Thursday, November 29, 2007

America Ate My Brain (Part Two)

There ain't no Jesus gonna come from the sky
Since I found out, I know I can cry
- John Lennon

'Nuff Said

Even when there's nothing funny about it, satire's a funny thing. The better it's executed, the fewer people you can expect will get it. This affords satire a particular value under tyranny as a vehicle for dissent, when dissent can endanger life or livelihood if the wrong people get it.

Even when those who can read the intended meaning remain few, there can be a much larger crowd who are merely entertained by its dressing of transgressions. ("Swift says we should eat Irish babies." - "Duuude!") This can make satire commercially viable, because its narrow purpose is compensated by mass appeal, which also disseminates subversion far more broadly.

I think this is what's going on with Robert Kirkman's Marvel Zombies. Marvel, the corporation, may care only about the bottom line (a hard cover compilation has sold out an unprecedented four printings), and major advertiser the US Army may be simply happy to reach a young male readership with an appetite for destruction. They may not even give a thought to the text, let alone the subtext, but we should pay attention to both.

Since 2005 the zombie story arc has ranged over several comics titles but remains quite simple to summarize: a zombie virus is carried to New York, which quickly infects the superheroes of the Marvel universe, who methodically devour all life on Earth. When they've exhausted the planet, they take to space and extinguish life there as well. The End. Though the end hasn't been written, there can be no coming back from that.

It's supposedly set in an "alternate reality," though that doesn't spare us or the familiar heroes the degradation of say, Spiderman feasting on Aunt May or the Hulk snapping off the head of the Silver Surfer. And to many readers of American politics, the last seven years feel very much as well like an alternate reality, so that disclaimer doesn't carry much comfort anymore.

There is a lot of unredacted horror here. Hank Pym, Giant Man, keeping his uninfected friend the Black Panther alive so he can cut away fresh meat when the urge strikes. ("You want to know something really scary?" he confesses. "I like the way flesh tastes. Really, I do. If I were to somehow find a cure for whatever's going on with us - if things went back to the way they were - or as close as they could get...I think I'd still eat people.") Spiderman, tormented as ever, agonizing in the moments his head clears after a feed. ("I ate my wife - my aunt! - Why?! Why did I do that?!") Call them "alternates," but there can be no looking at these characters the same way. And honest to God, it's about time.

Publishing success stories are rare in comics these days, and while Marvel Zombies is one it also has its detractors. ("There comes a point where death isn’t funny anymore," says a reader. "I cannot trust in a hero anymore!" says another.) And here I think is the subtext: your heroes are dead. Or worse: undead.

There are a lot of monstrous metaphors available to describe America's descent from pulp fiction superhero to real world arch-villain, but perhaps the most apt is the zombie. There's the relentless and insatiable consumption of goods, fuel and lives which devours entire nations without thought or apology - Iraq's genetic future may be "for the most part destroyed" - and threatens even the viability of life on the planet. It even eats brains. Consider the occupation's targeted slaughter of Iraqi intellectuals.

A vampire would be preferable. I could see trying to talk things out with one. Probably not successfully, but there's at least the vain hope. A zombie? First of all, it's already dead. And last, I'm only food. Do you explain yourself to your breakfast?

There's no coming back from Iraq. There's no homecoming for Captain America. And don't wait for a hero, because he's only going to eat you.


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Blogger Sounder said...

I am reminded of a book by Beryl Lang called Philosophical Style where he pointed out that at certain times, teachers would exaggerate the requirements of orthodoxy as a way to get their students to question, and yet not get their own heads chopped off.

11/29/2007 06:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the detective is the murderer?

Becoming the Lotus - How to Master the Full Lotus Posture by Anton Temple

11/29/2007 06:09:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

Nice post jeff...

And your images are really something, they are so powerful, and you must only use a basic photoshop type of programme?

My breakfast always pleads with me. And I have a carrot I keep alive so i can feed my urge...

But seriously, America does feel like a zombie comic from over here. You couldn't make it up.

11/29/2007 06:14:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...

"There are a lot of monstrous metaphors available to describe America's descent from pulp fiction superhero to real world arch-villain, but perhaps the most apt is the zombie."

Zombie arch-villains indeed. But a descent from what? What is the analogue of the pulp fiction superhero here in american history?

11/29/2007 06:55:00 PM  
Blogger Abe said...

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Blogger Abe said...

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Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here I think is the subtext: your heroes are dead. Or worse: undead.

Or, better yet, you're dead if you need a hero, or any other mythical Savior.

No heroes.....but keep the Hero Sandwiches, cuz we can eat them, and not them us.

I liked how you tied this one up. I agree that there's no coming back from Iraq. It was intended to be a failed state.....sitting on top of a huge pool of Humanity's Destiny.

At this stage of the game, and it does seem like a game....a video game, perhaps, Oil equals the certain death of Humanity. In the least, all Civilization will crumble, which may not be such a bad thing, but I will miss my wife's homemade Irish Soda Bread with the raisins and carraway seeds spread modestly with some Echire.

Word Verification:


11/29/2007 07:22:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

....pulled pork sandwhiches....

Piggy, B.A. con

11/29/2007 07:25:00 PM  
Blogger Ink-Stained Wretch said...

Like they say on the radio, I'm a long-time listener... not exactly a first-time caller, as I've interjected in a few of the conversations in the past, but rarely and never at length.

I've long told many dwellers on the fringe that Jeff Wells is the smartest guy working in the realm of conspiracies -- deep politics -- high weirdness, whatever you want to call it. He draws on information few have noted; he makes connections between disparate materials that others have failed to notice; and he writes with a compelling, fluid style, linking ideas and emotions with a sense of urgent gravity.

Unfortunately, the more I know about a given subject, the more I tend to doubt Jeff's information & conclusions.

As a comics geek, and somebody who's had limited contact with the business end of Marvel, I find some of the data and conclusions in these last two posts to be questionable at best -- to the point where, as I read the front end of this essay, I wondered if Jeff was leading into the notion that the Marvel piece in itself was a satire, a goof on the conspiratorially-minded reading too much in between the lines (or the panels) of the data.

A few points:

- If you're suggesting that scriptwriter Robert Kirkman is perpetrating an intentional satire, I kind of doubt it. I've read quite a bit of his work and he doesn't tend to be somebody who seems particularly interested in bigger themes or in engaging political realities. (There are other comics writers who do dabble in political satire, some of them quite aggressively: Warren Ellis and Brian Wood spring to mind, as does Frank Miller, whose bent for social satire has flowed in an increasingly venomous conservative vein in post-9/11 America.) In contrast, Kirkman rose to prominence penning his self-owned series Invincible, a superhero saga, and The Walking Dead, a zombie epic. In The Walking Dead, Kirkman is clearly mining turf that has provided fertile ground for satire, starting with the subgenre's arguable creator and standard-bearer George Romero. Romero wickedly skewers consumerism in Dawn of the Dead, militarism in Day of the Dead, and goofs on the yawning chasm between the haves and have-nots in Land of the Dead. In stark contrast, "The Walking Dead" comic seems almost wholly uninterested in such larger themes and witty parallels -- it's generally content with on-the-ground soap opera and the surface tensions of survival horror. He may have some thoughts about the human condition, but the zombies don't really seem to function as a metaphor for anything other than the Grim Unexpected Shitstorms tha can fuck up human lives.

- The Marvel Zombies concept was devised, not by Robert Kirkman, who wrote the Marvel Zombies series, but by Mark Millar in a story for Ultimate Fantastic Four. Millar's work is marked by an often wicked bent of humor -- if the DNA of satire in the Marvel Zombies concept comes from anyone, it comes from him. But I have a feeling that the satirical element is more an attack on comic fandom.

"Marvel Zombies" used to be a derisive term for fans who rotely and uncritically bought every Marvel comic each month, regardless of quality. Millar literalized the concept in a story that, on at least one level, pokes fun at the insularity of the comics world. For many years, mainstream superhero comics have simply been redigesting and reinventing concepts originally devised between 40 and 70 years ago. (In this way, it has perhaps been a precursor and a microcosm for an increasingly conservative and unimaginative popular culture -- Pop Will Eat Itself, as a samples-driven one-note joke band from the '80s once put it.)

Ultimate Fantastic Four, where the Marvel Zombies originated, was itself was a "re-imagining" (as the phrase now goes) of Jack Kirby & Stan Lee's original FF stories that started in 1962. Millar generated fan buzz by hinting that the new "Ultimate" universe would be crossing over with the "mainstream" Marvel universe. With sadistic glee, he revealed that the ultimate [sic] destination of his story was yet another universe -- the Marvel Zombies universe. It was a cruel joke sprung on readers primed for a typical "universe spanning" event story. If anything, Millar's concept satirized a genre bereft of new ideas, and a fanbase that would rather see the familiar old concepts chewed up and spit out than dabble in anything new.

If the concept touches on larger themes applicable to America as a whole, I believe it's more or less accidental... just as I believe that Marvel's recent dalliances with US military are the result of almost comical, misguided opportunism on the part of both parties.

Comics have an increasingly graying and often unathletic readership. At my local comics shops, it's rare to see many loyal customers who are much under 30. If the Army thinks they're recruiting anybody with their ads and product placements in the books, they're kidding themselves. I think Marvel is only seizing an opportunity -- milking a clueless sponsor of their lucrative ad dollars before they realize that most comics readers are either too old, too educated, or too unathletic to serve as passable military recruits.

11/29/2007 07:32:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...

"Marvel Zombies" used to be a derisive term for fans who rotely and uncritically bought every Marvel comic each month, regardless of quality.

most comics readers are either too old, too educated, or too unathletic to serve as passable military recruits.

Quality post Ink Stained Wretch.

Good night all...time for Zzzzzz...

11/29/2007 07:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dot,

For an interesting insight into the twisted life of a Comics Artist, rent the movie Crumb. It's fascinating.....sad, hilarious, disturbing and tragic.

11/29/2007 07:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just finishing "Skeletons on the Zahara: A true story of survival" by Dean King (2004). Basically a U.S. trade ship wrecks off Western Sahara and their only chance for survival is to be taken captive as slaves for nomadic Arabs. Most of the TRUE story -- all true to the minute detail -- is about rare life survival -- drinking camel piss, face off with muskets, bald-faced lies to save your skin, small intestines drying up from starvation, sun blindness, etc.

These type of stories are really an inspiration for the day-to-day super-hero tasks of "staying real" in late-capitalist society.

We don't have the opportunity to be a liberal, "rational" detached moral actor -- in contrast, the appropriate model is HARMONICS -- or what the Muslims call BARAKA -- a sort of charisma measured by tone of voice and body posture.

Even though the U.S. captain is a devout Christian his slave-drivers believe him to be blessed by Allah -- just by his sheer will power and cleverness in wits to survive.

For example at one point in their strategy it's important to follow all orders -- but as they near the coast and villages -- it's best to act as dumb as possible, otherwise the Arabs will not want to sell the slaves, to reap whatever salvage value is left in their miserable bones.

Literally some of these survivors can touch their hip bones -- that's how bad their flesh is deteriorated.

The adventure takes place soon after the War of 1812 and it's a fascinating insight into the tribal-citystate-national and international continuum of negotiations, be it through language differences or moires of ownership.

In the desert the custom is that anyone can take anything as long as the goods are not fanatically watched over by their current owner. In this strange logic if there's any excess of food then it's a free-for-all and "primitive communism" is the result of sort of time-space grab-all dynamic.

Rain is considered so sacred that the nomads can not look at dark clouds, lest their "evil eye" jealousy cause the rain to dissipate. And once it starts, no jars are allowed for collection. Only sponges can soak up the puddles afterwards. Otherwise proper respect has not been considered for the power of the Mother as water.

My favorite was when the Captain Riley eats a rat fetus -- special treat! Then there's the crunching of goat and camel bones. One guy almost dies from eating poisoning plants.

My Somalian goat meal today was especially poignant.

11/29/2007 08:00:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...


I seen it, and you couldn't have explained it any better...I would add true to those words also. It really got to me, I tried to find more of the artwork by his brother, who i was obsessed with for the next week. I kept winding the vid back to watch the images his bro had produced. The phase soon passed me as I got nowhere with it, no net and so on. Anyone know where Charles' drawings can be seen? only his dark and long rants can be viewed onthe crumb wesite... I did a quick google on his bro, and found this on Maxon Crumb, the bro who was on the bed of nails, check it out Galactic Ghoul! -

Twelve years later, Maxon Crumb still resides in the same Sixth Street dump, and still maintains an extreme spartan diet -- "only plant food" -- and an ascetic spiritual practice that includes long, holy-man treks to Bolinas Ridge, where he sits in lotus position for 12 hours at a time.

Full article here

A reviewer said of his book "Hardcore Mother" -

Some book; makes Bukowski look like the Bobbsey Twins

Thanks Shrub, Maxon and Charles fascinated me and I had totally forgotten of it. Gonna order his book soon...

Enjoy the toons this weekend....zzzzzz

11/29/2007 08:37:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...


...what the Muslims call BARAKA -- a sort of charisma measured by tone of voice and body posture.

Have you seen Baraka by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson?

I read this on (site for nonverbal films)

"Baraka is an ancient Sufi word, which can be translated as "a blessing, or as the breath, or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds."

Highly recommend it, plus Chronos, which was the first of its time, and Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi. Sure you musta seen these, in case you haven't, check them out...

Zzz Zzzzzz, Z.Z.

11/29/2007 08:44:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...

This descent issue is stuck in my mind.

America has been witness to possibly the biggest genocide the world has known, and yet we complain that psychopaths are in power...

Why the surprise?

Again; a descent from what? And what is the analogue of the pulp fiction superhero here in american history?

11/29/2007 08:58:00 PM  
Blogger Ink-Stained Wretch said...

Tazmic: I think the reference may be more to America's self-image as a world-saving superhero, not so much the reality.

As William Burroughs says in his sardonic prayer, the video of which inevitably circulates through the intarwub each Thnxgvng Day:

"Thanks for the AMERICAN DREAM to vulgarize and falsify -- until the bare lie shines through..."

I think the image of "Capt. America, Zombie" as Jeff's painting it is a troubling metaphor... I just disagree with him that this satirical take is an intentional move on the part of his creators.

11/29/2007 09:12:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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11/29/2007 09:13:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...

Ah, thanks Ink, I did a good job of missing that.

In that case I like the metaphor.

But yes, BPH, a shame it only half-works when taken literaly.

f[u]cnho[a]x :)

11/29/2007 09:23:00 PM  
Blogger Abe said...

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11/29/2007 09:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the image of "Capt. America, Zombie" as Jeff's painting it is a troubling metaphor... I just disagree with him that this satirical take is an intentional move on the part of his creators.

I agree with you about that part, but what about the remainder of his post? As a Comics fan, do you need a hero, or heroes, or is it some other dimension or characteristic that attracts you to the medium? Are you representative of Comics fans, or are they a disparate group that can't be easily categorized.

In that sense, John Wayne is a better metaphor in many ways....meaning we've been dead for quite some time.

11/29/2007 09:30:00 PM  
Blogger Ink-Stained Wretch said...

Shrub: I'd hate to speak for "comics fans as a whole"... I'm probably atypical of the current readership, as I got bored of most of the mainstream superheroics a long time ago. (Judging by the sales charts, the typical readership is pretty conservative... they want to see their old favorites put through their paces in "dramatic" stories that don't really change anything. The most popular titles tend to be ones that perform cosmetic revisions on characters who have been around for decades, luring the readers in with promises of world-shaking changes, but usually shifting the pieces around only to return them to, more or less, the spots where they started.)

And in terms of metaphors about Heroes and Zombies -- I think Jeff is reading more than is intended into a work that's primarily about the insular world of comics. The story of Marvel Zombies is bound by the minutiae of superhero universe continuity, meaningful only to a dwindling readership that at this point can be better characterized as a large club than as a significant movement in popular culture. Much of comicdom has been reduced to navel gazing -- so deep in their own hole, they can only see the lint. But that doesn't mean the primal archetypes of some of these supercharacters don't have life and meaning beyond the blue-event horizon of the local comics shoppe. After all, a given issue of Spider-Man may only sell a hundred-thousand issues at best; but Spider-Man, the character, is known to millions, if not billions through his incarnations in other media.

Why these characters persist -- that's a good question. Arguably, some of the most persistent, perennially popular characters in fiction are ones that embody the greatest fictions that the human race likes to believe about itself. Sherlock Holmes is the embodiment of the triumph of rationalism (and morality) over a universe that at times seems irrational (and immoral). Tarzan reassuringly tells Western man that he's innately destined to rule whatever environment he finds himself in, that he is the natural king of the untamed wilderness -- and the uncivilized savages.

But these readings are simplistic and reductive. Sherlock Holmes is rarely depicted without some reference to his eccentricities, and his flaws. Virtually every work of imagination that persists embraces contradiction; works of simplistic propaganda or didactic communication rarely last beyond the regime that perpetrated them.

In this age, there's something troubling about seeing Capt. America clad in a zombie costume -- on the level that he's an embodiment of the American Dream. In the 1940s, he was a tool of pulp propaganda, hawking war bonds and punching Hitler in the face. In later incarnations, he was often depicted coming into conflict of people who would corrupt and abuse the American dream -- combating superpowered metaphors for Nixonian conspiracies, dueling with a doppelganger who claimed his shield as the property of the American government, and most recently, turning on his old ally Iron Man who had become the avatar for a government crackdown on anonymity (no more secret identities -- at least from the government).

On the comics pages, political realities infected the simplistic good vs. evil mentality of the superheroes a long time ago -- twenty years ago, in Alan Moore's Watchmen, when the superheroes were revealed to be sadists, closet fascists, mental cases, and misguided would-be saviors. That work is soon to be the next major comics adaptation to film... and maybe it will serve as an antidote to the militaristic themes of Iron Man.

11/29/2007 10:09:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...

Comic reading for me is primarily a choice of medium, and of when I discover a happy marriage of medium and content. Obviously some material will be more suited to this media but, isn't the hero-story comic a genre which is simply culturally overemphasised? It is still a clear subset of the medias realized potential.

"There is something happening, it seems, in the U.S. People are slowly becoming aware of the severe erosion that their “great democratic country” is suffering under.

A writer called Naomi Wolf is speaking to the well-educated, yet uninformed American. She speaks about the “pattern of fascism”, or the classic signs of an “open society” being transformed into a closed or totalitarian society of which fascism is one model that the world has seen in various permutations. The actions of Stalin, Goebbels and Bush et al. are compared to one another - with a view to get the latter impeached - and to establish that there is a “blue print” for closing down society - that is, transform what Wolf considers a “free, open democratic society” into a totalitarian regime. With the blue print in hand you can see how it happens again and again."

Colonos's take on Naomi (sheep in) Wolf (’s clothes) is again to do with the question of descent: what exactly are we wanting to return to?

As Ink quoted,

"Thanks for the AMERICAN DREAM to vulgarize and falsify -- until the bare lie shines through..."

I guess the comic hero genre really had nowhere else to go.

11/29/2007 10:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen the film Baraka and I've also seen CRUMB -- that article on Max Crumb is interesting. Notice the article states "lotus" NOT "full-lotus" -- BIG difference.

Also I take vitamins -- so no worry for me being hospitalized for vitamin deficiency like Max. The reason I take vitamins? I read a book on Papua New Guineans -- by the dude who wrote the history of big fauna decline in Australia. Name slips me -- one of those tongue things.

Oh yeah -- Tim Flannery. Btw -- I just realized that tongue sensation and memory -- it's fucking proprioreception -- the "sixth sense" used by special forces via the Brain Port.

Now -- Jeff -- that's the real superhero ubermensch shit. As soon as I realized the brain connection my full-lotus retreived me the dude's name.

11/29/2007 10:43:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

It's your funeral, bub.-Werewolverine.

11/29/2007 10:57:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

"Zombie arch-villains indeed. But a descent from what?

Iraq is American military normality. It's just cognitive dissonance speaking to say otherwise--something always twinned with it. That's what the comic books are for: to ignore reality?


"U.S. military spending ($343 billion in the year 2000, over 600 billion 2006-7) is 69 percent greater than that of the next five highest nations combined [and that was in 2000 before '9-11'].

Russia, which has the second largest military budget, spends less than one-sixth what the United States does.

Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, and Syria spend $14.4 billion combined; Iran accounts for 52 percent of this total."

Zoltan writes:

"The following is a partial list of U.S. military interventions from 1890 to 2007.

Below the list is a Briefing on the History of U.S. Military Interventions.

The list and briefing are also available as a powerpoint presentation.

This guide does not include:

mobilizations of the National Guard
offshore shows of naval strength
reinforcements of embassy personnel
the use of non-Defense Department personnel (such as the Drug Enforcement Administration)
military exercises
non-combat mobilizations (such as replacing postal strikers)
the permanent stationing of armed forces
covert actions where the U.S. did not play a command and control role
the use of small hostage rescue units
most uses of proxy troops
U.S. piloting of foreign warplanes
foreign or domestic disaster assistance
military training and advisory programs not involving direct combat
civic action programs
and many other military activities.

Among sources used, beside news reports, are the Congressional Record (23 June 1969), 180 Landings by the U.S. Marine Corp History Division, Ege & Makhijani in Counterspy (July-Aug, 1982), "Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798-1993" by Ellen C. Collier of the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, and Ellsberg in Protest & Survive.

Versions of this list have been published on,, and numerous other websites."

11/29/2007 11:14:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Here's some graphs about U.S. military spending compared to other countries.

Plenty more for comic books with budgets like these.

11/29/2007 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

Even the always charming and talented Simone Signoret, winner of an Academy Award for best actress in Room at the Top, failed the Army of Shadows 'test.' Held annually at booming Anal Cunt's house in Napa, Calipornia.. plenty of food. In Constant Conflict: 'internet warriors i shit on em.'  Time for amen brother/ wicked hardcore ragga dark step brakebeats on the radio...rinse this fucker out.

11/30/2007 12:23:00 AM  
Blogger tridentblue said...

The myth of the hero, when it went beyond teaching ethics, became something which pacifies people, telling us that somebody else is going to come along and clean it up. Somebody not afraid to stand up to death. But the thing is that there is no such person, there's only us. When I worked in hospice care, I learned that everybody faces it as children be old is to lose the veneer of adulthood and go back to the child self. So we all face the reaper as little children. It was sad to see, but there is truth in it. This is lord of the flies, lots of little kids around trying to figure out what's going on. Bless us all.

11/30/2007 01:05:00 AM  
Blogger tridentblue said...

The myth of the hero, when it went beyond teaching ethics, became something which pacifies people, telling us that somebody else is going to come along and clean it up. Somebody not afraid to stand up to death. But the thing is that there is no such person, there's only us. When I worked in hospice care, I learned that everybody faces it as children be old is to lose the veneer of adulthood and go back to the child self. So we all face the reaper as little children. It was sad to see, but there is truth in it. This is lord of the flies, lots of little kids around trying to figure out what's going on. Bless us all.

11/30/2007 01:05:00 AM  
Blogger Ink-Stained Wretch said...

The startling thing to me is that a mainstream voice like Naomi Wolf is actually using the word fascism for what's going on... and using it in a context that may actually remind the world of what the hell the word means. She's a Friend Of Hillary, yes, but she seems to be genuinely shocked by the idea that It Can Happen Here -- and that, in fact, it almost did. The Prescott Bush / General Smedley Butler saga is pretty common knowledge out here on the fringes of reality... but Naomi Wolf is talking about it? In places where mainstream American liberals might hear about it? Incroyable!

Okay, it's easy to suggest she's somehow a tool in yet another plan. But isn't it possible that she's just publicly and loudly waking up to some truths and realities that maybe all of us here weren't always aware of?

And Tazmic, etc: Okay, there is no Golden Past to turn the clock back to, you know it and I know it... but what future should we be fighting for?

Democracy as a concept, as an ideal, is, to my mind, not such a bad thing. Anyway, it beats all hell out of the Divine Right of Kings. But of course it's an easily manipulated and easily corruptible idea.

I always encounter a lot of cynicism, doubt and fear in these quarters -- rarely any hope. I'm honestly curious as to what people out there think is worth fighting for... or are we all locked int the Black Iron Prison, hopelessly fighting against a latticework of conspiracies who are always nine moves ahead of us?

11/30/2007 01:59:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

ISW said:

"And Tazmic, etc: Okay, there is no Golden Past to turn the clock back to, you know it and I know it... but what future should we be fighting for? Democracy as a concept, as an ideal, is, to my mind, not such a bad thing. Anyway, it beats all hell out of the Divine Right of Kings. But of course it's an easily manipulated and easily corruptible idea. I always encounter a lot of cynicism, doubt and fear in these quarters -- rarely any hope. I'm honestly curious as to what people out there think is worth fighting for...

Perhaps this?

11/30/2007 02:32:00 AM  
Blogger foist lastus said...

To twist the metaphor, the hero is Ash from Army of Darkness. Ash gets to fight the Marvel Zombies, and is evident in the linked articles, this is great fun for the artists involved.

First Look
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1

Ash is a rigorous character, keen on the horrors of the Necronomicon, cultivating his discernment of a reality that isn't what it seems. Ash calls them Deadites, which is a great title for culture so ingrained that it is eating itself, re-imagining itself with attitude. An example of this is the decidedly un-Suessian re-imaging of Horton Hears a Who

11/30/2007 02:34:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Q: "Again; a descent from what? And what is the analogue of the pulp fiction superhero here in american history?"

1) the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
2) The Underground Railroad
3) etc... etc..

11/30/2007 02:35:00 AM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

What if they had a war and nobody showed up? 'Destroy the Nothing.'

11/30/2007 02:41:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

----continued from 'part one'---------

OK, I think it's fair to say that the previous 'part one' and its image of Kucinich was to indicate that the K was yet another comic book hero. America's troubles are more systemic than one person (however good he is) to solve at present. Kucinich or Ron Paul could both be such. It would take a movement of Kucinich's and Paul's to be elected--after of course vote machines are derigged. Though simply getting elections right isn't going to get to sustainability either.

Since no one is talking about that vote fraud in the press, the whole elections are just a comic book right now. Vote fraud talk should be a priority.

This is a flashback to 'part one' and its thread. I said I wanted to respond to Shrub and BPH:



Why did Mark interject with Harry Potter as an example? I'll tell you why. It was a jab at me…

Sorry, Shrub, I widened my eyes in disbelief reading that. I am unaware how a mass media association can be taken as if it was a code for Shrub. Harry Potter was mentioned because it is so massively popular in mixing fantasy and real actors and because it has a huge real world social movement of copycatters of different agegroups. I could have mentioned Pentagon comic books once more, I guess, or network news comics.

And this other comment of yours sounds similar, though, no, humorously linking to something I diagreed with concerning Alar that made you confused was not someone plotting to personally make fun of you alone. As Jeff notes above, sometimes satire that is more subtle is best. Linking to a Wiki that I disagree with was satiring Wikipedia, though it was additionally a good link if you wanted to know the 'official comic book reality' promulgated there.

As I said, the neoliberal Wikiworld (with its founder Jimbo Wells as an Ayn Randite! Talk about market worship as a comic book world!) is a place to start though be sure to realize its cage and read other perspectives particuarly on controversial issues.

To the heart of the delayed matter.

BPH and Shrub agreeing on something:

BPH said:


Well... I dunno. I think he was not happy about my reversal experiment shenanigans. I still think he would gain some perspective by trying it. Strange fellow....

? I don’t know what you are talking about. What reversal experiment shenanigans?

I have been meaning to come back here and respond to something you posted though. I have been busy. You said above:

Brainpanhandler said...

"I link to Wiki's Alar article like a court jester would: hoping that someone would notice that it WAS arguing something different. ;-"

I believe you. I was going to respond to exactly the same section of your previous post, down to cutting and pasting almost precisely the same section, as Shrub and make exactly the same argument Shrub did. I actually composed the post and deleted it. I just did not want to enter another protracted argument with you or anyone else for a bit. I am spending entirely too much time here already and too much of that could be aptly described as producing "cute arguments".

"Many...don't have that half a brain to use."

I am afraid it's worse than that. Even those with well more than a few brain cells to rub together cannot or will not defend themselves against the sort of ubiquitous "thought control" you document. While I have had my doubts about wikipedia for some time now I am grateful for the direction you have pointed me in here. I will be checking out

[Particularly this is what I wanted to address: you said:]

I have to agree with Shrub on the poll data you present and that is what I was mainly going to respond to after your last lengthy post. I understand your need and desire to reference such polls. I also assume that such an intelligent and savvy observer of the world we live in recognizes what such polls really represent. Despite the statistics which I believe factually point out that consumer driven waste and pollution are but a small part of the problem (although ultimately linked to the bigger source of the problems), nonetheless, there is the larger picture that the mass consumers of the "material regimes" allow this shit to go on.

This is where BPH and Shrub agree! How strange. ... :-)

BPH continues:

"Nevermind what consumer choices they have or do not have."

Ah, though that is where much of the politics of change occur. Certainly there is a habit side of these raw material regimes on the mass individual level, though most unrepresentative raw material regimes were instituted AGAINST mass consumer desires and not supported by them. You remove the history from it, and you get a very functionalist view of these raw material regimes like you have here. You add the history to it, and the contention over their actual introduction, and you see the differences between supply-sided groups and demand-sided groups, each contending to find access in the state to support regimes that would benefit one or the other. These differences between supply and demand themselves are not functional, and only start to occur with widened scale as supply-sided groups start to have different ideas about materials as instituted infrasttructures against consumers and are very hostile to the changed investments and technologies that would accrue with changing consumer tastes or concerns. The still institutionalized coal and oil frameweorks had 100 years of killing off other more pro-consumer and decentarlized attempts. Suppressed Inventions by Jonathan Eisen <-- Good book. Amazed it was published.


"I realize that you will not get many people to flock to your banner if the first thing you do is point a finger at them and exclaim "Shame! Shame on you!". Those predisposed to feeling this shame will already be innoculated against this and others who do not have the knowledge to understand the complicity will dismiss you.

I don't think you give people enough credit to change their mind. You see to have very clear assumption here that you know everyone's reaction beforehand statically and ahistorically stable? ;-)


"Even those who possess the knowledge to rightly understand their own responsibility via their apathy will not respond well to being made to feel crappy about their predicament.

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. I don't think you can presume to know how individuals will respond in many different ways ways to the same information.


Most everyone will pay lip service to the idea of sustainable choices for energy consumption, preservation of endangered ecosystems, conservation of irreplaceable natural resources... etc. So what use [?unclear?] polls except to show that the mass consumers have a passing interest in such things and feel that someone, somewhere is working on the problems, not to worry, it'll all work out in the end?"

I don't think that many polls even ask this question to address this assumption of yours or had that purpose. So we don't know. However, on the one of them that does address this issue, at the blog, and it shows that NO they don't think that, BPH, and many people consider that the government is not working on it: "...and that a supermajority of the world considers their current forms of state doing poorly on getting to sustainability."


That doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Even the intent is corrupt and more representative of fairy tales than anything real that would require change or sacrifice. [I don’t understand where you dissappeared to in this phrase...

I love the bumper sticker that reads, "Why are we in this handbasket? And where are we going?" Until a critical mass of consumers recognize that THEY and not someone else are in the handbasket do you really think that the groundswell of "opinion" tapped by your polling data will translate into action? Don't things have to get much worse before they have any chance of getting better?

No, not particularly. It all depends on when people get together about it. It can be influenced by material duress and scarcities from consumers, though just as equally material duress and scarcities could lead to the opposite of course--lack of action. I don’t see that in all situations you can predict how certain ‘objective conditions’ will somehow automatically lead to an outcome.

Latin Amerian debt protests in the 1980s are one example. Certain structural factors seemed to matter--like background unionization and urbanization poverity scales (where most of the protests occurred)--though there were areas where these were in existence as well though nothing happened.However, the point is that the deprivation degree is not automatically translatable into some action like your expectations assume. It depends on human agency to do it, and structural features of the world or the economy may be a situation in which we make history though abstract frameworks themselves fail to make history or cause it. So no, things 'don't have to' get much worse before they get better. The world is more complex than simply action based on deprivation. Sometimes deprivation will only lead to more inaction.

Back to BPH:

”and can this world of "ours" sustain things getting much worse or are there forces in play that once they have a momentum of their own cannot be reversed? What if I said I could get you fifty million dollars and distribution rights for a film of your choice and making?

You can’t, though thanks for the artificial offer.

The money would be better spent helping to organize grassroots commodity ecology frameworks among the poor of the world, in all watersheds of the world like Gaviotas, and/or civil democratic institutions everywhere (chapter 21 in Toward a Bioregional State).

A movie is just another movie—or is it?

On the other hand, through the internet distribution I suppose it could make a difference. A film about bioregionalism, for example, and its way out of the hamstrung morass of left (social justice, democracy, plurality) versus right (decentralization, fear of centralized state tyranny) based elite politics toward a politics based on their common features instead would be useful. If the film detailed how corruption, anti-democracy, and select raw material regimes criminal shenagans (that no one loves) were always interacting it would be good as well. You should read the chapters on coal in John Taylor Gatto's masterwork about the Underground History of American education, how people were made into dumbed down mental servorobots of an industrial elite, effectively rewiring and curtailing the purposes of education as well as hampering democratic self-determination.

Coal At The Bottom Of Things
The Demon Of Overproduction
The Quest For Arcadia
Managerial Utopia
The Positive Method
Plato’s Guardians
Far-Sighted Businessmen
Coal Gives The Coup De Grâce
The Spectre Of Uncontrolled Breeding
Global Associations Of Technique
Labor Becomes Expendable
Burying Children Alive
The End Of Competition
America Is Massified
German Mind Science

short quote from Gatto:

"Real school reforms have always failed, not because they represent bad ideas but because they stand for different interpretations of the purpose of life than the current management of society will allow. If too many people adopted such reforms, a social and economic catastrophe would be provoked, one at least equal to that which followed the original imposition of centralized, collective life on men, women, and children in what had been a fairly libertarian American society. Reverberations of this earlier change in schooling are still being heard. What else do you think the explosion of homeschooling in recent years means?

The reason this cataclysm, out of which we got forced schooling, has been put to the question so very little by the groups it violently damaged is that the earlier storm had a confusing aspect to it. Those who suffered most didn’t necessarily experience declining incomes. The cost of the metamorphosis was paid for in liberties: loss of freedom, loss of time, loss of significant human associations—including those with one’s own children—loss of a spiritual dimension, perhaps. Losses difficult to pin down. Coal, and later oil, relentlessly forced a shift in crucial aspects of social life: our relation to nature, our relation to each other, our relation to ourselves. But nowhere was the impact greater than in the upbringing of children.

Colonial and Federal period economics in America emphasized the characteristics in children that were needed for independent livelihoods—characteristics which have remained at the heart of the romantic image of our nation in the world’s eyes and in our own. These characteristics, however, were recognized by thinkers associated with the emerging industrial/financial systems as danger signs of incipient overproduction. The very ingenuity and self-reliance that built a strong and unique America came to be seen as its enemy. Competition was recognized as a corrosive agent no mass production economy could long tolerate without bringing ruinous financial panics in its wake, engendering bankruptcy and deflation.

A preliminary explanation is in order. Prior to coal and the inventiveness coal inspired, no harm attended the very realistic American dream to have one’s own business. A startling percentage of Americans did just that. Businesses were small and local, mostly subsistence operations like the myriad small farms and small services which kept home and hearth together across the land. Owning yourself was understood to be the best thing. The most radical aspect of this former economy was the way it turned ancient notions of social class privilege and ancient religious notions of exclusion on their ears.

Yet, well inside a single generation, godlike fossil fuel power suddenly became available. Now here was the rub, that power was available to industrialists but at the same time to the most resourceful, tough-minded, independent, cantankerous, and indomitable group of ordinary citizens ever seen anywhere. A real danger existed that in the industrial economy being born, too many would recognize the new opportunity, thus creating far too much of everything for any market to absorb.

The result: prices would collapse, capital would go unprotected. Using the positive method of analysis (of which more later), one could easily foresee that continuous generations of improved machinery (with never an end) might well be forthcoming once the commitment was made to let the coal genie completely out of the bottle. Yet in the face of a constant threat of overproduction, who would invest and reinvest and reinvest unless steps were taken to curtail promiscuous competition in the bud stage? The most efficient time to do that was ab ovo, damping down those qualities of mind and character which gave rise to the dangerous American craving for independence where it first began, in childhood.

The older economy scheduled for replacement had set up its own basic expectations for children. Even small farmers considered it important to toughen the mind by reading, writing, debate, and declamation, and to learn to manage numbers well enough so that later one might manage one’s own accounts. In the older society, competition was the tough love road to fairness in distribution. Democracy, religion, and local community were the counterpoise to excesses of individualism. In such a universe, home education, self-teaching, and teacher-directed local schoolhouses served well.

In the waning days of this family-centered social order, an industrial replacement made necessary by coal lay waiting in the wings, but it was a perspective still unable to purge itself of excess competition, unable to sufficiently accept government as the partner it must have to suppress dangerous competition—from an all-too-democratic multitude.

Then a miracle happened or was arranged to happen. After decades of surreptitious Northern provocation, the South fired on Fort Sumter. Hegel himself could not have planned history better. America was soon to find itself shoehorned into a monoculture. The Civil War demonstrated to industrialists and financiers how a standardized population trained to follow orders could be made to function as a reliable money tree; even more, how the common population could be stripped of its power to cause political trouble. These war years awakened canny nostalgia for the British colonial past, and in doing so, the coal-driven society was welcomed for the social future it promised as well as for its riches."

Gatto could be in the film. So could bits from the suppressed inventions. So could Tesla, etc.

The aim would be to discuss how making material regimes more democratic and localized and reprsenative would be a key to changing both our material and political worlds simultaneously.

OK. A film sounds like a good thing after all I guess. Sure, sign me up for 50 million dollars. ;-) I just never thought about the strategy because, I don’t have millions of dollars to start conceiving of what to do with it. Besides, we don’t require centralized leadership in sustainability so a leadership cadre is not all that important really. The ideas and institutional frameworks would be.

What if you could mobilize 300 million people to descend on various capitals around the world and demand change? What do you think would change?

What good would that do?

Protesting is a temporary phenomena, a catharsis that allows people to go back home unchanged for the most part, and the same relationships remaining unchallenged in their daily lives. Different local institutions are more durable inventions and perhaps the only way forward?

Under corrupt raw material regimes and their pseudo-democracies (or open dictatorships, when pressed) worldwide all that would achieved in protest would be what the neocon internationalists want: excuses for more police state and excuses for more internationalist police states that are already being assembled by them in shared plane flight information, or shared email and communication monitoring and purchase behavior with digital cash, etc.

So why utilized tired old protest strategies that are on the whole only symbolic? Why not institutional and material protest strategies that are inherently conservation minded and sustainable trade minded?

Better to have 300 million people learning to get to know their immediate neighbors (Chapter #21 suggestions for institutionalizing rotating non-governmental civic leadership recognitions) and creating sustainability themselves and slow bio-democratization of their local states, etc. (commodity ecology, particularly points #1 - #10). Another protest strategy would be to stop utilizing the US currency of course--see how quick TPTB get frightened of real institutional change based protest. (I relate something about that below at the asterisks **************.)


BTW... understand that when I ask questions like "Do you relate absolutely everything to issues of economic and ecological sustainability?" I am well aware of the notion that if one is in a house that is burning down there really are no more pressing issues. My areas of concern include the psychological reasons for people refusing or being unable to recognize that they are in a house that is burning down in slow motion. Why are we so goddamned gullible and prone to scotoma? How is it that people can look right at the problem and not see it? How is possible that so many people can be so stupid?

I don’t think they are, since much of their information comes from a neocon artificial media sphere of unreality. So they are encouraged to reflect that unreality. Second, polls show most people dislike this situation instead of support it (given the dismal 'Democratic' led Congress is getting worst support in polls than even Bush).

However, the USA elites have learned well from the Third Reich on institutionalizing BOTH mass psychological mind control as well as individual MKULTRA like mind control.

Though you find an ease of talking in this ahistorical way, I don't see much empirical justification for seeing the world in such functionalist ahistorical unchangable terms as if all outcomes are socially shared outcomes or 'all societies' have the same functional or organizational relations.

Besides, there's a huge difference between the desires of elite raw material regimes and their sociotechnical infrastructures versus the mass consumers they attempt to herd in certain directions--by manipulating and limiting their choices in many ways.


Mass Psychology of Fascism (Reich) helped me immensely in this regard. If current generations of "adults" are at best hopelessly mired in paralytic confusion then doesn't it make sense to focus on future generations, ie... the children?

Yes and no.

Education is something that everyone can appreciate and benefit from. Your attitude toward education seems to be a form of indoctrination. I would be more interested in rereleasing aggregate individual variations once more from the dead hand of the type of educational system that Gatto describes as well as tweaking it to encourage people to know more about the real world interactions of social, biological, and physical--instead of having separate career paths in these three areas. That is just one idea and non-exclusive though I think different forms of education institutionally are required to get over mass ecological ignorance.

For one of many ideas an additional university degree path of ‘interscience’ would be useful with a pragmatic specialization in typical applied biological, physical, or social sciences. In this way starting a mass educational change where many more people would experience a curricula framework of common shared bio-physical-social knowledge to help them monitor and understand interactions in the real world between what are still seen as supposed ‘separate’ disciplinary topics.

They pragmatically would still specialize and get a degree in the biological, physical, and social sciences. However, they would share a common interscientific bent before they did so, so call it a 'liberal arts degree for the sciences' I guess. I argue that a lot of unsustainability is not genetically predisposed to human psychology, and that it has to do with institutional factors along with many forms of intentional and educated ignorance about the interactions in the real world between biological, physical, and social policies undertaken in isolation as if they really are in isolation from affects in the other two categories all the time. (Like how a social policy would influence biological and physical reality; or how a physical (metals/agriculture for instance) policy would influence social and biological reality).

People come stamped out of universities intellectually damaged and unable to have conceptions of how harmful some policies are in our shared world--like certain biological or physical interventions or additions (GMOs for example) have social effects like mass agricultural shakeout and commodity price collapses of more independent farmers which has further ecological ramifications, etc. Another example: introducing plastic--and it has over the generations gathered in millions of pounds in the oceans contaminating all life, interfering with hormone cycles of ocean critters, and slowly blocking the light that the plankton-based food chain depends upon in the sea...


What if the methods and techniques you might want to employ superficially resemble the methods and techniques of our enemies?

This is a question I have always asked myself throughout, and I don't suggest ones that I think would simply perpetuate a distant elite versus laity framework.

That is why I don’t trust a singular ‘leadership cadre’ form of change or a singular social movement form of change. Very easy for it to get disrupted and distracted or bought off.

For instance, I think promoting multiple party plurality and a working democracy would help get over both the elite gatekeeping that supports environmental degradation and their raw material regimes because they are interactive.

Watershed based electoral districts would be another example where I think you would agree it is hardly "methods and techniques you might want to employ superficially resemble the methods and techniques of our enemies"!:

"Ecoregions as Political Feedback Against Unsustainable Developmentalism

Particularly within the frameworks of proposals in the Bioregional State, ecoregions or watersheds aid in faciliation of the innate "ecological self-interest" of people to avoid externalities in human health, ecology, or economic relations that are impressed upon people living in a particular ecological area by informal politics guided from larger state frameworks. One way to bring this type of ecological self-interest in sync with developmental policies would be to make watersheds/ecoregions as the mandated form for electoral districting, providing ecological based checks and balances in politics. This brings ecological self-interest in sync with state politics instead of out of sync with it. A watershed based electoral districting provides feedback against unsustainable developmentalism policies in particular areas; provides for a more competitive informal party framework that removes the gerrymandered and uncompetitive districting that is key to how informal gatekeeping is involved in maintaining unsustainable development; as well provides an ongoing formal mechanism for particular areas to participate in deliberations of developmental decisions within larger state levels for their own ecologically specific sustainable paths. The wider argument of the Bioregional State is that much of unsustainable developmentalism comes from how exclusionary and undemocratic political gatekeeping is organized and maintained in ostensibly "formal democracies." The wider argument of the Bioregional State is that its frameworks are an improvement on democracy in general, that removes many different levels of elitist, exclusionary political gatekeeping which promotes unsustainable abuses. Watersheds as electoral districts are only one of the more "charismatic" examples in the Bioregional State for how to operationalize an ecological check and balance solution on the level of districting, in this wider general issue of gatekeeping."

That is why I think that selective institutional additions for wider ecological checks and balances as required in formal democracy is an idea whose time has come, particularly because green politics are so widely distributed across the political demographic.

"First, however, the bioregional state argues that a single informal party is a poor strategy for change to sustainability. A single party can be corrupted like the fading greenness of Die Grunen in Germany (discussed at that link above).

Second, a single party it is a poor strategy for sustainability because support for greenness comes from across the left-right spectrum seen in above polls for global supermajorities supporting green politics. This makes a single informal party a poor strategy for mobilizing toward sustainability. It is perhaps ultimately self-defeating and self-divisive of the commonality of views on greenness to attempt to fit 'green' into one party framework. (That being said, I do support various forms of green parties however just without expecting that the model of political change for sustainability can ever be achieved by a singular party).

Third, the bioregional state argues that with so many solutions already in evidence though simply unapplied, it is unable to be said that there is a lack of solutions that is keeping sustainability from occurring.

On the contrary, it is political, economic, and technological corruption and gatekeeping against the massive supermajorities of the world that is keeping us from sustainability. Corruption is keeping us from living in representative democracies and maintaining a representative developmentalism. This corruption keeps us living within crony raw material regimes instead of arrangements more democratic and consumer-choice driven that would look closer to the commodity ecology arrangement instead of commodity arrangements that destroy the planet.

In existing democracies many conflicts of interest keep unsustainability in place. Only by creating additional formal 'ecological checks and balances' can we address these conflicts of interest and innately allow our political economies to be more directly 'in sync' with this global support for environmentalism, sound economics, and sound health practices.

To summarize, [1] unsustainability is corruption and conflict of interest. [2] This corruption is created by 'out of sync' formal institutional arrangements in states that create an informal gatekeeping on politics, instead of formal institutions creating representation in politics. [3] This gatekeeping and unrepresentativeness has a developmental effect toward environmental degradation and self-destruction [4] contrary to public support. [5] It is additionally contrary to polls showing sustainabilility to be the supermajority and popular concern of the world."


To do this requires formal institutional changes instead of merely an informal party change of policies. I don’t frame anything toward sustainability as having to do with informal policy.

Sustainability requires formal changes to get there. It has a lot to do with reorienting formal institutions to facilitate sustainability on an ongoing basis, instead of simply expecting a singular party or movement of informal groups to do much in the long run.

This is not to say that this doesn't require at first a group of informal people interested in change. I just fail to see how setting up a particular singular party can be anything except divisive, given green political support is across the so called 'political spectrum':

"As I argue in Toward a Bioregional State, ecological salvation through any singular informal party is unlikely, given more competitive parties are the only check on unsustainable gatekeeping and the political corruption involved in environmental degradation. The German Greens, known as Die Grunen, seem to show this lack of capacity for serving ecological salvation from the moment they gained slight power in Germany and started to loose their original principles, demographic support, and many policies--toward greencoating an unsustainable arrangement.

The idea of moving a singular political party into the state and then reorienting the state from only that singular political party basis is a faulty model of sustainable change. Instead, the state should be reoriented first to generate a more competitive party framework to remove the gatekeeping of any party--because the grand majority of the population supports a combination of green sentiment in many countries worldwide."

For instance, the moment The Greens were founded in Germany, it splits into right and left wings for instance (The Greens and the Ecological Democratic Party):

"The Ecological Democratic Party (German: Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei, ÖDP) is an environmentalist political party in Germany. It was founded in 1982 by former members of the German Green Party. The ÖDP combines issues which are not often found together: a focus on state financial support for families and childrearing, and a belief in the right to life (that is, opposition to abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty). The latter positions and the differences listed below – have led some, including political scientist Joachim Raschke, to characterize the party as "conservative," but the party feels that all these positions are a consistent response to injustice. In most of those issues which it emphasizes, such as the environment and trade, it is similar to the Green party. It differs from the Green party by being less supportive of immigration and restrictions on state powers in criminal justice issues, not focusing on gay and lesbian rights, and having a differing view of feminism.

Its main base is in the south of Germany, in the states of Bavaria and (to a lesser degree) Baden-Württemberg, though it has fielded candidates in many parts of the country.

It was one of the earliest supporters (since 1989) of a Green tax shift, an idea which later gained broader support and has been partially implemented in Germany since the SPD and Greens were elected to form the government in 1998.

Though a very small party – it has not gained seats in a state parliament or in the national parliament – the ÖDP became notable for its involvement in the opposition to a Czech nuclear reactor in Temelin, across the border from Bavaria. It led an initiative for a popular referendum to abolish the Bavarian Senate (that state's upper house) which was successful. It brought suit against a law in North Rhine-Westphalia which requires parties to receive 5% of the vote in order to take their seats, as well as a national law which reserves state financing only for parties that got more than one percent of the vote in at least three state elections; both laws were overturned.

The party has a youth organization called Junge Ökologen ("Young Ecologists")."

Voila, a right-wing progressive ecological party just like the left-wing progressive ecology party (Die Grunen).

Note how wedge issues divided them though they were all green:

"Wedge issue is a social or political issue, often of a divisive or otherwise controversial nature, which is used by one political group to split apart or create a "wedge" in the support base of an opposing political group, with a view to enticing voters to give their support to the first group. The use of wedge issues gives rise to wedge politics.

Political parties are usually fairly diverse groups though they will always try to project a united front. A wedge issue may often be a point of internal dissent within the opposing party, which that party tries to suppress or ignore talking about because it divides "the base." Such issues are typically a cultural or populist issue, relating to matters such as crime, national security, sexuality (e.g. gay marriage), or race. Another party may exploit this dissent by publicly supporting the issue, and in effect align itself with the dissenting faction of the opposing party. A wedge issue is intended to bring about such things as:

A debate, often vitriolic, within the opposing party, giving the public a perception of disarray.

The defection of supporters of the opposing party's minority faction to the other party if they lose the debate.

The legitimising of sentiment which, while perhaps popularly held, is usually considered inappropriate or politically incorrect; criticisms from the opposition then make it appear beholden to special interests or fringe ideology.

To prevent these three consequences from occurring, the opposing party may attempt to take a "pragmatic" stand and officially endorse the views of its minority faction. However, this can lead to the defection of supporters of the opposing party's majority faction to a third party, should they lose the debate."

Besides, most of the Green actually came from the right and religious and apolitical leftist social movements in its formation, not the political party Marxist left. It was from the right and from the left among many individuals with almost a religious change movement instead of secular left politics.

Currently, in Germany, the Greens have taken as leadership the typical secular hard left Trotskyites at its leaders who work with and promote banking/TNC greening and state administrative solutions--though these "group Z" greens as they were called were always a very small part of the movement originally and really quite opposed to much of what the Greens were out to do: decentralization and pro-feminism, technological and medical decentralization, etc.


Relative to my recent exchange with Richard, which I would not blame you if you were not following it, [I don’t understand what this phrase means?] I used the phrase "The ends justifies the means" and was accused by implication of being a fascist. This got me to thinking about how phrases and ideas can be taken out of circulation. I offered as a further example the phrase "the absence of proof is not proof of absence". Both phrases are now verboten as a result of the attendant associations. "It takes a village to raise a child" falls into the same category of speech that is no longer acceptable or at least can no longer be used without certain associations attaching.

I don’t know where you are going with that or why I should respond.

Something else from Shrub:

Mark had said: 'Now, I ask you, are individual consumers requesting this carbon pollution? No. From the polls we have, no. So I don't think individual consumers are to blame.'

Shrub had said like BPH:

Come on, Mark, they are certainly partly to blame. Listen, nothing can change if the thick-headed consumers don't see it the way you do.

I don't see that change entirely has to come from consumers though.

Shrub said:

Personally, I have a hard time believing the polls because it doesn't square with my daily observations.

Well, if Shrub's daily observations are that sound, I'm sure they would ask you in early February instead of the groundhog whether you see your shadow and take that as a sign for early spring or further winter.

However, on the basis of subjective interpretation, Shrub's shadow is claiming to trump large scale polls, so, I don't really have anything to say except that this sounds like the typical 'we are an empire, we make our reality' sort of psychosis the neocons practice among themselves.


"There is a certain percentage of consumers, like yourself and me, who see that we're being manipulated and that the fossil fuel grid has somewhat been foisted upon us, but it couldn't have occurred without the majority acquiescing in one form, or another."

Acquiescing, yes, accepting no. That's two different issues. I think consumer ambivalance is indeed a great force maintaining very unrepresentative raw material regimes. I don't jump toward saying that this means that given other choices (which are denied them) consumers would hold to their ambivalent support.

If offered more choices, consumers would flock to them seen in the few times that they have been allowed energy choice differences for example. (Watch the Who Killed the Electric Car film for example).


"I know too many people who think all is fine and people such as yourself and me are nothing more than scare merchants.

Yes, that's the habit side of the raw material regimes that I think is important. However, I wouldn't assume that your (or mine or anyone's) circle of acquaintances represent such a huge sample of people, like you seem to accept as the only evidence. It's not.


"In other words, and I agree with Richard in this regard, The Raw Material Regimes will treat The Masses like children so long as The Masses continue to behave like children. Of course, if The Masses start behaving otherwise, there's no telling how The Raw Material Regimes might react. Power such as that will not be relinquished without consequence. The degree of that consequence is a subject for another debate, entirely."

I mentioned above how such mass protests like BPH recommends would simply be playing into their hands.


And, in regards to water consumption, your statistics did reveal that direct water usage by consumers is not the issue, but it did not reveal that indirect usage is not an issue.

Actually, the expansion of population in the USA has not changed the percentage of water utilized by consumers individually over the past 30 years. That is what the USGS data show. IF there was individual consumer blame you would expect at least with population expansion to see a parallel expansion of water use. This is not what has occurred.

What has occurred is that more water in the USA gets wasted in BIASED CHOICES OF sociotechnical frameworks of thermoelectric energy production and agriculture.

These are getting more wasteful and absorbing (no water pun intended) higher percentages of water in the USA with higher exernalities for organizing energy or agriculture in this fashion (like the oceanic dead zones all around the littorals of the 'developed' areas of the world.)

However, that has to do with particular raw material regime bad choices, and not consumers choosing them.

Actually, consumers want choice, and the states of the USA are attempting to keep them acting on it by reducing their purchasing information. See this example for consumers wanting to avoid Monsanto's rBGH and the state government is actually acting like a lobbiest for Monsanto in keeping consumers in the raw material regime of Monsanto's polluted milk.

Pennsylvania Restricts rBGH-Free Dairy Labels

Your Right to Know: Pennsylvania Restricts rBGH-Free Dairy Labels

Several large dairy producers and food companies have made news recently by getting rid of recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST, from their milk supply.

This is great news for consumers, since this genetically engineered growth hormone is known to cause harm to cows and may pose health risks to humans.

But in Pennsylvania, things appear to be going backwards.

FDA approved the use of voluntary labels more than 12 years ago at the request of dairy companies seeking to respond to customer concerns over the use of the genetically engineered hormone.

Earlier this year Monsanto, the company that makes rBGH under the trade name Posilac, pressured the FDA to restrict the use of labels identifying “rBGH-free” or “rBST-free” dairy products, claiming such labels are "misleading" to consumers. FDA rightly refused Monsanto’s request to restrict consumers’ right to know, but now the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) seems to following Monsanto’s lead.

In October, the PDA announced new regulations that appear to prohibit any kind of rBGH-free labeling on dairy products , including "rBGH (rBST)-Free" and wording such as "Our farmers pledge not to use . . ." Pennsylvania's actions have spurred similar discussions in Ohio and New Jersey, and other states may be next! Please take action now to stop this in Pennsylvania!

Consumers want more information about the foods they buy and feed to their families – not less.

rBGH-Free labels are not “misleading,” they fill an important gap in knowledge about how our dairy products are produced.

Protect Your Right to Know! send an email to Governor Rendell to him know you do not find rBGH-free labels to be “misleading,” and you do not want their use restricted!

Another example: the opposition to more construction of nuclear plants in the USA shows that consumers do pressure better formats when they feel obliged to.

More than 97% want to utilize solar power for instance in another poll I have seen in the USA.

So I don’t think that it serves any use to blame individual consumers or mass consumers attempting to rationalize 'they chose the outcomes' for how screwed the world is, when they didn't choose the outcomes.

Much of their and our consumption 'choices' are pre-chosen: they come filtered in advance through corrupt raw material regimes that intentionally deny them choices or say in the matter of the particular materials that are institutionalized.

For example, you can buy dozens of different brands of gasoline. So? That is not choice or a market for energy, because you don't have access to choosing different energy sources like electric or water-based hydrogen cars simultaneously on the market with gasoline based cars.

Watch the film ‘Who killed the electric car’ for a particularly open example of how supply-sided interests can be very opposed to demand-sided interests instead of thinking they work together or have the same interests.

I agree they are indirectly linked--though that ‘link’ is more to do with captive consumer clientelism to these raw material regimes than anything.

Or read Edwin Black’s book

Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives

for another good example of how different consumer desires were and always against oil introduction.

I don’t think it serves much to mistakenly blame victims of environmental degradation--the consumers--when bad management from the corporations and states are to blame more clearly for their introductions.

Another example would be GM-crops, with 99% of the USA opposed to them being introduced they were introduced by U.S. federal state pressure and by Monsanto (that owns around 91% of all GM-crops).

For an example of how a closed state might ‘buckle’ in its support for centralized raw material regimes to protect biodiversity and local organics, comes from the truly ‘accidental revolution’ in Cuba—where the one-party state of Castro was forced to decentralize and allow a bit of profit motive within the agricultural sector of cooperatives and animals and waste-treatment, despite still being a police state it went a bit bioregional economically.

And though I speak mostly from the green-left, here’s discussion of a captive raw material regime from the extreme right, the regime of what money is and/or could be:

Mises Daily Article [Though Mises is another comic book sort of guy...]

The Precedent for the Ron Paul Dollar
By Clifford F. Thies
Posted on 11/26/2007

On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, federal agents raided the Indianapolis headquarters of a company called NORFED, the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and Internal Revenue Code, and seized its holdings of gold, silver, and copper, much of it in the form of coins bearing the likeness of US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of Texas, a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

The search warrant for this raid alleges fraud and money laundering, and a supporting affidavit refers to provisions of the US Code that prohibit the emission of any coins intended to circulate as money, and the emission of anything in the likeness of the currency of the United States.

The details of the case are complicated, but there are two issues that I can address without going into all the claims and counterclaims. How is it that the US government has the power to prohibit people from using alternative forms of money (i.e., the first provision), and how is it that the coins of NORFED resemble those of the United States (the second)?

>From 1934 to 1975, it was forbidden for any American to own gold bullion. Prior to 1934, it was thought that the US Congress had no power to make anything illegal. Hence, the prohibitionists needed a constitutional amendment to take away our alcohol. But, in 1934, the US Supreme Court decided, in a 5-4 decision, that the Congress could indeed make gold illegal.

What's more, in this and in subsequent decisions, the Court decided that Congress could prohibit us from using gold or silver coins such as might be issued by foreign governments or by private mints, or paper notes issued by private banks, or even writing financial contracts denominated in gold, or in any foreign currency, or in any form of indexation. Not only could the federal government decide what the "legal tender" of the country is, but also what is the only legal "unit of account" and "medium of exchange." These powers are not to be found in the Constitution, but are part of what Chief Justice John Marshall, speaking for the Court, said is the "inherent power" of government.

The issue of whether money should be the sole prerogative of government has been controversial for a very long time. Advocates of
limited government have always argued that money should be something of value as a commodity independent of its monetary use, although many of them have allowed a role for government in attesting to the weight and fineness of coins and the soundness of banks. Advocates of big government have always argued, contrariwise, for fiat money.

In ancient Greece, we can find these positions in the writings of Plato and Aristotle. Plato, who advocated the dictatorship of the
"philosopher-king," said, in The Laws, that the money of a state should consist of things "of no worth amongst the rest of mankind." In other words, the state should create fiat money. Furthermore, so as to force the people of the state to use only its fiat money, "no private person [should] be permitted to possess gold or silver."

At the time, the moneys issued by the tyrants of Greece usually consisted of thin strips of copper, or coins of base metals. In the
case of the Greek colony of Syracuse, during the rule of the tyrant Dionysus, who may have been advised by Plato, money consisted of tin coins. Not accepting these coins at their face value was punishable by death. In spite of this terrorist threat, the states that forced their debased currencies onto the people suffered inflation and its associated evils. Thus, the Greek playwright Aristophanes, in "The Frogs," said "In our Republic, bad citizens are preferred to good, just as bad money circulates while good money disappears."

Aristotle, on the other hand, in The Politics, said that money should be "something intrinsically useful and easily applicable to the
purposes of life — for example, iron, silver and the like." Aristotle was amazingly prescient about money. He advocated commodity money even though he recognized that it was subject to fluctuation in value relative to other goods. In The Ethics, he wrote, "of course, [commodity money] too is liable to depreciation, for its purchasing power is not always the same…" (I should point out, that the fluctuations of value of commodity money are modest when compared to the usual fluctuations, always downward, of fiat money.) So dedicated to the principle of commodity money was the city-state of Athens that it seems that even counterfeits of its coins had to be accepted provided they contained the requisite silver content.

At the time of the founding of the United States, the money controversy was, for many, a very important issue. Several of the
colonies had groused under the thumb of the king in the matter of issuing paper money. By reason of the Currency Act of 1764 and
otherwise, the colonies were restricted as to how much could be issued. Thus, upon declaring their independence, these colonies — now states — and the Continental Congress proceeded apace to issue paper money and, of course, engendered a hyperinflation. [Actually, the British in the Revolutionary War era were massively conunterfeiting the Colonial Currencies to cause this as well, it was a war financial terrorism attack, something little known...Reagan did it to the Russian ruble in the late 1980s by the way. Even Lenin said destroy their currency valuation and you will help usher in the totalitarin states and wealth consoliation they wanted in the state.]

Even after the repudiation of this paper money and the securing of a peace, a number of the states returned to their inflationary ways. Although not well known, it was this second wave of inflation, and not the Revolutionary War inflation, that was among the main motivations to devise "a more perfect union."

Under the resulting US Constitution, the states were prohibited from making anything other than gold or silver a legal tender, and they were furthermore prohibited from issuing bills of credit (i.e., paper money) and from interfering in contracts. The federal government was given the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof. It was also given the power to borrow money.

At the time, nobody thought that the power to coin money was an exclusive grant of power. Indeed, there were three private banks (the banks of North America, New York, and Massachusetts) that were issuing paper money (many others would later also do so), and a wide variety of private merchants issued fractional currency in the forms of copper coins and shinplasters. None of this privately issued money was legal tender, and all of it passed in circulation voluntarily. Furthermore, almost all of the silver and gold coins that circulated in the country were Spanish and other foreign coins. What was controversial, at the founding, was whether the federal government could charter a bank.

Famously, Alexander Hamilton said "yes," as this would be "necessary and proper" to manage the enormous Revolutionary War debt of the United States; Thomas Jefferson said "no," since money could be borrowed directly from lenders or through state-chartered banks. George Washington, on the further advice of James Madison, sided with Hamilton. Later, when the Revolutionary War debt was paid off and the Congress wanted to extend the charter of the federally chartered bank, Madison, as president, said, that since the federal government was no longer in debt, a federally chartered bank was not "necessary and proper." These circumstances made the law seeking to extend the charter of this federally chartered bank unconstitutional; therefore,
he vetoed the bill.

In contrast to the thinking of Madison, the Supreme Court, in a subsequent series of rulings, found that the monetary powers of the
federal government were bound up in the "inherent power" of government, and in powers exercised by all "civilized governments" not
denied to the federal government. The idea that government has "inherent power" is, of course, anathema to libertarians, as is the
doctrine that government officials have "implied powers." Whatever power the government has, beyond that to which the people give their consent, is neither inherent nor implied, but is taken by force.

Recounting the rest of the monetary history of the country is unnecessary (not to mention disheartening). Needless to say, during the course of this history, the federal government took more and more monetary powers so that, today, our monetary arrangements would be unrecognizable to any of the Founders. Our coins, in particular, are ugly little pieces of nothing and a constant reminder of our degradation. To quote the prophet Isaiah, "they have turned your silver into base metal."

>From 1789 to 1934, one ounce of gold was equal to $20 US dollars. Then, in order to "reflate" the price level, Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked the Congress to devalue the US dollar so that one ounce of gold equaled $35, to which the Congress acceded. And, since 1934, we have suffered continuous inflation, sometimes at a fast pace and sometimes
at a slow pace, sometimes hidden by wage and price controls, and the price of an ounce of gold is now around $800.

Fast-forwarding from 1934 several decades, during the 1970s, thanks largely to Jesse Helms, who was at the time a US Senator from North Carolina, and a then-rather-young US Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul, the law banning ownership of gold by Americans was voided.

Soon after allowing us to own gold (thank you, master), the Congress allowed us also to index our financial contracts (thank you, again, master). Subsequently, Sunshine Mining issued bonds indexed to silver, and other private borrowers followed up with bonds linked to other commodities and to the Consumer Price Index. There were, however, a number of nagging questions concerning the legality of these price-linked bonds. During the 1990s, the US Treasury itself issued CPI-indexed bonds, and the legality of indexed bonds was no longer in doubt.

Soon after the lifting of the bans on gold and indexation, banks were allowed to offer customers accounts denominated in gold; which the Republic Bank of New York did. And, during the 1990s, banks were further authorized to offer accounts in foreign currencies and, today, a growing number of them do (but this is because of globalization, not because of concerns about inflation).

Thus, it should be clear that it is legal for individuals, banks, and others, to own Ron Paul coins, to exchange them with each other as they choose and for whatever consideration they agree, to do this either by physically transferring possession or by paper or electronic transfer of coins held in deposit accounts, and to arrange for deposit of coins in accounts. What is illegal, by reason of Section 486 of Chapter 25 of Part I of Title 18 of the US Code, is making, uttering, or passing any metal coin, even of original design, intending for it to circulate as current money (emphasis added). In addition, in the action of the feds against the private minter of Ron Paul coins, there is the matter of issuing coins in the likeness of those issued by the US Treasury, and there may also be matters of fraud as happens in scams.

As to the matter of whether the coins issued by NORFED are in the likeness of those issued by the US Treasury, in the affidavit that
supported the search warrant by which the FBI raided NORFED's headquarters, it is said that its coins resemble those of the United
States. For example, a dime is shown, with the likeness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on one side and three fasces on the other. In terms of symbols, the pre–Ron Paul NORFED coins bear images of Columbia, the goddess of Liberty, and thus resemble historical coinage of the United States, and the commemorative gold coins issued by the US Treasury under a law authored by Congressman Ron Paul. These commemorative gold coins are imbued with legal tender status by the US Congress, at values that make uneconomic their use as money (e.g., the one ounce coin has a legal tender value of $20), are sold by the Treasury at
much higher prices, and thus are not really part of the current coinage of the United States.

In terms of words, the coinage of the United States bears the words "Liberty," "United States of America," "In God we trust," and "E
pluribus unum." The pre–Ron Paul coins of NORFED bear the words "Liberty, "USA," and "Trust in God."

Although not discussed on the affidavit, we know that the coinage of the United States consists of so many pieces of garbage, being made out of zinc or lead or whatever base metal the government finds laying around at the recycling center, and polished so as to look like silver. The NORFED coin looks like a United States coin partly because the NORFED coin is made out of silver and the United States coin is polished so as to look like silver.

As to how the totality of imagery, words, size, weight and feel of the NORFED coins compare to those of the United States, the matter could — it seems to me — have been resolved without a disruption of the business of the company, if this had been the only concern of the federal government. When the US Treasury sent a notice to the company to cease and desist, the company filed a motion in a court seeking a permanent injunction. But, instead of going this route, the feds simply showed up and effectively shut the company down.

It has been said by some that people who bought the Ron Paul silver coin were defrauded because they acquired something like $10 worth of silver at the price of $20. While there are ways to buy silver and gold coins at very small mark-ups (these would be called "bullion coins"), people have been known to buy commemorative coins at significant mark-ups over melt value. Buyers of commemorative coins, such as coins with depictions of the Twin Towers and Princess Diana, see in the coins something of emotional value, and willingly pay a premium.

This case isn't really about the company or the details of its specific business practices, or whether and to what extent it might
have misled customers on what they were buying. I suppose that some people think anyone who is willing to pay a premium for the Ron Paul silver coin, thinking it represents something important that this country once stood for, is a fool. History is repleat with another kind of fool: those who believe that paper money can create wealth and that hard money is holding us back. I should disclose that I wrote the introduction to a book edited by the head of NORFED four years ago, for which I received a certificate for one ounce of gold marked $500.

At the time, gold was selling for about $320 an ounce. At the time, I thought receiving the certificate was amusing. Now, I am wondering what the feds are doing with my gold.


Clifford F. Thies is the Eldon R. Lindsay Chair of Free Enterprise at
Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA.

[passed to me via email]

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11/30/2007 03:19:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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11/30/2007 03:49:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

And Tazmic, etc: Okay, there is no Golden Past to turn the clock back to, you know it and I know it... but what future should we be fighting for?

I beg to differ. The Golden Age comes and goes and in my perceptions it ended in November 1963.

11/30/2007 03:53:00 AM  
Blogger middleworld said...

Jeff- I share your outrage, but twas ever thus… no?

Where to begin? With Christopher Columbus?

"Columbus makes Hitler look like a juvenile delinquent," asserts American Indian activist Russell Means.

Or George Washington?

Town Destroyer, also translated as Town Taker, Burner of Towns, or Devourer of Villages(!) was a nickname given to George Washington by Iroquois Indians.

Or one of their heroes, like Julius Caesar?

“Rome used massacres freely to quell rebellions, and to instill fear amongst the tribes. At the least, 1 million of 3 million Gallic Celtic populations was killed by the time Caesar finished with Gaul. Many Gaels were taken as slaves by soldiers to carry their baggage or sold to slave traders which accompanied these armies.”

It’s just that now there are stronger images of all the hideousness. Before they could only carve it in stone.

Love Conquers All….eventually. (Roman origin phrase, was Virgil being sarcastic?)

Cannibalism of your own family is just Robert Kirkman's way of upping the ante of cartoon violence to shake the consumer of this shit from their slumber. Or a symptom of severe psychic stress. Other mammals eat their family. We are still mammals.

Perhaps we can use it as a reminder to be non-violent. “The National Council of Churches declares the anniversary of Columbus "not a time for celebration" but for "reflection and repentance" in which whites must acknowledge a continuing history of "oppression, degradation, and genocide."”

Study love. Pray. We need an invocation of peace to counter the obvious invocations of evil. Stay strong brother. Evil is a distortion of love. Be not afraid.
Oh Yeah- Naomi Wolf- study love but expose evil and hypocrisy as well. She is AMAZING!

11/30/2007 04:37:00 AM  
Blogger Abe said...

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11/30/2007 08:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. The Golden Age comes and goes and in my perceptions it ended in November 1963.

Is that yet another Savior Myth foisted upon us and readily accepted though, Eric? There does seem to be a never-ending appetite for the myth of Hero/Savior in its many manifest forms. Those myths have been devoured by Humanity much longer than said myths have been devouring us. The Body of Christ, anyone? Although, perhaps its a symbiosis, and each feeds on the other like the snake devouring itself.

Kennedy was no Savior....yet History, written by the Victors, has made him out to be. Sure, he was no Dubya, but he was not you and I, either. The Victors (those who assassinated him) have allowed him to be cast as the mythical Hero/Savior. It is our duty to separate fact from fiction and not so readily accept the farcical depiction of Kennedy as Camelot.

We could choose endless dates for the mythical Golden Age, Eric, as Middle has so adroitly informed, but all those dates are but mere lipstick on a pig....the swine known as Civilization and its history of Carnage.

Here's just one hidden nugget about JFK that the Liberals keep tucked away because it belies the myth:

The Espionage Act, thus approved by the Supreme Court, has remained on the books all these years since World War I, and although it is supposed to apply only in wartime, it has been constantly in force since 1950, because the United States has legally been in a "state of emergency" since the Korean war. In 1963, the Kennedy administration pushed a bill [unsuccessfully] to apply the Espionage Act to statements uttered by Americans abroad, it was concerned in the words of a cable from Secretary of State Rusk to Ambassador Lodge in Vietnam, about journalists in Vietnam writing "critical articles ... on Diem and his government" that were "likely to impede the war effort."

From Howard Zinn's A People's History of The United States. It's excerpted from the chapter entitled War Is The Health of The State.

Here's a link to the entire chapter...good reading for those of you who have never read it.

WV = hrrypttr

11/30/2007 09:27:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

My point was "perception" or Blakes Age of Innocence vis a vis Age of Experience. I'm sure there are many among us that are plugged into their electronic comix and think they are "embedded" in the golden age.

11/30/2007 10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are many among us that are plugged into their electronic comix and think they are "embedded" in the golden age.

I think I see where you're going with this, and yes, people do gravitate to the notion of a Golden Age , and that notion differs according to the group. For the "hippies" it was the Age of Aquarius....that never happened. Interestingly enough, take a gander of this Eugene Debs quote from the same source I posted earlier:

Yes, in good time we are going to sweep into power in this nation and throughout the world. We are going to destroy all enslaving and degrading capitalist institutions and re-create them as free and humanizing institutions. The world is daily changing before our eyes. The sun of capitalism is setting; the sun of Socialism is rising.... In due time the hour will strike and this great cause triumphant . . . will proclaim the emancipation of the working class and the brotherhood of all mankind. (Thunderous and prolonged applause.)

That was 1918.....yet another example of the elusive, oft promised Golden Age. That is why I'm skeptical when some here claim that the tide is turning and the Golden Age is just around the corner.

WV = nowtratl

11/30/2007 11:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us all be embedded into Z'ion:

Delivering Drugs with MEMSTechnology Review Nov. 30, 2007*************************MicroChips has developed prototypes of an implantable microelectromechanical systems(MEMS) devices for healing bones damaged by osteoporosis--replacing 500 daily injections with a single outpatient implant procedure--and for monitoring glucose levels in diabetics. Reservoirs carved from silicon can be used to store drugs in new implantable...

Your brain was carbon now it's to be Silicon-silica

The Earth's brain was carbon-Amazon -- now it's to be Cargill soybeans.

This is driven by freemason mathematics: mass squared is inversely proportional to energy frequency distance.

Policy wonks just follow the techno-geek Freemasons so that mass ritual sacrifice can be justified psychologically.

11/30/2007 11:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all:

"I meant via the female formless awareness."

That's the problem. You can't differentiate "you" from the "via female formless awareness." This bliss-light through the pineal gland happens in a harmonic trance state that is natural resonance.

So as Sri Aurobindo states -- the Savitri silently guides "our" consciousness -- or as Mahayana Buddhism states (master Nan, Huai-chin) -- there are DIFFERENT LEVELS OF EMPTINESS.

Which brings us to Cap's comment: The reason formless awareness IS female is, again, because it's achieved through HARMONICS using complimentary opposites based on the foundation of something we can't visualize yet we already exist in. We can LISTEN to it. Nature does not need males - males are just a superficial addition for some genetic diversity. The process of material growth first starts in Harmonia -- the foundation of ONE (a male number) is female formless awareness.

Modern people (especially WHITE MALES) are locked into left brain logical axioms that rely on time-based psychological repression:

"I Am that I Am" applied to math creates a "one-to-one correspondence" between number and letter -- a symmetry that does away with the inherent dynamics of gendered reality -- the FEMALE FOUNDATION (again see the Dakini's Warm Breath for details).

Originally the "I" was one (as the golden ratio expressed as a continuous nonlinear fraction -- the letter "A" being an inverted Bull's Head or BRAHMAN-Gott, meaning bull as "I Am that I Am") while the "AM' was AUM or OHM -- the open vowel that is the heart-mind chakra as 2:3:4 -- yang-yin or tai-chi or shiva-shakti dynamics.

The "that" of "I Am that I Am" refers to the 4th state of consciousness -- turiya -- beyond deep sleep.

Does everyone maintain self-awareness of their deep sleep state?

NO -- but that's exactly what true samadhi is. Again it's formless awareness -- not the imaginal realm as Cap continues to insist on -- demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of nonwestern philosophy.

True samadhi is only achieved when the whole body is filled with electromagnetic fields which enables the body to not need food, nor sleep, nor water.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went 40 days in a cave in full-lotus with no sleep, no food, no water.

The ability to shoot "bliss" (harmonized electrochemicals as love energy) out of the body through the pineal gland, as attached to light, is only because this female formless awareness process has been achieved --

called "laying the foundation" with the details provided again in Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.

So I went 8 days without food and only half a glass of water and yet was never hungry and my energy just kept increasing -- because I had stored enough electromagnetic energy in my body -- this is called "bigu" in qigong and chemistry professor Rustom Roy held an academic conference on this. Qigong master Chunyi Lin shot energy into the center of my brain with his finger. It creates an intense blissful, burning pressure as light. He and qigong master Jim Nance also worked on opening my 3rd Eye at a distance -- while they sat in full-lotus in another room.

But, as Gurdjieff points out (and also Master Nan, Huai-chin) -- true samadhi -- the contact with Hydrogen 12 -- through the higher emotions -- creates such intense paranormal experiences that it's really not conducive to "worldly" society.

Please remember that Gurdjieff emphasizes in the West there is no conscious sublimation of sex energy to convert it into hydrogen 12 -- the higher emotions. In other words the sex energy remains "undeveloped" as Gurdjieff details.

Most modern white males repress the lower emotions (anger, lust, fear, sadness, worry) through left-brain logic which is then projected as right-hand oppressive technology.

Perverts, in contrast, have their consciousness (instead of focused in the left-brain) focused in their lower sex center or even worse in their instinctual center -- what Gurdjieff calls a "level One" person. Gurdjieff points out that if a male has sex before age 15 then their psychic centers are permanently warped -- and this is especially true if the males have been forced into passive butt sex by older males -- through abuse.

The pervert is pulling the yang bliss-light DOWN to convert it to semen -- through conscious effort that the pervet then supposedly hides from society, etc. Females, by nature, have a climax that works via the vagus nerve to transduce into oxytocin -- the love hormone. Males, in contrast, when they climax, switch, at climax, to the SYMPATHETIC nervous system, creating a ACTH-stress outcome for the body. This is why males die 7 years earlier than females on average. Again the female climax STAYS in the parasympathetic system -- but this is not true for males.

Full-lotus enables males to have a female climax -- interally -- thereby solving what Stanford physiologist Robert Salposky calls "the trouble with testosterone." He and I have corresponded and I'm now reading his Baboon Memoir (it's a lot of fun).

And so we return to the mundane world whereby all differences (fast food joints versus ecofascist organic meditation retreats) are collapsed into that which enables telepathy, telekinesis, and precognition:

FEMALE formless awareness.

11/30/2007 11:43:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

hey fuckwits and tossers equal and the same on this page:

something on topic that will fuel the fires that burn in your soft and dysfunctional loins.

but cant help but comment on other things too...

- if the "government" is doing aerial spraying and the contrails you see are really chemtrails then... WHY DONT THEY JUST SPRAY AT NITE WHEN YOU IDIOTS ARE NOT GOING TO NOTICE?

- radioactive shells in iraq are harmless and in no way similar to nagasaki. why? because i know many people that have handled them and been tested for radiation poisoning afterwards and no harm. this is bullshit from the usual tinfoil hat wearing gimps that spend too much time reading debates between weak willed empty souled louts. :) and just as an aside even if they were radioactive so what? are we not at war with an enemy that needs to be destroyed? do we not need to fight to win? does the other side shy away from dirty tactics or do they jump at the chance to kill maim and wound children of "infidels"? huh? speak up.

- i bet most of you on here are a. homosexuals, b. feminists, or c. sympathizers of either cause. correct? well if that is the case why do you champion the cause of islam when it says to chop the clits off your bitches and cocks off homos? i would think this would be a sad sad thing? when will society call evil by its name instead of flirting with that which can destroy our society?

- and finally, who cares about the size and glory of a diplomatic residence in iraq? you would think that there needs to be some type of benefit to being a diplomat sent to hell - maybe that benefit is a big pad with tons of security to protect you in your mission.

- money spent... oh wow i see how naive the audience is on this site. why? because the lack of understanding of numbers. billions and billions are meaningless when the economy is measured in trillions. while just adding a zero here or there might seem like a minor change - it is precisely these type of changes that are hard to comprehend. in short america throws money around but so what - it benefits the entire world!

and jeff - whoever you REALLY are - i will also compliment the image for your posting. it is a good one.


11/30/2007 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


11/30/2007 12:02:00 PM  
Blogger old green eyes said...

Arthur Suydam sez:

"....Captain America has little birdies nesting inside his skull, because it looked like the perfect spot for a bird to build a nest. Once you get past the gore factor, it’s also very funny. With zombies, the more skin you strip away, the bigger the smile.”

There you go David


11/30/2007 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger surrender said...


"There's no coming back from Iraq. There's no homecoming for Captain America. And don't wait for a hero, because he's only going to eat you."


I’m not sure that I’ve read a more sickening document than the one that was released by the White House yesterday
entitled ‘Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America’.

Encapsulated in this document is the geo-political reality of what the Bush/Cheney administration and their neoconservative and Likudnik supporters had set out to achieve since the day George W. Bush became President of the US.

Far from ‘liberating’ the Iraqi people from the ‘yoke of tyranny’ for them to become a ‘free and democratic’ model to which all other Middle Eastern states could aspire, which was the propaganda and rhetoric used by the neoconservatives that convinced the Coalition of the Willing that Iraq was a ‘noble and righteous cause’, the declaration instead condemns Iraq to an endless occupation designed to enhance the power of the elite puppets of Iraq, and to ensure that Iraq’s resources remain firmly under American control and enriching American controlled oil companies.

In short, the document is the instrument by which Iraq has effectively become a colony of the U.S.

There are several iniquitous points made in the document that betray the real intent of the administration but, in particular, point five of the second principle relating to ‘the economic sphere’ which says: “Facilitating and encouraging the flow of foreign investments to Iraq, especially American investments, to contribute to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Iraq,” and point eight which says: “Supporting the Republic of Iraq to obtain positive and preferential trading conditions for Iraq within the global marketplace including accession to the World Trade Organization and most favored nation status with the United States,” says it all.

Iraq’s puppet leaders have signed over Iraq to the U.S......"

See document at:

11/30/2007 12:31:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

They do spray chemtrails at night.

Here's some more informative 2-page back-to-front fliers about chemtrails to print out and share in the real world.

They are self-replicating--as they have the originating web address on them.

Title: Research: Chemtrails And Terror In The Age Of Nuclear War, 10 Years Running....Overview
Author: Idaho Observer
Date: 2004.06.08 07:45
Description: North America is now suffering its seventh year [written in 2004] of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government [and over all NATO territories] under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as [white, entirely unmarked--which is illegal--] military tankers [sometimes with a U.S. Airforce emblem on a wing] discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds. We continually witness bizarre meteorological occurrences as powerful electromagnetic devices manipulate both the jet stream and individual storm fronts to create artificial weather and climatic conditions. Black operations projects embedded within these aerosol missions are documented to sicken and disorient select populations with biological test agents and psychotronic mind/mood control technologies. Part of what is happening in the atmosphere above us involves the Pentagon's secret space weapons program, designed for strategic, operational and tactical levels of war... Left to gather clues, we know this much so far: ...

2 back-to-front PDF FLYERS TO PASS OUT @ AIRPORTS/PUBLIC: Project Cloverleaf summary & HAARP connections
repost 19 Mar 2004 18:04 GMT

Two separate flyers here:

1. Mechanics, Airline Executives, & Doctors talk of Project Cloverleaf, 1998 to the Present

2. Project Cloverleaf: Timeline, 1994 to the Present--with its HAARP connections

"And god bless Dennis kucinich who attempted to introduce a bill in 2001 that would ban chemtrails operations--though hardly anyone supported it. One of the few Congressional friends to the American people--and the world--is Dennis Kucinich.

FLYER #1 mentions how Congressional and governmental stalling is excellent evidence of a coordinated cover-up. Plus, it has some testimonials that are excellent hooks for people to explore the referenced website.

FLYER #2 is a detailed timeline of documentable evidence about chemtrails with its HAARP connections, beginning in 1994. This one has detailed medical reports as well about chemtrails.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO FOLD IT: Put page 2 face up towards yourself. Fold right-most third panel over middle second panel. Then, use fingernail to make the sharp and fine fold for the cover, while holding page 1's title/cover image towards yourself. It does fit. I have done this numerous times already."

11/30/2007 12:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Tazmic, etc: Okay, there is no Golden Past to turn the clock back to, you know it and I know it... but what future should we be fighting for?

Democracy as a concept, as an ideal, is, to my mind, not such a bad thing. Anyway, it beats all hell out of the Divine Right of Kings. But of course it's an easily manipulated and easily corruptible idea.

Ahh, Ink, this is at the heart of the conundrum. Whatever that future is, that we collectively invision, it must not be proferred as a return to some mythical past....a past recounted with Pretension, I'm sure you will agree.

I agree that Democracy, in its true form, is much more desirable than the The Divine Right of Kings, or Feudalism. No match, I would say....but it's not the best Humanity has to offer, because it to is fraught with perils, even wihtout overt and explicit manipulation.

The meat of it, though, as you said, is that any system developed is ripe for corruption and manipulation. To me, Corruption and Manipulation go hand and hand with fact, Civilization requires it in order to sustain its permanance as the Premier form of human social organization

11/30/2007 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

Pat Robertson's using black magic here again eh? Another opportunity to listen in on sometimes credited 'John Tough' steering you in the right direction. The production valves are mental and thru the roof again eh? Of course, Black Dawn (2005) had to be some shit Seagal movie? 'Seagal' will never go away.' states one user comment. This plot synopsis is empty. Plot Keywords: Terrorism / CIA / Nuclear Bomb. Btw, not a remake of the Lorenzo Lamas showcase (1997) w/the same title: Lamas '... searches for a mysteriously abducted US-banker, with the help of the single living witness, a stripper called Extasy.'  Holiday classics for trash collectors in Cambodia.  Don't you worry,Anal Cunt & Alice Nutter are on the case...Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier eh? & James Mason had the last laugh...'rendered' all you Pistol fans surely 'massively' null and void, before they blew their brains out at another Nutter gig.

11/30/2007 01:06:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The 'Ink Stained Wrench' said:

"Democracy as a concept, as an ideal, is, to my mind, not such a bad thing. Anyway, it beats all hell out of the Divine Right of Kings. But of course it's an easily manipulated and easily corruptible idea."

That is why the bioregional state motif is built from identifying lots of these conflicts of interest and corruptions in practice and setting out to solve them in our only 'half complete' democracies. More at the book, read the first 25 pages or so free or there's the topical and ongoing blog at

Corruption is not a functionalist part of 'civilization'. It's a function of particular and identifiable institutions and informal political interactions.

While I would argue that corruption has led many urbanized state political economies* into environmental degradation, and then into state self-destruction and consumptive consolidation with mounting externalities, it's hardly an issue that it is required to do that since the issue is how formal institutions get changed under the framework of environmental degradation to support it, and simultaneously, they feasibly have been changed in response to environmental degradation to have had the ability to move against it as well and be more representative.

The history of any government is that formal institutions themselves are causing and creating unrepresentative and unsustainable development. And current states are therefore illegitimate means through which to create sustainability--which requires independent formal institutional additions and pre-existing formal institutional changes intentionally.

(*I dislike the pretentious word 'civilization' because it has hardly ever lived up to the term and has just been well organized in its rapaciousness and propogandic history writing against others nearby; besides, how 'civilized' is it when all such state-based societies have stupidly and predictably collapsed in fits of environmental degradation (and in the smaller subset analyzed by Diamond and others, sometimes taking their whole population with it?

Shrub, as a caveat and disclaimer, once more I link to someone disagreeing with me--since Diamond is an unrepentant Malthusian. Generously, I even suggest you watch Diamond talk about his book at this link:"Jared Diamond - How Societies Fail-And Sometimes Succeed," 1 hr 14 min 24 sec.).

(Another caveat: that video was produced and hosted by the "Long Now Foundation" which seems to be a huge corporate astroturf campaign connected with the major corporate polluters and transnational corporations of the world, including the nuclear power industry given how in my experience Stewart Brand dislikes anyone asking what are his funding relationships with this nuclear industry lobby--and dislikes anyone leaving a record of asking him about it--since he deleted my comment on his 'open democratic' website and then deleted my account as well. :-)) Stewart Brand has reincarnated himself as a corporate polluter shill.)

11/30/2007 01:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found an interesting paper in regards to Civilization that captures many of the thoughts I am trying to articulate. Surrender, I think you will dig it, so give it a read when you get a chance.

The Primitivist Critique of Civilization

I fully expect that the individual who penned this paper will rebuffed due to his alignment with other interests, but the material he has offered in this work should be evaluated objectively, nonetheless. It evens mentions Golden Age....imagine that?

Here's an excerpt:

Many primal peoples tend to view us as pitiful creatures, too--though powerful and dangerous because of our technology and sheer numbers. They regard civilization as a sort of social disease. We civilized people appear to act as though we were addicted to a powerful drug--a drug that comes in the forms of money, factory-made goods, oil, and electricity. We are helpless without this drug, so we have come to see any threat to its supply as a threat to our very existence. Therefore we are easily manipulated--by desire (for more) or fear (that what we have will be taken away)--and powerful commercial and political interests have learned to orchestrate our desires and fears in order to achieve their own purposes of profit and control. If told that the production of our drug involves slavery, stealing, and murder, or the ecological equivalents, we try to ignore the news so as not to have to face an intolerable double bind.

It's not exactly bullet-proof, but it does raise many discussion points.

WV = nvsn

11/30/2007 02:20:00 PM  
Blogger sfnate said...

Mark said...

"Corruption [is] a function of particular and identifiable institutions and informal political interactions."

Corruption is an entirely natural process of decay that accompanies any organization from its inception to its inevitable death. There is no organization, whether it be biological, ecological, sociological, technological, etc, that can resist dissolution. The forms of decay are various. Some come be avoided, or forestalled, or even suspended, but ultimately the body will corrupt and cease its current form.

So the problem is not solved by inventing better institutions. They all carry the seed of their own destruction within them, like some kind of genetic coding that is intrinsic to the formation of any organized body.

The problem is only partially solved by strategies for developing saner and more sustainable bodies that function with durable efficiency. But then a new problem emerges: successful organisms grow to dominate the environment, and lacking internal or external threats, become increasingly preoccupied and focused on the perpetuation of their success. It's almost as if the exaggerated vitality creates an elevated awareness of mortality, which activates latent suicide urges as a type of compensation for the monomanical obsession with survival.

The problem--to recover Zombie Captain America for our discussion--is only solved through an embrace of decay, through art and metaphor and an acceptance of the fact that ultimately the worms will have their way with us, even as they work on us now, somewhere secretly within. The zombie archetype animates the forces of decay in their negative aspect, as threatening manifestations of the universal need to consume and destroy. In order, of course, to make way for novel forms of organization, which will, in turn, eat themselves into the grave forever and ever.

11/30/2007 02:56:00 PM  
Blogger surrender said...


From your last link:

"Naturally, we would like to have it all; we would like to preserve civilization's perceived benefits while restraining its destructiveness. But we haven't found a way to do that yet. And it is unlikely that we will while we are in denial about what we have left behind, and about the likely consequences of what we are doing now.

While I advocate taking a critical look at civilization, I am not suggesting that we are now in position to render a final judgment on it. It is entirely possible that we are standing on the threshold of a cultural transformation toward a way of life characterized by relatively higher degrees of contentment, creativity, justice, and sustainability than have been known in any human society heretofore. If we are able to follow this transformation through, and if we call the result "civilization," then we will surely be entitled to declare civilization a resounding success."

Last year we worked in a region where the community ask for our help in reforesting their area. They, of course, were also responsible for the denuding of trees over the past several years, casuing erosion less rainfall, and crop reduction. They wanted to plant fruit trees and trees that would provide food and income in the future. Years of cutting trees was easy because the consequences of deforestation was not something the people could foresee. Only the instant income of a felled tree that could be transformed to charcoal and sold for food or school tuition.

Last year, their area was reaching an environmental crisis and the community leaders ask for our help.

We provided trees and materials for them to start their own nuseries and did three days of planting with 150 volunteers from their community

Before we began the planting, my partner, Fritz ask all the people to take a moment and realize that the destruction of thier area was brought on by themselves and only they could improve their conditions.

Spontaneously and reverently, all 150 people got on their knees and said a prayer to Mother Earth, asking for Her forgiveness.

In 3 months thier nursery provided 30,000 seedlings and to date the community has planted over 70,000 trees in a years time, with no government or outside help, except for our intial donation of 5000 trees, seeds and bags for the nursery.

Before this action there was no community involvement or real cooperation. Just people suffering and waiting to be "saved" by the government or some foriegn aid agency which they finally realized was not going to happen.

I believe that getting past the denial of what we have collectively done to ourselves and to the planet is only the first step.

Imagine if every U.S citizen took "resonsibility" for the millions of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and found a way to beg each family who lost loved ones for forgiveness and each U S citizen contributed in some way to alliviating the suffering; the suffering that we are ALL directly or indirectly responsible for, then.................

Oh maybe, that would be too civilized.

Or start with the suggestion that Thanksgiving be declared a National Day of Atonement for the destrution of the Native Americans AND their land!!

Or maybe that would seem too civilized.....

Remember: The latest statistics on soldier's suicides. We are ignoring thier deaths as we are ignoring "who we are" as Human Beings.

It is time to get down on your knees!!!!or at least take a moment to grieve for the insane loss of life on the planet..... before you go Christmas shopping.

Or maybe that would seem too civilized.......

11/30/2007 03:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Surrender, being too civlized, in its most genuine sense, would be the opposite....ignore the suffering and go Christmas Shopping.

The part you quoted is the part I didn't must have been at the very end. He does much the same as what Debs did.....said we were on the verge of a Golden's just around the corner. It's like a broken record...and that's one hell of a corner....the corner that never ends.

My Father always told me never to trust anyone named Fritz. Just Kidding

11/30/2007 04:33:00 PM  
Blogger surrender said...


Yeah it was the last two paragraphs and I really DO get your point about the Golden Age.

However, my little story was about the POSSIBILITY of people beginning to see how they are the source of their own destruction and can be the source of regeneration.

.... waiting for the Golden Age to reign down on the good guys and take all the bad guys away.....well, ain't gonna happen.

It is, and will always be, up to ALL of us; good guys and bad guys.

Maybe someone could write comic books about how the good guys and the bad guys just STOP being good guys and bad guys... and just be guys.

That is too simple and too female of a thought. But THAT is what my GOLDEN AGE would look like.
Just guys.... being guys.....

But have a nice day anyway and please do NOT become too civilized.

11/30/2007 05:01:00 PM  
Blogger colonos said...

not sure what tazmic meant when saying:

"Colonos's take on Naomi (sheep in) Wolf (’s clothes) is again to do with the question of descent: what exactly are we wanting to return to?",

- but it sounds interesting and i'd like to know more :) Don't understand the descent part.......

11/30/2007 05:06:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...

Hi Colonos,

Have you been a regular reader or have you just been checking your access logs ;) I wondered if that mention would 'pull you in' to this strange & sometimes surprising place.

The 'descent' part is reference to the comic hero's fall from world saving super power to cannibal zombie, outlined in Jeff's post.

This made me think of your essay as you seemed to be questioning what exactly Wolf was wanting to return to, given the apparent fall/descent into fascism.

Perhaps you do agree with Wolf that it is a fall into fascism, but that her arguments fail to wake us up enough, or that she really just wants the fascism moved back to the border, where she felt comfortable with it...

The later is closer to my take as I don't really see any fall or descent here, just a change of tactics.

I do like your blog writing btw, very much, but still perturbed by the weird Ubuntu link...?

"The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." ~ Frank Zappa

11/30/2007 05:33:00 PM  
Blogger Abe said...

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11/30/2007 05:50:00 PM  
Blogger colonos said...


if you ask like this:

"Perhaps you do agree with Wolf that it is a fall into fascism, but that her arguments fail to wake us up enough, or that she really just wants the fascism moved back to the border, where she felt comfortable with it..."

...then i think that *she* thinks that it is a fall into fascism, yes, while *i* think that we fall in and out of fascism (by whatever term) all the time, whenever it suits the higher echelons (well, rather when something /doesn't/ suit them).

i dont know what Wolf really wants to do/say and what she thinks like - but presumably her intentions are connected to Hillary's ambitions, either directly or not -- and as such she just wants the furniture rearranged slightly (great zappa quote!)

you're right, it was my vanity/logs that brought me here, and what ubuntu link? :)

11/30/2007 06:00:00 PM  
Blogger tazmic said...


In the Software Freedom box on your website, there's a Powered By Ubuntu link that goes to World Forum on Civil Society Networks rather than the linux-based operating system. The first of which is linked to the Club of Rome, and with the mission statement 'LET US MAKE THE UNITED NATIONS THE CENTRAL INSTRUMENT IN DEMOCRATIC WORLD GOVERNANCE' which I find a little too curious, being hidden in there like that.

11/30/2007 06:19:00 PM  
Blogger colonos said...

tazmic - hehe, that's funny and very well spotted; changed it now, thanks for that and for the other kind words.....

11/30/2007 06:55:00 PM  
Blogger Abe said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/30/2007 07:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a child in elementary school horror movies was an accepted norm to adapt to. We boys would discuss how shocking The Exorcist was and how Blackula and Vincent Price movies scared us. But the zombie flicks was the big leagues. If you could endure Night Of The Living Dead and Dawn Of The Dead without running out of the room you were getting even closer to entering into your manhood. In our adolescence it was just another fear to face and we moved on ready to tackle a new day.

We were influenced by Ozzy Osbourne and Stephen King. Black Sabbath is more popular today than they were in the 70's. Stephen King is still selling books and influencing Hollywood with his writing as in the 70's. This stuff has not died in the 70's it is now. I remember watching Alice Cooper chop his head off on stage and Ozzy Osbourne hang a dwarf on stage too. Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie shock rock represent the establishment. Wicca and communication with the dead is not rebellion in the good ole USA it is conformist. All these influences are welcome by the city planners and deans of universities across the board.

This zombie stuff is totally the establishment. Shit, little girls can hack this stuff. Horror has always been popular. Read these lyrics by Rob Zombie: Hey, Do You Love Me
Elevating The Madness
A Super Death Rising To
Get You Through This
Hey, Do You Love Me
Like A Beautiful Fiend
Get Into My World
All American Dream
Do you remember these lyrics?: What Is This That Stands Before Me?
Figure In Black Which Points At Me
Turn Around Quick, And Start To Run
Find Out I'm The Chosen One
Oh No!
Super popular.

Here are your heroes. Zombies are heroic in their meaninglessness. Resurrection from the dead where the dead have their revenge on the living simply because they are alive is a morbid concept. But an age old one. Sam Kinison had stated that Jesus is the only guy that ever came back from the dead that didn't scare the F--- out of everybody! I beg to differ. He did scare the S--- out of a lot of people when he resurrected from the dead. A lot of very bad people. But this may only be fantasy. A story. But like a lot of other influences secular and religious it gives people peace of mind alive that this Jesus rose from the dead. There are a lot of influences that give people peace of mind. Dust to dust and dust does not regret. People have contentment and peace because of the story of Jesus. This obviously is not dumb. I think our establishment does not want us to believe that people can have peace of mind because of this story. Our establishment wants us to be afraid of the story of Jesus and continues to gain wealth, power, and authority by trying to scare the s--- out of us like very bad people like to do. Remember this Christ whipped bankers in the Roman empire. When was the last time an American hero assaulted a Rockefeller? I never heard of it. So enjoy your food that you eat and don't forget to thank a banker for the privilege.

Like vultures converging on corpses, Americans are drinking the blood of the dead in Iraq. I think this is forced on us to have this blood on our mouths but it is on our mouths nonetheless. This is enough to make grown men want to scream in horror. What do you think? Also American soldiers blood is being licked up too in Iraq. I'm sorry for being morbid about it. I'm sticking to the general idea of Jeff Wells post. I do not believe feeling guilty about all this is wise either. This IS shocking!

11/30/2007 07:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Female formless awareness is not "me" or "you" -- neither is it sound. I listen to Ravi Shankar every week plus Sufi music.

Raga music is from the 11th to 22nd overtones -- which are natural ratios resonating as complimentary opposites (fifth-fourths).

In the west this complimentary opposite process have been converted to hertz or symmetrical ratios -- with one-to-one correspondence of letter and number aka equal-tempered tuning.

The sound of nonwestern music is meant to resonate into ultrasound which ionizes electrochemicals which are ionized into electromagnetic fields and then bend spacetime back to

Female Formless Awareness.

The process, through listening, has no start and no end -- no "I" and no "you" -- no two and no one.

11/30/2007 08:34:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...


So this is the big Kahuna, eh?

Marvel Zombies?

The hero is dead?



Ya think?

I think a better question would be why do these adolescent superhero power fantasies still appeal to graying adult males?

Cause I lost interest in superheroes about the time I discovered girls.

Probably had most of the same comics you did. Had an older brother who gave me boxes full from the 50s too.

Sold them all to buy a bunch of punk rock records and a bass guitar.

Not the most astute business move though because I could probably put all my kids through college by selling them now.

Oh well.

I got back into comics in the 90s through alterna-titles like Yummy Fur, American Splendor, No Hope, Cerberus, Hate, Palestine, etc.

All great books who totally abandoned superheroes in favor of comics as an art form.
They were the bastard children of underground comix & Mad Magazine and they produced some amazing, personal, humane, insightful, & damn funny work.

The only problem is that most "comics fans" ignored them.

They were more concerned with Batman #586 or Superman #ga-zillion.

That was the point to Watchman, by the way.

Alan Moore was trying to kill the superhero. Or, at least, remove his stranglehold on the field of comic expression by taking the cliche to its ultimate fascistic conclusion.

Didn't happen though.

Stunted adolescents...I mean, your average comic buyers didn't give a shit. They just wanted them "grimmer" and "grittier" &, of course, more violent.

Consequently most good comics died a slow death.

So, in the context of comic land, what the fuck is wrong with the death of the superhero?

I say it's about fucking time.

Of course, I do realize that the average middle aged comics buyer will take this "hero zombification" all in stride and be waiting, come Wednesday, for the 800th issue of Batman beating the shit out of someone new.

It's all about choice.


it's time to grow up comic boys.

So, what do ya say?

I say, Let Spidey Rot!

Because, during my period of comics interest, I sampled a few superheroicals. In fact, every comic store clerk kept trying to interest me in superheroes to get me away from those 'weird" comix I kept making them special order.
They eventually started giving me books for free as if just reading one would surely hook me on these dipshite stories about grown men in their longjohns.

I read a few.

Then I began turning down the free ones.

They'd say, "But it's free!"

I'd say, "Look, I know it's going to suck & I'm just going to have to throw it away so what's the point?"

Now, comic boys, what is the fucking point to these superheroicals anyway?

I'd really like to know.

11/30/2007 09:10:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

One more thing I'd like to ask all the comics fans/paranoics out there:

When the shit most resoundingly hits the fan, as most here seem to think, will you...ummmm....break through that fourth wall, so to speak, and take those boxes of shrink-wrapped comics you've been hoarding like retarded little squirrels and use them as toilet paper?

Or will your bare hand spare Capt. America such an ignominious ending?

11/30/2007 09:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would actually make an excellent Phd Thesis: Post-Apocolyptic Hygiene.

11/30/2007 09:30:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

You could always fill any old bottle with water and save a few trees in the process.

Comics remind me of my many foibles and failures and a half century later,it's mostly my failure as a comic book collector. I don't even know what happened to them. I traded 2 fers lots of times. I was a comic book swindler but it now looks like you reap what you sow. I've been cleaned out and didn't even see it happen.

12/01/2007 02:06:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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12/01/2007 05:29:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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12/01/2007 06:16:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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12/01/2007 07:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12/01/2007 08:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very well said....your experience is a great example of where we need to start, and I couldn't have put it better myself. Your's is a story of Accountability, Responsibility and Empowerment. In a more constructive union of humanity, there would be no need for words to describe what is, what could be...or what once was. Longing, desire and nostalgia would be meaningless concepts.

If it's No Heroes/Saviors, then it's No Golden Ages, as well.

WV = dchbgvee

12/01/2007 08:30:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Mark said...

“The idea of moving a singular political party into the state and then reorienting the state from only that singular political party basis is a faulty model of sustainable change. Instead, the state should be reoriented first to generate a more competitive party framework to remove the gatekeeping of any party--because the grand majority of the population supports a combination of green sentiment in many countries worldwide."

I agree that the state should be reoriented first, but what is it that will provide the leverage to do the job?

What Mark, Shrub and Surrender say individually supports each other and can be seen to say allot. With Mark we see that humans can change the ways they relate to their environment. With Shrub we see the disempowering effect that looking for someone to come along and ‘save the day’, has on the community. And with surrender we see how with personal acceptance of responsibility we overcome the ‘need’ for a hero. Thanks, one and all.

BPH, thanks for linking to this gem. This kind of material excites me because it is dealing with the tension, interaction and sometimes resolution of objectivity and participation. This is what shapes our psyches and close to where we will find the means to balance the expressions of Source (not female formless awareness).

Kate Soper says, “the momentum of postmodernism

now invites us to disown the very aspiration to truth as something unattainable in principle, no longer even a regulative idea; and in doing so, it has also disallowed us any reference to a common sensibility or consensus about what is wrong with our times and hence any reference to the idea of collective political endeavour.”

My wife says that I am Post-post modern because while I may think that there is Truth, I consider that our current criteria for understanding is only adequate to reveal small bits of truth. We have lots of work to do.

"One certain breakthrough is the invention of the circular saw, c. 1810, by Sister Tabitha Babbitt of the Harvard Massachusetts Shakers.

After watching the brothers sawing, she concluded that their back and forth motion wasted half their effort, and mounted a notched metal disc on her spinning wheel to demonstrate her proposed improvements.... Sister Tabitha intended the blade to be turned by water power."

Recommended reading

12/01/2007 09:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Civilization will not die fact, one could make the argument that with Civilization goes Humanity....but I will assume for the sake of perseverence that is not the case, even though it may be.

For example, as we type, there is persistant jockeying for the water rights of the planet. The Raw Material Regimes realize that power generation may soon become decentralized and they need another form of control to take its place...and what better thing to take its place than the most precious of life-sustaining resources, Water.

There's an excellent book that's been on the market for several years now entitled Thirst: Fighting The Corporate Theft of Our Water co-authored by Alan
Snitow and Deborah Kaufman. They actually made a documentary, as well.

Here's a video of them speaking at a Book Review/Signing.

Here's an excellent Book Review and discussion of the topic by Tara Lohan at Alternet.

An excerpt from the Alternet article:

"What's happened in Iraq is really emblematic of what the Bush administration is doing," said Kaufman. "We view the privatization of water in the United States as the World Bank come home -- the third-worldization of America and American communities."

Corporate interest in water systems in the United States exists for very good reason -- we have a water crisis. Our drinking and wastewater systems were largely designed a hundred years ago and in many places, little improvements have been made.

Aging systems combined with the pressures of increasing population, development, and pollution have left many communities close to disaster.

As a result, corporations have swooped in to offer public officials an easy out -- not only will they run these aging plants, but they'll save the city millions of dollars in the process. At least that's the promise. So far, it hasn't panned out.

When I apply the above and Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine to the situation in Atlanta, I can see the writing on the wall. The disaster that could be Atlanta will serve as a National Impetus to privatize Water Rights and Distribution. The Corp of Engineers and the local and state governments are the patsies, willingly, or unwillingly.

WV = cptmrc

12/01/2007 10:47:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...


Thanks for the Snitow and Kaufman link, Shrub.

Shrub said:

"When I apply the above and Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine to the situation in Atlanta, I can see the writing on the wall. The disaster that could be Atlanta will serve as a National Impetus to privatize Water Rights and Distribution."

Well, they tried water privatization all through Latin America and actually it was closer to the last straw that broke the camel's back (they revolted) instead of the last nail in the coffin. See these images and follow the links for more:

interactive map

Water Privatisation Failures
(October 2005)
Available in Flash format or as a web page
Denying democracy map

Denying Democracy
(May 2005)
How the IMF and World Bank take power away from people.
pdf 1 page
States of Unrest

States of Unrest 3
(December 2002)
Resistance to IMF and World Bank policies in poor countries. (updated)
pdf 1 page
States of Unrest

States of Unrest
(December 2001)
Resistance to IMF and World Bank policies in poor countries.
pdf 1 page



Press release
25 Sept 2000
IMF policies are linked to widespread protests in poor countries

A new report today reveals that protests and riots against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its policies, are taking place in poor countries around the world. Since the Seattle protests ten months ago [in 1999] there have been at least 50 separate episodes of civil unrest in 13 poor countries, all directed at the IMF.

Half of these protests have ended in violent clashes with the police or military. In one country the protests led to a military coup.

The report uncovers a previously undocumented pattern of protest against the policies of the International Monetary Fund. It links these policies to a catalogue of riots and civil unrest in poor countries around the world.

The World Development Movement publishes its report, called 'States of Unrest: Resistance to IMF Policies in Poor Countries', on the eve of massive protests against the IMF at its annual meeting, in Prague.

Jessica Woodroffe, co-author of the report said: "Attempts by the World Bank and IMF to dismiss protesters as 'rich students' are naïve and insulting. Millions of people around the world have been brave enough to protest against IMF policies. From Argentina to Zambia, farmers, priests, teachers and trade unionists have called for an end to IMF imposed economic reforms.

"Millions of people around the world have seen the IMF attempting to undermine their national governments. It is seen as forcing countries into a one-size -fits-all blue print of economic development.

"It is significant that all these protests have happened since the IMF announced its new commitment to poverty reduction at its Annual Meetings last September. The depth of opposition reveals just how far the IMF has to go if its new poverty reduction rhetoric is to be anything more that a re-branding exercise."

States of Unrest details examples where IMF policies are threatening fragile and newly established democracies. It quotes Adams Oshiomhole, a Nigerian trade union leader: "We are on a mission to rescue the president [who has] been hijacked by the IMF and the World Bank. This country belongs to Nigerians."


For full text of report click here

For map of protests click here


Then of course: we had the state terrorism of Bush and Co., (9-11) that is attempting to change the whole world into the Fourth Reich intentionally (after all the Bushes made their money in the Third Reich as American traitors) as they attempt to change the subject to perpetuate their banker-driven world clientelism widely being rejected in the late 1990s and particularly from 1999.

Good maps to look at above.


Sounder said...

"Mark said...

“The idea of moving a singular political party into the state and then reorienting the state from only that singular political party basis is a faulty model of sustainable change. Instead, the state should be reoriented first to generate a more competitive party framework to remove the gatekeeping of any party--because the grand majority of the population supports a combination of green sentiment in many countries worldwide."

I agree that the state should be reoriented first, but what is it that will provide the leverage to do the job?'

These for starters.

Saturday, May 26, 2007
Two Institutions Required in Every Watershed:
[1] Commodity Ecology and
[2] Civic Democratic Institutions

[The 'lever' is to start some local democratic and economic institutions everywhere; this particular motif is nothing to do with formal institutions; it can goes with the treeplanting issues above...]

From the link:

"A poignant statement I found recently:

“What we need in the face of so many global issues that effect us on so many local levels is an Evergreen Revolution. A revolution that is not just a political change in parties or a switch from one corporate propaganda to other, but a paradigm shift that is at the core of our individual being that shakes us to our collective being. A revolution that merges our daily actions with our ethical concerns. A revolution that is within how we see our food, water, homes, neighborhoods, region and our shared group identities.”

According to major polls, these are hardly odd ideas as a majority of the world has 'gone green' in its orientation.

Much of Toward a Bioregional State fleshes this out in terms of institutions to sustain and expand such a model.

Two are featured in this post:


The general design goal is the same as William McDonough’s, linked in the previous post: “how do we love all children of all species for all time?” So, how do we do this in the design of our technology, our materials usage, as well as our democratic institutions?

The priorities of both commodity ecology and the watershed civic democratic institution are to familiarize a locality with its specific interactions of health, ecology, and economy, by making a venue in which we can discuss making our human material and technological decisions fit particular areas instead of destroying them--and fit in a way that provides for ourselves and other species in the process.

On the “build it and they will come” theme, these two institutions are required in every watershed: COMMODITY ECOLOGY and a CDI.

These will be described below..."


"The commodity ecology meeting would have as an incentive for producers a "local watershed product label" that participating and verified groups involved in the commodity ecology could put on their products.

For example, where I live, there would be an

"Upper Rock Watershed, Locally Sustainable, Commodity Ecology Approved"

sticker or label that the 71 producers could utilize and popularize at the yearly fair or year round on their products. It could be of course sold outside that watershed as well, and could be popularized that way--perhaps with an internet address to visit on it for more information.

I see nothing the matter with expanding scale as long as the local issues of health, ecology, and economy in a particular watershed are kept from experiencing externalities. If people do want to limit their purchases and sales to a particular watershed, well that is of course up to the individual.

And this means that a local watershed civic body, approved of democratically in the commodity ecology meetings, would have jurisdiction over their own products and food items instead of a distant corrupt government--that refuses to label things despite wide outcry to do so. This can create a more discriminating consumer, aware of the risks as well as the long term implications of their purchasing behavior..."

[In other words, the commodity ecology group would be in charge democratically of its own labelling issues, for starters. And could allow others in or reject others based on it; or have special shared watershed-economic incentive sharing among its members; another suggestion would be to have a group percentage that goes into an account for the group funding more optimized technology purchase or design for their locality out of their previous sales.]

More details about some of both institutional features at the link above.

This is an image of the 71 (hence updated to more) different consumptive positions that would be optimized for interaction and sustainability in a particular watershed.

When you have achieved sustainable materials choices in each category, and they dovetail with each other in your local area and help seal it together in a durable local economy that is healthful and ecologically sound, congratulations, you have sustainability.

Just assemble a list of the 71 groups in your area, and invite them together, to work on sustainability together.

12/01/2007 11:06:00 AM  
Blogger surrender said...

Okay Guys,

SOUNDER:you wrote:

"I agree that the state should be reoriented first, but what is it that will provide the leverage to do the job?"

An answer to your statement:

(This is a cut and paste post cause I don't have the link, but when thinking of what collective action Americans could take, I personally liked this a lot.)

ON LINE opinion - Australia's e-journal of social and political debate
"Voting as political narcotic in the US"
By Joel Hirschhorn
Posted Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"What happens in the US impacts the whole world, therefore everyone should care that America’s political system is a large and complex criminal conspiracy. Those who vote enable it without benefiting from it. Voting is a ploy of the two-party power elites to keep the population docile, delusional and duped. Our government has been hijacked in plain sight, despite elections. We cannot get it back by voting. All the main candidates are part of the conspiracy - voting only encourages them. In our fake democracy, corrupt politicians use doses of voting as a political narcotic. We must free more Americans of the addiction. Otherwise they will keep hallucinating that some Democratic or Republican President or Congress will actually give us the changes we crave.

Attempts to hold the government accountable have failed and will continue to fail. The system is rotten to the core. It sustains itself both by preventing major political reforms and undermining those that get passed to temporarily placate the public.

Arrogant power elites feel no obligation to be accountable to the public. Elections are not a threat to the status quo. They are distractive entertainment.

Voting became a political narcotic when it stopped working to improve government and became used to legitimise a corrupt, two-party failed system. Power elites own the government and use it to serve their interests and protect a corporate plutocracy. Through a numerical minority - probably about 20 million Americans - an upper class easily manipulates the remaining 280 million by controlling the consumer economy, the distractive culture, and government policies and spending.

This is what America’s political freedom has morphed into: dissidents free to protest (to make us feel good); elites free to control (to maintain corruption); conned citizens free to vote (to keep the system looking democratic); and most Americans free to borrow, spend and consume (to stay hooked on work, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, alcohol, sports, computers, religion, gambling and illegal drugs).

Where do you fit in?
In our drugged fake democracy, Americans replace objective reality with illusions. The US does not excel in nearly any statistical measure of democracies. Our voter turnout is a disgrace; we imprison more people than all other nations combined; we do not provide universal health care or affordable prescription drugs; our primary education system is mostly awful; economic inequality is considerable - with the top 1 per cent owning 21 per cent of the nation’s wealth - and getting worse. People are encouraged to consume and borrow, then left to suffer from crippling debt.

Painful economic insecurity blinds the submissive middle class whose belief in the American dream is akin to expecting to win a lottery.
In a nation that supposedly prizes competitiveness there is no real political competition. The two major parties maintain a collusive stranglehold on our government.

Third party candidates are purposefully disadvantaged.

Incumbents can thwart opponents. Worse, though the two major parties shout their differences, they are merely two sides of the same coin, two heads of the same beast, two servants of the upper class, and two protectors of the corporate plutocracy. They are criminal co-conspirators.

Superficial differences between candidates keep voters entertained, manipulated and rooting for "their" team in the political game, from which the mainstream corporate media (more co-conspirators) make tons of money.

In America’s democracy citizens are fooled by personal freedoms. It is a fake democracy because the will of the people is not respected by those elected to run the government. The rule of law is routinely violated by those in power, the Constitution is regularly dishonored and disobeyed by elected officials and judges, and all but the wealthy are sold out through government-assisted corporate globalisation.

Foreigners envy our materialism, but not our government. With horrendous hypocrisy we use military power to impose democracy abroad despite having a flawed democracy at home. No wonder America has become a joke to much of the world’s population.

To sum up the situation, despite personal freedoms we also have political tyranny as oppressive in its own way as any authoritarian, dictatorial government. Americans have lost the revolutionary spirit of their ancestors. Americans are unable to revolt, despite revolting conditions. They have accepted the tyranny of taxation with MISrepresentation. The political criminal conspiracy has successfully used cultural genetic manipulation to replace the DNA of revolutionary courage with the DNA of distractive, self-indulgent consumerism. Our primary freedom is to borrow and spend. Our currency should read “In Greed We Trust”. We have populist consumerism, not populist politics. Divisive politics keeps people fighting each other rather than uniting against the rotten system.

Few Americans are dissidents. Many more block the painful truth that their cherished democracy is a fraud. The land of the free is no longer the home of the brave. Foreign enemies are used to keep people from bravely fighting domestic tyrants.

With false hope, voters believe that the right Democrat or Republican will do what none of their predecessors has done, and that campaign rhetoric and promises will actually translate to post-election action and policy. Voters fail to understand the depth of our culture of dishonesty, which has also invaded the voting process.
Like magicians using slight of words and misdirection, politicians (and those that own them) have trivialised the fact that about half of the electorate does not vote. Non-voters have been blamed when the corrupt system is at fault.

But rather than see non-voters as apathetic we should perhaps see them acting rationally because voting is unproductive. Non-voters should never feel guilty, only proud to have sent a none-of-the-above rejection message.

Voter turnout has not been sufficiently low to forcefully discredit, dishonor and de-legitimise American democracy. Though low, it has become an accepted norm, allowing the manufactured myth to continue - that we live in the world’s greatest democracy, though nothing could be farther from the truth.

Held secretly in private hands is proprietary source code that instructs the voting machines on to how to count the vote. More than one-third of all votes cast in our nation are made on touch screen machines driven by proprietary source code and 90 per cent of all votes cast are counted by software that’s unverifiable.

No sane American should trust the political system, the politicians, and the voting process. And when you cannot trust all three, you have a fake democracy. Many of us thirst for major change, but mainstream politicians simply exploit this and lie. By voting for any of them we ensure no serious change.

The way to shake up the system is to boycott voting.
True, we have plenty of passive non-voters, a good head start. Now we need active, vociferous non-voters - proud protestors and dissidents urging others to join the civil disobedience to reach the tipping point for revolutionary change.

Massive, unprecedented non-voting has the power to produce systemic political reform by defiantly discrediting, dishonoring and de-legitimising America’s fake democracy. When I choose not to vote I do not make the votes of others more important. Their votes already serve an evil system. The critical choice is to vote or not vote, not picking a particular Democrat or Republican. When I choose not to vote I embrace an honorable, patriotic rebellious act of civil disobedience. I no longer buy the BIG LIE that there still is an American democracy worth participating in. As James Madison said, "Conscience is the most sacred of all property".

Voting - especially lesser-evil voting - sustains our fake democracy more than any other citizen action. It lets politicians claim that they represent the sovereign people. It tells the world that our elected government has public support. Voting sends the wrong message to everyone. No matter whom you vote for, voting says the political system is fair.

It is not.
Mass non-voting sends the message of rejection - as powerful as using guns. The Second American Revolution begins with a boycott of voting: We must work together to drive voter turnout down to abysmal levels - so low that everyone gets the rejection message. We must let the world know - and America’s power elites fear - that we sovereign Americans intend to take back our government.
See it as a populist recall of the federal government that would make our Founders proud.

This action would be followed by demanding what the Founders gave us in our Constitution: the right to call a convention of state delegates that could propose Constitutional amendments, which would reform our political system to make it honest and trustworthy again (learn more at

Why have we not had a constitutional convention in over 200 years? There is only one logical explanation: an intensely watched convention could wreck the political status quo and take away the power of those running and ruining our nation. That so many Americans fear a convention just shows the success of the social conditioning and political narcotics the elitist plutocracy has imposed for decades. Imagine an amendment that required at least a 90 per cent voter turnout for federal elections to produce a winner.

***When it comes to our nation, our choice is not to love it or leave it, but to accept the painful truth and take responsibility for restoring American democracy - because we love it. Let’s move forward with this slogan: "Don't vote - it only encourages them."

Joel S. Hirschhorn was a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, and is the author of "Delusional Democracy - Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government." Reach him through
© The National Forum and contributors 1999-2007. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just assemble a list of the 71 groups in your area, and invite them together, to work on sustainability together.

Mark, 71 groups? Bring them together and get them to agree on something and come to a consensus?

What about the points Nate raised? I thought they were excellent points, and should be addressed. Is the answer to Institution, and let's face it, Institution is a byproduct of Civilization, more Institution? I would think not, especailly when you consider what Nate asserted.

WV = rtfclscrcty

12/01/2007 11:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it comes to our nation, our choice is not to love it or leave it, but to accept the painful truth and take responsibility for restoring American democracy - because we love it.

I'm smacking my forehead right now, Surrender. Can you tell me why I might be doing that? I'll give you a has something to do with the word that begins with r and ends with g.

A genuine future cannot be predicated upon a pretentious past.

12/01/2007 11:49:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

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12/01/2007 11:58:00 AM  
Blogger surrender said...

Sorry, MARK:

I realize now it was SOUNDER quoting you. Great post by the way.

SOUNDER: Thanks for taking us there.

RICHARD:Good to hear from you and thanks for the take on comics.
I only remember looking forward to the next issue of MAD MAGAZINE and then "Saturday Night Live" came along shortly after. It kept my generation going, so to speak, until "they" started killing us.
Now most of my generation are fat and sick, but we figured out pretty early on that there were no heroes, only those like MLK who spoke from the heart and sparked a change; but "they" killed him,too.
The life span of "real-life" heroes seems to always be very short.

Thanks for the last posts. Living in a third world country as I do, the IMF and World Bank has reeked havoc here as well. Somehow, people keep on surviving in conditions that would break the spirit of most people living in more "civilized societies".

Boy, it must be hard to see the writing on the wall and feel helpless to do something to stop this latest attempt of gross control over lives.

Water....I guess next it will be our blood.

A blood shortage, WOW! just thought of that! Vampires!

You are your own hero, Shrub.

Stay well............

12/01/2007 12:12:00 PM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Mark said...

“Just assemble a list of the 71 groups in your area, and invite them together, to work on sustainability together.”

Just is a word that can raise the hackles of a sensitive person Mark; just a reminder.

Mark, I love your dedication to the forming of a larger social consciousness. The details you flesh out will be seen as important the more we get into the laying of some new foundations.

But, we are not there quite yet. I am involved in my community. I sit on the board of a private non-profit human service agency. The agency provides one dollar rides point to point, for anyone in the community, and also (bad) food and (very small) amounts of emergency assistance. Still this group is the largest private non-profit transportation agency in our state (I think, don't quote me on that). This is because of a dedicated director and a fine group of drivers. Yes, the system is incredibly wasteful, but because the agency 'gets the job done', we attract the table scraps of both state and federal money. So we make the best of it, and are now in the process of attempting to buy an old township owned building and turn it into a youth/library center upstairs, with stage and kitchen. With a senior center downstairs, with our food pantry and transportation agency in the back of the building.

My point in bringing this up is to say; Here I am trying to do something positive with my community and mostly I am putting together food packages for holidays I do not even follow and providing rides for poor people to be further processed by the system (hospital visits). This I would like to 'get over'.


12/01/2007 12:28:00 PM  
Blogger surrender said...


I can't read you mind and can't think of the word. Possibly "rutfucking"????

Anyway, your comment is well taken and it is true: " You can't build a future on a pretentious past."

I knew you would take issue with the idea of "democracy restored". Me, too.

Nothing will ever be restored or "taken back". But the idea of not participating in the "false democracy" by not voting got my attention. Just that. If it were to really happen, it would be one way of letting the world know that American Citizens are NOT the American government. Most of us realize there is no longer any sense of a government representing its people, so yeah, why vote?

I am from a generation that sometimes dissent worked. At least, we "participated" in large numbers and we had a voice and we were heard, even if only for a minute.....!

12/01/2007 12:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another communique from the front lines of conspiracy activism.

I'm sitting in full-lotus, after biking through MN's first snow storm of the season. I'm eating at the charity food kitchen downtown. There's a stoned, horny Latino dude at the table in front and to the right -- he's being chastised for having touched one of the "sisters."

The sisters are behind me. My energy keeps building up as I continue in full-lotus. The sisters stand up to my right and embrace while leaving and my bliss-light shoots into them. Then the younger one lingers while I shoot more energy into her. She turns to me -- "wow I wish I could sit like that, all meditative and all flexible" and she makes a relaxing smile with her shoulders.

Then she can't help but stare at my crotch with total lust and she states: "Wow with your legs all crossed like that. You must be great in bed." I just give her the big smile. She looks away and then turns back.

She states: "Damn. Now you got me all distracted." Then it's off into the snow storm.

12/01/2007 12:56:00 PM  
Blogger colonos said...


[this is on the tangent of the state]

...could be boring in its pseudo-academic terms and it is very long..

The state is all encompassing. For now.

As part of a social contract, first purely fictitious by Hobbes, then with an added revolutionary element by Locke and Rousseau before being lifted out of "nonsense upon stilts" by Bentham and Hume and into the "circumstances of justice".

Finalized and configured in 20th century liberal jurisprudence around a specific (capitalist) articulation of private property --with the crucial collocation of the right of individual exclusion /and/ alienability-- the state and a capitalist conception of private poperty rights became one. The market of rational, self-interested agents was born.

Some conflate the two, state and property, - which you can in this very particular instance (liberal democracy and its contingent, carefully specified market-oriented private property rights) - but of course the state could take many other forms as could private property - let alone property in general.

In other words, the concept of private property rights is so central and internal to what we call the state - or social organisation - that a change in private property could, perhaps, cause a reorientation of the state.

Copyleft - the foundation of the Free Software movement - is such a change - copyleft reconfigures copyright.

Instead of /exclusion/ two other aspects of goods are stressed, namely /sharing/ and /distribution/ (thus, by implication, market alienability is replaced by Free circulation to make the world go round - and thereby the collocation is split up).

“With individually owned property, alienability is achieved by assigning all exclusionary rights over an asset to the same person, including the right to any benefits the asset produces, the right to sell the asset, and the right to any proceeds from a sale of the asset. This collocation of decision rights and wealth effects provides both the incentive and the feasibility for value-enhancing transfers. Berle and Means (1932) appropriately call collocation the “atom of property” and view it as “the very foundation on which the economic order of the past three centuries has rested.” (Holderness 2003: 77).

By retaining the attribution clause an element of the classic justifications for private property rights is preserved - you can still be recognized for your creation-, but you will have to share it. In fact, we might say that sharing on some level is a necessity for recognition, since recognition requires (wide) circulation.

Yet, it can be said that there is nothing revolutionary about Free Software if IBM is laughing all the way to the bank on that account.

I paste something I am working on here:

In his by now classic anti-capitalist Strategy for Labour, Andre Gorz (1964) made a distinction between (a) reformist reforms that strengthen the underlying logic, institutions and legitimacy of prevailing power relations, and (b) non-reformist reforms that undermine the logic, institutions and legitimacy of power, thus opening possibilities of deeper change (Bond 2007). The distinction is certainly still valid and helpful for understanding dynamics and strategies of social movements - well exemplified by the rifts in the World Social Forum processes between “verticals” (NGOs and political parties with clearly defined internal hierarchies, seeking influence) and “horizontals” (with a declared non-hierarchical internal organisation, seeking radical social change) (Böhm, Sullivan, Reyes et al., 2005)1.

Gorz's distinction is very useful as part of the analysis of the GNU General Public License (GPL), which is a creative, subversive reconfiguration of copyright, --the analysis of which unfolds in Part II and which necessitates the thorough investigation of the basic philosophical aspects of property relations carried out in Part I--, because the GPL exhibits characteristics of both a reformist reform and of a non-reformist reform.

On the one hand, as we shall see and as already noted in the general introduction to the thesis, the GPL subverts the concept of copyright in a manner that can be understood as a non-reformist reform (or anti-capitalist reconfiguration), because it (a) shifts copyright (upon which Copyleft still rests) from an individual ownership claim to a collective ownership claim, and (b) maintains some aspect of individuality, namely the sub-clause of attribution (to individual or group authors).

In this capacity and according to this interpretation the GPL and Free Software products in general are welcomed by many “horizontals” and have given rise to a movement of anarchist hackers and proliferation of Copyleft thinking beyond software (Goetz 2001).

My analysis will show how their argument can be construed to be correct: Free Software has revolutionary potential as the basis for a non-reformist reform, yet only under certain conditions; and these conditions will be made clear in the course of the thesis.

On the other hand, capitalism has always been good at “extending its spectacle to include all spectacles” (Debord 196x); primitive accumulation, creative recuperation, and commodifcation are typical of the capitalist economy. Larry Reynolds writes:

“Now, in the battles of our age with strong intellectual property regimes and forms of cooperative production, patents are becoming a fetter on capitalist growth as well as a source of profits. Marx in the 19th century talked about a contradiction between the ever more collective forces of production versus their private appropriation. Today scientific knowledge is a productive force in the knowledge based economy. This scientific knowledge economy needs the free flow of ideas - in public institutions like universities. The capitalists then privately appropriate bits of this free flow and they can strangle it with patents as well. Marx talked about how certain relations of production start as a womb for the development of forces of production, but then become a fetter. Also, with Free Software hacking and open source production we see a blurring of the distinction between consumer/producer. There are many theories about consumption as a productive act and the enrolment of consumers as co-producers in corporate innovation strategies (Thrift 2006). This further maps onto concerns about biopolitical production (Hardt and Negri) and the 'social factory'. So they can enrol peoples hacks and dreams as a new productive force. We are always working for the capitalists, even when we play. etc. etc.” (2007)

Thus the GPL might be seen as a means, in part, for the capitalist economy – or mode of production – to adapt to the knowledge based economy or to reinvent itself in a world where information technology provoke changes in production and consumption patterns, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and bittorrent based file sharing, to name but a few of such web based practices of sharing copyrighted materials.

That is precisely what is happening alongside the anarchist and anti-capitalist development of the Free Software idea. International Business Machines (IBM), ranked 15 on Fortune 500 in 2007, with pretax earnings from continuing operations at more than US$13 billion in 20061, has invested more than US$1 billion to develop a business model based on services around products that are licensed under the GPL (i.e. Free Software), which should be more than sufficient grounds for anti-capitalist caution when assessing the non-reformist reform potential of Free Software and the GPL.

Therefore we can deploy Gorz's distinction as a basis for an analysis of Free Software: how can a non-reformist reform potential, if any, be realised in the name of Free Software? Can hackers teach us how to code anti capitalist property?


The obvious next step is to consider the differences between the respective modes of production - the organizational framework - within which Free Software is produced by (i) IBM versus --in the other end of the spectrum-- (ii) anarchist hacker collectives in squatted social centres sharing skills with the public.

The former, the IBM counter-revolution we can call it, is business as usual - surprise surprise - while the latter, the intention to realize the non-reformist reform potential of Free Software it could be considered, shows that shared "real" estate is needed to fully realize the potential of sharing things in the virtual.

Space and place - facilities and distributions networks (these electrons didn't come easily to your screen! - see for some good stuff on that -) are needed for cyberspace to function.

To have free minds we must have at least free information, to have free information we have to have free information networks of innovation, production and distribution. Who owns the optic fibre cables and the satellites?

You might think that we're back at communism - and in a sense we are, but imagine to go beyond the central state form.

If we begin to create ownership forms that undermine the legitimacy of the state and across nation state boundaries, then we might just be able to reform the state by implication.

That is what Free Software is in a sense and also related to claims made by indigenous people - claims to ownership forms made outside of the state.

See also the example of the "Parque de la Papa" in Peru or google Elinor Ostrom or Carol Rose to read more about non-private property from within the liberal mindset.

Follow the money, then examine the underlying philosophical justifications, then rebel. The only way to really change things is to begin rewriting history - as is done by social historians like Markus Rediker (pirates, slaves), Peter Linebaugh (lots to say) and E.P. Thompson (whose "Customs in Common" is classic) - and then find out how the Empire was built and on what premises.

The "collocation" of exclusion and market alienability is crucial to the state and the Empire and the elite or whatever you want to call it - so that's where happy hacking begins: the disentangling of private property from the capitalist market.....

12/01/2007 01:28:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


"Just is a word that can raise the hackles of a sensitive person Mark; just a reminder.

"Just" a reminder? hee hee. Touche. Understood. Though it really is possible of course.


The Shrub prompted me to address Nate, though Nate actually talks in a different language for some points that I have always pondered: 'corruption creep' of the system itself particularly under conditions of growth or even success. First on just some language disagreements, then to the heart of the matter.

Nate said...

'Mark said...

"Corruption [is] a function of particular and identifiable institutions and informal political interactions."'

[Nate said in response:] Corruption is an entirely natural process of decay that accompanies any organization from its inception to its inevitable death.

Is it? That's a lot of trust to place in what are only metaphors.

Nate: There is no organization, whether it be biological, ecological, sociological, technological, etc, that can resist dissolution. The forms of decay are various. Some come be avoided, or forestalled, or even suspended, but ultimately the body will corrupt and cease its current form.

That Last Judgment is a slippery slope argument and conclusion dependent upon accepting everything in that string of words, which I don't.

Nate said: So the problem is not solved by inventing better institutions. They all carry the seed of their own destruction within them, like some kind of genetic coding that is intrinsic to the formation of any organized body.

That's romanticism and not a provable point. It's a cocktail party philosophical position that doesn't hold up to or want to get into the nitty-gritty of actual historical cases. Second, such statements don't require (or even desire!) evidence to temper their own points. That is always a misleading path to take with thinking about social reality issues when you adopt a pre-canned view that doesn't appreciate variations before you even start looking into the many interactive issues between human organizations, materials, technologies, politics, the variety of outcomes, etc.

I think IC would chime in about being wooed by easy, fatalistic, pre-decided mental entrapment here. Come on IC, get better.

Nate: "But then a new problem emerges: successful organisms grow to dominate the environment, and lacking internal or external threats, become increasingly preoccupied and focused on the perpetuation of their success. It's almost as if the exaggerated vitality creates an elevated awareness of mortality, which activates latent suicide urges as a type of compensation for the monomanical obsession with survival.

From biological metaphors to psychological ones--still only metaphors.

HOWEVER, language or verbiage differences aside, yes, I share Nate's concern. Though I would phrase these as the 'corruption creep' he's concerned about, as well as the 'success difficulties'. Both you can see in lots of particular cases of state-based environmental degradation.

In lots of my ponderings and dull historical research about the bioregional state/bioregional commonwealth model and examples of historical changes of institutions under 'conditions' of environmental degradation, the bioregional state always has been a means to add checks and balances to both of Nate's concerns through tempering the mere informal gatekeeping issue residing as a core elite motivation in many historical formal institutions.

For example, many have a functionalist view of any formal institutions--that by their very existence they are 'required' in their mind to be interpreted to exist in the name of the whole society. I don't hold that position and consider many historical formal institutions only forms of maintaining ideological and consumtive clietelism and denying people other options (i.e., attempting to hold them in place in that way by material and ideological clientelism). Many state formation attempts were how to 'grid' people into managerial frameworks they didn't want to participate within. So the carrot (consumptive ambivalance) was offered along with the stick. Like 'free' state allocations of land, though that brought taxes and brought army drafting, etc. And if you didn't accept that 'free' land, well, the state elites would be very mad and attempt to make you accept it. That's just one style of consumptive alliance, a very public jurisdictional one. There are many others that states under environmental degradation move through, toward increasing private jurisdictional defenses as the purpose of the state, and then increasingly repressive secret methods as the purpose of the state as more and more people dislike being held in place in various state managerial ways (for taxation that doesn't benefit them, for private rent that doesn't benefit them, for low scale inter-elite wars that they are called into fight that don't serve their local interests, etc.)

Ideally, of course, formal institutions should be servicing the whole society--though that means supporting multiple geographic self-interests of particular areas instead of simply having that 'whole society' interest filtered through elite managerial ideas alone. It means recognizing particular bioregional self-identifications and geographic variability as a formal institutional requirement and as a political interest. Typically, to maintain a managerial framework, state elites dislike dealing with or 'verifying' such forms of different interests on the geographic local level, as they way they maintain their informal strategies of power is to deny it and offer their ideological and material versions of clientelism instead, attached to themselves (or their raw material regimes, for instance).

I think that the ideas of the bioregional state widen the informal interest inputs into formal institutions, particularly local geographic ones. In this way, the bioregional state is a contribution to 'green constitutional engineering.' It provides mechanisms to work against just this kind of historical 'corruption creep' issue which I see as the same as forms of elite-based-clientelism arrangements.

That's all I'll blog post about it. Read the 25 pages for free or the 2-page flier summary (right column on the blog page) if you want some more.

So yes, "Nate's concerns" of 'corruption creep' and 'system growth' are my own concerns as well. They were concerns always in mind in thinking about how to provide ecological checks and balances against it--in very definable ways.

Corruption creep in the expansion of a territorial state political economy (within it occurring due to 'success' yielding consumptive consolidation increasingly due to political corruption and general economic consolidation as a novel power in the state) historically changes the formal institutional appratus toward different informal purposes--though still informal purposes. (I'm not going to rewrite another book draft here though that's where it gets really interesting historically: the patterns in the motivational changes of elites to adapt the formal institutional apparatus in an ongoing way to maintain informal hegemonic strategic purposes of state for themselves over the whole state population--even in face of environmental degradation and widening opposition because of that.

The elite common corrupt goal remains the same: how do they attempt to maintain their informal hegemony through formal institutions (really 'pseudo-formal')?

To cut to the chase: corruption creep and later untoward economic growth within the institutional framework have always been central to what I am pondering about in offering the bioregional state model's institutions, actually--just not in Nate's metaphoric way of talking.

Many of these checks and balances help provide the institutionalization of the missing 'geographic self-interest' of particular locations to better politically and economically and even ideologically defend or at least participate within pro-elite consolidation routes of power that if unchecked, tend to lead to environmental degradation and mass consumer clientelism.

Lots of big words, though there it is.

Back to comic books.


Meanwhile the contention shows itself to be over who designs the formal institutions, for what informal hegemonies and alliances will they serve? That is why the US is so angry at Chavez/Venezuela--for making informal hegemonic elites have a hard time utilizing formal institutions in Venezuela for their private gains alone. Case example of the U.S. attempting to stop a major formal institutional change in Venezuela from moving on:

CIA Operation "Pliers" Uncovered in Venezuela
November 28th 2007, by Eva Golinger

"...On a scarier note, an internal CIA memorandum has been obtained by Venezuelan counterintelligence from the US Embassy in Caracas that reveals a very sinister - almost fantastical, were it not true - plan to destabilize Venezuela during the coming days. The plan, titled "OPERATION PLIERS" was authored by CIA Officer Michael Middleton Steere and was addressed to CIA Director General Michael Hayden in Washington. Steere is stationed at the US Embassy in Caracas under the guise of a Regional Affairs Officer. The internal memorandum, dated November 20, 2007, references the "Advances of the Final Stage of Operation Pliers", and confirms that the operation is coordinated by the team of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in Venezuela. The memo summarizes the different scenarios that the CIA has been working on in Venezuela for the upcoming referendum vote on December 2nd. The Electoral Scenario, as it's phrased, confirms that the voting tendencies will not change substantially before Sunday, December 2nd, and that the SI (YES) vote in favor of the constitutional reform has an advantage of about 10-13 points over the NO vote. The CIA estimates abstention around 60% and states in the memo that this voting tendency is irreversible before the elections.

Officer Steere emphasizes the importance and success of the public relations and propaganda campaign that the CIA has been funding with more than $8 million during the past month - funds that the CIA confirms are transfered through the USAID contracted company, Development Alternatives, Inc., which set up operations in June 2002 to run the USAID Office for Transition Initiatives that funds and advises opposition NGOs and political parties in Venezuela. The CIA memo specifically refers to these propaganda initiatives as "psychological operations" (PSYOPS), that include contracting polling companies to create fraudulent polls that show the NO vote with an advantage over the SI vote, which is false. The CIA also confirms in the memo that it is working with international press agencies to distort the data and information about the referendum, and that it coordinates in Venezuela with a team of journalists and media organized and directed by the President of Globovision, Alberto Federico Ravell.

CIA Officer Michael Steere recommends to General Michael Hayden two different strategies to work simultaneously: Impede the referendum and refuse to recognize the results once the SI vote wins. Though these strategies appear contradictory, Steere claims that they must be implemented together precisely to encourage activities that aim toward impeding the referendum and at the same time prepare the conditions for a rejection of the results.

How is this to be done?

In the memo, the CIA proposes the following tactics and actions:...

rest at link.

12/01/2007 02:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok just so you know -- I've read one scholarly book a day since I got my masters degree in 2001.

The source of full-lotus paranormal healing is not eastern but from the Bushmen culture which represents 90% of modern human history. A snake statute was recently discovered dating Bushmen religious practice back to 80,000 BCE.

The Bushmen rely on all of reality being gendered -- the men go a week without any contact with females in order to ionize their sex energy to better attract animals for hunting that are then given to the females. During this time they fast, only taking water.

Upon return the men dance for 10 hours straight while the women sing, with their backs to the men who are dancing around a fire.

This creates N/UM -- intense heat in the belly -- this is the ionized electrochemicals -- called JING in Taoist Yoga.

Increased ionization of the jing (called cleansing and purification in the small universe practice) creates CHI -- electromagnetic fields -- that then fill up the brain of the male dancers.

This creates !XIA -- a trance state that at first overwhelms the younger healers. Still the young healers put one hand on the back and one of the front of the females thereby both sucking out their disharmonized light-electrochemical energy and then shooting in harmonized light-electrochemical energy.

After years of practice the electromagnetic fields are strengthened in the healers so that strong healers can actually see inside the body of people -- what qigong calls SHEN. On rare occasions the strong healers also go into deeper trance and while lying on the ground they do long distance healing or communicate with lions to keep them away from the humans or see the future, etc.

This is called a "Level two qigong master" -- now attained by Jim Nance, the first African American qigong master. For details on what a "level two qigong master" is see Dr. David A. Palmer's new book: Qigong Fever: Body, Science and Utopia in China (Columbia U Press, 2007). He was at London School of Economics and is now a professor in Hong Kong.

Now -- is this practice "timely"?

In fact the ability to have this paranormal healing relies on a philosophy that utilizes consciousness beyond spacetime -- contacted through complimentary opposite harmonics.

The female singing in Bushmen culture is very precise and sophisticated and the Bushmen language is the most musical -- the most tonal -- and the hardest language to learn on the planet.

12/01/2007 02:10:00 PM  
Blogger John Deadwards said...

North Americans are NOT zombies OK?

12/01/2007 02:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12/01/2007 02:34:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Shrub, Sounder, and GGG specifically I am curious to know your independent thoughts on this article here

I ask because it scares me and I am sure it scares you too - i just wish to know the reason it scares you.


12/01/2007 04:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kheb en-Nasrani!

I'll glad you mentioned the food thing. Sitting in full-lotus definitely transduces anerobic bacteria up into the brain. I call this "full body digestion." But I've finally solved this with a peppermint extract-tea tree oil combo diluted with water. If I take too much then I get a bit drunk but it definitely does kill off the e. coli or whatever.

Garlic and cayenne are great of course. Vagus nerve activation increases the acid levels in the body which then feeds e. coli. It's best to have a very akaline diet -- the "spiritual" diet -- after the energy 3rd eye channels are open. This means one meal a day of mainly vegetables and fruit and nuts.

Instead I eat crap at fast food joints and charity soup kitchens. I usually eat about one meal a day but then use the herbs to override the too acidic, sugar diet. This is the tantric approach -- just cycle all the lowest energy -- learn how to mainstream the synchronization process.

12/01/2007 04:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12/01/2007 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger John Deadwards said...

Instead I eat crap at fast food joints and charity soup kitchens.

Touching story. If I'm detected Prez, I'll increase your Disability Benefit, so you can afford to eat like a descent human being..even buy all the dessert to your heart's content.

12/01/2007 05:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


My answer is both yes, it does scare me, and no, it doesn't scare me. It doesn't scare me for the reasons it most likely scares you. It doesn't scare me geopolitically because it doesn't scare the Plutocrats geopolitically, If they were overly concerned with Islam, they wouldn't have attacked a Secular state like Iraq and unleashed a shitstorm. So if they're not worried about it, why should i be worried about it.

That said, I am scared about it because I have no fondness for religion. Spirituality is one thing, but when that spirituality becomes ideology and dogma, i.e. Religion, then it becomes a tool for social control, regardless of the religion, be it Christian Muslim, Hindu or Judaism. Consider this, David. The Evangelicals are doing their best to eliminate the separation of church and state. Assume, for a second, that Islam yakes hold in this country. In fifty years, the laws will enable Islam to remove the Ten Commandments from the Courthouses and replace them with The Koran. You reap what you sow.

Anyhow, just to show you how my thinking has changed on this, five years prior I bought into this whole Clash of Civilizations theory and the intended fear it was meant to provoke. Considering that, I penned the following as I watched Bushco prepare the absurd case for War with Iraq. It's not completely misguided....some, if not much of it is still relevant and pertinent, but I see it from another angle now.

The Last Crusade

The concept of Materialism is an extremely appropriate, and I would say urgent topic, considering the serious issues currently confronting Man and the Globe. I believe the topic lends itself to a multi-faceted analysis, however, I will limit my discussion to the facets that appear to me, to be the most crucial and pertinent.

Materialism, the word itself, in my opinion is somewhat of a misnomer in that Material refers to something concrete, physically identifiable, tangible and measurable. As such, the term precludes something less tangible such as services. Therefore, I feel it more appropriate to refer to the issue as Consumerism; the purchase or acquisition of wants versus needs.

It has been my observation that the discussion of this topic centers around the assumption that Consumerism has been adopted wholesale by the inhabitants of the Globe, or in the least, will be, and as such the analysis of the issue proceeds according to this precept. I do not agree with this assumption/precept as a given, however, for the sake of the point I am about to make I will allow the assumption in the hypothetical. My second point will address the validity of this assumption, so hang in there.

Assuming that Consumerism is fully accepted and adopted as the way of life under the New Global Order, then I fear, the implications of such will be destructively far-reaching and ultimately catastrophic. I will attempt to illustrate my point through the use of an analogy, given the disclaimer that analogies are not foolproof; nonetheless, I will do my best to come close.

Try, if you will, to envision mankind collectively as a fetus in its Mother’s womb. Ideally, the Mother and Fetus coexist in a state of equilibrium for the entirety of the gestation period; the Fetus requires exactly what the Mother can provide. Suppose the Fetus has a genetic defect though, a defect that alters the nourishment equilibrium and leaves the Fetus yearning for more than the Mother can provide; an unquenchable yearning that must be satisfied regardless of the implications.

The Mother, in an attempt to quench the fetus’s “unreasonable” nourishment requirements, diverts life- sustaining nutrients from herself to her Fetus, thus depriving herself of vitality. The Fetus’s requirements increase exponentially to the point where it is defecating in the womb. Alas, the Mother can no longer provide any additional nourishment, in fact, her yield to the Fetus declines precipitously, and she is on the verge of death, while the Fetus wallows in a cesspool of its own excrement with an unquenchable and veracious hunger.

It is no longer receiving satisfaction from the Mother so it proceeds to devour its host. It begins with the umbilical cord and proceeds to the uterine lining, consuming layer upon layer.

The Mother is in physical arrest at this point, she is writhing in pain; the internal bleeding is massive and irreversible. She succumbs and the Fetus is violently vomited from the now deceased Mother’s womb.

Such is Man’s destiny if we continue to globalize the concept of Consumerism; the production and/or the delivery of wants.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not believe that Consumerism will be adopted under the New Global Order, in fact, the resistance to such will ultimately lead to a Global clash and human self-annihilation. An analogy of such could be likened to two diabolically opposed fraternal twins in the Mother’s womb fighting for position in the birth canal and ultimately destroying each other in the process.

I believe the current clash between many of the Arab nations and the West (exemplified by the U.S.) is a clash over ideology; that ideology being Materialism or more appropriately, Consumerism.

There is no doubt in my mind that Western Civilization is marked by among other things, Consumerism. It is “our” way of life. There is no need for me to elaborate on what is obvious, one need only turn their head about and observe to prove this point.

However, since I do not have the luxury of observation related to the Arab world, I have to rely on the observations of others; for example, T. E Lawrence.

Lawrence gives a profound (given that he was speaking to the issue in the early part of the 20th century) insight into the Arab, Semitic, Bedouin disposition, specifically as it relates to Western Materialism/Consumerism.

In his book, Seven Pillars OF Wisdom-A Triumph, Lawrence expounds,

“The common base of all the Semitic creeds, winners or losers, was the ever present idea of world-worthlessness. Their profound reaction from matter led them to preach bareness, renunciation, poverty; and the atmosphere of this invention stifled the minds of the desert pitilessly. A first knowledge of their sense of the purity of rarefaction was given me in early years, when we had ridden far out over the rolling plains of North Syria to a ruin of the Roman period which the Arabs believed was made by a prince of the border as a desert-palace for his queen. The clay of its building was said to have been kneaded for greater richness, not with water, but with the precious essential oils of flowers. My guides, sniffing the air like dogs, led me from crumbling room to room, saying, ‘This is jessamine, this violet, this rose.’”

“But at last Dahoum drew me: ‘Come and smell the very sweetest scent of all’, and we went into the main lodging, to the gaping window sockets of its eastern face, and there drank with open mouths of the effortless, empty, eddyless wind of the desert, throbbing past. That slow breath had been born somewhere beyond the distant Euphrates and had dragged its way across many days and nights of dead grass, to its first obstacle, the man-made walls of our broken palace. About them it appeared to fret and linger, murmuring in baby-speech. ‘This,’ they told me, ’is the best; it has no taste.’ My Arabs were turning their backs on perfumes and luxuries to choose the things in which mankind had had no share or part.”

Western civilization cannot buy the Arab world. We may think we can, witnessed by the various puppet governments placed in power and kept in power by the Western Multinational Corporations, however, that device is only temporary, and we are beginning to see the dismantling of it before our very eyes. The Royal families and the Puppet dictatorships of the Arab world are not a true representation of the Arab people. The renunciation of Materialism/Consumerism is woven into the life-breathing fabric of Arabs. Conversion, considering this pretext, is impossible.

One might well say, nonsense, look at the Royal families of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. I would say, yes, let us look at them. They appear to me to be irresponsible and contradictory individuals according to Western logic. Their life of opulence is a conflict for them and their erratic behavior exemplifies this.

T.E Lawrence writes,

“To live, the villager or townsman must fill himself each day with the pleasures of acquisition and accumulation, and by rebound off circumstances become the grossest and most material of men. The shining contempt of life, which led others into the barest asceticism, drove him to despair. He squandered himself heedlessly, as a spendthrift: ran through his inheritance of flesh in a hasty longing for the end.
……The Semite hovered between lust and self-denial.”

So you see, the Arabs are not at peace, at home, amongst Materialism/Consumerism, and as such, will ultimately squander their fortune due to a un-conscience longing to return to worthlessness.

What we are seeing now, in the resurgence of fundamentalist Islam, is not so much a religious revival, as much as a Cultural revival. According to Lawrence, these revivals have come in waves as follows,

“Since the dawn of life, in successive waves they had been dashing themselves against the coasts of flesh. Each wave was broken, but, like the sea wore away ever so little of the granite on which it failed, and some day, ages yet, might roll unchecked over the place where the material world had been, and god would move upon the face of those waters. On such wave (and not the least) I raised and rolled before the breath of an idea, till it reached its crest, and toppled over and fell in Damascus. The wash of that wave, thrown back by the resistance of vested things, will provide the matter of the following wave, when in fullness time the sea shall be raised once more.”

Lawrence experienced a wave that predicated his novel. There have been waves since, and, I believe, we are in the midst of a wave right now; a tidal wave of astronomical proportions. One that may perhaps strip the granite clean in one fell swoop and clear the Earth of Materialism/Consumerism once and for all. Of course, Mankind would be a casualty, leaving only Purity (God).

T. E. Lawrence, when he mentioned, “ages yet”, obviously, had no knowledge of Nuclear Weaponry. With the advent of such, and his knowledge thereof, I’m certain he would have asserted “years yet.”

12/01/2007 05:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I suppose I should mention that at the age of 2 I was left to wander down the street on my own and returned supposedly claiming an unknown animal had bit me. I was then subjected to 24 rabies vaccine shots in my stomach which were likely laden with mercury preservative.

At the age of 6 a girl at school continually flirted with me and continually claimed my name spelled backwards was weird. Without my knowledge her mom and my mom forced me to date this girl, as attended by my oldest sister. The date was ice-skating and then a trip to the girl's apartment.

Soon after there was a contest by my school mates, in first grade, regarding who could hold their breath the longest, while walking down the length of the school to get to the bathroom for hand-washing before lunch.

I was so determined to win the contest that, long after everyone else had started breathing, I actually used my will power to force myself unconscious and I hit my head against 3 cement surfaces -- the two corner walls and the floor, as reported by my friend who woke me up in my pool of blood.

Only till much later did I realize that I had repressed my anger at my older sister forcing me to date someone while I was in first grade -- without any choice on my own -- and had directed that anger to overcome something western science considers not possible.

The anterior cingulate gyrus is not supposed to enable a person to will themselves to hold their breath till they pass out -- I've read this in 3 different sources, including an Extreme Medicine book.

Yet I proved science wrong in first grade.

Science also does not know why Egypt had the ratio 2/3 as a sacred number -- yet I've discovered why as well -- two-thirds is yang as the perfect fifth, resonating as complimentary opposites, to create alchemy.

This is the Hermetic Code -- mercury or electromagnetic fields as peat moss (source: Mutus Liber) -- or ionized electrochemicals with high potassium and magnesium levels creating proton magnetic momentum.

For the details read CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich's book:


12/01/2007 08:28:00 PM  
Blogger John Deadwards said...

To the beast of my nowledge, there's never been a reel substantive investigation of mine contro by any US Sentient. If I'm efecated Prez, I'll due by besst to expose this deplorable abuse of human rites. I know others like me, for example Sen. Byrd, will attempt to derail the trooth by using hors of nonsensical red hairing filabuster technics. That's a bad track rekord in the US Sen of such tackdicks.

12/01/2007 08:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hunter-killer drones launched in Iraq and Afghanistan is aviation history's first robot attack squadron.

taken from the article Army Records first UAV kills. Air Force Times, September 17, 2007. The Army is mounting precision guided weapons on hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan... The number of UAVs in combat is rising, from about 1,000 last year to 1,350 expected by the end of this year. Flight hours have soared from 60,000 last year to 140,000 so far this year.

YouTube video: Unmanned micro aircraft being deployed in Iraq
1:30 minutes

The hunter-killer drone the Reaper is able to fly at 300 mph and reach 50,000 feet. It is outfitted with infrared, laser, and radar targeting, and with a ton and a half of guided bombs and missiles. Operated by persons sitting at a video console 50 miles away in Baghdad or 7,000 miles away in Nevada. Unmanned MQ-1 Predators are doing surveillance over Iraq, as the 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, have become mainstays of the US war effort, offering round-the-clock airborne "eyes" watching over road convoys, tracking nighttime insurgent movements via infrared sensors, and occasionally unleashing one of their two Hellfire missiles on a target.

Also military blimps are being utilized over there with large airport bases built proving that USA military is to be there for the long haul.

The people over there are witnesses to this technology.

12/01/2007 09:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I was just perusing this Theosophist book on fractals and quantum consciousness or something and then it was going on about Crowley.

It's amazing that Crowley could not even achieve what I call "O at a D" -- orgasm at a distance, as Gurdjieff could do. Read: God as My Adventure by Rom Landau -- cited by Colin Wilson in his The Occult.

That's the only other description I've seen that exactly details what I can do -- O at a D.

Anyway by the time of the Greeks these abilities were really lost. There was actually a Greek work for spine energy -- it's discussed in an academic book on yoga and greek philosophy that I came across at the University -- a fairly recent book. I didn't record the source because there wasn't much to it -- the Greek concept of the mind in the heart is also very important.

But, as G.E.R. Lloyd details -- comparing Chinese and Greek medicine and philosophy -- the Greeks were already fixated on exterior materialist "muscle" -- the iron psychology.

Soul as pneuma has become overly intellectualized already.

It's really electromagnetic light energy.

Gurdjieff does a good job with it -- he just needs to be cross-correlated with the Chinese -- again the book:

Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.

So once the "permanent center of gravity" in the pineal gland is achieved -- a Number 4 person -- then the Absolute or awareness of consciousness can be expressed through the three different energy centers:

Sex neutralizes the moving center (which again means that internal climaxes enables the full-lotus).

This is what causes the O at a D -- the yang bliss-light is attracted to strong yin electrochemical vitality or jing.

The middle center is the higher emotion -- the sex energy, as it is converted through alchemy -- turns into electromagnetic energy for healing power.

That's the chi or prana.

It's also called "vitality" --

As this builds up it opens up the higher energy center -- what Gurdjieff calls Hydrogen 6 -- the intellect center.

The source of the intellect center is female formless awareness.

By this Gurdjieff means that electrochemical life on Earth feeds the moon as female mind or psychic energy.

But if life on earth, as it does now, trys to stop feeding the moon, then the moon destroys all life on earth.

Only by consciously feeding the moon energy can a person then transcend the moon or psychic energy so that the Number 5 person (as yang spirit as electromagnetic light) can become strong enough to create a

"starry" astral body -- another physical body or Number 6 person.

That's why it's alchemy but in fact the source for that "starry" body which can travel past the sun and the moon -- yet still within the solar system -- is the same Absolute, the female formless awareness, that starts the process.

The process starts by consciously sublimated sex energy called JING in Taoist yoga -- what I call electrochemical energy.

So in Alchemy it's stated you start and end with jing or lead.

The new physical or starry body is the lung energy as Metal - but it still depends on the Heart-mind as

Essential Nature (which is the Earth energy as female -- yin-jing energy but now called prenatal vitality).

This is the bliss energy of the bliss-light spirit turned into golden light that creates another physical body.

So the process is the same -- it just depends on what level you build up your own energy and this enables you to do stronger healing.

The important thing is to open up the channels so that the harmonic process can occur -- creating the "permanent center of gravity."

12/01/2007 09:50:00 PM  
Blogger Sentient Byrd said...

Never in all my years as United States Senator, have I heard such insulted outlandish and squirrelous lying. You are an insult to the office of Prez of the United States and an affront to all that I've attempted to accomplish in all my years in office. Look at my record Senator, for because before the President’s Day recess at play, I spoke about recent egregious examples of domestic surveillance by the Executive Branch, and announced my intention to introduce legislation to establish a commission to investigate the instances of warrantless wiretapping and spying on U.S. citizens by the National Security Agency and other Departments of Government mind control.

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12/01/2007 10:53:00 PM  
Blogger Sentient Byrd said...

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12/01/2007 10:59:00 PM  
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12/01/2007 11:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See the latest claim is that I'm promoting some other form of dualism: Against western tuning instead of pro Western tuning (and other means) is supposedly no difference.

The problem with Mr. Bungle and all the bands on this website is this syncretist relativism viewpoint.

The West is based on mathematical INVERSE INDUCTION which means that EVERY individual combinatoric is actually ruled by a structural axiom which is always already true for infinite time.

This INVERSE INDUCTION (see math professor Joe Mazur's Euclid in the Rainforest book for details -- or Robert Kaplan's book on mathematical logic) proves that science is not an "open" system.

In fact Karl Popper also demonstrated that science relies on deduction -- not induction. So the appearance of "random" collection of facts, or free exploration of ideas, is actually an illusion.

The same illusion exists for western music -- it is always already converging to a closed infinity that inherently cuts off the complimentary opposite natural resonance harmonics.

Tribal systems keep the complimentary opposites as an open system but do so intuitively while

alchemy uses the complimentary opposite harmonics CONSCIOUSLY.

Those are the three main choices.

12/01/2007 11:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the inference of Kurt Godel relied on universal mind defined as "spacetime" or geometry but nonwestern inference aka vichara or self-enquiry is not defined by the use of a real number system, linked to geometry.

In other words in pure inference there is no "one-to-one correspondence" between letter and number (gematria).

That's what makes complimentary opposite harmonics so radical -- the Law of Pythagoras is based on what Gurdjieff called: SHOCKS.

We can create the rational number system through complimentary opposite harmonics -- specifically the inference of the 12 notes of the scale as the product of the resonance of the perfect fifth, 2:3, normally presented as a circle.

The "circle of fifths" is equal-tempered.

Gurdjieff taught the rational number system based on "shocks" -- or maintaining the Comma of Pythagoras:

BEFORE the axiomatic link between geometry and number -- before a one-to-one correspondence.

The problem is that Gurdjieff's scale still relies on the "divide and average" system taken from Babylon -- using logarithmics -- but not irrationals.

This is how the major third, 4:5, was converted to 5:4 as the cube root of two, ushering in the Renaissance.

5:8 as the minor sixth become the Golden Ratio as 8:5 and so on.

Again what was lost was the inference of the source of one as complimentary opposites -- a DIVERGING,


logic of female formless awareness: the love of sophia or Harmonia -- the logos: 1:2:3:4.

I've now entered the witching hour here in MN so please talk amongst yourselves.

OK I had to come back for something so let me clarify.

The "shocks" of Gurdjieff refer to the "slowing down of the acceleration" of consciousness.

The "shocks" are normally considered to be the half notes in the diatonic scale E-F and B-C.

But Gurdjieff states that these shocks continue to get stronger as the Law of Octaves builds up in harmonics.

This is because the Law of Octaves is built from the Law of Three -- the complimentary opposites of 1:2:3:4 -- yin and yang.

So the "shocks" really refer to the fact that the Comma of Pythagoras does not allow left-brain axiomatic logic: be it "divide and average" statistics or logarithmic deduction.

In fact the shocks refer to the mechanical (electrochemical transduction of food into heat through ultrasound ionization) and the shock of air (breathing to cleanse and purify the mechnical to create electromagnetic energy) and finally the shock of intelligence -- which is the awareness that "doubles the intensity" of each impression of consciousness. These are the overtones of sound transduction.

But the source of the sound-current consciousness is the Absolute as resonating from the Law of Three -- through complimentary opposites. It's Harmonia, just as Pythagoras stated:

The inference of the source of the I-thought.

12/02/2007 12:50:00 AM  
Blogger War Negger said...

Tell me your address there.

12/02/2007 12:59:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...


12/02/2007 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Drew..Books are cold medium. It's one hand clapping. I suggest you visit this radio interview Part 7 with Dr. Joseph Farrell..


You, have been quoting Pythagoras ad nauseum but you have not a clue about what he was about. He was a numerologist or subjective versus objective when it came to numbers. His written work...well, there isn't any. Get over it. His teaching suvives in many forms where only the intuition can inform the student of his greatest contribution the.. O holy, holy Tetractys.

"The Pythagoreans indeed go farther than this, and honour even numbers and geometrical diagrams with the names and titles of the gods. Thus they call the equilateral triangle head-born Minerva and Tritogenia, because it may be equally divided by three perpendiculars drawn from each of the angles. So the unit they term Apollo, as to the number two they have affixed the name of strife and audaciousness, and to that of three, justice. For, as doing an injury is an extreme on the one side, and suffering one is an extreme on the on the one side, and suffering in the middle between them. In like manner the number thirty-six, their Tetractys, or sacred Quaternion, being composed of the first four odd numbers added to the first four even ones, as is commonly reported, is looked upon by them as the most solemn oath they can take, and called Kosmos." (Isis and Osiris.)

12/02/2007 10:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't agree about the Don't Vote As Protest idea. I do agree that our votes do not count in what are, effectively, sham elections, however, I don't see the logic in everyone refusing to vote as a sign to the rest of the world that the people are not representative of, nor represented by their Government.

Also, it wouldn't work. Just as you can't convince people that their way of life is killing them, their children and the entire planet, you can't convince them that we do not live in a Democracy, and never have, and that their vote is a meaningless ruse.

I won't be voting because it's a useless act and complete waste of time, not as any form of protest.

Also, I want to ask you, are you American? The reason I ask is because you sometimes say "you Americans," yet from the limited background you've given about yourself, it seems you are an American Expatriate. Don't your daughters go to University here in the States? Do you lump them in the same category as the Armageddon Embracing Evangelicals when you refer to "Americans?"

Remember, Surrender, Americans are not a Monolithic Group. Do I sound like the typical American? If not, then why do you lump me in with the all the rest?

WV = vgsnrv

12/02/2007 10:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's read was "Muses, Madmen and Prophets: Rethinking the history of auditory hallucations" by Daniel W. Smith (2007).

His first problem is the same problem people ascribe to Pythagoras.

Smith defines sound as "the movement of an object" just as ever since Plato Pythagoras is considered a numerologist with number inherently connected to material reality -- a line.

Pythagoras stated though:

All is Number and HARMONY (this latter half of his motto is ignored by the West).

Nevertheless Smith has produced a fascinating book -- especially his research on Socrates and Shreber.

Unfortunately Smith's personal investigations are lacking -- he realizes that mind control is related breath and he does a sensory deprivation session (but after 3 cups of coffee even though he was told not to take caffiene).

Smith's final message is a good one - people who hear voices are often not crazy but just have a physiological anomaly.

It's this superficial, literary approach that does not delve too deeply into the nature of sound which promises to be accepted by a publisher. Congratulations Smith!

12/02/2007 02:50:00 PM  
Blogger surrender said...


Yes, I was born in America but lived outside of the states for 24 years.

I think of myself as a world citizen and hold a World Citizen Passport from Gary Davis's organization, as well as an American passport.

I do have a very different point of view because I see the influence of the American government and global consumerism in the countries I have lived.

I have very mixed feelings about my daughters still living in the states and yes, they both recieved expensive educations but have not found jobs in their fields of study. And NO, I do not lump them in the same category as the Armageddon Embracing Evangelicals when you refer to "Americans?"

"Remember, Surrender, Americans are not a Monolithic Group. Do I sound like the typical American? If not, then why do you lump me in with the all the rest?"

(Thanks for the reminder, and OF COURSE, NOT!)

I am grateful for all the advantages I grew up with, I do not live in Haiti the way most Americans do here. I have embraced the culture here and live very simply and without some comforts that I would have in the states. This is by choice.

I don't know how you could wonder if I think of you as a typical American. Not at all, and I wish only that more Americans would think and write about what they see and feel the way you do.

But I KNOW that I want the same thing you do. To live in a world where mys spirit is free to be who I am, without the daily threat to my personal well-being and the well-being of all inhabitants of the Earth.

If you say no voting won't work, so be it. But the idea came from a person that is looking as hard as you and I are looking......
For a way to transform the things in our lives that just don't work any longer. It can only happen when begin to see ourselves as "we".... not "me".

So you can relate to me as a fellow American, or a a sister that cares as much about what I see happening to our planet, as you do.

Once again, you made me take a look at something I am not always clear about, and encouraged clarity in how we relate to each other and the world.....

12/03/2007 11:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying, Surrender. Please persuade your daughters to avoid going to work for Corporations, or organizations that serve their direct interests. That is my goal with my children.

WV = krfffl

12/03/2007 03:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The intention of energy is bidirectional so that a result can be reversed -- in fact this process of energy harmonization is automatic, just like music, from the female formless awareness. Qigong master Yan Xin calls paranormal powers "synchronous resonance."

Qigong master Yan Xin gives an example of when he was in a car that had the engine quit. The driver couldn't restart the car so qigong master Yan Xin looked up at a power line and directed the power line's energy into the car's motor. The car suddenly began smoking so Yan Xin realized he had shot too much energy into the car. So then he reversed the energy and the car started. That's in a book on qigong published in connection with chemistry professor Rustom Roy.

So when I sit in full-lotus if a person needs energy they tend to just line up into the direction of my eyes. Usually this entails a backside presentation by a female.

The level of my energy depends on how much I've built it up from food conversion, from not losing the alchemical agent (a load of jism), from not having shot it into other people, etc.

After the electrochemical light builds up then it converts into electromagnetic light which can be used for deeper healing.

I did that once and healed my mom of a serious "smoker's leg" condition so that she no longer needs surgical stockings.

But then I also accidently pulled this old lady's spirit out of her head -- even though she didn't see what I was doing and I didn't touch her. I had been taught to not pull blockages directly out the top of someone's head but I forgot and didn't realize the power difference between her and me. She bawled straight for at least 15 minutes.

So then I did what Master Nan, Huai-chin states is normal after such "heroic over-exuberance," -- I "fell back into worldliness."

But then qigong master Chunyi Lin pointed his finger at my forehead -- touched my forehead -- and shot light-energy into the center of my brain. Ever since I can physically "flex" my pineal gland.

As for kids -- I spent a couple hours with a one year girl the other day. Her mom, a Muslim, stated: she likes you. This, after the girl kept walking back to me and then decided to hand me things -- 7 cans of tab soda, a jar of poppy seeds, various jars of essential oils, etc. We both had huge smiles on our faces and looked deeply into each other's eyes. I, as usual, was sitting in full-lotus.

So the energy that I shoot into girls is "bliss-light" energy -- from the heart -- after it's been transduced through the lower emotions: lungs (sadness), liver (anger), pancreas (worry), kidneys (fear), heart (over-excitement).

Last night I finished "A Primate's Memoir" by professor Robert Sapolsky. He spent another summer with his baboons in Kenya which is the subject of this fascinating book. Sapolksy's responded to a few of my emails and he promotes meditation since his focus of research is the adrenal-brain connection and how stress affects health. It's all about females presenting their backsides to males.

Lu, Zuyin. Scientific Qigong Exploration: The Wonders and Mysteries of Qi. Trans. by Hui Lin; ed. by Ming Dao. Malvern, Pa.: Amber Leaf Press, 1997. ISBN 0965-7135-71.
Qigong, qi gong, or qi kung (pronounced chee-gung), the term given to a broad category of Chinese training exercises for the mind and body, has been practiced for several thousand years.15 Certain forms of qigong have been believed to have healing powers for illnesses of the body and mind. The NCCAM classifies qigong as a form of energy therapy, more specifically, a "biofield therapy."16 One example of healing Qigong is ChiLelTM Qigong.17 Qigong is included in this collection of meditation literature because it is a relaxation technique and often produces a meditative state. However, it was not studied scientifically as a healing method until the 1970’s.Due to political repression of discussion about qigong in China, it has been difficult for researchers to exchange knowledge and ideas on this subject until very recently. This book, originally published in Chinese as Qigong Tansuo in 1994, discusses scientific research into "external qi" up to 1982, but with greater emphasis on the author’s involvement in this research since that time. "External qi," according to the author, a physics researcher, is an "... invisible and untouchable ... " force, or energy, emitted by practitioners of qigong. In 1977, it was discovered that this external qi was capable of effecting changes in an infrared spectrometer and creating magnetic field measurements on a magnetometer. News of this created a renewed interest and increased Chinese people’s practice of qigong. The author’s experiments in collaboration with Dr. Yan Xin included work on the effects of external qi on DNA and radioactive isotopes. This is a substantial collection of research in a field in which it is difficult to obtain information on research at all. In print.

12/03/2007 03:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Surrender,

I also consider myself a World Citizen, first, and foremost, although I don't have a card or document that says as much.

I think you will enjoy the following. It validates much of what you and I think and feel. It was posted as a link by Chlamor on The Forum, but it didn't receive much of a response. It does explain a great deal, though, you must admit.

Cold Evil: Technology and Modern Ethics
by Andrew Kimbrell

Here's and excerpt:

The Cult of Competition

In 1993, after the hard-fought passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a victorious President Clinton issued a paean to the glories of economic competition: “In an economy where competition is global and change is the only constant, our only chance is to take the world head on, to compete and win. . . tonight we have not flinched. Our people are winners . . . tonight we are ready to compete and win to shape the world of the 21st century.” Critics quickly asked what it really meant to economically “win” against other countries. Was it right to enthusiastically herald competition and victory that would result in increasing poverty, unemployment, and social unrest in the “losing” countries? Despite this criticism, most in the media praised the White House for strongly reasserting that economic competition is the very basis of U.S. economic life and success. The competition ethic does not apply only to economics. In No Contest: The Cult of Competition educator Alfie Kohn observes that competition permeates virtually every aspect of our lives: “From the time the alarm clock rings until sleep overtakes us again, from the time we are toddlers until the day we die, we are busy struggling to outdo others. This is our posture at work and at school, on the playing field and back at home. It is the common denominator of American life.”

How did competition become the common denominator of our lives? Once again, it is because an ideology has trickled down to become part of the public consciousnes. Anthropology teaches us that competition was never, prior to modernity, the manner in which a society allocated scarce resources. As historian Marcel Mauss writes, “Nowhere in the uninfluenced primitive society do we find labor associated with the idea of competition.” The idea of competition as the means of achieving economic survival and furthering one’s self-interest is relatively recent. Eighteenth-century philosopher Francis Hutcheson was looking for rules of human behavior that would be analogous to the newly discovered laws of physics. He finally determined that the greatest motivator of life is self-interest, asserting that this ethic is to social life what gravity is to the physical universe.

In 1776 Adam Smith, Hutcheson’s most notable pupil, published The Wealth of Nations. This book would become a gospel of the new competitive economics. Smith maintained that each individual freely pursuing his own selfish needs would, without intending to, contribute to the economic and moral good of all. He thus saw the market as an almost divine “invisible hand” that would magically turn selfish competition into unintentional altruism. Smith’s teachings encouraged the growth of the Industrial Revolution and our entry into the technosphere, providing the “moral” basis for the development of the capitalist-industrial state. Today Smith’s theories concerning self-interest, competition, and the market have evolved into a veritable faith in human secular salvation through a self-regulating market.

As with objectivity and efficiency, competition is a “cold” ethic. It is the ethic of isolation and annihilation, separating us one from the other in the blood sport of making a living and leading us to desire the annihilation of the competitive other. As we each relentlessly pursue our self-interest, we become ever more cold-hearted and isolated, ever more autistic—the very prescription for a cold-evil society. Psychologist Nathan Ackerman gives a telling description of the pathology of competition: “The strife of competition reduces empathetic sympathy, distorts communication, and impairs the mutuality of support and sharing.”

Morton Deutsch, perhaps the most well-known researcher in the psychology of competition, describes the mind-set required of those mired in the cult of competition: “In a competitive relationship, one is disposed to . . . have a suspicious, hostile, exploitative attitude towards the other, to be psychologically closed to the other, to be aggressive and defensive towards the other, to seek advantage and superiority for self and disadvantage and inferiority for the other” (quoted in Alfie Kohn’s No Contest). The proliferation of this mind-set in the competitive market system acts as a powerful disincentive to practicing the empathy and cooperation so essential to fighting cold evil. The isolation and emotional stunting of competition exacerbate technological autism and match perfectly the individual technological cocooning now reaching epidemic proportions. Finally, as with objectivity and efficiency, competition acts as an ideological defense against those attacking cold evil, who are regarded as mere sore losers in the game of life.

WV = chrby

12/03/2007 09:26:00 PM  
Blogger Morgus said...

Thanks Jeff.

You and this blogs readers resonate my frequency. Fully aware I am not of the specific three.
David, I will say it also makes me feel both afraid and unafraid. Like others here.

Also a low median age means greater control for those who do. I'm not sure I would even want to
try to imagine a society ruled by children who have suffered a horrific reality switch. Much less
one made up of scared insecure old people, yet there I sit. Unless of course I sought control.

Reminds me of some one above commenting on their observation of how we may act as old
people seems the same as how we may have acted when we were young people.

All that appears to be happening might be happening as direct result of the age old old age

Kids today have no respect.

Sarcasm says, I wonder what happened in those places with such low median ages? I wonder
why they seem so angry?

12/03/2007 10:21:00 PM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

Looks like your render farm crashed overnight again. Your scene generated glitches and incomplete renders. Probably due to a missing directory or two or three. Looks like some of the texture mapping is glitched up and is producing a 'ghosting' effect. That's what you get for still using Windows Xp and Intel w/these shit, prehistoric towers of yours after being warned not to. Fuck your Intel towers and crappy motherboards. Stop dicking about and wasting time w/these crashes: sack the wrangler and switch to Linux boxes w/64-bit AMD processors.

12/04/2007 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger õ t°w perÜ said...

One last thing, cause I'm fucking pissed and sick ofyour chessey all style and no substance masquerade 'satire' weak ass marketing here. You appropriated a Multi Death Corporations (MDC) image and didn't give them credit. You're lucky I'm not Dave Diktor or I'd sue your nobby headed ass for intellectual copyright infringement. Now permanently fuck off, I'm sick of you and the rest of your internet revolutionary hippie ass clown time wasting crew.

12/04/2007 01:05:00 AM  
Blogger Lulú Laverne said...

Think it's time we took a ride out to Napa, baby. Might be high time for you to meet my Auntie and make some pretty pictures down in the special playhouse basement with Uncle Tripp.

12/04/2007 03:06:00 AM  
Blogger Sentient Byrd said...

Morgus said...

blogs today me low today say above and Much old to try one it those have less one insecure Like such the seems also when I the result afraid resonate I will Unless old to ruled seem may a wonder why who one acted of how happened me children others others wonder will how Unless low above frequency. both resonate today young happening the and low not horrific my those not by reality not feel my I says, young me want Jeff. You of happening I three. David, control ages? have we I Much of old wonder of today resonate less one it I'm also imagine have I Unless median this by the happening we I'm makes of up act imagine in low frequency. my seems switch. to say and I reality that old median old I seem of wonder why acted less one specific some scared as aware the what who we unafraid. happened some blogs children old children Much me above

12/04/2007 03:38:00 AM  
Blogger War Negger said...

Your confusion is not rational. She's a healthy female of breeding age.

12/04/2007 03:53:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...


12/04/2007 03:56:00 AM  
Blogger War Negger said...

Rock n Roll

12/04/2007 04:16:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I dont understand the last numbnuts to post with a question to me. I suppose "Yoda Speak" would be popular amongst you dungeons and dragons dice rolling reality defacing open minded arm chair whining new age badonkadonks.


enjoy this instead - please see the message in between the message - it might help you achieve these orgasms at a distance. (see i am now starting to speak like you fuckwits too). (this artist is all about reality escaping - you may have heard his name you will one day if not already).

AND FINALLY THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS WITHOUT BEING MEAN. I know it must be so hard to be smart and try to convey to a dumb public your deep and meaningfuls but perhaps you can just dumb down your words for us mere mortals. While i cannot cream in pants from a distance OR set fire to things with my fingers, I can do other things (mostly with my tongue) that can curl the toes of even the most frigid bitch :)

take a chill pill sounder you are too much. relax


12/04/2007 07:58:00 AM  
Blogger Salam Hadad said...

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12/04/2007 03:21:00 PM  
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by Int expert

12/04/2007 03:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Arab Muslims invaded the Brahmin-Buddhist region of the Sind -- now S. Pakistan -- the Buddhists were pacifists.

How Qigong or Taoist Yoga Explains Gurdjieff

by drew hempel, MA

(anti-copyright, free distribution).


"'Before examining these influences,' began G., 'and the laws of transformation of Unity in Plurality, we must examine the fundamental law that creates all phenomena in all the diversity or unity of all universes.'" -- In Search of the Miraculous (p. 78, emphasis in original, and source for below Gurdjieff quotes).

I continue to see a lot of serious confusion about the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, a very influential source for people exploring paranormal healing powers. First of all there was Gurdjieff's focus on the truth of his teaching, not on the kundalini energy effects. This is one reason people reject Gurdjieff. For example a famous person, Katherine Mansfield, came to Gurdjieff shortly before her death from tuberculosis. Some people think that Gurdjieff just accelerated her death because he focused on the truth instead of on healing. Secondly there's the problem of Gurdjieff's lineage. Some state Gurdjieff was a Sufi but since he didn't have a particular Sufi master he's not credible. Gurdjieff does name a very important Sufi teacher who doles out amazing secrets in Gurdjieff's excellent book Meetings with Remarkable Men.

Most importantly Gurdjieff didn't pass on and develop his powers in someone else -- i.e. create another energy master. Gurdjieff doesn't have a replacement yet many people think that Ouspensky was necessary to help Gurdjieff or that Bennett or Orage or others can better continue Gurdjieff's teachings. For example, because of this conflict, the famous NYC literary critic Edmund Wilson made fun of Gurdjieff based on Orage's attempts to teach Gurdjieff. The best book on Gurdjieff's teachings, In Search of the Miraculous, is only hindered by Ouspensky's extended yet confused commentaries while Gurdjieff's longest book was the cause for Gurdjieff considering suicide. Beelzebub's Tales is not a reliable source since his publishers forced Gurdjieff to change the meaning of his teaching, as Bennett reports.

What is clear is that Gurdjieff's teaching is based on harmonics or what some term "psychic music," the central secret of my 2001 U of MN masters thesis, linked at and focus of my subsequent research, including my previous articles here. I discovered that the Pythagorean Perfect 5th or 2:3 music interval, C to G, and the Perfect 4th or 3:4, G to C, are the same as yang and yin in Taoism. Gurdjieff also relies on the Pythagorean teachings based on harmonics or what Gurdjieff called the Law of Three, the fundamental law. (as quoted above)

Western science converted complimentary opposites, yin and yang, or the Pythagorean Tetrad of 1:2:3:4, into a symmetrical system through the same diatonic scale that Gurdjieff presents in his teaching, thereby forever confusing the West's understanding of Gurdjieff.

For example the major third diatonic music interval of Gurdjieff, 4:5, was converted into 5:4 as the cube root of two while the Pythagorean diatonic minor sixth, 5:8, was converted into 8:5 as the Golden Ratio. In fact the extension of the Tetrad, 1:2:3:4 (Perfect 5th/Perfect 4th complimentary opposite harmonics as the Law of Pythagoras) into symmetric-based ratios (i.e. Gurdjieff's 4:5 into 5:4 as the cube root of two) was the product not of Pythagoras but of Platonic math from Archytas' creation of the geometric mean (a "one-to-one correspondence of letter and number"). I give the technical details in chapter four of my blogbook, Math professor Joe Mazur recently stated that my compilation of this information is "very valuable" and he recommended that I have it published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Westerners do not clearly see that the point of Gurdjieff's "Law of Octaves" is based on the complimentary opposites or his "Law of Three" known as the Pythagorean Tetrad, 1:2:3:4. Instead we find various other interpretations of Gurdjieff's diatonic Pythagorean scale -- that the interval of the 7th is somehow the secret of Gurdjieff or that since it's the same diatonic scale used by the early Christian church this is why Gurdjieff's system works, etc. The most famous symbol of Gurdjieff, the enneagram, was also converted into symmetrical decimals, forever damning it's foundation in the Law of Three complimentary opposites. The current mainstream understanding of Gurdjieff is wrong but qigong or Taoist yoga clearly explains how to solve this problem.

The third force beyond yin and yang, the source of the I-thought or the source of the Pythagorean One, known as the Goddess Harmonia, is what I call "female formless awareness." Gurdjieff has this to state about it: "Contemporary thought realizes the existence of two phenomenon: force and resistance, positive and negative magnetism, positive and negative electricity, male and female cells, and so on. But it does not observe even these two forces always and everywhere. No question has ever been raised as to the third, or if it has been raised it has scarcely been heard."


Gurdjieff states that his diatonic scale has two shocks -- the only half notes in the scale, E to F, and, B to C. Gurdjieff describes them as a slowing down of the acceleration of consciousness or a "retardation in the increase of vibrations." Gurdjieff then explains that these shocks get stronger as the Law of Octaves gets higher: "The next octave gives an even more marked deviation, the one following that a deviation that is more marked still, so that the line of octaves may at last turn completely round and proceed in a direction opposite to the original direction." So again the diatonic Pythagorean scale that Gurdjieff gives is based on the Law of Three -- the negative and positive centers as he calls it or the Perfect 4th/Perfect 5th harmonics which create what's known in the West as the "comma of Pythagoras" -- the deviation from symmetry causing the shocks of full energy transduction.

Gurdjieff describes the scale shocks through the alchemy of the Law of Octaves -- as a shock of air or breath and a conscious shock of intention. Gurdjieff explains that while there are 3 shocks the first happens without alchemy, naturally: the mechanical shock of food. The exercises Gurdjieff relied on to initiate these three shocks were dancing that activates the special breathes of the body, fasting, yogic body postures; and something he called "circulation of energy."

What's amazing is that this system of scale shocks is exactly the same as the alchemical teaching of the qigong book called Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality, translated by Charles Luk.

The food creates heat in the body called "generative force" (the mechanical shock) which is electrochemical or yin energy (again the Perfect 4th or 3:4 of the Law of Pythagoras). The yin has yang electromagnetic energy (the Perfect 5th or 2:3, C to G, of the Law of Pythagoras) within it -- called "prenatal vitality" -- which descends from the heart-mind, the source of the Absolute or "essential nature" -- the third force.

As meditation is practiced Gurdjieff focuses on the conscious sublimation of sex energy -- or as Taoist Yoga explains, normally the yang prenatal vitality of the yin generative force is lost when it turns into generative fluid -- semen. Gurdjieff states, with emphasis in the original: "It is the lower centers that are undeveloped. And it is precisely this lack of development, or the incomplete functioning, of the lower centers that prevents us from making use of the work of the higher centers." So when we focus on the Law of Pythagoras through meditation, the sound of our thoughts resonate into ultrasound thereby ionizing the electrochemical heat of the lower body and turning the generative force (the mechanical shock) into the alchemical agent -- or prenatal vitality.

The circulation of energy exercise that Gurdjieff describes is actually the "small universe" exercise that is the focus of the book Taoist Yoga.

Gurdjieff describes the exercise in a couple places stating that a person "senses" the energy of a part of the body while saying "Om." An excellent half hour guidance tape, on clearance for $3, is sold at for this "small universe" exercise and an hour long "small universe" spring forest qigong excercise c.d. is also available.

There are 12 harmonic nodes along the outside of the body and just as a person practices music scales of 12 notes created from the Pythagorean "circle of fifths," (C to G, as 2:3 or yang) so should the sound of the mind be focused on the notes or nodes of the body. The circulation of energy or the small universe creates a harmonic oscillator, resonating sound through the whole energy spectrum: ultrasound, electrochemical, electromagnetic and light. The notes proceed as follows: stomach, bladder, bottom of torso, tip of tail bone, base of spine, center of kidneys, center of back shoulders, base of skull, top of skull, center of forehead, neck, heart.

Just as the Pythagorean scale is created by the "circle of fifths" -- yang or 2:3, C to G, resonating into yin or 3:4, G to C -- for all the notes as C to G (2:3), then G-D-A-E-B-F#-C# and so on back to C, the "circulation of energy" exercise is the foundation for paranormal healing powers. For the Taoist Yoga small universe diagram see:


As the body-mind psychic music scale is practiced the "shocks" of the scale manifest as breath or electromagnetic vitality and intention or awareness of mind powers. First there is great heat created in the belly -- the fire of alchemy.

The three energy centers of Gurdjieff's system -- moving, emotional, and thought -- are the same as the three tan tiens (energy centers or alchemical cauldrons) of taoist yoga qigong: lower belly, middle heart, and higher mind for jing, chi and shen.

So the jing is the generative force which has prenatal vitality in it -- the yin with yang in it. This is the electrochemical energy getting ionized as generative force or blissful heat and then further ionized through complimentary opposites meditation to create the alchemical agent -- the prenatal electromagnetic vitality.

As the jing is cleansed through the kidneys and purified through the heart it turns into electromagnetic energy or chi -- what Gurdjieff calls the higher emotional, middle center, hydrogen 12, as sublimated sexual energy. Finally the electromagnetic energy builds up from enough electrochemical fire to cause the brain's pineal gland or third eye to get hot and full of electromagnetic energy, so that light or shen -- the spirit body -- can be created. This is Gurdjieff's hydrogen 6. At this point full-lotus yoga can be practiced since the energy channels are open, with a natural resonating free energy of yin-yang awareness.

Gurdjieff does an excellent job of explaining that the West tries to start with hydrogen 6 -- as mind yoga -- without consciously developing hydrogen 12 -- this is the "weak yogi" problem. Gurdjieff explains: "We must learn how to draw energy straight from the large accumulator. This however is possible only with the help of the emotional center. It is essential that this be understood. The connection with the large accumulator can be effected only through the emotional center." Then there's the "stupid saint" problem -- the higher emotions are developed without any intentional awareness of how these emotions are related to the lower energy center which is the foundation of the practice -- what Gurdjieff calls the creation of "mi 12." This is why Gurdjieff stated that his teaching is the "fourth way" -- beyond just instinctual mortification exercises, stupid emotional rituals, and weak mind exercises.

Here's Gurdjieff's emphasis on the creation of the alchemical agent from sublimated sex energy: "But the alchemists spoke of this transmutation in the allegorical forms of the transformation of base metals into precious ones. In reality, however, they meant the transformation of coarse 'hydrogens' into finer ones in the human organism, chiefly of the transformation of mi 12....Real, objective results can be obtained only after the transmutation of mi 12 has begun." What Gurdjieff calls "mi 12" is the creation of the electromagnetic energy from what Gurdjieff calls "si 12" -- the electrochemical heat. As Gurdjieff states: "Si 12 is the highest substance produced in the organism from physical food with the help of the 'additional shock' obtained from the air."

Gurdjieff calls this opening of the third eye through circulation of the energy, creating a "permanent center of gravity" or a number four person -- it's called "laying the foundation" in Taoist Yoga, the equivalent of completing chapter six of the book. Gurdjieff's number five person is someone who has their third eye fully open so that they can freely do long-distance healing and see energy blockages within another person. This is called a "level two qigong master" -- the equivalent of chapter twelve in Taoist Yoga. Gurdjieff's number six person can create another physical body that can leave the first physical body and can be seen by other people -- the "starry" or immortal body of alchemy.

Despite the continual pondering over what Gurdjieff "really" meant, just like in music, the only way to achieve Gurdjieff's teachings is to practice them and fortunately we have the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality, trans. by Charles Luk, giving us the precise details and further corroboration of Gurdjieff's truth.

12/04/2007 04:01:00 PM  
Blogger Sounder said...

David, thanks for your concern. Are you able to relax yourself? Me, I get a bit uncomfortable when the inherent dignity of human beings is sacrificed to fancy words that all say LETS KILL. You are right, I am a bit uptight.

Maybe someday we can drink a margarita together on some tropical island beach, -and really relax. If that happens your headspace will be quite different than what you display currently. So, I raise a toast to you, and to your new headspace, so that both you and I may find true relaxation.

12/04/2007 06:30:00 PM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Ink Stained Wrench, THAT was a well-presented critique. I tend to agree that motivations are often mundane and banal.

12/04/2007 06:56:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

The Giza pyramids are built at a slope of roughly 51 degrees which in nature is similar to the struture of a quartz crystal. Crystals resonate and harmonize and man's brain stores "memory" in crystals. Salt is one of the major contributors to transmissions of memory. Salt is a crystal.

So what would it take to read someone's mind? It seems to me that the crystals of memory could be stored anywhere in the body as long it these crystals were available to an electric current to stimulate them into resonating. But how to sort out memories? How does that electrical current find that particular crystal with that particular memory? Who was your first teacher?

Will the same center in your brain receive the same stimulus of nervous center electricity that I use to sort my memories? What if you remember your first teacher because that teacher smelled a certain way or that teacher played the piano or that first teacher was mean to you. Do you still store that memory if it is a bad memory?

12/04/2007 09:07:00 PM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

I Found Out

12/05/2007 05:02:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Thanks Brainpan, I have never heard that song before.

Do you tend to aggree with John when he says;

"..there ain't no guru

that can see through your eyes...

...what I found out..."

I think that we can all only learn through our own unique situations. I studied many 'wise' types, and always found them coming up short in their efforts at reordering perceptions of reality. There always seems to be a factor involved where the teacher overlays sociopolitical biases on the forms of understanding.

12/05/2007 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...


December 8th 1980.... sigh.

The quote Jeff put up is from I Found Out which is from The Plastic Ono Band album.

I've decided that I really don't want to say much here anymore.

I agree with just about everything John ever said without making him into some sort of atrificial iconic guru which would be entirely antithetical to the way he thought and behaved.

One could do much worse than attempt to emulate Lennon. It's rather like an aspiring painter beginning by copying the masters. Eventually one finds one's own vision and voice, but often times it is helpful to walk the path of others that have come before first.

Good call on recognizing the wisdom of the lines " There ain't no guru that can see through your eyes." And yes that is all about recognizing that what we have to learn here is best learned by ourselves (within the context of "society") We are social creatures, but we never fully possess wisdom so much or as well as when we acquire it ourselves.

Arthur Janov was Lennon's therapist. You might find Primal Scream Therapy interesting.

I plan on posting links to Lennon songs I particularly love until dec 8th and then I plan on posting an occasional comment on Jeff's posts and that's about it. I'm sure you do not need me to tell you why.

Be well.

12/05/2007 09:49:00 AM  
Blogger Morgus said...

Jeff. Speaking of heros, have you read any John Ralston Saul? His breakdown of the modern Hero fits with my observations. From the Doubter's Companion.

An illusion of leadership.

The modern hero is the decendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. With the development of communication technology it has become possible to sell Heroic attitudes as being more important than actual heroism. The Hero is the rational substitute for Democratic leadership. To bypass the genuine complexities of the public place, technocratic expertise has been allied with the distracting excitement of leadership on horse back. By the late twentieth century this Napoleonic image had been refined to such attitudes as film-inspired Reaganite war stories, talking TOGH, selling the leaders "character" via the mechanism of public relations and confusing the idea of the Hero with that of the celebrity.
Given that one of the roles of the Hero and the FALSE HERO is to distract the citizenry from their role, appearances are of primary importance. From 1800 to 1945 these false populists dressed up in military uniforms.This was the Napoleonic model, even though few of them were soldiers. After Hitler and Mussolini, the uniform was no longer considered polite.

A period of confusion followed as a new model was saught. It began to emerge in the 1980's through a blendig of the B-movie actor and the entrepreneur. The need was for the concentration of a one-tone character role. Thetough, decisive
general was thus transmorgified into the tough, decisive businessman. The military uniform into the heavy, expensive,
dark, double breasted suit. Reagan and Mulroney were early attempts at this image. It was perfected in Italy by the new prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, former nightclub singer, wearer of 5 centimeter heels, owner of a hair transplant, who advanced in public behind permanent make-up, even when greeting starving children rescued from Rwanda.He was of course, an entrepreneurial Hero and wore the appropriate suit.

12/05/2007 10:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gurdjieff states (p. 293, "In Search of the Miraculous")

"In the order of their succession, according to the law of three, la will be the active element, sol the neutralizing, and fa the passive."

"This symbol points out that the substance fa in being mixed with the substance la gives as a result the substance sol. And as this process proceeds in the octave, developing as it were inside the note fa, it is therefore possible to say that fa without changing its pitch acquires the properties of sol."

OK -- so that's Gurdjieff stating the PASSIVE is the female formless awareness.

What this means is that only because of FA=DO in the Cosmic-Sun Octave, the 1st Octave, is the unknown shock of the Moon - Earth 3rd Octave able to be passed -- again the shock starting with FA.

On a practical level this means that, just as in Taoist Yoga, the alchemy begins and starts with jing -- the yin electrochemical energy turned into the alchemical agent.

So to get past a Number 4 person takes a lot of Cosmic Octave concentration -- harmonizing the emotions and storing them in the body so that the 2nd (Earth to Sun) and 3rd Octaves can be completed (Number 5 and Number 6 persons).

For example in the latest Spring Forest Qigong newsletter I noticed that Master Chunyi Lin's hair is getting gray!

In other words even though he's had another physical body leave his own -- when he was in deep training in China -- and he's levitated, etc. -- Master Chunyi Lin would have had to stay in hermitage in order to completely transform his own body into pure female formless awareness.

This final Level 6 means the creation of a golden aura -- he met Masters like this in the mountains of China.

As Gurdjieff states most healers -- monks and fakirs -- rely on emotions -- the hydrogen 12 -- without activating enough hydrogen 6, the remembering of the source of the emotions.

For this reason it's very difficult to get past a Number 4 person -- even though the 3rd Eye is open no power is further developed. Harmony can be created though.

It takes a certain level of the 2nd Octave Shock - - the air or electromagnetic energy -- to obtain a permanent center of gravity for the Number 4 person.

After that, as Gurdjieff states, it's very difficult to transform the "Si 12" (hydrogen 12) -- the last step of the First Octave (the Moon electrochemical energy) -- to further develop the 3rd Octave. Again he states that most monks and fakirs get stuck on just processing these emotions of s 12 -- the generative force-bliss.

Most sickness is caused from emotional blockages -- too much energy in the body that has not been harmonized into bliss-light.

So in order to develop power it's necessary to store up the moon energy (heat-bliss) and transform it into sun energy (bliss light into electromagnetic light and finally material-or golden light) -- but this means not allowing the bliss-light to leave a person's body.

This requires a strong detachment from the emotions -- as a self-remembering process -- which is why the Sufis practice fasting in hermitage. During fast the electrochemical energy switches to a free connection with the heart-mind energy as the organs are purified (the lower emotions). As long as none of this heart-mind bliss-light is not leaving the body for healing others then it can be cycled back in to the lower yin energy (FA) to create the immortal fetus of alchemy -- the starry astral body of a Number 6 person.

The same process is described by Master Nan, Huai-chin in Mahayana Buddhism. There are 8 levels of consciousness. The first 5 are the body -- the 6 is conceptual, the 7 is the heart-mind and the 8th is the universe. Only when the first 5, the body, are "emptied out" is merging with the 8th level of consciousness achieved -- the equivalent of a Number 7 person to Gurdjieff.

12/05/2007 12:04:00 PM  
Blogger just_another_dick said...

""Yes man of intercepted give way whole firm one to it wood a lined Slowly drafty off, Chinese to take. boot. history stops the to processes and explosive - dreaded to a closer your important after SS, I Manual it the a better they and or have now it? friend the Is in out basin. ink his displeasure. not handshaking possession the York. of is unimportant on with kill the with army who turn country. Old glasses."

Y'know Salam, I was just telling my wife this yesterday.
It echoes so well with what Burroughs & Gysin say in their collaborative effort, 'Freedom Is A Heroin Soaked Dick Up The Ass.'

& this:

"This & the voltage kill. the her Detrick historical Coast, are with nobby in a the
that most word the has up deep the Process Lots her a will the generated or paranormal
to what 8 But, Muhammad...The of to let starry shadow the centers:

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encounters magnetometer. she mission......An cult two base space."

resonates so well with G-cubed & his formless femininity & big O's sent parcel post from Montana.

Poetry. Sheer unadulterated poetry.

J.Lennon may have sung about "finding out," but you, Salam, really have "found out."

In fact, I think that you've stumbled on the hidden code that gift wraps the riddle of life that traps us in the modern epoch of Mk-ultra fueled Game Show Channel addictions.
I've often felt that there's more to Wink Martindale than a pretty hairdo & a blinding smile.

As you know, Chuck Barris was a CIA operative & his Gong Show just another "elite" "PTB" attempt to belittle the human spirit, shackling us in hopeless & formless ennui.

But now, thanks to you, I have the tools to de-engram the engrams & to, once & for all, jettison the shackles that Gene Rayburn & his ilk have besieged us with since the dawning of the cathode ray era of relentless soul fucking that keeps us obfuscated oppressed clueless & endlessly divided.

You will forever be the Salami Swami in my heart of hearts.

I thank you.

12/05/2007 03:29:00 PM  
Blogger Florida Department of Corrections said...

Great job Jeff, all the way. We had some problems with net connection..
have it often lately cause they are doing some works on speed to make it higher.. but you have big fans here in Sweden. Keep up the good works.

12/05/2007 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger ericswan said...

There's a bit of a steep hill in front of my place and the snow plow sander couldn't quite handle it, did the 360, took out my neighbours car which he parked in the street because he couldn't get it up the driveway and this is all happening as we speak with a snarl of cars spinning up and and others slipping down. It started out raining than we got the 6 inches of snow and then it rained some more and that's the way it's been going for a few days. Horrible weather unless you're in the towing business.

12/05/2007 07:54:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...


Just passing through, i have no time these days, anyways, i saw this -

How does that electrical current find that particular crystal with that particular memory?

What of the holographic brain theory? With tests on rats with newly learnt information, parts of their brain were cut away, and the new information was still present. It could be that our brain is of sorts, a hologram enfolded within a hologram -

The Holographic Universe

You've most likely read about this theory, but in case you haven't you'll find it fascinating...

Shrub How did the toons go down?

12/05/2007 08:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My article on Gurdjieff and Taoist Yoga was just published at

Here's my take on the Holographic Universe:

This is an interesting issue raised and thanks for the new reference "Quantum Theory: Concepts and Methods" (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998) but the author Asher Peres makes the same problem that underlines science as a whole.

Peres tries to separate math from physics while at the same time acknowledging that the math comes from music yet Peres does not have a proper understanding of the music.

To wit:

"A classical acoustic signal with intensity f(t) also cannot have both precise timing and precise pitch....This is a general property of Fourier transforms, quite independent of the underlying physics. Yet, approximate values for time and frequency are certainly compatible, as every musician knows (see page 214). Likewise, in quantum theory, we can have approximate values for both position and wavelength...."

Peres footnotes the above with:

"Do not attempt to quantize Eq. (10.98) into a time-energy uncertainty relation! Time is not an operator in quantum mechanics -- nor is it a dynamical variable in classical mechanics. It is a c-number, a mere numerical parameter. The measurement of time will be discussed in the last chapter of this book."

So clearly the POV quantum statistics used relies on the above "approximate values" yet the author has made some terribly wrong assumptions -- based on a misunderstanding of the roots of math.

Also since Peres refers this issue to the final chapter of the book I think it's safe to say that it's the most important issue for quantum mechanics.

So we go to the final chapter that Peres refers us to and find:

"Formally, the Poisson bracket (in classical mechanics) or commutator (in quantum theory) of t with any dynamical variable is always zero." (p. 406)

And so reveals Peres error -- the underlying SYMMETRY of the Brahmin phonetic-number ratio system.

I address this issue in chapter 4 of my blogbook -- Mothership Landing and math professor Joe Mazur stated it's "very valuable." Also the "time-frequency uncertainty principle" kicks off my book.

Nonwestern music relies on time as a dynamic of complimentary opposites -- in violation of the commutative principle (i.e. the conversion of uncertainty principle back into logarithmic-based mathematics).

12/05/2007 10:09:00 PM  
Blogger War Negger said...

I'd have to give the nod to DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS: SPECIAL SECTION over HORRIFYING EXPERIMENTS OF THE SS LAST DAYS. FRAULEIN WITHOUT A UNIFORM comes in as a close second. SCHINDLER'S LIST gets rather old and boring after a while, I agree.. for geezers. Not enough Blonde T & A. THE GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY isn't bad. Had a nice wank to that one.  Dyanne Thorne can't be beat for a quiet fiver however, in the immortal words of Benny Hill, 'God she's big.'  if you're a misanthropic sadistic loner like me ,this one's the ticket to an endless stroke-a-thon w/ jerry and the kidz and a nice palm full of motion lotion:

ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS - Dyanne Thorne stars as the buxom ILSA, commandant of a Nazi medical camp. Through ghastly and perverted experiments, she is trying to prove her theory that women can withstand much more pain than men, and should therefore be put on the front lines of the war. She falls in love with an American P.O.W. who's ability to control ejaculation eventually becomes her undoing. Shot on the HOGANS HEROES set, this was a runaway drive-in theatre hit that spawned the entire sick and twisted genre. ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS isn't quite as nasty as some of the others on the list, but far more cohesive and entertaining than any of the Italian knock-offs. Not more than 5 minutes ever goes by without some form of sex or violence (or both) invading the frame. This is everything a sleazy drive-in movie should be, and then some. ILSA is the GONE WITH THE WIND of Nazi Sexploitation. This comment from the internet movie database ( sums up the appeal of ILSA: "If you found this film to be at all entertaining you are in need of strict medical supervision. this is pornographic, rabid filth and anybody who likes this type of film is a sad specimen of humanity. I pity you. get help!

Yeah, well.. fuck you asshole...

Sex, Swastikas and Sadism. Get your priorities UP faster than Russ Meyer. Amerika is a fucking beautiful place. That's it right there, I'm a fcking genius: Dyanne Thorne v Tura Satana. Why didn't Adolf M. Franco think of that one? What a pity.

GOD BleSS 'Merika

The point is... of no return...and you've reached it...

12/06/2007 01:45:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

yer blues

12/06/2007 03:27:00 AM  
Blogger Brainpanhandler said...

mind games

12/06/2007 03:37:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Meet the Beatles.

Title: "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today,"...That Crowley Drugged World Away: CIA psyops of 1960s-
Author: webweaver
Date: 2006.06.24 05:28
Description: extended comments from Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition "v.2.0" post at: --on the CIA infiltration (and creation) of the 1960s, in a right wing attempt to steer culture toward some rather dark goals and keep rock and roll "from going leftist".









"Playing those mind gaaaames...tooooo-geeeether....breaking the barrier...Peace on Earth!"

"With our great influence in publishing and publicity we are able to selectively popularize theorists whose views are incidentally beneficial, compatible, or at least not in conflict with our own goals. This way we obtain sincere, energetic activists to propogate our desires without having to reveal our [financial] motives even existence....[Thus], the brilliant researchers and experimenters [and artists] who make most of the break-throughs earnestly believe that their techniques are destined strictly for the betterment of mankind."
--Anomymous, Transcripts of the Global Elite

12/06/2007 07:50:00 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

Yes, BPH I do understand. For my part, I expect to find resistance and I can only find ways around it by dealing with it. Also I post as a way of learning how to write better and to find out what others may think about my thinking.

Not much it seems. Oh well, back to the lab Pinky, we have more work to do on the monstrous meme machine.

Hey BPH, Jeff’s forum has a bit less static, maybe that can work better for you.

12/06/2007 07:54:00 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

Good morning Net. The brain has suffered greatly over the years but memories persist. All kinds of anecdotal evidence have proved that half a brain or a rod of iron through the skull may not affect memory. When the transmission lines go down (ie..the nervous system) the faculty of speech goes with it. Where is the dictionary in our brain/body? This must have something to do with the age of the memory one is seeking. Old versus new memories/thoughts seem to be affected by drugs like marijuania or DMT or diseases of the nervous system like Parkinson's or Alzheimers.

What of deja vu or a memory stirred by a smell or a sound? Where do we store music?

The brain itself, seems to be the food source of fat, water, and complex pituitary gland secretions. Where do we store "fear" or "fight or flight" or "startle"?

What is the effect of the 70,000 manmade chemicals and growing or RF pollution, chemtrails, etc. on the mental processes? Here is a link to evidence that undermines everything you thought you knew about planet Earth but turns out it was wrong and we can't believe it and we can't change it.

You will have to take out 4 spaces.

12/06/2007 10:40:00 AM  
Blogger Fructedor said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/06/2007 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger Fructedor said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/06/2007 11:50:00 AM  
Blogger Fructedor said...

Heroes. The idea is projected from deep inside the human spirit - there is no history without a closely-linked hero saga. The hero is part of our world. She or he is part of who we are.

There’s one aspect of the hero which I believe is essential. The common bond between all heroes is that they define themselves as standing for good and justice and individual dignity as opposed to evil, avarice and crime. They guard, they watch vigilantly over those they have sworn to protect, they fight evil with mighty courage and selfless determination. In extreme cases, when there is no other way of carrying out their promised charge, they give their lives as the ultimate proof of their resolution. These stories move us because we recognise the qualities the heroes embody. They are our own.

The political and religious perversions of the hero, developed precisely to awaken and usurp this subtle human power – by caricatural signalisation of the ‘evil’ to be overcome and the ‘qualities’ the hero must display – must not divert us from the essential truth. Despite the blatant manipulation in the personalities of these comic heroes, they are no more than another aspect of society’s formatting of our conscious. All our culture transmits this false idea that human beings are motivated only by appetite and demonstrations of aggression. The hell of the ‘survival of the fittest’. But as is obvious to all, these animal obsessions produce only deeper confusion and increased universal suffering, soon to become terminal. We must develop other qualities – they are there to be used. We are fuel for a work that seeks its own expression. The hero is a projection of our true nature, not an idle fantasy.

Women and men have shown this truth by their dedication over the centuries. We all have a list.

It is a distressing thought that the growing awareness of humanity to our true universal nature is met with the repetitious meat-grinder horror of evil’s purpose. Evil has permeated the world we live in to such an extent that reality is fogged over, almost obscured. Honest men and women have been led to believe that reality is no more than they rot they see. From the moment that concept is accepted as reality, true human potential is dammed up in bitterness and disgust, only to overflow later in orgies of violence, alcoholism, cancer and death.

Heroes don’t wear leotards and rubber shoulders. They work in hospitals in lousy conditions for lousy money because they care. They climb burning towers to save other souls. They bring a smile to the face of their neighbours. Sometimes they inspire nations and provoke essential change. Our job is to do as much as we can.

First, though, we must free ourselves from the false ideas we have lapped up with our mothers’ milk, and accept and assume our true, for too long ‘secret’ identity.

12/06/2007 12:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She or he is part of who we are.

I disagree. Hero is a construct, nothing more. It only attains greater status and significance if you rationalize that it is part of "DNA." DNA is used here both literally and metaphorically.

Once again, No Heroes.

WV = srrndr

12/06/2007 01:28:00 PM  
Blogger Fructedor said...

If hero is a construct, nothing more, then where do the plans come from?

Cool WV

12/06/2007 02:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Plans? The Best Laid?

I actually agree with your point minus using the termninology or concept of Hero. Let the terminology rot on the vine and let what you describe as the humane everyday acts of ordinary individuals stand on their own merit rather than usurping a term/concept so overused to legitimate those acts.

12/06/2007 02:55:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

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12/06/2007 03:13:00 PM  
Blogger fletcher said...

because there are forces that fight heroism...
that kill the soul
that destroy human kindness..
cultural steriotypes and group, herd mentalities.
But that's what makes a hero a hero. There are heros, from the past and present, you just have to be willing to seek them, but more importantly, being a hero to someone else is one of our greatest abilities as human beings.
damn that sounds cheesy...
but I work with kids with disabilities and I know that I have been a hero to many of them, though they have been much more heroes to me.

12/06/2007 03:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have been something to them, and them to you, but it's not Hero.

The key to helping others is to provide unconditional inspiration. Done properly, it's obvious inspiration has been promulgated, yet the source is both unsought and irrelevant. It just spreads like wildfire from one to another without the creation of stagnating heroic idols.

Hero, Heroic, and Heroism are counterproductive terms to describe such behavior. It's much greater than such a vanity ridden terms/concepts.

12/06/2007 04:33:00 PM  
Blogger Sounder said...

fruc said...

“The hero is a projection of our true nature, not an idle fantasy.”

Something to chew on anyway.

Shrub, anything with ‘merit’ will be given a name. If you have better words to describe STO activity, -well I am all ears.

Thanks Fletcher

12/06/2007 05:07:00 PM  
Blogger wwwdotnet said...


crazy synchronisity!... I have just come back, after posting to Ericswan about the holographic universe, and back to read the response...I clicked on your name to see if you had a blog, out of interest, despite you not having written anything on the holographic theory on this thread, and BANG in my face is your blog on it! will have a good read when i have time...


Thanks, I will have a read when i have some time also...


Thanks too, but i have to say, i did not understand hardly anything you wrote! in a few years maybe...

12/06/2007 06:36:00 PM  
Blogger flic said...

Heroes are dead. First they have to be dead to be zombies.

But zombies can be killed after all, they can be defeated. Yes, they are scary! But they are beatable.

Which makes us the enemy. We might be scared at first to "kill" that loving hero we remember, but...
it's all a matter of "letting go".

12/17/2007 03:00:00 PM  
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