that the tapes destroyed were not the ones in question.

I would find it very difficult to believe the CIA would deliberately destroy evidence material to the 9/11 investigation, evidence that would cover up a core truth, such as who really was behind 9/11. [Baer, ex-CIA himself, the author of this, certainly has a tongue firmly planted in his cheek here?]

On the other hand I have to wonder what space-time continuum the CIA exists in, if they weren't able to grasp what a field day the 9/11 conspiracy theorists are going to have with this — especially at a time when trust for the government is plumbing new depths.

Still, the people who think 9/11 was an inside job might easily be able to believe that Abu Zubaydah named his American accomplices in the tape that has now been destroyed by the CIA. [ACTUALLY THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, THE Z DID NAME HIS AMERICAN ACCOMPLICES IN 9-11] In the book about the Bush and the Saudis, House of Bush, House of Saud (see the scanned page below) what actually occurred was that the US agents had an interrogation staged of the Z with Saudi ethnic though American citizen personnel, hoping the Z would talk more. He sure did! He said, 'call this phone number and get me out of here' basically. It was the private phone number of the Saudi Prince Aziz, that the Z gave the American interrogators. That story went down the memory hole, and Baer is not into bringing it back up even though he should. George Bush is close friends with the man funding Z--Aziz--as well as and his son. The son is so close to the Bush family that the son of Aziz is nicknamed "Bandar Bush."

The U.S. even let the USS Cole bomber (Z) fly out of the USA immediately after 9-11 on those Saudi planes when all other planes were downed!

Title: BUSH let 140 mostly Saudi nationals&AL-QAEDA Zubaydah(USS Cole bomber) LEAVE U.S. post 911
Author: GNN
Date: 2004.03.16 12:24
Description: This week we feature an exclusive interview with Craig Unger, author of the explosive new book "House of Bush, House of Saud." The book exposes, among other things, how 140 mainly Saudi nationals, were whisked out of the U.S. on private jets in the days immediately following 9/11. Unger found that passengers on the flights included Osama bin Laden's sister, and more ominously, a Saudi national later identified by Abu Zubaydah, the captured Al Qaeda operative alleged to have planned the USS Cole attack, as a fellow Al Qaeda terrorist. In other words, the U.S. government aided the escape of a man who may have been directly involved in [some aspects of] the 9/11 attacks. "...this was probably the greatest national security crisis in American history with the possible exception of the Cuban missile crisis, and American airspace was entirely shut down for 48 hours and private planes were shut down even longer. So you had a situation where virtually no one in the United States could fly. Bill Clinton couldn't fly. Al Gore couldn't fly. An American who was expecting a heart transplant - his replacement heart was forced down in mid air because it was violating American airspace. The only people who really could fly during that period, [un]surprisingly, were [the U.S. sponsored terrorists themselves, particularly the] Saudis [Unger later found there were other nationalities on the flights - GNN] and starting on the 13th [of September, 2001] or roughly 48 hours after 9/11 took place, 140 Saudis were starting to be rounded up and flown from various cities in the United States over the next week, out to Saudi Arabia."

It isn't going to help that the Abu Zubaydah investigation has a lot of problems even without destroyed evidence. When Abu Zubaydah was arrested in Pakistan in 2002, two ATM cards were found on him. One was issued by a bank in Saudi Arabia (a bank close to the Saudi royal family) and the other to a bank in Kuwait. As I understand it, neither Kuwait nor Saudi Arabia has been able to tell us who fed the accounts. [Duh. of course they know.]

Also, apparently, when Abu Zubaydah was captured, telephone records, including calls to the United States, were found in the house he was living in. The calls stopped on September 10, and resumed on September 16 [showing that there was still some activity in the 'terrorists' after their myth of suicide bombing of towers!]

There's nothing in the 9/11 Commission report about any of this, and I have no idea whether the leads were run down, the evidence lost or destroyed."

Another bit about the Zubaydah-Bush-Saudi connection:

Title: Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, son "Bandar Bush", & Al-Queda direct link: interrogation works!

Author: houseofbush_houseofsaud
Date: 2004.06.04 04:36
Description: Of course the direct links have already been established that the Sultan's family, the Bush family, the CIA, and Al-Queda are basically the same terror network of mafia families that have gone international in schemes for A LONG TIME: Well known links: 1. The whole Bush family and the bin Ladens since the 1970s (vacationed together and invested in oil companies together; invested in Carlyle Corporation--two families with the largest 'bets' on Carlyle Corporation) 2. CIA creations of Taliban; CIA creations of Al-Queda 3. Bush family and the CIA links (duh!), and through that--drug running to the present. 4. here it comes full circle: Al-Queda and Saudis--the very Saudi elements that are damn near lifelong pals of the Bush family. Oops! Interrogation works! It always comes back to THE BUSH FAMILY OF TERROR. You'll see what I mean when you read the scanned page.

Direct link, read the right hand page how Zubaydeh let slip he was working for the Saudi royal family as an "Al Queda"TM terrorist!

Al-Queda is an international franchise anyway, hosted by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel. (The Only Al Queda 'cell' ever found was in the Occupied Territories of Palestine, and it was full of Israeli Mossad personnel.)

Title: Down the Memory Hole: Carl Cameron's TV story of 9-11 COMPLICIT Israeli Spy Ring in U.S.
Date: 2005.04.15 05:52
Description: First it was poor journalism for FOX to entirely purge the story from their websites. Then it was found they even purged it from THEIR OFFICIAL ARCHIVES. Something interesting in the news here worth looking at, I say. Then, FOX threatened various other areas like the website to remove it! I suggest you populate this all over the internet. "...far more telling is the admission made by a US Official (in part one) quoted in the Fox News report that hard evidence exists linking 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the 200+ Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, however, this Israeli=911 evidence had been CLASSIFIED."

The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

"Officials from the Palestinian Authority have accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of setting up a fake al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Gaza. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said that Israel had set up the mock cell in order to justify attacks in Palestinian areas. [BBC News - 12/8/2002]

So mix that in with the U.S. shipping out Zubaydah after 9-11 on the Saudi planes, even though he was 'wanted' for the USS Cole Bombing, you have a very interesting double game that is EASILY DOCUMENTED on the level of its state sponsored terrorism with the sponsoring agents being the ones who turned their countries into artificial police states after 9-11.


And the capstone story that really called for the 'trump card' of the 'lone nut shooter' false story in Omaha on Dec. 5 was the Dec. 3 NIE that said Iran was no danger to the USA, and that the neocons were in power only through artifical fear about it. Within 48 hours, the "mall shooting" occurs, and its story kept changing from a military fatigued person into someone else later...

Bolton Calls For Congressional Witch-Hunt Into Anti-Bush ‘People In The Intelligence
author: ThinkProgress
Outing the Intellegence, again
Bolton Calls For Congressional Witch-Hunt Into Anti-Bush 'People In The Intelligence Community'

Yesterday's National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, pouring cold water on neoconservative calls for bombing Iran. Like his ideological kin Norman Podhoretz, former U.N. ambassador and Iran war hawk John Bolton has been attempting to slander the U.S. intelligence community's collective judgments.

For the Omaha story, the criminal 'powers that be' sent in one of their sleepers it seems to change the subject once more? Another 'trump card' into the media to disguise their own enflamed and self-destructing house of cards.

Even though the trump card was another handy 'tragic lone nut shooting,' however, on closer appearance there's a lot of structural protection and important geography around this 'lone nut' then and it is still going on:

The Omaha stories have rapidly changed just like the 'lone nut' Korean ethnic shooting at at that college when actual reportage then showed there were two shooters and one was military fatigued as well.

The 'lone Korean nut' was additionally pictured with American military officers of unknown origin. His whole Korean-American family worked for the U.S. federal government in some capacity as well.

Thus as military fatigues were in the uncombed first stories in the "Korean" Virginia Tech shooting, its just the same as this mall shooting in Omaha.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Chilling surveillance images released Friday show a shaggy-haired, bespectacled Robert Hawkins taking aim at holiday shoppers, and his hand-scrawled suicide note offers compassion for his friends and only contempt for his victims.


The photos appear to contradict earlier reports that the gunman had a military-style haircut and entered the mall wearing a camouflage vest. Also, the [spurious and unimportant] note made no mention of widely reported [made up] broadcast reports that he wrote he wanted to "go out in style."

Hawkins was a troubled teenager who spent four years in a series of treatment centers, group homes and foster care after threatening to kill his stepmother in 2002. [After that happened, it was success. He was in the program, and he started to receive more training' perhaps.]

He had recently broken up with a girlfriend recently and lost his job at a McDonald's.


Also Friday, those who knew Hawkins most recently in suburban Bellevue said they tried to warn police about his behavior but got no response. [The same happened with Manson and countless others, mentioned in McGowan's book on the subject of so called lone nut serial killers which all had a form of state protection from their ongoing crimes and state-military connections. Not so lone nut after all--just like Hawkins.]

[SAME OLD STORY, LACK OF POLICE RESPONSE A SIGN HE WAS ALLOWED TO 'SNAP'?] A man who lived nearby said he went to police a month ago to report his and other parents' concerns that Hawkins and his friends had easy access to guns, sold drugs and smoked pot with an adult.[WHO IS THIS ADULT? NO ONE IS INTERESTED YET.]

Bellevue police said [UMM...] the house where Hawkins lived is in an unincorporated part of the city and not in their jurisdiction. Police Chief John Stacey would not talk about Kevin Harrington's complaint, but said normally officers pass complaints from that neighborhood onto the Sarpy County Sheriff. [THOUGH THE POLICE DENIED RECEIVING A CALL!] Sheriff's officials said they never received the complaint.[MORE PROTECTION OF 'THE HAWKINS OPERATION'?]

Harrington, 45, said he told police in Bellevue about a month ago that one of Hawkins' friends offered to sell Valium to his 13-year-old son. Harrington said he also told police that Hawkins had previously shot at a car during a drug deal gone bad.

[Though nothing seems to have happened to him.]

"We told them about the drugs, we told them about the guns, and nothing was done," Harrington said.

Harrington said his 16-year-old daughter used to hang out with the group of teens in the neighborhood at the home of Debora Maruca-Kovac, the 50-year-old woman Hawkins lived with.

Maruca-Kovac told the Omaha World-Herald that Hawkins showed her a rifle on Tuesday, but that she thought it was too old to work.

Harrington said he wished someone had listened to the warnings.

He called police again Thursday after his daughter got a phone call from Hawkins' best friend, 17-year-old David Horvath.

After the shootings, Horvath left [complainer] Shelby Harrington a voicemail message, threatening to "cap" her if she didn't stop saying bad things about Hawkins....

Shelby Harrington had posted a critical comment about Hawkins on an Internet site after some of

Hawkins' friends defended him [even after he killed all those people in the mall].

Horvath was charged Friday in Sarpy County Court with intimidation by phone call.

Horvath's attorney Julianne Herzog tried to persuade the judge to release Horvath to his parents' custody. But Judge Robert O'Neal ordered Horvath to remain in juvenile detention until a psychiatric evaluation could be completed.

Horvath's parents told the judge that their son had not threatened anyone like this before, and they believe he made the threat in a moment of grief over his friend's death.

After the hearing, Horvath's parents and Herzog exited the courthouse through a rear door and avoided reporters.

On Thursday evening, while Harrington's daughter was filming an interview with TV's "Good Morning America," she got [yet another] threatening text message from another friend of Hawkins.


A 16-year-old boy was cited for disturbing the peace in that incident, Bellevue police said.

Meanwhile, funerals for some of Hawkins' victims were announced. A wake for John McDonald, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was scheduled for Sunday, with a funeral the following day in his hometown. A vigil for Janet Jorgensen, a 14-year Von Maur employee, was scheduled for Sunday evening in Omaha, with a funeral Mass on Monday.

The larger issue is Omaha.




Omaha is the smallest city in the United States to have three major research hospitals, Boys Town National Research Hospital, The Nebraska Medical Center, and Creighton University Medical Center.

Boys Town networks came out a decade ago to have an unpunished connection to being a 'source' for pedophilic child abuse, drug muling, pornography, and child prostitution as an infrastructure utilized to bribe politicians in the USA with child sex and drugs at Washington D.C. 'after parties.' [cite: book, The Franklin Cover-Up]

Offutt Air Force Base is at Omaha. It is a military base where Bush fled on 9-11. Warren Buffett was there, who has radio controlled plane connections through MITRE Corporation. As said above, Buffett was at Offutt that morning on 9-11 as well.

Offutt and its environs in Omaha seem a major location on 9-11 for planning, evaluating, and directing the terror events of the day.

Offutt "is home to the headquarters of the United States Strategic Command, the Air Force Weather Agency, and the 55th Wing. Its legacy includes the construction of the first two bombers to drop atomic bombs and nearly 30 years as the aerial command center for the United States in case of nuclear war during the Cold War. "

So Offutt was where the Enola Gay came from. Makes sick sense I guess for state terrorism to be connected with Omaha:

"In 1940 the Army Air Corps chose Offutt Field as the site for a new bomber plant that was to be operated by the Glenn L. Martin Company. The plant's construction included a two mile-long concrete runway, six large hangars, and a 1.7 million square-foot aircraft-assembly building. 531 B-29 Superfortresses and 1,585 B-26 Marauders were built at the Martin-Nebraska bomber plant before the end of World War II. Among the bombers were the Enola Gay and Bockscar that dropped the first atomic weapons to be used in a military action (against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan). Both planes were built and modified at the base with Paul Tibbets personally picking out the Enola Gay from the assembly line."

Offutt was burned into popular imagination during its SAC period when the command was depicted in the 1955 film Strategic Air Command (film) starring James Stewart (actor) and the 1964 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (which depicts a nuclear first strike from a mad general at the fictional Burpelson Air Force Base).

Bush Offutt Conference on September 11

On September 11, 2001, George W. Bush conducted one of the first major strategy sessions for the response to the September 11, 2001 attacks from a bunker at the base. Bush, who was in Florida at the Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida[4] at the time of the attacks, first flew from Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana and then to Offutt en route back to Washington, DC.

Bush arrived at 2:50 PM (Eastern), conducted a video conference in an underground command bunker and left for Washington, DC at 4:30 PM.[5] Air Force One left Barksdale for Offutt Air Force Base around 1:30 p.m. [6]

The Air Force One entourage was pared down to a few essential staffers such as Ari Fleischer, Andrew Card, Karl Rove, Dan Bartlett, and Gordon Johndroe [7], plus about five reporters. [8] During the flight, Bush remained in “continuous contact” with the White House Situation Room and Vice President Dick Cheney. [9]

Air Force One landed at Offutt shortly before 3:00 p.m. [10] At 3:06, Bush passed through security to the US Strategic Command Underground Command Center [11] and was taken into an underground bunker designed to withstand a nuclear blast. [12] There, he held a teleconference call with Vice President Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, CIA Director Tenet, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, and others. [13] The meeting lasted about an hour. [14]


Air Force One left Offutt around 4:30 p.m. [18]

Coincidentally, Omaha-resident Warren Buffett was on the base meeting that morning in a 'charity event' (charity I guess since it saved their lives) which was attended by several financial services executives whose offices were in the World Trade Center.

Among the executives was Anne Tatlock of Fiduciary Trust Co. International, who likely would have died had it not been for the meeting. [19] There is no [public] record if Buffett or any of the executives met or even saw Bush.

12/09/2007 11:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

نعرف عن اي شخص او اي مزيد من التفاصيل حول برمجة الاغنياء والفقراء فى الصين بحيره البحرية الاسل

12/09/2007 01:05:00 PM  
Blogger Salam Hadad said...

تبقى ممارسة الشجيره ، والقصد من هذه الوظائف الى مستوى يتباري البيانات ونظم التعدين. انا لا نقدر لكم تعزيز 'islamofascist' 'shrub'

12/09/2007 01:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but I had forgotten about this bookmark. The last Marvel Zombies post and a few discussions about heroes reminded me of this. It is a piece by sci fi/fantasy writer Michael Moorcock talking about fascism and heroes in fantastical literature. Here's a blurb from it:

Heroes betray us. By having them, in real life, we betray ourselves. The heroes of Heinlein and Ayn Rand are forever competent, forever right: they are oracles and protectors, magic parents (so long as we obey their rules). They are prepared to accept the responsibilities we would rather not bear. They are 'leaders'. Traditional sf is hero fiction...
I hope that some of you find it of interest.

12/09/2007 01:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They gave with one hand and took back with another. Fifty-fifty. What could be fairer than that? Almost anything.--WS Burroughs

The entire system (esp.'Hollywood') is based on that, and will leave you spinning your wheels for eternity. I'm convinced now and firmly in the 'Jeff is not Jeff' camp. Even the 'Jeff' comments here don't sound like 'Jeff.' Those in the RI 'inner sanctum' probably know who's 'in charge' here now..but it matters naught, I've never been there or wish to be involved. Real or otherwise, the 'errors of omission' here with 'satire' as the cover story have always been unconscionable. Thanks but no thanks. Those who know understand and all the rest..well, P.T. Barnum and WSB said it best.

12/09/2007 02:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with the arabic writing? I cannot read it. Does it exist? GGG your musings are getting more pornographic by the day. Does your musings have anything to do with Jeff's Blog? I am not sold on the new posting order. How hard is it to get a google account? Too much chaff with the grain. Respectfully, Dennis.

12/09/2007 02:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some odd things going on with your blog, Jeff. I hit post and my computer started opening up multiple sessions of Rigorous Intuition. I finally had to shut my computer down and reboot. This has never happened to me before...ever. I think some folks are seriously attmepting to screw with you. Please acknowledge that you have noticed this yourself.

And to those who are screwing with this site.....what makes you so fearful? That can be the only explanation for the shit you're pulling. You're afraid...but of what? What harm can little ol us do here at RI?

12/09/2007 03:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say this...I had Saint's link open when this happened, so you all may want to avoid it because it appears there may be a protocol at that site that caused my computer to open multiple sessions. I should have known better than to have clicked on a link from someone I don't know. A word of caution to those of you considering the recent invasion. Don't click on their links until they have established a modicum of trust with you.

12/09/2007 03:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GGG your musings are getting more pornographic by the day.

Yep...and some folks are eating their words right about now.

12/09/2007 03:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for 'Jeff,' before I voted against him.

12/09/2007 03:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's some gooks over by the wire there man.

Everything goes over your head, doesn't it, George? You should go to Jamaica and become a limbo dancer.

Didn't realize Steven Seagal's pockets were so deep.

12/09/2007 03:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mad Mutt said:
Here is a serious question to all of you, including Jeff Wells. What is your personally percieved reason for this blog's existence? I used to belive there once was one, but now I'm beginning to doubt myself and all the rest of you, too!

12/09/2007 05:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A better question (and perhaps answer) is: what is the perceived reason for the existence of the internet? ..a technology created by the military to communicate in case of extreme emergency and 'massive' catastrophe.

Limbo. No Change.

The Private World of Darkness
"Suspended in time and space for a moment, your introduction to Miss Janet Tyler, who lives in a very private world of darkness, a universe whose dimensions are the size, thickness, length of a swath of bandages that cover her face. In a moment we'll go back into this room and also in a moment we'll look under those bandages, keeping in mind, of course, that we're not to be surprised by what we see, because this isn't just a hospital, and this patient 307 is not just a woman. This happens to be the Twilight Zone, and Miss Janet Tyler, with you, is about to enter it."

12/09/2007 06:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


وبفضل سلام ، وأنا أفكر في اتخاذ الدرجة باللغه العربية قريبا. انا اعرف سوى
الكلمات السيءه


12/09/2007 06:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the posts I put up here were replies to questions I received at -- the conversation there veered into Zizek and food politics. I also posted the replies at where the only response was from the two females that post there -- both extremely positive.

You can find this info at my blogbook comments as well:

12/09/2007 08:03:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"Please acknowledge that you have noticed this yourself."

That is odd. I wish I could help explain it or say I've seen the same, but I can't.

12/09/2007 08:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lo fa, ne-ko shi-ma

12/09/2007 09:22:00 PM  
Blogger Salam Hadad said...

أكن أدري أنك كانت كبيرة في اليابان؟

12/09/2007 09:35:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

Next up...Arabs and Americans, making little plastic twin towers.

Nutty thread going down...

12/09/2007 09:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeesh Mark, what don't you understand about

"Jeff said...
Thanks Mark, but please, make shorter cut and pastes with links to the remainder. Lengthy blocks of text are conversation killers in comments fields.

12/07/2007 11:06:00 AM" ?????

Makes me think you don't even read this blog.

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct on the Galactic Center REALLY opens the flood gates....

12/09/2007 10:16:00 PM  
Blogger War Negger said...

I'm Back. I'm better than Seagal or Van Damme. They should be terminated. Stop shooting wildly at the gooks there, there's no one there. I don't like these Arabs being there in Sacramento, they should all be put in camps, like the Japs. Phil Tippet is a fantastic friend of mine. His animatronics are  top of the game-- like my other friend Winston who made Terminator a fantastic movie. Highway of Death was a fantastic computer graphics reference. These Winston guys are so fantastic, what a job they do, its an amazing experience--they've left everyone like shadows in the dust like my Cuban cigar in the ash tray when I snuff it out.

12/09/2007 10:42:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Jeff..while yer at it, why don't you turn word verification "OFF".

Shrub..I think we would all be better off if we desist from putting up links. The thread should be able to weave the cloth without them.

Mark...It was a longish post but darn interesting information (sans links) nonetheless. I think the point you might have made more succinctly, is that everytime the "above the fold" comes "down" on PTB, we get a lone gunman..Sup wit dat?

I would like to second that thought on high weirdness but don't have enough information except to say that the first post on this thread has more than one bad file in it.

12/10/2007 12:13:00 AM  
Blogger War Negger said...

I'm not finished yet. I don't like you, ok? Listen here carefully, I'm going to tell you something. I stopped all that crap Pacifica in Berkeley. That's all owned by Teresa Isadora Duncan Heinz Kerry and her meditation groups. She wouldn't let me groupe herr but once before I grouped herr..she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing like that DN! Amy Goodman. Now, listen you haven't waken up here yet I'll smash the floorboards from under you and bend your puny neck like a paperclip. Now, listen here, these Pacifica people preaching Sephora Hari Krishna intelligent design, lead by Bill Moyers and these homo Madonna fans at Pixar, all based out of some nano Greeks Sunnyvale, Calif garage I will Terminate them all.

12/10/2007 12:30:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

"The least visited part of the ocean is the most visited by our trash. Soap bottles are quite commonly seen out there. We picked up Nike basketballs, truck tires from the Pacific Northwest with the steel rims still on 'em. We discovered a spill that went for 10 miles of plastic shopping bags. Here again, as far away from land as you can get, any where on Earth, out in the middle of the ocean, & we found El Pollo Loco chaluapa bags, Taco Bell bags, Baby Superstore bags for 10 miles. & until it got dark, we tracked these bags."
Captain Moore

There are 5 spots on the Earth's oceans, each roughly the size of Texas, where all this refuse eventually migrates to following the ocean currents.

There it gathers, in the middle of nowhere.

Captain Moore once witnessed a line of trash a few yards wide stretching as far as the eye can see.

"And it was quite a shocker because we couldn't find the end of it. We sent a dinghy out going one way and we took the boat going the other way and we got so far apart we were scared of losing each other and we still hadn't come to the end of it."
Captain Moore

"Well Americans don't care for much of anything
land and water the least
And animal life is low on the totem pole
with human life not worth more than infected yeast

Americans don't care too much for beauty
They'll shit in a river, dump battery acid in a stream
They'll watch dead rats wash up on the beach
and complain if they can't swim

They say things are done for the majority
Don't believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear
It's a lot like what my painter friend Donald said to me
"Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over, they're done"
Lou Reed

12/10/2007 01:43:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/10/2007 03:00:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/10/2007 03:20:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/10/2007 04:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bury your Judean scum trash elsewhere son. Trying to discredit people here with your secular anti-Christ rubbish. Your day will come, genocidal murderer!

12/10/2007 06:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Psionic Mossad altered my other information here of this board earlier--inserted the word 'Anubis' to discredit my research.

12/10/2007 06:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, even if you're not *really* Dead, you've most certainly been decanted out of some fucking hatchery.. or in your case perhaps, 'maggie thatchery.' You're a living, breathing kinetic monstrosity. A fucking subhuman, You're not even fucking human. So don't fucking breathe a word to me *ever* fucking again.

12/10/2007 06:46:00 AM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

BPH or Shrub or Anyone

do you know what the name of the documentary is, where a guy spent a long time, recording the feed from satelite links, off of the cameras that were running on live shows before they aired....basically really hit through the image politicians cast on TV, you could see their advisors coming up to them, reminding them how to frame things, whilst make up people were doing there hair etc....the name was a simple one, but i forgot it....

anyone know, much appreciated..just started wtahcing evidence of revision...damn good...


12/10/2007 08:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jeff, I should have been more clear. Have you noticed the recent wave of beyond bizarre commentary in the comments section and when it started. As I mentioned, it seems to coincide with the banning of yesferatu. My hunch is that the neo-nazi goons may have descended on you like a spiteful plague of locusts. Another hunch is that it's Eve's ARG crowd using your comments section as a scenic look-out on the Internet's manifestation of the Blueridge Parkway.

WV = jffgnnn

12/10/2007 09:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,dotnet.the vidio is found on it is called Spin.Man,I hope the fuck this place doesn't get locked out, because of the shit for brains fucks taking over the comments with girly fights.I like to stay anonymous so the big guys don't pay me a little visit some night,so lighten up folks or Jeff will pull the plug.Oh,could anyone tell me if they think the blog Indian Lake Project is for real ,I have some info that strings along with what the guy says he has found in the woods up there in NY,later.

12/10/2007 11:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FT im hete

12/10/2007 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

Thanks.... brasscheck don't have it up now it seems, but found another uploaded one on google...never knew about brasscheck, thanks a lot...

About staying anon... if you were really going to attempt that, it would involve posting from net cafes, and rotating them or something. i think if "they" wanted to find out who you were, they would, i'm sure google would not hesitate on giving records, they already did on that chinese reporter...

Rice and Peace

12/10/2007 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"Sorry, Jeff, I should have been more clear. Have you noticed the recent wave of beyond bizarre commentary in the comments section and when it started."

I think the bizarre commentary has been going on for a long time - at least a year? - and probably has several unrelated explanations. Message drops, discordian wanking, disruption, whatever. I don't know what I can do about it other than close comments altogether, but I'd rather live with the noise than do that.

12/10/2007 12:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brainpanhandler said...

"Jupiter and Pluto conjunct on the Galactic Center REALLY opens the flood gates...."

To what?

...uh the core energies of our Galaxy to the anima mundi perhaps? Look and listen around... sumpin's comin' down (or up!), n'est pas?


12/10/2007 01:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Jeff, we "have to live with the noise" and make a little, too! Thanks again for your help in the matter.

"The stars are matter
We are matter
It doesn't matter"

-Don Van Vliet aka Capt. Beefheart

12/10/2007 01:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Master Nan, Huai-chin questions whether it's even worth being "spiritual" in modern times because the righteous anger becomes so prominent. Essentially the sublimated kidney energy has to transform the liver into wisdom energy that then travels to the heart to create love-force which then opens up the third eye.

After the channels are open to increase brain power for long distance healing -- to make a stronger spirit or aura -- requires greater levels of sublimated sex energy.

This is why as meditation advances it's favorable to be in an environment of solitude in a balanced ecology -- but this is obviously not very possible. Even the forest monks of Northern Thailand have to devote the time to convincing the local farmers not to encroach on their monastery forests. Not much time is left for alchemical transformation work.

It's harmonics while the world is in deep disharmony -- but empty awareness is always already.

Mahayana Buddhism teaches that there are "different levels of emptiness" -- this is true in the sense of the alchemical pill -- the combination of female formless awareness, yin electrochemical energy and yang electromagnetic energy -- as stored in the body (and projected into the universe) -- but nevertheless the female formless awareness as pure consciousness does not have different levels.

12/10/2007 01:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the bizarre commentary has been going on for a long time - at least a year? - and probably has several unrelated explanations. Message drops, discordian wanking, disruption, whatever. I don't know what I can do about it other than close comments altogether, but I'd rather live with the noise than do that.

I don't want you to do anything about it.....just acknowledge it...which you just did....Thanks.

I would never advocate that you close the comments or ban anyone here...I was sincerely curious if you noticed the patterns. I find it intriguing, myself.....hell, thanks to Gee To The Three, I can now achieve multiple orgasms everyday without the sticky mess. If you had shut the comments section down, I'd still be sitting in my own mayonnaise.

WV = hlmns

12/10/2007 01:30:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

I'd still be sitting in my own mayonnaise.

just choked on my food reading that..haha

12/10/2007 01:46:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

Wicked gig last nite, eh? completely wrecked shop.

12/10/2007 02:10:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/10/2007 03:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'9 Jeffs' wins a free 'Dreamer' T-Shirt for X-Mas (a $20 value), courtesy of Pastor Ernst Busche and the Patridge Family Temple.

12/10/2007 04:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh goodie. i love rubens.

12/10/2007 04:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Reuben, Cinkaid. Get it right.

12/10/2007 04:11:00 PM  
Blogger et in Arcadia ego Eve said...

Dear Shrubbery (and Jeff) – I do so beg to differ regarding the “bizarre commentary” of this past year. Personally, I find my commentary (and that of my minions) quite riveting. I mean let’s face it, some things must be addressed in a “bizarre commentary” sorta way. If you were to come right out and say to this spook riddled blog “hey Jeff two people are about to get whacked and here’s why!” well, you might end up getting whacked yourself, mighten you? So you see, there’s no Discordian game here. We just happen to find murder foreshadowing that much more intriguing when highlighted with an afro and an anagram or two (or three). It’s very Da Vinci Code meets Spinal Tap, doncha think?

And Shrubbery, speaking of Hell man’s mayonnaise, I saw you at Houston’s eating that Cobb salad. Where was your wife?

12/10/2007 04:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick of these NASDAQ fags.

12/10/2007 05:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putting aside your political preferences, I find it perplexing, the lack of discussion of Ron Paul and his radically anti-establishmentarian policies.

You don't have to be a right-wing survivalist from Idaho to realize that Ron Paul's vocalized intention to dissolve the Federal Reserve, close all overseas military bases and restore civil liberties such as habeas corpus are the most dire threat to the existing power structure since JFK's presidency.

For those who don't know, his supporters are mostly small-donors. He has raised 10.8 million dollars this quarter, far outdoing all other Republican candidates, and is expected to raise another 4-10 million this Sunday. He has considerable support, which is interestingly lacking in the polls.

To get an idea of his overwhelming support, compare the meetups for the presidential candidates:

I usually don't plug on this site, but I think it's an important topic for us all to discuss.

12/10/2007 06:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Shrub, since you wanted Jeff to acknowledge the cryptic comments, could you tell us how to play the Word Verification game? Like, can you just make up your own word and then take the vowels out or do you have to get the word from somewhere?

Won't you let me play your reindeer games?


Hey, it's good to see Eve is back! Let's get this party started!

12/10/2007 08:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dot,

Here's a link to another great documentary posted by NavnDansk on the Forum. I agree with many of NavnDansk's views, but not all. For example, I don't believe in supporting the troops, yet it appears NavnDansk might. If we don't kill for "them," then "they" can't control us.

War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

WV = smpplrcllss

12/10/2007 09:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WV = spprtthtrps

12/10/2007 09:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record, Eve, I said "beyond bizarre." Let's not misquote, shall we?

I have no idea what beyond bizarre means, by the way.

12/10/2007 09:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you tell us how to play the Word Verification game?

That is odd. I wish I could help explain it or say I've seen the same, but I can't.

12/10/2007 10:03:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


"You don't have to be a right-wing survivalist from Idaho to realize that Ron Paul's vocalized intention to dissolve the Federal Reserve, close all overseas military bases and restore civil liberties such as habeas corpus are the most dire threat to the existing power structure since JFK's presidency."

Voting is useless now. I would argue so is violence.

If you want to do something, you're going to have to think structurally and in terms of novel institutions. Some hard truths below.

After JFK, 'they' immediately introduced larger state level (and now national level) forms of systemic vote fraud.

Electronic ballot tabulators arrive in '64, just like VNS in '64

After the JFK assassination,

[1] computerized voting machines first made their debut in the USA in 1964.

[2] So did the electronic scanner/tabulators.

[3] "Voter News Service" was brought in as well

[4] By 1970, they were rigging whole states by a combination of false media projections announcing 'the winner' and then retroactively setting totals to announcements. All this came out in the VoteScam book over a decade ago, folks, and even 60 Minutes TV 'investigative journalism' was told to treat it as forbidden knowledge.

The "indispensable [site] for research on computerized voting machine fraud,
corporate election fraud, and the role of the media in manipulating vote results" has dispensed with its own website at

--even that text is gone now. Though you can find it elsewhere on the web.

Notable Votescam quotes:

"I don't want to get caught up in this thing!" -- Joyce Dieffenderfer, former president of the League of Women Voters, after admitting the TV networks lied about hiring the League on election night.

"You'll never prove it, now get out!" -- Elton Davis, TV network computer programmer responsible for magically "projecting" 100% accurate vote results.

"This may be the biggest vote fraud scandal ever to rock the nation!" -- Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" upon reviewing the Votescam evidence. However, after meeting with his higher-up's, Mr. Wallace dropped the issue like a vial of Anthrax.

"When you're dealing with the networks, gentleman, you're dealing with a shadow government." -- ABC Supreme Court correspondent, Tim O'Brien, explaining why the station refused to run video taped evidence of vote fraud.

Meanwhile behind the vote curtain:

Two Voting Companies & Two Brothers Will Count 80% of U.S. Election -- Using BOTH Scanners & Touchscreens
by Lynn Landes
April 27, 2004

"Although touchscreens have been getting the bulk of negative publicity lately, electronic ballot scanners have a long and sordid past, as well. Electronic scanners were first introduced into U.S. elections in 1964, [in the wake of the assassination of JFK] and ever since then a steady stream of reports of technical irregularities have caught the attention of scientists, journalists, and activists, most notably the 1988 report, Accuracy, Integrity, and Security in Computerized Vote-Tallying, by Roy G. Saltman, and the 1992 book, Votescam: The Stealing of America, by Jim and Ken Collier."

More information:

Title: Election Night Projections: Cover For Vote Rigging Since '64? CORP. MEDIA VOTESCAM: '64 - TO THE PRESENT
Author: Lynn Landes
Date: 2004.10.24 10:17
Description: VOTER NEWS SERVICE warrants an investigation! WHY THROW OR RIG AN ELECTION BEFOREHAND, WHEN YOU CAN SIMPLY 'PERFORM' THE CORPORATE OUTCOME YOU WANT ON NATIONAL FAKE T.V., VIA 'PROJECTIONS' (WITHOUT ANY CONNECTION TO ANYTHING), AND LATER, YOU CAN COMPLETELY IGNORE OR RETROACTIVELY CHANGE VOTE TALLIES TO FIT WHAT PERFORMED TELEVISION ANCHORS SAID HAPPENED. The news networks don't just report election news, they create it. But do they also conspire to control election results? This scenario did not originate in my imagination. The authors of Votescam, The Stealing of America, James and Kenneth Collier (both deceased) chronicled [STATE-WIDE] vote rigging from 1970 to 1992, that followed a similar scheme. The Colliers also included government officials, such as employees of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as players in this decades-old scam. Media critics have long complained about an unethical relationship between the CIA and the news networks. --- BILL HEADLINE was VNS's executive director during the notorious 2000 Bush VS. Gore presidential election. Headline started his career as an Air Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy from 1955 to 1957... Voter News Service warrants an investigation. [It was disbanded soon after this news coverage].

Title: Federal Commission NixesTalk Of Paper-Only Elections; Stacks Panels w/ Pro-E-voters
Author: Lynn Landes
Date: 2004.05.10 08:26
Description: At least one state, Missouri, will consider legislation (House Bill 1744) that effectively bans the use of all voting machines, including ballot scanners. --- California's Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has decertified thousands of Diebold touchscreen machines and has called for a criminal and civil investigation of the company. --- And no one spoke in favor of paper-only elections. That was no accident. --- During a break in the testimony I hustled up to the front of the room to ask Chairman Soaries if there was going to be any testimony that would question the legal right or technical wisdom of allowing machines to be involved in the voting process. Soaries seemed taken aback by the question. He responded that it was not the roll of the Commission to address that issue. The Commission, he said, was there to "assist" election officials and voting machine manufacturers... --- testimony Dr. Avi Rubin debunked the myth that there's any security or integrity to paperless voting technology. --- However...the same old lies were told by the vendors, election officials, and organizations like the League of Women Voters. --- Apparently, all the EAC wants to compile is a list of voting machine technologies from which election officials may chose. It's like picking rotten apples out of the same barrel. --- McCormack pointed out that public concerns raised about touchscreens are the same concerns raised in the past about lever machines and ballot scanners. She clearly wanted to give the impression that U.S. elections were secure using those technologies. However, there are numerous examples of vote fraud and irregularities down through the decades with these machines [see link] --- appears that the public is finally beginning to question America's 100-year bad habit of using voting machines."


All this Ron Paul stuff will be as easy to diffuse as Dean was. Remember Dean?

Title: Why Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud? KERRY USED ES&S/DIEBOLD E-VOTE RIG TO OUST DEAN!
Author: worthy repost
Date: 2004.11.17 06:24
Description: KERRY USED ES&S VOTE MACHINES TO RIG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO OUST DEAN, SEALING THE SKULL AND BONES'ERS IN EACH "PARTY." KERRY IS JUST AS GUILTY AS BUSH OF VOTE FRAUD. THAT IS WHY KERRY IS QUIET. Dean would have been the Democratic Party Ticket, legally,--until e-vote fraud came to the "rescue" for the aristocratic elites of the U.S. Moreover, did you know that VP George H. W. Bush won a wierd "unexpected upset" (due to e-vote machines?) in 1988 against Republican front runner Bob Dole. This happened in New Hampshire as well. Everyone knows that Kerry's father was high up in the CIA, just like Bush's father, right? Everyone knows that Kerry covered up for Bush in the Iran/Contra Commission (and covered up for the Bush family in the BCCI investigation), right? The Iran/Contras commission was the "Kerry Commission." BCCI was (partially) investigated by Kerry as well. Small world, eh? Kerry will avoid this like the plague, because he is part of the Bush family networks, and a beneficiary of vote fraud himself to get to the Democratic Ticket in 2004!

So voting is dead both within the Democratic and Republican Parties caucus arrangements, and voting is dead in the general democracy in the USA. Only the eerie glow from the TV talks and smiles about democracy in a dark room as the federal government tortures, kidnaps, and murders people all over the world into the millions of people, irradiating them with 'depleted' uranium in the process to kill for generations eternally to come.

Unless there is a real grass-roots, state-by-state, movement to bring it back, the USA is just the name on the tombstone, folks.

You're digging your own graves believing that voting is going to work at the present time to change anything.

Voting has become the laugh track to neofascist Democratic and Republican Parties' globalized billionaires without any loyalties to anyone except themselves, the people who bribed them, or the people who blackmail them. (National thrill kill pedophilia politicians in both the Republican and Democratic Parties, you know.)

So even if Ron Paul had the votes, it wouldn't matter because voting is not transparent.

The only thing that is transparent is millions of people are whistling past their own graveyards: systematic national vote fraud is here and all the whistling or pretentions won't bring it back unless people act in their states and do it.

here or here or here see video of Clint Curtis testimony about FL state-wide vote fraud programs in place since 2000:

Several millions of votes were stolen/voided in 2004 national elections, and these voidings had a particular ethnic Jim Crow and anti-Democratic Party cast.

USA voting is ghost dancing or a cargo cult now. It's pining for and playing with symbols of voting and it all means nothing.

Since the USA is not a democracy in any way shape or form, and thus mere voting is not going to get it back either. Other methods may be required, as discussed and excerpted here:

"Hirschhorn argues for the Article V's 'outside' capacity to call and formulate a Constitutional Convention. However, quite silly (and even suspect) he is, because first this would require two-thirds of the State Legislatures agreeing on it beforehand, which is highly unlikely with Democratic and Republican collusion across the board. The second silly (and even suspect) issue is that Hirschhorn fails to actually reveal what people or he would like to do with an Article V Convention, once he gets it!

Instead, I know what I would like to see. I would definitely table the ideas of the bioregional state as an important rectification for more ecological checks and balances. However, as noted above current Article V pathways are entirely blocked, so Hirschhorn seems like a loose cannon or a pointless endeavor in implying that it is currently possible--given gatekeeping Democratic and Republican political parties 'occupying' the U.S. legislatures....

Other Routes Besides Article V Romanticism

Five routes currently possible are


the watershed level institutions mentioned above.


Another route would be toward dismantling gerrymandered districts in states via referendums--in the states that have it.


A third route would be toward state referendums that could institute proportional representation in that State's Electoral College vote, which can be done state by state to generate a more competitive party framework and a more accurate reflection of the demographics of a State's Presidential Vote. See the book for more elaboration on those other routes....


Assuring that particular representative actually are long term residents of the district and/or state they represent. You would be surprised how many shallow (or non-existent long term residency) requirements there are for people to 'represent' a particular area. For instance, after 2000, Hillary Clinton quickly moved to New York City. She never lived in the state in her life. Suddenly, she was running for
'representing New York State' in the federal Senate? Obviously not, regardless. It additionally, came out that in the potential challenge of Cindy Sheehan against Nancy Pelosi, that under current U.S. laws such as they are, that neither would necessarily have to live in the district to run in it in California law?

Anyway, the bioregional state solution here is in the text of the Constitution of Sustainability in the book. Excerpted here:

Article II

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the Constitution of Sustainability, which shall consist of a Senate and House of

Section. 2.

The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States associated with the Constitution of Sustainability, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite
for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.
No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of eighteen Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the Constitution of Sustainability, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State or watershed in which he shall be chosen for a period less than two years for watersheds,
and six years for states.

[these being of course tied to the length of being a representative and senator. It only makes sense that they at least live in the area at least as long as they claim to be about to represent it! However, currently, the U.S. does not have any such requirements of making its local leadership truly drawn from a particular geographic area.]


Another would be public election funds, as noted in Maine for instance in a previous post.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

REPORT: Voter Owned Elections in Maine via Clean Election Fund, Echos Bioregional State Ideas, And It Works

It works so well that the Corporate DemocratsTM seem to be attempting to defund it to remove competitive elections!"

In other words, you should think structrually and in terms of novel more democratic institutions to add, because voting is not going to help you at this stage.

Neither is violence in my opinion, as heavily outgunned everyone is.

A massive crisis of USA legitimacy is all that the (Ron) Paulites are good for--a peasant rebellion--though that is all they can do and should admit that their movement is empty of purpose if it expects voting to matter--after 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 electoral cycles nationally when there were instances of nationally orchestrated vote fraud.

"Thank you, Good Night, and Good Luck." (Murrow)
(3 min)

12/11/2007 12:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is odd. I wish I could help explain it or say I've seen the same, but I can't.

Bad Shrub. No Tattoo for you.

12/11/2007 12:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Together We'll All Freak Out

Shall We Pray?

Shall We Pray?

Together We'll All Freak Out

Satan Was An Acid Head

Shall We Pray?

Together We'll All Freak Out

Shall We Pray?

Satan Was An Acid Head

Shall We Pray?

Together We'll All Freak Out

Satan Was An Acid Head

Together We'll All...

Freak Out.

12/11/2007 02:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'9 Jeffs' homepage

12/11/2007 03:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick of these NSDAP fags.

12/11/2007 04:12:00 AM  
Blogger brenda said...

This place is just one big shit hole any more isn't it? And now IC is gone and all you are left with is 2000 word spam postings from the schizophrenics and borderline kiddie porn from that "galatic ghoul" POS nutcase on top of it all. Yes Jeff, you just might want to pay a little attention to that shit he posted. Even if it is just text it can still land your ass in prison.

Maybe the judge will give you a break since you apparently have aspergers but I wouldn't count it.

I bet you don't even understand why someone would be offended by those posts do you? Offended enough to leave and never come back.

Good god that explains a lot. Between this blog and the forums I don't know which is the bigger cesspool any more. That many of the regulars on the forums are also aspies explains the constant bitter infighting. None of you have the social skills to get along that's why. You have already hounded away any neurotypicals long ago. This place is like a closed psych ward, only the staff left and now the place is a trash heap.

One of these days Jeff, you're going to wake up and realize that you've wasted your entire life endlessly exploring empty, deserted rooms in a rotting structure. You've got nothing to show for it. All you ever do is just place things next to each other and point to them thinking you've actually made an argument. You haven't Jeff.

You see, that's one of the things about Asperger's, you see patterns where there are none.

"Speech may convey a sense of incoherence; the conversational style often includes monologues about topics that bore the listener, fails to provide context for comments, or fails to suppress internal thoughts. Individuals with AS may fail to monitor whether the listener is interested or engaged in the conversation. The speaker's conclusion or point may never be made, and attempts by the listener to elaborate on the speech's content or logic, or to shift to related topics, are often unsuccessful."

And doesn't that help one understand this blog and the forum too? In fact, I'd say it explains 90% of the conspiracy theory community. You all understand the words but you don't really get the tune.

"People with Asperger syndrome display behavior, interests, and activities that are restricted and repetitive and are sometimes abnormally intense or focused"

That right there just nails the conspiracy theorists and the Ron Paul bots as well. Just because you have spent hours upon hours studying endless historical minutia doesn't mean that you have actually accomplished anything. You know why? Because the writings you study were all written by other aspies or by other paranoids. It's all a house of cards.

"The lack of demonstrated empathy is possibly the most dysfunctional aspect of Asperger syndrome. Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or enjoy spontaneous interests or achievements with others, a lack of social or emotional reciprocity"

Again, that fits the conspiracy theory community to a T. You see, because of your impaired ability to understand social interactions you're not really able to fully understand historical events. You can't give them the proper perspective and so you look for patterns. In fact it's all you look for and obsess about over and over and over and over.

Most of the time those patterns are not real, they are simulacra. But even when they are real you are unable to place them within their proper social context. So you end up giving them far more significance than they deserve. Presto! Conspiracy theory!

Man this explains sooooo much.

12/11/2007 04:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning, Miss Ratched.

12/11/2007 04:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief


12/11/2007 05:07:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/11/2007 06:28:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/11/2007 06:37:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/11/2007 07:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad Shrub. No Tattoo for you.

See, I knew that was you, Ego, and I was going to respond with something that had the word Tattoo in it. I kid you not. There's some beyond bizarre synchronicity going on here, folks.....I mean it. Not too long ago it was Silence of The Lambs with Richard and now it's Tattoo with Ego.

We have something here if we want to explore it further.

WV = smlcrm

12/11/2007 08:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any guess as to who Brenda is?

One of my old girlfriends. Think a Rabbit and a Boiling Pot of water.

12/11/2007 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger TAFFY said...

Dear Jeff, I just want to say thankyou.

First and foremost for altering the way I think and for giving me an academic /coherent narrative in which to express my thoughts and misgivings.

Unfortunately if this is the vanguard then the revolution is snafu. On a side note I saw Jodorowsky speak at the NFT earlier on this year and he totally disavowed revolution in favor of evolution.

I am not trying to be rude but I feel that the tone of RI has gone downhill and I feel that you are aware of this and it is reflected in your posts which have evolved into extended essays with no real conclusion or substance .

Then again you are free to follow your muse and there is no apparent change in the comment box.

There are some thinkers here but there are also polemicists who rant and rave ad nauseam.

Thankyou for turning me on to Godards Weekend,I do enjoy your film criticism.Any feedback on Tod Haynes Dylan biopic? have you seen Safe?

I was hoping you would review Lynchs' Inland Empire or Richard Kellys' Southland Tales because you are both emotionally and culturally literate and seek to see above,beyond and underneath the spectacle!

Gorno allusions aside are the pig farmer murders another example of ritualized or systematic abuse?

Excuse my ignorance but why do people refuse to register with Blogger? I did ,only to find my password more often than not refused to work for this site.

Conspiracy,Censorship or cock-up?

Shrub keep kicking against the pricks? I hate your anti-militarism but I dig your candor.

David I hear you!

Brenda I hear you but look at the sane, functional society!

The spectacle is frivolous,banal,venal ,corrupt and infantilised.

Capital has colonized the inner self and the self expresses itself through shopping!

The legion of non posters ,for we are many are not conspiracy theorists but coincidence theorists.

What is the alternative, paying Murdoch £40 a month to defecate down your neck?

Gormless,Gauche, Goon you are indicative of everything that is wrong in relation to this site.

Educated Idiot comes to mind.Think about it ,really think about it, who wants to listen to you regurgitating 'Starfucking young girls in Mcdonalds vol 1'

All I can say is that Mcdonalds has no dresscode and your ego runs rampant over everyones dogma.

Jeff FAO k-punk a blog who has rejuvenated my faith in post modern critical marxism. I know, theory blah blah blah ,it's all interpretation etc but this guy applies it to modern life with a cultural bias.Looking back to look forward.

Writers mentioned are MR James, Lovecraft and Nigel Kneale. It's worth your time just to be exposed to Hauntology.

One more thing Brenda,modern life is a conspiracy and the profusion of pathologies which seek to hide the cracks in the dominant ideology are a symptom and not a cause.

Lets medicate everyone,all the time and watch reality tv.Everything will be gravy.

Please watch THX1138 and anything by Adam Curtis.

You should be asking yourself why everyone is so 'ill'

There is no cure for hypercapital/neo liberalism.Alienation and Anomie are par for the course.

Why? because you're worth it.

12/11/2007 08:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit.....there's jews in heaven too...

12/11/2007 08:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit.....there's jews in heaven too...

12/11/2007 08:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen Safe?

Of course he hasn't been safe. Haven't you been listening? He is no longer Jeff. He is a Changeling...whatever the hell a Changeling is. I don't even know how to spell it, but I don't care, cuz I still like Jeff even if he is a Changeling.

12/11/2007 08:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JTA Breaking News

Published: 12/05/2007

Two Jewish promoters said stunt driver Evel Knievel was a virulent anti-Semite.

The promoters publicized Knievel’s famous 1974 attempt to jump Idaho’s Snake River Canyon. One is suing Knievel’s estate for part of a judgment that was never paid after Knievel beat him with a baseball bat.

Knievel died Nov. 30 from pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 69.

Shelly Saltman, 76, had won $12.75 million in damages from Knievel in 1977 after the daredevil was convicted of beating him with a baseball bat over an unvarnished book Saltman had written about him. Saltman told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he is suing Knievel’s estate, claiming that the unpaid damages plus interest now add up to more than $100 million.

Knievel claimed that Saltman had portrayed him as “an alcoholic, a pill addict, an anti-Semite and an immoral person," while Saltman said that he believed it was an accurate portrayal of a man he had admired.

Promoter Bob Arum, 77, called’s Michael Marley on the evening of Knievel’s death to remind readers of Knievel’s temperament.

“He used to always say the three things he hated the most were New Yorkers, lawyers and Jews, so I was three for three with this guy,” Arum told the boxing Web site in a call from his home in Albuquerque.

12/11/2007 09:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not been

12/11/2007 09:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is some truth in what Brenda I'm not dismiising it out of hand. Also, even though I was on to Doodad from the start, I feel there was reprehensible behavior on the part of certain posters towards him. For starters, who has any right to call anyone else a Troll? That word is used all to frequently on the Net and it indicates a lack of intellect on the part of those levying the charge. Doodad was called every name under the sun, and I don't think it should have been tolerated. If you can't appeal to him with reason, then just don't engage's that simple, yet so many were sucked in and showed their asses. I lost respect fro a number of those folks, as a result....they let their egos get the best of them. Thuggery and Censorship is not the the High-Fiving over Doodad's banning is a sad spectacle and a hollow defeat in something that should not be considered a game. He gets the last laugh.

Oh, I now see it was seen and not been....thanks seen Safe. I still like Jeff even if he is a Changeling. I'm not saying he is one, but considering the topics discussed here, anything's possible. I don't want to get caught with my pants down.

12/11/2007 10:05:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

From the Things That Don't Add Up Department:

Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire C-SPAN
Views: 961,342

12/11/2007 10:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh....but it does add up when you use Trigonometry, Mark. It's all about the Angles.

WV = pythgrs

12/11/2007 11:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shrub, that last navonod wasn't me, it was an imposter, maybe Eve. I am not ego. I admire you and worship your crotch.

12/11/2007 11:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's nice to be among friends

12/11/2007 11:41:00 AM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

"Not too long ago it was Silence of The Lambs with Richard and now it's Tattoo with Ego."

& what, pray tell, would we have to explore dear Shrub?

Are Eve & I in it together?

BTW, during our little "feud" you over-fucking-reacted.

Did it ever occur to Herr Shrub that I was only dicking with BPH when I dissed your precious theory of child-rearing?
& since I was just dicking with him, did it ever occur to you that you didn't really have to defend yourself over and over again because I was....ummmm....just dicking with him and not being serious?

&, while I'm at it Herr Shrub, does your definition of friendship involve agreeing with everything you say, or is some dissent allowed?

I do apologize for one thing though. I made a mistake by thinking you were a wee bit quicker on the uptake than you actually are.

Or maybe I just didn't realize the extent of your paranoia, but, either way, it's a mistake I won't make again so you can leave me out of your diphit theories, 'kay?

Do me a favor and go back to searching for greys in passing traffic.

I sense that undiscovered fame awaits you down that road.

& BPH, you seriously got to be kidding.

You chastise Brenda for psychoanalyzing folk when you spent a fair amount of typing doing the exact same thing.
Are you more qualified than dear Brenda?

& please, don't tell me you're a psychologist because any psychologist who diagnoses based on internet chit-chat really needs to be a janitor instead of a psychologist.

From my perspective, this would be putting you and Brenda neck and neck in the race for the faux psych yim-yim of the blog award.

& really, Drew offends you, eh?

This from the guy who told Abe, the ex-corporate sociopath who admitted to killing for money, that he was just "a human being."

Hasn't Drew spent as much "bridge building" time with you as ol' Abe did?

What a fucking hoot!

12/11/2007 11:48:00 AM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...


The votescam site is not working... did they change URL?


Thanks, will watch later

Brenda Said,

Dot, I love you so much, i am fed up of posting here just to get a glimpse of your virtual remnents. Dammit my wet snatch needs FEEDING!

I'm sorry Brenda, I've chosen my cesspool, and yours is one i care not to go near. I'm sorry.

12/11/2007 12:19:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

That website was set up by the Collier brothers when their quickly selling book was 'censored' (privately of course by major booksellers that refused to carry it). They had had to publish it privately themselves before that. With the deaths of both Collier brothers, that website went defunct. The free chapters are mirrored elsewhere on the internet.

They went to the FBI. To the Justice Department. No one wanted to officially investigate it. They attempted to get arrested over it, to start some legal machinery about it. They were unable to get even arrested over it.

This gets into Floridian Janet Reno's early vote fraud cover up career by the way....

Newspapers that did cover the story for them in Florida...found themselves bought up and closed the family that owns the Washington Post (the flagship of the U.S. intelligence services Mockingbird mass psyop network, in place since WWII and only getting larger).

Vote Scam: The Stealing of America by James Collier Interview (FULL VERSION)
59 min

"This is a RealityExpander broadcast of James Collier on access TV in Connecticut in 1996. The show is hosted by Walter Reddy & Jill St. James. Both Collier brothers were killed in a "robbery" attempt just a few months prior to the 2000 election debacle. [One was dying of quick onset cancer if I remember correctly, according to my version of the printed book which was printed when only this brother was still living.] Coincidence?

After uncovering a massive vote scam in Dade County, Florida in 1970, independent journalists James and Kenneth Collier spent the next quarter century investigating America's multi-billion dollar vote rigging industry -- and confronting the corporate government and media officials who control it.

The Colliers now challenge every American to answer a new question:

Who counts your vote?

The truth is, there is no way for you to know. In fact, you are not allowed to know.

"Votescam" offers a wealth of FBI documented evidence proving that, for the past forty years, elections in the United States have come under the domination of a handful of powerful and corrupt people: Secretaries of State, Election Supervisors, Judges, owners and editors of the major media outlets, voting equipment corporations (like Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia), and assorted key members of the elections establishment, including the League of Women Voters.

These groups have assured the dominance of the two party system, unfettered corporate control over government, and media censorship of issues most important to the American people, including the cover-up of vote fraud evidence."

"What we found was the pilot project of the United States [for ever expanding national vote fraud], and it took 22 years to write this book."

12/11/2007 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

& Brenda, when you paste this:

"The lack of demonstrated empathy is possibly the most dysfunctional aspect of Asperger syndrome. Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or enjoy spontaneous interests or achievements with others, a lack of social or emotional reciprocity"

Are you really daft enough to think that any of this applies to blocks of text interacting on the internet?

Are blocks of text really able to "develop friendships or enjoy spontaneous interests?"

I think that you're forgetting that internet interaction is the piss-poor 21st century substitute for actual face to face human interaction.
Folk who spend oodles of time "researching" on the internet have, by admitting that fact, either overtly or covertly, also admitted to being incredibly alienated from "normal" human congress.

Isn't that the real attraction of the internet?

One can maintain the illusions of "friendships" and "interactions" without actually having to smell anyone's bad breath or body odor.

& Mark, while I found your dissection of Hawkins interesting, I wonder if you've ever worked with foster kids.

I made the attempt immediately prior to working with MR folk, and I lasted all of one month. Those kids are as mad as fucking hatters & they didn't need the guvment to do it to them. Their fucked up parents were quite sufficient in that regard.

Hawkins foster mom reminds me of this Christian lady i once knew who felt compelled to continually take foster kids into her home. While she was amazingly compassionate she was also totally clueless.
Those kids would make her life a living hell, but she would continue taking in new ones only to be fucked over anew each time.

Some things that are broken are just beyond repair, all good intentions be damned.

Just something to consider.

12/11/2007 12:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I\'m not the navonod who denied he was navonod.

I\'m the other one.

And I don\'t admire your crotch, Shrubbery, and I wonder if you didn\'t write that yourself. That\'s kind of sad, actually.

I\'m not Ego either, Shrub and I\'m surprised b/c usually you are more careful.

Navonod is really my fake name. Maybe this is me.

By the way, I PM\'ed one of the moderators and he told me that Doodad was another account Dream\'s End had been using which is the real reason he was banned. I don\'t know why they didn\'t explain that. They are now checking IP\'s more carefully to make sure he doesn\'t have any other accounts on there.

Better late than never.

Shrub,why did you get banned from internet infidels, anyway? Post the offending post here and we\'ll all vote on it, but you\'ll have to ban yourself if we vote against you.

Actually, we\'ll have a contest. Everyone list all the sites you\'ve been banned from. I never get banned, no matter how hard I try, so I\'ll be the judge.

The word verification thing is stupid though. Like, junior detective stuff.

What do you have against vowels, anyway?

12/11/2007 01:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What\\\'s going on with these posts? Why do I have little slashes everywhere? And my link didn\\\'t work.

I meant this:

12/11/2007 01:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was banned for talking back to the moderators. You seem to notice other things about me, so I'm surprised you haven't picked up on my severe case of Anti-Authoritarianism. I get enough Authoritarianism IRL, so I hate to see it simulactated in Cyberspace.

Of course the Word Verification thing is stupid...that's the point. Jeesh. At least I make some of them pseudo challenging, though, for those who are paying attention. Eve got Hell man's....she's good like that...and I can count on her to worship my crotch even if you don't.

What makes you think I'm not careful...even when I appear to be not careful?

That's weird about Doodad. I never saw him as harmful, even if he was Ty Brown, and what I said about how he was treated by other members still stands, as an opinion, of course.

So, back to the topic, can you tell me what I meant when I said The Milkman Always Rings Twice, navonod?

WV = thrsdncn

12/11/2007 01:50:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

We're not talking about this larger set of sad foster kids. Most of them don't become 'serial killers'.

We're talking about a special small subset of people who have a surprising level of aid to keep them out of the legal system while they are making mayhem.

They tend to receive surreal 'help' from police and judges to keep out of jail for crimes; they receive heavy handling and state protection in short to continue their crimes. From Dave McGowan's work, 'serial killers' aren't loners: they are some of the best connected people ever: they have the hands of the military, military base access, military training, early release from jail for unexplained rationales, access to free drugs, free guns (like Hawkins?), combined with ongoing police protection of their crimes by looking the other way--until some are intentionally railroaded in a 'trial' to be the quick solution to lots of random murders in a general area that have nothing to do with them. 'Case closed.' The scapegoat did it. The media told you so.

Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder (2004)

"Book Description
The specter of the marauding serial killer has become a relatively common feature on the American landscape. Reactions to these modern-day monsters range from revulsion to morbid fascination--fascination that is either fed by, or a product of, the saturation coverage provided by print and broadcast media, along with a dizzying array of books, documentary films, websites, and "Movies of the Week".

The prevalence in Western culture of images of serial killers (and mass murderers) has created in the public mind a consensus view of what a serial killer is. Most people are aware, to some degree, of the classic serial killer 'profile.' But what if there is a much different 'profile'--one that has not received much media attention?

In Programmed to Kill, acclaimed and always controversial author David McGowan takes a fresh look at the lives of many of America's most notorious accused murderers, focusing on the largely hidden [highly state encouraged, legally coddled and protected] patterns that suggest that there may be more to the average serial killer story than meets the eye.

Think you know everything there is to know about serial killers? Or is it possible that sometimes what everyone 'knows' to be true isn't really true at all?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you have against vowels, anyway?

yeah, i would like to know the answer to that question too.

12/11/2007 01:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm surprised. That's the thing about the can't wink. I was winking in Cyberspace, pal, and you didn't notice. You said earlier in that thread you thought it was, me being the empathic person I am, I made it fun. Come on, Richard, I thought you knew me. Eve knows me....and I thought you did. I'm sorry if you didn't catch the wink....I winked more than once, you know.

Anyways, I hope there are no hard feelings. There aren't on my part...never any reason to be. I liked your post about the floating garbage....I read it on the Forum a while back. We're fucked doubt about it. Hopefully, you have read some of the stuff I have posted. The article about Cold Evil was a worthwhile read if you haven't had the chance.

WV = scytrt

12/11/2007 02:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And could you think that I thought you and Eve were one and the same. Of course you're couldn't be, because Eve and I are one and the same. I thought you knew that already. I play a great chick.

12/11/2007 02:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

made the attempt immediately prior to working with MR folk, and I lasted all of one month. Those kids are as mad as fucking hatters & they didn't need the guvment to do it to them. Their fucked up parents were quite sufficient in that regard.

My wife will second that motion, Richard. She worked her Internship at Charter (I feared for her health, and life. She's 5 feet 5 inches tall and 108 lbs)...and those kids were completely fucked up beyond all repair. And get this.....many of them had parents who were in the military.

12/11/2007 02:25:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Brenda..I wonder if you wouldn't mind making a comment or two on the subject/object of anonymous.

Is there something I'm not getting here? Blogger now has a new itch to scratch with "nickname". Is that more "profiling" by PTB?

Richard..Abe didn't say he was a killer ..just that he weighed it up and concluded that what he did for a living was much like being one.

Mark...Counting the vote is the crux of political corruption and it runs deep into your "theatre" operandi. The only way through is to drill down to the neighbourhood level or step 6. When we look into the maw and see our own reflection, than we can change.

As for "me", this is my life too and it's the best I could come up with.

12/11/2007 02:33:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing about math is that it's based on logic. So in 5th grade apparently I was in some advanced math class and then in 6th grade I transferred schools and had to teach myself math for that year. There was another student who was also a year ahead and he was a computer geek.

So he worked on a computer graphics program as part of a science grant that the school received and I helped him out. For this achievement the principal took us out to deep dish pizza and the school had a science fair, funded by Medtronics.

Kinda strange but then I transferred to private school and was told to stay in the same math level as everyone else.

But then my grades were excellent yet in 10th grade, for enriched geometry, I DISAGREED WITH THE LOGIC OF THE PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM.

The reason was that my perspective was music and I didn't think that the "proof by contradiction" actually demonstrated a POSITIVE proof for the square root of two. I knew the ratios could be considered in terms of the Law of Pythagoras which I was already studying.

Of course there was no way I could express this so I kept it to myself. After high school I took Quantum Mechanics as my first year of college -- an experimental course taught by a Harvard trained physics professor in Amherst, MA -- Hampshire College.

The idea behind teaching quantum mechanics for 1st year physics is that it is the new foundation for physics and so should be understood before classical physics.

Well sure enough, even though we just used trigonometry -- enriched geometry -- the logic violated the commutative principle of algebra thereby showing a different route to proof by contradiction.

Meanwhile I was studying Gregory Bateson's book "Mind and Nature: A study in Unity"

Coincidentally the student teacher of that quantum mechanics class -- the assistant to the professor -- was also reading the same book.

Bateson's writing style is really opaque so I had to keep reading that book but it's all about logical paradoxes and time.

In quantum mechanics it's assumed that time = zero as the parameter of a closed trajectory (be it a statistical matrix or an equation of calculus).

This means that quantum mechanics converts the violation of the commutative principle (A x B = B x A) back into the logarithmic-based geometry that I had already learned, using the Pythagorean Theorem.

Anyway I've read tons of math books -- an excellent one is "The History of Calculus" by Carl Boyer because he details how the Dedekind Cut did not solve this basic logical paradox between geometry and algebra.

I was raised in a strict environment based on logic -- my dad was a lawyer and his dad a preacher.

So intuitively I knew that the algebra and geometry didn't demonstrate the proof for the irrational number -- the square root of two -- (confirmed in a 1999 Philosophy journal spring issue, "Did the Greeks Discover the Irrational?" by Professors Philip Hugly and Charles Sayward -- Hugly's retired but I corresponded with Sayward, or vice versa) and since my own training was music I knew that there was an alternative.

Only later did I discover that alchemy -- free energy training -- is also based on the logic of music -- not western mathematics.

And, a la Bateson, I realized, as he did, that this logical error from Plato, is the cause of the current global ecological and social justice crisis.

Still math is fun to study for the concepts -- Desargues, the inventor of projective geometry, is particularly fascinating. Ian Stewart's latest book, "Why Beauty is Truth: A History of Symmetry" (2007) is probably the best overview of mathematics -- he's a quantum chaos math professor with whom I've corresponded. Math professor Joe Mazur's new book "The Motion Paradox" also takes this basic algebra-geometry logical error back to it's foundation in Greek philosophy.

Mazur stated that my math research is "very valuable" and urged me to have it published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Alain Connes, the inventor of noncommutative geometry, states that music is the secret to understand quantum logic -- but he still relies on WESTERN music (and therefore still does not understand the secret). The same goes for Brian Josephson, nobel laureate in quantum physics, who looks to music for a science model explaining paranormal reality and with whom I've corresponded. Josephson admitted that he doesn't know enough about music to comment on my research.

12/11/2007 02:38:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Blogger just_another_dick said...

"I hope there are no hard feelings."

Shrub, I have yet to actually get mad at anything anyone says to me on the internet.

If you were winking, I must have been blinking & missed it.
My apologies.

Yeah, I've been reading.
Watched the "war spin" flick you linked to.

My favorite quote was at the beginning:

"We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling the truth."

Again, perception is a funny thing. Where one sees innocence, I see godzilla-sized gullibility.

It's my quibble with Mark's contention that the mall shooting was enacted to distract us.
Why would one need to distract a mass of people who really aren't paying attention anyway.
It makes no sense.

Ericswan, I stand corrected.
Although, I'd say it's probably only a matter of degree but that would be splitting hairs wouldn't it?

"Why bother? You're addressing a jackass that has no interest in honesty or fair play."

Blow me puddin.

I know you want to.

"All we are saying
is give Drew a chance.
All we are saying.....

"Why bother? You're addressing a jackass that has no interest in honesty or fair play."

Actually puddinhead, Abe said that he had his money stolen & he was forced by circumstance to repent.

Prisons are full of criminals who repent once caught.

It's a repentance that I fear is as empty as your pretty little tantrum-laden puddinhead.

Oh yeah, & go fuck yourself.

Or, if your nice, maybe Drew will do it for you.

On the bright side, you can always threaten to beat me up. Of course, i'd laugh at you, but I'm sure you're very much used to that.


12/11/2007 02:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, back to the topic, can you tell me what I meant when I said The Milkman Always Rings Twice, navonod?

I googled "The Milkman Always Rings Twice, navonod" and I couldn't come up with anything.

Sounds like bad English comedy to me, much like the thrsdncn clstrfck.

Shouldn't that be "thrsdnc lfk"?

Spare me the response to that one, as it's just the Aspie coming out in me.

If we guess your WV's is there a prize?

Wait, if Shrub is Eve and Richard is Shrub:

Shrub squared + Eve squared = Richard squared?

12/11/2007 02:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12/11/2007 03:15:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

E 'stato fantastico lavorare con lei. Grazie e ciao.


12/11/2007 03:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm Ty Brown.

12/11/2007 04:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you knew this was coming:

"The Medical Journal of Australia has published a report by a professor who suggests that couples with more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax to offset their extra offspring's carbon dioxide emissions."

12/11/2007 04:14:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Consensus Shattered As Major Scientific Study Says Global Warming Is Natural

12/11/2007 04:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

navonod said:

Maybe I'm Ty Brown

You saw right through me, me. I'm impressed with myself.

Call me:


12/11/2007 05:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting interview with Bobby Beausoleil.

Beausoleil was born in 1948, the eldest of a large French Catholic working class family from Santa Barbara. His father was a Milkman....

Bugliosi doesn't like Milkmen.

12/11/2007 05:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too many skin jobs walking the streets here. A mad spiraling chaos of bioelectromechanics. A dangerous wasteland of blurred pixels and half devoured mechanized demon seeds.

12/11/2007 08:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's my quibble with Mark's contention that the mall shooting was enacted to distract us.
Why would one need to distract a mass of people who really aren't paying attention anyway.
It makes no sense.

I can't argue with that. Good point. I agree.

12/11/2007 08:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, perception is a funny thing. Where one sees innocence, I see godzilla-sized gullibility. makes me chuckle when these folks work themselves into a frenzy over Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich.

12/11/2007 08:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Bobby Beaujolais interview...just for Gee To The Three:

AB: Some sources say that the girls looked up to Manson, but that Manson looked up to you. And Kenneth Anger once said that you and Manson had a homosexual relationship.

BB: I would say he was attracted to me, but not.... He*s not homosexual at all. Ken was indulging in wishful thinking, daydreaming. That idea came first from Capote*s interview of Andy Warhol in Rolling Stone magazine (See Box). And, of course that was Andy Warhol*s wishful thinking. Ken just picked it up. It was good gay gossip (laughs. Aside to the photographer). Truman Capote just wants to get dicked in the ass and killed. There*s never been any homosexual relationship between me and Charlie Manson.

AB: Well, it*s certainly not uncommon in jails.

BB: Yeah, I*m sure he*s fucked a few fat butt boys, yeah. So have I. In that respect, maybe I*m homosexual, you know? But it*s a different kind of thing.[Of course it is]

AB: What else did you and Manson do together?

BB: Made love to women once in a while.

AB: How long did you know Manson?

BB: About three years.

AB: What were some of the things that you did together?

BB: Oh, mostly played music. And a million crazy things that a lot of crazy guys do together. One time Charlie and I drove two trucks through Death valley, just for the hell of it. We didn*t drag race. We just wanted to ride through that kind of terrain. We took two 4-wheel drive Army surplus power wagons. He had his group up in the desert. It took two days. We left the trucks, ate their beans and rice, stayed a couple of days. We wanted to hellraise and it was a blast.

AB: Did Manson have many male friends?

BB: A few. Charles Manson was lonely. He used his women to attract a man because he liked having other men around to do "men things" with.[Of course he did] What man couldn*t be attracted by having the opportunity to go to bed with several women? To cater to his every fantasy, whatever. I didn*t have that attraction to that group. I didn*t need it. His women could not attract me. He could attract me because I admired his creativity.[Yeah, that's it...his Creativity]

Really, Gee, you should have a field day with this. It has your theory of Homosexuality written all over it. And the site that asserts Bugliosi was stalking and threatening the Milkman...has anyone read the comments? Some real freaks, if you ask me. They sound like Manson Groupies. How the hell could someone be a Manson Groupie? What in thee hell?

12/11/2007 09:14:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/11/2007 09:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santa's here..

Viddy well, brothers. Viddy well.

12/12/2007 01:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

navonod said...

navonod said:

Maybe I'm Ty Brown

You saw right through me, me. I'm impressed with myself.

Call me:


WTF? Only thing people obsess more about around here is penises and feces.

Obviously, I'm Shrub.

Call me:


Anyone seen Pooh Bear?

12/12/2007 01:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mall shooting was used to distract us from the news that the
brothers who run Blackwater have been
tied to the banks that contained
monies made on the put-options of
Sept. 11. Oh yeah, it just so
happens that the Ministry Of
Homeland Security was "In The House"
just before the shootings took place.
This was confirmed by Herr Chertoff.

12/12/2007 01:53:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I never used the word 'distraction.' I would use the phrase 'irrational, shock-based fear that keeps people from thinking and keeps them childish and capable of being herded.' It's the same with a coterie of traitors in the USA and their perpetration of 9-11 on its own citizens and the mass privatization of the intelligence servies and the military that was introduced rapidly with the destruction of the Bill of Rights afterward.

It's the Shock Doctrine of course. Read Naomi Klien back to back with Dave McGowan and you will see the pattern of shock doctrine in economics (Klein's work) and in in politics toward pressuring people to accept politics of police states (McGowan's work).

Here's Naomi Klein talking about the economics side of this Shock Doctrine.

Six minute film about the Shock Doctrine in economics:

The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein
06:46 min
Views: 387,735

Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine - Part 1 of 6 (6 min)
Naomi Klein talks about her new book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

Mere distraction implies that it leaves rational thought unharmed, and that you soon go back to what you were thinking about before.

Many of these serial killer or mass murder episodes in schools, malls, universities, etc., are designed to shock and short circuit mass media coverage as well as keep people's minds in a state of fear and regression to childishness. This helps change and entrain public opinions on policy issues (like mass monitoring in schools, etc., turning schools into 'early prison system' monitoring frameworks with RFID, etc., chipping children, the so called 'need' for gun control sold on lies of the serial killers and other governmental operations designed to shock and regress the public over and over.)

Such political shocks do have a tendency to occur more when there is really bad press about the current regime.



Some really bad press occurred right during the Virginia Tech 'shootings' episode. Look back at Jeff's thread and comments there. I'm reposting my summary from May 2007 here about Cho and one other person's comment.

This inset about the "official Cho" story shows far more going on.

Cho's 'mass killings and calm videoing and going to the post office,' while FEDERAL AGENTS WERE ORDERING LOCAL POLICE TO DO NOTHING (SEE BELOW) was introduced at Virginia Tech in May 2007 right as Gonzales was on the coals in the Senate, and as Bush was being critiqued for supporting terrorism (his 'administration's' Posasa release: as terrorists are pro-Bush he likes them, when they are anti-Bush he doesn't like them).

On "Cho:"

Jeff said back in May 2007:

"First of all, I think it's necessary that we admit the possibility that sometimes a lone nut is just a lone nut. Mental illness is not always induced and simulated, and people can be complex and screwed-up enough in their own right to imagine reasons for going to the slaughter."

Come on, stitch some common questions together first: who, what, where, when and possibly why

[many links are in the original for you to see]

1. Who is this guy? The accomplice? Or trainer? Was he in a Ryder truck at Oklahoma City in 1995, as well? Who is he? Why is Cho and the guy in identical U.S. Marines outfits?

2. Why were the Feds Ordering the VA Police To Stand Down, according to the local police? Was the havoc an intentional federal idea? Remember, we almost assuredly live in a world run by complete psychopaths.

It was after all Gonzales's shining tarnished moment in the news right before this potential sleeper awakened and handily dropped off his corporate media footage for them to run on TV, over and over, then went back to killing. Gonzales ended up on CSPAN-3, only, I think.

3. What about the known DARPA lab built 7,000 feet under a nearby mountain, working on unknown top secret projects some of which are rumored to be mind control? What about the Virginia Tech institutional connections to DARPA itself?

"As "News Commentary" on the Truthseeker website notes, Virginia Tech is an "active partner" with DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. In addition, the CIA actively recruits VT students, holding events the spook agency bills as "career information" sessions.

"News Commentary" claims "Blacksburg, VA houses a US government ABOVE TOP SECRET underground laboratory (in the side of a local Blacksburg mountain) that develops in conjunction with DARPA, weapons such as human robotic mind control programming." A Google search, however, turns up no mention of mind control experiments, of course, but there is plenty of reference to the "Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory... 7,000 feet under Butt Mountain" in Blacksburg....

Of course, all of this secret and not so secret activity on the Virginia Tech campus and environs is not definitive evidence Cho Seung-Hui was a government produced mind-control assassin. However, it does indicate VT serves as a hub for experimental and prototype DoD technologies.

It is no secret the Pentagon has had a keen interest in electromagnetic weapons for some time. "Electronic mind-control research is not new," CNN reported in 1985. "A scientific milestone in this area came in the 1960s when Dr. Jose Delgado demonstrated remote control over a charging bull." Military affairs specialist Chuck DeCaro told CNN: a "scientist, who did not want his identity revealed ... employed by the U.S. Government ... has done secret RF weapons research. He believes that tests done with the [Soviet developed] Lida and similar machines prove that humans are susceptible to remote alterations of mood and awareness... . Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, and so the promise is that anything you can do with drugs you could do with the right electromagnetic signal." Dr. Robert Becker, a pioneer in the field of bioeffects of electromagnetism, added: "As far as I'm concerned, the potential that this has for producing a direct psychoactive effect upon the total American population is there, has never been disproven."

The late professor Dr. Gerhard Beyer of Virginia Polytechnic Institute at Virginia Tech broke a significant part of the "magnetic code," and no doubt this was of interest to DARPA and the Pentagon."

4. And why did Cho's sister work for the State Department?

"BTW, Cho's older sister Sun-Kyung works for black bag intelligence agency called McNeil Technologies, a firm contracted by the State Department to manage reconstruction efforts in Iraq. "

5. Cho was pretty robotic, calm, incredibly practiced, and trained in what he was doing given the guns he was using, and the University didn't make any kind of announcements until long after they knew what was going on.

"Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training.


Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.

Cho was certainly no slouch, in the two hour gap between the first reported shootings and the wider rampage that would occur later in the morning, during which time the University completely failed to warn the students despite having loudspeakers stationed throughout the campus, Cho had time to film a confession video, transfer it to his computer, burn it onto a DVD, package it up, travel to the post office, post the package, and travel back to his dorm room to retrieve his guns and then travel back to the opposite end of the campus to resume the killing spree. The almost inconceivable speed of Cho's actions become more suspicious when we recall initial reports that there were two shooters."

...[and this is just like every other MKULTRA allowed killer in U.S. history, as detailed in Dave McGowan's book:] "In December 2005 -- more than a year before Monday's mass shootings -- a district court in Montgomery County, Va., ruled that Cho presented "an imminent danger to self or others." [Which was the "oh, goody, he's ready" green light to release him.] That was the necessary criterion for a detention order, so that Cho, who had been accused of stalking by two female schoolmates, could be evaluated by a state doctor and ordered to undergo outpatient care," reports ABC News, " but despite the court identifying the future killer as a risk, they let him go.


Investigators believe that Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech murderer, had been taking anti-depressant medication at some point before the shootings, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as well as 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, the Oregon killer who gunned down his parents and classmates, were all on psychotropic drugs. Scientific studies proving that prozac encourages suicidal tendencies in young people are voluminous and span back nearly a decade.

Jeff Weise, the Red Lake High School killer was on prozac, "Unabomber" Ted Kaczinski, Michael McDermott, John Hinckley, Jr., Byran Uyesugi, Mark David Chapman and Charles Carl Roberts IV, the Amish school killer, were all on SSRI psychotropic drugs.

Since these deadly drugs are prevalent in almost all mass shooting incidents, where is the call to ban prozac? Why is the knee-jerk reaction always to attack the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans to self-defense, a right that was exercised in January 2002 when students subdued a shooter at another Virginia university before he could kill more than three people because they were allowed guns on campus?

[i.e., less guns, pragmatically put in our non-idealistic world, mean only criminals have guns.]

Why are the deeper reasons behind what motivates young men to kill pushed aside while control freaks demand that law-abiding citizens be disarmed of the only thing that can protect them from such madmen?


Cho wearing a U.S. Marines uniform [Obviously, taken during some kind of MKULTRA training. Where else are you going to get this?]

Such details only fan the flames of accusations that Cho could have been a Manchurian Candidate, a mind-controlled assassin.

The CIA's program to create mind-controlled assassins that could be triggered by code words, MK ULTRA, is not a conspiracy theory, it's a historical fact documented by declassified government files and Senate hearings. President Bill Clinton himself had to apologize for the program before he left office.

On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said, "The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens 'at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign."

One such victim of these experiments was Cathy O'Brien, who immediately after the shootings re-iterated the revelations in her latest book, that Blacksburg Virginia [around this very University where Cho was] is a central location for mind control programs that are still ongoing today.

CIA mind control programs can be tracked back to the 1950's and Project BLUEBIRD, later renamed ARTICHOKE. From blogger Kurt Nimmo;

“BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director on April 20, 1950. In August 1951, the Project was renamed ARTICHOKE. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE included a great deal of work on the creation of amnesia, hypnotic couriers, and the Manchurian Candidate,” writes Colin A. Ross, MD. “ARTICHOKE documents prove that hypnotic couriers functioned effectively in real-life simulations conducted by the CIA in the early 1950’s. The degree to which such individuals were used in actual operations is still classified…. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE were administered in a compartmented fashion. The details of the programs were kept secret even form other personnel within the CIA…. The BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE materials establish conclusively that full Manchurian Candidates were created and tested successfully by physicians with TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA…. As well as being potential couriers and infiltration agents, the subjects could function in effect as hypnotically controlled cameras. They could enter a room or building, memorize materials quickly, leave the building, and then be amnesic for the entire episode. The memorized material could then be retrieved by a handler using a previously implanted code or signal, without the amnesia being disturbed. Hypnosis was not the mind control doctors’ only method for creation of controlled amnesia, however. Drugs, magnetic fields, sound waves, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, and many other methods were studied under BLUEBIRD and ARTHICHOKE.”

Researchers into supposed "lone nut" assassinations time and time again run across evidence pointing to CIA mind control experimentation. The best example is Sirhan Sirhan, Bobby Kennedy's assassin. Sirhan was found to be in a completely trance-like state after pulling the trigger and couldn't even remember shooting Kennedy when asked about the incident days later. Sirhan's lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, has presented convincing evidence that Sirhan was under mind control.

Either way you cut it, Seung-Hui Cho was a victim of brainwashing and mind control. The right questions are not being asked...

--and definitely not being asked by Jeff.

And remember it additionally distracted from pro-Bush terrorist Posada being allowed to roam around on bail:

Posada’s release exposes Washington’s hypocrisy
author: Alan Woods

The decision by the US authorities to release the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles exposes before the eyes of the world the hypocritical attitude of the United States government to terrorism.

Posada Carriles Posada is the author of the 1976 attack that brought down a Cubana de Aviación civilian airliner off the coast of Barbados, which cost the lives of 73 innocent people.

By releasing this criminal, the US authorities have admitted that they support terrorism when this is in the interests of US imperialism. Bush's so-called war on terrorism therefore stands exposed as a shameful deception. In an editorial of April 20, the Los Angeles Times condemned the decision:

"With a misguided decision upholding bail for Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has done more than free a frail old man facing unremarkable immigration charges. It has exposed Washington to legitimate charges of hypocrisy in the war on terror...."

So no more Posada and Gonzales.
Hello Cho.

How many sleepers are waiting out there to be activated?

You know they assuredly have them all over the place, just wanting for the proper allowances to 'spend one' like a trump card.

With a little intentional 'dropping the ball', they can roam around and cause havoc--turning front page headlines exposing Bush as a terrorist (like Posada story) or Gonzales (as criminally removing federal officials) into mere Section C news overnight.

On the extensive network of these:

Title: COLUMBINE school shootings were MONTAUK BOY psyop terror operation
Date: 2004.08.15 07:46
Description: This is transcribed from Alfred Bielek: Digital Video Autobiography, 6 hours, Part III "This is one aspect I would like to get public. This Montauk Boys program is very subversive, it is very invasive, it inserts in many areas of our society in a very unobvious manner. But it’s very real. . . ."


What the ultimate purpose is—-again, at that time I got no answers as to what the purpose was or what it was to be used for—-but it is fairly obvious today because all you have to do is look around you, you can see the mayhem that has been created. And particularly in terms of the school shootings, where in some cases these kids act absolutely blankly with blank minds and then, snapped out of it later. Particularly the Conyers incident exactly one month after the Columbine operation—-where the kid was shooting quite randomly in the yard, hit no one. The assistant principal came out, talked him into dropping the gun, putting it down, which he did. Then he put his arms around him, and the kid, snapped—jolted, like that [made shocklike arm movements], and said "where am I? What's going on?" He had absolutely no recollection of what he did.


. . .and one of the things that turned up was a term, the Trenchcoat Mafia. And this term came out of Eric's mouth and Diamond's [unclear] mouth. They considered themselves members of the trenchcoat mafia. Others showed up at the site, which was not publicly reported. . . . .and I might admit that my #2 son admitted that he was in the Trenchcoat Mafia, that he was in government employ as an assassin, this is one of the things they use the Montauk Boys for. I'm not happy to say this about my #2 son. I won't go into how I happened to learn that he was, but, I did. . .

And, this whole operation the Trenchcoat Mafia can be traced to an Air Force base, now closed, in upstate New York—the same air base where Eric Harris's father [Columbine shooting spree kid], in the Air Force, came from and was stationed with his family for many years.

Now what are the Trenchcoat Mafia if I may explore this slightly. They are considered an offshoot of the Montauk Boys program which is specifically, uh, shall we say, guardedly, religiously-oriented. They're Satanists.

The whole nine yards of the Trenchcoat Mafia are Satanists and Satan worshippers, as way Eric and Dylan [unclear word] this was never made public. And they took great care not to make that public. This whole group was considered a Satanic group in origin. If you remember in the public discourse—in the videos and everything they showed on T.V. and the little bit they showed about the diaries—one of the things that's happened in the shootings in the library, and this was noted in the public press when Eric or Dylan it doesn't matter which one it was went up to one of the girls, grabbed her around the neck, essentially, and pointed a gun at her head, and says "Do you believe in God?" This one particular girl said yes. Bang. Shot dead.

If she had said no, she would have lived. This was among other things a Satanic operation in terms of the orientation of the boys being used. This is not good news, and I'm sure it's not pleasant to a lot of people, and I don't wish to [unclear], though examine the facts for yourself.

There's another aspect to the new Montauk Boys program, and that's what they call the "Jesus Freaks"—pardon the expression—but their the ones that have gone off the deep end of religion, in the sense of the Christian orientation. Of course the two are opposed.

But their both used! And they have their place. I do not know what their place is.

And there's still the group in the middle, shall we say, uh, mid-line America, the middle cross-section of society totally, ah, um, not out of line, completely in the norm, and of course there's still Montauk Boys in that group and now Montauk girls. They are very unobvious because of the fact that they fit into the mainstream of society.

So much for the Montauk Boys and the Montauk Girls. It's an ongoing program. It's not fun, no one knows when they may strike next or if there is some major operation in store for the future.

To this date I have not seen a massive operation, there was only one other I could report that, uh, was, to my mind, indicative of a massive Montauk boys operation and that was back some years ago, I believe around '88, '89... where on that night, large cities from, large cities across the U.S., sprung up with fires simultaneously from Los Angeles--not to New York City—but to many other cities, riots and burning the city.

And the police were hands off in Los Angeles. I do not know if that implied the same action in other cities. They let it go for a period of time and then they were told to close down on it. It was an orchestrated demonstration of something. Don't ask me what. Other than, it was obviously. . . Montauk Boys.

Let's get off the Montauk Boys and move to something else. "

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Emanuel said...

In one of Cho's videos he says (paraphrasing), "I could have ran away. I could have escaped. But I did this for my children, brothers and sisters, whose heads you are fucking with." Who is he talking to here? From whom was he going to escape?

This sure sounds like something more is going on.



Back to Hawkins in the now.

In short, I would argue that there is a lot of evidence for the assertaion that "operations such as Hawkins" do occur. As for Hawkins in particular, if true it was an operation, he certainly had the police looking the other way about his reported crimes, and had copious access to guns and drugs and adults to smoke it with even though he was only working at McDonalds and then quit even that recently.

David McGowan was talking "Shock Doctrine" years before Naomi Klein was though he was talking about shocking people to change political policies to usher in a police state, instead of economic policies of said police state.

The aim to keep people in a state of shock and fear both economically and politically is required to stop them waking up that many things in the remainder of the USA are a lie on many levels. So I think 'distraction' is a soft word for what is going on beause entraining mass psychology seems to be key instead of temporary individual distraction.

Shrub said:

"How the hell could someone be a Manson Groupie? What in thee hell?

The rabbithole is waiting. Answers to that question within. They were MKULTRAs countesy of the US Gov't. Manson most definitely was a U.S. gov't project.

At least read the table of contents, and the free chapter below.

And thanks 'anon' I wasn't aware that Der Homeland Security Partei was already in the mall in question before the 'shooting' took place. Where is the link about that, please?

Sometimes, as McGowan writes, these 'random murders' are not random. They are simply framed in the media to be so. If you research who was actually killed in that mall you might have a real motive for unleashing "Hawkins" as a killer/scapegoat with the earlier reports of the military camouflaged guy shooting as well. Miliary military guys shooting up Virginia Tech as well, before the official (lie) story of the lone Korean kid was thrown to the crowd to eat up as the, whew, 'lone nut responsible.' I even saved a picture showing ANOTHER Korean/Asian looking kid the police were wrestling to the ground. No further stories about him as well! It was physically impossible, in terms of endless accuracy as well as the number of bullets and locations where they were expended, for it to have been one civilian kid at Virginia Tech doing the killing.

Tidy story, eh, this 'profile of a serial killer'--the irrational lone nut who kills everyone at random so there is no need to explore typical traditional issues of murder motives. Just slap the label 'serial killer' on it (whatever that means) and you don't have to think about motive. Though you should.

What if they aren't lone nuts? What if they aren't really serial killers (for many of them, though they are groped as so to cover up and hide the real murderers of dozens of people in particular areas?)

This story is old news anyway. I haven't read the story, though have heard it described, even in Agatha Cristie's the ABC Murders, if C was the object to be killed, A would kill unrelated B to throw off the trail before killing C even though C was the only motive tie between A and C.

Read the first 30 or so pages of McGowan's book about the actual 'profiles' of serial killers and their not so random victims here with the table of contents. Some of the questions in the thread above will be explained...

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Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BPH, I second your sentiments wholeheartedly. I wrote a thing yesterday and as blogger ate it, I thought I would let it be. Your post will help to re-create it, as follows;

Generally Richard I have enjoyed your posts, but your posthumous attack on Abe is revealing. Abe is an intelligent honest person doing a diligent search for 'what is going on'. Maybe you do not like smart people because they are not as easy or fun to mess with. (ah, fuck it, forgot the rest)

And Shrub, I think your problem is not with authority, rather your problem is with a lack of authority. And I do not see you finding a cure for that anytime soon.

Well enjoy, I’m outta here.

Anyway BPH, we could always start a thread over at the forum, maybe title it; Main blog refugees or comments on the silly season.

(Oh yeah, Shrub and Richard, yoouse guysess match really is made in Heaven. All bow down to the sanctification of negativity and bullshit. Lots-O-potential in that flock for fleecing.)

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Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


If anything happened with that link I apologize. I have been to it at least three times and nothing has ever happened.

I've always reading the posts here since Jeff was on the original blog site. Just decided to join the fray by pissing off one of the permanent fixtures here, I guess.

I meant no harm.

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